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  1. It’s true has an ldraw.xml file too. If you look into that file, you’ll see that lego’s 3070 is transformed in ldraw’s 30039 which is an alternate ID for 3070b, Tile 1 x 1 with Groove. So, if that ldraw.xml file was responsible for the conversion, the tiles would have grooves. As you’re saying they do not, it is not Besides, it appears you can’t directly use the ldraw.xml file from LDD (at least not mine, I’m not sure I tried the original one). It blocks the conversion. Even removing comments and sorting the tags as they do and adding an “isConfirmed” attribute doesn’t help. That means the differences are not trivial, or other files are involved, or both. I may try to look into it a bit more but I’m not sure it’s worth it: Filing a bug with BL might be quicker and more reliable in the long term. (And, of course, another problem is that tweaking the files and especially talking about it afterwards isn’t exactly allowed.)
  2. Update 2018-08-15 Added: 10172 / 10172.dat Minifig Trophy Cup 2.4L 19859 / 19859.dat Minifig Hips Ghost 88295 / 88295.dat Minifig Armour Shoulder Pads with Porcupine Spikes 93221 / 93221.dat Minifig Ghettoblaster 1 x 3 x 1 md5sum: c6db920f0f5fbda30e6eebdc2e65ab38
  3. SylvainLS on Linux

    Just for completeness, this trick / option already was on the forum (needs login), since May 2017 (the thread has just been “up-ed” by a new post).
  4. SylvainLS on Linux

    Just place it at the end. Beware. I’m not sure how the other environments work but for KDE, you need to edit the original entry (in the Wine menus), not the one in your favorites, which is just a copy and immediately reverts to the orginal (been there, done that, teared my hair a bit ). After editing the original, remove from favorites and then re-favorite.
  5. SylvainLS

    LDD Pro

    You can with newer LDraw editors, like LDCad or LeoCAD. And you can with, which is, arguably , LDraw-based. Er, not really, no Because they prefer to spend it on bricks? Because there are free alternatives?
  6. SylvainLS on Linux

    It appears CUDA works with Wine:
  7. SylvainLS on Linux

    See this bug report: It seems adding the option -force-d3d9 should help. EDIT: Confirmed on Wine 3.0.2. No need to keep an old Wine version now. And it seems a simila bug was fixed in Wine 3.3. By the way, anyone knows if the GPU rendering works with Wine? (I can’t test, I don’t own a recent Nvidia )
  8. Oh, good you’re here Takanuinuva, I hadn’t recognized the part at all
  9. If you are talking about this part, then no, it isn’t in LDD.
  10. BrickLink released 2 Beta with an instruction maker….
  11. You can try importing your model in (BrickLink’s editor). It connects to BL’s catalogue and shows when parts don’t exist (with a “danger” icon in the steps/parts list). It also shows prices, so you will know when a part exists but is very rare. You’ll still have to go over each “offending” part one by one but it should greatly reduce your job. One note though: it won’t help if you chose (or if the conversion chooses) the “wrong” variant, the one that’s not produced anymore or which doesn’t exist in the colour you want. Checking while building demands the same amount of work but it’s distributed in time, so it’s less painful
  12. I’ve had the same not really helpful “could not find or load the class” message with the OpenJRE’s VM. Using Oracle’s version solved it. I think it was the signature that couldn’t be checked. Anyway, trying another environment (user, JVM, LD_LIBRARY_PATH…) might help.
  13. The last updates added new parts, but those are only available in Extended, and they removed colour information for Standard In Extended, the paint tool doesn’t work the same. You select the paint tool, then you click on the colour box to make the palette appear so that you can choose another colour. If you want to apply a decor, click on the rightmost icon, the little gray brick (the decorable area “pulses” when you hover over it). The pipette is to change the fill colour with the colour of a part. Once you have clicked the decor brick or the pipette, you need to click on the leftmost icon, the bucket, to use the fill tool again. Note that if you have parts selected when you choose a new colour, they will be painted with that colour. Can be very useful… or very annoying And you can also select a base colour (instead of the default Red) by clicking on the palette at the bottom of the brick palette (if you have “repeat inserting the selected brick” option on, you need to reselect the brick to change its colour right away, else the “floating” brick will use the previous colour). So you have two ways to change colour: select the right colour before adding the part, or add the part and select the colour and paint the part. Not as user friendly as Standard. Lots of clicks
  14. First, you can’t use the hexadecagon values to make an octagon, the problems are totally different. But the octagon problem is simpler: you have “on studs” vertical and horizontal sides and you want to connect them with only one diagonal side. That means both ends of the diagonal side have integer coordinates. And the only diagonals with integer coordinates are hypothenuses in Pythogorean triangles. And there are no Pythagorean triangles with a hypothenuse of 4. Problem solved: you can’t.
  15. The dedicated forum for is , not the more general .