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  1. SylvainLS

    Connection problem

    The question was about building time, not afterward. Anyway, you can simply (almost) repeat your hinge (you just need to remove one plate): The hinge points are 6 studs x 19 studs apart, that’s a 17.526° angle. Removing the plate on the blue connection adds an angle whose tangent is 1 plate x 20 studs, that’s a 1.146° angle. The sum is then 18.671° which, I believe, is near enough to your 18.7° angle.
  2. SylvainLS

    Connection problem

    Okay, so we can replace the red parts with anything, but nothing over the DBG plate. I’ll try to rephrase the other questions: What do you use to place the LBG part and what’s the position of the hinge point relatively to the DBG part? If we know the exact measures of the triangle, it would be easier to mathematically find a solution. And does that hinge have enough liberty so that, when you build the model, the LBG part could be “open” and you just “close” and connect it to the red parts? Finding an easy way to build is part of the design
  3. SylvainLS

    Connection problem

    It’d help to know where (and what) the “blue hinge” is exactly, in order to work the math rather than fumble in the dark with trial and error. Also, what are the possibilities for the connection/red parts? Can we put anything of anysize anywhere? How will it be built? Do you want the LBG plate to hinge close and click in the red parts?
  4. Er, @supertruper1988 the way you explain it, it seems you build from the outside in but it’s also the way @anothergol explains it Anyway, I do it the other way: peel the build like an onion. In the instruction maker, create a next step, select a few parts on the outside, move them to the next step. Rince and repeat.
  5. The error message shows the culprit(s): the first line of the file, there are two spurious characters before 0. You need to remove them. If you can’t see them while editing the file, it may be because they are the Unicode BOM (Byte Order Mark), special characters to mark the encoding of the file that Unicode-aware programs can use or ignore. It appears some tools (Notepad) always add a BOM. Now, if it’s a BOM you’ll need either a dumb ASCII editor that will show the characters or a smart editor that has a function to remove invisible BOMs.
  6. I checked with the new version: Now minifig parts are “releasable,” that means they are seen as some sort of submodel and a “release” button is available in the status line when you select one. So you can “release” the parts (separate them) and then rotate them individually. And if you tryi to submit, no more problems with them
  7. It’s like LDraw: if you used the hips+legs part, you can’t rotate the legs, you need to use the three parts (hips, right leg, left leg), which is what happens when you import from LDD. BUT, a new version has been promised for this week with the ability to hinge minifig legs and torsos and other hinges, mainly because the ADP palette for their contest doesn’t allow bits of minifigs, only what you can find from LEGO.
  8. I just checked myself. I hadn’t assigned keys to brick movement (only rotation), and only left, right, forward, backward are available, no up, no down so I couldn’t test vertical movement by keyboard, only mouse (grabbing the move axles to avoid snapping), but the grids work. Coarse = 20/20/24 LDU, medium = 10/10/12 LDU, medium “P” = 10/10/8 LDU, fine = 1/1/1 LDU. Movement is left-right / back-forward / up-down relatively to the brick’s orientation. That is, if a 1x1 brick is stud-up, the medium grid moves it scene-wise horizontally 10 LDU and scene-wise vertically 12 LDU. If it’s stud-on-one-side, scene-wise vertical movement becomes 10 LDU and it’s 12 LDU in the stud’s direction. That’s fine for bricks, that’s stupid for beams/liftarms (their up is their width / their pin-holes vertical).
  9. Well, custom parts won’t snap because we still don’t know how to add connectivity information. Or, do you?
  10. Little correction: “The native rendering however uses your >NVidia< graphics card.” Which is a bit sad as Blender Cycles (on which Studio’s Eyesight is based) also works with OpenCL (AMD).
  11. SylvainLS

    AFOL designer program

    I was referring to anothergol’s comment: Shortening the phrase wasn’t a success
  12. SylvainLS

    AFOL designer program

    Actually, I’m starting to wonder if they will get enough contestants: Limited ADP palette, no IP, no warfare¹ (pretty usual with Lego but some AFOL like their guns), nothing that’s also on Ideas, no 3 stacked bricks, no no no… (¹ BTW, admin Jaclyn was clear: no warfare at all, “avoid submitting depictions of large or human-scale weapons or weapon replicas of any kind (past, present or future), including swords, knives, guns, sci-fi or fantasy blasters, etc.”)
  13. SylvainLS

    AFOL designer program

    It will surely make people think twice about supporting more than one project.
  14. SylvainLS

    AFOL designer program

    BL said they are the ones who will pack. They’ll get the parts from LEGO in bulk.