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Found 32 results

  1. To keep the airships from running into the floating rocks, and to signal them of the upcoming cities, a light house is built on one of such floating rocks. Lily is currently visiting her uncle Willard on the Iron Point Beacon a lighthouse near an important trading city of the Low Islanders. She is trying to spot some of the nearby skray (flying manta ray) with her uncle's telescope. -- For the light house light, I used a 12V train light. For more information about the world of the Wandering Skies, where this MOC is situated: Iron Point Beacon by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  2. Ancient Lighthouse at Ashkharin The Lighthouse at Ashkharin is one of the Ancient Wonders of Historia. Located on the isle of Gorr near what is now known as Stone Town, this lighthouse alerted ships of northern point of the island. Though much of Gorr’s ancient history disappeared with its inhabitants around the time Kaligem was destroyed, this lighthouse lives on in memory due to its enormous size and importance. It stretched 430 feet (130m) over the ocean waves and its fires could be seen for miles away over sea and land. Before its destruction, it was the tallest building in all of Historica.
  3. Welcome to Feel Good Island! This is your Captain DoubleBU speaking. Thank you for chosing Air "Feel Good Island" for your trip. We're ready for take-off in about 10 minutes, so please switch off your mobile phones and fasten your seat belts. During your flight with us you can experience and enjoy the following features: - Power Functions as well as (switchable) manual mode - Many rotating/moving elements - Detailed environment (with some Easter Eggs) for nice display - Also a stable and heavy structure for heavy play - Accessible battery box withoutdisassembling the whole island, completely hidden inside the structure - A landing mode, optionally with or without the specially designed tensegrity stand. - A tensegrity stand that very stably supports the island in a floating position but also allows you to easily pick it up for play. For further information please refer to our brochures "Feel Good Island" or "Tensegrity Stand" right in front of you. Thank you very much for your attention and I wish you a pleasant flight...!
  4. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Detroit River Lighthouse

    Hello there, this time there is another small MOC, which will probably find its way into the LEGO® City in the future. Since the city is to be held in the American style, of course, the lighthouse must look "american". After some hours of google searching I decided to build the small but unique lighthouse at the mouth of the Detroit River in Lake Erie called the Detroit River Lighthouse. (For those who are interested, here is the link to the Google Maps location:,-83.1542341,13157m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x883b17a06b2e116f:0xc0f09b00e975d5ec!8m2!3d42.0004134!4d-83.1404758 ) The lighthouse is build without a baseplate and without modularity, because the exact terrain around the lighthouse has not been determined yet. I hope you like the model. As always, there is also a speedbuild video. Please have a look at it. Otherwise, under the video again some pictures of the model are shown. At first a picture from the original building. The LEGO Lighthouse Another view with the shed in front. The whole model shown from the other side with the big door. I hope you like the model. Let me know.
  5. Near the borders of the continent, where the Mystic Isles starts. There is a floating rock. Thanks to the strange nature of this place, it is a very common sight. The lighthouse, erected on the rock, serves as a guide, for those, who lost in the dense mist. Or more likely as a warning, to turn back...
  6. My new creation: Lighthouse Size: 12L, 11W, 53H, cm Parts: 400 Weight: 600g Features: - Working lights - 360° rotation - Opening door - PF: 2x LED, M-motor, LiPo-battery, IR-receiver Video: The instruction is free, it's inside the video. Check the Rebrickable page for the inventory: More Photos:
  7. The light house of Skull Rock was once kept lit by a order of monks, who believed the nearby skull-shaped cliff face (carved by the former native islander inhabitants) was a sign from "The Man Upstairs" that is was an evil place. The monks were later killed off in 1708 by scurvy and other diseases, leaving only one alive who went insane from the ordeal, claiming he saw ghosts of several past wrecked ships' captains. In 1710, the pirate Captain Henry Smithfield of the infamous "Yago" found skull island and skillfully managed to sail through the island coral reefs unaided except by the light and a keen sailor's intuition. He was inspired to take over operation of the light, but eventually had to maroon the mad monk on a nearby deserted island as he was too crazy even for pirates! The light is still lit only occasionally, mostly when trying to wreck merchant and pirate hunter ships onto the reefs to be plundered thereon. This island is known to the area's native islanders as Hazar-dues, or to it's pirate inhabitants and imperial captives as Skull Rock. NOTE: The name of the island is said like the word, "Hazardous" (which is quite apt for it's windswept rocky surface!) I'm taking @Faladrin lead with his similar model and one-upping it to include the entire skull rock, and a dock for pirate ships of all types! NOTES: The set conversion is mostly (98%) finished as of 1/28/21. The as-yet unbuilt lighthouse portion is on order from Bricklink as of yesterday. This new piece will replace the crane section of the dock. I've also realized that all the set 71722's features are tied together by gearing / rods, such as: - The rotating scythes on the walkway to the officer's quarters behind the eyes. - the moving "wave" walkway to the base of the waterfall. (which opens up!) - the lowering / raising of the wooden cage holding the (deceased) bluecoat Admiral. ..and all this is activated by cranking the large U-shaped handle on the left! The front clips of sets 71722 (Skull Sorcerer's Dungeons) connect to a wooden dock model (seen below). The two Ninjago set's (the other is 71717, Journey to the Skull Dungeons) will be modified to have blue parts instead of orange and trans-orange for the bases and "lava drip" parts. I plan on using these sets, plus this dock, in conjunction with my other pirate ships, seen below. Inside the lower portion of Skull rock is the pirates treasure room, with gold aplenty and a few jewels. The upper floor is for the Captain Smithfield when not at sea. Here is the lighthouse proper. The wooden crane is for offloading cargo / loot off the smaller boats after leaving the big pirate ship. The spinning lens idea is from 70431 (Lighthouse of Darkness) from the Hidden Side theme. The front clips of sets 71722 (Skull Sorcerer's Dungeons) connect to a wooden dock model. (seen farther down the page) The two Ninjago set's (the other is 71717, Journey to the Skull Dungeons) are currently being modified to have blue parts instead of orange and trans-orange for the bases and "lava drip" parts. I plan on using these sets, plus all the custom dock / lighthouse parts for my island. This building model comes apart into three modular sections: - lighthouse, lower level (this is sleeping / storage area for the crew when not at sea.) - light house, upper level (storage area for whale oil for keeping the light lit) - actual light - (rotates around, though it's usually lit for use in misguiding ships onto the nearby rocky coral reef surrounding Skull Island.) The docks model also comes apart into three modular sections: - The working wooden crane (left side, which will be implemented into the lighthouse) - The corner with cannon (behind the others) - The dock extension (right side) Here is that unlucky monk today, with his one-shot pistol on Twenty-paces Island. (I'm getting a palm tree for this island.... still have to order the parts!) The whole setup of Skull Rock so far. The Minecraft-based Seacow, as captained by Peg-Leg Stevie. Not sure what to call this type of ship, though it kinda reminds me of the Santa Maria from Columbus' first trip. The brig Yago, as seen here and captained by Henry Smithfield. The Golden Bounty pirate junk, as seen in this topic and led by Captain Soto. (picture of Joly Roger goes here) Captain Hook's Jolly Roger isn't done yet, so no picture or topic... waiting on a certain flying boy for that. The Silver Crab is not built yet, but is captained by Bob "The Sponge" Squarepants and can be found here. This is the Hell Bent, and is led by Captain Victor "Jawbone" Blucher. It can be found here.
  8. RoxYourBlox

    [MOC] Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse

    My latest creation, Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse, reflects a desire to create an autobiographical MOC to share joy and pain non-verbally. It was inspired aesthetically by Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior, thematically by Voyage of Life (1842) by Thomas Cole, and structurally by Obelisk Overpass, Boulder Dam, plus an early draft of River Wheel (featuring pirate ship gondolas rather than lumber). In fact, the 96 x 96-stud plot vacated by the dismantled River Wheel fed my drive to combine structures absent from my Lego city—a bridge, dam, and Ferris wheel. As you may imagine from the photos, a hilltop lighthouse teeters over an ocean, beneath a collection of galaxies spiraling through the nighttime sky, while a shooting star passes overhead. The light and dark figurative sailboats represent positive and negative memories, while the logarithmic spiral of galaxies in the sky is reflected in the earth below by the failed attempt of humankind to overcome the nature of life itself. Stats 26400 pieces 75 lbs (34 kg) Footprint: 96 or 128 square studs Volume: 156 x 156 x 176 studs Timeline Phase 1 Idea conceived: January 2020 Digital design: 8 weeks total Wheel: 2 weeks Lighthouse: 2 weeks Bridge: 2 days Cliff: 4 weeks Shipping: 13 weeks Building: 2 weeks Phase 2 Digital design revision: 1 week Shipping: 4* weeks Building: ongoing *Multiple international part orders in October never did arrive and had to be repurchased domestically. For more, follow me on flickr, instagram, or ideas.
  9. Quinnsville Lighthouse Lighthouse 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With the rapid growth in Quinnsville after getting a new mayor appointed, a lighthouse was erected to help guide ships safely into the harbor. Mayor Richard Brickford is visiting the new structure and meeting the lighthouse keeper who will be responsible for keeping the flame burning. Lighthouse 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Lighthouse 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr While the Mayor strikes up a conversation with the keeper, a Corrington solider from nearby Fort Annetta unloads some supplies for the lighthouses new inhabitant. --------------------------------------- I recently went through a huge brick purge (Getting rid of everything not LEGO) and a mass organization of all by bricks. From that comes my first build for BoBs made out of real bricks! Expect more builds of this type in the future. C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking! This will be a medium Artisan for Quinnsville. More pic from different angles in the spoiler:
  10. Damiano Anger

    31065 Lighthouse (alternate)

    Hello, this is my second alternative set for the 31065 townhouse. It's a lighthouse Enjoy and comment!
  11. Fenghuang0296

    Ideas Fishing Village

    So, it appears that Ideas builder RobenAnne is determined to start his own Winter Village-esque series of buildings. Starting with the one everyone's seen, 21310 Old Fishing Store, it seems like three new buildings are going to be joining it; the makings of an early nineteenth century beachfront if I ever saw one. We have The Lighthouse, The Dive Shop, and Boat House Diner. Personally, I'm looking forwards to Boat House Diner the most; it will surely be able to take pride of place in my village's docks. What does everyone think? (Couldn't upload images, but they can be found at this link;)
  12. The Chronicles of Hesperia Volume 1: The Sky Man Chapter 5: Stopping at Tíre Keep The Previous Chapters: Henjin Quilones stepped out of the elvish rowboat and walked up the dock towards the tower. Though it was only early evening, the flames were already roaring from the beacon post at its top, ready to ward any passing ship away from the dangerous shoals that lined the coast of the island. Tíre Keep, with its lighthouse, was one of the most important strongholds of Avalonia, and one of the farthest, if not the farthest, west, a final stopping point for food and supplies for any Avalonian ship sailing out into the Great Western Ocean. His ship, or rather, Galaria's ship, was moored deeper out to sea, past where the rocks would cause a danger to the fragile wooden planking of a ship's hull. He had been sent ashore to this abode of humans, since he, a human, would not look so out of place as one of the elvish exiles on board the Nagra Luca, or Black Wolf in the common speech of Historica. His brother, Bu'kanjin, or one of their druid warrior companions, could also have been sent, but Henjin had volunteered to come alone to broker a deal for supplies sufficient for an ocean crossing. Of gold they had enough, if pressed, to buy everything they needed and more, but then they would have nothing when they reached the shores of some distant land; Henjin's powers of persuasion had become legendary among his friends, and they all agreed that he would be the best to negotiate a favorable bargain for them. Henjin sighed as he gazed up at the tall tower, its six sides facing every direction. He did not know when they would be back in civilized lands again. Galaria had taken it into her head to travel the world after her father had sentenced her to exile, and she had no desire to stay around the continent of Historica. She had been granted a Historican Title of Nobility for her actions in the war with Raavage, same as Henjin, and would thus find a warm welcome wherever the Ruler of Historica was revered, but she wanted to leave, to see how people lived in other lands. Henjin had agreed to go with her, as he found something about the green-haired elf maiden hopelessly attractive. Bu'kanjin felt similarly towards Yavenna, Galaria's trusted lieutenant among the wolf riders, as well, and had needed little persuasion to join his brother. The wolves. Skoll, the white wolf that was now his, along with Biryuk, who was Bu'kanjin's mount, Laika, who was Galaria's, and the other wolfsteeds of Galaria's band, was in the hold of the Nagra Luca, undoubtedly very unhappy and seasick. Henjin had to get enough meat to feed them, in addition to everything else they needed. The gold in his pouch needed to go a long way. As he walked towards the small door set in the wall, he observed a man fishing from the rocks. "Greetings, sir," he said. "Where might I find the lord of this keep?" The man turned from his fishing with a sigh, saying, "The fish are not biting so far today, I am afraid; I blame the weather. It has been too hot, unseasonably so. We need some rain, that's what we need, rain." "If I could send you rain, sir, I would," said Henjin. "Now, where might I find the lord?" "Right here, my good sir," smiled the man. "I am Sir Kravek, Baron of Tíre Keep, Ruler of the Isle of Tíre, Lord Councillor of Avalonia. How may I be of service to a traveler such as yourself?" "My thanks, Sir Kravek. My name is Sir Henjin Quilones, Knight of Historica. My friends and I need sufficient food and supplies to sail across the Great Western Ocean." "I see. Welcome, Sir Henjin. Well, you have come to the right place. Now, that ship of yours anchored off in my harbor is clearly elvish, or I am an orc, so am I to assume that you stole it, or are your companions elves?" "Yes, Sir Kravek, they are elves, as well as men. And one orc, a refugee that we picked up along the way. Not more than eighteen all told, plus beasts." "Destination? Unknown, I suppose? Well, Sir Henjin, let us step into my office, where we can discuss matters more deeply. I have what you need, including charts and maps, and a suggestion for a destination, a place sure to welcome a motley collection of humans, elves, orcs, and beasts, whose existence has been reported to me by sailors coming through. You, in your turn, will give me assistance (and gold, I am sure). Come, come, this way." ____________________________________________________________ ......................................................................................................................... Thanks for looking, and C&C welcome! This has been posted at long last, my entry to the Summer Joust with @TitusV and @The Maestro. If you look closely at the last picture you might be able to see them there. The hexagonal nature of the tower was a challenge, but it worked out pretty well, I thought. My wife, typically no fan of LEGO, thought that this was my best build, and was genuinely sad when I took it apart. It should be fairly clear where my story is going, what with a 5th Anniversary Challenge deadline just over a month away...
  13. Puerto Desafio sits at the mouth of the Harlin River, where it empties into the Bay of Good Hope on the west side of Isla de Victoria. The river widens gradually, and while the delta is not particularly hazardous, a marker is needed to safely guide ships into the waterway. When Mardier first discovered the island and founded a settlement here, they built a lighthouse on a small rocky outcropping on the far western edge of the delta. During the Eslado-Mardierian war of 616-617, the upper half of the lighthouse was destroyed, but now Eslandola has rebuilt it and returned the lighthouse to full use. Here we see the keeper of the lighthouse and a lovely visitor. She comes to the lighthouse often to gaze across the bay and think about the time her merchant beau will return from his trade run. Meanwhile, the keeper takes a break from his work and scans the sea as well. But soon he will have to be back to work. The lighthouse uses dozens of tallow candles, and they often need to be replaced. Some additional views: As usual, all C&C welcome!
  14. Here is my contribution to Brickwall Memorial Park! Located as it is, in the port city of Fuerte Unido, the park offers a wonderful view of the Fuerte Unido lighthouse, known among residents as the Seaweed Point Lighthouse, or just "The Seaweed," when they're talking fast. This name, of course, comes from the strange orange seaweed that can be found on the lighthouse rock and the rocky beaches near it during certain seasons of the year. Not only is the strange seaweed and the lighthouse itself an attraction, but an ancient gnarled tree, somehow finding sustenance on the rocky beach itself, has proved a marvel to many visitors. This area of the park is rather retired and therefore often solitary; but it's not unlikely to become a prime spot in the years to come, considering the excellent view it has to offer. The full build: This would have been fun to build, if I hadn't left it for such a last minute. But I couldn't help it, my rock pieces were tied up until just yesterday. Trying out the orange for seaweed was enjoyable nonetheless, I took inspiration for it and the lighthouse itself from the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse in Argentina. And I found some random pictures of trees growing out of rocks, so that isn't such an imaginative stretch. C&C welcome!
  15. MOMAtteo79

    [MOC] Lighthouse

    Hi, just want to share my moc of a lighthouse, will fit in a lego town but the idea was to recreate those wooden decorative lighthouses that you can buy as an ornament. It's a sum of things with my ideas and others that i've seen in various creations, both mocs and lego orginal. 35 cm high and 387 pieces. I'm thinking of adding up a bit of tiling on the water and if they ever come cheap add seagulls from old fishing store (even tough they cannot "catch" fish :) P.S. sorry for photo quality LEGO MOC - Lighthouse by Matteo M, on Flickr LEGO MOC - Lighthouse by Matteo M, on Flickr LEGO MOC - Lighthouse by Matteo M, on Flickr LEGO MOC - Lighthouse by Matteo M, on Flickr LEGO MOC - Lighthouse by Matteo M, on Flickr
  16. This build splits apart into 4 modules, each of which is a prize in the Castle Collaboration category of this year's Summer Joust. Faerdham is a large fortress housing a whole town inside its massive walls. More pictures available on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  17. This model is a modified CREATOR set called Lighthouse Point. (set number 31051) I removed the light-up brick and as such changed the top of the tower, along with tweaking the inside details and adding a custom Lighthouse keeper out of 1990's mini-figure parts. The model has modular parts out the wazoo, with a whopping 10 building sections. (their was one one more module from the set, but I removed it before taking pictures.) The set also comes with a killer whale / orca. You may have also noticed I had a bunch of trans - yellow bricks from a Classic Space build left over. They made a good replacement for the light brick. The inside features a table, lamp, and mounted instrument from the early days of sailing.... though this device measures where you are via the sun, so what is it doing on a stationary lighthouse? (The yellow chairs I added myself, along with the red soda can.) The set contains 10 modules as follows, (in no particular order): Tower top with light, building roof, building proper, small dock, exposed small rock, exposed large rock, tower foundation, two red tower modules, and a white tower module. This cute critter comes with the main model of set 31051. His flippers move, his tail flops around, and his jaw opens to swallow fish.... or unwitting swimming mini-figures! Thier is no LDD file for this build, but it shouldn't be too hard to recreate what I did, right? Comments, Questions, and Complaints welcome!
  18. Redhead1982

    MOC Lighthouse

    After a very long time, I finally finished another MOC. I was asked to build a lighthouse to fit the port of the city layout at Kocke Klub's largest exhibition so far (photos from the exhibition can be seen here). This is what I built. The biggest challenge was to build something different from my last Lighthouse MOC. Luckily, I was limited to 1 32x32 baseplate, so I had a good starting point for the smaller size of the model. Additionally, I decided to try a different technique for the walls to create a stone facade. The upper white part was built similarly, but I used more 1x2 bricks to make it sturdier. I used the red window frames as I recently got some extras, and red is the colour I associate with traditional lighthouses, so it was my first choice. The only life on the islans is the greenery. There's not much rain, and the water surrounding the island is pretty salty, so the conditions are not perfect. Most of the plants are a bit dried from the sun. Since there's no visitors to the island, the plants have spread all around, partly covering the remains of the path to the lighthouse. What makes this MOC special in my eyes, is the fact that it's one of the rare builds where I didn't have to make a single BL order. It sure feels great just to build from what's on the table, with no long breaks while waiting for orders.
  19. TheBrickAvenger

    The Mermaids Of Whitecap Bay

    Hi everyone I present you my last creation, the lighthouse of Whitecap Bay and its mermaids, I was inspired by this picture "Aye, Whitecap Bay! Every worthless seaman fears the name, and rightly so, though few know why or dare to ask." "Be the stories true?" "Say what robs you of your staunch heart Gibbs, or forever leave it to the whiter fields of fancy." "...Mermaids, captain?" - Hector Barbossa and Joshamee Gibbs The Mermaids Of Whitecap Bay (Pirates Of The Caribbean : On Stranger Tides) by TheBrickAvenger, sur Flickr Don't hesitate to glance at pictures for more details! Deeplinks : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 Brickshelf Gallery It is undoubtedly the biggest MOC I have ever realized, the lighthouse is more than 35 cms (14 inches). I hope it will please you !
  20. BrickCurve

    [MOC] Lighthouse Point Expansion

    My entry for the 'Expand Lighthouse Point' competition over on Lego ReBrick. Yes, I made a micro one as well! For the contest, I also had to create a 360 degree view of the model using the new Creator app, which is essentially stop motion limited to 16 frames, which explains why the video is poor quality! (The app severely crops the pictures it takes).
  21. At the King's Coast in the southwest of Nellisa near the village of Pesatori stands a lighthouse, above a grotto. The grotto got its name because a famous smuggler had her hideout here until a few years ago. The lighthouse is rumored to be one of the first buildings of Nellisa, and most people call it "The first Lighthouse of Nellisa", or just "The First Lightouse". Briso from Mardier stood at the southwestern beach of Nellisa, a torch in his hands. His men carried the gold into the grotto. Things went smoothly tonight. His men called him captain. Briso liked that. He gave some orders. Quiet. In the protection of the night. When Briso looked into the night he saw the boats coming. Things seemed to have gone smoothly. All was well! Less than a mile away General Alvaro Corteso and his men, the "Wardens of Eslandola", sat on their horses, close to the water. The Wardens of Eslandola held the true Eslandolan values in the colonies and protected Eslandola's growth. They were mostly financed by wealthy merchants, like Román Fontonajo, who had an interest in keeping the island in order. Yesterday they had heard rumors of some suspicious movements at the First Lighthouse. A light was burning. Leonando the lighthouse keeper never had lights burning inside the tower at the middle of the night. But now they saw light. General Corteso took his spy glass and looked out into the ocean where the Princessa was anchoring. Corteso knew the Princessa was one of Fontonajo's ships and carried lots of gold as part of the treasure fleet sailing to Terreli. When Corteso looked at the ocean his jaw dropped! Three smaller rowboats were sailing away from the Princessa, and the gold glittered in the moonlight. The Princessa had been robbed! Corteso took down his spyglass and directed his men's attention towards the rowing boats, which could be seen with bare eyes once they looked closely. Te boats were rowing towards the grotto. Corteso only needed seconds to complete the story in his head: Some pirate scum had stormed the lighthouse. In the secret of darkness those outlaws had rowed towards the Princessa, secretly stolen the gold and were now trying to hide it in the grotto. His men had realised it as well. There was no need for Alvaro Corteso to say anything. "CHARGE! For Eslandola!", he shouted anyway. The whole MOC (48 x ~70) with nightsky: The First Lighthouse (will be licensed as commerce): The Wardens of Eslandola (might be licensed): The Princessa (plan on licensing this as a 2A / 3A, unless rules forbid): Rowing boat: And the whole thing: This were my first attempts at forced perspective. I am still learning. :-) I used some image editing for postproduction (e.g. torch effects, adjusting colours to night etc.). All visible things were actually MOCed though. The ropes at the boats are the only non-LEGO parts. Thanks to everyone in this forum who I stole inspiration from (especially Garmadon for the micro ship). The lighthouse and its window are actually shining - finally a use for those light bricks.
  22. Oleon Vs Namere build off part 3.. The silver parrot.. and the secret beneath the lighthouse.. And so the investigator following the Pine Sol traces reached a hardware store attached to an old lighthouse. On the outside the shop appeared as any other hardware store in New Terra, but things tends to be deceiving... It is said that… If you want to find anything in New Terra, you will find it at the "Silver Parrot"... - Aye Hugo.. We 'll eat today!! - Good evening, I am looking for Pine Sol. - Good evening dear sir. We dont have such things in our store. - Maybe with 100 DB you can search a bit more? - Hmm, in that case I can do something for you... Follow me into the basement. There we keep special stuff for special customers... - This is the best Pine Sol in the whole New Terra - You see, that's interesting because recently a big amount of it was bought by a certain Namerean "sir" that stole some Oleander ships and used it to clear all his traces on board the ships.. Strangely enough, these Pine Sol traces lead to your shop… - I swear I had nothing to do with it!! - If you want to get away with it, I want proofs when and to whom you have recently sold your Pine Sol. Or else... - Right away! Here you are! These are my secret ledgers… -Eureka!!! This is the whole MOC, representing the third part of the Oleon-Namere build-off. C&C welcome! The basic idea for the multilevel moc it came from Jacob Nion here.
  23. "Grump, how isolated could a lighthouse be?" Ed Spill didn't know wether he should be happy or weeping. His great evaluation of the Pine Sol factory had given him a chance on promotion, and he had been glad to accept. Had, past perfect. He hadn't known that the promotion was from evaluating factories to evaluating lighthouses. See wether they were guarded in all safety, with respect for environmental blabla and wellbeing of the coast guards. In se, that wouldn't have been so bad (everything but having to see that awful Lord Damaximus again!) he had even bought a new costum (freshly ironed by his mum), but well... Noone had told him to expect this: he was standing on probably the smallest isle in the (un)known world looking to the oldest lighthouse in that same (un)known world. And not only the oldest, also the dirtiest. He was afraid his costum would be rubbish after this visit... And his mum certainly wouldn't like that. Anyway, time to inspect the lighthouse... "Have you lost anything?" Yup, failed in the category warm welcome to strangers. Spill: "Yes, that is no, I've come here to inspect this lighthouse. See wether it is guarded in all safety, with respect for environmental blabla and wellbeing of the coast guards, you know." A sudden tought ocurred to him: "Wait, your boss isn't called Damaximus is he?" Guard: "Nope. I'll call the boss, t-he's doing a tucky." Aaand failed in the category boss helping workers. Boss: "You there? Who are you? Make you known or you'll get it in the neck!" Spill, afraid the boss might be some hippykicking relative of Damaximus: "Hello Sir, I'm Inspector Ed Spill, and I'm here to see wether the lighthouse is guarded in all safety, with respect for environmental blabla and wellbeing of the coast guards, you know." Boss: "Hmmm. I'll give you a tour then. Don't want bad relations with the Commission for Maintanance, Repair and Erection of Lighthouse in the Royal Region of Islands Known By Absolutely Noone. But not like we care about safety-regulations ot he environmental blabla here, you see?." Spill: "True story." The boss stenched like pigs. Spoiled pigs. Boss: "Actually, your quite lucky: we have just gotten a cargo of about three tons of cleaning detergent, you see." Spill did more smell than see it: "Yes, I know that. Pine Sol, isn't it? I hate that thing!" He was sure his theory of Damaximus and the Boss of the lighthouse being in league against him was confirmed. "Let's see..." Spill took up the bill. 3 tons of Pine Sol, these men were crazy! Why on earth (if they were still on earth, this island was so isolated he wasn't sure anymore) would someone need so much cleaning detergent? Well, it was not his problem, and he wanted to be gone from this godforsaken lighthouse. Next thing on his list: insurances. Spill: "May I see your insurance please?" Boss: "Here here, we're very ensured, you see?" While handing over some sandy papers. Insurance: this Pine Sol was made with respect for the environmental blabla -Spill didn't believe a word of that - and safety regulations for it's workers. That was true, if you didn't see pinguins as workers. If it doesn't remove all traces left by your latest crime, you can ask for a refund here:... Now, that was interesting! Spill: "Boss, what does th..." He is interrupted by a large thunderclap. Spill: "What was that? That wasn't the thunder; it were firing cannons! Take me up to the top, boss!" ---------------------------------- So, here my build finally is! I hope you like it, and it will also be used in the Faction Action category of the Summer Joust, now guess wich faction I'm not totally satisfied with the result, so CC is very welcome!
  24. "Grump, how isolated can a factory be? Such a long journey... I hope I finally get that promotion so I can sit on my lazy "behind", enjoying my cup of tea every morning instead of travelling allover the world inspecting factories..." With these words, Inspector Ed Spill entered the lighthouse factory. This time he had to check if the world famous Pine Sol they made here, is made in all safety, with respect for environmental blabla and the wellbeing of the workers. How long would it take before the owner of this factory kicks his megablocks and throws him out. The record is 15 seconds... That was at a time he visited a factory in Stedor. Too bad for Ed Spill, it was Lord Damaximus, the big boss of that factory who welcomed him. The moment he said "wellbeing of workers", Lord Damaximus kicked him out of the factory, yelling something about "hating hippies". It was indeed time for that well deserved promotion of Spill. Now he thinks about it, he better should buy a soft cushion for under his behind as his behind hurts a lot due all that hippykicking. Anyway, time to inspect this factory... "Velcome, noble stranger. How can ich help you?" A voice said above him. Ed looked to the balcony, seeing a weirdly dressed guy commanding all the workers. Already failed in the category "boss helping his workers". "Hello sir, I am Inspector Spill, Ed Spill. I am here to rate your factory considering environmental blablabla and safety for your workers." "Hahaha Spill-Ed, Dat iz very funny accurate in my factory!" - the boss replied - "Ich am dr. Pine Sol von Lichtenhouse" "Never heard that joke before..." [drPSvL] Az you can seeh, we have de most innovative equipment in here. We have a crane, pinguins, workers, a fire-pit, some barrels and a Hocuzpocuz-bottle-filler. [spill] Pinguins? [drPSvL] Jawol! Dey got de perfect body-mass-index to pulverize de Pine-Leaves. Das is de ruse of our Pine Sol! [spill] So pinguins, who basically live in the coldest places on earth, are working in a factory, next to a fire pit? [drPSvL] Jawol! Very true! Ich have to admit, dey are very expensive upkeep. [spill] Seriously? Do tell me why... [drPSvL] We have to send dem on vacation every 2 weeks to de very far Nord. Oderwise dey are striking too much. Striking pinguins are never fun working with. [spill] So every two weeks your factory has to close for 2 weeks? [drPSvL] Oh noo, we got plenty enough pinguins. One pair of pinguins on holiday, oder pair is working here. [spill] Allright, and what happens with the pulverized and stamped Pine leaves? [drPSvLH] Dey are added in a big barrel soo dere can be red Corrie Chemical Company Alchemist cubes added. De rezult is bleu Pine Sol! Az said, we got de most innovative technology here... [spill] So those are dangerous Alchemist cubes, and that guy touches them with his skin? [drPSvLH] Oh no! After he lost hiz eye due a chemical aczident, we gave him bandana. He still haz his hair thanks to our precious care! [spill] I was talking about his hands, but thanks for the info! [drPSvLH] Aaah but he haz yellow gloves. True story! [spill] What is the guy with white bandana doing around the big barrel? [drPSvLH] Once de ingredients all turned to blue Pine Sol cubes, he throws dem into de big barrel. Sehr efficient! Now de craneguy fills a grey box with Pine Sol cubes and makes it hang above de firepit. [spill] And the completely red guy with red bandana? What is his job? [drPSvLH] He haz to navigate the box... True Story! [drPSvLH] Und once de cubes are fluid, de box is placed above the HocuzPocuz-Bottle-Filler. Top Notch! [spill] I see... And the grey rat on this floor, what is his meaning in the whole process? [drPSvLH] No idea, nein. But what about your banana in your handz? It haz no meaning neither, haz it? [spill] Point taken... Thanks for the quick tour, I am going now back home. [drPSvLH] You are velcome! Take care, becauze I hear thunder in de distance... Is it thunder? --- Thanks for watching!! C&C welcome :)
  25. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: Leaving Granolean Next: The Shanty by the Sea Ooc: This is my 4th (4e) build for February....if you are not lucky enough to be a Sea Rat, please state your approval or if you likey |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 26 February 616 Dead Man's Rock, Bastion Harbour Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer Despite the rainy weather, we managed to make good progress on Dead Man's Rock. It's a tiny rock protrusion from the sea near the mouth of Bastion's Harbour. Crab at Dead Man's Rock on Flickr We found the ruin of an old building, and through several weeks of diligent effort, Bastion now has a functioning Lighthouse. Bastion Lighthouse at Dead Man's Rock on Flickr The fires can be seen for miles, and help guide Sea Rats back to their home port.... Lighthouse at Dead Man's Rock on Flickr The Shaman, "Wooqui" has taken up residence as .....he enjoys looking over the sea as he meditates.... Wooqui, the lighthouse keeper on Flickr Angus MacInnis has been lending a hand stocking logs for the firepit.... Angus MacInnis helps out on Flickr It's not much of an architectural wonder....but should serve it's purpose nicely.... Lighthouse entry on Flickr I can't help but notice there's a nice sandbank nearby......(Continued next entry) =========================================== Thanks for visiting...........