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  1. BenA

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think you're underestimating how big a "point of interest and admiration" even more modern or "ordinary" buildings can be,  I get where Agent 86 is coming from - I don't think he was suggesting modern/ordinary buildings can't be focal points for interest/admiration, just that he'd like the next modular to be a large, majestic building that would be universally recognised as one. For example, had I been driving past Carl's without having the benefit of reading your post, chances are wouldnt have noticed it (ok, maybe I would, but because of the queues rather than the architecture!). But had I been passing say, The Ferry Farm or courthouse, it would have been a different story! (Just spent an enjoyable time mooching round Fredericksburg on Google street-view, looks like a very interesting place!) In my opinion the small proportions of the BB prevent it from being truly classed as 'grand' (although I think that's what they were going for, and I agree it's beautifully done). Add a couple of extra floors on, and/or extend it sideways by half again, and I'd say yes. My personal preference would be for a more European style building (or buildings) next time. The last couple have leaned towards American so a change would keep things fresh. Classical architecture would be great, but I'm open to anything really. Maybe something with a Mediterranean feel? Mixed use doesn't bother me because it generally doesn't detract from the outside of the buildings, which is what I spend most of the time looking at anyway.
  2. BenA

    [MOD/MOC] Bat_smart

    This really made me smile, great little build! The bat-ears through the roof are hilarious!
  3. I was looking forward to this because I thought the original idea was amazing. But I'm disappointed. As others have said, the bottle is nice, (even though it looks like it's got a few unsightly gaps in it), but the ship is surprisingly poor and in my opinion lets the original down. I might pick one up if it doesn't sell well and ends up getting a discount, but as it stands the UK price of £70 is far too high - making this an (unfortunately) easy pass.
  4. Well this is great! Minas Tirith is excellent, but I really, really like your Osgiliath. You've really captured the look of the film
  5. These are lovely! I agree with Vorkosigan, they match the official style very nicely. My favourite part is the council room with the elemental chairs.
  6. These are lovely. I like the delicate appearance of the earth themed one, kind of makes me think the elves have trained the trees to grow into the right shape for each of the rooms and towers. I also like the custom characters - think we'll have to give that a go!
  7. Great review Marishka! Your pic of all the dark elves sets together has made my little girl want to do something dark for our next moc
  8. Hi, and thanks! Yes, the sparkly BURP is an official piece - we got ours from an Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle set (41062). Thank you Thanks, we had great fun doing it! We don't do too many because whenever she has another good idea it ends up costing me a fortune in bricklink orders!
  9. Thanks, glad you like it. You can't see it too well from the pics but there's a fairy mushroom ring down behind the left hand tree that I... um... 'borrowed' from your Azaris cottage moc! Thank you :)
  10. Apologies, I'd uploaded from my phone so hadn't realised they were too large. I'll take a look when I'm home from work this evening.
  11. Haha, it does sound awesome! I dont know where she gets the ideas from but I can't keep up Here's her original And a couple of WIP shots
  12. Thanks Aanchir . Re the Autumn colours, I know what you mean. They've grown on me but I did wonder if we'd strayed too far into LOTR territory. Blues would look great though. My original plan was to use purple and red. I actually got quite far... But I thought it was just all getting too dark. I briefly considered Altbricks but decided to stick to official parts for now (although I haven't ruled them out in future). I'm now wondering what using light lilac leaves as the main colour would look like - although think they only come in the 3x4 size so it'd take quite a few!
  13. The telescope was all my daughter's idea - I can't take credit. She made this: Which I love , and from that we made this: It was also her idea to put the planets on because she's been learning about them at school. There's Saturn, Mars and the Earth and Moon. The Moon is actually Darth Vaders head Haha, I'm pleased with the colours, but it was nearly very different... I quite like the green... maybe we'll have to do a Spring version!
  14. Thanks Haha, I agree! Actually if you zoom in close on the first pic, you might see a familiar face...
  15. Cheers! There's some really nice tree tutorials in this thread (scroll about halfway down) My basic branch technique is the same. Derfel Cadarn uses levers to attach the leaves to, but I used the standard 3 stem plant stalk with the 'new' flowers on instead. It's not as versatile, but it's stronger when a 6 year old starts playing with it!