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  1. ZCerberus

    Book III signup

    Calling all Guildies! It's back with new leaders and enhancements including a change in playable guilds. Varlyrio is now open for signup along with the classics, Avalonia, Mitgardia and Kaliphlin Want to sharpen your skills, tell stories, or just build cool MOCs like this one by Kevin Wu? If so, then the Guilds are the place to be. Sign up now, Challenge 1 of Book III to start soon!
  2. ZCerberus

    GoH Book III

    Not up yet. Solving 1 last issue.
  3. ZCerberus

    GoH Book III

    I don't think the goal of change should be to make it like something else- I mean all of those other games are fun and cool too, but they tried to be like us to some degree. I think like a good RTS or RPG video game our goal when the sequel comes out is to take what was done well and amp it up, add a few new features, but not lose what makes it a classic at its core!. Sure we experiment a little, fight new villians, have new heroes- but right now what is really missing more than anything is... the sequel itself! We need a few more talented programmers. The last game had a few bugs... the fifth act drug a little to get started... we tried a minigame which was fun but too involved... we didn't judge all the side quests yet... but we're working on things to iron them out with some of your feedback. I feel like a famous someone when I say, "Make the Guilds great again!" (FYI not an endorsement of that person, just getting in on the slogan!)
  4. ZCerberus

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hadn't considered being a granddaddy at 37, but you know, why not. You know how grandpa used to be all tech savvy in his day and had one of the first color tvs... but the idea of a smartphone terrifies him now? That is me now- I may have been a MOCer people had interest in seeing build something 5 years ago, but now the grandkids know all the hot apps and smartphone tricks and I just stare at them in amazement knowing all the kids and grandkids have surpassed me! At least I can still help shape a story or two before I get kicked out for good!
  5. ZCerberus

    GoH Book III

    Safe Haven will certainly come into play. I also think some threads dropped by HQ and Titus in the last lore need some exploring. I mean the Queen was outside of Historica for years- surely she's come across some other lands to explore- and what REALLY happened to her brother... I am not saying anything has been determined, just that I think there are some threads that were expertly left to be tugged and Safe Haven just so happens to fit into some of this. Varlyrio certainly needs some fleshing out. I hope that is an exciting prospect.
  6. ZCerberus

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Yes, the GoH kids. So many insanely skilled builders who "grew up" in the guilds. Here is a few people who's skills went from "uh" to "WHAAAAA!?!" due to building in the guilds... in no particular order- Legonardo Davidy Kai NRG Garmadon SoccerKid6 LittleJohn ... The next generation could be the GoH grandkids I guess! And it's not just the GoH kids that grow... here is my first entry into the guilds: Not bad, but photography and some of the elements needed some work... here are a couple of later entries... all of which would be put to shame by any recent build from the GoH kids!
  7. ZCerberus

    Lena is taken

    What are those ruffians doing! We must save Lena! Gather your allies! Rescue her now, boys!
  8. ZCerberus

    Avalonian House

    Cute. Nice stained glass! Two shades of green would be sweet in there.
  9. ZCerberus

    Market Day in Sionnach

    Looks like some sneaky ass Dragon Masters in there. flickr has me excited for the story!
  10. ZCerberus

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    It's true that life should come first, but not handing over the reigns before everything burnt out is on me too. I did not conceive of the guild ideas, but I would like to think I have been an important figure and perhaps I have made myself to integral to the happenings, though other leaders have filled voids with their own fun challenges to keep everything together until we were ready to move on. That is why it is important to strike while the iron is hot- get some new blood and see where it goes. I am also aware it is possible there will come a day when GoH just fizzles out. I hope today is not that day and we'll continue to find ways to keep us a float.
  11. ZCerberus

    GoH Book III

    I think it is clear Varlyrio will be playable. I also think the guild threads tell the story. In both Books, Nocturnus only had 2/3 the discussion as the other guilds and Nocturnus even had 2 of the 5 challenges. This makes us believe if we stick with four guilds, Nocturnus may find itself in a holding pattern. Again, there is nothing stopping people from building there or continuing to develop the land, but those builders may need to find a new home for purposes of which guild they represent in the challenges since we are assuming guild affiliation will still matter for this book at least. If this doesn't work, we will shift, but I think that is the likely direction now.
  12. ZCerberus

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    So what happened from the start of Book II to now that made this a slow grind? Here's a timeline from me... Due to fading interest of former leaders- Ecc and ZC are promoted to History Mods. I take over Nocturnus as that was ISC's guild before and there is no leader while Avalonia has regulator Rogue Angel. August 2013- Book II starts and the Guilds are off and running again on high octane! I have an infant son (born in June) but some time on my hands while he naps to "play" I also work in a job that has a season- tax season- so summers are slow and I can work on Guild stuff. September 13, 2013- We launch Challenge I. Challenge deadline is January of 2014. I am proud of the work I did for this and it launched well. January 2014-May of 2014- Tax season. Work, sleep, repeat. Though I do find time to announce winners in March! June 2014- My job is largely outsourced to another company, though I am retained, I no longer have summer's available for Guild Stuff. We continue to push challenges on. August 2014- Challenge II wraps. October 2014- Challenge III starts Late October 2014- My mom is diagnosed with terminal cancer, though the prognosis is life for several years. We alter plans to visit her often and very few MOCs are built. March 31, 2015- My mom loses her battle with cancer less than 6 months after diagnosis. Interest in Historica and community fades greatly. Challenge III ends and Challenge IV starts, but I am fairly out of the loop on this now with real life matters close to my mind. May 2015- Take a new job that is more stable, but no longer allows for a "busy" and "off" season. June 2015- Attend Brickworld- I had invited my mom to come with- but in the wake of her death I built a spaceship (our theme was Sci Fi that year) in her honor. I have several builds that were intended to be part of the Challenge V preludes already built, but not photographed. November 2015- Challenge IV wraps. I begin planning for the final challenge, but motivation for builds is challenging. February 14, 2016- A Nocturnian princess is born! I now have a two year old and an infant- a few builds to use in the final challenge announcement are photographed, but now time is precious. June 2016- I attend Brickworld with a mix of build interests- construction trucks for my son, castle builds, a few of which will end up in the final preludes and Rogue, Ecc and I discuss the final challenge again. I feel stressed that I have been slow to launch due to real life issues. December 2016- all the builds for the final challenge are done and we launch Challenge V. Building MOCs essentially solely for the purpose of kicking off the overdue challenge wears on me greatly and I find participating in the Guilds to be a challenge. May 2017- Begin a new job, which I enjoy, but again, no slow seasons and travel now sometimes involved. Building time limited by work and family balance. June 2017- at Brickworld- entire year has been devoted to Neo Classic Space because I can build out of the "LEGO room" and in the living room while I have breaks from watching the kids. Challenge V is long wrapped, but I am slow on voting and prizes (which I still have by the way). June 2018- at Brickworld again, whole year devoted to microscale space for the challenge of it- meet the "GoH kids"- the builders who were only young pups when I was actually around who are now Guild stalwarts such as SoccerKid, LittleJohn, Kai and Garmy and some awesome "old guard" builders like Silver Smith, Gideon and Rogue. Interest in launching Book III and reviving Historica is awesome. It is clear I am not fit to lead a whole guild or build for challenge preludes due to the drain from Book II and life events. We begin looking into how to freshen it up. That leads us to now. What is clear more than anything is taking on two of the challenges in Book II was not wise on my part and the death of my mother had a very large impact on my interest. I had help in getting prelude builds done from Mass Editor and Ecc, so I have no complaints about the support I received- it was and is largely on me for not powering through the issues I faced. I am trying to do better now by stepping aside as much as possible to not be the roadblock I was before. I still think I can be valuable, but as an organizer and an ideas guy, less so as the day to day guild leader and the major "pusher" of the deadlines like I was before. Hopefully I will build something too!
  13. ZCerberus

    GoH Book III

    The main issue is establishing order. What has happened is we get one participant from time to time who tries to insert themselves as a leader or "force" and attempts to rebuild everything in their own vision. What I don't want is an inexperienced leader to get "rolled" by such a personality, especially since only EB staff can run contests etc. This is especially true in Varlyrio since it is fresh, but the builders no longer are. We also have some fear that Varlyrio's location and the unknown may have a leader who may take it out of medieval times and into an era we aren't ready to enter yet. This means a little more hands on may be required. Leadership has changed through a few different forces. The first has been Lieutenants that step up when the leader's interest fades. This has happened several times. The second is by winning a story challenge- that gets you noticed and often leads to discussions about interest. See the final challenge of both Book I and Book II, which may give you a hint on who may be available to lead a certain guild now. The third is being an established leader or organizer- which may or may not include a lot of building. However, there is also guild specific issue here as Narb is in Avalonia which already appears to have a path to succession and Varlyrio also appears to have people in place with experience in running a guild or other "games" here on EB. The process isn't meant to be secret- yet we need to ensure people can influence their guild and the larger lore only to the extent it doesn't create a closed environment where one builder has taken the reigns and made it no fun for anyone any longer. We try to seek out leaders and staff members who understand and promote this idea. Perhaps I am wrong, but I feel the leaders have used ideas and lore created in the guilds and brought them into the main story line in fun ways. The Civil War of Book II was a direct result of the story challenge that ended Book I- Book II brought in ideas and characters that were created by people without leadership roles. The Drow, Varlyrio, the Algus, the free city structure in Kaliphlin, the Desert King- none of that existed when the stories started, yet they made it into the main story thread because of the superb work of the Guild membership. Look at how Rogue used the entries for the Avalonian Civil war to announce the results or how we tried a completely different game mechanic for Kali's war. We have a new Queen now- not because the leaders choose that, but because they left threads in the story line and asked them to be pulled. Not only did someone pull them, he also consulted the "second place" story to create a super entry into the lore. We think this is what makes Historica fun and perhaps chaos would not happen if we loosen the reigns- who knows- perhaps it would be even better- but we aren't quite to the point where we are willing to let them loose just yet. We hope the story and environments are fun here and will stay that way. What is clear right now is we need to liven up the leadership and there are certain people who have shown what we think we need in each guild, and we're willing to give it all a spin and see what happens. If it doesn't jive we'll adjust. Perhaps the adjustment is a more pure democracy for leader election and maybe that will happen at some point- but for now, there are reasons to take the approach we are trying now. Sit tight- I think everyone will enjoy hearing the exciting developments we've been working hard to make.
  14. ZCerberus

    GoH Book III

    Thank you for the interest, but I have special concerns with opening a guild that isn't as established as the others and the leadership there would need to be someone with experience as a leader already for me to be comfortable. I actually think we're fairly settled on leaders in the background with some exciting changes.