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  1. My guess is that a) one of the 12tooth bevel gears is is missing inside the differential OR b) one of the axles not fully inserted into differential Thus force would be -undetecably- directly to the idle (not connected) output of the front axle. Did you check if thee differential of the front axle is driven by the motor = rotating when truck is in drive mode?
  2. To me the intention remains rather vague: What is the focus = topic that will be addressed by the two sides (TLG Powered Up team and AFOL)? How much time should be spent? JIm, are you collecting candidates from this postings to this topic or from personnel message? Edit: that was a very quick answer.
  3. May I suggest something else? I consider 42042 Crawler Crane a nice building and play experience. I think it's also a good parts pack. Otherwise, 42082 has some nice C-, D-, and E-models. (I haven't build any of them but it indicates that the set is a good parts pack.) I personally am very disappointed by the penumatic arm of the Arocs 42043: there is little play fun in it.
  4. Hello, my hauler is not at hand. Therefore i would like to suggest the following tests from another topic on the set: (laying hauler on the side effectively blocks the second wheel on the axis and prevent them from spinning.) I guess the motor calibration will also work if hauler is (still) laying on on its side. This will give you the chance to see if differentials are moving. By "engine" you are referring to the fake 6-cylinder motor in front of the truck? This is powered through the trucks front axles (see step 185 on page 118 (The drive input is added in step 204, p. 132, see inset). Therefore, if cylinders are moving up and dwon, the front axle should turn as well.
  5. Turning over only the tail rotor to the other side (= rotating by 180°) does not change (the sign of) the pitch angle. Only by moving the 12tooth gear to the right side of the tail the rotational direction will change and therefore, as we are talking about propeller with fixed pitch angle, the direction of the airflow. I did a check on some parts: 2952 and 4617 have same direction: If the propeller rotates clockwise, the airflow is towards the observer If the propeller rotates counter-clockwise, the airflow is away from the observer Of course steph77 is right as a fixed angle pitch tail rotor would do no good any (real) helicopter. The variable pitch angle is used to change the yaw angle of the aircraft during flight. To compensate just for the torque of the (counter-clockwise rotation) main rotor the thrust of the tail rotor in 30465 should be OK (according to the drawings above).
  6. Wouldn't that require the use of panel #21? ;-) In a quick search i found -only- three technic helicopters where the pitch of main and tail rotor appears to be defined: the small one from Ocean Explorer (42064) 9396 Helicopter 8812 (8429) - recognizeable Any other one typically does not show (any) sign of pitch on either main or tail rotor. On some models there is no transmission to the tail rotor (8005, 8253).
  7. @Sadap: your scheme appears to match the drawing that i found on a wikipedia site: However, I am lacking knowledge on relation between rotational direction, propeller pitch and the resulting direction of air flow. It may be possible that the tail rotor technically has the wrong pitch. (But that's not the reason I used a plain piece as propeller in my version). The issue that you brought up should be fixed easily: swap the 12tooth gear in the rear with the half bushing - it may not be the most stable setup but technically more correct.
  8. Me - but it's just too big to regularly play with it. So I stopped after some test drives.
  9. Can you tell if the XL motor turns when in drive mode or does it appear to stall? (Check gearbox and listen to noise from motor) If the motor is not turning it could be - wrong - alignment of the differentials
  10. anyUser

    42116 Skid Steer Loader

    I was aware that putting in the black panels would give colour scheme similar to the JCB above. Perhaps a few more pieces need to be put in black (cabin + towards the back). But I wanted it more 'friendly', e.g. bright. I have most of the available parts in Bright Light Orange - but some just haven't been made.
  11. anyUser

    42116 Skid Steer Loader

    my attempt on black & yellow version: Conversion into a fork loader seems feasible.
  12. anyUser

    42117 Race Plane

    To me gearing is not necessary: because of the small wheels the propeller is spinning quite fast. Colour variant: The plane is - due to its size - very "swooshable" but technic function obviously only works on the runway.
  13. Shouldn't there be two of the white 1L 'beams' covering the 4L axles?
  14. anyUser

    30465 Helicopter

    All, thanks for the additional pictures that helped to finish my version: As you will notice I changed the center gears to have the tail rotor turning faster than the main one.
  15. anyUser

    LEGO 8640 Update

    This adds a nice touch to that old set. I found it rather bland as it only had the turning function of the main and tail rotor. I would like to build it myself. Isn't helicopter pilot typically sitting on the right side of the cockpit?