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  1. I realise that this is not a direct model more a "classic" however for me the bottom of the dump bed needs to drop at least 3 studs.. it's way to high in space. You could cheat by doing a false bottom bed if height over the chassis is an issue.
  2. Increasing your parts will give you better options and also depends on the scale or tire size you are going to use. RM8 fj40 is a classic design. Thirdwiggs unimogs classic and user friendly. Google and is your friend Kind regards Matt
  3. brickless_kiwi

    Grum's Shed

    What did you buy.. spill the beans...
  4. Aha. Thank you. It's a competition I would like to revisit at some point. Unfortunately I'm not much of a creative person with lego. But I do enjoy other people's builds and mocs.
  5. I'm sorry mr wigg I might be having a blonde moment. Or getting lost in translation. What is a pretty low barrier of entry? Kind regards Matt...
  6. TC18 was smack in the middle of a global pandemic lockdown. Might have been a few bored people with time on theirs hands. I know I had a go but did not cross the finish line. Anyway the data even to a non data person is interesting well done.
  7. That's nothing. Try and compete with the bots on the hotwheels site. Unless you managed a pre order on one of the latest legends cars. Sold out in 15 seconds.
  8. There is a lot of gear cracking when your driving. Yes you have packed a lot into a small space but I think you have sacrificed a lot of structural rigidity. For me. A lot of the times it's the playability that counts not so much the looks. Sorry way to much system. Not just your covers but the cab itself. It pays to have a work in progress thread. Sure people will come along and say way to much system. But they are also a helpful bunch offering idea's or hey have you tried this. Still you got on the board and entered which is more than I managed. So don't get discouraged and certainly have a crack at tc23... Kind regards Matt
  9. No.... not available.
  10. Customer service is playing dumb. However a contact for the lego distribution hub for New Zealand and Australia has confirmed my thoughts on the subject....
  11. Why. Because I can.
  12. Mate..... of course we are being ripped off... here's the stupid thing. I can buy the 4x4 merc of zarvi for $352NZD delivered yet shops in nz the cheapest is $500.... so go figure
  13. Model team is a style of building which predominantly uses system bricks. Your trucks which I admire very much would certainly be model team style.
  14. You are on a bit of a roll with your trucks. It's nice to see system and technic mix well together.
  15. I know this might be cheating. But we use skid steers with fork attachments a lot. You could do a forklift attachment with fold up forks to get inside the box limits. Don't get me wrong a bucket would be the icing on the cake. Regard matt