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  1. [MOC] Black vintage car M20

    Wow this is amazing! The rearview mirrors are beautiful!
  2. Two Swiss Alpine inspired trains designed with Pick a Brick

    One more beautiful than the other ...but the wagons of the red one are gorgeous!
  3. Trains exhibitors

    Wow the orange locomotive and its vagon are a news for me ...simply gorgeous!
  4. Reading T-1 #2101, The Chessie Steam Special

    Wow ...this is very very long!
  5. [REVIEW] LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1- Full LED Lights

    Beautiful lights effect! Thanks for sharing this wonderful work!
  6. HTM 265 - Tram from The Hague, the Netherlands

    Wow gorgeous tram! I like your solution for the coupling system, and the roller brushes for pantographs! The front round shape and the snotted doors are very well done!
  7. Reading T-1 #2101, The Chessie Steam Special

    Beautiful locomotive ...and great first MOC here from you! This steam locomotive can participate to the contest Octrainber ...hurry up with the tender!
  8. DB 200 116

    Thanks for the question: the receiver works well ... and this is neither the first (as you can see here E444-044) nor the last time I use this technique
  9. [REVIEW OFFER] The LEGO Trains Book

    I'm happy for you Toastie and I'm satisfied with the choice
  10. [MOC] Adult Store and Comic Shop

    I agree ...the whole scene looks so desolate! Very cool!
  11. DeLorean DMC-12

    I love that movie and you did an excellent job!
  12. DB 200 116

    Thank you very much Goldenmasamune, the switch is an ON-OFF-ON interruptor to power the motor in the first ON position, and to power the motor and the lights in the second ON position. The switch allows me to use a non-lego battery box (cheaper) and especially not having to open the locomotive to reach the switch on the battery pack About the white stripes I'm not so skilful to do a good job any case it would be great have some professional white stickers
  13. Hi my name is .... and I'm an addict

    Welcom aboard Wildcat33!
  14. Hello

    Welcome aboard Cobin you have a link for your works?