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  1. It's a bit brutal.. I don't think I would like to have that in my rear mirror. As a alternative built for 42111 it's very clever.
  2. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] Attack aircraft

    From memory. It's been a while the a10 has 11 external weapons capable pylons with a max load out weight of about 7500kgs. I was more the gau12 specialist. And airframe. Admittedly yes I agree with you some of the proportions are not great and the only time I have seen a bomber festooned with bombs has been on public display to make that wow impression. Where as those in the know knew it wouldn't fly in that configuration.
  3. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] Attack aircraft

    Never seen a b52 unload? It's impressive. Sure as !@#$ you don't want to be around when it does. Some of us still run ldd. Why ease of use and runs on older PC or laptops. And yes ldd to irl never quite is the same.
  4. You just got to be savy and smart. The warehouse price match and price beat certainly at times can bring the discount up to 25% - 30% and yes nz stores certainly don't have the buying power of the likes of symthes or argos... Also the warehouse are very guilty of having sales online and limited the sales stock. Hell I have seen them remove stock from shelves prior to a sale... Wholesalers tend to have two or three level discount programs. I can't speak for Lego but I certainly do have intimate knowledge of another brand that either limited the stock you could purchase. But also if you tended to over discount there products you would move down the discount plan so you wouldn't make the same profit turn over margins. It's not price fixing which is illegal but it certainly can stop the retailers from barstardising a product.
  5. brickless_kiwi

    Axle Collection Thread

    Some of my 14 tooth gears are 35 years old.....
  6. At the moment discount wise the best you might see from a major chain store in nz is 20%. The warehouse and farmers now and again run buy one get one half price. The ford raptor set is a prime example of crazy prices. Retails for 99usd which is 141nzd factor is shipping from youshop of $60nzd and I'm still $80 in my pocket better off than lego nz rrp.
  7. This is quite a interesting conversation. As a company owner / manager and grunt on the floor most days. The cost of doing business has gone up. We have seen steel costs go up three times. Shortage of products has forced cost increases. Shipping costs for containers has tripled. Yes we have increases costs which unfortunately have been past on to the customer im sure this is the case with lego. The costs realignment across Europe is interesting given that nz and au pay some of the highest set prices in the world and also being somewhat the furtherest away from Denmark. I think costs are certainly going up for us.
  8. brickless_kiwi

    Axle Collection Thread

    The older 14tooth gear are rare and also fragile as glass....
  9. Nothing wrong with that. Though a Yamaha would have been better imo. Now I have seen your gripe about cost. Fair perhaps. But heres a question. Could you build it via other sets and bricklink for cheaper. Perhaps you could run the numbers as I'm a bit busy making a living. Third. If your date of birth is correct. I can see your a young guy starting out in the world and yep at that age I can honestly say I had to watch every dollar. Off topic perhaps. Absolutely no offence intended. Kind regards matt
  10. I normally don't comment on reviews. But I quite enjoyed the style and presentation. I don't like the nit picking of another's review in fact some of the points he not picks over are so stupid to me or just does it show that he does not have a background in engineering. Plus I don't like reading a lot of text. I'm pretty familiar with d11's pretty much you only transport them twice. Once when you buy them and when you sell them. I should know. I don't know why you lot are whingeing about the cost. Wait till you refuel one every day. Finally it's a toy. A lego one at that and with lego you can mod or have fun.
  11. Super compact. Almost could turn it into a stock class for rig and roll racing... seriously very cool and well planned out.
  12. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but having built this in real life. Its very dense and you cannot just simply swap a part out. I'm sorry to say it would be a total redesign from the ground up....
  13. You don't have the 9 lgb beam on top. Hence your axles will splay out. To gain space make your leading drive axle the lazy one and the rear axle driven and you could move the motors further back in your moc.
  14. I can see no bracing to the top. There is a lot of this design that either needs replanning. It's not a bad moc. Fun certainly but I'd have another crack at it to iron out the bugs.
  15. I'm going out on a limb here because I had the same question though. Steering shaft between the L motors then possibly two sixteen tooth gears. Which would give some slop and not the greatest return to center.