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Found 34 results

  1. Hi! After a long time, I'm back with my 4th project from the Minecraft world! The Mangrove Swamp I've been planning to build this biome for a long time, but I've been busy with Castle lately. I prepared the terrain design in the game and it was waiting for its time for several months, which has now come! :) This is my first Minecraft project this year, and there will be many more. I'm slowly building the next one, it will be something completely new The construction process is available in my video, link below. How do you like my Mangrove Swamp?
  2. The Hunter has become the Hunted. The Rebels created a base within the swamps of Caligo, but the Empire has followed a team back to the planet and are looking for them. The rebels have been dealing with some subterranean nuisances, but unbeknownst to both sides, their presence has also disturbed one of Caligo's more territorial creatures, and Nature has decided to strike back. Only together can they survive. I was originally going to use the Rebel Pathfinders from Endor, but since didn't have the parts, I created my own Rebel Jungle Troopers, with a similar situation with the Rebel jet trooper. I also wanted to include a reference to the E.T. easter egg, but I didn't know if that was allowed or not, so replaced it with the underground scene shown. Wasn't sure about the trees, but I wanted to include some appropriate foliage to accompany the scene.
  3. Deep in the Akhenaten delta, some tribes live almost entirely separated from the rest of Historica. One of those tribes are the Jakw-ar. Not much is known about them as few have encountered them and lived to tell about it. They are believed to be fierce warriors that use the swamps as their hunting ground.
  4. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    Tales of Valnötstrad Svart Dyr, The Black Dragon “The man stormed into our village as a sudden summer rain. His clothes were ragged, torn, and burnt, and his sunken eyes showed what could only be described as fear in its most visceral state. Before he could mumble a word, we knew the tale. We knew the threat. How could we not? His town was the third to be attacked since last we saw the full moon. Soon, there would be no other villages left untouched, and ours was just as exposed. The man pointed to the setting sun, indicating the beast went west, where the dirt path led to the wetlands. We gathered our spears, packed our shields, and bid our loved ones farewells. Our feet sank with every step, and when the dirt path turned to mud, we heard the roar of a thousand demons, drifting among the woods. The party divided to flank whatever it was we would encounter until we reached a clearing. And there, we saw it. Its meandering tail, its thick skin made of leather, its long neck that could reach the sky. From its end, yellow fiery eyes showed no recollection of a soul, but the primitive drive of a starving animal. He opened his pale wings and embraced the water, the trees, that small group of once brave, diminished to nothing but frightened warriors... Hell, it took the whole swamp. Its belly shone and its teeth glistered with the blinding light of its breath. The cold wind became a scorching wave of flames that took our brothers and our courage in a heartbeat. But with my last sigh of hope, I grabbed the shaft of my spear and threw it at the beast. The spear hissed, cutting wind and flames before it cut the dragon’s flesh and landed on its chest. A demonic shout made the trees tremble and our hearts burst. With an impulse, the monster flapped its wings and flew away, leaving behind a hint of faith: a trail of red blood. Svart Dyr, the Black Beast is what we called it. That night, we did not kill it. It is a tale for another night. But that was the night we knew we could.” By Fiobvr the Wise, my grandfather. Louis of Nutwood ______ Built for CCCXVIII, Medieval Monster Menace Category. Hope you all like it. Would love some feedback.
  5. MassEditor

    Stormholme Castle

    Located in the swampy lowlands which straddle the Mitgardian and Nocturnus border, Stormholme Castle is an ancient fortification which has long stood as a bulwark against the evil forces plaguing Historica. The high castle walls, defensive towers and secure water source have allowed Stormholme to withstand numerous sieges. These days, in more peaceful times, the castle serves primarily as the residence of Jarl Baldar Yuengling (photo not available). A small but dilapidated village has cropped up around the castle and swampy lowland. Despite these more quiet times, Stormholme stands guarded and ready to protect the Mitgardian heartland. What's up y'all! Yup, as usual, I'm late getting this on GoH. Mostly out of shame, however. You're probably quick to notice the lack of even a single minifig in this display. That was not completely intentional, as though I believe minifigs can bruise the aesthetics of a build, GoH is all about people and their stories. Unfortunately, my collection of GoH minifigs went home unknowingly with the wrong person following a public display of this castle. By the time we had realized what happened, I had already photographed this creation and precipitated its destruction. So, the human element is implied for the time being until I can finish up a few more builds to properly introduce Jarl Yuengling and his manor. A few fun facts: Took nearly a year to build. Rough guess, 40,000 pieces. Splits into four sections for convenient handling. Didn't originally plan to include the swamp but it saved me from a lot of landscaping and turned out kinda nice. I've been building in the castle genre for years, but this is my first true castle. Good to see you guys again, and thanks for looking!!! If you're interested, here is a video from Beyond the Brick when they interviewed me over the castle at Brick Fiesta 2019:
  6. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Witch Cottage

    This witch house is part of a community layout from Lowlug. This layout was seen at Legoworld Utrecht 2019 and Bricks am Meer 2019 in Germany. My module was seen at Legoworld. I’ve built a witch cottage, where dark rituals and spells are used. I’ve added a play feature in this module, the witch cottage can be opened and have a full interior. Pictures: 01_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 02_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 03_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 04_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 07_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr More pictures at Flickr: Pictures of the whole community layout. A link to the album of Eti, who collaborated in this project too: I hope you like it :)
  7. Perterz

    Calyva’s Hide-Out

    ‘Calyva, a legendary mystical figure is said to rule the swamps. Nobody is brave enough to search for his secret fortress. Situated on a lonely rock, only accesible by boat. One has to climb the trees and cross a bridge to even get close to the structure. It’s location makes it very hard to intrude; it’s almost suïcide trying to.’ This MOC actually started with the idea to use tires as tree bases, very soon the ‘swampy’ feel grew on me. So the start was set. At first I didn’t have a clue on what building I wanted on top of the rock. Restricted by the size of the rock, it had to become a tower. I wanted to use darker colors to add to the atmosphere of the MOC but still wanted some contrasting color, Dark Orange complimented by Dark Red does the trick I think. It was a challenge but fun to build, I hope you like my newest MOC too! Credit to Barthezz Brick for the flag on top As always, Thanks for looking/reading. Any input, comments are very appreciated ? More on Flickr
  8. So its an odd to write it, but I live in a swamp or rather in the barometric region of swampland. Unfortunately as a side effect of that, dust mixing with the humidity in the air can lead to more grimy looking dust. Now i'm at a loss of what to do in regards of cleaning. My plan was to take a Q-Tip and some water and scrub it off. Will this cause water damage to the parts? I've never had to dust Lego before let alone scrub them.
  9. Small fantasy diorama with elf going back to his manor on the swamps. What could I say more about it? Maybe some short story from behind the scene? ;) Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Elf going back to his swamp house Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  10. Agent Kallus

    [MDC]-The Wizards Tower

    This was the idea that turned into my witches tower ideas project (which won't make the 100 mark but I can learn from my failure so its still good) I thought I would polish it and share it. I decided to make the witches tower and submit that to lego ideas instead( here ) as this one is a bit on the big side and I wanted to focus more on the landscaping. As with the witch's tower is is open on the back to show the interior which is out fitted with a lounge/dining room, sleeping chamber, lab and cell ,there is also a swamp out front. Thanks for looking. Can a mod change Wizards to Wizard's? please?
  11. The Maestro

    The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    For many years the forces of Arbenheim have tested their neighboring kings power by pillaging border villages. In an attempt protect his people the king ordered small encampments around the borders. One location was the homestead of Maerwynn, an important location as it was host to one of the few mills in the area. The kings intuition had been right, for only a fortnight later did the horns of Arbenheim sound in the village of Maerwynn. A collaboration between SirWilsonBricks( ) and myself for the CBS 2017. His is the left, my side is on the right. Hay, after me finally finishing editing (which is a bit sloppy in places) here it is :D This was our main build for the show and it is the biggest build to date for both of us. It was great fun planning, skyping, planning, bricklinking, more planning and finally building this whoppa. If I could change a couple things I probably would (namely the ground texturing on my side) but it still came out looking incredible. The reception we got at the CBS was also great, with loads of people loving. I must say though, I may have stared a kid to death after he said "Hey mum, look NEXO KNIGHTS" Speaking of the CBS, it was a real blast and getting to know people better, meeting new people was awesome :) and of course seeing new creations (cough David Hense... Cough) Cannot wait to next year to see everyone again. Another creation on the way and hope you enjoy, C&C always wanted.
  12. The Maestro

    Witches Shack

    In the Mystic Isles, a shack in long need of repairs provides a local witch with shelter. How it still stands? Magic. Er, don't like this alot :p , the roof kinda ruins it and it looks way better in real life (without the roof). The angles were lots of fun to achieve, although made this Moc very flimsy. I think the landscape is ok, although you definitely cannot see the tree in its full glory. The tree, by the way is inspired by TheBrickAvenger. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy and C&C needed :D
  13. A courier is traveling to Kaliphlin with intelligence regarding the political situation in Nocturnus, but the shortcut he chose took him longer than expected... In Nocturnus the flora is also not to be underestimated. My first GoH build in a year, it feels great to be back!
  14. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 -What Has Past- Chapter 3 The Green Dragon Inn Bustle at Treacleheim At the Gates of Budd-apest Dragon-Forged Blade in Treacleheim Charlemagne's Residence Dragon Taming Defense of the North Charlemagne was missing! And with the war looming on the horizon, the Sultan of Budd-apest knew he would need Charlemagne's help. So he sent a rider north to Dalig Ulv to warn Wyndor of the coming battle and of Charlemagne's disappearance. (Better pictures coming in the next day or two!) They're in!
  15. MaasEffekt

    [MOC] Cabin on the bayou

    Hello residents of Historica! Would like to happily present my third moc. This is my second moc for GoH, and Nocturnus. (You can check the first one here, which is a vignette.) I built this moc in LDD first, because i've started to use that program not too long ago, and i am liking it very much. This way i can try a lot of things, and variations on a moc, and if i decide to build it in real life, i can save a lot on bricks, because of the parts list provided by LDD. I wrote a short story again, and continue to give you some background information on my character, Gutkeled the Tangled. Here we go! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Saga of Gutkeled the Tangled II. From the Cradle to the Vague I.: After Gutkeled the Tangled saved Cailleach Bheur, they agreed to team up and travel together temporarily. They headed south south- east, towards the coast. The mighty Kyrrath Mountains indicated the right direction for a while. Both of them could use the company, and it was safer together. Lots of nasty things were going on in the grim and dark lands of Nocturnus on any day, but now with the civil war raging, it was more than worse. Nobody was safe! Eventually they reached Skavenport, and paid for a ferry to one of the nearby islands, where Gutkeled had a small boat, and a cabin deep on the bayou. He invited Cally for a meal. - Cozy wee but an' ben ye got here! - took a looksy around, as she sat down. - Thank you! I've build it with my two hands! Carved it out of the wilderness here. Kind of reminds me of home! - said Gutkeled, and served some food, and refreshments. - How lang have ye been living here? - asked Cally before the first bite into a scone. - A few years i guess! Who counts, eh?! - smiled the taciturn man, with a face full of buns. - Come on! Whit are ye feart of, loon! Cat got yer tongue?! No gaun to sit here in silence, listening to yer munching! Tell me a tale from yer early years! Whit did ye dae as a bairn?! Where did ye live? - forced the vamp a story, so Gutkeled gave into it. - Okay- okay! Just let me collect my thoughts, and swallow my morsel! Those were eventful years of my life for sure. - sighed the man, then began. - When I reminisce about all those years, I see many things. Life and death strung together, like the meadows and forests in which we lived. There was family and adventure, but also solitude and uncertainty. There was laughter and joy, and there was also sadness, and tears. But even more than tears, blood was shed. And so many were left to their unadorned graves, unburied. But to me, death was just another journey. Through the darkness, which i'm striding unflinchingly into the unknown, on a path paved with gray stone. And after all, when I reminisce about those years, I mostly remember green. Endless forest on the West, began from an end, filled with magic. Mysterious, and proud folk with pointy ears shaped like mine. Eerie atmosphere all around, isles constantly covered in thick fog. Light drizzle falling on me face. Mother's long ginger hair dancing in the cool, early moring breeze, as we were scouting the trail father suppose to arrive with the rising sun. Sometimes you could catch the gleam of his sword's blade on a clear day... - Wus he a knight? Yer auld man? - Cailleach slid to the edge of her chair curiously, interrupting Gutkeled's monologue. - Well, he was a warrior if needed. Always in the heart. A wanderer, seeker of forgotten tales, poet on other days. He was from the frozen lands, all year snow and mountains. Long nights and ale contests, pale lights and pine forests. Leifr Bárðrsson, clansman. Son of Bárðr, and Þórunn - the yellowish green faced man described his father, and his background passionately. - Dinna fancy they norsemen. Their blood is somehow feels cauld. Brrr!!! Shiver runs doon ma spine just as ah think of it! Whit did ya put in ma medd anyway? Tastes like a wicked witch on a rainy day! - twitched the woman from the bitter beverage that her host introduced her to. - It's the blood berry, Cally! That is what gives its sourness, and the scarlet color. I call this marsh mead. Fremented it meself - smirked Gutkeled, and sipped some from his green goblet. - Now that ye mention blood, ah wull need some soon! Cannot live on mead, bannock and buns. No offense chiel! Ye're a good cook, but ah just need a wee bit of me poison if ye ken what ah mean! Don't we aw?! - grinned the hungry vampire, as her eyes lit up with a twinkle, and her fangs appeared in her opened mouth. - All right! All right! Let me just finish my meal, and then i'll escort you to somebody i know, and can help you out with your... needs! - capitulated Gutkeled, and started to destroy the rest of the contents of his plate. - Guid! Ca' canny now! Don't choke on it! On oor way, ye can tell me mair aboot yerself! - pried the lady a bit. She was interested in Gutkeled. Saw something in him. Didn't know what. Yet! Maybe potential, opportunity! One thing was for sure. He didn't look like an average tree hugger, or a frost- blooded. The skin, the ears... Was he some kind of drow, or elf? Was Gutkeled even his real name? And what was about with that death thing? Too many questions rose up in the mind of Cailleach Bheur, but she had to wait a wee bit to learn everything. She knew she must tag along! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cabin in LDD: Original LDD version: hut001_6 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr In real life: Updated: IMG_20170131_130413 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_20170131_130453 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_20170131_130610 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_20170131_130543 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr Interior: IMG_20170124_105217 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_20170124_105253 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_20170124_105324 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr Thanks for watching! C&C welcome! More pictures here!
  16. Somewhere in the marshy outskirts of Zotharith... Ryo Kokoro leaves his home to attend an important meeting. ====================== Hi guys! I was visiting my friend, Jaapxaap, in the holidays. Of course, we wanted to build something, so we decided to do a collaborative build, to further expand the City of Zotharith. I was able to complete the house on the right just in time, except for a few smaller details. Credits to Jaap for the house on the left, the terrain and the photography! Building with Jaap's parts was great; currently, my own collection doesn't allow me to build even half of what you see here... Anyway, thanks for looking, C&C always appreciated!
  17. MaasEffekt

    [MOC] Swamp Rescue

    Hello! Would like to present my second MOC after my dark ages. (Sorry, i build like a 12 year old, twenty years ago.) (You can check out my first MOC here!) I joined Nocturnus a few days ago, so i decided to (try) build something not too big, because i don't have that much bricks, and it is easier to start small i think. So i had a little scene in mind, then it slowly changed and transformed into this final form. I made an order on BL, and built it. Sorry, i do not own a professional camera, so i just used my phone. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Saga of Gutkeled the Tangled I. Swamp Rescue: As dusk settled over the dangerous lands of Nocturnus, Gutkeled the Tangled was gingerly heading East, passing through one of the deadly, and smelly swamps to stay hidden from the happenings of the civil war going on his beloved homeland. He was just getting across a dodgy bridge, when he heard the murky water splashing, and a woman's screech as well! First he thought it is just a crow with its raucous voice complaining about something, somewhere in the dense vegetation... Wasn't good for his ears, i tell you that. Anyway, it was really a woman. Or something like that. His mama Leofflæd taught him well, to be a good and honorable man, and to be helpful, especially to ladies, so he decided to lend a hand to the stranger. Even if she seemed like a vampire, or should i say swampire. - Good evening Ma'am! Don't you worry, i will pull you out in no time! - shouted Gutkeled, whilst he cut down a long, strong vine with his sword from a nearby tree. No answer came, just panic, screams, and the swamp's greenish water stirred up even more. The young wanderer cautiously stepped on the edge of the bridge, and held the vine in front of the woman. - Grab it, and don't let go! - said Gutkeled in haste. He wanted this to be over as quick as possible, because above them on top of the tree, in its crown, two swamp spooks nested. Some people and other life forms called them bog bogeys, and those creatures didn't like anyone near their home! Especially noisy ones. Usually the female laid a crystal thingy on top of a tree, while the male caught and killed some lesser creatures, and took their souls to trap it in the crystal. A few nights later the next generation of swamp spooks were born from it. They were always born during, or after full moon, because the crystal needed to catch the moon's rays to transform the souls into those nasty little spirits. Although they were only preying on smaller beings, they could mess up Gutkeled with an attack, if they wanted to. They literally just fly through someone's body, or head, causing headaches, nausea, dizziness for long hours, or in some cases, days. - Almost have you! - Gutkeled managed to pull the woman closer to the bridge, then lay on his stomach, and reached down with his hand to grab her. Soon both of them were sitting on the bridge. Safe and sound. - Are you all right, Ma'am? - asked the man, looking at the soaked and wet, and needless to say malodorous bloodsucker. - Handsome, ye call me ma'am one more time, an' ah wull have ye for dinner! - voiced the exhausted woman, as she observed her savior. - Be careful, vampy! Your sharp tongue might cut your throat one day... - stood up Gutkeled, and put his left hand on his swords hilt. The woman immediately get on her feet too. - Please, before we get carried away, let me introduce maself! Cailleach Bheur, at yer service! Ye assistance is much appreciated! - the change of her tone was comforting. - You are welcome, Cally! I am Gutkeled. Nice to meet you, i hope! What were you doing out here in the middle of nowhere alone? If you don't mind me asking! - Ah've heard some avalonian adventurers roaming these swamps. They are usually delicious. I almost had them, but lost ma footing on this cursed piece of poor woodwork. Dinna have to tell ye, i am not fond of watter and stuff. - I assure you, i taste nothing like avalonians, that's for sure. But i have some dried meat and even some red wine, if you are still hungry. - lied Gutkeled, as he was half avalonian (- half amazing) after his mother. - No need to worry darlin'! I won't bite, for now. But ah take the meat and wine! Let's find a good place, an' get a fire gaun! Have to dry ma dress! - grinned Cailleach mischievously. - Agreed! - nodded the young man, and shortly they disappeared into the night. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, some pictures without the characters.: IMG_20161224_120422 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_20161224_120514 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr With minifigs.: IMG_20161224_120955 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_20161224_134529 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr A slightly different version. : IMG_20161224_135129 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr More pictures in my Flickr album.
  18. John (LittleJohn) and I decided to do a collab series based around re-imagining old set themes. Adventurers is a theme we’ve liked for years, though we never had any of the sets. After getting some of the original figs at Brickfair, Virginia, we wanted to put them to good use. The landscape and temple were inspired by Grant Davis and Mark of Falworth. Johnny Thunder and his team of Adventurers have discovered an uncharted jungle island. Within the dense vegetation they find the entrance to a ruined temple! After leaping from pillar to pillar, over the crocodile swamp, Johnny reaches the gateway. They’re not the first ones there though, as the treasure-seeking gang boss, G.R. Edy is there with some henchmen. Will Johnny be able to prevail, and will Dr. Kilroy fall to the alligators? We hope you enjoy, and you can see plenty more pictures on our website
  19. Previously: Recruiting at Marco's This Is Not the Wealthy Housing of Rassilon Falling Out with Foxx Cantu's Fort in Rassilon Freddy's Trained Chickens The Viper Jail Break! Cantu's House Even a Pirate Has a Sweet Tooth La Oleon Captain's Cabin Tropical Fruit Decision Lumber Camp Freddy's Big Haul The Golden Dragon The Capture of "El Polla" "Have you heard the news about Captain Sulu?" asked Captain Li Fang. "It appears he captured a prize last month!" Over the past couple months Sinbad had become somewhat of a confidant to Li. Their conversation never become too personal, but Sinbad found himself more privileged to Li's rants than other members of the crew. (please note that the above picture is from a past build) "Why is it that Captain Sulu gets famed as a notorious pirate and I'm left running guard duty for some merchants!" shouted Li. "Captain, we did bring in a prize of our own not that long ago, and a much bigger prize than that little merchant boat Sulu acquired" replied Sinbad. "It's not the prize that matters Sinbad," countered Li. "Hasn't serving as a part of my crew taught you at least that much? It's about the fame. That was something my father never understood." "What do you mean?" asked Sinbad. He thought they had done pretty well for themselves over the past couple months. Though he thought that while serving under Li's father, Cho. The greatest difference he had noticed between from serving under both father and son was that the crew seemed more calloused under Li. Cho had a way of making people want to follow him. Li just made them fear him. "People need to fear my flag" Li said, interrupting Sinbad's thoughts. "If other captains fear me, they won't put up a fight when we attack. They will know it's better to surrender than face the dreaded Captain Fang!" "So what are you going to do?" inquired Sinbad. He was a little worried about the evil glint in Li's eyes. "The nations need to know I'm ruthless. It's time I showed them just how ruthless I can be" was Li's response. "I purchased some information in a tavern the last time we landed that told me where a Corrington expedition is going to be. I want you to take some of the men and make sure they disappear.: "Me sir?" asked Sinbad. "Why me? I have no rank or standing with the men." "Ever since I left my father to rot in that Mardien prison, I've heard murmurs amongst the men" answered Li. "I don't know if I can trust them, but I think I can trust you." Sinbad still hadn't figured out why Li trusted him. He had spoken out against leaving Cho when the choice was made, but neither had he supported it. For now, he wanted to continue to take advantage of Li's trust for he didn't know when it might come in useful. "Take a few men to these coordinates" continued Li. "Make sure the Corries don't survive. I want everyone to know exactly what kind of man Li Fang is!" Sinbad had killed before when they were defended themselves or taking prizes, but never in cold blood before. He wasn't sure he agreed with Li that to be feared one had to be ruthless. He was still thinking over these matters as he a three others from Li's crew waited in the marsh for the Corrington boat they had spied early. The expedition was being led by the unfortunate Captain Stasch. A man already known for meeting misfortune. Sinbad signaled for the attack and he and the others popped out of the swamp. The fight was short. The two soldiers were killed quickly. Captain Stasch, at the first sign of trouble, flung himself over board and made a daring escape. Sinbad did not feel bad that Stasch had gotten away, but failed to report that reflection when he was debriefed by Li.
  20. Okay this is another free build, I've made, my second actually, so I hope you all like it! Here it is: Deep in the swamplands of Nocturnus, was a treehouse built from two trees. The treehouse over looked small road used only by a few merchants who wished to shave time off their trade route. Inside were two croc warriors. Suddenly running up the road was a third croc warrior. He ran over to the tree house and scrambled up the ladder. “What is it?” Demanded the leader of the croc warriors. “A merchant wagon is coming! Two guards! They’ll be here ANY minute!” “Finally! Get to your posts!” barked the leader. The other two warriors scrambled down the ladder and concealed themselves in the swamp. The crocs watched silently as the wagon came nearer. Just as it passed the tree house the leader croc dropped a log held by who chains, it swung through the hole in the tree house floor and slammed into the wagon knocking it and the guard walking next to it into the swamp. The crocs in the swamp leapt out and attacked! The leader scrambled down the ladder and attacked the last guard, quickly killing him. Soon all the merchants were dead, and the crocs set about looting the half submerged wagon. Okay that's it hope you all liked it! Please feel free to leave any compliments and/or criticism.
  21. The dream was back. A stone dragon, advancing on me, as I stand, unable to run away, cowering in fear. I've seen it so many times that I know it by heart. I'll wake up as soon as it closes in on me. I am about to look away, bored of having the same experience every day for weeks, when I realize that something is different this time. The dragon's eyes are closed. The eyes have always been open before. Bright red eyes, piercing into me, bringing me fear at first before I began to grow used to the dream. Is that why it's different? Do I only keep seeing this because I need to feel fear, because I cannot allow myself to grow comfortable? Is the dream merely a product of my subconscious trying to scare itself, or is it something else? As I try to figure out what the meaning of this new image could be, its eyes open. And that's when I realize why the dragon had felt so familiar before. The eyes belong to someone I know. * * * The misty air cools my skin as I walk briskly over the bridge at Hagron Swamp. The swamp is a place of mystery; I have never been here before, and my parents had never told me about it. Yet, ironically, it is the home of the person who everyone in Morkerna know about: Gremlon. For months, after our adventures in Nocturnus, he has been more reclusive. In the past, he had clung to me constantly, like a shadow, watching my every move like an overprotective parent. Now, this change is almost frightening. For months, I had wondered why he had drawn away from me; now, I believe, I know why. * * * The flimsy porch creaks loudly as I step onto it. Gremlon is not in the treehouse, yet he has claimed that this is where he goes when he is away from me. Lies. It is these lies that have aroused my suspicions of him, these lies that have brought me to loath him. As I begin to curse the lying wizard, I hear footsteps from behind me. It is Gremlon, strolling across the bridge, looking shocked to see me here. He starts to speak, but I cut him off, grabbing him and slamming him against the wall. "What the hell is going on, Gremlon!?" He stares at me, feigning perplexity, so I continue. "Why have you been leaving me? What aren't you telling me!?" He still maintains the same blank stare. Finally, I snap. "My parents weren't killed by supporters of the Desert King, were they? You killed them!" It is the only reasonable conclusion I could reach after seeing his eyes in the nightmare. It must be true, it must be because I need it to be true, because I need to have someone who I can punish for my parents' deaths, and I want to hate Gremlon, and so I tell myself that he is guilty. He must be. "Come on, Elisa, you know I didn't kill them!" And I do know, and what he says is true, but I cannot allow myself to believe him; I must hang onto my illusion of his guilt in order to satisfy myself; I must attack Gremlon, hurt him. Or I can do what is right. Because even as I want to blame Gremlon for my parents' death, I also want him to be innocent, for our old relationship to be restored. I let go of him and walk away, mumbling an apology. Another pair of builds from last summer that I had intended to post here earlier but neglected to. Hagron Swamp (the base of the tree) was a fun experiment in mood and colors. My favorite part might be the lever plants (or perhaps the colors), and overall I think it turned out pretty well for a one-day build. The treehouse was definitely the more difficult of the two, but I'm also really satisfied with this scene. The hardest part was probably the trunk texturing, but I think that it looks a bit better here than in the swamp. Also, I quite like the architecture of the whitewash section on the left, with the arches on the bottom and the angled beams on top. Thanks for viewing!
  22. [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Report] [security - Low] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {HV-37}] [Location: Unknown swamp, Nar Eubrikka] While the crew is negotiating the deal for the hangar, I decided to give the HV-37 an In-flight systems check.....needless to say, things did not go well....clearly we have more work to do integrating the various's hell trying to get various computers and control circuits to agree.... On the bright side, It gives me a chance to check out the Escape Systems... Like other ships of her class, the HV-37 has a fully maneuverable cockpit sub-pod. Sadly, though the Fusal Trust Engine had ample Fuel, we had failed to power up the Ion Ring Engines, so, tumbling into some backwater swamp I went... As a result of impact, or the murky water, the comm systems were out....and even the personal comm was useless, as it was normally charged by the Ion power cells....I really need to have a talk with the fuel crew..... There is some hope, however, as there is some sort of mineral extraction station nearby... Now if I can just remember how to slice this type of interface....never a droid around when you need one.... "What do you mean 'Please clear area before unlocking interface.'?? How can I unlock the interface if I clear the area??" "Something is not right........I have a bad feeling about this......." Thanks for visiting!
  23. Gary The Procrastinator

    Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815

    Displaying at the National Museum of the Marine Corps on April 11th, I had to come up with something featuring the USMC and also what’s apparently become my theme this year, the Anniversary of Something, so here’s my take on this iconic conflict. I only had about 6 hours to build it, so no border, and I would have liked to build up those ramparts higher but overall, fairly satisfied with this one. 100% LEGO except for the custom flags. Click on the pictures below for more detail. —————————— Ever forget something that was really important not to forget? The Battle of New Orleans, fought on January 8, 1815 was the last major combat of the War of 1812. 4732 American combatants, commanded by Major General Andrew Jackson, prevented nearly 11,000 British infantry and Royal Marines, commanded by General Edward Pakenham, from seizing New Orleans as a strategic prize to end the war. The war was actually over by the time the main battle was fought, ended by the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814, but since the US government had not yet approved the treaty, the fighting in Louisiana would continue until the British withdrew on January 18th. One of the most lop-sided victories in history, the British advanced under very heavy fire only to find once they reached the American ramparts that the ladders necessary to ascend the fortifications were not available, having been forgotten by the negligence of the Colonel in charge of them. With limited access to the Americans and taking fire the entire time, all British officers over the rank of Major in the front ranks were killed, leaving no one to sound the retreat. Their casualties were therefore disproportionately high, losing over 2000 in just 25 minutes of fighting, compared to less than 100 American casualties (only 13 were actually killed). As for the USMC, 58 US Marines fought at New Orleans, and they are the American troops portrayed here (hence the USMC uniforms). Hope you like it, comments are welcome! Correction: This was the last major land battle of the war. As 2Maxwell points out below, the last combat was the naval battle between the USS Constitution vs. HMS Levant and HMS Cyane...which would make an outstanding LEGO build sometime as well!
  24. Here is a fun way to make epic scenes using a very few number of pieces! Micro castle is awesome. Wade through danger Side Back That's MY treasure Side Microscale is really fun since you can build huge scenes with only 1/10th of the pieces! Helps on space and budget ;) I submitted this to LEGO Ideas, so it may even be made into a set one day! You can help make it happen if you vote for it here! Thank you for your time!