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  1. Jundis

    [MOC] Motorgrader CAT 120M2

    Thank you very much :-) In the end this mechanism seems so obvious now but I tried so many different ways to get this right, working and in the tight space. I never did an instruction, but really consider it here after all the nice feedback. Can you guys give an opinion how much work this would mean and if it is necessary at all, because this MOC used so many very high-priced pieces...?
  2. Great little thing! And such an efficient build, every piece has been used intentionally and not a single one withouth purpose like a real rod. The steering and drivetrain interchanging looks great :-) Do the balloon tires fit on the truck?
  3. What exact type of Fastrac do you try to MOC?
  4. Jundis

    [MOC] Motorgrader CAT 120M2

    Thanks! Graders are multipurpose vehicles, mostly to level every kind of soil, so the term precision bulldozer is quite correct :-) Bending is not a big problem, twisting is more of an issue, although the overall stability is quite good. The front axle is also stabilized by the upper liftarms. Thank you very much! The .io-file has 967 parts, although the hoses are not included. So it's roundabout 1000 parts. Yep, I used an PF L-Motor and the Small Pneumatic Pump from the Arocs. Thank you! I really wish Lego would also bring back the blue air tank I used in this model. There is no overpressure shutoff but due to the airtank I think there is no need for an overpressure valve. It run steadily while I took the photos and I had no problems.
  5. Jundis

    [MOC] Motorgrader CAT 120M2

    I'd love to see an approach from Lego themselves. Also, the 42030 was based on the Volvo V350F from 2007 (in production till 2018), so maybe there is a slight chance they would do it. Also I am looking forward to see Lego use the 68.7 tires in future technic models.
  6. Didn't jumping mean leaving the ground? :D
  7. Jundis

    [MOC] Motorgrader CAT 120M2

    Thank Jorge! Means a lot coming from you :-) Sadly this is unlikely, as Volvo don't have graders in their current lineup. https://www.heavyequipmentguide.ca/article/19827/volvo-discontinues-backhoe-loaders-and-motor-graders-transfers-production-to-sdlg
  8. Jundis

    [MOC] Motorgrader CAT 120M2

    With brand new hoses the fit is really tight, but with older ones its perfect and there is no danger of damaging the inlet valve. Maybe Lego change the compund of the rubber or the rubber just softens over the years. Thank you Igor :-) I learned a lot during this building process, especially the fact that stability really comes from using as few parts and connections as possible. Would be great to see your approach as there are not many technic graders. Most of them have only few basic functions, others are way bigger.
  9. Jundis

    [MOC] Motorgrader CAT 120M2

    Thank you :-) It is connected to a small linear actuaor for tilting the front wheels. Mostly used, when the graders work in ditches so they 'lean' themself into the soil.
  10. Hi guys, I'd like to present you my MOC of a Motorgrader, which is based on a CAT 120M2. I worked on this for about 6 months since I saw this video, hence the color scheme. The goal was to recreate as many functions of the real grader as possible, which I'd like to show in this little video. There are many pneumatic and manual functions. The grader also has has pendular suspension on front axle and twin pendular on the back wheels. Pneumatic: - Moving of front blade - Moving of rear ripper - Moving of middle blade with 3 cylinders (up/down/sideways) - Tilting of middle blade Manual: - Steering - Articulation of rear end steering for tighter turning circle or grab steer - Tilting of front wheels - Vertical turning of the blade - Shifting the blade to left/right side - Spring loaded, lockable center pin for left/right swing motion of the blade attachment mechanism One of the most challenging things has been to angle the blade for grading embankments. Therefor I needed this swing motion of the blade mechanism with the lockable center pin (notice the height difference of both pneumatic cylinders). The whole scale has been chosen according to the pneumatic cylinders (friggin expensive 1x11), where the new 68.7 tires fit perfectly in my opinion. As the cab is stuffed with pneumatic hoses, I have dropped the idea of implementing a seat and interieur. The scale fits nicely with the Arocs, which strangely is missing one pneumatic cylinder ...
  11. Jundis

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    I think we discussed this on in the 2020H2 thread. Turning mechanism should be possible and also to run 2 functions (rotor movement and tilting) through a turntable. But it will be highly likely needed to rebuild the whole upper structure. It's all about maintaining stability, maybe use a locking mechanism so its not to flimsy in "flight mode". Folding of the blades however will be a very hard task in this scale (maybe with pneumatics...). But it could be done manually already, just unlock the pin. Only problem is the slightly tilted position, which will look a little bit awkward...
  12. Oh man, this looks so great. I actually planned to do a similar truck with exactly these tires :D
  13. Jundis

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    Thank you for this comparison! I would even go so far to put the bonnet up 2 studs. Maybe this actually is the biggest problem of the overall look. The bed also starts 1 stud higher on the main frame, adding to this distorted dimensions. As I said earlier: I think Volvo insisted on displaying their logo on the dump bed as big as in the original, thats why Lego had to use the 5x11 panel instead of the 3x11 panel.
  14. Jundis

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    At 14:34 he shows the connection of the mechanism, which is done by 2L pin connector and friction pins
  15. Motorcycles sound really good! They also have the same good aspects as the well appreciated TC18. They are somehow restricted and therefor more comparable for a contest. Also the models are not too big for newcomers with a smaller brick collection.