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  1. ace_klimax

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    I was excited when 1st picture was released, finally something different than 'car' Even the color design was ok, not to tell it's military plane. I also decided to build by own version as 42082 moc, started 3 weeks ago and I'm about 75% done. All was based on that 1 picture and blueprints. My model should have around 2500 pieces and 5 motorized and 5 manual functions (or 6 | 4 dependent on the gearbox) My model would be 10-15% bigger, more correct based on dimensions of known measurements Unfortunatelly I will not have this nice rotor blades :( Model is still missing central gearbox I wanted to squeze behind cabin to left enough space in cargo area to be used for something different Unfortunatelly i will not have enough time to finish it till end of summer due to some vacations and limited time for building. I can see some problems in 42113 official model: * allready mentioned rotation of gondolas * elevator moves in different direction as it should * dimensions are not 'correct' Unfortunatelly with showed functions I'm not much impressed. I understand the limitation for number of parts and final price (I do not have to fulfill, i'm limited just by model 42082 pieces) all said i'll possibly buy it, mostly to compare with my MOC Is anyone interested in my WorkInProgress photos here, of should I start new WIP topic?
  2. So after whole operation buwizz battery is back in business and working flawlessly drsrvs: many thanks for sharing workaround I overheated it when driving my Trophy Truck MOC in configuration of 2x Buggy motors (cheaper china monster motors) + servo motor
  3. This gives me hope, based on this comment i decided to open battery. After unscrewing all 4 screws i had to depart light and dark grey part, that were tightly glued together. Insides looks without burn or anything bad, so i'll try to solder one of battery wires from mainboard. If i'll solve the issue i woud think, for the future, to implement there some small switch accessible from outside of the box, ideally in the top center space let's see drsrvs thanks for sharing your workaround
  4. yes, that's why i didn't want to buy Buwizz at the beginning I wanted hardware controller mainly for my children, even I don't like to controll it just on display on the phone without any harware feedback (buttons, joystick, etc.) I'm using cheep android/ios bluetooth controller by ipega
  5. I had CaDA battery and hardware controller for 3/4 year before I destroyed it. In general it can connect 4 motors and all working together, but you need to avoid changing direction in rapid manner. I burned out it when using in my Trophy Truck moc in configuration with 2 buggy motors (actually cheaper china monster motors) and servo once rapidly reversing direction of a car. Right now it is not working at all. I bought 2 Buwizz batteries (for 4x the price of CaDA) but i'm really happy with it. It can be used with BrickController2 app with hardware bluetooth controller, which was something I was looking for, because i hate operating mocs from mobile phone
  6. Go-Kart only from parts of 42077 set - HOG version - RC versions using 54% of parts from 42077 dimensions 32x22x14cm 1 manual HOG version + 2 remote controled versions manual HOG version: * HOG front wheel steering via steering wheel * no suspension (like in original) * 2 piston engine (unigue racing variant) connected to rear wheels without differential * working brake and throttle pedal 2 RC versions adds: * servo motor for steering (steering wheel not connected) * L-motor driving rear axle * powered by: ** standard lego 8881 Power Functions Battery Box (use only on flat surface, as battery is only several mms above) ** BuWizz (88000 Power Functions AAA Battery Box or 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box will fit also) ** + 58123 Electric Power Functions IR Receiver + 58122 Electric Power Functions IR Remote Control (where it makes sense, or sBrick) RC version weights 973g RC version with BuWizz weights 783g 186 (RC version 236/213) steps of easy to follow instructions from bricklink for inexperienced builder - sample on bricksafe instructions created by B4 (Niklas Mücke) my other models from 42077 set (can be found on rebrickable and bricksafe):
  7. ace_klimax


    Very nice buggy, i really like the shape and performance. Have you considered using crawler tires? I also started building VW beetle buggy, but as I was limited only from pieces of 42077 set, it came in little different shape I'm little sad, that you won't think of creating instructions of any kind, but really understand as I know how time consuming it is, I also prefer building insted of modeling/sitting on computer
  8. Unfortunatelly I don't have them, but as quckly chceked in LDD, its same height, but are much wider. I would assume, that it will have issues with front panels when full steered to side. I tried unimog and tractor tires (see gallery), but it is too big for this buggy (wait for trophy truck, which is designed to be built with tractor tires as default :)
  9. Compact Boxer Cabrio only from parts of 42077 set more photos >> using 71% of parts from 42077 dimensions 32x17x14cm main objective was to recreate pivot steering with Ackerman geometry in smallest dimensions possible functions: * HOG front axle pivot steering with ackerman geometry * V6 boxer engine connected to rear axle * adjustable rear spoiler and seats * openable doors * no suspension Cute and small, toy alike, enjoyable for children 72 pages of generated easy to follow instructions for inexperienced builder (A4 landscape orientation) instructions created by KAMEIV ( my other models from 42077 set (can be found on rebrickable and bricksafe):
  10. new model from 42077 set
  11. new model from 42077 set
  12. Buggy only from parts of 42077 set looking like Baja Class One Unlimited Buggy or Dakar SSV more photos for all 4 versions here >> using 84% of parts from 42077 dimensions 40x21x16cm 2 main objectives: 1) maximalize suspension travel 2) prepare RC version manual HOG version: * HOG front wheel steering * front suspension, axle with positive caster * rear suspension ***v1 linked wheels + 6-piston engine connected to rear axle via loom bands ***v2 independent suspension for left and right wheel, dummy engine without movement 2 RC versions: * bigger tyres *** 54120 Tyre 94.8 x 44 R Balloon *** 92912 Tyre 94.3 x 38 R * servo motor for steering * enough space for any kind of battery on co-driver's seat *** 8881 Power Functions Battery Box *** 88000 Power Functions AAA Battery Box *** 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box *** Buwizz *** CaDa * 58123 Electric Power Functions IR Receiver + 58122 Electric Power Functions IR Remote Control (where it makes sense, or sBrick) * motors for propulsion: *** 2x 99499 Electric Power Functions Large Motor *** 42908 Electric RC Race Buggy Motor (+ 32270 Technic Gear 12 Tooth Double Bevel needed!) * dummy engine without movement Version with 2L motors and BuWizz weights 1121g Any combination of power and motor configuration is working my other models from 42077 set (can be found on rebrickable and bricksafe):
  13. ace_klimax

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    Would you mind share that digital model? I think, it would go well to my sons collection of older construction models 8419 excavator and 8271 wheel loader thanks in advance
  14. ace_klimax

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    Hello all, not part of this discussion, but can anyone find on internet instructions for that Xioami Mitu Mobile Crane? I'm more interested in building this, but from real lego parts in yellow color
  15. ace_klimax

    [MOC] Manitou Telehandler (42043 C-model)

    Hard to tell, there are allready telehandlers made. Everything has to have been done before, so it's alternate / replica of at least parts, that you can allready see before I'm considering it second not alternated of my allready released models (there are also some unreleased which are also original not alternate) But as far as I remember, I allready explained you my goal: 1) to build as much as can be done as c-model from 42043 with as much possible functions as original model or real vehicle, without adding any aditional piece 2) functions needs to be manual (so now 3,5 old child can play with them, not to harm gears by electronics or pneumatics) (wheeled excavator was an exception) 3) if alternate of recent model, add some new functions 4) alternate of model, that can't be easily bought these days (7 years and older), also add some functions 5) create digital model or instructions of finished model, so my son can built them alone, once he is bigger (once it was ready I moved them to rebrickable to monetize them, it took so much time to create it, but the sells aren't the main purpose of creating the model, and real money outcome is also very small) So if you can see the models, all add some other function, that was not presented, also considering that parts aren't the same, there are many build-arounds I was also suprised, what else can be built from 1 set with some inovative thinking. It is filled with great set of gears and connection pins. I initially bought 42043 as second hand set together with 42009 mobile crane, and it stayed 3 months in box till I initially built it. Leaving Mercedes built one week and then started to think of MOCs Also considering that I build all these models during 2 years timespan (after going off my 'dark' age after 20 years without lego (never worked with studless before), with having a 9-17 job, and 2 children at home), I'm very satisfied with the outcomes I have seen your mobile crane, which is really great model, but I haven't bought it yet (not suitable for really small children) I was also considering building some kind of mobile crane keeping it more color consistent and without motorisation and pneumatics, but it would definitelly look like something, that has been built before I hope you will not be treated by that (42043 c-model with the same purpose and possibly same functions) It's not on my schedule right now and maybe I'll not have time for do so, I have so many other models to be finished right now