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    [MOC] Suspended monorail train

    Thank you all for the compliments! :) :) Oh I rode that train too, it's really cool! But it's only since I moved to Dusseldorf a few months ago that I decided to build something like this, because the train shuttle that connects the airport terminal to the S-Bahn station is precisely a suspended monorail! And the two minutes ride is the best thing about catching an early flight ;) A new boogie is in the works, it shall make it go at least faster than a walking mining :) If you want to go technical, I attached the new design as building instructions to the mocpages page. Yes it does take turns, and since the attaching point of the boogie is at the very front of each car, I can say it does look fairly elegant too. :) It also manages small inclines, and I hope that by making it faster I won't make it loose this feature. Unfortunately the test track was literally suspended on mine and a friend hands, so there's no video of it. A big update is coming in a few months when I'll be back home. I plan to improve the gearing and of course also extend the tracks.
  2. Divitis

    [MOC] Suspended monorail train

    Yes! Here is the video on youtube:
  3. Divitis

    [MOC] Suspended monorail train

    Hello again, and thanks for the nice comments! I wish I could post more pictures but unfortunately I work abroad and Lego is back home.. so I won't be able to get hands on for a couple months at least. But I attached the new gearing design in LDD to the mocpages page. It shall make it 1.7 times faster and you will be able to understand which wheels I used too. Oh it does take on curves nicely, but for testing my friend and I were literally holding the rail up, so no video of that lol!
  4. Hello everyone! Here's my version of a suspended monorail train, hope you'll enjoy it I'm introducing it here because this forum has been quite helpful to me while building this, especially for the doors design. To see more of it please head to this page: http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/423851 You can see hi-res pictures and a short video here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/23071566@N02/sets/72157663217856521 Cheers!