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  1. Minifigure parts in LDD?

    We do “without.” More seriously, we find the most similar pattern or use the unpatterned version. Well, in LDD, x164 / 30370 hasn’t got any print nor paintable area, so you’re stuck with the plain version (Some people add prints (to parts that already can be printed), but that’s a modification of LDD and we don’t talk about that here.)
  2. Update 2017-11-18 Added: 18897 / 18897.dat Brick 6 x 6 Round with Holes 18909 / 18909.dat Panel Cone 3 x 6 x 6 Elliptic Parabolic Rematched: 2714 / 2714a.dat Bar 8L with Stop Ring and Pin - Rounded End md5sum: 0e0c72f38eba19c62594aa1b0dc0870f
  3. Help

    No, you can’t. LDD only allows one-stud connections in technic holes. You can fill all the four hole-ends with 1x1 plates (or similar) but you can’t put a 1x2 plate (or similar), even attached by only one stud. (Strangely, you can’t even put a 1x1 brick while you can put a 1x1 brick round.) Using two technic holes is illegal because the connection is considered too strong for a 7-years old to undo. Technic holes are a bit narrower than an antistud, so one stud is the limit. And, yes, official models do use illegal techniques from time to time….
  4. It’s not. Only the rendering engine (Sunflow) is. The GUI and LIF+LXF-reading parts are proprietary.
  5. Well, includes Official, Unofficial, and parts from, so it’s more complete than a default LDraw installation that only includes Official. (Lack of connectivity info on some parts is a problem but doesn’t preclude using them.) Now if it were less power-hungry…
  6. No, hiding bricks won’t change the Building Guide at all. It was just to help you circumvent your installation problems if you were in a hurry. And yes, it’s a simple way to make instructions as a video or with screenshots (Ctrl-K in LDD / Tool box menu). (Starting from the end also serves well in LDraw-based CADs to organize the building steps. But that’s another story )
  7. If it’s for a one-time build: in LDD, hide the parts that are easily accessible, as if you were carefuly breaking / de-building the model. Then use Ctrl-Z to rebuild the model step by step.
  8. AFAICT, it’s legal. There’re similar decors on the Horizon Express 10233-1. The cheese slope just has too big a collision box in LDD. It happens.
  9. Update 2017-11-03 Added: 11092 / 11092.dat Minifig Hand Gorilla Fist 11438 / 11438.dat Minifig Armor Shoulder Pads with Ridges 15086 / 15086.dat Minifig Armor Shoulder Pads with Neck Protection, 1 Stud on Front, 2 Studs on Back 24088 / 24088.dat Minifig Helmet with Wings and Eagle Head 24946 / 24946.dat Egg 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.333 with Hole on Top 98366 / 98366.dat Minifig Helmet Roman Soldier Rematched: 75347 / 75347.dat =Support 2 x 2 x 11 Solid Pillar md5sum: ce831081da12b5e56686878e44b8b0d0
  10. You can edit bluerender.bat file and make it something like: @echo off set JAVA_HOME=Z:\blabla\JRE %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -cp "bin/*" bluerender.BlueRender pause (You need to know what drive letter to use, so you need to edit it each time. I haven’t used Windows for decades, maybe there’s an automatic way to do that nowadays…) Now, if I were sysadmin for public computers, I wouldn’t allow that to work but YMMV
  11. Java ((that is, JRE / Java Runtime Environment, a JVM / Java Virtual Machine) needs to be installed. Not an easy feat on a public computer
  12. They are in Modified Plates (10th icon). 22890 (I’m not sure it’s used here) is only available in LDD Extended mode (View / New Themes / LDD Extended).
  13. Second torso (classic space) is 973p6j.dat and third torso (sweatshirt with pocket) is 973p7j.dat. lxf2ldr should convert both of them correctly.