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  1. I would do mine like this: - in orange - not (US) coast guard (exept for the coloured 'stripes' on the wing(s)
  2. Has anyone considered using pulley + 'rubber' instead of the 12/20 reduction next to the motor? From Instruction scan this should fit. Reduction would be 3.6. By variing ruber and perhaps using a full bushing on the small "gear" the amount of friction could be adjusted.
  3. Is the 20tooth gear rotating on an axle or a axle pin? Have you tried using a blue 20tooth gear on a frictionless pin?
  4. You could get slightly better clearance if you replace the red connector by a 3L friction pin that has this instead of the black 2L friction pin.
  5. But wouldn't these be properly aligned when the wings are attached to them, cf. picture from your previous post?
  6. anyUser

    Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 42113 Petition

    By postponing the cancellation - which should have been obvious from given arguments - the collectors market now has been well served. I wonder if that is proper aim of a toys company that once had the slogan: "What will you build today?". I am missing the 42113 technic set because of exclusive parts. I was planning the build the aircraft in white and orange colour scheme similar to these: That would be difficult now. I wonder if I would assemble as a statement:
  7. anyUser

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    No - all four .io files are available to me.
  8. anyUser

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Talked to the owner of a small toys shop on wednesday: New (technic) sets should arrive today (friday) at his store. Maybe 42113 won't be shipped at all.
  9. anyUser

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    If you need more details let me know.
  10. I may consider it after test with drum installed. I don't think that suspension on a model of this scale is 'necessary'. I prefer having a fake engine. I am not an expert on suspension. I have currently assembled two set with pendular suspension: 8284 and 42030 (8265 hasn't?). There is more space for realisation. As you can see the two rear axles are next to each other. Thus there is little option - without bigger changes to the drive train - to have anchor points. The last axle alone could easily be done. For the other one: Range would be severely limited as the drive for the drum is passing just over the differential. I have mounted gear support to the 5x7 frame - these could be attached to the upper framework instead. It could be feasible if you omit the differential for these wheel to put the support to the middle of the frame. Engine and drum would be driven by last axle only. If you would like to have suspension on a concrete mixer, check out the MOC by desert752
  11. I am done for the moment. Now I would need the drum pieces to test-drive my version. I would like to have those in either white, yellow, or even grey colour without printing: - drum rotating only one direction (mixing) when driving a) wormgear version: drum also rotating when driving backwards setup is inspired by b) "Ratched" version: drum not rotating when driving backwards - smaller turning cycle by improved steering angle - axle width is smaller by (ca.) 2 studs, e.g. wheels are not protunding from chassis - cabin can be tilted forward - funnel to fill the drum Images: I can't decide on the colour for second truck: I am missing the proper colour of 3x3 half beams with curve for those schemes that I would like to build...
  12. anyUser

    Technic General Discussion

    There is an example in the first technic ideas book. (I never build this.)
  13. anyUser

    Technic General Discussion

    red: 1999 yellow: 2015 They became more common 2016
  14. anyUser

    Technic General Discussion

    The milky white axles are from old, pre-technic "gears" sets.
  15. I used 3L axles for motor "cylinders" in my attempt to 42112. Even with these I occasionally got that lock when the crankshaft catches the lower end instead of pushing it upwards. Did you notice that in the 42114 Volvo there are 3L beams at the bottom which will effectively prevent this behaviour?