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  1. Class 23 D5909

    Hi Thorsten, at a first glance I was scared for your comment ...but you were just kidding Thanks a lot for you amazing words for my last work. I've already several complete MOCs to show here in the next months only stay tuned (maybe with a beer ...bottle relabeled as I read somewhere ) Thanks a lot ...I like dark blue too! Thanks Feuer Zug ...for the VGA credits must go also to Hod Carrier The choice between Class 55 and Class 23 was precisely dictated by the number of axles and the excessive curves of the Class 55. The best Class 55 I've ever seen has been made by Bricktrix (too far from my possibilities to make a similar work ) Thanks again to CollectArrow and Hod Carrier for the tons of information ...finally I've well understand the meaning of the front panel
  2. Class 23 D5909

    ...the mix is from any era and from every nation!
  3. Class 23 D5909

    I totally agree. Putting things into perspective is the right way to confer credibility to every AFOL's project!
  4. Class 23 D5909

    ...but in my perfect world of lego trains every locomotive is alive and fully operational: the oldest one can pull the youngest and most modern wagon! Note: Thanks for the historical information
  5. Class 23 D5909

    Initial problems with the locomotives were minor and varied, although a problem with cracking in the cylinder liner around the injector hole required the engine to be changed. Before this model I've never heard of this kind of motor too
  6. Class 23 D5909

    Hi everyone, time to take another step in my European tour... ...time to visit the United Kingdom... ...with the Class 23 D5909 The Class 23 is a diesel-electric locomotive powered with a special kind of engine (designed by D. Napier &. Son) where the cylinders were disposed in a three bank triangle with a delta shape (also called Deltic: the merge of Delta and Electric) The diesel engine was a single, half-sized version of those used in the more powerful Class 55 "Deltic" locomotives, and the overall design and external appearance of the Class 23 was also similar to the Class 55, but much shorter, leading to their nickname of "Baby Deltic" [from Wikipedia]. The most challenging part of this locomotive was to approximate the curved profile of the roof and at the same time insert in the main body the battery pack and the 9 Volt battery for the lights (that can never be missing on my models ) I also wanted to combine two beautiful VGA cars with this English locomotive. These wagons are a replica of the beautiful work done by Hod Carrier The result is amazing with that nice contrast between blue/yellow and red/gray! Enjoy the show See you next month in a new European state!
  7. Bluesmobile

    I'm a big fan too, and this car looks amazing! The speaker is the icing on the cake!
  8. [MOC] Dodge Charger '69-'70

    This MOC is gorgeous ...great model of the iconic Dodge Charger
  9. New LEGO 60198 Cargo Train Locomotive Speed Build

    Thanks for sharing!
  10. LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    I'm curious to see the new remote controller
  11. [MOC] 7898 Crane - version 2

    Better mechanism and nice general shape ...I love cranes!
  12. Modified Emerald Night

    Thanks for sharing the details of these amazing wagons!
  13. MOC: Tower Crane

    Very nice tower crane ...I like this kind of stuff
  14. [MOC] Modular Sushi Bar

    Wow, I want to taste those amazing sushi!
  15. A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Wow, I loved this series and the van is perfect