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  1. BenA

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    6 - 1 point 7 - 1 point 8 - 1 point
  2. BenA

    Noctura's Garden

    Colour choices are amazing, and the shaping and overall composition is beautiful. Love it!
  3. BenA

    Elves Earth Mech

    Thanks! First time really trying to take decent photos. Still got a bit to learn but I'm pleased with the way they came out. "Come on, put them on..." " No, I'm not wearing them! You can't make me..."
  4. BenA

    Elves Earth Mech

    Oops, double posted by mistake, sorry!
  5. BenA

    Elves Earth Mech

    Thanks! Elves was a great theme - so much untapped potential... Haha, thanks! Finding the balance was tricky. An earlier version had purple and lilac coloured plants as well, and more flowers. I was going for an overgrown look, but you could barely tell what it was supposed to be.
  6. BenA

    Elves Earth Mech

    Thanks deraven, much appreciated :) I had fun attaching all the earth elements, but they do have a tendency to fall off! The technique with the flowers isn't mine, but it works really well. I was lucky enough to pick up a good handful of the connected flowers from a pick-a-brick wall a couple of years ago, but it looks like they only do the individual ones now so it may become a rarer technique over time.
  7. Hi all, a while ago I was inspired by Panagliamp to create an Elves themed Mech, and I finally got round to it! It can operate autonomously... ...or it can be piloted. The idea is that it was an old goblin mining mech that Farran found and fixed up. Rear view. A bit messy now I look at it - might try and tidy it up... The main frame is sturdy and quite posable, but bits of plant/crystal tend to fall off. A lot. Targeting system deployed. View of the cockpit. It will (probably) be part of my larger Elves WIP. Comments and suggestions welcome, and thanks again to Panagliamp for the inspiration. (Sneak peek at my WIP...)
  8. Love this idea. With all the usual technic functions (suspension, steering, working engine etc), plus all the bat-gadgets (slide opening canopy, pop up machine guns, wheel bombs, etc)? Motorised? Shut up and take my money!
  9. BenA

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wasn't 100% behind the idea of a gingerbread house, but these are great ideas. I can really picture that working well
  10. Welcome back to Lego ! This is really nice, lots of lovely details to spot. I like the waterfall and the curved steps up the cliff a lot. I also really like the rounded tree trunk - looks great! Looking forward to seeing your city as it emerges, and especially what you do with an underwater scene.
  11. BenA

    Bit of Elves fun

    Thanks soccerkid6 - one or two of your medieval tutorials may have been used in its creation...
  12. BenA

    Bit of Elves fun

    Thanks! I just looked up the Knott's Berry cookies, and yes they look very similar :)
  13. BenA

    Bit of Elves fun

    Hopefully we'll have more to show soon, but here's a quick look that doesn't give too much away (and just noticed Destiny's Bounty is sticking up behind - D'oh!)... Thanks!
  14. BenA

    Bit of Elves fun

    Thanks Zoth, much appreciated :)
  15. Hi all, we've still got a way to go on our latest moc, but decided to have a bit of fun while we wait for bricklink orders to arrive. First attempt at anything like this, but we found it hilarious to make. Enjoy! (For anyone wondering, a Jammie Dodger is a kind of biscuit we have in the UK) (Edit: spelling)