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  1. Pandora

    FABUpunk! Mafia II Sign-ups

    1) Obviously the Panda, but I also gave my heart to a Rabbit with a baguette, so that's a close second. 2) No, because it won't ever be as good and might actually taint the memories we already have. I mean, just look at the 2nd gen eyes. 3) Some idiots ran a game with an Acetic and a Nexus so those maybe? I've never played a role I disliked. Conversely my favourite role is Vanilla Town.
  2. Sorry... I guess? As to your second question, I'm not about to reveal all of my thinking. Don't want to give anyone any ideas. I couldn't see the point of arguing it at the time, but that kind of shit pisses me off. I hadn't resorted to hissing. I was making reasoned points, albeit flavoured with more than a hint of "Exasperated Townie". I can accept that someone might not buy the Townieness of it, but to say I had resorted to 'hissing' was plain bollocks.
  3. Thanks for the great game Hinck, it was glorious. Well done town and bad luck scum. I think you've definitely deserved that! I wasn't about to start protesting about being framed on day one after what had happened with Hendrick, but I knew the frame would show me up, as Hinck and I had talked about it in Night Zero. Best I could do was to act casual and try to make you believe I was actually being framed or you were being duped (or anything else that I actually argued). You were the one I needed to convince, you were the town leader, and you tunnel-visioned on me, and if I couldn't convince you then it wasn't going to work. At the point you did that, the scum had all but folded and there was little else left to distract from me, coupled with you knowing you had the town numbers to lose me if you were wrong, and I couldn't roleclaim as the open setup made it clear there were no roles to claim. Essentially your extremely good town play and the night action result against me completely scuppered me. I've successfully talked my way out of some very sticky situations before and it just wasn't going to happen here. I got to choose the setup each day from a choice of three. I made plans assuming I'd have the same choices each day, and then on day two I saw that obviously I didn't (because really, why would I?! ) I think when I chose Day Two's setup I even referred to it as the "MurderDeathKill" setup or something. Some fun facts: I didn't give you the vig thinking you'd use it on me, but it would have been wonderful if you had (and if you'd not then tried to lynch me). I had in my notes that I gave Priella the missing frame on Day One, not Lyev (I checked and Hinck got it right, the mistake was my end) but I had so much other stuff going on that I had it in my head that Priella was lying when she specifically denied having the frame, so when it came to lynching her I was trying not to let her be lynched because I "knew" she was scum, even though I actually didn't. Weird, huh? Anyway, as a result of that I also hugely suspected Hayleigh for jumping at me about lying because I thought I'd given away that I knew Priella was scum because she had lied. Except she hadn't. Fun times. I absolutely loved it. I had a ton of fun with it and I am so sad it's over. There were teething problems, and issues that needed to be addressed, but it was a joyous experience, thank you Hinck. It also saved you one whole game of me not sending in my "don't let me die you bastard" night action every night.
  4. Pandora

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    7 - 1 point 8 - 1 point 18 - 1 point A very big Well Done to everyone who participated as they were all fantastic entries. I wish I could give out more points!
  5. Pandora

    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    No dinner during mafia! Ah well, this is the age of self-care, and rightfully so. Bon appétit!
  6. Pandora

    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    Please may I play? What's the worst that could happen, right? No, really, what is the worst that could happen, because I have these forms to fill out...
  7. Pandora

    [MOC] Fabuland

    These are absolutely lovely Fabuland scenes, and it's wonderful how you've managed to recreate pretty much exactly the same scene twice. It's a bit like looking at a photo with two different filters! There's really clever part use to brick build the larger single Fabuland parts, like the car roof: it's just one part in Fabuland, but you've managed to brick build the same shape in the contemporary version. I also like the small touches like the bear holding the teddy bear printed tile in the 80's compared with the equivalent bear holding an actual teddy bear in the modern version. The rounding you've achieved with the modern doors and windows really works to tie the two together. It's lovely to see this, thank you. Thank you for alerting me Pep!
  8. Pandora

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    Oh, I can post again? It's been so long.... I was Nadia, excessive and compulsive baker, rubber of bellies, baby dragon lover and INNOCENT VICTIM OF THE HEARTLESS SCUM!! Well done scum, though I don't think you had to work too hard! Lovely game Darkdragon, thoroughly enjoyed playing watching it! I thought the role playing was all around top notch and made the game really enjoyable without getting in the way of the gameplay. The roleplay awards were a great idea. It was really refreshing to have a different setup and I thought it was well balanced. I had a lot of fun so thank you to my fellow players and a big, big thank you for hosting this Darkdragon, it was superbly done from start to finish. Also, yay for more people with crazy theories!
  9. Pandora

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    I love the fact you've gone 'all in' with the primary colours and also expanded on the slightly kooky architecture of the Fabuland sets. This is a lovely town and it feels complete; filled without being full. The overall island is beautiful, but I also love the variety of vignettes that can be seen in the close ups. I particularly like the way you've done the trees, to make them really echo the original 2D tree pieces yet using modern parts and fleshing them out more. A brilliant mix of old and new, bravo!
  10. Pandora

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    Zoiks! My 'meta' comment referred to Trekkie's post above: From a natural 20 to a mind-expanding 42 that just leaves a Taylor Swift..... Maybe we're all feeling 22???
  11. Pandora

    review [REVIEW] LEGO 40187 Flower Display

    Thank you for your lovely review Capparezza! I have these flowers on my desk at home, along with 30408 (which was a gift.) I bought them because they make me smile to look at and, as you rightly say, they compliment the 30404 I bought for my daughter as a stocking filler. The build was as much fun as a small build can offer, and I agree with you that these would make a lovely gift.
  12. Pandora

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    Is that an African or European Dragon? Laden or unladen? Fus Ro Dah? I've asked the experts and, apparently, it's King and Queen Thistle, but Nanny Plum helps a bit as well and it seems the Wise Old Elf runs a lot of stuff too. Oooh, cheese, lettuce and coleslaw on a wholemeal roll please! No? Is it a numerical answer? Then it can only be 42. Apparently Taylor Swift added the extra 22 (so meta.)
  13. Pandora

    LEGO Masters US Show

    You're welcome. I lurk in this topic from time to time, and I knew we had the tag - it seemed like an excellent match. Congratulations on your great work on the show.
  14. Well, I said if you were scum you deserved the win @Darkdragon well played, and thank you to you and @Lind Whisperer for stepping in and keeping the game going. It was awesome of both of you to do that. I think that was my first @Bob game; thanks for hosting Bob, and thanks for letting me play. @KotZ it's possible you might think I have some vendetta against you (you might not think that, I dunno) but I can honestly assure you I don't. I felt super bad going after you two games in a row, and even worse when you came back town, sorry man. @Hinckley you get to keep the ice tray and at least I wrote you a play. Wanna go halves on some therapy? Good game everyone. I don't think I have the time and energy to play the next game, but I think maybe @Rufus might be interested.
  15. Oh yay, another wall of text from Deanna. I'm not going to answer everything in your endless, waffley, scummy ravings, but I have a couple of points: ... you still go on about it. You've danced up and down about me being certain and definite and it turns out I'm not and I wasn't. But you still waffle on about how I might be. ...Yeah WIFOM alert, but.... wouldn't I be more careful if I were scum TM Deanna Troi Ah, so going back and looking at things in more detail is actually acceptable, despite you trying to paint it as unacceptable when I do it. You voted to extend the day first, what do you want? A medal? You don't vote to extend the day on your own, and I voted just the same: Day Six - Deanna, Riker Day Five - Deanna, Picard, Wesley (I even put them in chronological order) Day Four - Deanna, Wesley, Picard, Forg Day Three - Deanna, Forg, Wesley, Riker Day Two - Deanna, Wesley, Forg, Picard, Data Day One - Deanna, Data, Wesley, Geordi, Picard I didn't bother today because I didn't need to because it had already been achieved. Like I said, it didn't matter to you whether you prevented the night kill or not as long as you weren't the one being lynched. One dead townie is as good as another for you! You still haven't responded about your blatant lies about me being involved with the end of Day Three. I do indeed want Riker's vote to stay on you, because I think you are scum and I know I am town, and I have considered Riker a million times (ok, maybe slight exaggeration there, but still) and on balance I don't think he's anywhere near as scummy as you are. I don't know how many times I need to say this.