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  1. thewatchman

    [WIP] Jack Stone Hulled ship WIP experiment

    I love the use of these hull pieces! I always wanted to try moc the early Harry Potter ship that used similar hulls. I think someone used them to moc a Flying Dutchman and to this day I think it’s still my favorite “lego” scale version of the ship iv seen.
  2. thewatchman

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    Little bit of an update, much happier with captains cabin after a small amount of reworking. a new recruit was found and combat tested; but they decided to drink the captains rum instead; constructive criticism more than welcome.
  3. thewatchman

    [MOC] Navistar

    Great scale, I love mid sized builds! Great interior too!
  4. thewatchman

    [MOC] Temple of the Black Panther - 4 Adventures through time

    What a perfect moc! Fantastically built and wonderfully realistic overgrowth!
  5. thewatchman

    [MOC] Magnetic North Frigate

    This is a phenomenal build. Simply stunning! Great job!
  6. thewatchman

    [MOC] Black "Brick" Pearl (motorized with PF)

    I absolutely love this build, but as is the nature of a single colour build, a lot of the more innovative design details get lost. Stunning build regardless!
  7. thewatchman

    [MOC] Admiral's Outpost on Azure Coast

    Absolutely beautiful build! Perfect part selection and incredibly alive and dynamic.
  8. Last year I saw the old 7072 captain kraggs boat and always felt that lego missed a chance with mid sized ship builds, so I thought I’d try my hand at doing a rebuild of a simple kit, to try warm up to smaller sized ship building.
  9. thewatchman

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    Thank you for the kind words! I had considered using those hull pieces but I think they might throw off the “pop” that the lighter colours give, and overwhelm the build with too much of one colour.
  10. thewatchman

    [MOC] A 'midsized' ship added to my fleet...

    I get what you mean it seems like micro scale, mini scale and huge Mocs seem to get the most attention. I’m waiting on a few bricklink orders before I can complete a similar type of build myself!
  11. thewatchman

    [MOC] A 'midsized' ship added to my fleet...

    I love this build! Absolutely great use of scale!
  12. thewatchman

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    I couldn’t stray too far away from the 4 colours of the scheme. Brown would look too washed out, nougat would be too much, black, too dark. This has been more of an experiment in colour than anything else, but I stand by the dark red deck choice. 😂
  13. thewatchman

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    Requiring some parts, ironhook and his first mate(ress) spotted a ship in the distance. Getting on the boarding craft they set forth. they soon got on board and dispatched the rather strange crew, discarding the nice hat they found. they soon made off with the true loot that they spotted, and began work on the “dark drake”. All the while the real brains of the operation planned his secret next move.
  14. thewatchman

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    Great build! Love the forecastle and hull side shaping!