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  1. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    Wow, looking great now! With regards, to Stud.io is it really that advantageous, I’m still on LDD!
  2. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Turbo Lasers

    Great builds, I like how you've shown the stages up to the final model, now you just need a huge Venator to place them onto!
  3. Fantastic scene, very well captured!
  4. The Mon Cal is looking fantastic, can’t wait to see a finished version!
  5. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    Fantastic build, the shaping is great. I’d love to see this in a 10212 style, but it’d be huge!
  6. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    Great Venator, keep up the work I am looking forward to the final version!
  7. Ellisss_2

    [LLDD] [MOC] "The first transport is away!"

    Good job, looking forward to seeing some renders!
  8. Ellisss_2

    UCS Desert Skiff

    Glad to see another one of your models, it looks great nice job! I love the use of the Jackhammer pieces at the rear too!
  9. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] LDD Hound's Tooth

    Nice unique build, definitely not a ship I've seen before!
  10. They look fantastic, the shaping is great, I can remember the DDT very vividly from the Clone Wars!
  11. It's beautiful, your friend did an awesome job, why did he build it in black?
  12. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank

    Great build, I always liked the 2008 version, I love the use of the turntable plate on the rear hatch.
  13. Ellisss_2

    REVIEW: 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City

    Hello, WhiteFang! Fantastic review as always; thank you for taking the time to write this! It is a shame the poll still isn't fixed though, it's been broken ages! I love the vehicles, minifigures and play features, but I hate how unfinished it looks. Even if they'd just made it a fully circular shape I'd be much more inclined to buy it! A display model would have been fantastic and it's a missed opportunity, I hope to see some modifications to this set then I will maybe buy it!
  14. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Amazing build, I love the angled cockpit!
  15. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Droid tri-fighter (XL size or "UCS" size)

    Fantastic build, I love the smooth curves and studless design!