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  1. GWR 14XX moc

    Beautiful little locomotive! I had missed it among the various topics I'm waiting for your next MOC...
  2. [MOC] Explorien Core Utility Ship

    This is an awesome MOC The long range transport is amazing, I like the back multi-purpose harm with the drill
  3. (MOC) Space Construction Mech

    Very sleek ...I love the three eyes (looks like a spider) I like those powerfull harms!

    Very cute , you're a genius!
  5. Another newbie

    Welcome aboard Rob from another guy young at heart and 47 in body!
  6. 你好!!Hello there ^^

    Welcome aboard Kelvin!
  7. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    I was hoping it was you Tiger Nice hardware store and beautiful details for the goods!
  8. Very nice review ...and interesing vehicle!
  9. [MOC] 's Mini Cooper, Actros w/ trailer, Backhoe

    Fantastic mini cooper ...I love the front lights
  10. GFLUG/GFLTC NMRA National Train Show

    Amazing level of quality details! Lovely wagons!
  11. [MOC] Tornado

    Very original use of the chains!
  12. [MOC] Nasty Tower

    Great architecture and beautiful trees! Lovely your snot technique for the ground and amazing main door!
  13. [LDD MOC] Stephenson's Rocket

    I had already seen one in lego but every time I see this model I like it! Beautiful MOC! Great pictures!
  14. [MOC] Lego City Future - Hovercab

    This taxi is totally cool remind me movie like the fifth element
  15. Hello! I'm Splashie :D

    Welcome Splashie ...I hope this site will help you!