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  1. Hi Sandtrooper, Thanks for your kind words. I use some thread from the hobby shop where you can buy plastic kits and more. Its a little stretchy and the core is provided with nylon. I can make a picture tomorrow if you want? Unfortunately there is not much information on the packaging, I will take a look in the hobby shop to find out what kind of thread it is. For me it works fine because the stretch in the wire makes it easier to make the rigging. The original thread from Lego doesn't work so well, its to thin and not available in long lengths.
  2. Many thanks for all of the kind words. I'm really happy the Noordborg is so appreciated, it was a great project and I'm really happy it works out. Up to a new model, but I still have to figure out what kind of ship it will be.
  3. Hi All, It's been a while since I've posted anything here. Had other priorities for a while, but eventually found time for the Lego hobby again. It was about time to step out of my comfort zone a little more and build another ship than just steam tugs. I went looking and found an old coaster from 1962 built for the shipping company Wagenborg in Delfzijl (Netherlands). The Noordborg is the last existing coaster of its kind and is no longer in use today. The ship is 49 meters long and 8 meters wide, making it a mid-range coaster. I have built the Noordborg in the scale 1:40 for me the most pleasant scale. I also love minifigs, so that's a good excuse and in this scale you can add a lot of details. The ship is 1.25 meters long and consists of more than 26000 parts. There are still a few stickers to be ordered for the finishing touch, but I already tried to shoot some pictures. I will give a short impression of the model here. Happy building.
  4. Since the start of building Steam Tugs I visited a few exhibitions and show my creations two years ago at Legoworld the Netherlands. But I was asked twice for some maritime market based on tugs to show my creations too. So I agree and then you get to see a lot of surprised faces. But I was also asked whether I also made small models as a kit. This gave me the idea to make a kit of the Hercules as a micro model in scale 1:150. The model was ready quite quickly and with some adjustments ready to make an instruction out of it. I had the instructions made via JunkStyleGio (Hans Tolhuisen) and the stickers come from JaapTechnic (Jaap Kroon). Together with my buddy Edwin Korstanje I looked at the final touch for a nice box and a just printed instruction. The result is a nice little micro model in a relatively small task. The next model is now also on the way, but more about that soon.
  5. Hi Proran, I'm very pleased you love my steamtugs. About the NPU's well it's a sort of extra for me to find out new ways to use the parts, like the HP wands and cleavers. Always funny if something works perfect The conical piece is from the old hose which is used in the old Classic Town and Space sets. The cones are removable from the hose and the rigid hose 3D Flex tube) fits inside. The conical part is perfect for round shapes like the small chimney which you took a close up of.
  6. Wow that's really awesome, my first blog ever . I didn't hear from the Car Blog before, but it's really great they love my work. Get some red blushes Lovely to share my creations with the EB community, hope we can make a lot of new vessels or probably something else. I want to start with a small inland tug boat which is still used for recreation.
  7. Here is the link from my Flickr page, but some pictures are not the best. It gives you a small impression what I build in the last 6 to 7 years.
  8. Your welcome Shiva, great to share my mocs with the EB community
  9. I build in commission of my buddy Edwin Korstanje a small tender for the big explorer GC. It was a rough start to build this small tender in the scale 1:40, but when I was finish the model was so lovely that I decide to build a second 1 in a different color with special Tan colored floor. Maybe in the future we will both build some more powerboats, it's far out of the comfort zone and makes you think about how to build and the use of any brick. It is lovely to work together and we have a complete team which makes it possible to build almost everything in bricks.
  10. Steam Tug Noordzee from Den Helder the Netherlands. Steam Tug Hercules from Schiedam the Netherlands Steam Tug Furie from Maassluis the Netherlands. I spook to Jim and together with him I figger out you can upload up to 1024 max. I make the little mistake to copy/past but I had to copy the location Url and past. Now I upload the pictures we made last frifay from my steam tugs. Hope we can upload much more new vessels in future time!
  11. Hi All, I want to show you all some of my old steam tugs which I build since the last couple of years. I build the Hercules, Furie and Noordzee which are all steam compound tugs. Hercules and the Noordzee are still running original on coal which is hard working to be able to sail.
  12. I don't know why, but it's still not possible. Can't upload the pictures
  13. Oh yes I agree! a trip with the Heli would be cool, I never fly with a heli too. I still have a trip credit on the Hercules with my family, but that will take a while I guess. The trips are the best, it's something special and some really funny extra.
  14. It's just flying on water, you told me about. 140km on the Merwede river is insane but must be a great experience!
  15. Hi All, I'm new here on EuroBricks and hope to enjoy you all asap with some of my mocs. I build since the last two years old steam tugs in the scale 1:40 which is lovely to do. I live in the Netherlands in a small village in the Provence of Utrecht together with my wife and 2 boys. Lucky for me my wife loves my mocs, so I'm a happy guy. Both of my boys are playing with the bricks too, but they have different interest. Before I build old tugs, I create fairy tail diorama's, trains in scale and farm houses too. It was 1 of these moments we don't know in what kind of theme you want to grow. Since my participation in a competition about 3 years ago. The competition was organized by a buddy of mine Edwin Korstanje in a small museum special for tugboats. I am completely devoted to build old tugs. In the beginning these were small inland tugs, but I eventually started building old steam tugs. 2 of these ships are still running on coal which is really nautical. Near to my mocs I have another tic in our lovely hobby. I collect all sets in sealed condition which I had in my youth. It brings me bag to my childhood period from the begin '80s end '90s. happy building and cheers, Jebbo Bouhuijs