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  1. Capt Wolf

    [WTC FB] Praise be for food and beer!

    OMG, you just gave me nightmares!
  2. Capt Wolf

    [WTC FB] A small gift for Weelond

    That's a very nice Oktoberfest statue. Nice use of the Nexo Knights shield piece, and I like the use of the masonry bricks and the flared out top. And I didn't know the telescope piece came in green. Nice Eslandian figs, too. Thank you!
  3. Capt Wolf

    Armour foundry

    I love these process builds! Well done throughout! I particularly like how you built the bellows. And of course the trans-orange pieces were perfect for the heated metal.
  4. Capt Wolf

    On a deserted island

    Montoya has been found! Hoo-ray! Fantastic use of color and the spiky vine pieces in the build! The oranges and reds are wonderful here.
  5. The results are in! After judging by a selection of Weelond citizens, the winners are... ... in third place: @Roadmonkeytj's Bru-Haha ... in second place: @Professor Thaum's Fest Noz ... and the overall winner is: @Drunknok's Drama over a dress These three entries will receive 50, 100, and 150 DBs respectively. Additionally, winners of the 50DB prizes for best builds in various property categories are: @Drunknok for residential @Roadmonkeytj for artisan @Professor Thaum for commerce @Ross Fisher (confessional booth) for art & culture Thanks to all the participants! DBs will be transferred to your accounts this week. Cheers!
  6. Capt Wolf

    [Cor Nov FB1] Sugar Press, Jameston

    I love the sugar cane, and the press is nicely represented. The general setting really creates the proper atmosphere. We need more of this kind of historical-yet-practical build in BoBS. Well done!
  7. Thanks to everyone who entered! I'll get entry payments out for the later entries soon, and will get judging underway promptly.
  8. Capt Wolf

    [W-OKT Oriental Barge]

    Glad to see someone went for the "on a boat" category. It's fun to see characters from far away enjoying Oktoberfest! Will we learn what the green ninja is up to later?
  9. Capt Wolf

    [W-OKT] Drama over a dress

    Nice take on an Oktoberfest story! I particularly like the decorative elements to the residence. Also, love what you did with the clock when he was waiting!
  10. Just a quick reminder that there's still time to enter the Oktoberfest mini-challenge.
  11. Capt Wolf

    [W - OKT ] Weelond's Hops garden

    Neat idea for a plantation, and a cool design. Almost like a vineyard.
  12. Just a reminder that the Oktoberfest deadline is less than a week away. While you wait for your ships to come in from the MRCA, come to Weelond and show everyone how to have a good time!
  13. Capt Wolf

    [SR - FB1 Oct] Komodo Dragon II

    Just as magnificent the second time around! I love the texture all those 1x1 clips create.
  14. Capt Wolf

    MRCA Deadline October 23

    You're ok.
  15. Capt Wolf

    [OL-FB] Brig la Sentinelle

    Nice ship! As others have noticed, sleek design and good colors. And a good combo of prefab and brick-built. A proper brig!