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  1. "I know this is counter-intuitive, but it's quite possible that the blackout was unrelated to the murder. We expect things to fit together, but sometimes they just don't and we have to allow ourselves to consider that." "That's a logical approach. As long as we ensure nobody leaves the group, it won't matter which order we search in to we may as well do it ergonomically." "Don't worry Grace, Noah's got that covered." Charlotte waits to inspect the next room with the group.
  2. Charlotte looks at Oliver for a while and considers the sound they would all have to endure if she acquiesced to Oliver's request. "No." she replies, not unkindly "We don't truly know if it was the stolen documents that were burnt. Do we know for certain that documents were definitely stolen?" Charlotte screws up her face a little trying to remember.
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    Image Uploading / Posting

    I've removed it for you. As Peppermint_M says, there are a number of free image hosting sites. Host your images on one of those and then post them to the forum here.
  4. Charlotte would like to keep hold of the socket wrench please.
  5. Charlotte picks up the magnifying glass. "Hopefully this will come in handy." She then moves to inspect the drills? on the floor, picking one up and examining it in detail.
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    HELP! ! !

    Yes. Usually, posting the link to the image will auto-embed it into the post. The same is true for video. If you do plan to post images, make sure you follow the Site Guidelines which can be found on the green bar at the top of this page. Also, I have merged this with the "HELP!!!" topic. If you need help, then ask in this topic rather than creating a new topic please.
  7. Charlotte pinches the bridge of her nose. "No, Inspector Clouseau, Ezra is not being kept in the exercise room because he is right here!" Charlotte points emphatically, but carefully, at the unconscious Ezra lying in front of them, still waiting for Dr Frost to do whatever he might do. She takes a deep breath, smoothes down her clothes (the mechanics overalls Gabriella eventually let her have) and forces out a resigned smile. "I do not mind where we go next."
  8. Charlotte checks on Ezra to make sure he's still alive whilst waiting for Dr Frost to do whatever he's going to do and then checks inside the Space Bible for any loose pieces of paper.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, but thank you! Hope you're feeling better! Charlotte looks carefully at the badge, surely she has seen quite a few official badges in her time? "I think, Officer Jones, that if we knew that we might have quite a bit of what's going on around here sorted out." Charlotte looks for understanding in the Officer's face "And I would imagine that anyone who did know, would be quite likely to have been involved in the act, and so would be unlikely to volunteer such information." Charlotte looks some more "So, in short: No." Most likely?? Who built this ship? "Well Jason and Pierce managed to send a message that we'd had a power loss, is that usually enough to summon the Space Police, Captain? They didn't even say sabotage, and now we have Officer Jones here asking us to answer questions we've been trying to ask ourselves." "I absolutely agree. Clearly Officer Jones has never had to worry about nefarious types turning up at her abode claiming to be from the gas board just to gain entry." "I'm sure your books are excellent, and hopefully I'll have time to read one one day, but just because you wrote about it does not make it an actual thing, surely? I mean, I could write a postcard to my elderly aunt about a particularly fine hat, but that would not mean that that hat existed, no matter how well I may describe it. Did you base your prose on a real signal jammer you had seen somewhere, or is it only from your flights of fancy?" "We found Ezra, didn't we? Isn't he this injured chap right here that we were initially going to take to the gym and now decided to put on the bed in the empty cabin so that Dr Frost could examine and tend to him?" Charlotte examines the desk carefully, opening any drawers and cupboards and checking for loose panels and secret compartments etc.
  10. "Very sensible, Mr Baker. I should very much like to see that too." Charlotte turns to face the newcomer "Madam, you have failed to introduce yourself and we are working on inferences. What is your rank within the Space Police? And from where are you based? Could you also please call in for a Space Ambulance so we may get our injured fellow passenger to Space Hospital. Plus it would be helpful if the Space Coroner could take poor Mr Peck away to the Space Morgue and examine the body with the Space Forensic team." Charlotte rubs her temples. "Arthur, you wouldn't happen to have your portable bar with you, would you? If so, be an angel and whip up an espresso martini would you? Thank you."
  11. Charlotte offers her hands indicating willingness to have her fingerprints taken. "Surely Mr Parry has already been triaged as the only one of us injured and in need of medical assistance? Do you mean set up a sort of sick-bay type area?" "Is it possible that the other vessel in our vicinity that we found with our sensors was in fact the space police vessel? Have they been following us? If so, why?" "I've already made clear my desire to visit this empty cabin, and I've already mused aloud at how odd it is to have such an unprofitable space on such a long journey. It's part of the reason I want to see just what is inside there. If it really is empty there should be a bed for Mr Parry to recover in. Having his condition improve will greatly increase our chances of getting him to answer our questions, and I have a lot of questions for him."
  12. Charlotte blushes deeply and turns away muttering, clearly flustered. "Well, I mean, I don't know about that, but it's awfully nice of you to uhm...." Fortunately a distraction provides itself. "Now now Mr Hudson, it is unfair to call me such a name just because I have no desire to have blood on my hands. We can't all be brave around such gory things like Dr Frost, and the important thing is that I am finding a way to work with my weaknesses. Nobody should be persecuted for that. So, I have said I will help and thus I will help, but now I shall do so without accidentally redecorating the carpeting." "I think this might be the best plan, Captain. We need to have somebody watch over him, to make sure he doesn't die from his injuries, isn't killed by a murderer and doesn't escape and try to murder one of us. I believe we should all stick together, so having Mr Falcon and Mr Foster watch Mr Parry is probably the best approach."
  13. "Well that's worked out for the best, hasn't it then? I can now now help with Ezra's evacuation to a place of hopeful safety, without spewing that excellent meal Mr Baker cooked absolutely everywhere, and without giving dear Arthur a whole lot of mess to mop up." Charlotte smiles genuinely at Gabriella, as if everything has come to a logical conclusion, before pulling the coveralls on over her clothes and donning the gloves to prepare to move Ezra. "Yes, but who has that much luggage?!"
  14. I'd like to look at the luggage labels to see who else all this luggage belongs to. "Arthur @Waterbrick Down, do you know why this luggage is here and not in people's quarters? It seems odd to have to travel separated from one's luggage." "I'm more than happy to help, but there's an awful lot of blood around his head and if I have to touch his bloodied scalp with my bare hands I might throw up. We must get this poor man to somewhere where his injuries can be properly tended, though." Charlotte looks around the luggage area for a pair of gloves to wear so she can help.
  15. Pandora

    Review: 40426 Christmas Wreath

    This is a really interesting idea and I wonder, given how this set is pitched at adults with their own homes, if they'll move further in that direction in the future? There is already the 853976 Wooden Minifigure, and the Mosaic range, which both focus slightly more on decoration than building, so maybe we'll see more of these kinds of sets? Thank you for your reply! Thank you Veebs! Yes, this does seem to be more 'grown up' than the merchandise TLG have previously put out for the holidays. I think this is maybe meant to be classier than their usual baubles or fridge magnets, and in reality if someone saw it at our house (which depending on social restrictions they may well do) they would be surprised that TLG made it but not that we have it. Thank you for that input, it's really helpful! I usually choose Germany for the Euro price example, purely arbitrarily, but here it might have skewed the true price if you hadn't pointed this out, so thank you. Thanks Makoy! Maybe I just haven't got any Christmas spirit yet this year? Thank you Fangy! You're right, it would be a repetitive build for a model that might be difficult to display, so yes, knowing where you'd put it would be necessary. I love that it can hang, but I'm not sure what I would hang it from, and like you I'm reluctant to go around knocking holes in walls. It could go flat on a table, but it will get fiddled with (if any kids or fiddly adults are nearby) and bits will get knocked off. A 45° stand, or something like a plate stand but with appropriate dimensions to allow for the foliage overhang etc, would allow it to be put on a shelf but still be visible and 'on display'. If you do, I'd love to hear what you also think of it. I really hope you mean the set and not my review! Either way, all views and opinions are welcome.