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  1. N-4K0

    General Part Discussion

    Yeah, I don't use hoses much anyway, but I usually use that pin with pinhole and lead the hose though the hole and use it that way to hold the hose, but I mostly end up using hoses as decorative parts on 6 or 8 cylinder tractor engines and such.
  2. N-4K0

    General Part Discussion

    Typical bush part that all too often cracks on my end after some years, I'd greatly prefer a pinhole.
  3. N-4K0

    General Part Discussion

    With a thin enough drill bit, you could probably drill a hole through it though. Tedious, but worth it to have hose extensions.
  4. N-4K0

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    As much as I would like official images as soon as possible, I would rather see this current trend of awaiting such a release in order to delay the copycats as long as possible. Impatient as I am, this is the best strategy.
  5. N-4K0

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    For the 2H in general, if the idea about the prelim pics being fake to fool copycats would end up being true, it would be a really good idea, but I guess it would be more (too much?) work for them as they would also have to have some designers take time and effort to design fake sets. Or maybe it would be easier cos I guess they could just take a little extra time making the first drafts, then tape images of those and use as potential "fake set prelims" before the designers kept improving the drafts and making the actual sets.
  6. N-4K0

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Tenet last night.
  7. N-4K0

    General Part Discussion

    A slight color variation that requires (bright) light to see is IMO acceptable, the Sián level... eh, I could accept it, but it's certainly on the border of what should be expected from such a pricy set.
  8. N-4K0

    General Part Discussion

    I got 2x of the Hovercraft set, got one partially built and the two of those panel extension pieces in that one seem fine. Haven't checked the other one yet. These copies are bought in Norway, I assume we get Lego sets produced here in Europe/Denmark.
  9. N-4K0

    General Part Discussion

    I don't yet have this, but I've experienced the same issue with thin liftarms with axle holes where they don't align perfectly with each other, but the difference is so small it's barely noticeable. If the issue with your parts is noticeable enough that it might cause twisting of the axle in use, then perhaps it might be a flawed mould or something.
  10. N-4K0

    General Part Discussion

    When did they stop using the first version of the black 2L pin? 8235 Front End Loader is the first Technic set I can remember having, maybe 8824 Hovercraft, I certainly had a set similar to that with those modified bricks with the rubber things, so either '94 or '95, but anyway, I never recall having had those original black pins said to be so hard to remove. Anyway, the perfect black pin IMO seems to be the original kind made to be not quite so difficult to remove, cos I often feel like the second type we've had for many years now doesn't sit quite as well as I personally would like.
  11. N-4K0

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    There's also 8069 which was my first set as an adult. I thought that red Huddig was a Lännen at first.
  12. Seat is a Spanish car manufacturer and Skoda is a Czech (Czechoslovakian) ditto.
  13. N-4K0

    [MOC] Unimog U400

    Amazing MOC, looks great
  14. I just looked it up and found this from 2014: Göteborg, Sweden – As part of the Volvo Group’s efforts to improve profitability and reduce costs, Volvo Construction Equipment will discontinue development and production of its current product line of Volvo-branded backhoe loaders and motor graders. In the future, these products will instead be manufactured by Volvo CE’s Chinese company SDLG. I don't know if they still make backhoes, but if they do they're branded as SDLG and not Volvo.
  15. N-4K0

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I don't see the chance of a Hummer being very big considering it originated as a military vehicle. it would be cool though. Just look at the potential cancelling of the Osprey set because of its use as a military aircraft despite the set being branded as a search and rescue plane.