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  1. Hello, all! I am looking to sell my Venator MOC to be able to work on some more projects! The model is composed of 2849 pieces, is 80cm long, 41cm wide and 23cm tall. The model weighs approximately 4KG. With your purchase, I will include the instruction manual free of charge! All of the pieces are 100% Lego® and the majority of the pieces are new and in fantastic used condition, only used to build this model and sourced from Bricklink! There are a few part substitutions but these will be noted and most are on the interior! I am looking for somebody to buy, collection only in England. Please let me know if you or anybody else would be interested! Kind regards, Ellis.
  2. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer

    Hello, Isaac! Thank you so much for writing this, especially by the looks of it for spending a long time to write an in-depth experience. In fact, you’ve made my day! :) Hope you figure a way out to upload the pictures, if you’re familiar with Flickr, you can upload them and then embed them here. I’m super glad you have enjoyed the build! Ellis.
  3. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] UCS chrome naboo royal starship

    Awesome build, how many pieces did you use?
  4. Ellisss_2

    Death Star motorized with Boost

    Wow, nice modifications, I’d like to see some photos of it with more light!
  5. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Imperial base from the Escape II

    Fantastic base, the interior is really well done!
  6. Ellisss_2

    [Mod][Moc] Death Star midi-scale

    Great build, was surprised to see that interior!
  7. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    Awesome looking model, I also love the use of the spike piece which I've not seen since 2009 in 8015!
  8. Great work, they look awesome!
  9. Ellisss_2

    A wing of A-Wings

    Wow, awesome A-Wing designs with some great colour schemes!
  10. Ellisss_2

    MOC: Dagobah

    Amazing build, I love the submerged X-Wing!
  11. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Star Wars - Crashed X-Wing Fighter on Yavin IV

    Fantastic build, I like how you’ve made the “broken” glass in the canopy!
  12. Ellisss_2


    Not a problem, glad I could help you! Yes, Lego is very expensive it can soon get out of hand! For selling the pieces individually, I'd suggest starting a Bricklink store. Hmm, that airport could cost you a considerable amount, especially if it scales with the plane! Good to know my response was kinder than those of your friends!
  13. Ellisss_2


    Hello Mike and welcome to Eurobricks! There is definitely a market for custom builds, however this is more for instructions of custom models. However, you need to project your builds to the right people, from what I can see you've built your model in mind of your son, quite clearly with the play features and build style. Therefore, the target market for this product is children, but I reckon you'll struggle to find a child with £500! I wouldn't necessarily recommend selling on eBay either, the fees are quite extortionate especially when selling at higher prices! Maybe you could dismantle the model and spend some time working on a version of it that is more sleek and falls into the category of a display model, which is what many AFOL's are interested in! There are many fantastic websites for advertising/selling/displaying your builds such as: MOCpages, Rebrickable, Bricklink, MOCHub and of course here! Hope I was of some assistance, Ellis.
  14. Well done, I knew you'd get there! :)
  15. Ellisss_2

    [MOC]: Second Battle of Geonosis

    Looks nice, you have made a great scene here! The concept behind the AT-TE is fantastic, I would love to see you fix some inaccuracies with it, the width needs to be reduced and some depth needs to be added to the top panels. Kind regards. Ellis.