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  1. BenA

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    So impressive! I had a poster of the Testarossa on my wall as a child and at first glance I thought someone had posted an image of that by mistake. Brilliant work.
  2. Thanks, that's really kind! I'd love to take it to a convention at some point - will let you know if we do. I had a quick look at your Diagon Alley moc by the way - it looks great! We're considering something Harry Potter related for the next moc, just not sure what... open to suggestions! :D
  3. Thanks! They were fun to do. We took plenty of inspiration from the animated series and original sets, but in the back of my mind was that the Goblins would have tried to copy the Elven buildings so they should share some similarities, but would then have messed it up in their own comical way.
  4. BenA

    [MOC/DIY] 14 Dots bracelet designs!

    Very cool - I'm inspired! I'd never really considered dots sets (other than for parts), but after seeing these pics I'm definitely going to pic a few up. Nice job!
  5. Thanks! Playability was definitely an important factor when we set out because my daughter was just over 8 years old. But because it took so long to complete and she's now 11 (and has discovered phones and apps) I have to say it became less important towards the end :( Welcome to Eurobricks, and thanks for your kind comments! Regarding the water, using white and blue was a conscious decison to try and best capture the look of the animated series and original concept artwork. We tried transparent pieces at the beginning but couldn't get them in the length we needed to get the look. I'm thinking about trying the technique out with transparent pieces in a future moc though!
  6. Please build your Elvendale - it will be amazing. I just looked at your Flickr and it was incredible. Your castles are stunning and I *loved* your council of Elrond build. Thanks! It was very nearly reddish brown but the original set was dark blue so we switched. Then we ran out of magenta leaves, which turned out great because we felt the yellow leaves worked so much better anyway. Funny how things work out!
  7. Thanks Zoth33. There's only the one dragon in the photos, but we have 5 altogether (Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, plus Kronan's). They get randomly placed around the build, mostly on the meadow or beach! The floating islands were a direct result of the tensegrity builds showcased here. I just wanted to give it a go! I had an idea to add the music shop on top, but at the right scale looked slightly too large. I might revisit that one day... Thanks, that means a lot! We have your goblin village moc and medieval tutorials saved to favourites... they've been great inspiration! Thanks Elysiumfountain!
  8. Thanks. We made a decision early on to try and build each rock individually. Didn't quite manage it everywhere but overall I'm really pleased with the way it came out. Many, many mixel joints were used! Thanks all, much appreciated. Thanks! I'm so glad you commented on the meadow area because that's my favourite part - we always wanted to have an open space, but as we built it was very hard to resist the temptation to fill it up! At one point the Starlight Inn was going to nestle in under the floating islands, but in the end I'm so glad we left it as-is. (And yes, it weighs a tonne! Thankfully it splits up into sections and the tower lifts off. When exhibitions are a thing again I might take it to one)
  9. Thank you for your comments - I really hope you do go back to it because I'd love to see what you were planning. If it makes you feel any better it's taken nearly 2 and half years to finish this, and there were definitely times when I didn't think I'd get there. I'd spend whole days building something then the next day tear it down and start again. Rosalyn's tree was a case in point - I must have used every swear word under the sun while getting that thing to hold together! If you do go back to it and get stuck, feel free to PM me here - happy to help if I can. Thanks - that means a lot! Your Elves builds inspired quite a bit of this. Don't know what to say - thank you!
  10. Thanks, really appreciate it. I wish we'd picked up more sets at the time - some of the minidolls are getting expensive now! Thanks Koalayummies! Really kind. Thanks all. Glad you like it!
  11. These really made me smile! They're unique and have some neat techniques. Love the portcullis and drawbridge on the castle!
  12. Well, 2.5 years later it's *almost* finished! Here is our moc of Elvendale and the Dragon Sanctuary. What started off as a fairly simple moc of the village quickly got out of hand and grew to include a mountain, our version of the Dragon Sanctuary, a goblin village and more! We took inspiration from the Animated series and the original sets, but added our own twist. Elvendale village includes the bakery, a mining store and a little house. Behind stands the Elvenstar tree. The Dragon School can be found high up on a rocky outcrop, by a high waterfall The Elvenstar Tree Follow the road East of the village (past the mushroom stairs into the Elvenstar Tree) and you'll come to the old windmill that sits above Naida's cove: Take the path west up the mountain and you'll find the entrance to the crystal mine. If you don't like the look of that, cross the winding stream to reach the mountain meadow, but beware - you might be being watched! Look up and you'll see the floating islands... And reaching into the clouds, the Dragon Sanctuary itself... The sanctuary had stood empty for as long as any elf could remember, and a huge tree was taking over. But when the goblins were saved from Kronan, they came to work for the elves and they soon had it back up and running... A bit of plumbing here, a fire there... The queen egg sits on top of a magic pool. The water is piped over the water egg, collected and used to water the branches round the earth egg. The goblins collect the wood and use it to feed the fire under the fire egg, and the hot air rises to turn the fans by the wind egg. Keep going West, and you'll come down the other side of the mountain. Rosalyn's healing hideout stands by the beach, and a mysterious entrance... ...which leads into the underground goblin village! The plants look fearsome, but they're friendly really... Maybe stop for refreshments in the inn? Ah, so that's how they get in! Keep going and you'll find yourself right back where you started - back in Elvendale Village! Of course, walking is fine, but it's much quicker to go by dragon! And here are a couple of bonus pics: Whole thing from the front (sorry about the background, I don't have anywhere big enough to properly photograph it!) And the back: Thanks for looking! There are lots more photos on my Flickr, including WIP and comparisons of the original artwork/sets and our versions.
  13. BenA

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sorry 😂! A vpn makes it look like you're accessing the internet from a different place, so if content is blocked in your location you can make it look like you're accessing it from a different location. But just google Tunnelbear - they explain it way better than I can and it's very easy to set up. Pm me if you get stuck - happy to help.
  14. BenA

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    If you create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and connect via the USA it should work. I'm in the UK and just used TunnelBear as a test and was able to watch it.
  15. BenA

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    6 - 1 point 7 - 1 point 8 - 1 point