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  1. BRICKYWOOD - Day 6

    Finn, your conjuncture is quite correct and I am also prepared to go for Studcille once voting starts.
  2. BRICKYWOOD - Day 6

    Oh crap.... we lose Regean. We will make it right today and I am very confident we can do it and nab the right one as the list is getting thinner and thinner.
  3. 你好!!Hello there ^^

    Hi Kelvin, welcome to EB. Glad to see a fellow Singaporesn. You made amazing bots design which is real nice. Do shsre your builts with our community. See you around.
  4. REVIEW: 41001 Mia's Magic Tricks

    3 cheers for dr_spock! It's indeed a royal flush. Thanks for sharing this 'classic' LEGO Friends.
  5. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Audrey had explained and I am inclined to believe her side of the story, until I think we need to bite the bullet to take the leap of faith... I am going to switch my vote for Thelma, based on the second best suspect! Unvote: Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator). Vote: Thelma Brickmacher (Kintobor)
  6. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    For the record, I deserved the penalty votes. (due to largely of my time posting through my phone without some words being autocorrect to English). My sincere apologies. Back to the show, now what Audrey had spoken up and had made me thought a lot more. For you being dare to role claim is indeed s very bold move.
  7. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Come to think of it. No one is taking appropriate action and I am going to base my gut feeling again. This is no basis and I had cast my doubts before. Time to be sure. Vote: Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator)
  8. REVIEW: 75165 Imperial Trooper Battle Pack

    Thank you guys. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. The minifigures are certainly the main attraction for me.
  9. LEGO Star Wars ● The Last Jedi SETS

    Dear Brick Ministry, I have removed your youtube link and anyway when I click on it, there was an error. That is not my main point. You may discuss your thoughts in the main discussion thread. The images for the SW TLJ sets are not publicly acknowledged. Thank you. WhiteFang
  10. Action Figure Forum Discussion

    No, it does not have to be MSIB. As long there is a basic organsing structure which comprise of introduction, body and conclusion which accompany with nice clear photos and thoughts. It will be good to go. Packaging, instructions ans box are bonus. Just that most reviews are done being MSIB in recent years. I used to review those old Classic Town reviews from my childhood sets. Go ahead and do what you enjoy.
  11. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    I am in favour of what you said, but I am damn annoyed on the quiet ones as well. Normally not doing anything at all is also not helping by being active. Burpamounts can do either approaches. Confuse the town to the best they can by making the mess even messier like having sideway votes. OR blend in as part of their smoke screen tactics to buy time to thin their numbers from two-pronged attacks in the hope of getting 2 kills per day/night. Now we know how things sum up. I am not entirely sure on who to vote anymore especially when legit source of Burpamount is not as straight forward as I would like to. My top suspect is Audury (being damn non overlyverbose and speak when I place a vote against her).
  12. Lego appoint new CEO

    You made an interesting point on your latter reply on increasing production meet current demand. Well, to ramp up demand to feed the supply can be a double edge sword. If the additional supply is being taken up fast by the market and the sets which are on shelves are not moving as fast for the new releases, then there is a possibilitiy of consumers not buying enough to clear the projected supply? I have slowed down my purchases even though regionally there are sales in Singapore and Malaysia. We can assume those are part of promtotional efforts of D2C sets buying 2 of same value and getting the third for free which is effective 33% discount. Or TRU sales in Malaysia having 40% off on average, or departmental stores in Singapore getting rid last year Advent Calendar at 50% off which is about USD$20 per box. This is just my own observation and interpetation, not meant to quantify the true stance of the change of CEO. From a business management perspective, a change of CEO within such a short span of time normally sparks some real underlying intent (not witholding if he had health problems or personal matters) which attest to the change. CEO is normally accountable and in this case, to the board. Just my 1 cent.
  13. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    I thought about it and I always stick to my gut. But lately without us able to contribute more reliable convictions in the day, I felt we are like headless chickens. The votes are now doing more actual harm to town. If we had successfully convicted one and end up being Town and 2 more kills come about at night. I am almost certain today will be the very last.
  14. Lego appoint new CEO

    I noticed global and regional sales seems sluggish and some of the stuff are being imposed with price increase. The product range are growing strong but somehow the stocks are not moving as fast as it was before. At least I noticed some of the older sets are having a hard time clearing off such as those constraction SW figures built for example. This is just an observation but I find it very strange to see a leadership renewal happening so fast within such a short span of time. I don't believe he is there, just to fill in the gap until a new suitable CEO is found? This corporate news is quite out of the norm.
  15. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    It is simple. Do we want now need to convict someone for the sake of doing so? I just felt we need more time to form our basis. Normally I would agree a lynch, but there are so many kills among us and so far we had only nabbed Ari. I find it very highly pausible that we are so bad in getting the next one. There are too many quiet players around and I am not comfortable unless we have a strong basis. The town numbers are dwindling.