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  1. Let's go by this story. :) Works for me. The KPA editors are perfectly willing to throw their reporters under the bus! Look for a correction in the next issue.
  2. Yep, I edited my post to reflect that.Thanks.
  3. I believe the Wolf/Wolf II is the most cursed ship in BoBS history. I captured it from Mardier. Next MRCA it sank. Next MRCA I sent out the Wolf II, which was captured by the Sea Rats. Then it was captured by an NPC pirate and sold at auction to Oleon. Most recently, it was mistaken for a Sea Rat vessel and captured by Corrington. I'm not sure it has ever successfully completed a mission! (And it has been in the possession of all four player factions and, counting Mardier and the NPC pirate, owned in some fashion by six factions!)
  4. It probably needs to be returned to the previous owner, who I think was dukesc? Check me on that.
  5. To add to the confusion, I believe it was captured in error, mistakenly identified as a Sea Rat vessel, but it had been captured by Oleon in a previous month.
  6. Cardinal's Shadow

    Another beautiful ship from you! I like that you've used brick-built sails on this one. And I'm really glad you're re-using the cliffside dock! I love that build. It would be a shame for you not to use it.
  7. And you receive all the credit in the posted build. Thanks again for a great prize to your Merrynight mini-challenge.
  8. With the proclamation from the Colonial Council calling for anti-piracy patrols, one captain is ready. At the helm of his brigantine, the captain discusses his plans with one of his trusted crew. And he's off on the hunt! Profile view: --- I know I'm light on story, but just wanted to get this build posted. It's a little retro at the bow, but that's the mood I seem to be in lately. All C&C welcome.
  9. Weelond has an iron foundry, which makes it a Large City!
  10. Cast iron is a valuable commodity in the islands. It's very expensive to ship iron from the mainland, so an iron foundry is an important part of a growing settlement. Here is the iron foundry in Weelond: The iron ore and charcoal needed for the blast furnace are kept in a storage house, near the furnace, but accessible from the street for easy delivery of the raw materials: The furnace is kept going for days on end without cooling down and reaches temperatures of nearly 2000 degrees (note the worker's protective facewear): When ready, a worker breaks the hole to allow the liquid iron to flow out: The molten iron flows into channels, where it cools... ... and is cast into ingots ("pigs") that can be used by blacksmiths to be formed into various items. Here piles of iron ingots can be seen in the background while a customer discusses delivery arrangements. A view from the street: Additional views: With the addition of this iron foundry, which will be licensed as a medium factory, Weelond is now a Large City! ---------- This was built and photographed by @Drunknok as my prize from his Merrynight challenge. I think he did an excellent job!
  11. IMPORTANT: Note that ships sailing in a convoy with a black flag ship will be treated as black flag ships. Don't mix black flag ships in with a trade convoy; the whole trade convoy will be treated as black flag pirates as a result.
  12. [ESL] Blood Diamond

    Thanks. The sails are custom -- just cream/tan paper cut to official Lego sail sizes. And there is an interior, but it undecorated. Just a tiled deck. But you may notice you can see the silhouette of the captain through the stern windows in the next-to-last photo.
  13. [OL-FB] The Pearl of Loyalty

    Awesome ship! That's a proper Oleon flagship! It's huge!
  14. The Great Ball of King's Harbour

    Duel! Duel! Duel! It would be like dinner theater!
  15. [ESL] Blood Diamond

    Thanks! And I think the reflection from the trans-light blue plates is causing the gray hull to appear olive green. Thanks! And thank you for the private tips as well. Thanks! And I definitely look forward to seeing what you do with a stretched version of the Imperial Flagship.