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  1. Space Base H17

    This building and several of the ships and ground vehicles were built starting in February and ending in June for BrickWorld. I did need to order a number of dark bluish gray panels to complete the landscaping.
  2. Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    I think it takes a mod or regulator to do that...
  3. Simian Space Ship LL 918

    Super cute dude. Love it.
  4. Space Base H17

    Mara Mining Station H17 Features: Over 100 lights Working turbolift. Rotating exhaust fans and satellite dish. Landing pads for ten ships. Garage bays for six ground vehicles. Mara Station H17 is situated on the planet L’imearn Main, a desolate planet with rich deposits of an iridescent mineral, Coredium, used in the production of several energy based technologies. Coredium is a stable mineral meaning that while iridescent, the ground upon which Mara Station is built is solid. Mining Coredium involves drilling a hole in the planet’s crust followed by exposing the Coredium to a solution (the formula for the solution is a company secret) that liquefies the Coredium causing it to expand and bubble up to the surface where it can be more readily collected. One of the greatest benefits of using Coredium is that upon liquefaction, Coredium needs no other processing in order to achieve a usable state. Furthering the uniqueness of this mining operation, the Coredium “mines” have be created by simply adding the solution to existing craters on the planet’s surface. Mara Station H17 was initially built as a research station consisting solely of the garage bays and associated landing pads on the west end of the current structure before the current mining process was perfected. The larger garage bays on the northern side of the structure housed the research laboratory while the smaller garage bays on the south side housed Moondogs used to scout the surface and bring mobile drilling rigs into the field. Upon discovering an important use for Coredium and a method to successfully mine the mineral, Mara station quickly expanded by adding a larger research facility to the old research station as well as multiple new land pads used to ship out mined Coredium. Mara Station also quickly became a popular target for Blacktron raids. The constant Blacktron raids led to the placement of three Peacemaker SAM sites as well as a permanent garrison of fighters at the station. View from the left side: There first two photos I took just last month while this MOC was on display at BrickMania ToyWorks in Minneapolis, MN. The original display, however, was built for BrickWorld, Chicago. Here is the backside of the base from the display at BW. Gives you a sense of where the cargo landing pads that lie on the backside of this base, a clear shot of which I couldn't get at Brickmania: Speaking of the 100+ lights- here are a few shots while this was on display at BrickWorld: I am pretty sure one of my personal space heroes, @Si-MOCs took this picture! Spot a ship or build you like? Here are some links to some of the various models that appear on this build: Ground Vehicles: LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick LL928 M.C.V.P U.V.P* MoonDog Ranger 4 Landing pads above the garages on west end: LL951 Blue Jacket LL214 Wasp LL1220 Dragon Hunter LL302 Hornet 1 Landing pad on top of base: LL929 Galaxy Explorer* 3 Landing pads on east side of base: LL165 Locust (x2) LL428 Monarch 2 Landing pads on back of base: LL330 Grasshopper LL330 Grasshopper-D variant* *Looks like I have a couple that haven't made it on EB yet. I will have to add those soon.
  5. [MOC] LL112 Harbinger - Missile Corvette

    Thanks Bob! I know I am not the most active EBer, but 0 comments was getting my microscale heart down!
  6. [MOC] LL424 Aura - Battle Frigate

    Thanks everyone. This was my first attempt at something in the microscale realm and my first attempt to build a SHIP.
  7. [MOC] LL112 Harbinger - Missile Corvette

    Good work Z, I like this ship. Thanks Z, I appreciate it. No problem Z, I thought this build deserved at least one comment. Thanks Z. You're welcome man.
  8. [HELP] Starting micro fleet hobby.

    I also agree on cheese slopes and SNOT, but I would also recommend lots of clips and bars!!
  9. [MOC] Komodo Heavy Dropship

    Great work as always Bob!
  10. [MOC] LL424 Aura - Battle Frigate

    Forge Class Battle Frigate Name: LL424 Aura Length: 212 meters Armament: Falconer missile pod (1) Centurion anti-cruiser main laser cannon (1) Peacekeeper long range orbital bombardment cannon (1) Ion burst cannons (1) Heavy laser turrets (3) Medium laser turret (1) Dual-link anti-fighter laser turrets (5) Quad link anti-fighter laser turrets (5) Complement: Up to 8 Warden Class Interceptors Crew: 180 Following the “Long War” era, the New Coalition settled into its new role as galactic peacekeepers. While sweeping social legislation aimed to prevent the inequality that sparked the Long War was the primary thrust of the New Coalition’s work, the Coalition also devoted a large number of resources to develop a fleet of ships that would work directly for the Center Assembly to quell disputes between member worlds and their militias as well as protect against alien invasions. The first ship to enter service in the new fleet was the LL424 “Aura”, a Forge Class (Class 9 battle-rating) Battle Frigate designed to overpower rogue hyper-planetary group cruisers and function as the primary weapons platform for the New Coalition. Forge Battle Frigates proved to be well designed for the tasks assigned as its port side “Falconer” missile pod battery and weapons turrets could easily overpower smaller pirate and planetary militant cruisers and the large port side “Centurion” primary weapon which was capable of matching and surpassing the weaponry and armor on larger class 10 cruisers or even capital ships. Despite its reputation as a workhorse, the Forge Battle Frigate was known to have a few drawbacks. The hangar bay was oft criticized as undersized, especially with the advent of the larger “Warden Class” Interceptors. Despite the relatively small confines, the Forge Battle Frigate could carry up to eight Warden Class Interceptors, (though a squadron of six Interceptors and two transport shuttles was more common). Most class 9 cruisers carried no fighter compliment at all. The Forge Battle Frigate was also criticized for the flight control and main bridge placements which rendered the heavy laser turrets incapable of firing in a complete 360 degree range. In addition, while anti-fighter gun emplacements on the cruiser meant the ship had above average protection from fighter attacks, its lack of speed meant it was not a capable “fighter hunter” and susceptible to swarming fighter attacks. In order to address this shortcoming, the cruiser was usually paired with a gunship like a Kiltrip Defender. Kiltrip Defenders, which are widely regarded as lethal fighter hunting ships, are equipped with their own faster-than-light capable engine drives, but to conserve fuel, the gunships typically docked to the docking port on the starboard side of the Forge Battle Frigate until needed. The Forge Battle Frigate also carried a single undermount Planetary “Peacekeeper” orbital bombardment cannon designed to smash fortified installations. The frigate, however, did not carry any ground assault troops, leaving such a task up to specialized assault craft. The Forge Battle Frigate was instead considered a “space superiority” ship and not an all-purpose craft, though it excelled greatly in its role. Though the frigates’s exterior was viewed as largely utilitarian, it was also built in anticipation that the crew would spend a lot of time patrolling and on peacekeeping “show of force” missions. As such, the Aura’s interior was designed with creature comforts in mind, including a unique bridge configuration featuring oversized viewports on both the main and flight bridges. These view ports, each pane of which were nearly four meters wide and nearly four meters tall, were built using Vortigan crystal, a rare and extremely strong transparent material that was stronger than the surrounding metal elements on the vessel. The Vortigan crystal is so unique that Coalition fighters and vessels are frequently salvaged solely to recover the crystal windscreens. The oversized viewports showed the beauty of space as well as offering an unprecedented view during battle. The Forge Battle Frigate also had an observation post and science station mounted on the underbelly of the craft granting a unique view as well as a place to marvel at the wonders of space. Related to Hammer Class Missile Corvette LL112 Harbinger
  11. Hammer Class Missile Corvette Name: LL112 Harbinger Length: 108 meters Armament: Falconer II missile pod (1) Cruiser Buster missile tube (8) Medium laser turrets (2) Quad link anti-fighter laser turrets (4) Complement: none Crew: 26 Designed solely for long range space combat, the Hammer Class Missile Corvette struck fear into the hearts of cruisers and capital ships when it arrived on the battlefield. Unlike the Forge Class Battle Frigates, the Missile Corvette was designed for a single role, to destroy enemy war ships for long range. Like all New Coalition ships of its time, it was also outfitted with a large Class A docking ring to allow for resupply or to carry an escort ship. Much like the Forge Class Battle Frigate, the most likely "tag along" ship was the Kiltrip Defender gunship. Related to Forge Class Battle Frigate- LL424 Aura
  12. Void Raven

    Very nice. Much like your last ship build, my guess is this one is much larger than it appears here. Very cool indeed!
  13. [MOC] LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick

    Only the middle axel is powered.
  14. [MOC] LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick

    The legendary durability of the 928 M.C.V.P created a storage and personnel problem for OrionBlu as replacement parts already in production vastly outpaced the need. The stockpile of parts meant there was no room for replacement or production parts for other new vehicles or spacecraft. OrionBlu decided to use the overrun of replacement parts to build additional M.C.V.Ps, but with a standard crew of 4, the new M.C.V.P would need to wait months to recruit and train new crew. In order to counteract these issues, OrionBlu redesigned the crew compartment of the Maverick to house only a single pilot with the additional space converted to house an enhanced shield generator and two Omega class super computers used to automate the functions of the other crew members of the M.C.V.P. This single crew version of the M.C.V.P was officially called the Mono Mega Core Vehicle Platform, of M.M.C.V.P, but the official name was not favored by field personnel who dubbed the vehicle the "Maverick". ================================================== The Maverick is slightly bigger than the M.C.V.P "Classic"- with the Maverick is on the bottom. The Maverick also has a full suite of lights! This build also has power functions and complete SBrick remote control! Check out the video of the Maverick in action!
  15. [MOC] LL165 Locust Gunship

    I should perhaps have mentioned the search light is actually operation- as in it has three LEDs in there. That is the reason for the size.