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  1. Just love this moc! The looks are stunning, it has perfect functionality for this size and it works great. Bravo! One small thing about your video though at 0:12: Have you never paid attention at the airport? The correct way to put the bags in the trailer is to throw them as unpleasently as possible!
  2. Although I like the idea, this is not the right sub-forum. @Jim Can you please move this thread to Scale Modeling?
  3. This is such a creative and brilliant moc... and exactly why I love this community so much. Great job @Brickend !
  4. Next time, I'll lower the resolution. Thanks for the info @Doug72 ! :-)
  5. Really? Strange... all of them? I used my normal image-upload platform as usual....
  6. Hi guys, just started yesterday evening and came up with a MOD that changed my two main concerns about this model: Independent bucket movement and upper boom movement range. My only issues now are, that it looks a little bit more cumbersome than before and can't be actuated from the frame but from the boom itself, but regardless it works really nice. Here is a before (upper) and after (lower) mod: You only need those extra pieces: First, you need to disassamble the boom to this stage: Then, mod it like this: Rebuild the upper boom like this: And connect both booms, the inner thin T-shaped liftarms are inverted and hold the actuator: Leftover parts are:
  7. Jundis

    42128 Heavy Duty Tow Truck

    Is this just a guess? There aren't even promo pics out yet...
  8. Jundis

    42121 Hydraulic Excavator

    Just got mine today and already built in, took about 1 hour with looking at new parts and didn't rush it. Overall, I like the model. The looks are great for this scale and it really feels bigger than it is, which is always a great thing. The undercarrier structur is simple but brilliantly sturdy. Also the upper structure and the cabin are nicely done. The only disappointing thing is the front section of the arm: When I have time on the weekend, I will start tinkering around to add a third actuator for the bucket movement and enhance the range of the boom.
  9. Jundis

    MOC New Holland T7.315 HD Bluepower Tractor

    What a build! So impressive that all the technic fits in there The rear lifting mechanism is so nicely done with the ball mounts! And pneumatics, too! And the looks are sooo good!
  10. Jundis

    [MOC] Snow Dozer

    Such a cool build and proven in real-life environment! Really great! :-) It's still strange for me to see Legos out in the wild as one side says "wait, that belongs in a cozy home, so the mechanics won't get dirty" and the other side says "oh yeah, get dirty! thats what the real machines are meant for!" :D
  11. I did not know they were rather cheap for such an unusual color, I will definitely order two, thanks for mentioning! :-)
  12. My pleasure :-) There are also a neat feature about this engine:
  13. Thanks a lot guys, I really did not expect to have that that much praise for such a tiny built :-) Hmm maybe in the future, if there is again something very inspiring about these ;-)
  14. Thanks very much, guys! I :-) I mostly start with a mix of looks and function, but mostly form follows function. Sometimes (in this case the tires) inspired a built, sometimes it's a mechanism. After settling on the built and dimensions (in 90% of the cases given by the selected tires), I always start with the front and back axle, which were actually no-brainers this time. The functions were clear to me, there were however 2 difficulties: - axle and steering both went very close next to each other, and in such a space were hard to come by, I tinkered around with worm gears but the steering was just too slow and no fun to play with - same time, the sturdiness of the built was lacking as the hood was hard to connect with the main frame in an easy and elegant way. Here is a pic of the built from one month ago, I dropped the system parts completely beacuse I could not find a nice and sturdy connections to the front axle: