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Found 6 results

  1. It's that time of year again: time for Oktoberfest! The annual BoBS Oktoberfest celebration features food and drink, contests of skill, games and amusements, traditional/historical costumes, food and drink (did we mention food and drink?), and more! This year the Eslandolan Oktoberfest celebration again takes place in the town of Punto Sur on Maldria in the New Haven Sea. Last year saw the settlement grow from a frontier outpost to a bustling town with denizens from all the factions of the Brick Seas. As you can tell from Punto Sur’s original trading post (and the cast of characters pictured above), the town has a Classic Pirates aesthetic. As such, all entries should have a Classic Pirates vibe of some sort, and appear fitting with a Classic Pirates port town, either in traditional 1989 form or updated for 2021 style and techniques. This year also poses a question: Where do all those partying minifigs live? We always see the visiting sailors who are ready for shore leave, but what about the locals -- the merchants and craftsmen and dock hands and fishermen? Do they live in rustic rural homes, colorful urban row houses, sprawling tropical villas, or something else? Rules: Your entry should show an Oktoberfest activity in Punto Sur, with an emphasis on the permanent residents of such a growing colonial outpost. Show residents taking part in the festivities while making a new home for themselves in the islands. Entries must be licensable properties. Players may submit as many entries as they want, but may only win one prize per category. In addition to posting your entry in the forum (ideally with a [OKT] tag in the title), please post a link to your build in this thread and in the Punto Sur settlement thread. Entries must be posted by October 31. Categories: There are two categories this year: Residences, and All Other property types (Artisan, Commerce, Factory, Education, and Culture properties combined). Identify what category you're entering when you post your entry. Entries will be judged on presentation, quality of build, story, fit with Punto Sur's architectural style (Classic Pirate, both retro and modern), and fit with the Oktoberfest/festival theme. The only size requirement is a 16x16 minimum. Prizes: The top three entries in each category will win a free property license (large/medium small for first/second/third place), to be activated by microbuild, usable only in the New Haven Sea. Builders will also be reimbursed for licensing costs for any property licensed through the EGS, or Capt Wolf will purchase (at 2x the license cost) any property a builder does not wish to license.
  2. A small factory (windmill) for the Eslandola town of Punto Sur: Punto Sur exhibits properties with a feel for the Classic Pirates era, so I chose the color scheme of white and red, with no tans or dark reds. Four years ago I built a micro windmill that was only 8 pieces (9 if you counted the base). Trying that minimalist approach again, this build uses 11 pieces, but could have used as few as 7 if I had used a one-piece base and hadn't added the technic pin at the hub of the sails (the pin just fills the hole and adds no structural element to the build). All C&C welcome!
  3. Thaddeus Calvo, the Eslandian adventurer somewhat well known in certain social circles, had extensively explored the island of Maldria for the previous six months. He encountered several similar but independent native tribes inhabiting different regions of the island, and discovered that they were familiar with trading with outsiders, as they traded with the Tyree'De, a non-Halosian people from an unknown land to the south. These discoveries led Eslandolan officials to believe that another settlement on the island of Maldria was needed. The tribes that would trade at the town of Interlagos on the north coast did not appear to travel extensively to the southern coast. A fertile river valley on the southwest portion of the island was a perfect location for another settlement: accessible overland from Interlagos via a pass in the hills that formed the spine of the island, land suitable for farming, rivers that would provide access to the island's interior, and a natural sheltered harbor for sea-going vessels. So Calvo set out from Interlagos again, this time with a crew of men to build a trading post on one of the southwestern rivers. Calvo and his men found a suitable spot at the mouth of one of the rivers. Sandy beach, but with rocky outcroppings suitable as a foundation for permanent structures. First they built a dock to receive ships large and small. Next they built a small structure that would serve as both a warehouse and office. Finally they built a watch tower to serve not only as a lookout, but as a landmark for traders on both land and sea to see from a distance. It didn't take long before scouts from one of the local native tribes came to check out what the Eslandians were doing. And so the trading post of Punto Sur was established. Maps: --------------------------- The main elements of this build were inspired by the classic Imperial Trading Post set: small rectangular building, tower, dock, and crane. I hope you like my take on that classic. The last two pics were taken at a different time than the first three, and so the light was different and for some reason they have a pink cast I couldn't edit out. All C&C welcome.
  4. At the height of Oktoberfest, things sometimes can get... a little out of hand. It is unclear if this was a "pirate raid" or "fest shenanigans," but in either case the damage was light, easily repaired, and all involved were drunk. Right after the fest tents cleared out for the night, a mob/band/party of sailors/fest goers passed the brewery on their way home. Deciding that in fact, they had not had enough to drink, they broke in and helped themselves. Morning found them still hard at work trying to drink the place dry. Yes, the normally tranquil factory, using the rich soil along the creek to grow their own hops, a picturesque place to work. Normally, alive with clockwork precision, particularly gearing up towards the high demand of fest season. The factory had been at max capacity for weeks, filling the racks with kegs for the Punto Sur festivities. But, tor the last 24 hours has been more like the fest tents on the tail end than the brewery on the front one. One report included drunken sailors trying to "cut out the middle men" and gorging themselves off half-ripe hops, straight off the vine... probably the best thing for them, they had probably had enough by that point anyway. Luckily, it appears that the most substantial costs of the whole event was the astonishing cut to the breweries inventory. The owners have claimed that even accounting for what was clearly spilled, the amount of beer consumed by the wayward sailors was, "absurd!" Though the demand is certainly high enough for their product, this temporary transfer of ownership has prompted the owner to consider selling this money maker to set up shop in a line of work with less on the job hazards.
  5. Welcome to the Punto Sur Biergarten, the location of choice for all your Oktoberfest celebrations. Drinks, food, music.....we have it all! Come in, sit down, grab a pint with your mates, and partake in all the mouthwatering morsels our kitchen prepares. Steak, brätwurst, turkey legs, laugenbrezeln, biscuits...all of our food is prepared by our owners (the Schroeder family). And to wet your whistle, we pour only the finest brews and beverages from throughout the New Haven Sea, highlighted by our home-brewed keg of Dastardly Dirk's Doppelbock. For entertainment, our very own band Das Tuba commands the stage, performing some of their hit songs "Punto Sur State of Mind", "Tubaback", and "Twilight of the Beer Gods". Set aside your worries, grievances, faction rivalries (unless someone insults your mother, then fisticuffs are appears to be the case between a few inebriated soldiers ). Enjoy the company of friends and strangers alike, stuff your bellies, drink 'til you can't see straight, plan your next move on Terraversa, and enjoy this glorious Oktoberfest season. Once you enter our gates, you'll never want to leave! Front gate: Overall View: The Kitchen: Stage Area & Tables The Bar Area A giddy Sea Rat looks on in glee as two drunken soldiers settle their dispute with some fisticuffs. Also, a hook makes for a great sausage utensil over the hot grill To be Licensed as a Large Artisan in Punto Sur. ____________________________________________________________ I did not plan on doing a digital build for the Oktoberfest challenge, but at the beginning of the month, I started a new job, and for my first two weeks I am training at a location a few hours from home, so I am away from my bricks. However, being away from home with nothing but work occupying my day, I have plenty of time to mess around on, so I decided to go all in for the contest. I did my best to capture the colors and style set by @Capt Wolf in his trading post build, while incorporating both classic and modern Pirates elements. I also threw in some Oktoberfest flair (at least what Google tells me its looks like, don't hang me if its wrong ), and a variety of characters seen in the BoBS universe. I spent waaaayyyy too much time on this, but it was a blast creating the scene, and a challenge to translate some techniques to digital building. Enjoy!
  6. Many are visiting Punto Sur this year, to drink, dance and have fun. But to keep the revelers entertained, Punto Sur inhabitants put on shows or street performances. Many shows are put on, for example this one, the tale of Captain White Feather. Crowds gather to watch the tale be told, as the makeshift ship rocks from this way to that, with cast members holding up masts and Captain White Feather steering the ship, in search of the greatest reward on all the Brick Seas...... Treasure. Although very much different, Punto Sur's Street performances all have one thing in common - they are all payed by the highest bidder to advertise their drink of choice.