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  1. Oh man, I was so sure, CAT is 42130...? Nevermind. If the newer list is the real one, I am more than disappointed. Except the small Telehandler we again get racing stuff... only the "Transformation Vehicle" sounds interesting. Could be also a nice theme for the next Technic Challenge :D
  2. It's a shame such a thing occurs not only on some but on all pins. I hope Lego will do something very soon with this quality issue, let alone the colour problem.
  3. Doesn't make sense at all if you'd ask me. Also the 42130 is already in sale... Let's wait for promobricks take. Yes please. We didn't get the 62.4 wheels since 2018...
  4. Incredible work considering the limited amout of parts!
  5. Looks very promising! Although the friction-less-pins always makes me worry for stability. Good idea to counter this with the panhard rod. :-) For my current (side-)project of an older tractor, I tinkered on a steered, oscillating, non-driven front axle and came up with this: Ackermann-geometry and really good steering angle. On a side note: Can anybody tell me, if the newer CV joints () have a better angle ability in contrast to the older one?
  6. Dito. I mostly wait for infos from promobricks at these have been very reliable source. Definetely also my favorite model. I am currently working on a tractor with the 107 tractor wheels on the back. I will land in at about 800 pieces, so I hope we will have some sort of plow, harrow or tedder as an attachement :-)
  7. First of all I wouldn't participate, even though I'm in awe when I see videos about it. Also there is a big problem here: GBC itself is like a big contest as there is a strict rule (move balls from A to B in a complex manner), and then every builder has be as creative as possible. Maybe if there were other rules, e.g. limited amout of pieces, staying in between a certain space and so on, it would be more interesting but it wouldn't be exactly a new thing.
  8. Would be my guess too, I love technic models in the range of about 500 ... 1500 pieces as they tend more interesting than the smaller starting sets and more playable than the bigger shelf sets :-) Oh yeah. I hope for a Claas Axion or Arion with Zetros wheels in front and Xerion wheels on the back. As someone mentioned before, bigger Fendt tractors have mostly very big front tires. BUT: Both Fendt and Claas have red rims ;-)
  9. I think it really depends mostly on size and also the intention of the built. For a small build it makes no sense, as many components are both for structural integrity and appearance. For medium and large builds modularity really helps to prevent a complete redo of the model if something doesn't work out as intended. Also there is way stronger tendency that some assemblies are for structure, function or appearance. But when it comes to low weight (or of perfection in economical use of as few parts as possible like your builds @jorgeopesi ;-) ) modularity has no place. In the past two years I work with way more assemblies than in the beginning.
  10. Can you show us a picture of your assembled wheel?
  11. About the change of the driving sprockets in contrast to the original: I think this surely has to do with the balance of the model. MK puts a lot of effort to get a really good steering in his models (42043, 42100, 42128 and now 42131). If the upper sprockets where driven, the whole model would be front-heavy. And maybe it would be too difficult to place the V12 engine in?
  12. The older type yes, but the newer one with the slit on the top has already been used in the Creator Porsche 911 ;-) Combined with the spectacular underwhelming 6+ manual is showing us that the "premium" flagship sadly is just made to lure in new costumers with a bigger wallet.
  13. Really fantastic looking truck and truly in the spirit of Model Team! Even if you don't pay that much attention to steering, I agree with @syclone to add pivot steering, turned wheel always look cooler with more angle ;-)
  14. What a mechanical marble! I would never have guessed that a MOC of a rope excavator would have such smooth and fast movements. This is exactly what I would hope for as a Lego Technic "Classics" set, where older but technical more complex/interesting machinery would be represented.
  15. Oh man I am just searching for a nice rear suspension and the idea of the rubber part as an cushion is brilliant. :-) Another brilliant thing is the fixation of the fifth wheel, so smooth for clicking in and out. Can I ask what gear ratio you used for the driving XL-motos to the wheels?