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  1. thewatchman

    [MOC] Smugglers shanty and pirate island

    It’s the small lean-too on the right. The rebrickable file is available for free but I felt like it needed another small side build.
  2. I had been wanting to expand on “pirate island” moc by ‘chrisbrickman’ on rebrickable, so iv combined it with a smugglers shanty throw together iv done. hope you all like!
  3. thewatchman

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    Black hull pieces in betting on
  4. thewatchman

    [MOC] Kiss of Death, my new pirate ship!

    This is pretty awesome! I used a lot of medium nougat on a ship build long ago and loved how it looked. I love the hullshaping you’ve done, and I don’t dislike the bowser-esqe colour scheme either. Down the road I might try it paired with dark blue as a contrast colour. That said this a gorgeous ship! Thank you for sharing it!
  5. thewatchman

    [ENTRY] 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up/Soldiers’ Tavern Remake

    Finally got around to finishing my build of this up. Just wanted to thank you again for making this available, it was a great build that I had a lot of fun with! I used the BB palm tree method as the wheel clips just don’t hold, but kept the plant pot base section.
  6. thewatchman

    Getting into Pirates

    Agreed. It was the most enjoyable build iv ever experienced.
  7. thewatchman

    [POLL] Medieval Town Square

  8. thewatchman

    [POLL] Medieval Town Square

    Ah I’ll give my thoughts here, but they probably deserve to be on the historic forums thread. I don’t hate this set but everything about it feels like a compromise. I watched the video with the set designer and he was clearly very unhappy with the stickered elements and even made a snarky comment about the parents of the cheese maker being at market because they arnt present. What I think hurts the most about this set and the same applies to the d&d set, is seeing the “early drafts” of what they were to be. The leaked images of the market had a grand tree, plenty of animals and a jester on stilts, that made it feel a lot more alive. The d&d set looked incredible in the early submission, people voted on a product that they saw and liked, only for lego to bait and switch the majority of the design and absolutely butcher the dragon in the process. Nostalgia baiting fans with “look and exclusive torso for a faction that you had as a child” will only go so far in terms of selling sets, and it’s a pretty gross business model to work from, and that’s all this set is. A poor remake of a better set, built ten years ago with more limited part selections.
  9. thewatchman

    [ENTRY] 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up/Soldiers’ Tavern Remake

    All on you now mate 😁 Let’s see that studio file turn into a rebrickable entry.
  10. thewatchman


    Good to be a family man! Introduce the next generation of builders hopefully half as good! But this is very very impressive!
  11. This is exactly what I used to think until the last 6 months. Baring in mind I live in Australia and we are having a heatwave! Might be accelerating the process
  12. I bought one of these in mint condition for an moc I built and did the exact same thing about a week ago! Noticed on my display shelf that it was sitting out of the clip, so I gently attempted to push it back into place and it shattered. I had never had this problem until this year when half the reddish brown I own seems to break.
  13. The trading port and lighthouse would be day one buys.
  14. LOVE this mini build! So much character on a 4x4 round!