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  1. Effe's MOC Corner

    Its a hard one, We never ran crossed braced stacks on the K100's, you are missing the trade mark twin air intake snorkels, the rear deck step area is only as wide as the frame rails. otherwise its a lovely moc.
  2. Mate have you talking kiwi in no time and excellent upgrade to what was a very disappointing set. The lego group should be taking notes
  3. [WIP] Le Mans Racers

    Im really loving the small car craze your having at the moment you should enter the buzWizz promotion
  4. Effe's MOC Corner

    Instantly recognisable as a k100 aerodyne, I love the battery box placement, just needs twin stacks and twin snorkels and tanks. I have been slowly turning your K100 crane truck into a 88' flattop as I used to drive one but certainly this would be an addition to the shelf. I have gone back to the drawing board As I certainly want to run twin rear tires..
  5. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    Hi @Jeroen Ottens Im more of a lurker than a commentor, but since you made the decision to go with a more compact gearbox, Id match it with a compact V6 motor. I know Im the minority with keeping the pushrod suspension @sm1995 your fellow American Ken Blocks mustang and Escort both sport pushrod front ends, common to race cars admittedly not production cars.
  6. [WIP] Honda S600 and S660

    I really like the blue S660 james, are you planning a LDD file for it? or more photos as its a nippy wee bugger!
  7. [MOC] Truck 6x6

    There is a lot to like about this moc, you have some very creative ideas so call it Mk1 and have another crack as you have the basics of a nice trial truck there.
  8. 42054 or 42069?

    The class not only is a great set but is also one of the best parts pack you can buy
  9. The Germans where very cunning and had braked steering system
  10. I quite like where this moc is going the only thing that jumps out at me is the spacing of your wheels away from the bearing point since they are for transport you can get away with it.
  11. The white car front wheels certainly sit better no positive camber as a chassis study in find it interesting more so the rear suspension setup
  12. I am enjoying watching this build, very dense and packed, I like how your doing the front landing legs.
  13. Effe's MOC Corner

    The Blue Scania ( in the photo ) the driver has set the air suspension to the lowest setting? I have at least a good 150mm clearance from tires to guard on my scania on the front I honestly think once you build the model you will be happy with the results, I don't know what render programme you are using, but it clearly defines each brick where as in real life they tend to bend seamlessly. Personally you have raised the bar of building.
  14. subbed, I will be watching this closely.. Quite a few different design and build technics. I quite enjoy WIP's as you see ideas ( the suspension mounts is genius ) the playability of this model looks amazing I know you want it to be Non RC but this model is crying out for the ability to be retrofitted. I drove a "Gin" pole version in the tar sands above Fort Mc Murray in Canada where you have a winch up the front with a roller on the tail of the bed for moving mud tanks and have "Gin" poles which you drive of secondary winches on the deck to act as a boom.
  15. [MOC] Mitsubishi Pajero

    Its the little details that appear when you look for the third or fourth time, like the passenger grab rail on the dash, or how the rear tow bar is integrated into the rear bull bars There is a lot of clever design, and integration of beams and joints, certainly another master class in building.