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  1. Agreed. If you count the whole build, it's big enough for a royal fortress. If you disregard the landing scenes on the beach, it looks like it comes up short of a royal, but easily a large. Personally, I think its worthy of a royal license. it would, of course, need to be posted in the BoBS forum to be licensed.
  2. Capt Wolf

    I need some idea of moc ship made of 6285 base plate

    Of official sets, only 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner and 70143 Brick Bounty come to mind. 10210 Imperial Flagship used 4 middle hull pieces. Expanding a shorter design would be an option. For inspiration for an MOC, check out the BoBS ship index.
  3. The sign-up deadline for the next Trade MRCA is December 6, midnight, anywhere in the world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To sign-up for the Trade MRCA, read the rules here and then sign-up via this form. For a ship to take part in the MRCA, it must be licensed. You can license your ship under the new ship rules via this form. If there are any issues (typo, wrong number of points or other issues) with this process, PM @Bregir. Note that the MRCA signup form still doesn’t have raids added yet, so if you’re interested in conducting a raid this turn, PM @Capt Wolf. If you’re just going to be trading, you can go ahead and fill out the forms normally. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT MAP ZONE INFORMATION: - Note that zone 34 connects to zone 36 - Explorers have confirmed that the open sea south of zone 35 is navigable. As such, zone 62 (unmarked on map) is available for travel in the MRCA. Zone 62 connects to zones 33, 35, 37, and 38. Cartographers are working to get the maps updated as soon as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In addition to the information above, consult the following two maps for trade zone numbers before submitting any forms. First, the continental coast and the seas closest to northern Halos:  IMPORTANT: Note that if you click on the above map to go to one you can zoom in on, there is an error on the linked map (zones 10 and 11 are mislabeled). Use the map visible above for proper zone labels. Note that the settlement marked on the above map as Dragonstone now goes by the name of Aurelia. Second, here is the map for the New Haven Sea, which has a growing number of settlements: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And here are the trade values as of November 18, 622. When filling out your MRCA form, please make sure you spell the ports exactly as they appear below. The following islands can also be chosen as destinations. They have no trade value, so you won't earn any DBs sailing to them, but they're better than sinking. If sailing to one of these islands, use the name listed here: Also, the pirate hideouts of Barracuda Bay in zone 27 and Dragon Lair in zone 13 can be visited by black flag ships of any faction and remain hidden in the subsequent KPA ship report. But this is for pirates only. Ships not flying the black visiting these hideouts will likely be captured by Captain Redbeard or The Dragon!
  4. Capt Wolf

    [GoC] Elizabethville Observatory

    Beautiful build! Wonderful work on that roof. Nice trees, too. I've always wanted to build an observatory in BoBS. This may help nudge me into action.
  5. There is a way. I'll PM you.
  6. Capt Wolf

    Cathedral of Pontelli

    Very cool!
  7. Capt Wolf

    Cathedral of Pontelli

    My bad; I certainly should have, as I noticed them right away. Definitely a nice job with those. How did you make the stickers for the torsos?
  8. Capt Wolf

    [MOC] Great Army Officer and Jäger

    Nice use of the Dr Strange cape!
  9. Yes, you missed that. I don't recall the circumstances off the top of my head (it might have been weather related). A sistership is definitely needed to replace her in the faction fleet, and the plan was to go with a distinct name. If you want to do the sistership build, that would be great, and I'll license the ship for the faction. The faction could even send some DBs your way if you want. We can discuss further in PM.
  10. Actually, this year I relaxed the prize restrictions and they can be used anywhere. Define "presence." Seeing as Eslandolans are traders and merchants, and Punto Sur is fairly established as welcoming all factions, a WTC presence (at least for property) makes sense. But we may have to discuss those WTC marines or any horse meat operations... I really hope I don't regret this.
  11. yes, and not a specific micro scale at that. It's just "smaller than minifig" scale and doesn't have the usual dimensional requirements for property sizes, but should at least look appropriately sized proportionately for a small/medium/large property. (I hope I'm not making that sound more confusing than it needs to be.) Some examples of microbuilds:
  12. Judging is complete and we have our winners for this year's Oktoberfest! In the Commerce category, in an extremely close vote, first place goes to @Maxim I for his inspired MAESTRO office: Second place goes to @NOD for his impressive event merchant store: And third place goes to @Darnok for this quay: In the Factory category, first place goes to @Professor Thaum for his barrel maker: And second place goes to @Darnok for his barrel maker: Finally, in the Other category, first place goes to @Darnok for his elementary school: All first-place winners receive a free large property license, to be activated by microbuild. Second-place winners receive a medium license (activated by microbuild), and third place receives a small license (activated by microbuild). Thanks to everyone for partaking in BoBS Oktoberfest! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On a related note, Darnok donated some DBs to be used by new players, so if any new players want to build a property in Punto Sur, contact @Capt Wolf to arrange for payment of the license. Furthermore, the town council is seeking someone who will build a water wheel-powered mill for Punto Sur. If interested, again, contact Capt Wolf to arrange for funding.
  13. Capt Wolf

    Challenge - BOBS Football Tournament 622

    I see no reason why the linked rule wouldn't apply, i.e., prize licenses don't count against the monthly license limit.
  14. the Sea Rats faction hereby denies any involvement in the sinking of said event The Sea Rats are not accused of sinking the ESL Firefly last turn, but now I have to keep an eye on you ...
  15. The Eslandian Firefly was lost last turn, the Sea Rat The Firefly was ok. There were issues with them every turn when they both sailed, but the sinking of the ESL ship should have solved that.