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  1. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It wouldn't cause the clear pixilation around the numbering though. Looks like the numbers have been clearly copied and pasted from elsewhere. I regularly try to photoshop images to send jokes/spoof pics of friends and this distortion always happens when trying to rename or reposition letters.
  2. Some ideas for CMFs

    Another fabulous series as expected, Robert, particularly the French Queen and Philosopher. My only critique is inclusion of the 'name badge' on the bellhop, who would otherwise have been my favourite. It always irks me when Lego does this as it limits options for multiple use. I love the milk carton as an accessory for the cow costume girl and the Swiss Guard (I mean 'Gate Guard') was a great choice of figure. See Lego? Regular series - something for all, everyone happy! Stop the now frequent themed and licensed series!
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    No worries, Roebuck - it would have been a great subtle clue! I'd quite like a doctor's surgery as lots of opportunities for reusing the crutches, bandaged headpiece and wheelchair. Also a printed optician's chart would also be nice. Either way I am sure there will be lots of great parts like the new tiles in AS or newly coloured pieces. I'm not too worried about what type of building as Lego usually do a great job with these and I prefer to use the great parts for MOCs rather than just recreate the building on the box. I wonder whether releasing something soon after it is announced results in more sales possibly? Perhaps customers are still enthusiastic about the product rather than growing disinterested as time goes on. I know with modulars I always want the newest one, even where there are other big sets I still haven't purchased like the Ferris Wheel and Winter sets. I also remember in the earlier Star Wars days (before I had home Internet), I went out and bought the new sets on seeing them in the shops immediately rather than having months to look at pictures beforehand. Still, I understand your point that they could announce there will be a modular building without giving too much away...
  4. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Somebody tweeted the official Lego account on Friday asking when they were going to announce the new modular. They responded to say 'keep an eye on our website for any updates (with a smiley)"...
  5. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hospital/Medical hint...!!!???
  6. I won't be at all happy if we just get one regular series a year. The regular series always have a great variety and there is usually something to please everyone plus a lot of useful new accessories.
  7. Some ideas for CMFs

    PiƱata costume? Al Capone gangster era or maybe are we talking older - Wild West? Whatever, they are I'm sure they will be of the usual fantastic standard. Just hope Robert8 doesn't start doing licensed or themed series like Lego and we end up only getting the regular (or 'something-for-everyone' as I like to call them series) only once in a blue moon!!!
  8. Are there really that many missing characters in the Lego Batman Movie that warrant making another entire series or is this going to be just a further assortment of unnecessary Batman costumes he'd never actually wear? Don't suppose there were any animals in the film that would be worthy of being an accessory, e.g. a zoo breakout scene? I have seen the robotic penguins but just wondering if there is anything else likely?
  9. My Baker

    This is a great build. Very neatly done and a unique idea, spaceman76!
  10. Creating a 'track-less' layout

    Thank you for the above suggestions folks. I'm aiming to keep it 'purist' and would like to be able to control the train so will probably start with an attempt at tiling and somehow trying to find a way of covering up the jagged edges. One idea I had was to put the track 'below ground' and have a single pin protruding along the route. I can then use the depth as well for animal enclosures.
  11. Creating a 'track-less' layout

    Hi All, I'm trying to build a zoo for my nieces and would like to have some sort of 'safari train' included to add a little more action and playability. However, I don't really want to use the bulky track pieces unless they can be nicely hidden by tiles to look more like a tram system. One option is to tile over the track pieces although there doesn't seem to be a neat way of tiling around the curved track pieces. Has anybody done this neatly before? This youtube video shows a great layout and the sort of effect I would like to create with the track hidden beneath tiles but the corners are the problem: I am open to other suggestions and was looking at the 'Slotted Rail Curved' parts on Bricklink as these would look less bulky or is there away of defining a route without existing track pieces and using a remote control to move the vehicle? I would also prefer to use regular wheels than train wheels Thought I would ask here first before spending lots to buy different parts as the AFOL community are usually full of ideas!
  12. Is the AFOL community became harder to please?

    I think the introduction of licensed themes has introduced a lot of 'collectors' to the hobby rather than 'builders', and Lego now has to try to compete against action figure companies. For example, the seemingly endless number of Super Hero or Disney characters mean collectors want a version of even the most obscure ones (or multiple versions of standard characters). I sometimes feel that some Lego sets have just become glorified action figure sets with some token bricks added. When fans list sets they'd like to see, they are mainly just listing characters they want. In my opinion it's a shame that Lego then neglect to expand on some of the bricks and parts available like providing a far greater range of trees, hedges, window shapes, animals and accessories.
  13. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Good to hear of a possible new mould for a bigger animal as there are fewer opportunities for Lego to release these (with smaller animals they can put them in a collectible minifigure bag with an appropriate figure (e.g. a shepherd and sheep, meerkat and zookeeper...) Just waiting for a theme to bring us some larger animals like giraffes, zebras, rhinos, hippos. It's crazy that these have still yet to be produced in minifigure scale after all these years! The second comment did make me think that more animals could and should be realised in the now hopefully annual 'Fun at the ...." sets. For example, Fun at the Farm, Fun at the Zoo, Fund at the Savannah, Fun at the Costa Rican Cloud Forest Sloth & Tapir Rescue Sanctuary (ok, probably getting a little too specific!!). Lego needs to realise that these new moulds would encourage many collectors to buy such a set, as the initial Fun at the Park showed when many people wanted the new wheelchair and baby figure, whereas the Fun at the Beach was less desirable as there were less new and unique elements. It would also be great if I could get my hands on some more penguins somehow too!
  14. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Good spot, Agent Kallus! Was this in the trailer for the film? The rabbit recolour is a good call. Hopefully the rabbit won't disappear, never to be seen again, like the ostrich and camel.