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  1. lifeinplastic

    Where should the next People at the ____ take place?

    The baby minifigure had not been released prior to Fun at the Park, as well as the wheelchair piece. The canoe piece and the dolphin are fairly large parts and were in the Fun at the Beach set, so I see no reason why we couldn't include bigger animals. Would be nice to see the CMF penguins again though! TLG should be aiming to boost the range of animals available. My worry is that if they did release a zoo theme, we'd only get a handful of sets and then nothing for years afterwards like with the Farm subtheme. Perhaps the people packs should take on different habitats each year - e.g. Fund on Safari, Fun at the Rainforest...
  2. lifeinplastic

    Where should the next People at the ____ take place?

    I think that's the reason I do want one, or at least people packs in locations where a new animal mould would be appropriate (like the eagle in the 2018 one). I don't need all the bricks and pieces needed to make the zoo, other than the animals so having a theme of its own wouldn't be particularly useful, especially as it would be released one year and we wouldn't see it for the next 20! However, the lack of animals in minifigure system scale is extremely poor and something that needs to be addressed by TLG. Making new moulds of animals wouldn't be underwhelming at all and would make these sets more worthwhile, like the original wheelchair and baby made Fun at the Park unique. There isn't anything to prevent larger animals from appearing in these sets as there would be enough room in the box for bigger animals (e.g. a giraffe or kangaroo), unlike in the collectible minifigure packets where you wouldn't fit one.
  3. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for new City sets

    I agree that the people packs should start including new moulds for animals as there are so many that still don't exist in non-Friends/minifigure/'system' scale. The first "Fun at the..." people pack got people excited due to the new wheelchair and baby mould. However, they are quite expensive and so any set like that needs something a bit different to encourage people to buy it. I love the farm set idea, although I would prefer zoo animals. This could also include the ostrich and camel moulds in the Prince of Persia, as well as the CMF penguin, but to see a new animal or two appear each year in these sets would be brilliant and would allow Lego to catch up with Playmobil in respect of variation of animals.
  4. lifeinplastic

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Love it! Fits in well with the Cocoa Hotel, The Ocean Restaurant and Paradisa Café (if they are still built it would be great to see them all together)
  5. lifeinplastic

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Yes - It's a shame we can't just get some standard, minifigure-scale, non-Friendsified animals not to have been release previously, rather than quirky, useless rubbish. e.g. a sheep, a giraffe, a hippopotamus, a rhinoceros a zebra, a sea lion, a kangaroo, a turtle/tortoise
  6. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for CMFs

    One of the best series yet, Robert! Something to please everyone too, which is what the CMF series should all be about. Keep up the excellent work!
  7. lifeinplastic

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    So the people pack sounds like it will be Fun at the Fairground this year. Not sure what new accessories this could entail? Part of the enthusiasm over the original Fun at the Park set was the new baby and wheelchair figure. It is a shame that this year's set is not a Fun at the Zoo set, as this would provide an excellent opportunity for Lego to release some new larger animal figures that we don't have yet but would be too big to include in the Collectible Minifigures line. In fact I would like Fun at the Zoo to be an annual set with several new animals. A giraffe would be a great start, seeing as we will have a giraffe costume figure. Also the re-release of animal moulds no longer available such as the camel and ostrich from the Prince of Persia sets.
  8. The costumed figures are fine. They are unique and amusing when included as one or two figures in a series but a whole series was a bit of a waste, seeing as 'regular' are now so infrequent. The regular series should be a place for Lego to provide figures that would not really appear in a standard set and a costumed figure is ideal for that. However, I would prefer regular series like the originals where new accessories and moulds were provided and where there is something for everyone. Having said that, I would personally rather have a whole series of costumed characters than licensed characters and if we had to have a themed series, a non-licensed music theme with figures holding musical instruments covering all sorts of musical genres from orchestral and marching brass band members to rock, country and pop.
  9. lifeinplastic

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes, this was evidently intended as a joke by the OP, so not really any need for 'I know better than you' comments. I personally hope we don't see any more vehicles in future modulars - as an AFOL the playability of these sets isn't a crucial factor but I have no doubt Lego do enough market research to know what will sell
  10. lifeinplastic

    MOC: The Brixton Hotel

    Top work once again snaillad - I doff my hat to you! I always really like the theme of elegant travel so this joins the airport lounge, the Piazza Maria and Ocean Restaurant as among my favourites of your MOCs. In addition to the great techniques, I really like the 'spacing' of the set and the positioning of the figures is great, as usual. I once worked in a hotel in Berlin with lifts like that! I have been looking to create a luggage trolley for some time and your choice of pieces work really well. I was looking forward to the bell boy figure in the upcoming 'Capital City' set but the matching hats work much better in your creation.
  11. lifeinplastic

    Do you dream of new LEGO parts?

    The corner masonry/'wall' pieces would certainly be useful. For me, it's the things I can't create myself through other methods that I'd like to see most. It is crazy that I've been a fan of Lego for over 30 years and yet there are so many animals we've never had a proper minifig scale version of. Therefore I dream of a giraffe, zebra, sea lion, kangaroo and hippopotamus (and for the record I think brick built animals look very much out of place before anybody suggest this!). More variety in windows and doors (different shapes and sizes) would also be great.
  12. Me too. Seems ages ago that we used to get three series of regular CMFs. I've lost a great deal of interest since.
  13. I was fine with three but the licensed themes started appearing more and more frequently and the CMF appeal has reduced as a result. The great thing about regular series was that they always used to provide us with new moulds and accessories (musical instruments, sports equipment, tools, weapons, animals, etc). However, with licensed figures most of the focus is on the figure with fewer moulds or useful 'everyday' items.
  14. lifeinplastic

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Are we expecting another 'Fun at the...' set for City this year?