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  1. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Night in the Attic Apartment

    That's Lego? The wall looks amazing, great job!
  2. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Brick Bridge

    Fantastic, I love the arches!
  3. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Gozanti-Class Cruiser

    Good job, you've captured the shape very well for the scale!
  4. Ellisss_2

    [WIP] [MOC] First Order Xi-Class Light Shuttle

    Looking good, I like the engine intake area. I can see you're a fan of the New Republic era, I'd love to see you build from another era!
  5. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Vostok 1 - The first manned spaceflight

    Awesome rocket, the shaping is nice and I love the use of the antennas!
  6. Ellisss_2

    Boba Fetts Helmet

    Hello and welcome to Eurobricks! Great job for your first MOC, I love the antenna section the shaping is really nice on the top of the helmet! However, the proportions look odd to me the bottom half seems to be too short from the horizontal visor downwards. It seems that you posted this twice though!
  7. Ellisss_2

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Picked up: 75206 Jedi and Clone Troopers battle pack, 75198 Tatooine Battle Pack and a pick-a-brick cup from Meadowhall, Sheffield. Purchased so I could get the plants made from plants promo!
  8. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer

    Awesome collection I'm envious, thanks for sharing!
  9. Great job, I like the use of jumper plates for windows!
  10. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - "Take it!"

    Nice build, captured very well, I remember this scene very vividly from the film it was probably my favourite!
  11. Ellisss_2

    [WWII Diorama] - Train station 1944

    Wow, amazing build, the terrain looks great and I love the detailing everywhere!
  12. Ellisss_2

    MOC from PAB pieces - clone wars scene

    Cool idea to use the telescopes as a fuel line. That’s my nearest store it’s half an hour from me!
  13. Ellisss_2

    Clone Wars is back

    So glad to hear it's back! I second @KevinYoung a UCS Venator is a must!