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  1. brickless_kiwi

    Grum's Shed

    Hell yes.. good to see you building Clive.
  2. brickless_kiwi

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Not my hobby (non drinker) hence I have money for lego and racecars.... just no time for mocs
  3. brickless_kiwi

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    In the grand scheme of things injection mould making these days has dropped in price quite a bit. Sure there is a different in a mould that will run millions of parts verses one that will run hundred thousands... I have a couple of moulds that have run over a million times from china. A third of the cost for the same mould made in nz. No one will ever win a price/production war against china. Sorry about the off topic... regards matt
  4. brickless_kiwi

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    There are some very impassioned arguments. The one thing I would like to say to all builders please don't stop creating as it's always nice to see mocs of all standards and styles and to add to my bucket list of one day... Unfortunately my job and life do not leave me many hours for lego. So as someone always looking in it's nice to see. But also certainly I feel comments should be positive ( we do live in a touchy feelings world but also look at the diverse range of cultures on eurobricks slang in my language could be highly offensive in another. ) I'm just a simple truck driver ( haha yea right some of you would say)... Kind regards Matt
  5. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] Toyota Land Cruiser 80

    No... I have reversed engineered a couple that madoca made but never released files as not my intellectual property. From the photos and a few good guesses I'm pretty close and with a bit if time and patience you could do it.
  6. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] Actros 4163 Titan

    Someone who has managed to reverse engineer effermans trailers. This certainly is on my wish list.
  7. brickless_kiwi

    Has the pandemic slowed your building?

    Or those who just work hard put in the long hours. I'd love to be able to sit down for a couple of hours and lego....
  8. Eurobricks needs a thumbs up like icon... I like it
  9. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    You think that's bad wait till you build a double woop scissor front real life...
  10. brickless_kiwi

    42078 Mack Anthem Mods and improvements

    There are parts of both that I like and probably would build a mix of the two. Try the 2x2 dishes the ones look not right.
  11. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC][WIP] Nissan R32 GTR

    At 23 meters bumper to bumper it's the longest proforma combination inside the nzta virm. Those are 15 meter stems. My trailers I can do stems or longs and shorts. Though I can remove the log forks and bolt container locks on and move standard height containers. As for old school street racing. Light weight mx5 first gen (na) with ford serria rs500 running gear. The engine was built to similar specs of the dick johnston racing cars. This was 1996... so 500kgs lighter and 120bhp more than a stock r32 gtr.. will find some old photos
  12. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC][WIP] Nissan R32 GTR

    Sure... a K200
  13. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC][WIP] Nissan R32 GTR

    The only one change would be the tail lights. They need to be red. One of the very few tail lights that ever passed me..
  14. brickless_kiwi

    42108 availability

    I found while living in the states, and maybe it was just me being a hick backcountry boy...that it is a huge shop at home culture (mail order catalog style ) as the brick and mortar shops held very little. Unless you travelled a great distance to a specialist shop. Currently sitting on a log skid being loaded. You can tell I'm bored... Anyway after much direct searching the 42108 in the states seems to be only on Amazon or Walmart but very expensive.
  15. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] [Control+] Oriole Rig

    Eurobricks sometimes needs a like button. Liked...