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  1. I don't think Lego will make the same mistake twice. They lost enough moeny & time with the Osprey. I'm sure they've checked that it's not going to be an issue before starting to work on this project
  2. The rumour is the F1 is a Mclaren.
  3. I bought the Ferrari 488 42125 for £125 (rrp £170) in feb 2021 on Amazon, a month after its release. So I'm hoping the same for 42130
  4. there are a few photos already on instagram. we can see it has a stand a bit similar to the ducati's
  5. I don't think it'll be a Koenigsegg for the 1:8 model. (but I'd like to be wrong) It is a flagship, so the car brand need to speak to people, instead of being a more confidential company, that most people never heard of. One thing interesting about the past models as well, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, are all part of the Volkswagen group. Rimac has links to Bugatti and could be good, but again too confidential I think.
  6. The blue one looks like a raptor 2020 The orange one is a raptor 2021. I prefer the blue like many, but it has to look like the 2021 model for obvious reasons. Still, it will give us plenty of options to personnalize it, like the defender.
  7. The Munich auto show is mid-September, and Mercedes is still to reveal its new G Squared. It would be nice after the Defender.
  8. It is from this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugXH2eTdeA0 I wouldn't expect a new model based on that.
  9. Hi everyone, I finished the 1st steps of my modifications , some of it inspired by design found here : -Bullbar, some great designs here however I wasn't a fan of the lights sticking it and the bullbar not being fully linked, both points that I corrected -Roof lights, easy design and easy to implement -Snorkel, very easy to implement with small mods -Front protection cables, easy add-on -Twin Exhaust on each side, new design, very easy to add. -New support for traction mats, so they are now fixed and don't fall over anymore when manipulating the defender If anyone is intesterested by the cad files to do the mods, let me know. The next stage will be a mod of the engine, with a V6
  10. Hi guys, Here are a few mods I have done to mine : Modified stand for better stability : Chain tensionner : 2 Pins tol hold the dashboard in naked config :