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    Music (generally 90s, industrial, rock, metal, electronic) books (JG Ballard, C.S Forester Philip K Dick), Movies (Blade Runner, Alien, Star Wars, Dune, TGWTDT).


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  1. SimonJC

    MOC AT-TE Midi scale

    I'm with you there; I was also thinking of trying some other colours like blue, or maybe dark green. I'm not ashamed to admit cute is always one of my main goals, so thank you for noticing! Thanks so much for all your kind comments, I really appreciate it!
  2. SimonJC

    MOC AT-TE Midi scale

    Cheers juke!
  3. SimonJC

    MOC AT-TE Midi scale

    Hello I recently purchased Captain Rex's AT-TE and it was a truly enjoyable build. The AT-TE has always been one of my favourite vehicles of the Prequel Trilogy, but Cap'n Rex's AT-TE really revitalised my interest and the mechanical Christmas beetles.. I love midi scale builds; I think its a scale that works really good with Lego (not to mention cost-effective), and so I have attempted my own midi-scale AT-TE. I know there have already been some incredible MOC midi AT-TEs, but I hope this brings something unique to the party. I think I might have to try and give it the Captain Rex treatment later on. Thanks for taking a look; criticism and suggestions are always welcome. Simon AT-TE - MIDI (10) by simon crocker, on Flickr AT-TE - MIDI (8) by simon crocker, on Flickr AT-TE - MIDI (7) by simon crocker, on Flickr A few more photos on flickr
  4. I'm really loving the 501 variant, some really great techniques make the cockpit spot on!
  5. SimonJC

    Zug Zug! Remember the War2 Orc Great Hall?

    This is cool! I love strategy game art, like star craft and what not. I reckon the small/skewed scale of buildings and vehicles can work really well in Lego form. Keep at it!
  6. SimonJC

    [MOC] Boston Havoc and CAC Boomerang

    Cheers Seb! I reckon I will, maybe a zero as well? Hurricane?
  7. Hi everyone I recently visited my local RAAF base museum, which has on display these two gorgeous beasts. I've created these in 1:48 scale. Although it doesn't leave much room for features, its still large enough for retractable landing gear and snugly fits a minifig. I'd love to try and make a few more vintage planes at this scale, and maybe try my luck with something a little larger, perhaps 1:40? Much inspiration for these came from Daniel Siskind and Ralph Savelsberg I hope you like them, SimonJC. CAC Boomerang by simon crocker, on Flickr CAC Boomerang by simon crocker, on Flickr Boston Havoc by simon crocker, on Flickr Boston Havoc by simon crocker, on Flickr
  8. SimonJC

    MOC Maras Outpost- Spacebase, Spacebase, SPACEBASE!

    Sorry I'm late to the party, but this is incredible. Just missed my station stuck in a trance.
  9. SimonJC

    [MOC] Walklift KH-40 Augmech.

    This is so good, completely badass.
  10. SimonJC

    [MOC] Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A

    This belongs in a gallery.
  11. SimonJC

    Kolobrzeg Lighthouse

    This looks so good, the colour scheme works really well with the building techniques. Very impressive.
  12. SimonJC

    TSJ - Kiyonobu Military Centre

    This is amazing, every inch of it showcases clever part usage. It's so impressive.
  13. SimonJC

    [moc] Crystal Mine Tavern

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the feedback : )
  14. Hello Here is the latest for my work-in-progress village, and my favourite so far. I reckon the colours work well together, and I'll stick to bright colours for my next building. I'm pretty happy with the rocks, but they are so parts/labour intensive! I have a new respect for large-scale landscaper Mockers. I might have to rethink the scale of this village... Anyway, I hope you like it. Simon Crystal Tavern (1) by simon crocker, on Flickr Crystal Tavern (2) by simon crocker, on Flickr Crystal Tavern (6) by simon crocker, on Flickr
  15. SimonJC

    [MOC] Steampunk Chicken Scout

    This is cool! Great distribution of colour.