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  1. The Reader

    Jurassic World: Lockwood Manor MOD

    This is great. I really like it. Your modifications give the building a lot of atmosphere.
  2. The Reader

    [MOCs] and [MODs] My Adventurers ...

    Well, it has been a while ... SARS-CoV-2 has changed the world ... but today I would like to continue this topic. Back to Egypt in the year 1924! To answer @Medzomorak's question - Harry Cane and Gail Storm are joining the team today: Harry has had luck and has been able to "organize" an old truck which they have loaded with some equipment before they headed of to meet Johnny and Dr. Lightning. I bought all parts on Bricklink to built the truck from set 2995 Adventurers' Car & Skeleton and modified it a bit. First, I added a roof on the driver's cabin which gave the truck quite a distinctive look back from the 1920s: Source: User:Enslin - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, Second, as with the Scorpion Tracker I imitated the motor by a 1 x 1 round plate in silver: Third, I put some equipment in the back: a fuel barrel with hand pump, some tools, a backpack and a wooden crate with Dr. Lightning's stuff: More pictures in my Flickr album. I hope you like it. Critics and comments are very welcome. To be continued very soon with Episode 1: The secret in the desert.
  3. The Reader

    [Mod] 60267 city set

    @pantelisGreat job. I like it.
  4. The Reader

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    @Guyon2002Thanks a lot. I wasn't aware of that.
  5. The Reader

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    @AuroreGreat choice! May I ask which set the gray torso in the bottom row is from?
  6. The Reader

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Ordered June 8th, shipped yesterday, arrived today, so twelve days altogether. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me yet. I have no clue why not. It did work before LEGO did the change.
  7. The Reader

    Action and Adventure Themes Discussion

    The modern pith helmet with hair piece is now in Mia's jungle cube - set 41437. It's available in B&P for 2,56€, element # 6322890, design ID 72131. Pretty expensive, but worth a buy.
  8. The Reader

    Exploring the Lost City

    @PdaitabirdGreat! I love it!
  9. The Reader

    Exploring the Lost City

    @PdaitabirdThanks a lot. I wasn't sure if you did use some special plates or bricks. A quite simple technique with a great result!
  10. The Reader

    Exploring the Lost City

    @PdaitabirdMay I ask how you made the "saddle" for the pack horse? It has two clips on each side - one for the rifle and one for the bag?
  11. The Reader

    Action and Adventure Themes Discussion

    I am not aware if this has been mentioned before, but Vaughn's torso and legs could be of good use for an Adventurer as well:
  12. The Reader

    [MOC] Victorian-Era Layout

    I like your layout and especially its era. Great "small town". Very good job.
  13. The Reader

    Exploring the Lost City

    This is GREAT! I like the moc and its story so much.
  14. The Reader

    [MOC] Little Ship "Tamzine", Dunkirk 1940

    This is absolutely great. Good job!