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  1. ZCerberus

    Slave I Retrospective and UCS Comparison

    Talk about Necromancing on old thread!! But since it lives on... Still have yet to see it, but based on the truth of other rumors, it looks like we should be expecting another Slave 1 soon- updating the story may need to be a thing soon enough! Though I don’t have it, the little Slave 1 in the Cloud City set would be a fun add as well.
  2. ZCerberus

    Gryphon Deepspace Initiative

    Command and Conquer inspiration does seem like an untapped well of sweet ideas. Great work on this project.
  3. They mostly come at night... mostly.
  4. ZCerberus

    [SHIPTEMBER] FCS Jolly Reaper

    Beautiful piece of work.
  5. Orange spaceships? Ludacris! Great looking SHIP my man.
  6. Lesson 1- BUILD. Everyone gets better with experience. Just look at these guild leaders who started out as kids on EB and now they are masters- better at castle than I ever was! I am a bit... eclectic. Does mean I am not as easy to pin down as the, “_______________ guy”, which also means I’m not as easy to recognize in the community since my style isn’t quite like a signature. I’ve always been proud of the construction vehicles I did- totally not well recognized though.
  7. Should totally be forbidden to like sci-fi and be in the guilds.
  8. ZCerberus

    Book III signup

    Calling all Guildies! It's back with new leaders and enhancements including a change in playable guilds. Varlyrio is now open for signup along with the classics, Avalonia, Mitgardia and Kaliphlin Want to sharpen your skills, tell stories, or just build cool MOCs like this one by Kevin Wu? If so, then the Guilds are the place to be. Sign up now, Challenge 1 of Book III to start soon!
  9. ZCerberus

    GoH Book III

    Not up yet. Solving 1 last issue.
  10. ZCerberus

    GoH Book III

    I don't think the goal of change should be to make it like something else- I mean all of those other games are fun and cool too, but they tried to be like us to some degree. I think like a good RTS or RPG video game our goal when the sequel comes out is to take what was done well and amp it up, add a few new features, but not lose what makes it a classic at its core!. Sure we experiment a little, fight new villians, have new heroes- but right now what is really missing more than anything is... the sequel itself! We need a few more talented programmers. The last game had a few bugs... the fifth act drug a little to get started... we tried a minigame which was fun but too involved... we didn't judge all the side quests yet... but we're working on things to iron them out with some of your feedback. I feel like a famous someone when I say, "Make the Guilds great again!" (FYI not an endorsement of that person, just getting in on the slogan!)
  11. ZCerberus

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hadn't considered being a granddaddy at 37, but you know, why not. You know how grandpa used to be all tech savvy in his day and had one of the first color tvs... but the idea of a smartphone terrifies him now? That is me now- I may have been a MOCer people had interest in seeing build something 5 years ago, but now the grandkids know all the hot apps and smartphone tricks and I just stare at them in amazement knowing all the kids and grandkids have surpassed me! At least I can still help shape a story or two before I get kicked out for good!
  12. ZCerberus

    GoH Book III

    Safe Haven will certainly come into play. I also think some threads dropped by HQ and Titus in the last lore need some exploring. I mean the Queen was outside of Historica for years- surely she's come across some other lands to explore- and what REALLY happened to her brother... I am not saying anything has been determined, just that I think there are some threads that were expertly left to be tugged and Safe Haven just so happens to fit into some of this. Varlyrio certainly needs some fleshing out. I hope that is an exciting prospect.
  13. ZCerberus

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Yes, the GoH kids. So many insanely skilled builders who "grew up" in the guilds. Here is a few people who's skills went from "uh" to "WHAAAAA!?!" due to building in the guilds... in no particular order- Legonardo Davidy Kai NRG Garmadon SoccerKid6 LittleJohn ... The next generation could be the GoH grandkids I guess! And it's not just the GoH kids that grow... here is my first entry into the guilds: Not bad, but photography and some of the elements needed some work... here are a couple of later entries... all of which would be put to shame by any recent build from the GoH kids!
  14. ZCerberus

    Lena is taken

    What are those ruffians doing! We must save Lena! Gather your allies! Rescue her now, boys!