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  1. thewatchman

    [MOC] Warty Crab + COMIC

    Perfect little ship, a difficult scale to work too, but looking awesome. I cannot believe those sails are hand drawn! I was so sure they were printed on some sort of canvas!
  2. thewatchman

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    Finally finished, May I introduce the Crimson Corsair, Ironhooks privateer vessel. Hope you guys have enjoyed seeing this as much as I have building it!
  3. thewatchman

    [MOD] Expanded juniors pirate island

    The most delicious of the lego colour palette
  4. thewatchman

    [MOC] The Tubinare, privateering catamaran...

    Absolutely perfect set, masterfully built vessel and island. So inspired and those sails are simply perfect!
  5. thewatchman

    [MOD] Pirate Survival 8397 remake

    A bit of an upgrade on the 8397 pirate survival kit, hoping to put a bit more focus on the desperation of the survival. I felt the 2015 minifigure looked a little too suave and happy for a man barely surviving.
  6. thewatchman

    [MOD] Expanded juniors pirate island

    Iv been really enjoying playing with the original section, and expanding it, whilst trying to keep the build as close to a 2015/2020 I love the medium nougat / white / brown / green colours. The new Disney lego set coming next year has some parts I can’t wait to get my hands on to try a more advanced update on.
  7. thewatchman

    [MOC] HMS Redoubtable COMPLETED!

    I keep coming back to look at this build, and each time appreciate it a little more, or find more on it to love. A brilliant design and expertly built.
  8. thewatchman

    [MOD] Expanded juniors pirate island

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this 😂 A crows nest, a pirate flag a small dock and a cannon might just do the trick.
  9. thewatchman

    LIBRARY: Sails

    Does anyone have the sails for 7029 “skeleton ship attacks”?
  10. thewatchman

    [MOC] The Fall of the Aztec Empire: Part III

    Absolutely amazing scene! Thank you for sharing!
  11. thewatchman

    [MOD] Expanded juniors pirate island

    Just a small mod of the old juniors set, incorporating the new friends nat geo set 41432. I will “pirate” ur up more later, but any ideas and criticism always welcomed.
  12. thewatchman

    [MOC] The Conquered Outpost

    Absolutely love this build. I was trying to build something recently for a shipwreck dock, and used the same archway and rock outcrops but I like yours more!
  13. thewatchman

    [WIP] Jack Stone Hulled ship WIP experiment

    I love the use of these hull pieces! I always wanted to try moc the early Harry Potter ship that used similar hulls. I think someone used them to moc a Flying Dutchman and to this day I think it’s still my favorite “lego” scale version of the ship iv seen.
  14. thewatchman

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    Little bit of an update, much happier with captains cabin after a small amount of reworking. a new recruit was found and combat tested; but they decided to drink the captains rum instead; constructive criticism more than welcome.
  15. thewatchman

    [MOC] Navistar

    Great scale, I love mid sized builds! Great interior too!