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  1. If you follow the link for a ship in the ship register, if it's a sistership it should go to the sistership post rather than the original build. Because that can be time consuming, we've encouraged all sisterships to use the Name II, Name III, etc style of naming convention. I think Deuxieme Comete is the only one in the Sea Rat fleet or your personal fleet that doesn't use the roman numeral convention. Does that help?
  2. The new frigate's deck was as clean as it would ever be, and the crew went about their business getting the vessel ready for service in anticipation of the new captain's arrival. "Welcome aboard, captain!" There was no formal line-up of the crew, as time was of the essence in preparing La Raya Venenosa II to sail. "Mmpph..." replied the captain, and he immediately headed to his cabin. The lieutenant wasn't sure what to make of this. He hoped it meant the captain had things on his mind for their upcoming mission. --- Sorry I'm light on story. Just a quick build for sistershiping La Raya Venenosa. All C&C welcome.
  3. Capt Wolf

    [COR Jan FB1/GOC] Spudkirk Armoury

    Another excellent build from you in your immediately recognizable style! I like how the armory is built into the rock, and great use of that relatively new green flower/leaf piece. Nice pic of the custom muskets all lined up, too.
  4. Capt Wolf

    [SR - FB] Lothario's poker lounge

    I love this concept, and so well executed. The first shot of the parrots with the background out of focus is wonderful. Excellent build, story, and photography all around.
  5. I was looking at those sets online. Good prep for the challenge!
  6. Good story, good build. I really like the varied colors used in the patchwork brick on the building fa├žade. And the wall and gate are well done. Great BoBS-appropriate scene. Kudos!
  7. Have I started a trend of ship-level builds? Well done scene! As others have noted, I love the curtain rod, and I like how the swords are mounted to the wall. There's enough in the scene to make it interesting without being overcrowded. Very nice.
  8. Capt Wolf

    I wish I had more ship levels ...

    Thanks for all the comments, and I'm glad everyone appears to have gotten a good chuckle out of it. That was the intent. Nobody expects an Eslandola genie! (said in my best Monty Python voice) The idea popped into my head and I had the build done less than an hour later. Yep, I never expected to use that fig in BoBS! Yep, breaking the 4th wall was intentional; glad you liked it. And you're alive! Welcome back! I hope we see much more of you around here again. Always double-check for lamps! And don't forget to rub 'em. Sorry professor! But as Captain Dee noted, please go ahead and build some version of yours. This will allow me to exceed 35 levels, capping them at 60. Ironically, I don't have anything immediately in the works that this was needed for, but now that I have the levels, maybe I'll return to more ship building. Thanks, and you're welcome. We all need to laugh!
  9. Capt Wolf

    [ESL-Sistership] Third time's the charm

    Thanks. I had to tweak the general layout of the build to make sure that curve was visible. Yes, those would be great pieces for firing cannons if they fit! I played around with a lot of different fig-placement options. Switching those two makes sense, and I never thought of it. The cramped quarters of the build made photography difficult. That will be some task! Thanks. I really like the effect for the hull in these cross-section type builds. Thanks. I definitely was going for that cramped feeling of being below deck. As for the name, if there's a next time, perhaps El Cometa.
  10. Capt Wolf

    Take that Corrington!

    I have to commend our Eslandian courier that the letter found its way to you! Given how you've been telling the Captain's story, I think their is artistic value in the simplicity of the build. The crossed cannons are very nice, and I really like how Argentum's cape is flowing behind him; combined with the hat plume (and your usual excellent figure posing), there is a real sense of motion as he breaks out.
  11. The captain walked the gun deck, checking on the progress of the crew. Cannons were still be lowered from the weather deck and positioned. "Make sure all carriages are properly secured," he reminded them. "And properly equipped! Shells and water buckets should be in place." The deck bustled with activity as the cramped confines of the ship-of-the-line's gun deck filled. La Comete III, sistership to La Comete, and Deuxieme Comete after that, would be ready to sail this month. --- A small build for the purpose of sistershipping La Comete again. Here's a look at the full build: All C&C welcome.
  12. So, here I am. I found the treasure, but I'm stranded on this island. I'd use this tree to build a raft to get off the island, but I'm at my ship-level limit. I wish I had more ship levels. >>POOF!<< Your wish is granted! Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. ----- A small build to increase my ship level limit. All C&C welcome.
  13. Man, my head spins at the thought of your bricklink orders!
  14. Capt Wolf

    [ESL-FB] Fountain Plaza in Salida Este

    I have no idea. I almost assuredly got it from bricklink at some point in time. I have inverted white torsos with printing in the past for this very reason, but not in this case. Several CMF offerings have been shirtless minifigs, so I always try to grab those when they come out. (As you may recall, I put those to good use here in the spoiler.)