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  1. ace_klimax

    [MOC] Manitou Telehandler (42043 C-model)

    Hard to tell, there are allready telehandlers made. Everything has to have been done before, so it's alternate / replica of at least parts, that you can allready see before I'm considering it second not alternated of my allready released models (there are also some unreleased which are also original not alternate) But as far as I remember, I allready explained you my goal: 1) to build as much as can be done as c-model from 42043 with as much possible functions as original model or real vehicle, without adding any aditional piece 2) functions needs to be manual (so now 3,5 old child can play with them, not to harm gears by electronics or pneumatics) (wheeled excavator was an exception) 3) if alternate of recent model, add some new functions 4) alternate of model, that can't be easily bought these days (7 years and older), also add some functions 5) create digital model or instructions of finished model, so my son can built them alone, once he is bigger (once it was ready I moved them to rebrickable to monetize them, it took so much time to create it, but the sells aren't the main purpose of creating the model, and real money outcome is also very small) So if you can see the models, all add some other function, that was not presented, also considering that parts aren't the same, there are many build-arounds I was also suprised, what else can be built from 1 set with some inovative thinking. It is filled with great set of gears and connection pins. I initially bought 42043 as second hand set together with 42009 mobile crane, and it stayed 3 months in box till I initially built it. Leaving Mercedes built one week and then started to think of MOCs Also considering that I build all these models during 2 years timespan (after going off my 'dark' age after 20 years without lego (never worked with studless before), with having a 9-17 job, and 2 children at home), I'm very satisfied with the outcomes I have seen your mobile crane, which is really great model, but I haven't bought it yet (not suitable for really small children) I was also considering building some kind of mobile crane keeping it more color consistent and without motorisation and pneumatics, but it would definitelly look like something, that has been built before I hope you will not be treated by that (42043 c-model with the same purpose and possibly same functions) It's not on my schedule right now and maybe I'll not have time for do so, I have so many other models to be finished right now
  2. ace_klimax

    [MOC] Manitou Telehandler (42043 C-model)

    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome ;) Allready used it for shaping mudguards in my Retro Baja trophy truck, but this model is not finished yet (in terms of creating digital model with instructions). On this model I mostly tested custom made steering wheel hub holder with maximum available use of suspension (limited by parts available in 42043) and I'm very satisfied with the outcome.
  3. Inspired by Manitou mlt telehandler, including color, shape and functionsBuilt only from parts of 42043 Merceder Benz Arocs setKey features: HOG double axle steering Opening engine hood Opening drivers cabin door Tilting and extending arm with tilting option of attachments 6 simple exchangable attachments: Forks Construction bucket Agricultural grab bucket Bale clamp - 3 sizes or versions (all atachments functions are held in place by friction pins and can be built at the same time) Trailer with palletes for buckets See those videos, so you could compare all small details presented on model:, that didn't fit such small model: Crab and single front axle steering Moving steering wheel while steering Arm is located little higher on chasis to allow steering, decentered 0.5 stud to the right All functions manual, no motor or pneumatic 85 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) - sample on bricksafe It goes straight to my 42043 c-model alternatives collection I have built or finishing building, see bellow
  4. if you are looking for LXF for A- and B-model, than go here: cheers
  5. Thanks for appreciation I was also thinking about building terrain pick-up (sort of 42039 B-model) but couldn't find any other function to implement, so I dismissed it. I have no other plans for moc from 42077. Getting back to 42043, I've 6 models to get instructions done or finish building ( I don't plan to share LXF model, as I allready made instructions for sale on rebrickable, sorry
  6. I've created 2nd MOC from 42077: Formula Grand Prix Racer to be seen here:
  7. After great success of my 1st moc from 42077 24 Hours Race Car I come with another buildInspired by official lego 42000 trying to make it color pleasing (but shorter and wider)(azure blue - wings, white - main bodywork, black - bottom, gray - back axle, red - details and exposed edges)using 84% of parts from 42077dimensions 50x22x13cm* Independent front and rear suspension* Opening back engine hood* 6-piston engine connected to rear axle* Adjustable rear wing elevation by handle in drivers cockpit* HOG front wheel steering + working steering wheel* possible to built with/without HALO driver protection55 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) - sample on bricksafe
  8. technically you are correct, but i decided make seat for the driver in the middle as in F1 cars I had not enough bricks to do some seat/steering wheel/driver headrest shift to one side.
  9. 2 different sized pneumatic cilinders work. If the lower ones would be same, it would be better, but then the narrow one on top doesn't have enought power to lift rest of boom. I've tried all combinations at the bottom side with 1 or 2 cylinders and the narrow one helsp the bigger to lift the boom a little, also it looks cooler with 2 cylinders. This CAT specs ( i took as inspiration for building a model But you are correct, 42043 set doesn't have much yellow color and several details i intentionally missed so i could complete the model in this small scale without needing of aditional parts from other set (e.g. not enough gears for implementation of moving front stabilizing legs > need of loom bands) I should keep name as wheeled excavator, most of them of different manufacturers looks almost the same. But i wanted to differentiate it from 42053 volvo excavator set, which I recall almost at the end of of building - totally forgot about it, initially didn't like this set when i came out from my dark ages 2 years ago
  10. many hopefully :) 5 done 4 waiting to be released with instructions 1 building at the moment 5 ideas for next builds see bellow DONE Caterpillar M322D wheel excavator from 42043 First Responder (42075 alternate, 42043 C-model Tow truck (42079 alternate, 42043 C-model Volvo Articulated Truck (8264 alternate, 42043 C-model Mine loader (42049 alternate, 42043 C-model models in progress in various level of completition Retro Baja trophy truck from 42043 Fork Lift (8416 alternate, 42043 C-model Heavy Duty Forklift (42079 alternate, 42043 C-model Suzuki Jimny expedition with trailer (42043 C-model no picture yet althought it is my first finished MOC from 42043 Tatra 815 from (42043 C-model no pictures released yet, one drive schaft with working steering and soft suspension, 6x6 version and tilted 2 seat cabin done and several ideas about what to model next in preparation: 42041 race truck / 8436 truck / dakar truck mining truck smaller simpler excavator (with pneumatics) toyota fj40 / jeep wrangler lightweight Baja trophy truck RC with motors
  11. render animation in bricklink studio 2.0 24fps 2seconds rotation
  12. I haven't thought of doing B-model, but why not to try it? I was just looking for inspiration for some other C-model - thoughts about some supercar Porsche or Lambo
  13. Wheeled excavator built just from 1 model parts (42043 Mercedes Benz), with many functions FUNCTIONS: unique: 2 functions transfered from base to superstructure through big turntable - steering and engine drive manual functions: HOG steering via beacon light stabilizing legs (2 side on front, 1 working as shovel at back) operated with the same beacon light (not enough power to lift excavator :( ) gear for rotating superstructure working 6piston inline engine driven by rear wheels + openable hood handle to operate function of the attachment (*1 , *2) motorized functions: motorized pneumatic piston battery box working as counterweight pneumatic function: 4 pneumatic pistons raising boom, dipper and attachments attachments: *1 grabber shovel *2 pneumatic hammer *3 big excavator bucket *4 smaller excavator bucket (all of them use smaller pneumatic piston, so it can't be built at the same time) Superstructure bodywork inspired by official lego 42006 except 42043 model, you would need: * 2 loom bands (front stabilizing legs operation) * 4697b pneumatic T-Piece from 42043 spare parts 183 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) for base, superstructure with boom, 4 attachments and tubing schema - sample on bricksafe Suited for experienced builder! 3 downsides: * not enough gears for front stabilizing legs operation so not enough power to lift excavator :( * superstructure is heavy due to motor and battery box and is leaning towards left side * boom is heavy, even though it is raised via 2 pneumatic pistons it takes time function color mapping schema orange x motorized pneumatic piston dark blue x supersturcture rotation azure blue x rear wheel engine drive green x operation function of attachment red x base functions operator --------> gray steering --------> pink stabilizing legs
  14. Inspired by official lego 42039using 97% of parts from 42077dimensions 52x22x11cm* HOG front wheel steering* rear and front suspension* opening back engine hood* 6-piston engine connected to rear axle* one seat* open cockpit52 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) - sample on bricksafe
  15. Inspired by official lego 42075 with enhanced functions:* HOG front wheel steering* rear and front suspension* opening hood, doors and back side compartments* flat 4-piston engine connected to rear axle* front winch with hook* rear fire hose* elevated boom with spotlight2 variants:* fire in unavailable area - big water tank* vehicle accident - small water tank + surveillance drone, traffic cones, water pumpExcept parts from 42043 set, you would need string53 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) for both versions - sample on bricksafe