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  1. brickless_kiwi

    Grum's Shed

    An interesting thing to note from the designer video is that MK has Nine different versions sitting on the table.
  2. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    An amazing build / design. One certainly can learn a lot from this MOC. Some very clever ideas executed very well, ( I'm going to have to steal that front end ) Hopefully you inspire a lot more car's in this scale ...
  3. brickless_kiwi

    Grum's Shed

    But I like Waffle, its the insights and one's perspective that makes the build entertaining... As for electrical Loom's having spent two days having a argument with a Scania 640 engine loom and yes I agree, the little bleeper's have a mind of their own..
  4. brickless_kiwi

    Grum's Shed

    I can offer my sympathy's Grum, Though a decent dose of Man Flu is nothing close to yours.. though when one starts to cough up blood there is usually something a bit more wrong. I hate trucking cattle, and silly me thinking its a bad cold, turns out to be three broken rib's and a collapsed lung... needless to say I hope that steer tastes good one someone's plate.
  5. brickless_kiwi

    Pneumatic Axle Brake Design

    A lot of the light weight Japanese trucks have the simple system of a drum brake on the back of the gearbox that simply locks the driveshaft to the axles as a park brake. the only issue with it is a lot of drivers tend to apply it at speed with weight on and given that its a standard drum brake with a sheet metal backing it tends to poop itself.
  6. brickless_kiwi

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Sorry tired tonight, But IMO it is a buildable and playable MOC, I have Kevin Moo's forklift built and the part count for that model is 1768, I would think Effermans would be hard pressed to be more than 800? parts. I suspect that you could build this moc ( minus the PF ) out of a 42076 and 42079 and still have change to buy a Bugatti compared to kevins. As for the tilt ram in the cabin, My Mitsubishi 6.0 tilt ram pivots sit right next to the brake and accelerator pedals and honestly I use it as a foot rest when travelling between yards ( about 3km's ) Model Comments, I would add work lights to the cabin, maybe also a seat and controls detail, ( ok that's uping the parts count ) but Efferman Moc's always have those suttle details.
  7. brickless_kiwi

    [WIP] MAN TGS 10x8 Effer 2655

    I can see your limited in height due to your Chassis, however could you have the 8:24 reduction before the final drive, pipasseyoyo has a very good model using the same principles as you want. After a lot of playing around with a axle I have used you could mod to fit what you want .lxf is on my bricksafe page.
  8. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] Dual-Driveshaft Pickup

    No worries Kevin, thank you for the answer. Kind regards Matt.
  9. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] Dual-Driveshaft Pickup

    Bit of a long shot? But I really like your Panjero I know you where not interested in making instructions, But would you have LXF? as I have reversed engineered most of your moc but are stuck on a few parts, Kind regards Matt.
  10. brickless_kiwi

    Lego Honda CRX

    Its is quite a popular series the speed champion. the model in question is done by peter blackert, who can be only described as a serial car nut in this scale or style. Download LDD Lego digital designer and have a got at reverse engineering the car, there are certainly enough "photos" of it however being a rendering the bricks used for the rear window glass have never come out in that colour.. I think in real life it would be a rather fragile build, after having a quick play in LDD you would have to do a lot of work to get a robust model.
  11. brickless_kiwi

    Grum's Shed

    I would not feel to bad grum I had finished building a engine only to find two bolts left! So I stripped it down and rebuild it again only to have the same two bolts sitting there only to suddenly realise a mate and is two yearold son had stopped by a quick phone call solved the problem
  12. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] Dual-Driveshaft Pickup

    Kevin Your English is excellent as for the accent, you should do radio work as its clear and precise. A well engineered drive train, certainly on my build list.
  13. brickless_kiwi

    Axle Collection Thread

    I am glad I am not the only one that liked the Toyota 4Runner / Surf and have been quietly reverse engineering it, though the front axle had me well and truly stumped. So I certainly salute you for being able to reverse engineer it, However I would love to see your .lxf as Im quite stumped how you did the steering
  14. brickless_kiwi

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Looks good though will you be adding air tanks behind the rear axle
  15. brickless_kiwi

    [MOC] Tractor Trailer

    Brickshelf no longer works use