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  1. Pandora

    LEGO Masters Reality TV show in the US There have been two series in the UK, and Nate (one of the two series 1 winners) was even in Billund at the Event (with YOU! ) in 2018, along with JanetVanD and son, who also progressed pretty far in the first series (IIRC). So you have even met people who've been in it and won it!
  2. Not as quickly as I planned to come back, but these things happen. Hinckley, thank you so much for such a wonderful game. It was beautiful and hilarious and I am always smitten by them. I loved the hilarious cutscenes and titles with "secret" information that still didn't change the game. Your hosting is always excellent, thank you so much for all that you do. You are mature, that's what matters, not your age right now. You're a good player and you played well. Even good players get frustrated and drawn into the mafia experience, what takes real maturity is to recognise where you got frustrated and apologise as you have. It looks like you have the right temperament for the courses you'll be taking. I hope you'll return to playing mafia when you're ready. You played incredibly well, and I agree with Bob that I can see exactly why you made the choices you did. I really don't think you should berate yourself like this, it's not on you. I think you're a great player, for what it's worth. Oh Fangy, this makes me so sad, as I am largely responsible for your death. I really did think you were scum, though, and I got that very wrong. I really enjoyed playing scum in this game, because it's fun to be scum (sometimes) but we also got to do some scum-hunting ourselves, with decidedly mixed results! The anonymous set up was an absolute revelation for me. It's not as if I haven't played it before, but with signing up privately I felt immune to metagaming. The temptation (for me, at least) is to try to match the people signed up with with the characters, and often you get it right, so it's not necessarily that anonymous anymore. I would much rather play anonymous games, and I'm tempted to suggest that they become the norm, really. A note on scum having two final actions; I always considered that factional abilities were swapped around and designated abilities were not. So with this game, our day block and kill could be swapped around, they were factional, so it was only right that the last member of the faction have access to all of them, and I assume the same was true for the monsters. In a scum team of 1)Blocker, 2)Rolecop, 3)Goon, 4)Goon, 5)Goon with a factional kill (usually performed by the Goons) then when left with only 1) they can block and kill, only 2) they can rolecop and kill, and when left with just a Goon, they can only kill. I believe this is standard. Oh, and I'm happy to post the Hellions board.
  3. Pandora

    [REVIEW] 75810 - The Upside Down

    Thank you Makoy, for such an amazing review! The amount of time you must have spent to write and photograph something as good as this is astounding, and I am in absolute awe. Not only that, but you have expertly tied the review in with the show to make it great for those of us who have seen the show, but also made it a fantastic review for those who haven't. Thank you so much for this! This is a spectacular set and I can't wait to add it to my collection. The colour palettes for both sides are just wonderful, and really evoke the design from the show. I love the fact that they've included Eggos for Eleven and I'm in love with the dark blue plant leaves pieces, but I agree this set needed Steve and his baseball bat full of nails. I can see, though, that with Steve you need Nancy and Jonathan (both of whom I would also have liked) and I guess they just had to draw a line somewhere. I love the design of this set, and that you can fully display all of it either way up. It is a shame they had to make compromises, but I guess that's just what they are; I agree with your conclusions overall and I also applaud the designer on a job very well done. I'm so glad you reviewed this Makoy, thank you.
  4. Pandora

    [MOC] Triphena the Unicorn

    This is very cute and beautifully done!
  5. Pandora


    It looks like you and your daughter had a wonderful time building this and there are many details to appreciate here. Steampunk traditionally goes in Sci-Fi rather than Town, so I shall move it over there.
  6. Pandora

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Welcome to the Reviewers Academy.
  7. I would be willing to help you do this. It will be as-and-when I am available, but I believe it is a great project, and I sort of asked for it in the first place! The potential sticking points will be identifying all RA reviewers, checking at what point a member joined the RA and verifying which of their reviews are RA. It might also be interesting to note bronze, silver and gold reviews also, which wouldn't take too much effort on top. Happy to discuss anything further, and please feel free to PM me.
  8. The sidebar is indeed a representation of the user right now, and you are correct in your logic regarding the reviews - for instance a few of my reviews were made before I joined the RA, thus they are not RA reviews. We try to put the RA logo at the top of RA reviews, but sometimes we forget. So yes, that review by JackJonespaw you linked to is indeed an RA review, but there isn't a logo. I fear we might be asking you the impossible to segregate RA reviews, or if not impossible, then very difficult without more input from us. Even going by author will lead to errors without knowing which reviews by that author are RA. I am willing to help, time permitting, but I suspect it will require a lot of manual checking one way or another.
  9. This is a masterclass on how to present an LEGO Ideas submission on EB:- Lots of great pictures with a good amount of text to explain a bit about it. Well done on another beautiful build. This engine is aesthetically lovely, and I really like how the sides of the wagon drop down. Adding the tools and flora to the set turn this from a very nice model into a playset, and essentially gives it dual appeal. Your choice of Minifigs suit the build extremely well, and in the last picture it looks like the engine has escaped from some sort of Wild West themed fair to run riot on the streets of your modular builds! Good luck with Ideas.
  10. Pandora

    Girls, stand up !

    *Waves magic wand* Consider yourself Enpinkenated! Welcome to the Ladies' Group Skye.
  11. So I had a look through and I've identified a few reviews of mine that are missing (sorry): 41041 - Turtle's Little Paradise, 41042 Tiger's Beautiful Temple, 41043 Penguin's Playground (Triple Review) 41005 - Heartlake High 41007 - Heartlake Pet Salon 70706 - Crater Creeper 3629 - Barney Bear 329 - Bernard Bear And His Delivery Lorry and 21013 - Big Ben which was a joint review with Rufus (and it's not on his profile either). As suspected, they all do have "review" in their title, so I don't know why the search didn't pick them up. I note that there's another 21013 review from EB in your dataset (produced after ours), but I presume you would include all reviews, regardless of duplication?
  12. This is an absolutely phenomenal build, and to have won is also icing on the cake! Huge congratulations to all the builders for your incredible hard work, it really is astonishing. There's so much to love, but the Water Realm, Nebula Realm and Nature Realms - just gorgeous, and they all look so good in World of Lights. The whole is a fantastic idea and it's been executed brilliantly, I really cannot praise you all enough. I'll echo what Pep has said and agree that this really is something for everyone at Eurobricks to be proud of as it represents our best qualities of collaboration, cooperation, creativity and joy. Also, thank you for the brilliant write up @Captain Nemo! @Hinckley, congratulations on winning Brickworld Master, best Sea Vessel and Best Large Building along with the group win - a seriously impressive haul of trophies! Well done everyone!
  13. Wha....? This is quite remarkable. I will echo Pep's request for reviews by theme (and I don't know if you'd be able to do it by host subforum) but I also wonder if you've done any data crunching with regards to the Reviewers Academy and RA Approved Reviews? @WhiteFang and @Rufus I think you should stop by here. Thank you for this work Linus. Astonishing. EDIT: I also notice that a few of my reviews are not in the database, and I know I do (I really do, being an RA Teacher!) put "Review" in the title, and there shouldn't be any broken images, only proper reviews.
  14. Pandora

    [MOC] Submarine House

    That is a very nice solution to an unusual problem! The build as a whole fits incredibly well into your seaside layout, which is wonderful by the way. Shaping the roof like a pirate hat gives a lovely curve against the dormer windows, and coupled with the porthole windows on the lower layer gives a true nautical feel to the build. The style of architecture also matches that of the submarine itself, also. Some lovely features, really great work, thank you for sharing!