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  1. Malak looks great, will definitely Bricklink him separately. Pleased to see no anniversary prints on the minifigures too.
  2. The Venator is amazing I would have preferred a Revenge of the Sith version, however it is nice to see this variation as most MOCs are based on episode 3.
  3. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Custom Republic Gunship

    Amazing build, nice to see a unique variation.
  4. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] UCS Harrower-Class Dreadnought

    Thank you all for your comments, sorry for the long reply I've been on holiday @Guyinaplaguemask I'm possibly going to make a second version with the round engines as this is what I originally designed it with anyway. @Anio Thanks, I went for the "classic" style big scale star destroyer frame in the end I've attached a render of the internal structure: @Mandalorianknight It has been a very long ongoing project, thank you very much! @Mordt Thank you!
  5. Here is my "UCS" rendition of the Harrower-Class Dreadnought from the Old-Republic game. The final model contains 6408 bricks and measures: 95cm x 68cm x 30cm. 1311 Page HD Professional instruction booklet available for £20 by emailing me: eclayforth@outlook.com The WIP thread can be found here: Inspiration for the top and bottom superstructures was taken from SwanDutchman's model: https://www.flickr.com/people/swandutchman/
  6. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] UCS Harrower-Class Dreadnought (WIP)

    The model is now finished, with a completed PDF instruction manual releasing soon. Here is the last page from the instructions showing the completed model, I will post some physical photos soon.
  7. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Battle of Umbara

    Great build I like the technique using the tyres.
  8. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] SWTOR speeder bikes

    Beautiful designs, nice to see some SWTOR builds.
  9. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] UCS Harrower-Class Dreadnought (WIP)

    Thank you! I’ll be designing it with the round engines for now, but I might make both versions.
  10. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] UCS Harrower-Class Dreadnought (WIP)

    Updated thread with most recent images, please let me know what you all think.
  11. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Vigilance - Venator class-star destroyer

    Been well worth the wait, beautiful design!!
  12. Ellisss_2

    Mandalorian MOC Wave

    The assault lander looks great, awesome work!
  13. Ellisss_2

    [Moc] [Instructions] UCS AT-M6

    Fantastic build, looking forward to seeing some interior pics
  14. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] The Mandalorian Vignettes

    The workshop looks great, love the Mandalorian crest!