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  1. Even without the stickers, this is a brilliant moc. For example take the headlights with the transclear x346 or the fifth-wheel coupling, which is mostly done using standard bricks. Great building techniques :-)
  2. Jundis

    Lego power supplies and motors

    OMG, this is genious...! Thanks a lot!
  3. Jundis

    Lego power supplies and motors

    Instead of opening up a new thread for the questions, I just use this one instead: Has anybody tried to power a small pneumatic pump with the wedo M-motor? Also, is it possible to use the same motor with maybe a little gearbox for controlling a pneumatic switch? As I don't already have either the motor nor the switch, it's hard to guess. At least in the Arocs, an L-Motor was used for the pump, but maybe the M-Motor will do the job...? I like to operate two big cylinders with it, speed (air pressure) is not that important.
  4. Jundis

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I partially disagree with this point. You are right as the electronics/informatics progressed way faster than any other field like mechanical engineering/building solutions. But this is a good thing as I surely wouldn't return to a cable-bound (80s/90s) or an IR-remote (2000+) if we can have a bluetooth-connection. Even bluetooth is around for about 20 years, it's still used (and will be used for quite some time as it seems right now) because it works quite well and independently from any progress in smartphone technology. This surely is the way to go. Just for comparison to a handheld controller: A handheld BT-controller (Analog buttons are a must for steering etc.!) would surely cost about 50€, everybody would complain how pricy this thing is. This controller (without a display) would be way more limited than a free programmable app, where there are endless possibilities for simple or more complex and even multiple functions, tasks to complete, informations about technical stuff etc. I mean just look at the R9800-video from Sariel. And this is just the second model using this app. You could connect sensors just like mindstorms with the hub or maybe connect a camera which can be built directly into some models, download and share new modules and templates for mocs. Just give them some time, as we all know, TLG don't rush new developments and never were the fastest to adopt new technologies. The inconsistency I complain about is the connection plugs for the motors and the hub. This seems way more worriing than the App to me. For the last point, thats exactly what happens to a limited and very specialized system what McLaren settled for. No possibilities to adopt, bound to one platform (Compaq with DOS). BT on the other hand is way more universal, the app runs on IOS and Android and surely will adopt if new smartphone softwares emerge.
  5. Jundis

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Perfect --> Brick Car
  6. Jundis

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Yes, please :-) I am also puzzle about the 42109 R-Car Licenced RC Car (1HY Flagship). With only 463 pieces, I can't be bigger than the 42093 Corvette (579 pieces). Maybe an old Audi Quattro Rally Car? I mean TLG used older car types for Creator Expert series, why not for Technic? In my opinion, a RC Racing car like a Porsche with just steering & acceleration would be a little bit boring...
  7. Jundis

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Ok second half will be way more interesting :D
  8. Jundis

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Actually... I hate it... because it looks so much better than my attempt and is already nearly finished Just for even better colour uniformity, part 15100 and the shock absorbers are available in white (but are rarer than the current colors used).
  9. Jundis

    Planetary hub internals

    Just counted the teeth... 44 on the planetary, 10 on the sun gear. So we really got 1:4.4, not 1:5 as mostly stated :-)
  10. Jundis

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Just a related topic: Yesterdays update of stud.io didn't bring in the new parts from the 42099, does anyone know how long it takes normally that new parts to be integrated in stud.io? I am aware of the manual implementation of parts, but for higher convenience, I hardly use it, as they aren't linked to actual bricklink parts and therefor the easy-buy option gets lost... The concerning parts are: - 52730 - bb961c01 - 39793 - 46490c01 - 52731 - bb959c01 - bb960c01
  11. Jundis

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    In my opinion, this thing turns and drives quite fast (just look at the video from agrof above on this page). The movement of the arm on the other hand is a little bit slow, because of the use of the linear actuators. I think Michael Kossmann did a very good job here. I'm really looking forward to this model, so I'm with Bartybum.
  12. Jundis

    [MOC] Audi Quattro Group B Rally Car

    I really like the look (except the wheels :-D)! That's really reminiscent to the 8880, 8448 and other models before 2005, where more and more panels were used :-)
  13. Jundis

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Ah, thank you! I just looked for the parts list in the 42099 ("Item Consists Of") , which is still missing. Ok on brickmerge, there are some shops with already 30% off the model... hmm...
  14. Jundis

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Just regarding the 42099: Does anyone know, when the single parts are available on bricklink and also stud.io?
  15. Jundis

    Caterpillar 797F Dump Truck

    Again great build! Strangely I thought at first glance, that the proportions of the cabin are wrong, but its really that tiny in reality^^ As I am currently working on a Liebherr T264 dump truck myself, I also struggle if I should buy the 42099 just for the planetary gear hubs and the motors...