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  1. True. If nothing else, it'll surely make for a good parts pack though.
  2. 3 sets, 4 sets, no necessary quality improvement regardless. A potential secret 4th set to "please" us could end up being a rushed mess for all we know. Look at the bright side, the unfortunate delay of the Liebherr crane means one more set next year since it'll come on top of what's already in development for 2023.
  3. Agreed, the B-models are sometimes even better than the A-models, at least for small/medium size sets. I also agree with the focus on cars as I'm not a huge car nut, especially not for supercars. I prefer cars the likes of Land Rover Defender and Mercedes Geländewagen, SUVs and similar. I don't buy very many sets though and few of the large ones, the last large one I bought was the 42055 BWE. That said, while I agree that it's nice to build from a physical paper manual, I understand why they cut out B-model manuals for the sake of the environment, although I don't know how much that does compared to the additional power usage of having to use a pc/tablet for the instructions or if this is a lot of power in the first place.
  4. N-4K0

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Morbius on April 1 and Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore last night. Morbius was fairly good I think. TSOD was good. Didn't see 1, only the very last part and read the plot. Saw 2 on Monday to prepare for 3.
  5. N-4K0

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I watched The Batman yesterday March 4. Quite good movie, I think Robert Pattinson did a fairly good job as Bruce Wayne.
  6. I personally dislike the use of flex axles. It's an easy way to make the shapes, yes, but it leaves too many holes in the bodywork for my taste while also making the bodywork too fragile. Panels can cover up too much, I agree, but I have always preferred a more solid building style even if it goes on the expense of details.
  7. N-4K0

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Matrix Resurrections on Wednesday. Pretty okay movie. The King's Man on Friday. Haven't seen the first two, but pretty good action movie. Spider-Man: No Way Home on Saturday. Another pretty good MCU movie.
  8. N-4K0

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage There was carnage and there was destruction.
  9. N-4K0

    [MOC] The Red Keep from Game of Thrones

    Astonishing model in both size and detailing
  10. Personally I'm a combination of all things mentioned. I need to have all bush slots the same way, the bush ends (for the 1L ones) equally facing inwards/outwards and all pins orientated with the end slots parallell with the length of the beams. Do I have OCD? I don't know, but I suspect I do cos if these things are randomized, I don't like it I also tend to find that the grip of the pins feel a little stronger when they're orientated in the mentioned way with the end slots being parallell with the beams lengthwise.
  11. On the pics we've seen recently, the LA mounts look black to me, at least on the main front box image where it's seen diagonally. I did notice it's DBG in this video, if it's really the case for the finished model, it's indeed a shame. But I haven't seen enough of the official/"official" images/box art to be 100% sure.
  12. If the image in astyanax's post is the only one existing/available for now of this new 3L pin, it could have a hole in the stop-end allowing for bars or other tools to pass for (relatively) easy extraction. If it's just a flat end with no hole, like the 3/4/5/8L axles with stop, it should have a hole to make it removable from the stop side. It looks like an interesting and practical part though, it's easy to see its purpose, but it needs a means to be removable without the need to access the other side.
  13. Sorry to see you leaving Sariel. I rarely comment on MOC topics or any other topics for that matter anyway, but your reviews are always interesting and informative to watch. When it comes to the "no criticism" part it seems to be a natural aspect of society today where everything will always offend someone. I don't understand this mentality, I sometimes feel offended by something, but I don't bother making a big deal out of it. Anyway, wish you all the best Sariel, and your pets as well of course.
  14. N-4K0

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Fast & Furious 9 for me too.