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  1. ZCerberus

    EB Members Title Archive

    Any credits on your resume that may suggest where this came from Mr. AFOL?
  2. ZCerberus

    [Freebuild] Mystic Isles Crimson Falcon Keep

    Thanks Kai. Hope no one is TOO sick of the flood of MOCs I put up recently!
  3. Now clear of all who could see him from the spy-laden town, Trian pushed his horse Charon hard to make for the Mystic Isles. If his ally's information was correct, he may have a lead on the source of the spreading Crimson curse. If only I had been more vigilant. If only I had stayed in Avalonia Trian thought to himself. Trian thought back to his meeting outside the goblet- intercepted by his friend, Brannan the mage. "I see time has not been kind to you old friend," Brannan chirped, "But perhaps you are here to settle an old score or two, or recapture you're youth recanting your daring deeds to your knights and fair maidens alike?" Trian retorted with a wry smile, "Are the knights of our lord no longer welcome here?" Brannan cackled as he reached up to Charon's reigns and clutched it with four fingers drawn wide. "I simply did not expect to see you here. Well, unless you seek special counsel from the mage from the Isles." Trian nodded in understanding and replied, "Perhaps I did, any counsel from old friends or those not left for dead is worthy of giving counsel, trust or drinks!" The mage shook his head. "The Goblet is no place for old friends to catch up anymore. Only unproven, unworthy men without honor are hunched over tables listening to false tales and spreading their own, watching the maidens serve." Trian smirked at his friend and replied coyly, "I have neither will nor coin to go to the Goblet. Tonight we ought to stay at your manor, safe from drunkards, false friends and old rivals." Brennan nodded and pulled his hands back from the reigns. "You have mistaken my warning of the crowd at the Goblet fro that of hospitality. There is no room even for the Lords men at Brannan manor now. I do hope you may call again another time when my table is available and my beds are empty" Trian grumbled in an annoyed tone- "Well if you are not having company, and the Goblet is no longer welcoming to weary soldiers like myself, I have wasted my time stopping in. I shall seek new lodgings in Drayton Plains, but do not think I won't remember this insult." The mage matched Trian's false annoyed tone with one of his own, "I did not wish to insult you Sir, but there is simply no place for you here." The gold knight snapped the reigns of Charon as he began a slow trot to the east west gate, towards Drayton Plains. As the horse moved away Trian blurted, "I will expect your hospitality upon my return." The Mystic Isles! Trian thought It's a long journey to reach even the first of them- how could the scourge have spread all the way here already! If they are in the plains, they are EVERYWHERE. Meanwhile- in the Mystic Isles, Lady Corlane welcomes more knights to her sanctuary- the Crimson Falcon Keep. Another loyal sword joins the Order of the Crimson Falcon. Their numbers swell- though there purpose remains hidden. The Order of the Crimson Falcon grows stronger by the day.
  4. Trian could hardly believe it to be true. Avalonia had faced many challenges, but never one quite like this. "In the Plains near Albion no less," thought Trian as he gripped the reigns of his loyal steed, Charon. The threat was different than those of the past- the Blackhand, the Drow- this threat was worse- Crimson Falcons. "If only I had been here during the Fracture- perhaps I could have stopped the rise of these vermin!" The Order of the Crimson Falcon were more than just another single lord with a lust for power gathering disgruntled vassals to their call- they were mysterious, dealing in lies and deceit with a cult-like zealousness to their leader. Whoever that was. But now the Crimson Falcons were flying their banners in the open- rumors of silver and crimson standards flying in every city in the Guild- every city except Albion- for now. "The enemy within- sowing deceit and fear- tearing the Guild apart from inside- spreading like a plague over all the lands... it is more insidious than any dark lord could ever be!" Trian steadied his thoughts as Charon picked up the pace. He needed to reach Grimlemore to see the tales for himself. The Black Goblet, a tavern where he had celebrated many battles won before was now Gtimlrmore's homebase for the cultists. "If I am to fight this scourge, I need to see it for myself!" Trian thought. "If the Falcon is in the Plains- what will I find in the Withering Woods or Mystic Isles?" The silver and crimson banner flies over The Black Goblet as a Crimson Falcon stands guard by the Falcon Gate.
  5. It's been a while since I built a castle- but here is a little something to get back into the swing of things. A little Wizard's Tower in Avalonia!
  6. ZCerberus

    GoH 10 C VOTING topic

    Ah man... TOOOO much goodness! I am going... Zilmrud -1 point Little John - 1 point Louis of Nutwood - 1 point
  7. I am highly disappointed by the amount of misogyny in here. For how many years did we all crave more female minifigure heads? And now all we can complain about is the existence of female knights- or how lipstick is going to be smeared when they put on their helmet? Straight up ridiculous and shameful. If your army is sexist, change the heads or close the visors- but for goodness sake, leave the misogyny back in the medieval times where it belongs. I encourage anyone who sees more of this nonsense in the thread to report it and I will be issuing warnings and slapping the enlightenment stick on idiots who care more about protecting their gender ideology than discussing LEGO. Thank you muchly. Love the set by the way. Expensive- yes- but it is what LEGO is now.
  8. ZCerberus

    (MOC) IG-88 Battle Mech

    Very cool. I think if it weren't a battle mech there would be things to say about the proportions as it compares to the "real" IG-88, but as a mech, it is very cool. Honestly, I think I like these slightly chunkier proportions better!
  9. ZCerberus

    [MOC] Two Vipers' Brewery

    Nice work Bob!
  10. ZCerberus

    Cedrica City Block(Picture heavy(A))

    Errmmm... not Z... "E"!!!! This is very much GoH meets Ninjago City. I love it. A very interesting idea.
  11. ZCerberus

    CDC1 Tower: Saibankan

    That is one MASSIVE tree trunk. Very cool technique.
  12. Usually we only have MOCs and discussion on the forums as opposed to announcements- but since the CCC is an annual tradition and will hopefully lead to new MOCs being posted here, we're going to let this announcements stay. Now get to castle MOCing so we have more stuff on the forum!
  13. ZCerberus

    [MOC] LL885- New Coalition Repair Freighter

    Thank you secret nemesis. I learned from you so that I may destroy you. I hope you enjoyed your last reign at the top.
  14. ZCerberus

    [MOC] Space Hunter

    Very compact. Interesting shape and I love the way the cockpit opens.
  15. ZCerberus

    [MOC] TriPerron - Nomad Class Explorer

    Good point.