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  1. Ahahah this is great, well played everyone, and especially team Scum!
  2. There is a forum dedicated to Town themes discussion, please post this kind of topics over there.
  3. I was asked why I keep mentioning Deanna as my second suspect. If you mentioned it before, congratulations. As for you, stop hiding behind "I promised Data to vote blahblah", because that's a copout and the more you repeat it the less honest it sounds.
  4. In short, the reason why I suspect Deanna is that she won't go through with a Wesley lynch. She keeps avoiding it by directing suspicions towards other players, or jumping on ill-advised bandwagons, like the one started by Wesley to get rid of Data. A scum might want to profit from the feud between Wesley and myself (assuming in this case that Wesley is town) by keeping us alive until the end, in which case it's obvious that we will keep fighting and he'll just pick one of us for the win -- scum win. It's a bit far-fetched, but nothing that Deanna wouldn't be capable of. That said, I still lean more towards Wesley-scum.
  5. No scum would give up an easy lynch, yet I'm focused on Wesley when he's obviously not an easy lynch. Look at it any way you want, my behavior since the start of this game is nothing like what scum would do. I have the ability to post, but definitely not the time and computer to review multiple pages of posts and all that usual stuff. So there, you have me at a disadvantage. That said, time is running out and we're giving scum the opportunity to choose for us. Won't you guys just make up your minds?
  6. I call bullocks. Both Wesley and Deanna keep saying that I'm focused on Wesley without considering other options, but I remember having four suspects on day 2, and now my second biggest suspect is Deanna, as mentioned a couple of times. But let's ignore that, shall we? Also I didn't say that people should be doing the brainwork for me. I have taken care of that, but if you'd like me to change my mind then give me good reasons for that. Nothing that I have read so far makes me more suspicions of anyone else. I'm not saying that Wesley isn't clever or devious, quite the contrary. But it's Beverly who put him in a difficult position, and regardless of any PM conversations Wesley had little control over how Beverly would behave publicly and how it would all come across.
  7. Ha this is so rich. On the one hand if I'm focusing on Wesley I'm being tunnel minded. On the other hand if I raise concerns about anyone else, like Deanna, then I'm lining her up for the lynch because I'm a scummy scum. You know what? I only have one vote, and it's my right to focus on anyone. It's how the game is played. Give me a good reason to vote for someone else and I will. But nobody has yet. And you haven't convinced me to vote for myself yet.
  8. You're starting to distort the truth. Look back at day one and read it carefully. I laid out my case against Beverly and kept at it, arguing with her until she was gone. I didn't just place a poke vote then forgot about it. Wesley dismissed my case against Beverly and went in a different direction. Basic mafia rules tell that suspicious behavior must be tested. If you (town) are not going to do it, it's not for my lack of trying. I do have other suspects, as I mentioned before. Someone even said that I was lining up Deanna for a lynch down the road. Yes, if there's anyone freaking out and shuffling the cards in this game it's Deanna. She keeps switching votes and being indecisive, which is just like her but also quite over the top in this game. I do think that a Scum is bound to profit from two Townies arguing against each other without the situation being settled. With barely enough players left, a desperate plan would be to lynch Wesley and me, then Deanna before not enough townies are left. Does that make sense?
  9. How convenient is it that Welsey would choose to go after me on the day I announced I would be less present. That's certainly not scummy at all. But it must be a coincidence, right? Anyway, you go on lynching townie after townie until there's none left. The reason I'm intent on lynching Wesley is that's he's my main suspect since Day 2 and for some reason he's still around. A real Scum wouldn't be focused on anyone in particular, as long as Townies keep getting lynched. Like what Wesley is going for, switching targets day after day. Deanna as well for that matter. Wake up Town. Before I forget: Vote: Wesley Vote: extend day
  10. I'm not gone, just pretty busy with a trip coming and lots to get done before I can leave. Lame excuses I know. I'm sorry about this, Wesley, but although I feel bad for lynching you it's still necessary as the suspicion will always remain. You say that you haven't done anything scummy after Day One, but it's obvious that a single scum can say anything they want -- they don't have anyone left to protect-defend-avoid whatever term you want to use there. It's a lot harder to find the last scum in a game. That's why Day One conversations are so important. The problem is not that Wesley isn't a terrific and devious player. What happened is that Beverly put him in a bad position by her awkward roleplay. I thought it might have been an attempt at dissociating the two by underscoring how unlikely it was that both Crushers would be part of the scum team. It could have been a good idea. It turned poorly for Beverly, and now we need to verify the theory that was being tested. Don't you all forget that Wesley is one of the, if not the deviousest scummy scum to ever have played on EB. He can be very convincing, which obviously plays against him when he's playing as a honest Townie. Jut like Troikley.
  11. Uh.. I will be away from home for the next week with spotty Internet, but I will do my best to keep in touch. Don't replace me!
  12. Hmm no I don't want to give scum a night kill. Vote: Wesley Crusher. Vote: extend the day. We can use the time to watch our deepest emotions bubble to the surface (like true Klingons) and maybe change our minds about the lynchee. Also plan our next move, just in case. We don't have the benefit of certitude in this game. *certainty* stupid computer.
  13. Maybe Bob is just an alias of yours, created so you can win Mafia games that you're actually running. Well played. Joking of course. ... Computer, show me the Mafia game archives. Cross-reference Bob's games and Hinck's victories.
  14. It's a testament to your deviousness. Bob would show us your role PM, and we'd still think you stole Bob's account to post in his name.
  15. Laugh all you want, you Geordi-voting wiseguys.