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  1. Capt Wolf

    Starting faction/EGS Question

    Hi TomSkippy! Let me see if I can help. Going forward, the BoBS Intro Thread, Era II is a good place for general questions, but there's no problem with answering your questions here. Well, we all could! I'd say the Sea Rats are in the greatest need of new players, but all the factions are in need of some new, active builders. I'd suggest you find the faction that best fits what you want to do (check out the Quick Start Guide) and base your decision on that. You are correct on how things work. Property income gets updated the first of each month (ship income through the MRCAs is less consistent), but DBs for free builds show up right away after registering the build. So, yes, you could build a MOC, receive the freebuild 10 DBs, and then use those DBs when you license the property in the EGS. Also, note that you get a free small property license to start off, as well as a free license for a class 2 ship, so the easiest way to get started is to build a small property that will produce revenue each month. You're welcome! I hope we see an intro for your character soon!
  2. The Weelond Regiment FC has arrived in Bastion for the Soccer Cup.
  3. Capt Wolf

    [BTSC] BoBS Tournament Soccer Cup 618

    The Weelond Regiment FC has arrived in Bastion, and they need pineapples for training!
  4. Even though the Weelond team didn't advance to the knock-out stage in the inaugural Soccer Cup in Trador last year, the team was greeted with much enthusiasm at home. So, when Bastion, last year's champion, announced the return of the Soccer Cup this year, the team quickly reassembled under the leadership of legendary coach Patch Verlander. As you may recall, Patch's coaching philosophy is "If you can kick a pineapple, you can kick a soccer ball," so once the team arrived in Bastion, they needed to find all the pineapples they could for practice. Luckily for the team, a pineapple vendor came down the street right in front of the team hotel! Patch was quick to inspect the merchandise. Meanwhile, two of the team's star players made sure the pineapples were good for play (much to the consternation of one of the locals). Of course, injuries do occur, and the Weelond team seemed to have more than its share of foot injuries. But that didn't dissuade some of Bastion's loveliest ladies from expressing their interest in the players. And some people just like pineapples. ("Ooh! Pineapples!") And so the Weelond Regimentals (as they are known) were ready for practice. And here is a picture of the team: The team also produced a different (NSFW) team picture to raise money for the Widows and Orphans Fund: All C&C welcome!
  5. Capt Wolf

    Foraleza di Montario

    Lovely MOC. Quite well armed! The pattern on the round wall is mesmerizing! And I really like the use of sand green at the base of the fort, and sand green and olive green in the rock work. Well done!
  6. Capt Wolf

    The Henri Sinks!

    Better late than never! Glad to hear Captain Whiffo and the crew survived. You always do an incredible job with waves! Great little MRCA result build!
  7. I'm working on my soccer team (building done, have to do photography) and a factory for Salida Este (design done, early stages of building).
  8. Capt Wolf

    [SR - FB] Bastion coast guard

    Wonderful build. I love how the fort is integrated into the rocky coast. And the unevenness of the round tower is a cool effect.
  9. Very cool design and microbuild! Nice job of getting away from 90-degree angles.
  10. Clever extended archway over the door. Thanks for posting this!
  11. Capt Wolf

    [COR WTC] The Misfortune's Wrath

    We know. We're working on it. Volunteer time has been at a premium of late.
  12. Yep, this. Corrington had a fairly effective blockade on one of the Sea Rat ports earlier this year.
  13. If all you want to do is build stone buildings in a settlement, the settlement doesn't have to have a quarry. If you specifically want to have a quarry, you have to have a prospecting build first (and strike stone!).
  14. Capt Wolf

    [META] How Settlements have Grown

    At one time I would have argued for making automatic growth MUCH smaller, but keeping it. But now I think it just needs to be removed entirely. We've proven that the settlements can be built up quite large by player activity. There's really no need for the automatic growth feature. All it does is add to inflation.
  15. Capt Wolf

    [META] How Settlements have Grown

    I think the answer to that was royal property group builds. I've been complaining about the rate of automatic growth privately for some time now. I agree that it's a problem, at least in how it affects the trade value and thus the MRCA. Oh, look. It's nearly October. Quite interesting. Thanks for presenting this!