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  1. WhiteFang

    The Car Wash

    Welcome to Eurobricks. Topic moved to Town Forum. Thanks Digger of Bricks for the alert.
  2. WhiteFang

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    I am still waiting for the official availability in Singapore for these awesome CNY sets.
  3. WhiteFang

    [REVIEW] 5005251- Penguin Winter Hut

    Thanks for the review. I wasn't even aware of my own country's TRU promotion until you have pointed it out. Now you are making me think whether if I should get this exclusive minifigure design to couple with my CMFs Penguin Suit Guy.
  4. Our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, Makoy had recently gotten his hand on this promotional minifigure from the Malaysia Toys R US exclusive. Take a moment and see this comprehensive review of the 5005251 Penguin Winter Hut. What do you think of this promotional minifigure design? Do you prefer to see it in the LEGO CMFs instead? What are your thoughts and do share them with us in the Eurobricks Special Themes Forum. Click here to view the 5005251 Penguin Winter Hut review in the Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes forum.
  5. WhiteFang

    [MOC]Malaysia Style Coffee Shop

    Excellent MOC and spot on with regards to the design. I can instantly recognise it and it is a common sight in Malaysia too. The sections are the deep drainage sytem and most of the time, they are not covered and our dear Vincent got it right.
  6. WhiteFang

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Thank you CopMike for this annual surprise! My entry for this year's raffle.
  7. WhiteFang

    EB Members Title Archive

    It was sometimes back and Makoy is spot on. All is just an illusion.
  8. WhiteFang

    [REVIEW] 10268 - Vestas Wind Turbine

    Very nice review. I am glad this set is re-released and it come with nifty great upgrades too. Wonderful. I probably won’t be picking this up unless I could find a space to keep it (due to its tall height). Thank you for the review.
  9. WhiteFang

    New Flickr limits

    I had too much to lose.... Ended up I took up their 30% offer and got my Pro account.. as much as I hate it. There are just too many photos being uploaded onto Flickr on my end.
  10. A decade ago, I recalled this set was so exclusive due to the fact that it was given to Vesta employees and price in the secondary marketplace was indeed rocket high. Fast forward to this very moment, TLG had decided to release this set and package it under the LEGO Creators Expert Theme. I am very pleased to share that our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, Makoy has reviewed this 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine. What do you think of this set? Find out more in the Eurobricks Special Themes Forum. Click here to view the 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine review in the Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes forum.
  11. WhiteFang

    New Flickr limits

    Huh. That’s very bad news.... I got 7k images since a decade ago... Now what will happen to all of the existing hosted images.
  12. A grateful and sincere thanks to our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, kaelthas for completing the entire 2018 LEGO Bricktober set reviews. He has successfully reviewed the last 2 boxes which are the 5005255 LEGO Jurassic World Minifigures and 5005256 LEGO Marvel Minifigures. What do you think of these exclusive new LEGO Bricktober selections? Find out more in the Eurobricks Licensed Themes Forum. Click here to view the 5005255 LEGO Jurassic World Minifigures and 5005256 LEGO Marvel Minifigures reviews in the Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Themes forum.
  13. WhiteFang

    General Colour Discussion

    Moved to LEGO General Discussion. Thanks.
  14. Excellent review. This is definitely one of the strong contender for the Bricktober release. These unique minifigs are also amazingly great and will pleased many Harry Potter fans. For myself, I love the Umbridge minifig as she only appeared once previously in a discontinued Hogwarts Castle set. This is a great chance for me to finally own it.
  15. WhiteFang

    [Review] 21047 Las Vegas

    Yes. The set originally have Mandalay Bay and was supposed to release early this year accompanied by the 2018 Skyline sets. This was delayed due to TLG not wanting others to relate and emphasis the gruesome shooting from the hotel itself. Hence, the delay and redesign.