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  1. They are not deleted, they just miss their colour information, so they are not available in “(standard) LDD” anymore but they are available in “LDD Extended.”
  2. Have you tried opening the exported files in an LDraw program (like LDView)? (You don’t need to quit LDD to change the ldraw.xml file. The ldraw.xml file can be changed while LDD is running.) actually uses LDView (as a library) to export to POVRay and it launches POVRay for you. You can also get the POVRay file if you want to tweak it (via export I believe). I haven’t checked but I don’t think they are using the latest wonderfully smooth LGEO files from Darats.
  3. Just answering to this part: Did you update your ldraw.xml file? (Link just posted by inkpanther.) And did you try lxf2ldr, which converts decorations (when possible) and flexible parts (through LSynth)?
  4. It might just run out of memory. As for the server, all is good here.
  5. AKAIK, they don’t “connect.” But you can put the rack into the housing with scaffolding. (“Scaffolding” means using temporary parts that do connect.) As you won’t be able to rotate or move them both once the scaffolding is removed, I would advise to keep the scaffolding until the last moment or to correctly place one of the parts before placing the other.
  6. It has been there for a few updates already… in LDD Extended. New parts are only added to LDD Extended now.
  7. Update 2018-04-11 Added: 98127 (subpart of 99415) / 98127.dat Minifig Torso Short with Ridged Extended Back Renamed: 30527 / 30527c01.dat Hose Flexible 12L with Black Ends 92338 / 92338-f1.dat Minifig Chain 6L in Straight Form Importable: 28653.dat =Plate 1 x 2 28978.dat =Technic Link 4 x 6 Bent 53.13 29219.dat =Technic Pin Joiner Round with Slot 35334.dat =Minifig Helmet Visor 35338.dat =Slope Brick 31 1 x 1 x 0.667 51723.dat =Minifig Handlebars 59141.dat =Technic Beam 2 Liftarm with Angled Ball Joint md5sum: f1afaa5954692442b5409a4e6c8bdf3b
  8. If you open the LXFML file, yes. But you need to extract it from the LXF first. (You might need to rename the .lxf to .zip first. And, as I said, use a clever zip extractor otherwise it will be stumped by the corruption.)
  9. The zip seems corrupted and can’t be opened with a “simple” unzip program (or LDD). But I could unzip it with 7-zip and the LXFML file it contains seems okay.
  10. That part has always had decoration problems: the pictures aren’t correctly matched to the decorable zones and the zones aren’t all available in LDD. It seems 4.3.11 still allows one zone to be decorated: the base. (You can put eyes on the base!) There are four decorable zones and four pictures. You can decorate only by editing the LXFML (which, AFAICT, isn’t against the EULA). I found that “0,99596,73156,0” is the only combination that makes sense in LDD (eyes + mouth). And then Bluerender renders the mouth on the belly. MatthewRC’s render has the eyes on the belly and the mouth on the eyes, so I guess it’s another combination or a random problem.
  11. Announcing lxf2ldr

    Big OOPS! That’s the gitlab member URL. This is the anonymous download: git clone Correcting the README right now.
  12. @PhiloThe main model lost its tail
  13. Announcing lxf2ldr

    I just pushed a new version with a minimal GUI.
  14. Announcing lxf2ldr

    @supertruper1988 I’ll think about it. The main obstacles are: 1. I can’t build or test Mac or Windows versions, 2. I’m a CLI guy
  15. Update 2018-03-22 Added: 16968 / 16968.dat Brick 1 x 4 with Inside Clips 63586 / 61190d.dat Minifig Helmet Rangefinder for SW Clone Trooper Helmet md5sum: 1d33fef76450f2ac35d21da1f34327f3