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  1. Studio is based on LDraw. So most of the parts in Studio come from LDraw and LDraw is THE official source of parts for Studio. There’s also parts that were converted from LDD (the .dat found on, that are useful for importing LXF files… so of no use here There’s also a few parts that are decorated LDraw parts (texmapped images, like you can do with PartDesigner… actually all done with PD AFAIK). And there’s a very small number of parts directly from TLG (conversion from LDD’s format I guess). When an LDraw author pointed that to me, I relayed the question of their usability for LDraw (the same way the LDraw authors use LDD parts), the answer was that the licence was unclear.
  2. Read this FAQ on the Studio forum, especially the first paragraph.
  3. 73507 is in LDraw Unofficial. You can import it in Studio through PartDesigner.
  4. 77765: collisions seem to be flipped: you can put a bar inside the pin… but it’s stopped on the wrong side and goes through the stop Edit: Whoops, sorry, I got confused by the name and didn’t see the “stop” is actually open. Still, a bar can’t go through the pin side, but can go till its very end, so something is wrong.
  5. The pack has new versions for some official parts but it does not contain all the files for those parts. So when you’ve 4.3.12, many files are missing and LDD either simply can’t show the part (e.g. what happens with 20482 for which only the .xml is in the pack) or totally explodes into space.
  6. 20482 is an official part. The file in the pack only modifies it (collisions?). That you don’t see it means you have another problem and I think that problem is that you installed the infamous LDD 4.3.12, which comes with an outdated (and un-updatable) parts library (version 777 instead of version 2670). Before using the custom parts pack, you need to be sure you have LDD 4.3.11. Uninstall LDD and clean your user’s directory, then download 4.3.11 and install it (here’s a link to an archive of LEGO’s download pages: link).
  7. 50044 is fixed But the dog 29602 is still wrong
  8. With the decoration tool. It puts the image on the hair (including inside) and the band on the hat.
  9. In the .rar an Github, the dog is version 2021-07-14, it was 2021-08-31 earlier today. 07-14 is rotated wrt the original/official LDD part. Image on 50044 applies on the wrong surface?
  10. Update 2021-09-11 Added: 11538 / 11538.dat Minifig Helmet with Cheek Protectors and Communicator Corrected: 87568 / 87568.dat Minifig Mechanical Arm Bent with Clips at 90 Degrees Rematched: 60583 / 60583b.dat Brick 1 x 1 x 3 with Two Clips Vertical and Hollow Stud Importable: 30389c.dat / 30389 Hinge Brick 2 x 2 Locking with Axlehole Type 2 and Single Finger 60583.dat / 60583 ~Moved to 60583a 60583a.dat / 60583 Brick 1 x 1 x 3 with Two Clips Vertical and Solid Stud Added Custom Assemblies: 37364 / 37364.dat Minifig Hips and Legs Medium 43370 / 43370.dat Minifig Torso with Arm Locking Notches 67908 / x67908x.dat Figure Arm with Friction Pin with Minifig Hand Added Custom Parts: 2630 / 263.dat Train Steam Cylinder 2 x 2 x 1.667 Sloped 2641 / 2641a.dat Support Crane Stand Single with Curved Join 29580 / 29580.dat Minifig Headdress Rocket Costume 30489 / 30489.dat Brick 16 x 8 Sports Field Section 30492 / 30492.dat Brick 8 x 8 Sports Field Section 32643 / 32643.dat Energy Effect Blast with Bar 36017 / 36017.dat Minifig Weapon Sword Hilt with Dragon Head 36451 / 36451a.dat Rock Infinity Stone 41672 / 41672.dat Technic Beam 1 x 3 x 7 with 4 Axleholes and 3 Holes 41732 / 41732.dat Technic Pin Joiner Round with Slot, Bar and Pivot 44773 / 44773.dat Car Track 24 x 16 x 2 V-Branching 45522 / 45522.dat Tile 6 x 6 x 2/3 with 4 Studs and Card-holder - "SPORTS" 53126 / 53126.dat Minifig Hair Put Up with Braids 53475 / 53475.dat Technic Flex-System Hose 26L (520LDU) 64865 / 2714b.dat Bar 8L with Stop Ring and Pin - Flat End 65249 / 65249.dat Technic Axle Pin Long without Friction with 2L Axle 65826 / 65826.dat Technic Axle Pin 1/2 with Stud Tube 66955 / 66955.dat Slope Brick Curved 4 x 3.5 x 1 Double Stepped 67644 / 67644.dat ~Figure Lower Body 2 x 2 x 1.667 with Four Hollow Studs and Two Pegholes 67650 / 69061.dat Minifig Head Minion 2 x 2 x 2.333 - with Goggles 67887 / 67887.dat Minifig Head Pig 67950 / 67950.dat Cylinder Half 3 x 6 x 6 Dome Top with 2 Hollow Studs 68986 / 68986.dat Minifig Head Minion 2 x 2 x 1.333 with Goggles 69073 / 69101.dat Minifig Head Minion 2 x 2 x 1.667 with Mono-Goggles 70688 / 70688.dat Technic Flex-System Hose 27L (540LDU) 73507 / 73507.dat Technic Beam 11 with Alternating Holes 74169 / 74169.dat Tile 2 x 2 x 0.667 with Two Offset Round Extensions 74611 / 74611.dat Plate 8 x 8 Round with Hole and Snapstud 76776 / 76776.dat Brick 5 x 5 x 3.333 Corner Round with Dome Top and 2 x 2 Cutout 78257 / 78257.dat Plate 1 x 1 with Handles on Opposite Ends 78522 / 78522.dat Slope Brick Curved 6 x 4 Double 78594 / 78594.dat Panel Wall 2 x 2 x 5 Corner Faceted 79393 / 79393.dat Tile 3 x 3 Corner Round Corrected Custom Part: 3600 / 36.dat Tyre Large 9131 / u9131.dat Tyre 7.2/ 45 x 8.8 Rematched Custom Part: 9237 / 715.dat Wheel Rim 8 x 35 with 12 Studs with Axle (Complete) Importable as Custom Part: 2641.dat / 2641 ~Moved to 2641a md5sum: a9a8240fc993fcf4d2b71c39e3c321a0
  11. Update 2021-08-29 Added: 11641 / 11641.dat Sports Basketball Net with Axle 18396 / 18396.dat Constraction Flame 24782 / 24782.dat Minifigure Skirt Wavy 92084 / 92084.dat Animal Owl with Angular Feathers Re-matched: 44676 / 44676a.dat Flag 2 x 2 Trapezoid (Thin C-Clip) Importable: 44676.dat / 44676 ~Moved to 44676a Corrected Custom part: 66252 / 66252.dat Plate 4 x 4 with Studs on Three Edges and 2 Clips Horizontal (Open C-Clips) md5sum: 96aba754c2c795fe1b1dc691af9ab6d4
  12. Another collision bug? 78258, the 2L bar, I can’t put a clip flush to its flange, there’s a small gap.
  13. No, it’s okay, I have simple scaffold/replacement: I use a half pin, the bar fits in its hollow stud and the positions are the same as they would be if it was a full pin, with the bar fully in. Otherwise I will always use the wrong part
  14. Ah, shoot. I think you’re right: 20482 (round tile with tiny bar / inkpot) doesn’t fit either. They both seem to want to, but there’s a collision. Thanks for looking
  15. Small collision bug: I can’t put 2x 65426 (resp. 65429) head-to-toe to “make” a 2x4 plate.