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  1. lifeinplastic

    Seasonal Parts and Minifigs We Need!

    One thing that doesn't just relate to seasonal items (although essential for a Thanksgiving/Christmas) is there is no grey-metallic knife and fork counterpart to the spoon (like the one in The Ninjago CMF line). You can get weird blue and yellow ones from the Friends line but these don't fit very well for a posh restaurant or festive dinner scene. It would have also been good to have elf hats/torsos/legs in different colours Finally, I'd like a brass band to play carols (with moulded instruments).
  2. lifeinplastic

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The torso changes are another poor decision from Lego, potentially making previous incarnations of the uniform redundant (plus no Hufflepuff). Easy to say just switch them or buy the Students set but that is currently £22 on Amazon. Whoever designs these sets needs to start considering the customer and I hope they read this forum. We also have to wait for further sets to see which is going to be the official way forward. Very annoying and something that could have been easily avoided.
  3. Nice build @jp-30 - I have been listening to a lot of Suede working from home this year - probably wishing it was still the 90's!!
  4. lifeinplastic

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Even if the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff characters are unnamed, it would still be good to have more included in sets. You can’t really have a Hogwarts just with Gryffindor students. It is expensive to build up a collection of torsos from the other houses, plus there is also the black robes variation and the quidditch uniforms.
  5. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Now I'm worried there was an invisible man planned for the next official regular CMF series that has just been scrapped as Lego know it isn't as good as this version!!
  6. lifeinplastic

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I agree with the above comments. I understand why each set has at least one of the main trio included, but it would be good to have more of the other houses included and not just the grey jumper torso but Hogwarts robes and quidditch uniforms.
  7. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Looking forward to this, Robert! Your Trick-or-Treat characters are some of my favourites!
  8. lifeinplastic

    Driving - Automatic v Manual Car

    Hi All, I'd like to learn to drive and have had some experience of lessons in a manual car but wondering if I should just learn in an automatic. In the UK, you can take the test in a manual which allows you to drive both once you pass, or you can do it in an automatic but you would only be qualified to drive an automatic. Does anyone have any experience of both? Which type do you drive and what would you recommend? I'm not really a confident driver but just want to get on with it, as I'm sure once I pass the lack of confidence will soon disappear. Many thanks
  9. lifeinplastic

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    As others have pointed out am before, the one reindeer isn’t sufficient to justify buying this set at the estimated price. Also, disappointing the elf figures are all the same where it wouldn’t have been difficult to provide new coloured headgear, torso prints.
  10. lifeinplastic

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    At £370 I can't see many parents forking out to buy this for their kids and the price is no doubt a step too far even for many AFOLs. Presumably the Lego accounts team have done their homework about price points but I do wonder if this set couldn't have been broken down into smaller, more affordable sets in a more suitable price range for more consumers and in turn would turn out far more profitable. For example, I won't be buying this set for me and I can say with complete certainty my sister won't be buying this for her kids, so no sales made for either and we will quite easily go and buy a non-Lego product instead. Smaller buildings would then allow more variety within the general HP line as each year a new addition to Diagon Alley would become available rather than another remake of the Hogwarts Express, Privet Drive, Flying Ford Anglia. I suppose they have to include most of the shops together as each one as an individual building is perhaps less appealing and integral to the story. There is no doubt a good selection of parts, which you would expect from the number of bricks included but not enough for me to personally justify buying this set and the number of stickers really doesn't make this a must-have item that I intend to buy.
  11. lifeinplastic

    Themed CMF Series

    Great thread @Karalora - I'd personally prefer a regular mixed series as then everyone gets something they like, although there are some excellent ideas mentioned above. I was going to come up with a music one too. However, as you have just done one I'll only add that I'd love to include a violinist from an orchestra, an Elvis impersonator and a barbershop singer to the series! I'd also love to see more animals and would love to have a zoo themed series (hopefully to accompany regular City sets with larger animals that wouldn't fit in a minifigure packet). It might seem a bit boring to get a zookeeper figure every time, although they could make new hair pieces and new facial prints to make them more enticing and hopefully by limiting the variation in the minifigures themselves, they could focus more on detailed moulded animals as the accessories. One advantage would be they could even out the male to female ratio of characters too. The printing on the bags could be a zebra print! 1) Zookeeper with sea lion 2) Zookeeper with tapir 3) Zookeeper with toucan 4) Zookeeper with koala 5) Zookeeper with meerkat 6) Zookeeper with baby hippo 7) Zookeeper with hyena 8) Zookeeper with wallaby 9) Zookeeper with lemur 10) Zookeeper with sloth 11) Zookeeper with baby giraffe 12) Zookeeper with vulture 13) Zookeeper with aardvark 14) Zookeeper with red panda 15) Zookeeper with peacock 16) Zookeeper with capybara
  12. lifeinplastic

    MOC: The Football Club

    Really good to see something quite unique being built for a Lego town, @Lepralego and even better to see a tribute to Craven Cottage (home of the greatest team of all time), which is particularly evident in the brick façade and arched windows. The statue in front of the stadium is also a reminder of the Johnny Haynes one. I like the attention to detail, with all the sponsorship around the ground, the tanoy system and the merchandise available in the gift shop, as well as the colour scheme reflected in the seating. You'll have to build another stand opposite with 'OBU' written! I have always wanted to try a minifig-scale replica of CC. May I ask if you have been there and how you know about Fulham, given you are in Spain and they aren't one of the 'big' teams?
  13. Me too - I'd be moaning about it pretty much non-stop! The regular CMF lines give us so more to add to the Lego universe by including things that wouldn't get made into regular sets. Just think of all the special moulds that have been made for music instruments, sports equipment, animals (not to mention how many of these items that still don't exist). These things wouldn't be included in a regular set as the parts that make them worthwhile just wouldn't be deemed essential to justify increasing the cost of each set. I find the licensed series rarely offer much that couldn't be included in a regular set (in my view super hero themes generally are just collectible figures with added bricks included). I acknowledge I'm generalising here and it's cool that we have all the Star Wars/Batman/Avengers main characters but I'm just not that interested in seeing 101 variations of Batman suits. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-comic books or against Lego having licenses - we all like different things after all. However, I just don't want licensed themes to monopolise the Lego brand and don't see why certain figures can't just be released with regular sets.
  14. lifeinplastic

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Great work again, Robert. Always grateful for you sharing your talent with us - just a pity as usual that these aren't the official Lego designs! Love the variety here - a series that caters to every fan. My personal favourite is the violin girl, although the halfling, Rastafarian and vampire boy are the others I'd most like to see make an official Lego CMF series.
  15. lifeinplastic

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Yes, I much preferred the original parrot to the current blurred colours, which looks awful in my opinion. I would like to see the original parrot as a blue macaw and also the original red parrot refashioned (like they did with the horses) where the figure looks like the original but with wings spread out like the seagull. Also, the revers of the seagull would be good (e.g. no wings spread out).