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  1. For 43463 and 43461, it’s because 6282 (the assembly they should be part of) is missing. Just a little bug. For 289000: good catch! For packing back into a lif, there’s LIFCreator: By the way, note that LIFCreator needs lots of memory.
  2. Even if it was scaled and stretched, that’s not how LDD looks on a 1080 lines display. Obviously, the colour palette is cut but all the parts categories show with 1080 lines (even when maxed as yours are) (13 full lines of categories, not 7½). Same for the width: there should be more space between the groups of icons on the toolbar (more difficult to quantify). So, again, either your whole display is not at 1080 or LDD is zoomed in / magnified, and that’s not LDD’s “fault”: something else is doing it.
  3. Your image is 800x600 and it’s stretched (16:9 stretched to 4:3). That’s why I asked. And I was talking about a setting in Windows that would zoom on LDD. 768 lines is just enough for LDD. 1080 is plenty. As you say LDD has no settings for this and it’s plain dumb about the screen size, therefore something is wrong with your system.
  4. Are you sure the definition is 1920x1080? Or is there a zoom / HDPI setting somewhere?
  5. It’s really not clear what you’re trying to do. What do you mean by the “ldraw file found on another thread”? The ldraw.xml file? It’s used for conversions to/from LDraw but LDD doesn’t use .dat files at all. It only needs their names. And while it’s true most of the 3D models for the new parts in this thread have been made from 3D models from LDraw, they have nothing to do with ldraw.xml¹ and LDD doesn’t need any .dat file to work with them. (¹ Well, except for those of us who want to convert their LDD MOCs from/to the LDraw format.) So, in order to help you, we need you to expand on what you want, what you do and what doesn’t work exactly.
  6. (Our best guess is that) 4.3.12 was made to solve the problems in the thread I linked to. (It only exists for Windows, not Mac) The problem is that 4.3.12 is actually 4.3.11 (so far, it’s okay) with the Brick version 777 (that’s not okay at all). The latest official brick version that came with 4.3.11 is 2670. That’s a lot versions and a lot of brick missing. And it can’t update / download the latest version (it can’t even connect to internet, it keeps saying that). So, uninstall LDD, both the program (with the desinstaller) and your settings and the db in %appdata%roaming, then install the good old 4.3.11 that you can find in the other thread. Once it’s installed, launch it and you’ll find the parts you were looking for. Then, you’ll be able to install the custom and modified parts and enjoy the latest LDD
  7. @jordy19 “Removed the whole LEGO folder,” which one? The one in Program Files (x86) or the one in Users? Also, when you reinstalled, are you sure you used 4.3.11 and not 4.3.12? (See this thread) I wouldn’t advise starting with a broken LDD.
  8. Well, actually, it doesn’t exactly work. If you use one of the new assemblies with c01 in its name (say 32283c01), you’ll see that: It’s called 32283 in LDD, not 32283c01. In the LXFML, it’s still called 32283. But, even though one of its subparts is called 32383 too, it doesn’t seem to pose any problem, even for import (export doesn’t care about assemblies, only subparts). Still, I find that a bit confusing.
  9. Update 2020-10-23 Added: 10164 / 10164.dat Minifig Headdress Beanie with Pom Pom 11437 / 11437.dat Minifig Helmet Ornament Horn Elaborate 15446 / 15446.dat Minifig Helmet Visor with Night Vision 29601 / 29601.dat Minifig Gun with Round Heat Diffusers, Fin and Spherical Emitter 30210 / 30210.dat Dish 2 x 2 with Angled Bar 47991 / 47991.dat Panel 5 x 10 x 10 Rocky Skull 60751 / 60751.dat Minifig Helmet with Cheek Protection and Thin Bands 93106 / 93106.dat Minifig Metal Detector without Stud on Search Head 94721 / 94721.dat Figure Friends Accessories Brush Round, Small 94723 / 94723.dat Figure Friends Accessories Sponge md5sum: 686a99e8cf1a7784b6d36891e532dd2d
  10. Shameless plug: lxf2ldr converts them to LSynth primitives. So: lxf2ldr, then lsynth, then import in Studio or open in any LDraw editor.
  11. If you have a warning sign on some parts, it’s because you have a damaged db.lif or db directory (it’s generally when there’s a problem in the 3D model (.g files) or because it’s missing). Check it or go back to the original db.lif.
  12. You need to use LDD Extended (menu View | New themes), it’s not available in the “normal” mode. The paint tool and colours work a bit differently but you’ll need to get used to it as many bricks aren’t available in the normal mode.
  13. Well, there’s as much merit in keeping with BrickLink as with LDraw but as BrickLink has only one part and LDraw and now LDD have several parts, and they match, I’d keep with LDraw. If someone is looking for “5292,” LDD will show them this assembly whether it’s the assembly’s name or the name of one of its subparts. (Note, 6282.xml isn’t in the RAR either. So 43461 and 43463 are “dangling” parts.)
  14. On the contrary, it’s very important: that means you downloaded the dreadful 4.3.12 from LEGO. It’s broken. The correct Brick Version should be 2670. 777 is missing an awful lot of official bricks. See this thread, there’s a link to a correct copy of 4.3.11 installer and several explanations on how to install it on Windows 10 if you have troubles.
  15. Well, one could say 5292c01 isn’t 5292 (And I submitted 5292c01.dat to LDraw as the motor + electrict plate to match “LDD’s” 42908. I couldn’t name it 42908-something.dat, especially not -c01.dat, as it has fewer subparts than 42908.dat.) By the way, it’s nice that assemblies’ names can have “c01” in them.