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  1. [SR - FB1] The Gargoyle

    Great first BoBS ship! I was going to say great little ship, but it really isn't that little. It looks very playable, too. And that rigging is looking great! Very nice all-around!
  2. Old memories

    Great story! And well illustrated. I particularly like the varied bluecoat uniforms in the first picture. I also like the photos from the defenders' perspective in the battle scenes.
  3. Money among the stones

    Great prospecting build! I like the varied colors and textures on the shack, and the foliage and water is nicely done as well. And a good story to go with it.
  4. Whiffo Dock

    Somehow I failed to comment on this earlier. Adorable little dock! The rockwork is an interesting technique. (Thanks for including the inspiration build for that.) And for some reason I really like that last photo with Capt Whiffo in the foreground and the build in the background.
  5. [COR-FB] Regular Like Clockwork

    Wonderful build! Excellent clocks and workbench tools! I also didn't realize some of those pieces on the exterior came in gold.
  6. I really like this build! The great use of non-regular greens, the overall design of the house (roofline and porch in particular, cheese slopes above the windows), and the nice contouring of the base. Minifig building and posing (parasol, patient's face) are also excellent. Frist rate all around!
  7. Account Summary

    @Phred, Nova Malto is still showing two medium forts on the spreadsheet when it should be only one. FYI.
  8. Next MCRA - Infos, Dates and Maps

    We feel your pain, believe me. And by very close, we mean we're trying to get it rolled out before the end of the month. We really are very close.
  9. New Haven mill

    Thanks! Thanks! I agree that my landscape suffers mightily when I'm in a hurry. I tried to dress it up a little bit beyond a 16x16 square, but I admit it wasn't much. And thanks for noting the roof. I was very happy with how that turned out.
  10. New Haven mill

    If you decide you do have time for BoBS, check out the Quick Start guide. The game isn't as complex as it looks. Create a character, choose a faction, and post and introduce said character and off you go. Or feel free to ask questions in the Introduction thread. Whatever faction you might join, there will be players ready and willing to help you through the early steps of getting established, getting your first property and first ship, and whatnot. And each faction has group PMs for their group plans, so once you join a faction, you'll be part of a group, not just out on your own without any guidance. This is also a great time to join, as we're about to release some revised rules, so you'll be in on the ground floor of our "Era II".
  11. New Haven Housing

    I also missed commenting on this. I like the use of dark green plates under the green plants, and the spare use of stones on the path. Good use of color, including natural colors on the ground and bright colors on the house (and in the flowers). I also like that the workers are still finishing the roof. Nice build all around.
  12. New Haven mill

    Thanks. I'm not sure why more people don't build mills in BoBS. They're perfect factories for the age of sail period. Regarding the roof, I used a traditional slope build just for the ease of construction, as I wasn't going very fancy on this. Same for the door, as using the angled door frame was part of my initial challenge to myself, but I agree that a good brick-build door is always nice. I've done a few, including ones you can find in this build. Thanks! Will these start to pop up on Oleon islands with tan cows looking on? Thanks! With the red brick printing on the panels, I had to do something to continue it onto the other walls. And the general design with the angled walls wound up working better than I initially expected. No advanced techniques, but it works. Now I have to build one that I can license for myself.
  13. I like the contrasting styles of the two buildings. The offices have the various trim colors and look very permanent, while the warehouse is a smaller, simpler structure. The double doors are a nice feature of the warehouse. Also, I find myself drawn to the brick-built boat! Very nice all around!
  14. Very colorful! I like the shape of the schoolhouse. The Redcoats on the street is a nice nod to the location. And I really like the effect of the flowers and vegetation in the foreground of the low shots. Very nice!