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  1. Unikitty! 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Oh boy, I seriously got no idea and it will definitely be an interesting challenge. Does that mean we will not see HP CMFs later this year?
  2. REVIEW: 5002125 Electro

    Hello everyone, This is quite a random review after I had found this polybag in the midst of rummaging my polybag collection. I cannot recall how I got this polybag but I guess I had likely to buy it over at the secondary market due to its scare availability then. In this instance, I am pleased to share this short comprehensive reviewing coverage, so I could document the opening of this polybag for my own record. Let's take a look back at the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie trailer once more, to refresh the plot and Electro himself. During that time, TLG did not produce any Amazing Spiderman 2 sets and this polybag is an one-off promotional effort for this movie. In Brickset notes, it indicate that it was given free with USD$30 spend on LEGO in TRU, back in May 15. Name: 5002125 Electro Theme: LEGO System / Marvel Superheroes / The Amazing Spiderman 2 Year: 2014 Pieces: 5 Minifigs: 1 minifigure Price: USD NA, GBP NA, EURO NA, SGD NA Resources: Brickset, Bricklink An original polybag image of the 5002125 Electro Back view of the original polybag image of the 5002125 Electro A nice promotional polybag for the Amazing Spiderman 2 I wonder how hard is it to acquire this minifigure. This promotional polybag is specially designed for the Amazing Spiderman 2 and I got this, largely because this is an unique minifigure and I need the Electro to form my Sinister Six. In this case, villains against the Marvel Superheroes are always worthy to add into the collection. The LEGO building content The polybag contains five building parts to form the Electro minifigure. The completed built of Electro This Electro minifigure is unique and LEGO had only released the other Electro minifigure in this design from 76014 Spider-Trike vs Electro till this date. This design is accurate to the movie reference where Max Dillon is portrayed by Jamie Foxx. Electro's power include able to generate massive quantities of electricity up to approximately one million volts. Electro can employ this electrostatic energy as lightning arcs from his fingertips to kill his targets. He is given a pair of lightning bolts. You can take a closer look at the back printing of the minifigure. Spiderman and some of their unfriendly foes Fighting against my arch enemy To conclude, this is an average polybag which you like to get Electro minifigure. I didn't have the other one, so I am glad to have this to add to my Spiderman list of enemies. It is a nice unique minifigure and it is good to get it only if the price is reasonable. I wonder how many of you do remember this villain as this is not a very iconic one unlike Venom or Green Goblin for example. Summary review Playability: 6/10 (Able to integrate with my superheroes minifigures collection well and good) Design: 7/10 (Minifigure design is nicely illustrated and pretty accurate to the movie reference.) Price: 6/10 (It will depends on how much you are willing to pay for.) Overall: 6.3/10 (Average superheroes polybag.) I gave it a "3" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr.
  3. REVIEW: 75933 T.Rex Transport

    Dear Eurobricks Community, I am very pleased to share my latest reviewing project. Love the new Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom sets. This is my first purchase on this new theme and I am already looking forward to get the rest of the sets in due time. Hope you enjoyed reading it. WhiteFang
  4. REVIEW: 75933 T.Rex Transport

    Hello everyone, I am very pleased to share my first LEGO Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom review in Eurobricks. I am always a huge fan of dinosaurs and an avid supporter for the 2015 LEGO Jurassic World sets. The latest Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom LEGO sets are part of a worldwide theatrical release slated on 7 Jun 18. In case you are not aware of the hype, here is the movie trailer to give you a sneak peek. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at this new building set and see for yourself if is worth the excitement. Name: 75933 T.Rex Transport Theme: LEGO System / Licensed / Jurassic World / Fallen Kingdom Year: 2018 Pieces: 609 Minifigs: 3 Price: USD $69.99, GBP 59.99, EURO 69.99, SGD $129.90 Resources: Brickset, BrickLink An original box image of the 75933 T.Rex Transport Back view of the original box image of the 75933 T.Rex Transport The most secured Tyrannosaurus Rex mobile transport This 75933 T.Rex Transport is a TRU exclusive in Singapore and I believe this is the same for other regions elsewhere. I am very elated to see the return of this licensed theme. Among the current 9 Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom sets, this set is the second largest in terms of piece count after falling behind the 75930 Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate. This building set comprise of three minifigures, a T.Rex, a Baby Dino, truck with detachable trailer and a mobile laboratory unit. After building this set, I had incredible satisfaction and had fun integrating the set in my Jurassic World collection. This new collection encourage all of the collectors to buy all of the other sets in order complete the full dinosaur series and most of them are unique to some sets. I also noticed there is a new playing concept where it encourage builders to build your own dinosaur hybrids by interchanging the existing dinosaur parts. It is certainly interesting to see what other builders can come up with their creative dinosaurs. The content of the sealed box The sealed box come with three numbered mint packs and elastic leads. The instruction manuals are part of the content. This set also contain a dreaded sticker sheet which I did not apply for my set. There is also a combined sealed packets for the mighty dinosaur. After the set is completed, these are the remaining spare parts which are spread across the packs. You can view the spare parts for packet 1, packet 2 and packet 3. The new LEGO Jurassic World minifigures These are the latest unique minifigures from the Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom. From left to right, we have two security guards (each equipped with shock prod and stud shooter) or could be former ACUs (Asset Containment Units) and Zia Rodriguez holding a teal syringe, who is a member of the Dinosaur Protection Group and biology expert by profession. By changing their heads over, you can see Zia's alternate facial expression and the other masked guard appearance. All of the minifigures are featured with impressive back printing. I was hoping based on such an expensive price tag and it could give one more minifigure to make the value enticing. Front view of the ACUs and Guards More importantly, I also took the chance to show a contrasting comparison with the former ACUs in 2015. To be honest, I find the new guards are very impressive with the dark blue uniform on the torso and legs. Those are the closer military appearance you could ever get in LEGO official sets. The guards' outfits are similar to those private military contractor or hired mercenaries. Without the former ACUs body armour, those new design are even more superior and better looking with their darker shade of blue. I am very tempted to army build these new guards. After all, you need an army to appease and subdue T.Rex. You can take a closer look at their minifigures' back printing. Among the above designs, which one could be your favourite guard design? A closer look at the Baby Dino The new baby dino is truly incredible and beautiful. It is very well designed and captured the essential built of a baby dinosaur and in this case, it is definitely resembling a raptor. I am sure Owen kept Blue and their siblings close when there were just baby dinos. This baby dino also appeared in 30382 Baby Velociraptor Playpen and 75931 Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack. The completed built of Tyrannosaurus Rex This is the main attraction of the building set and another wonderful variant of Tyrannosaurus Rex which is measured at 17cm high. This variant will add perfectly to those people who specially collect LEGO dinosaurs and some of the other unique Tyrannosaurus Rex also made an appearance in 5886 T-Rex Hunter, 5887 Dino Defense HQ and 75918 T-Rex Tracker. The LEGO dinosaur are very easy to assemble by just click and connect. It is well articulated on the arms, legs and head which increase the playability greatly. Comparison between both T.Rex dinosaurs Restrain the T.Rex no matter what The entire building content for Packet 1 The completed built for Packet 1 The completed built for the first packet is to build the mobile laboratory unit, trucker and Tyrannosaurus Rex. It also include a baby dino and a guard. The mobile laboratory unit can be opened up to deploy by attaching the leads to the dinosaur to perform an emergency blood transfusion which I believe is part of the movie plot to save the dinosaur. This is the playing illustration which can be seen at the back of the box. Personally I felt is unsafe to treat this kind of dangerous dinosaur without any form of physical cage to restrain its movement. Performing an emergency blood transfusion The entire building content for Packet 2 The completed built for Packet 2 The completed built of packet 2 is focused on the base of the trailer and the containment unit and this packet also include another guard. The entire building content for Packet 3 The completed built for Packet 3 The completed built of packet 3 include the fully built of the truck trailer and it also included the minifigure of Zia Rodriguez . The completed built of T.Rex truck transporter This is an excellent 6-stud wide truck transport built. I never had so much satisfaction building this outstanding truck transport. The overall colour scheme remain close to the overall Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom vehicular deployment. The built is compact and include many fine details of how a trucker ought to look like. The truck measures over 8cm high, 14cm long and 8cm wide, while the trailer with containment unit measures over 16cm high, 17cm long and 9cm wide. It can successfully contain a full grown Tyrannosaurus Rex in a secure compartment unit for mobile transport. The truck transport can detach the trailer which can be seen from the playing illustration. This action will enable the containment unit intact for further processing. The gates can be opened to allow an unintended escape scene from this playing illustration as well. You can place the driver in the front seat by manually removing the hatch. The new T.Rex Transport is similar to its predecessor of 75918 T-Rex Tracker which was released in 2015. Both of the transport are unique to their terrains. The new 75933 is more suitable to transport on roads, while the 75918 seem to be more military rugged and suitable for rough uneven terrain. Both have their positive appearances and for my personal preference, I preferred the new 75918. You can view more of the completed truck transport built from the front view, back view and bottom view. Comparison between 75918 T-Rex Tracker and 75933 T.Rex Transport Prepare the secure mobile column Run for your lives! To conclude, this set is an excellent LEGO playset with a superb Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Baby Dino. The biggest pull for me to buy this set is actually the design of the truck transport which I am very fond of. It is well secure and suitable for transport dangerous dinosaur with high security presence. There are three minifigures and despite of the very high price tag against the price per parts ratio. I find it very expensive to buy it locally without decent discount, considering this is also a TRU exclusive in Singapore. I wish it could include one more minifigure to sweeten the set. I supposed the large amount of cost could go to the dinosaur molding. I am strongly disappointed in the SRP, especially when comparing it with other favourable regions like the US. Overall, it is an outstanding set and integrate well with your past Jurassic World collections. Do pick it up if you happen to get a great price on it. Summary review Playability: 9/10 (Fun playability on the truck trailer and integration.) Design: 9/10 (Excellent design on the overall truck trailer and dinosaur.) Price: 6/10 (Price is on the high side when taken Singapore SRP into consideration price per parts ratio and minifigure counts. US SRP is acceptable in this case) Overall: 8/10 (Do get this set and experience the Jurassic World in your LEGO collection.) I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. What about you? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr.
  5. Brilliant. Simply beautiful. I am glad to see your enthusiasm didn’t fade away. These are real bunch of nice customs in LEGO Friends minifigures context.
  6. Billund 2018 trading post

    Please reserve this for me. I am fine with deboxing it, thanks!
  7. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    *ahem* Dear all, please stay on topic.. with regards to LEGO Harry Potter sets discussion for 2018. Please do not attempt to derail this topic discussion. I could appreciate your kind attention. Thank you. WhiteFang
  8. For the record, I like the Classic Police minifigure. It’s nice, retro and perfect to pay homage to Classic Town. More importantly, I grew up with Classic Town. Hence, my liking for it. However, in order to get it, you either get a sealed box or pray you encounter a sealed box when it open. Otherwise, it is probably the resale market. I personally think that they had learnt from the Series 17 Highway Man whereas abundance of it despite of it being ‘mysterioius’. Whereas, to control the actual distribution count is the key to a minifigure extrinsic value. That’s ironic but I am damn glad it is not as hard as Mr Gold.
  9. Billund 2018 trading post

    Over the years, I had accumulated lots in my collection and realised most of my stuff can't end up in my display shelf which annoy me greatly. Please see my listing. I don't have my wants sorted out, but I took this list from my 2014 Trading Listing and expanded a little. Items are subjected to excavation notice and baggage availability. Hope to reduce some, in view of me getting more new 2018 sets. If you need anything, just drop me a PM to discuss for trade/pricing. Don't worry, it will be friendly. Added 17 Apr 18 40190 to 40196 - Shell Ferrari polybags whole set 40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick 3300014 Christmas Set 449574 Tic Tae Toe 500245 Pyjamas Emmet 5002948 C-P3O 5004076 2014 Target Minifigure Gift Set 853515 Nexo Knights Army Building Set 3178 Seaplane/ 3179 Repair Truck 5610 Builder 5611 Public Works 5612 Police Officer 5613 Firefighter 5614 Good Wizard 5615 The Knight 6240 Kraken Attackin' 7092 Skeleton Prison Carriage 7220 Snowman 7279 Police Minifigure Collection 7595 Army Men On Patrol 7604 Triceratops 7797 Biplane 7798 Stegosaurus 7799 Cargo Copter 7800 Off Road Racer 7803 Jeep 7873 Aeroplane Set 8028 TIE Fighter 8031 V-19 Torrent 8033 General Grevious' Starfighter 9247 Community Workers 11910 Micro-Scale Space Cruiser 20004 Brickmaster - Indiana Jones 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine (debox) 30041 Piranha 30050 Republic Attack Shuttle 30051 Mini X Wing 30053 Republic Attack Cruiser 30054 AT-ST 30080 Ninja Glider 30081 Skeleton Chopper 30090 Desert Glider 30091 Desert Rover 30107 Birthday Party 30108 Summer Picnic 30111 The Lab 30130 Mini Black Pearl 30166 Robin and Redbird Cycle 30183 Little Car 30186 Christmas Tree 30187 Fast Car 30189 Transport Plane 30203 Mini Golf 30224 Ride-on Lawn Mover 30225 Coast Guard Seaplane 30227 Police Watercraft 30229 Repair Lift 30244 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor 30246 Imperial Shuttle 30260 Lone Ranger's Pump Car 30264 Frax Pheonix Flyer 30265 Worriz Fire Bike 30271 Mikey's Mini Shellraiser 30274 AT-DP 30281 Micro Manager Battle 30282 Super Secret Police Enforcer 30284 Tractor 30285 Tiger 30291 Anacondrai Battle Mech 30292 Jay's Nano Mech 30293 Kai Drifter 30301 Bat Wing 30304 Avengers Quinjet 30310 Arctic Scout 30311 Swamp Police Helicopter 30312 Demolition Driller 30313 Garbage Truck 30314 Go Kart Racer 30347 Fire Car 30349 Sports Car 30350 Volcano Jackhammer 30351 Police Helicopter 30371 Knight's Cycle 30373 Knighton Hyper Cannon 30374 Lava Slinger 30376 Knighton Rider 30397 Olaf Summertime Fun 30422 Kai Mini Dragon 30423 Anchor Jet 30424 WU-CRU Training Dojo 30447 Captain America Motorcycle 30473 Racer 30474 Reindeer 40032 Witch 40076 Zombie Car 40077 Geoffrey 40080 Friends Pencil Holder 40175 City Police Mission Pack 40222 Christmas Build Up 40268 R3-M2 60011 Surfer Rescue 60006 Police ATV 60136 Police Starter Set 70104 Jungle Gates 70105 Nest Dive 70106 Ice Tower 70109 Whirling Vines 70113 CHI Battles 70801 Melting Room 70817 Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack 70636 Carnage SHIELD Sky Attack 30200 Zombie chauffeur coffin car 30210 Frodo with cooking corner 30211 Uruk Hai with ballista 30163 Thor and the Cosmic Cube 30165 Hawkeye with equipment 30160 Jet Ski 30161 Batmobile 30162 Quinjet 30190 Ferrari 150 Italia 30191 Scuderia Ferrari Truck 30192 F40 30194 458 Italia 30195 Ferrari FXX 30196 Ferrari Pit Crew 852552 Magnet Set Royal Guard. 852844 Magnet Set Chancellor Palpatine. 852555 Magnet Set CW Yoda. 30056 Star Destroyer 30055 Droid Fighter 9574 Lloyd ZX 9572 NRG Cole 30085 Jumping Snakes 30086 Hidden Sword 30082 Ninja Training 30087 Car 852769 Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol. 5 30106 Ice Cream Stand 30121 Grem 30220 Fire Boat 30222 Police Helicopter 30152 Mining Quad 30017 Police Boat 30018 Police Microlight 30150 Racing Car 30010 Fire Chief 30012 Microlight 30013 Police Buggy 30011 Police Boat 30001 Fireman's Car 30000 Medic's Car 4899 Tractor 30003 Steam Roller 5625 Police 4 x 4 30042 Mini Sub 30141 ADU Jet Pack 5618 Troll Warrior 852701 Troll Warriors Battle Packs 852701 Dwarf Warriors Battle Packs 40034 Christmas Train 7952 Kingdom's Advent Calendar 30250 Ewar's Acro Fighter 30252 Crug's Swamp Jet 30253 Leonidas' Jungle Dragster 30240 Z-95 Headhunter 40035 Rocking Horse 30213 Gandalf at Dol Guldur 30230 Mini Mech 30231 Space Insectoid 30225 Coast Guard Seaplane 30185 Little Eagle 4936 Doc & Patient 5615 The Knight 6239 Cannon Battle 7009 The Final Joust 7090 Crossbow Attack 7040 Dwarves' Mine Defender 7195 Ambush In Cairo 7235 Police Motorcycle 7452 Le Mans 7566 Farmer 7569 Desert Attack 7611 Police Car 7800 Off Road Racer 7808 Yellow Airplane 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar 8401 City Minifigure Collection 30004 Battle Droid on STAP 30005 Imperial Speeder Bike 30006 Clone Walker 30008 Snowman 30009 Christmas Tree 2064 Air Ambulance 5966 White Good Guy 6240 Kraken Attackin' 7306 Golden Staff Guardians 7624 Jungle Duel 7682 Shanghai Chase 7903 Rescue Helicopter 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack 30070 Alien Space Ship 30071 Army Jeep 30072 Woody's Camp Out 30073 Buzz's Mini Ship 40056 Thanksgiving Feast 853340 Minifigure Wedding Favour Set LEGO CMFs Series 1 onwards, let me know what you like to have and I will bring them for you at my best possibility. Added some CMFs below, but I believe I have spares for most of the other series. S3 Fisherman S3 Tribal Chief S3 Samurai Warrior S4 Musketeer S4 Viking S4 Crazy Scientist S5 Gladiator S5 Royal Guard S5 Dwarf Warrior S6 Minotaur; etc, I believe I have a spare each. Let me go check.
  10. Review: 5005358 Minifigure Factory

    Nice review, mostlytechnic. Glad to see these unique micro statues which can be quite suited for Micromachines. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments. Yes, I got difficulty and it ended up on the floor instead. That 'worst' is incredibly expensive in the resale market....
  12. Great building contest! Not sure if I can whip something out. I am not too good with MOCs.
  13. EB Members Title Archive

    So it was you, Pandy. love the new title. Thank you! It was very very nice of you.
  14. EB Members Title Archive

    Wow, I had not posted on this topic for ages. It had been like how long (practically 4 years ago) since I got a change of my last title via April Fool 2014. Absolute Legend - I got zero idea on who could have given me this title. This title is great and a lovely refreshing change since the last change of title for me was almost four years ago. I believed this title had to do with my ongoing LEGO CMFs reviewing tradition, being the CMFs Series 18 review as my latest reviewing installment for the past eight years.
  15. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments. I am glad you had enjoyed the review. More importantly, the minifigures are now officially released on 1 Apr 18 and is no April Fool Joke. Have you got any luck getting your favourite minifigures? Wow, K.D. It's hard for you to rate a series as outstanding. I am glad you like this series despite many past licensed CMFs release lately. Yes, I had somehow misplaced it. Nope it cannot be done. I had not ordered CMFs via LEGO.com. I always get my mint boxes via store front. In Singapore's case, it will be the LEGO Certified Stores and these stores do sell in cartons.