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  1. In past years the only cracking I ever had was from dark red parts. However recently I’ve had a few sets come with easily cracking parts; and my wife’s new “office” set came with one of the big plates nearly bent entirely in half, we have no idea how because they box was in perfect condition.
  2. thewatchman

    [MOC] Horizon: Zero Dawn machines (New: Behemoth & Longleg)

    Amazing! Thank you so much! I’ll start collecting parts and build these, and hopefully get around to the others later!
  3. thewatchman

    [MOC] Horizon: Zero Dawn machines (New: Behemoth & Longleg)

    These are stunning! I’d love small build instructions or some breakdown photos to replicate these for my wife.
  4. thewatchman

    LOTR Treebeard, WIP

    Looks phenomenal! Can’t wait to see more!
  5. I’m sure this sounds silly, but before he was the evil knight, I assumed he was the black knight, then became crazy and was then the evil knight. Though I have nothing to back this up at all.
  6. I assumed it was a reference to the collectable minifigure black knight with the crazy eyes.
  7. thewatchman

    [MOC] Warty Crab + COMIC

    Perfect little ship, a difficult scale to work too, but looking awesome. I cannot believe those sails are hand drawn! I was so sure they were printed on some sort of canvas!
  8. thewatchman

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    Finally finished, May I introduce the Crimson Corsair, Ironhooks privateer vessel. Hope you guys have enjoyed seeing this as much as I have building it!
  9. thewatchman

    [MOD] Expanded juniors pirate island

    The most delicious of the lego colour palette
  10. thewatchman

    [MOC] The Tubinare, privateering catamaran...

    Absolutely perfect set, masterfully built vessel and island. So inspired and those sails are simply perfect!
  11. thewatchman

    [MOD] Pirate Survival 8397 remake

    A bit of an upgrade on the 8397 pirate survival kit, hoping to put a bit more focus on the desperation of the survival. I felt the 2015 minifigure looked a little too suave and happy for a man barely surviving.
  12. thewatchman

    [MOD] Expanded juniors pirate island

    Iv been really enjoying playing with the original section, and expanding it, whilst trying to keep the build as close to a 2015/2020 I love the medium nougat / white / brown / green colours. The new Disney lego set coming next year has some parts I can’t wait to get my hands on to try a more advanced update on.
  13. thewatchman

    [MOC] HMS Redoubtable COMPLETED!

    I keep coming back to look at this build, and each time appreciate it a little more, or find more on it to love. A brilliant design and expertly built.
  14. thewatchman

    [MOD] Expanded juniors pirate island

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this 😂 A crows nest, a pirate flag a small dock and a cannon might just do the trick.