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  1. Confirmed. In Mindstorm mode and with the same typo we see in the screenshot (“cabel” instead of “cable”), there are 6 pairs of connectors available in 4.3.11: 11145 (250mm), 11146 (350mm), 11147 (500mm), and 55804 (0.2m), 55805 (0.35m), 55806 (0.5m). All with 60410 connectors. (Without the typo, still in Mindstorm mode, three other parts show and they are tuntables.) (For other connector types, you need to use the Extended mode.) So there’s undoubtedly a problem with LDD here. See the other posts about 4.3.12 / installing 4.3.11 on Windows 10, they have links to correct 4.3.11 installators. Now, about the coloured arrows, note they only appear if the part is placed, not when the cable’s still “held” with the mouse. But if you don’t see them (the colour changes with each new cable), then you really have a problem with your LDD.
  2. They are colliding. This transparent effect indicates the parts are overlapping somewhere. It could be a bug in their shapes or a wrong position.
  3. Update 2020-01-20 Added: 16000 / 16000.dat ~Minifig Arm Right Dual Mould 16001 / 16001.dat ~Minifig Arm Left Dual Mould 20312 / 20312.dat Animal Wing 4 x 7 Right with Feathers and Handle Bars 20313 / 20313.dat Animal Wing 4 x 7 Left with Feathers and Handle Bars 21560 / 21560.dat Constraction Shell 2 x 4 x 3.333 Shoulder Pad with 2 Bars 23986 / 23986.dat Minifig Teapot 24055 / 24055.dat Vehicle Base 4 x 6 x 1.667 Curved with Two Wheel Pins 25376 / 25376.dat Minifig Scarf Long Wrapped 29634 / 29634.dat Minifig Hair Female Very Curly - Parted in Middle 33216 / 33216.dat Door 1 x 4 x 11.3333 with Arched Top and Two Studs on Each Side 60607 / 60607.dat Window 1 x 2 x 3 Pane Latticed with Reinforced Joints 95354 / 95354.dat Boat Anchor with Two Top Holes Importable: 2536.dat ~Plant Tree Palm Trunk (Obsolete) 31561.dat =Tile 1 x 1 Round with Pin and Pin Hole 31570.dat =Tile 1 x 1 Round with Pin and Pin Hole md5sum: 28be5250ff6800771979091c1206715e
  4. Remove the ground. Even with both ground and sky (“background”) of the same colour, they are still ground and sky.
  5. Yes, but it’s a botched attempt at solving the installation problems on Windows 10, not a real upgrade. (Another proof is that a running 4.3.11 doesn’t “downgrade” to 4.3.12.) Keep 4.3.11.
  6. lxf2ldr and lxf2ldr.html know how to convert LDD groups into LDraw/Studio submodels. It might be easier to “finish” some of your models again.
  7. First, with 2000+ pieces, I hope you’re using submodels. Then, Studio can create steps automatically: go to the Instruction mode, select the parts, and a “divide into steps” buttons appears, click on it, et voilà. It’s crude bottom-up building but it does the trick for simple builds (hence the usefulness of submodels).
  8. Update 2019-12-18 Colours again. (It only impacts hidden and rare colours.) I decided to match LDD colours to “near-enough” existing LDraw colours when there’s no official match instead of trying to keep the same numbers. Also for “near-enough,” instead of my eyes, I used the δE (CIE94) distance. md5sum: a60c172f99497c17613effc7d2dc3745
  9. Update 2019-12-17 Refine colour-matching following latest LDraw changes. md5sum: 9ce3f93aa9453455ecb6af56d49232d0
  10. Update 2019-12-16 Added: 20597 / 20597.dat Minifig Hair Short Tousled with Side Part and Lock Sticking Up 23997 / 23997c01.dat Boat Hull Floating 40 x 12 with Dark Bluish Grey Deck 53989 / 53989.dat Minifig Mechanical Arm with Clip and Rod Hole with Thick Forearm 62792 / 62792.dat Boat Hull Floating 51 x 12 with Side Bulges (Complete) 93058 / 93058.dat Minifig Weapon Three Pointed Throwing Star (Shuriken) with Smooth Grips 95347 / 95347.dat Support 2 x 2 x 10 Girder Triangular 3 Sections with Axlehole Corrected (new versions): 93222 / 93222.dat Minifig Tool Fishing Rod 8L Clip at End 96858 / 96858.dat Minifig Tool Fishing Rod 12L Straight End Importable: 2563a.dat Plant Tree Palm Base md5sum: 27dfd1d5d27608ca242cf0e9b9363bf5
  11. But the regular mode doesn’t have “only legal parts.” It proposes colours that don’t exist for certain parts. And, not only is it missing a lot of modern parts, it’s missing many colours that do exist. IOW, regular mode is totally broken nowadays. Regular or Extended, you HAVE TO check and recheck the “legality” of the parts and colours. So you can go to the Extended mode to recolour your parts and then back to regular to continue your build.
  12. The mode is written in the LXF but, after opening, you can just change the mode (menu View | New Themes). The mode you’re in when you save is the one which will be written in the file. (Colour information in the normal mode is totally out of sync with reality now. It was great to easily pick a colour though.)
  13. Rebrickable, BrickShelf and others don’t have and don’t need agreements with IP holders like TLG does. TLG has to have these agreements to make IP sets, and can’t distribute or condone the distribution of IP sets they don’t have agreements for. Fans and AFOL sites don’t have the same obligations (or have more leeway / tolerance). That BrickLink tightens their policies in the view of their being bought by TLG seems logical. And free/gratis or not, that doesn’t change the IP issues much. Especially as BL is a place where you can easily buy bricks: the MOC author might not get paid but BrickLink profits from their MOCs. So they would be profiting from IP without paying the IP holders and without agreements.
  14. Your paint tool must be in the colour mode (small bucket icon) before the selection. If it’s in decorate/pattern or colour pick modes (brick and pipette small icons), the selection is lost when you go to the paint tool because none of these subtools work with multiple bricks. Also, the last method given by Slegengr, “select the paint bucket with the color you want, then select the group of bricks you want to recolor,” means click the group in the group pane with the bucket pointer.