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  1. Makoy, just wanted to add this photo which I had fun playing with the Baturion which is my favourite.
  2. Thank you makoy. This is a very enjoyable and detailed review. I am very lucky to be able to acquire this amazing free gift on Day 1 and there's no second chance of getting it after end of Day 1. Whole of Singapore was completely given away. I had opened mine and enjoyed these four unique minifigures very much. Every single detail on the minifigure is just so enjoyable to look at. I am very thankful to be able to have it in my worthy collection. Your photos and additional bonuses are some nice touches in the review.
  3. Our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, makoy is back with a new exciting review which cover the uncharted realms of The LEGO Batman Movie universe. Check out this highly anticipated and incredible second series of the Toys R US and LEGO promotion of this exclusive sequel featuring the new 2017 Bricktober Series 2 of this amazing 5004939 The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures (Bricktober 2017) Series 2 in our Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Theme forum. Click here to view the 5004939 The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures (Bricktober 2017) Series 2 review in the Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Theme forum.
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  5. Our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, makoy is on his reviewing spree on the LEGO Ninjago Theme and this time, he will be sharing his latest review from the LEGO Ninjago Movie featuring the prominent sleek 70614 Lightning Jet. Enjoy this breathtaking lightning fast review right here in our Eurobricks LEGO Action & Adventure Theme forum. Click here to view the 70614 Lightning Jet review in the Eurobricks LEGO Action & Adventure Theme forum.
  6. Excellent review! I just bought my first promo of the Bricktober Series 1. This is the promotion which I am very excited about. I enjoyed these new Ninjago characters very much and appreciate your review to highlight the different past variants for existing characters. The insight to these characters are also relatively useful to allow us to understand the Ninjago universe. Keep these awesome reviews coming and I hope you have plans to review the other 3 series as well.
  7. Our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, makoy had successfully reviewed the first series of the highly anticipated of Toys R US and LEGO promotion of this exclusive new 2017 Bricktober Series 1. Do take a moment and check out this special promotional minifigures of the 5004938 Ninjago Minifigures (Bricktober 2017) Series 1 in our Eurobricks LEGO Action & Adventure Theme forum. Click here to view the 5004938 Ninjago Minifigures (Bricktober 2017) Series 1 review in the Eurobricks LEGO Action & Adventure Theme forum.
  8. BRICKYWOOD - Conclusion

    Thank you KotZ and DD for the fun and amazing mafia game ever, since I last played in years. It's definitely not my best performance but was thrilled to be able given a role as town investigator for the very first time in my game of life. I am sorry that my blinded moment (Duvor) had caused a crack on the Town Block. The inner town block which was TPRU, Zepher and I, felt something is not right. With UB claim to me privately on the backup role, I was too trusty and fell for it. I know Zepher trust Draggy completely and I wanted to trust Draggy a little bit more and to the final tipping point. It was just re-entact the whole sequence again with just the 4 of us. I felt less motivated to push further and drag to Day 11. Mistake and oversight on my part especially the end of it. It was fun and really enjoyable for me to go after Shadows in Day 2 openly and probably the part I enjoyed the most. It was a very fun game and great work to all of the players involved too. These are just my concluding thoughts for now.
  9. Standing by to see the next reveal.
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  11. BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    I would like to end this by my own hand. Hence, Audruy's vote. I am sorry. Vote: Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator).
  12. BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    Ok, we survived a night with no kills. Audruy, did you block Finn again?
  13. BRICKYWOOD - Day 9

    You guys are really making this last act rather making me swing either side. As much as I wish to stick my current state right now. I sounded out Audruy many times previously and I didn't believe much of it in early days. There was one particular incident where he fail to block due to unable to submit his night action in time, resulting in our comrade death... Roger, do you stick your gut feeling for Finn?
  14. BRICKYWOOD - Day 9

    I think we just have to practically test this notion or act all over again. Just the 4 of us, we have this stand off and I am not comfortable to have any lynch. One step wrong and the town is down for. I would rather repeat the night actions to continue believe me town cop, Audruy being the blocker, Roger as doctor and Finn as vanilla. These roles are all what we are claiming now. Gopher trusted Audruy and I had my doubts on him. Gopher assured me that is should be alright. When the scum got him, I am wondering if someone had gotten into our town block already.
  15. BRICKYWOOD - Day 9

    We can't just sit here and wait to die. Unless you want Audruy to re-confirm the block again? To ensure no one is dead and to prove her words? I am not saying 100% trust her, but now among the 4 of us, we are having this standoff. Roger, why you strongly believe in Finn. As of now, the both of us are criticial to the success of this lynch.