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  1. BenA

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I thought the same at first, but now I'm wondering what it would look like with nine reindeer... The sleigh runners feel a little plain to me, but that should be easily fixed with the gold trim from the old version. Getting excited for the WV set reveal now!
  2. BenA

    [MOC] Barber

    I love it! You've captured so much character with just a few carefully chosen and cleverly placed bricks. I imagine he could tell some interesting stories about customers he's had in his chair! Top notch!
  3. BenA

    Medieval street

    I'll just echo what everyone else has said - this is amazing! I love big detailed builds and you don't disappoint! Beautiful!
  4. BenA

    Allanar Mine

    The way you've integrated the building into the landscape is really great. I also love the rockwork and that arched entrance to the mine tunnel - it's seamless! Thanks for sharing
  5. BenA

    6ft Rapunzel Tower from the Movie Tangled (MOC

    This is really beautiful! I love the accuracy to the source material and I'm a sucker for all the little details. I especially love the woodwork on the tower, and the organic way in which the ivy wraps round it (with the associated colour change of the masonry). It blends perfectly with the landscape too. Top work on this!
  6. BenA

    Lego Monkie Kid Mecha Gundam style

    Love the way you've kept all the design cues of the original, but redone in such an immediately recognisable gundam style. Always admire folks who can build great looking mechas like this!
  7. BenA

    Lego Elves Dragon

    Good start! It's a bit difficult to see but I like the way you've added details to the dragon's flanks, and kept a consistent colour scheme as well
  8. BenA


    Happy to help - go for it!
  9. Sure - happy to help. I'd start a new thread if you're hoping for feedback from others too. Otherwise private message me and I'll see what I can suggest
  10. Hi and thanks! If you'd like some pointers on how I created the landscape I did a couple of explanations of my thought process - with pictures - on my instagram (search for bena_lego), or there are lots of pictures on my Flikr that show work in progress (link is in the original post, but be warned my Flickr is very disorganised!). Other than that, my advice is: Gather plenty of reference material and use that for inspiration (I had lots of photos of real world streams and waterfalls, and I googled the artwork from the elves series to get a feel for the colours etc). You don't have to stick to them rigidly but I found having reference material to look at really helped me decide what I was going for, and also keep me consistent when my build took a long time. I sketch what I have in mind before I start building and that helps me spot and work out major problems early on. It also gets me thinking about how I might build it. Sketching things out also lets me plan how ambitious I can be. At the beginning I underestimated how many bricks it takes to build even just a small piece of detailed landscape and it was quite disheartening to have to stop and wait when I ran out. I learnt that sketching it out first let me find the right balance between what looked good and what I could realistically achieve - and also let me plan bricklink orders in advance! Once building I always go for interesting angles wherever I can, from whole chunks of scenery right down to individual rocks. I think most serious Lego moccers would agree that building 'off grid' is a very good way to make things look natural. I also try to make sure there's always a logical way for a minifig/doll to reach each part of the landscape, so lots of pathways, ladders, stairs etc... but that's just a personal preference and I don't always stick to it! Don't be afraid to change your mind or start over. I lost count of the number of times I rebuilt something on that moc because it didn't look right! My version of Rosalyn's blue Healing Hideout was especially tricky - must have rebuilt that 6 or 7 times. I also sometimes take a photo of the build in progress, then draw over the top of it to give me an idea of what to do next. Finally, enjoy yourself and don't forget to post whatever you build here - would love to see it!
  11. BenA

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    So impressive! I had a poster of the Testarossa on my wall as a child and at first glance I thought someone had posted an image of that by mistake. Brilliant work.
  12. Thanks, that's really kind! I'd love to take it to a convention at some point - will let you know if we do. I had a quick look at your Diagon Alley moc by the way - it looks great! We're considering something Harry Potter related for the next moc, just not sure what... open to suggestions! :D
  13. Thanks! They were fun to do. We took plenty of inspiration from the animated series and original sets, but in the back of my mind was that the Goblins would have tried to copy the Elven buildings so they should share some similarities, but would then have messed it up in their own comical way.
  14. BenA

    [MOC/DIY] 14 Dots bracelet designs!

    Very cool - I'm inspired! I'd never really considered dots sets (other than for parts), but after seeing these pics I'm definitely going to pic a few up. Nice job!
  15. Thanks! Playability was definitely an important factor when we set out because my daughter was just over 8 years old. But because it took so long to complete and she's now 11 (and has discovered phones and apps) I have to say it became less important towards the end :( Welcome to Eurobricks, and thanks for your kind comments! Regarding the water, using white and blue was a conscious decison to try and best capture the look of the animated series and original concept artwork. We tried transparent pieces at the beginning but couldn't get them in the length we needed to get the look. I'm thinking about trying the technique out with transparent pieces in a future moc though!