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  1. 2.2.4(5) solved the transparent colours and settings issues.
  2. There’s a 2.2.4(2)… but there’s still problems with it
  3. As its name says is an archive of the web. The URL is the date the page was archived (20190622153357 = 2019 June 22, 15H33m57s) and the full URL of the page, which is LEGO’s own CDN (content distribution network), that’s the URL we were redirected to when we dowloaded LDD from LEGO on June 22th, 2019.
  4. LDD has a bit more than 4000 parts. Studio has 10000 in the Master palette (and knows about around 6000 more). So, yeah, it’s harder to find the needle in the bigger haystack.
  5. Update 2021-03-12 Added: 15423 / 15423.dat Minifig Body Armour Vest 18729 / 18729.dat Windscreen 6 x 10 x 4 Curved 18926 / 18926.dat Tipper Bucket 8 x 12 x 4.6667 25111 / 25111.dat Minifig Sword Dao with Curved Blade and Hilt 30838 / 30838.dat Wheel Rim 6.4 x 11 with 7 Spokes 93565 / 93565.dat Minifig Body and Shoulder Armour Smooth 97895 / 97895.dat Minifig Life Jacket 98150 / 98150.dat Minifig Head Snake 98386 / 98386.dat Animal Puppy Walking Rematched (renamed in LDraw): 9320 / 23807.dat ~Electric Power Functions 2.0 Socket 23306 / 23306.dat Minifig Lightsaber Hilt with Steep Sloping Fingers md5sum: 75125d758db8ef8a3d074291a7cf4abb
  6. Yeah, but not so long ago, it was frowned upon to talk about customizing LDD here. Granted, it was before it was officially abandoned.
  7. I don’t know what needs to be done to Diablo 2 but if it’s a modification of the executable and you distribute it, it’s IP infringement. And if there are protections against it that you need to break, it’s DMCA / EUCD. IOW, it’s not because it’s commonplace to crack and hack games and that only the big bad players are sued that it’s lawful.
  8. Whereas finding the list could fall under “interoperability,” I believe that’d be over the line of what is lawful. (IANAL)
  9. Nope. AFAWK, 4.3.12 was an attempt to solve 4.3.11’s installation problems on Windows 10 (LDD comes with a “Flash Player Active X” crap that doesn’t want to install while it’s absolutely not necessary nor useful, at all), so TLG solved the installation problems but the included Bricks library is way outdated and the program can’t get on the internet to download a more recent one. Total crap. Unfortunately SOP (standard operating procedure) for big companies.
  10. Here you are. (I will remove the file in a few days.) All the parts should be there, the LXFML was corrupted later, in the connections. The order in the LXFML is Bricks, RigidSystem (connections), Groups, Instructions. What I did: extract the .lxf, the extractor complains but the .lxfml is just truncated, open the .lxfml to check the end of the file, see it was truncated in the RigidSystems, go back to the end of the bricks section (</Bricks>), cut from there to the end of the file (keep </Bricks> of course), add a closing </LXFML> tag, open the new .lxfml in LDD to check the file, save as .lxf for convenience. In the future, make more backups
  11. LeoCAD also works natively on Linux and is open source (GPLv2). LDD works very fine with Wine. Studio works fine with Wine… except it can’t do GPU-rendering (sees the card but can’t use it), and you need to use a “virtual desktop” (it’s a Wine option that puts Windows windows inside a X11 window) because of focus problems. (Wine is very simple to use: install the wine packages, and start the installer with wine (e.g. “wine setupldd311.exe” and then you’ll have menu entries.)
  12. I agree on 3. Also, I think that builds that relied on a custom part not having collisions (or having wrong collisions) should not prevent adding or correcting the collisions. Besides, the risk seems very low with this part.
  13. That’s a very small difference, I believe it’s in LDD’s tolerances and it wouldn’t be a problem for older models.
  14. Oh, yeah, right, that explains why I can’t load 210116.lxf but can see/use the part: there’s only the part, not the assembly. As it’s not in LDraw, I hadn’t looked further.
  15. It’s on GitHub (and was in the pre-release packs Stephan sent me).