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  1. Frost shrugs and points at the body. "Show me how you're going to hydrate him without moving him, given that he's lying face down."
  2. Seeing the inanimate body about to be poked and turned, I jump ahead. "Don't move him, please... Let me have a look first, he might have a broken neck. Moving him will be end of him. Can you please bring those medical supplies over here?" I will perform a quick physical with whatever tools are available, and will try to wake him up.
  3. I'd like to scan my key card as well. If there's nothing else to be done here, let's move to the storage room. We need to get to Ezra -- either he needs help, or he's hiding from us.
  4. You can tell me about it if you wish, but I'm sure all you need is meds. Let's move on to engineering, perhaps we'll find out how someone can meddle with this ship's systems so easily.
  5. It would seem that we've combed through the kitchen pretty thoroughly. Is there any pie left?
  6. Can I have a look at the notepad before we go? Just in case I manage to decipher any of those markings.
  7. Maybe we should trying calling him on the intercom or whatever this ship is equipped with.
  8. I would like to check the first page of the unused notepad for pen pressure marks from a previous note.
  9. I would like to inspect the fallen floor lamp. Looking for anything out of the ordinary. Fingerprints, blood?
  10. Him. I meant him. He's a he, is he?
  11. Ahem... Yes, sorry, I was lost in my thoughts. I would like to have a look at Alfie's meds, I'm not a heart specialist but it's possible it's something I might have encountered before. And if we've moved to Ezra's room already, then I'll make sure to make my way back to Alfie's after we're done. Yes, the shutdown was likely planned but finding Alfie in his cabin perhaps wasn't. The murderer obviously prepared to break into Alfie's cabin, but not to kill him. It's likely he was after something inside the cabin, but it's not clear if they found it or not. We should search every cabin on this ship, but perhaps a full body search might also be required. Yeah, why assume that Ezra is dead just because we didn't hear from her?
  12. Well, though I haven't stitched a wound in 40 years, I'm still a doctor. I would like to examine the body in order to fill out the death certificate. Surely there's a medical kit with some rubber gloves on the ship? If I can fetch my stethoscope and penlight from my room, we would be all set. Unless you have more advanced tech on this ship, that is.
  13. Dr. Frost watches the proceedings while wondering if this sort of engines glitches happen on every trip. It's his first interplanetary trip, but didn't plan for it to be his last. "I suggest we move on to the next room, whatever that is, unless there's something else that needs to be investigated here? Oh and I do save mild anxiolytics if any of you feel unwell. Better keep our heads cool until this situation in under control." *have*. I *have* anxiolytics.
  14. * googles "green demonic plush invader" * Was your door locked to start with? What else do you keep in your medicine cabinet? Did your siblings steel toys from you when you were young? You really should talk to someone about that post-traumatic stress disorder.