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  1. lifeinplastic

    Bricklink questions

    Yes, the admin team did advise it is best to do that. So now I am aware of this, I will use this method in future. Thanks for pointing this out though - hopefully it will also help others here,
  2. lifeinplastic

    Bricklink questions

    Thanks @pooda - I don't think the problem is with Bricklink but rather the individual seller, who I should name and shame but don't wish to implicate this site. As I said above, the admin team were extremely helpful and all my other orders arrived promptly and without any problems whatsoever. Having said that, the other sellers were all in the UK. Perhaps we just aren't that popular in Europe at the moment (not through my choice BTW)!
  3. lifeinplastic

    Bricklink questions

    Just to confirm I managed to send a message to the Admin team, who were very helpful and quick to respond. Certainly won't be buying from the particular seller in question in future though!
  4. lifeinplastic

    Bricklink questions

    Hi All, Could anyone please advise how to leave feedback about a seller on Bricklink? It was my first time ordering on the site and I bought several bricks from various sellers. I entered my Paypal/card details on each one and all except one arrived promptly and without problems. I later received an e-mail from the other seller asking if I wanted to pay for tracking. As it was just 1 piece, I replied to say not to worry about the tracking element and did not hear anything further until receiving an e-mail to say that my order had been cancelled. I have asked why it was cancelled and was told I did not reply (despite the e-mail clearly showing in my sent items). The user was very rude in replying and has left me a negative 'mark', which I am very annoyed about as this is completely unhelpful and unnecessary, especially when he is not correct about me not replying! However, as the order was not completed it seems I cannot also provide negative feedback to the buyer? Also, who do I contact to make a complaint about this user?
  5. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for CMFs

    Another great series, Robert. Lego definitely need to employ you! My favourite here is the jockey. The trophy is a nice touch. We need a real one of these soon, as the figure itself is fairly useless on its own so needs a lot of 'remakes' in different designs. The Stars and Stripes guy is also very neat, although I wonder if Lego did make this, would it be a U.S. stores only figure?
  6. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for new City sets

    @pooda I wouldn't personally be that interested in power sets, as I prefer 'leisure' activities or exploration. I suppose playability is a major factor Lego considers when deciding City sets. I like the bus idea though. One of my favourite sets in 'recent' years was the 2010 public transport station
  7. lifeinplastic

    LEGO Collectible Minifigures Dream Series Game.

    Thanks for compiling Itaria. I'm also surprised there are no space figures there, although I don't really know what still could be made for space that is different from what we already have. Surely it would just be different variations on aliens or a space hero/heroine? I don't mind this as the more variations within a theme is better but perhaps people are less likely to suggest something we have had before? In addition, given the endless possibilities of costumes that could be created (e.g. all the different animals/foods/objects that exist), it would be unlikely that there would be too many overlapping costumed character wishes. I also don't think costumed figures are deemed by many to be essential. For example, people wearing costumes aren't an integral part of society so no real need to produce a figure dressed as 'XXXX'. For me, they are just quirky figures and I don't mind one or two each series. The CMF line should be about providing parts that wouldn't really be included in a regular themed set, like sports equipment or musical instruments for City, etc. Most of my personal wishes were for more animal figures as the inclusion of the flamingo and penguin were parts I have wanted for a lifetime! Once again though, there are a lot of different possibilities of animals so perhaps not much overlap for a dream series. Personally, I'd love a series full of zookeepers each with a different new animal mould but variety is better as there is always something for everyone, as the 'Dream Series' above reflects.
  8. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for new City sets

    Marina Similar to the larger 'City Square' and 'Town Square' in terms of size but coastal based and with a more tropical 'Fun At The Beach'/Paradisa vibe. Small parade of buildings including Gelateria and a Surf or Scuba Shop (ice cream vendor and 2 divers) Mini 'luxury yacht' - (suave playboy type yacht owner with 2 guests) Speedboat with water skier - (driver and skier) Two or three convertible cars - (Hawaiian shirt driver) Jetty (fisherman, cyclist with bikes)
  9. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for new City sets

    Some good ideas here (although I dislike Lego using stickers as I feel it cheapens the products, which nobody wants when paying Lego's prices). I'd like some pigeons and the seagull figure is great but perhaps another mould of one without outstretched wings would be good. Always think more variety of trees/plants would be good (bring back the old flowers in orange and purple colours) and get some bushes, etc. This is a great idea too. Include some good terracotta coloured bricks for the outback soil, some new moulds for Australian wildlife and some neat vehicles...
  10. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for new City sets

    Yes - young animals to accompany the older ones like they have in Playmobil would be great. I am really looking forward to getting some of the new CMF flamingo. Would be good if they re-released the Prince of Persia ostrich and camel too, plus some new bigger animals like a hippo, rhino or a giraffe (strange we have somebody dressed as one but not an actual one). I would imagine smaller animals will become available in future CMFs although with only one regular series these days, these are too few and far between for my liking!.
  11. lifeinplastic

    LEGO Collectible Minifigures Dream Series Game.

  12. So good to have a regular series back. Still unsure about the 16, 17, 18 differences though. Perhaps 2 more unrevealed figs? Johnny Thunder Guy is immense (more of this theme please with various new animals) Don't get the bear thing though. What an ugly figure and lazy re-use of parts. Not complaining though - I forgot how happy regular series make me feel! It's been too long!
  14. I understand the frustration, Itaria. It feels like such a long time that a proper regular series was produced. If you don't know which figures are included then they must be top secret! Let's just hope it will be worth the wait. My favourite thing about the regular series is getting new accessories that have not been made before. For example, musical instruments or sports equipment that wouldn't really appear in traditional city sets, as it wouldn't deemed essential to create new moulds. I also like the variety in a regular series, as there is usually enough themes covered so that everyone has something they can buy, unlike most of the licensed themes where I haven't bothered buying a single figure. Also, I'd like Lego to introduce lots of animal moulds for the 'System' scale theme. I have wanted to build a decent zoo for my nieces and nephew for years but the variety of animals available is pretty poor. I know if I built one I'd be asked where the elephants/giraffes/hippos/zebras/rhinos were? I don't like the look of 'brick-built' animals either. I know larger animals wouldn't fit well in the CMF bags but the penguin from a previous series was an excellent addition and there are some smaller animals that would be very useful like a koala/sea lion/toucan/flamingo/lemur/turtle. My nieces will soon be too old to appreciate it by the time Lego get around to giving us enough animals! I wonder if this series could be animal themed, given the chameleon, duck and dachshund rumours (although the rugby ball doesn't quite support that)? Do we know when the release date is for Series 19?
  15. lifeinplastic

    Where should the next People at the ____ take place?