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  1. If it's a loader I think they'll go with the Claas Torion with 107 tractor tires. Still bigger than 42030 (1636 pieces) @efferman Don't you think there is enough space for a gearbox underneath the cabin? But I agree with you: To toave a switch between operating and driving mode would hinder playability. Also for a loader it's ok if it's not that quick. Normally they go 30 km/h in contrast to the articulated haulers with around 60 km/h. The 42114 with just tipping the bed therefor would have been way to boring, so they included another function.
  2. Really nice B-Model, maybe we are looking at a possible official model for an upcoming year :-)
  3. Dito. I mean, there is a dumb battery box available waiting to be used. :D
  4. Oh man this is soo good. I really never thought about buying this set. But with so many great B/C-Models, it's now tempting. The crosscountry quality is fantastic considering the possibities of the motors. Bravo!
  5. This B-Model looks way cooler than the original set, great work, nico! :-)
  6. How about one of the upcoming LMDh cars? There are many announced competitors for the 2023 season
  7. @mpj how many parts did you use on your incredible telehandler moc? :-) Still, it's in the same range... :D
  8. Hmm a normal telehandler in that scale has already been done with the 8295: A non-tele handler would be something new I think. Maybe finally with the Batman 68.7 tires?
  9. Sad... 42146, the truck would be something to look forward to... As I remebered, the first unofficial leaked list for 1H22 was also my favorite with a backhoe and a tractor. So again, no tractor...
  10. As we just got the 42114 I think we can rule out a Mining Dump Truck for the next 2 years... The reach stacker or big telehandler would be very cool... same goes for a real heavy forklift. If the rumored 42144 lifting helicopter is true, maybe we get the dumb battery box, as this would match the 42113 piece count and price point. Maybe some completely bizarre ones like a slag transport :D
  11. Not bad! My guesses are the following: 42142: The delayed F&F Supra with an A2 sticker sheet :D 42143: Truck same size as 42128, hopefully with a dolly trailer, but I think without a trailer, according to the piece count 42145: Big wheel loader with 107 tractor wheels, Claas Torion?
  12. Nice little roller! I also like the built solution for the roller frame better than the liftarm frame. Side question: Why did you put this round connector piece in above the rear axle?
  13. Nice review @kbalage ! Thanks very much :-) For the wheel question: On my Grave Digger set, the tractor wheels have a significantly higher roll resistance. With them put on, the monster truck only reaches about half the distance in comparison to the balloon tires on laminate flooring.