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  1. Update 2019-10-12 Added: 20033 / 18913c01.dat Boat Hull Floating 40 x 20 with Dark Bluish Grey Deck 26056 / 26056.dat Minifig Head Gremlin 47298 / 47298.dat Constraction Foot 3 x 7 x 2 with 3 Pegholes and Axle 61200 / 61200.dat Minifig Head Kel'Dor with Breathing Apparatus 98593 / 98593.dat Constraction Shell Decoration Sonic Speaker with 2 Bars md5sum: 78296a494ff636323725092d24078c1f
  2. It’s just random luck, or should I say luck with random()
  3. Well, considering the last one was 1 year and 9 months ago, that’s almost certain
  4. Random colours? Done. But you won’t like it: the colours are computer-random, not human-(non)random. The bigger the wall, the more uniformly spread they are (use black and white and you get “newspaper grey”).
  5. Height variation option has been added. A few improvements too (corrections, texts, input, error reporting…). I’m not happy with the results yet: a flat top may look unnatural (though Lego-like) but a “varied” top looks roof-like, especially without plants (as the plates are all parallel). I tried to add a bit of simple “noise” but it doesn’t work well often enough. Of course, one solution would be to make a complete “rolling hills” generator for the top but making a complete world was not the goal of the script
  6. @Mylenium That’s exactly what the sentence you quoted says: this script doesn’t make Pays de Caux or Dover-like cliffs, as those have clearly defined horizontal strata and their tops aren’t flat (though the top of this one looks pretty flat to me ). Actually, most of the real cliffs anywhere have mostly horizontal or at most oblique strata, very rarely vertical. But I didn’t invent the vertical slopes technique, it’s a rather common one. And this script just started as a test to prepare the build of a rock wall / building base with this rather simple technique. The grass on top and the sea below were added to give some context, and then the ball was rolling and came the path and the caves. And, in the end, the results look pretty neat, don’t they? I believe they can even look like the Dover cliffs if you choose the right picture to compare them to
  7. Never seen Étretat? Well, Étretat’s cliffs have very defined horizontal layers and the top isn’t that flat. Plus there’s the Needle…. Okay. You’re right. Now, “collapsing” areas might give better results than piling things on top but, as most of the features, the grass and the plants were an afterthought, just to better see the cliff, so collapsing will mean rethinking how they work. Well, I’ll let the idea simmer a bit and see what I can do.
  8. @pennyforge Simple functions often works wonder. There’s a lot of landscape generation techniques that are just a very simple action repeated “enough times” and with a bit of randomness. Then, as I said earlier, you can spend your life tweaking a distribution here, a probality there @supertruper1988 I found a bit of time “between the pear and the cheese”, corrected a few glitches on paths, and implemented multi-coloured rocks. You can now give a list of colours, and you can weight them (“L,M,N” means equal strata for L, M, and N; “L,M:2,N” means 25% L, then 50% M, then 25% N).
  9. I meant that this one is okay (though thinking about it, you could just as easily repaint the bricks in a CAD, each line is in its own step) but other requests will have a great chance of being summarily disregarded
  10. I think you can just stretch it a bit and cut the sides. I quickly tried a render with Studio here but it would be very much better with well-placed lights in the transparent parts.
  11. I just saw it. But why stop at 2 colours? It would add several parameters (a list of colours and altitudes) but it should be doable in a short time. I’ll look into it this week-end. Now mind, there are many other options that could be added (objects, plants…) or parameters to manipulate (all the probabilities to tweak…) but I think there are many options as it is, so I’ll let the courageous ones tinker with the code. @pennyforge Sorry for the thread-jacking
  12. @Philo Thanks. I’ll try The algorithms are actually quite simple. The main one goes column by column, piling bricks on top of each other, and checking it idoesn’t go too far (“bumpiness”) from the neighbour columns. It’s mostly linear (in O(height×width)). Making a path is just “pushing” a column to the back (pushing the neighbours a bit too), then advance, maybe turn, maybe climb, until we reach the top. Making a cave is making a hole and smoothing its borders. The Pebble line is a simplified, horizontal version, and the sea line is even simpler. I never tried really big cliffs because the LDraw programs can’t load them (not enough memory, especially for LDView) It might go all wrong (and just doesn’t produce anything) depending on the parameters (which aren’t really checked). But the result is generally buildable (maybe a glitch here or there). The result could also be simplified by replacing/merging bricks. @supertruper1988 Durn! Javascript already has a lot of pitfalls but adding browsers peculiarities makes me ask “Why? Oh why?” so many times
  13. Ah yes, it doesn’t seem to work on Chromium/Webkit browsers. I only tested in Firefox Looking into it ASAP. EDIT: Guh, I found the (stupid) problem: I had not correctly removed a useless parameter. New version uploaded. Edit 2: Needless to say, it didn’t work in Firefox either, it was a last minute, untested because so simple and hence fatal, change
  14. Nice. Your post reminded me of a script I made a few years ago that generated cliff landscapes like this one: (higher resolution) I translated it in Javascript (for portability) and it’s available here (licence GPL 3+).
  15. Update 2019-10-03 Added: 11062 / 11062.dat Support 2 x 2 x 7 Lamppost with 4 Base Flutes 13195 / 13195.dat Minifig Head Yoda with Curved Ears Type 2 15407 / 15407.dat Minifig Hand Armour with Two Studs 19179 / 19179.dat Minifig Blade with Bar and Three Spikes 28925 / 28925.dat Boat Hull Floating 16 x 8 with Dark Bluish Grey Deck 98341 / 98341.dat Ring 4 x 4 with 2 x 2 Hole and 4 Arrow Ends 98562 / 98562.dat Constraction Chain Link with Peghole 98564 / 98564.dat Technic Bionicle Thornax Launcher Half 1 x 7 98570 / 98570.dat Constraction Shell Chest Badge "H" with 2 Bars md5usm: 1ac670d442547dd3b80c13fa7c1624dd