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  1. will you please share digital model? i would love to have enough time for this ;) I'd try to build it from older parts with 4-rotor blades, as i'm mostly interested in the gearbox and avionics (and then compare it to my redefinition of 9396 helicopter model from 42082 will buy it later, once the price drops a little \thanks
  2. I just noticed, it's model of Airbus and not Boeing, thus meaning TLG has licences with both major airplane companies, interesting...
  3. TLG has plan to release pneumatic backhoe? are there some of this rumours? I would be tempted. but funny thing, 2 months ago i just finished backhoe loader from 42082 set (so no pneumiatic, but just lineart actuators), inpired by JCB Sitemaster 4CX/5CX or CAT 444F2 more here:
  4. Nice job, will you share the file? Thanks
  5. What i like: * panels (fan of orange pieces) * tires (finaly 4 tumbler tires in 1 model) What is missing 1) HOG (removable like in defender) 2) link joint to DRS 3) removable front wing 4) more detailed engine (but not with much system pieces!) 1-3 can be easily achieved and will be first mods, after set will be released On the other hand I understand not implementing 10-gear selector gearbox (1-8+N+R), because it's not mostly visible and speed changes in engine. I didn't want make some crypled version (2/4 gear) shifting in my MOCs from design point of view, it looks OK, some holes between panels might have been covered better 1-3 is easily doable I might buy it second-hand or severely discounted at the end of production (for panels or tires), but i prefer mostly real technic models (gears and functions)
  6. I want to thank developer of this app to allow me to use physical controller for my RC creations. It allows me to make really enjoyable RC models for my children. I understand android limitation to keep phone display 'shining', but at least some diming should be fine, if possible. Many thanks for your work. some of my creations
  7. hello, I don't think so, LEGO is trying to avoid higher speeds, so it is not potentially harmfull to to little children. Buggy motor is the history and all new PU sets are slow as hell. So then comnes us as MOCers to come with fastest solution fomr existing motors ;) Thanks fo liking the model, have you built it? and if yes, how do you like it, how does it drive?
  8. google disk, dropbox?
  9. Thank you very much for your software, i've just tested lxf2ldr.html and it works flawless I'm creating submodels in ldd mainly as steps adding new bricks, so when transforming via your code and loading to, my model still needs some polishing of releasing the steps and creating real submodels, but its much better, then creating it from zero. Big thanks
  10. I was thinnking about gear ratios on back axle and couldn't figure out the gear hidden behind wheel to comply with 36 visible connected to motor on lenght of 5 studs. Will there be whe newest differential? And if I'm not mistaken, differential might not be good idea for buggy, where there is a possibility that wheels will bounce off the terrain and it might loose traction on 1 wheel limiting traction on other wheel, that actualy stays on the ground. I experimented with this on my RC version of 8048 buggy ( and never thought putting there differential for the reason written above. Can you share digital model of this buggy? thanks
  11. Little update on building the 3d model. Gearbox is ready, but providing only 5 functions All functions are working fine, i just needed to slow gear movement a little bit, so it's not so quick, with exception of rotors rotation, which should be quick I spend at least 3 weeks tuning the gearbox and all connected gears and axles, to squeez it inside the plane body, which wasn't easy (and i was not able to fit there the 6th function unfortunately - so reel with hook would need to be operated manually) one win is is allready connected to plane body
  12. I built it in red, but little different. I used 42082 Rough Terrain set as base, so this MOC will be 100% from this set without any other parts (sadly for tractor tires) But it came really well, details bellow: Including 8 attachments (mostly new) , so for (at least my child) the playability is perfect :)
  13. still hope, lego will realease it as unbranded unlicensed aircraft set once fixing the design flaw someday in the future
  14. Hello, best would be, if you'll follow me on rebrickable, so you will be notified by email about any new moc I come with ;) I had some vacations (and also some ahead of me) so the progress is slow. I have finished the 'gearbox', i'm starting thorough testing with connected wing I have to find if some speeds aren't too slow or too fast and maybe introduce clutch pins to rotor blades rotation Unfortunatelly i couldn't squeeze intended 6 motorized functions, so only 5 are there (rotor blades, landing gear, wing rotation, gondalas inclination, cargo bay door) Not sure if i'd implement rope with hook as manual function - space is there wing with gondolas and tail with active avionic surfaces isn't modeled in 3d yet, but are allready built and tested ;) (see previous post) I have allready seen instructions for canceled official model - I've taken totally different approach of leaving as much as i can cargo space free, possibly building some smaller model of car inside it my gearbox is positioned horizontally under the wing right behind the cabin the only thing I might borrow from official model is the function of upper part cargo bay door opening in oposite direction as the lower ones - this is really ingenious function I hope to finish the model in 2-3 weeks, and then will come some time for test builds and instruction making - it maybe take also a month to finish