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  1. Wow, thanks for the extensive recap with all the crunchy details, Hinck! I'm working long hours these days so I won't have time for a long post until tomorrow night but it's nice to read more about what was going on behind the scenes and what people were thinking. Me investigating Tameekys while Marwyyn was protecting him was just a bit of lack of coordination on our part. Marwyyn used to send in his actions right away, and if we had a different plan we would ask him to switch his target and protect someone else. That night I just didn't have the time, it was sloppy of me but I just let it go. Like the day we allowed Zandder to lynch himself while Eeyara kept her vote on him. In the end, it served us well because a no-lynch would have sunk Town. But we should have been able to lynch Luxxon instead. Oh and there's one night action missing there: on night 4, I tracked Marwyyn using an invention. Because the Town block had been built not on investigation results but basically on blind trust, by day 4 we had to double back and solidify our bases, because paranoia was starting to get at us. At me, anyway! Up until almost the very end I couldn't bring myself to fully trust Nancy or Eeyara, expecting something bad to happen, even though they were the two people I had claimed to right after I investigated Coralaaze! Eeyara was busy/unwell and couldn't reply to my PMs quickly enough, and I had to choose a second confidante just in case Eeyara turned out to be Scum/Traitor after all.
  2. Good thing you did! What were the roles scum chose to start with?
  3. So... what did happen on night 1? Did someone block me, or was it something else?
  4. Ha, that explains a lot! Changing the win condition was only fair to Kristel, but I don't think anyone would have believed her trying to explain a rule change in the middle of the game. I'm happy with the inclusion of the role, it added more dynamics to the game and a challenge for Town to figure out what this role was about and whether the Traveler was an ally or not.
  5. Wow Hinck, thanks for a great game, you kept us on our toes right till the end and the whole setup was beautiful! I can't wait to hear about what happened behind the scenes, but I have enjoyed playing, it was stressful at times but I don't regret one minute of it! I want to say that everyone played a great game, everyone was quite active either publicly or in PM, and scum managed to survive up till the very end despite a rocky start. Kudos to you! Luxxon you were great, you definitely played your duplicitous role perfectly, can't wait to hear what your win condition really was! Nancy, Eeyara, you almost made it till the end, so very sorry that it was you who had to go . We could have ended the game earlier but after Nerrio was lynched we all became uber paranoid and we probably made a few mistakes that almost made us sink. Yeah I didn't quite trust that investigation result, because of the Traitor menace, but in the end it's Zandder and Luxxon who had you lynched.
  6. Fugazi

    Back of the Box Builds!

    Ha! How did I miss this! Merging, I agree this deserves the spotlight.
  7. Fugazi

    Back of the Box Builds!

    I agree this box art totally deserves to be preserved in some form! I loved the sometimes great, often quaint alternate builds, using sometimes borderline illegal techniques. But to answer the original question, I don't know of such a repository. I've looked up Peeron, but they don't have back of box pictures.
  8. Fugazi

    HELP! ! !

    It's not you, it's the forum. I have experienced the same issue on other forums using the same engine (Invision) in the last few days-weeks. Our Admins will figure it out shortly.
  9. You mean the 2020 City Discussion thread? Yes, though I didn't want to move this topic to a different forum and merge it in one go, the OP might have trouble finding it.
  10. Since this is basically a discussion of the latest City sets, I'm moving it to a more appropriate forum.
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    You will level up at 100 posts, look up the pinned thread about ranks in this forum.
  12. Fugazi

    Where to use this code?

    It was used to redeem a virtual minifig in the LEGO Minifigures Online game, but that game has been shut down many years ago.
  13. Fugazi

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Eurobricks, where serious news outlets go to for authentic AFOL reactions.
  14. Welcome to EB, I'm moving this the the LDD forum where you might find better advice.