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  1. A .bat file is a Windows thing (actually, it dates back from DOS). It has nothing to do with Java. The .bat extension tells Windows it’s executable. It contains instructions you could simply type in a terminal (command prompt or whatever they call it nowadays). To edit it, you can first open Notepad and then open the file from Notepad (though I think right-click/“Open” would do too, I haven’t a Windows machine nearby). If the new Notepad obnoxiously insists on not wanting to open it because of its extension, you can temporarily change it to .txt. Extensions are just characters. That Microsoft uses them to define what can be done with the file while hiding them is one of the great mysteries of our times. As for the long error message you got, (that is Java ), it’s due to your using Java 9 and not Java 8 (a function disapeared between the versions).
  2. The .bat file is just a plain text file. You can use any simple editor, like Notepad. The “-Xmx8G” is to be added on the “java” line, so that it reads “java -Xmx8G blah…” instead of “java blah…”.
  3. Update 2018-02-19 Added: 33492 / 33492.dat Cone 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.667 Truncated 57528 / 57528.dat Technic Bionicle Weapon Pincer 8 x 7 Modified (new Unofficial version): 53983 / 53983.dat Propellor 24 Blade 10 Diameter with Case md5sum: be1730da6318f02c7b2842a98f88d6bd
  4. IMVHO: 3 is the best of the five, but the trans parts are a bit “frosty.” 4 and 5: too much reflection, too sharp too (the reflection is sharper than the bricks!). 1 and 2: not enough reflection, and yes, the trans parts are very “frosty” (almost like tracing paper (“papier calque”)).
  5. You can also export to LDraw in LDD, move the parts in the LDraw CAD of you choice, then reimport in LDD. Only export/import one of these parts, otherwise, when importing, LDD might mix the parts and not assemble the matching subparts (it’s fun though).
  6. I thought it would but, no, it doesn’t. The stick is too large / the hole too small.
  7. Update 2018-02-12 Added: 25516 / 25516.dat Minifig Crown with Bar 0.5L 29110 / 29110.dat Boat Kayak 2 x 15 Rematched (newly added to LDraw): 30741 / 30741.dat Windscreen 5 x 8 x 2 with Back Indentations 28964 / 28964.dat Bracket 5 x 2 x 2.333 with Inside Fillets with Reinforced Bottom md5sum: 08c4904a8599811a826a951f3bb49952
  8. Update 2018-02-06 Added: 26074 / 26074.dat Animal Penguin 27150 / 27150.dat Minifig Umbrella Folded 30699 / 30699.dat Tyre 14/ 43 x 30 Rematched (new variant): 28920 / 28920.dat Tap 1 x 2 with Two Valves with Short Handles md5sum: 39ad8ee4ef618ea3c5d7301813323432
  9. Yes, it seems they removed quite a bunch of colours (and when there are no colours anymore, parts) from standard LDD.
  10. Update 2018-01-26 Added: 25386 / 25386.dat Minifig Food Bread Bun 27257 / 27257.dat Minifig Spear Tip Faceted with Bar 0.4L 27261 / 27261.dat Plate 1 x 2 with 3 Rocky Claws Rematched (renamed in LDraw): 4844 / 4844b.dat Boat Mast Base 4 x 4 x 9 57029 / 32074c02.dat Technic Competition Cannon with Round Bottom - Body (wrong variant, correct one in the works) md5sum: a0b8c75260e1a603a479e571645376f2
  11. Update 2018-01-21 Added: 18673 / 18673.dat Minifig Lightsaber Hilt with Round Guard 27266 / 27266.dat Brick 2 x 2 Round with 8 Spikes 72092 / 72092.dat Minifig Trophy Cup 5L Corrected: 2714 / 2714a.dat Bar 8L with Stop Ring and Pin - Rounded End 30218 / 30218.dat Animal Clam Closed md5sum: 241ec71965122e918ec272837b75ac70
  12. Update 2018-01-17 Rematched (renamed in LDraw): 4185 / 4185a.dat Technic Wedge Belt Wheel 3067 / 3067a.dat Brick 1 x 6 without Centre Studs 6580 / 6580a.dat Wheel Rim 23 x 22 Offroad with Axlehole Rematched (better variants): 3852 / 3852b.dat Minifig Hairbrush with Short Handle 30350 / 30350b.dat Tile 2 x 3 with Clips Horizontal (Thick C-Clips) Modified (in Unofficial): 2714 / 2714a.dat Bar 8L with Stop Ring and Pin - Rounded End Added: 26007 / 26007.dat Minifig Hat Conical Asian with Curved Sides md5sum: d302899830db788d3fd1297c4a3fc923
  13. Unfortunately, LDD by itself won’t do anything more (unless a secret version 5.0 finally gets out). ldraw.xml is just data, not code. BUT, there’s this guy I know who made a little tool to go a bit further than LDD (it does groups, flex parts (needs LSynth), and some multi-coloured and patterned parts):
  14. Yes, I’m thinking it might be why the update was annuled: the left part should be a subpart in an assembly, with a plug and a hub. We shouldn’t be able to use it alone.
  15. That’s what I tried to explain, very unsuccessfully Happily, M2m came to save the day.