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Found 29 results

  1. Regenerate builder

    MOC Medieval Haven

    This is my rendition of a medieval castle and village in springtime. It features a church, blacksmith, windmill, and watermill. I hope you enjoy the colors and textures as much as I do! Here is my Flickr and a video of it on YouTube if you would like to see more. I wanted to add more pictures here but I am having trouble doing so.
  2. Windmill - 42102 Mini CLAAS XERION Alternative Build Free Building Instructions: Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build - MOC - Windmill (Free Building Instructions) by makushima
  3. Windmill only from parts of 42082 Rough Terrain Crane This model was created as last attachment to my bigger model Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC (42054 alternate) - big model with 3385 parts and 10+ functions motorized or manual My son is actually so excited about this submodel, I decided connect motor and battery to it with 4-speed gearbox and release it on its own. It should work as clearly visible demonstration of gearbox. Rotor can be positioned in 90degrees. 135 steps of instructions from bricklink in freemium scheme created by B4 (Niklas Mücke) - You can either buy this instructions on rebrickable to appraise our work and keep this site running based on provisions - Or you can freely download LXF file from bricksafe and try to build it based on 3d model (you need to open it in developer mode!)
  4. Eslandola’s settlement of Fuerte Unido continues to grow. A windmill to grind grain into flour is now operational, and the miller is already busy. The windmill uses a tower mill design. The top rotates to position the wings so they face into the wind. That means coming out the door can be dangerous for the miller at times, and the wagon driver needs to be careful about where he parks his wagon. Here the miller’s helper loads sacks of flour onto the delivery wagon. Meanwhile, the neighbor’s sheep graze in the grass, watched by the neighbor’s boy. Some more pics: A medium factory for Fuerte Unido (and, yes, another windmill from me) and more fun with printed panels. All C&C welcome.
  5. The people of northern Halos are accustomed to seeing windmills of various types across the continent and in their island colonies. But many have not seen the type built by the natives of Ferro Azure. Instead of the familiar blades spinning on a horizontal axis, which use gears to transfer the rotational power to a vertical shaft, the windmills built by these island people use paddles to catch the wind attached directly to the vertical shaft. Walls around the paddles help channel the wind so that it only hits on one side of the axis. Otherwise, they would work against themselves and would not spin. The mill seen here, near Eslandola's colonial settlement of Salida Este, shows wear from years of use. The bright yellow paint is worn away in places, and some of the indigo plants that grow naturally on the island can be seen around the paths. Here the miller's wife greets one of her friends, whose son carries a basket of grain on his head. The miller will grind flour for many families, and store the final product in barrels and sacks under the steps on the side of the mill. Here one his helpers is storing a new barrel. A customer has come to pick up his sack of flour. He looks upset, but it is only because his son did not come to help him retrieve it. Some more pics of the build: To be licensed as a medium factory. --- I had been looking for a different kind of windmill to build and discovered this design. My build would have been better if the paddles were more delicate, made of reeds or such instead of planks, but I'm still happy with how it came out. All C&C welcome.
  6. Hello everyone! After a constructive stop of a couple of months at the beginning of the year I decided to try my hand at building a medieval mill. I like to think of this mill set in the Middle Ages, inhabited by a simple family that lived in an era where today's technology did not exist yet, without cell phones, computers and the Internet. Only a stone and wood house built with the toil of the hands and a life led to produce flour for bread and to grow vegetables and products of the earth. All surrounded by a luxuriant nature without the traffic and the polluted air of today. A life that is certainly very difficult but much simpler and built on basic concepts like family, land and food. The construction of this moc took a couple of months and made up of about 5,200 pieces and it took two months of construction. The blades of the mill are powered by a Medium Lego motor and can be turned over with a button on the back of the house. Moc presented for the first time at the MEI in Verona 2018 (Italy). View the complete gallery on Flickr: Comments very welcome. Good vision! Sandro
  7. One of the signature sights of the Weelond coast are the windmills taking full advantage of the stiff breeze blowing in from the Sea of Storms. Last month I presented "Grist Mill #1"; this month I present the mill cleverly designated in the city ledgers as "Grist Mill #2". It is a post mill like the other one, but instead of the trestle supports being open to view, a roundhouse is built around the supports to serve as a storage area for grain to be milled or flour ready to be delivered. I originally planned on presenting the two windmills as part of one large scene, but I didn't have enough green plates to handle the terrain. But to show that I didn't reuse any of the first windmill, here they are together. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  8. This is my new creation! I tried to build beside the windmill a 3 fields economy with many operational steps the farmers in the middle age worked on. Hope you enjoy! medieval windmill by kofi, auf Flickr
  9. One of the signature sights of the Weelond coast are the windmills built on a low grassy ridge, taking full advantage of the stiff breeze blowing in from the Sea of Storms. Here is one of those windmills, cleverly designated "Grist Mill #1" in the city ledgers.. Specifically, it is a post mill with an open trestle design. The grist mill grinds wheat into flour. It looks like several bags of flour are ready for delivery to the city market. The wagon driver takes time to give his horse a treat. His assistant doesn't look too pleased to be loading all the bags of flour into the wagon himself. Sheep commonly graze in the area, when they aren't grazing beneath the bastions of nearby Fort Weelond. The goat appears to prefer the wildflowers. Some more pics: --- I finally found the time to do some building! I wanted to try out the siding style Ayrlego used on one of his builds not too far back. There is a small gap at the top of the siding, and I had trouble with the hinges keeping the wall straight, but I'm happy with the result. I also wanted to represent the open trestle work realistically, and after a lot of experimentation, found something I'm very happy with. The sails turn, and the mill turns on the post as well. As for the terrain, I wanted to get more of a slope effect. It's not quite how I pictured it when I started, but I believe I used 99% of all the green plates I own! The sheep roaming free is common for the time period; fences were used to keep the animals OUT of yards, not in. That was something I wanted to portray in a build, and this was a perfect opportunity. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  10. The Maestro

    The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    For many years the forces of Arbenheim have tested their neighboring kings power by pillaging border villages. In an attempt protect his people the king ordered small encampments around the borders. One location was the homestead of Maerwynn, an important location as it was host to one of the few mills in the area. The kings intuition had been right, for only a fortnight later did the horns of Arbenheim sound in the village of Maerwynn. A collaboration between SirWilsonBricks( ) and myself for the CBS 2017. His is the left, my side is on the right. Hay, after me finally finishing editing (which is a bit sloppy in places) here it is :D This was our main build for the show and it is the biggest build to date for both of us. It was great fun planning, skyping, planning, bricklinking, more planning and finally building this whoppa. If I could change a couple things I probably would (namely the ground texturing on my side) but it still came out looking incredible. The reception we got at the CBS was also great, with loads of people loving. I must say though, I may have stared a kid to death after he said "Hey mum, look NEXO KNIGHTS" Speaking of the CBS, it was a real blast and getting to know people better, meeting new people was awesome :) and of course seeing new creations (cough David Hense... Cough) Cannot wait to next year to see everyone again. Another creation on the way and hope you enjoy, C&C always wanted.
  11. LittleJohn

    Windmill Heist

    After all my castle builds for the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics, I decided to take a little break from the theme and do a little more with some good old Pirates. The windmill was quite fun to make, especially the windows. Pirates need food too, so when they spotted a small windmill located near the coast, a few were sent to loot it for flour. However, one of the imperial soldiers stationed in the nearby village caught sight of the thieves, and proceeded to chase them back from whence they came. Albeit, somewhat more heavily loaded with the bags of grain they had pilfered. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  12. Capt Wolf

    New Haven mill

    True to its word, Eslandola sent workers to New Haven to help build a new settlement for the refugees that chose not to stay in Malto. Corrington had already started to build houses for them, but the refugees needed more than housing. One of the first buildings the Eslandolan workers built was a small tower mill that could grind grain into flour. Admittedly, the plasterer needs to return for a second pass at completing his job, but the mill is already operational. The refugees can now mill grain supplied by Corrington into flour. When the refugees are harvesting their own grain, they will be well on their way to handling their own food needs. Some additional views: This property can be licensed as a small factory. -------------- This build started as an attempt to see what I could do with some of those angled wall panels and the angled door frame. I didn't think it was looking very good as I started, but getting some brick details onto the other walls started to help, and when the roof and sails went on it improved a bunch. The top rotates as it should, as do the sails. All C&C welcome.
  13. Another property for Puerto Desafio: a post mill to grind grain into flour. This will be licensed as a small factory. When we first starting discussing the microbuild prizes from Challenge V, Captain Braunsfeld asked "you mean, like, no more than 8 pieces?" or something like that. So for this microbuild I decided to see if I could in fact make it with only 8 pieces. Alas, with the technic pin that holds on the sails, it uses 9 pieces. So close! All C&C welcome!
  14. Micah and Elizabeth have arrived safely on Lacryma thanks to Hannah and her work. There is much to be seen by them since Elizabethville (named of course after Micah's one love) has grown a lot while Micah was away. 2nd Lieutenant Anthony Bolton and Mayor Tom Mercer have worked hard at keeping the settlement orderly and growing. The new settlers arriving from other parts of the Brick Seas have quickly settled in to make their own way in this land. The relationships with the natives have proven to be very amicable and trade with Chief Otetiani and the Onondaga people has continued. There are rumors that some of the other tribes are upset over the Onondaga's success but as of today those rumors do not seem founded. On this mid-morning, Ensign David and Hanska were leading Micah and Elizabeth to an Onondaga village for a meal and trade discussions. They are accompanied by one of the light cavalry and Hanska's bride of less than two months (moons). Micah always suspected the two of them would get together. As they rode along, the party passed a windmill which Ensign David told them had been constructed by the Ruysch brothers. They had settled on the island from Varcoast. Hubert had brought along his wife and daughter and the four of them ran the only grist mill on the island. It was a very busy business but lucrative. Here are some close ups and different angles of the build. Builder's Note: I have found that a baby crawling around has hindered my time available to build with my bricks. Thus the several projects I was working on in bricks have stalled out. I decided to instead do some LDD builds as I had the time for that and I didn't have to worry about the baby eating a brick or two. This is the result of my attempt at the first factory in Elizabethville. The outer dimensions of the build are 91x94. The windmill sits on 16x16 with some overhang of the blades and guide. The warehouse is about 20x40. I am licensing it as a medium factory since the footprint of the buildings take up 1056 studs. C&C welcome. P.S. The windmill is modeled after this one, even though it is not a grist mill. I am sure in BoBS it doesn't matter.
  15. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] The Windmill

    Hello. Presented to you my latest big MOC: The Windmill. Having gathered a collection of books that cover LEGO sets of the past and visited the museum in Billund at the EB event, I came to rather like the simple red and white of the vintage town builds. This Windmill is inspired by the look, with more modern techniques and parts used to create an updated building. This is tagged as WIP as I hope to create a surrounding terrain with a few more smaller outbuildings and a vehicle or two, also inspired by the vintage era. Though, I am also looking to build it as something that could have been inhabited back in the 50s. I also hope to motorise the sails, the tower has space and modularity to allow this at a later date. Thanks for taking a look. Comments and critique are appreciated.
  16. My phase 2 windmill, this is another build influenced by Skyrim, the windmill is based off of the typical windmills seen in game. I also tried to replicate the tundra look that is common in many regions of Skyrim. This was also my entry to the 2017 Brickstory contest, for the Early Middle Age category. The model features working windmill blades and grindstone, both simultaneously operated by a crank on the back of the windmill. Previous story installments: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Glorfindel and Dedan visit the windmill in Holt to speak with Jarl Arfast. "Welcome, Sir Glorfindel! I'm glad you were willing to meet me here, harvest time sees me at the windmill more often than my hall." "Greetings Jarl, it's nice to have a meeting outside for once. This is my friend, Dedan the hunter." "Good day, hunter Dedan," replied Arfast, "I imagine you two have come with warnings of the conflict in Nocturnus? I can assure you all our warriors have been keeping a watchful eye on our borders and will continue to do so. Though our numbers are limited after the Algus war," he continued sadly. "Yes, that conflict has weakened our forces considerably. I may have some encouraging news though, as I've recently returned from Valholl, and some of the centrally located towns and villages have agreed to send some of their own troops to help reinforce our borders. The troops will be allotted to various villages who are deemed to have special need. And the soldiers will be placed directly under the jarls and lords command." "That is good news! Particularly during this season when our men are so busy preparing for the coming winter months. Thank you Glorfindel." "You are most welcome, Mitgardia must stand together to survive. Now Dedan and I must be off to Firoir on a pressing matter. So good day, Jarl." Check out more pictures here. C&C welcome
  17. wallyjarek

    Florist & Farm

    This time I build florist and farm on 2BP with working windmill. I used for it: IR Speed Remote Control, L-motor, IR Receiver and battery box. More pictures on Flickr. And movie.
  18. Hello all! I am usually a train guy so I don't know many of you but today I wanted to show you my scenic flour mill (windmill). Enjoy! The Old Flour Mill was inspired by many old Lego sets available in the 1970's and I always thought they were so cool. I wanted to make a nice windmill but also add playable features like "grinding" wheat (or bricks) into flour by using a renewable energy source to teach kids about conserving energy as well. Also recently Lego has not produced windmills but wind turbines. I wanted something more classic and more rustic that would fit into some nice scenery. I also wanted it to be motorized so I added a hidden battery box that is exposed in the back along with an M-Motor under the scenery to power the whole mill. [MOC] Lego 'The Old Flour Mill' by Rail Co, on Flickr [MOC] Lego 'The Old Flour Mill' by Rail Co, on Flickr [MOC] Lego 'The Old Flour Mill' by Rail Co, on Flickr [MOC] Lego 'The Old Flour Mill' by Rail Co, on Flickr [MOC] Lego 'The Old Flour Mill' by Rail Co, on Flickr [MOC] Lego 'The Old Flour Mill' by Rail Co, on Flickr [MOC] Lego 'The Old Flour Mill' by Rail Co, on Flickr Features of the Model: Adjustable speed motorized windmill and grinding stone 360 Degree rotatable windmill (The piece on top that will swivel). A scenic garden that can be expanded outside of the model An old style windmill design to appeal to all ages! I hope you guys enjoy it. As always with any of my work all constructive criticism is welcome! Suggestions are highly encouraged. You can support it on Lego Ideas here!: Thanks! -RailCo
  19. soccerkid6

    Land of Rauor: Farm

    This is the third of 4 micros I built as prizes for the Guild Creation category of the Summer Joust. This particular model was focused on a city of Rauor. You can see the first and the second builds already. Rauor is just a fictional land I made up, and tried to develop the culture and setting of with these 4 micro builds, the rest of which will be posted soon. C&C welcome
  20. Hullo This is the second building for my Crystal Mine village, a little windmill. I've kept the same building style from the cottage I last built, but thought I'd mix up the colours a bit. Maybe a red roof for the next one? Thanks for looking : ) Simon Crystal Mine windmill by simon crocker, on Flickr Crystal Mine windmill by simon crocker, on Flickr Crystal Mine windmill by simon crocker, on Flickr
  21. tsi

    Old windmill

    Hi, My latest MOC is an old windmill, a smock mill, with a typical octagonal plan. The fantail (the small windmill mounted at right angles to the sails) at the rear of the windmill turns the cap automatically to bring it into the wind. ... the backside of the mill with a small well. The sails and the cap is fully rotatable. Here you can see the "round" octagonal design. ... the front side of the mill. Thanks for watching! ThomaS
  22. LittleJohn

    Katoren Windmill

    The first module in my collab with soccerkid6. The windmill actually works, not only do the blades turn, but a grindstone is operated as well. You can see a video of it here: Link A miller operates his mill just outside Katoren's walls: The Interior: More pictures can be seen here: Link All C&C apreciated
  23. Cecilie

    Windmill in the skies

    Gilbert Goat built his windmill on a large rock floating in the sky, so that he could catch more of the wind. He uses a balloon to travel up and down to the village when he needs to. I always wanted to try buiding a floating rock, and it was when I acquired a bunch of trans clear technic beams that I had the idea of trying to use them as water. The rock is quite large and heavy, and both times I've displayed this, everyone comments that they think it's going to fall over. During building it almost fell over several times as I figured out how to make it stable, but it's quite well anchered now, even though it tends to lean to one side, and changes what side it leans to when I put on or take off the windmill :P It's also funny how parents are terrified to let their kids touch it, unlike anything else I've ever displayed... The funny thing is you can actually push it a bit, and it will wobble a bit back and forth, but not fall over And a horizontal vertical () video of the windmill spinning: Sorry
  24. Hi guys This is the “Etheldreed Windmill” my 3rd entry for the CCC, Medieval Husbandry category, and also a freebuild to GoH. The mighty lands of Avalonia are home to many water and windmills, and perhaps the most known is the “Etheldreed Windmill”, where all kinds of cereals are milled to feed the nearby small villages. Being away from the forests, so it can catch strong winds, this windmill is an iconic landmark of Vanhorn Region. CC is welcome. I had to photograph this one with only artificial lighting so the pics came out a little dark. Enjoy
  25. I recently competed in a seed part challenge called Duel of Pirates on the french forum The seed part was a modified 1x2 plate with ladder in dark tan Here are two of the MOCs I made for the challenge. windmill by cecilihf, on Flickr farm by cecilihf, on Flickr