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  1. Did you already test its functionality? The front attachment point of the pneumatics for the bucket tilt seems strange, like it is designed that it can compensate different extensions of the cylinders...?
  2. Guys, it's easy to settle: If it still has the number 42146, it's been delayed/pushed back. If not, then not :D
  3. Dito. Only reason for the limited steering could be that the test audience (kids 7+) tipped the truck while steering too hard, so they limited the steering for bettter playability... Strangely, as a kid I remember loving that some toys had such great steering you didn't have to back up for tight corners.
  4. Best source of 2L half beams I've ever seen :D
  5. That's what i said in my first comment :D But still stable enough for such a small build
  6. It's a normal 5L liftarm, not 2 1/2 studs with axle hole at ends ;-)
  7. On the yellow axle, onto I hold... :D
  8. It would be held by a normal 2L pin on the steering rods end, but not on the center. And yes, it would be unstable, but still, I don't see the need for such a specialized part just for 1 solution...
  9. This surely is a new connector, but couldn't it be done with a combination of these pieces: Wouldn't be that secure, as the axle is not secured as a pin, but do we really need a new part just for that solution? I'd be far from saying Lego designers are uninspiring or lazy, but to make a new part for every little thing is kind of odd.
  10. This thing is brilliant! It looks superb in this scale imho. Functions: - Tilting and angling of the front blade - Tilting of the rear And it has rubber wheels on the back to get the tread rolling, really clever!
  11. Official pics are up! https://www.promobricks.de/lego-technic-2023-januar-neuheiten/153778/
  12. Or 11954, which already came in dark blue? All around it's not that nice to the eye but has more realistic proportions... My estimation is around 150 pieces, which is nice, if the price stays at 9,99€.
  13. 42147 Dump Tuck appeared on Instagram Legoleaks... Looks official with the new small panels in Dark Blue (dump bed) and orange cab. Not what I expected... :-/ Also more blurry pics of both Monster Jam trucks and the Snow Groomer, the last one looks really cool :-)