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  1. Now that's the Sea Rat spirit! The fig posing is particularly good. Fun build, great story, excellently ... er … executed.
  2. Capt Wolf

    [SR Ch IV Micro prize] Class 4 Xebec Levant

    Ooh, I like it! I'm always excited to see someone build a xebec. I have to build a micro ship before the end of the month ... I might be stealing, er, I mean inspired by this design! Are the sails connected to the masts by a neck bracket slid down over the mast? And the sails are actually holding up the spars rather than the spars holding the sails. Clever. And of course, love the oars!
  3. Cool scene. And we need more romance in BoBS! I love the guitarist. Very nice posing there. (The dancing couple is posed well, too!) But now that song is stuck in my head!
  4. Nice micro, and great name! Love the work you did on the varied sails, and how you rounded the sides of the ship.
  5. The latest issue of the Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List is finally out:
  6. Results sorted by owner (part 1): (part 2):
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  9. April – September 621. Vol 6, Issue 2 PEACE IN TERRAVERSA! After months of combat and the occupation of Kings Port, peace has been achieved in Terraversa! However, as evident by the delay in our reporting, there has been a great cost to Terraversans as a result of the war, and we continue to rebuild. Here are our reports: Island to be Divided Our man in Pamu for the peace talks tells us that Terraverswa will now be divided into four zones: one ruled by Oldis, one by L’Olius, one by Loyalists in league with Oleon, and the interior shall be the realm of the native Atwi. Per the treaty: "All sides will immediately cease all offensive action and enforce permanent peace. Oleonese forces will immediately depart from Kings Port, Eastern Silitholina, and Tarlor. Terraversa will be split four ways. -Archduke Oldis is restored to Kings Port under his rightful, independent rule. Under his rule will fall the settlements of Tanari and Pamu. -Nola Mar becomes the center of a new territory under Oleonese affiliation. This includes Pilnton and the Western half of Silitholina. -Grand Admiral L'Olius is instituted in Westface as sovereign of an independent Eastern Terraversa. His domain will include the settlements of Tarlor and Eastern Silitholina. -The interior: -The interior shall encompass any territory 12 miles or more from the coast, excluding the Great Plantation and the Kingshead District. -The Atwi, from which L'Olius traces his descendants, will have free and exclusive rights to settle and inhabit the interior, and live under their own rule. In so far that no harm comes to foreign people or property, they are free to live by their own rules, under their council of elders. They will be exempt from any compulsory military or other service. -A road is to be constructed down the center of Terraversa between Westface and Terraversa through which trade and travel can happen unregulated through the interior. Each settlement may have one equally unregulated road connecting to this main route of transport. Any and all travel through the interior outside this network is subject to Atwi rules and laws, and any military movement must be restrained to these roads, unless explicitly allowed by the Atwi council. -At the central crossroads, a free trade zone is established, where trading posts can be established. No permanent military presence will be tolerated in the zone, although forces in transit may be housed." Additionally, Oleon will release all Corlander vessels currently interned in Oleonese ports under taxes due, free of charge. Further, to compensate for erroneous overcharges in the past, Oleon will transfer a lump sum to Corrington." Kings Port Restored to Oldis Here in Kings Port, the Bluecoat troops have marched out and have been replaced by Terraversan troops that had been marshalling in Pamu under the leadership of Archduke Oldis. The Archduke has acted swiftly to re-establish Kings Port as a commercial powerhouse, rebuilding fast and accepting any help he can get. The Greenie fleet led by Eslandian Admiral de Flynt arrived in port with 180 of the mercenaries that Eslandola had committed to our efforts, and they have brought needed supplies (while turning a tidy profit for themselves as well). Oleon, Mardierian Loyalists Keep Nola Mar Our sources in Nola Mar report that the Bluecoats have been quick to consolidate their forces in not only Nola Mar, but Pilnton and the western half of Sillitholina as well. And with its divided status, Sillitholina is already looking like a hot spot for proxy fights between Oleon and Corrington. At the time of our independence from Mardier, Nola Mar was a small but prosperous town, but afterward it became the hub for a return to Imperial rule, with monarchists turning to Oleon for leadership in the absence left by Mardier. Having achieved union with Oleon, loyalist Terraversans are determined to show those of us in the two “free” Terraversas the superiority of order and tradition over chaos and greed. A program of religious and cultural works has followed, with the construction of temples, monasteries, etc. L’Olius to Rule Over Westface From Westface we hear that Grand Admiral L’Olius is overcome with pride at his opportunity to finally lead Terraversans beyond his naval exploits. While Westface has always been second place to Kings Port, established as a logistics hub to supply Kings Port with agriculture produce from the Great Plantations that dominate the southeastern landscape, its population is largely made up of craftsmen and artisans of mixed Mardierian-Atwi heritage, much like L'Olius. Although before now L'Olius has never displayed any sign that his naval competence extends to the mundane administrative tasks that are necessary to keep his fledging nation afloat, he has concentrated on its agrarian roots and raw material production, focusing on the production and export of raw materials such as sugar cane, minerals, timber, etc., to much success. Fatu Hiva Returned to Oleon Under terms of the agreement, Corrington returned the Oleon eastern colony of Fatu Hiva to the Bluecoats. Reportedly not everyone among the Redcoats was happy with the concession, but it was apparently pivotal in establishing the return of Kings Port to Terraversans. * * * Pirate Round-Up Corries Capture Two Black Flags, Kids Escape Our man in Brickford Landing reports that the Corrish squadron led by HMS Badger made port with two ships in tow: Cannonball and Grand Venture, both Sea Rat black-flagged man-o-wars. The crew of the HMS Unicorn report minor damage to their ship in the encounter. Sailors from the HMS Badger report giving chase to the Sea Rat flagship Jolly Rogers, but the ship known to sport a crew of youthful sailors managed to make their escape. Eslandian Fleet Deals Blow to Sea Rat Black Flags From Salida Este, home of the Eslandolan Naval Academy, we hear that a large fleet led by the ship-of-the-line La Comete III caught a Sea Rat pirate fleet in the Sea of Thieves. Locals were delighted to see the captured man-o-war HMS Pegasus towed into port, and sailors were enjoying drinks as they told of sinking the man-o-war HMS Bull Shark. All was not joyous for the Greenies, however, as the Sea Rats sent Oscuridad III to Davy Jones’ Locker. Fortunately, most hands on board were able to be fished out of the water. Eslandian admiralty laud this as a great victory against the Sea Rat menace. LeColeon Sinks Two Corrie Ships, Escapes Corrish officials in Elizabethville are labelling as a victory the HMS Resolute’s capture of the brig Atlantis, but the renowned pirate LeColeon sank both the HMS Publius and Pineapple Revenge before making his escape aboard his flagship, Reaver’s Revenge, and the mood in the pubs is somber. Quinnsville Gunboats Again Successful From Quinnsville we hear that the local gunboats nearly captured the pirate Francois the Elder. Although the pirate himself escaped, the local gunboat patrol captured his flagship, man-o-war Serpent’s Scream, and the pirate had to transfer to the large sloop Wicked Wench to make his escape. Corrie officials were beaming at the continued success of their gunboat diplomacy with pirates in the Cocovia Sea. Captain Gore Has Near-Miss with Greenies Our reporter in Weelond sends word that the pirate Captain Gore narrowly avoided a squadron of Eslandian ships near Baskers Island. The trade company MAESTRO had purchased several ships in Prinport, but encountered rough seas right away and lost the Long Beard II to Davy Jones Locker. With the weather still a concern, and one ship already lost, the MAESTRO captain reports that he opted not to pursue the pirate fleet but rather deliver his remaining ships safely to port. Personally, we’d rather see a little more aggressiveness against the pirate scourge! Sapphire Seas Survives Encounter with Bloody Bill Our reporter in Jameston sends word that the crew of Sapphire Seas, despite damage sustained in battle, celebrated their battle with the infamous pirate Bloody Bill. Although they only sunk a former WTC gunboat that Bloody Bill has been using for some time, they forced the pirate to disengage to points west. A victory worth celebrating indeed! Namerean Traders Escape from Jan Van Sud From Balmin we hear word that a Namerean trade fleet took heavy damage when the pirate Jan Van Sud surprised them between the Mardierian island of Persus and the Namerean coast. Despite being outnumbered and taking heavy damage, the Namerean fleet reached their home port with no losses and their cargo intact. Namerean officials spoke of the need to beef up anti-piracy efforts along the Halosian coast of such attacks continue. Corries Hit by Renegade Greenie Our sources in Sillitholina report that the pirate Hernando Grey, a renegade captain formerly of the MAESTRO fleet, escaped capture at the hands of the Corrish navy. The HMS Greyhound, along with HMS Diligence, sailed into port with the cutter Valkyrie in tow. However, the HMHV Athena was lost at sea, sunk by the pirate’s flagship, AQAR. The pirate apparently came by the ship-of-the-line when he went rogue from the MAESTRO trading company and has been on the run ever since. Gentleman Privateer Practices “Catch and Release” Our gal in Elysabethtown reports that the Gentleman Privateer, an otherwise proper Corrish gentleman who is known to fly the black, captured the local canoe of native pearl divers. But, rather than take their only means of earning a living, the privateer took their pearls but let the divers and their canoe go free. Lotus Warships Active in New Haven Sea Third Rate HMS Dominance Captured! A year after the Lotii captured the Corrish third rate HMS Resilience, the scourge of the New Haven Sea have struck again. Corlander naval officials in Brickford Landing were worried about the whereabouts of the third rate HMS Dominance, which is listed as overdue in port. Given that it was sailing through Lotii waters, some feared the ship may have been sunk or captured. Well, our sources on the island of El Oleonda report that their fears were warranted, as a Lotus fleet was seen sailing home with the massive class 10 ship in tow. Twice now the Lotii have been able to overwhelm the largest ships on the Brick Seas with a swarm of mid-sized junks. The red coats may have to beef up their patrol squadrons in the area to avoid continued losses. Lotii Harass Shipping around El Oleonda In Punto Sur, the Corrish crew of the Bonnie report narrowly escaping from a Lotus patrol of four junks. Ships in Spudkirk reported seeing another Lotus squadron of three junks board and capture a solo ship, although there is some confusion about the identity of the captured ship, as it also appeared to be a small junk of some sort. But Carno continues to reinforce their presence in the area, and our man in Wayport reports that a Carno supply fleet arrived there recently, presumably on its way to Seawatch or Neuburg. Typhoon Season Upon Us Several storms ravaged shipping across the Brick Seas. Along the northern Halosian coast, we hear from Aden that the Altonian merchant Aurora had to turn back from an attempt to round the horn. Our man in Weelond tells us that MAESTRO officials confirmed the loss of the brig Long Beard II, sunk in heavy seas shortly after leaving Prinport. And from Belson we hear that the cutter Sparrow was lost at sea trying to make a run through the Sea of Storms from Weelond. Nearer to home, a near hurricane made its way from the Terraversan Sea into the Sea of Thieves. Eslandola’s new ship-of-the-line, White Rabbit, couldn’t reach Nova Terreli and was forced to call on its home port of Pontelli. From Elizabethville, Corrish officials are reporting the loss of the ironically named HMS Windblown, which was sunk in deep waters southwest of Isla Phillip. MCTC officials tell us that the terraman Far Horizon couldn’t manage the high winds and was diverted to Port Raleigh. We hear from our Sea Rat sources that the FTA Redtail couldn’t reach Charlatan Bay and was instead forced to make port at Moray’s Den. And from Quinnsville we hear that Puffin II was forced to return to port due to roguh seas, and that gunboat FV No. 3 was blown off course and forced to go to Mooreton Bay. From the Prio Seas, we hear that the Garveyian sloop Gecko was in trouble almost immediately after leaving Freeport and had to call at the nearly barren Altonian Island of Bats. From Lavalette we hear that the MCTC merchant Jon El Flurry was forced to make port rather than continue east. Other Greenie sources tell us that the Sea Rat sloop The Eagle made port at the seldom-visited Hojaroja. And from our Corrie sources on Argentia we receive word that Turaco II was blown past Mesabi Landing, finally making landfall at Camp Isaac. Additionally, the galleon Alexander Keith is overdue at Jamestown, last seen headed east in the Cocovia Sea. Finally, in the New Haven Sea, we hear that the Corrish ship HMS Paladin couldn’t make its way back to Spudkirk and was forced to dock at Carno’s Seawatch. There were also reports of Sea Rat ships Atropos and Enyo struggling in the storm, their fates unknown to us. Mercantile Report Terrversan Trade Fleet Returns to Kings Port! Our national trade fleet finally return to its home port, having safely managed to avoid hostile Oleon warships over the past months. Much needed goods have been offloaded, as Kings Port faces severe shortages of everything after the Bluecoat occupation. But things are slowly beginning to return to normal, or at least our new normal is starting to emerge. Prio Trade Fleet Stops in Tanari Furthermore, the national trade fleet of our staunch allies in independence from Mardier’s colonial yoke, Isla Romantica (aka Prio), is visiting the southwestern Terraversan port of Tanari. Our sources there tell us that Commodore de Pernica, on-again off-again commander of the Prio trade fleet, pledged to Count Navarro to help rebuild the Terraversan economy through continued trade. That, in addition to the support of the Eslandolan merchantmen, suggests things are looking up here economically. Mardierian Fleets Visit Breshaun, Granoleon Our Oleonder sources report that the Mardierian trade fleets called on two major Oleon ports, not that we’re surpised. One fleet called at the Oleon capital, and another made port in Breshaun, where they reportedly raked in the doubloons. Altonian Fleet Sails Around the Horn Our man in Ulric reports that the Altonia trade fleet successfully sailed ’round the Horn at the northern tip of Halos as they made their way home after a long trading run along the continental coast, although the fleet flagship, the Aurora, was forced to make port at Aden due to a storm. Garveyian Traders Sail All Over From east and west we have reports of Garveyian merchants visiting ports. Our man in Weelond sends word that the fleet led by Gilded Lilly called at the Eslandian port and made a handsome profit on their goods. Meanwhile, our Corrie sources in King’s Harbour report that Garvey’s Grasshopper fleet called on the Corrie’s Cocovian jewel, although the storms they encountered leaving Freeport appear to have damaged their cargoes, as the Garveyian traders did not seem happy with their earnings in King’s Harbour. Hidden Gems Our insider in Breshaun, tells us that not only did the Mardier fleet score well in the Oleon port, but so did the Oleon trader The Sloop Draco, as the crew was seen celebrating with the Breshaun ladies well into the night. On the other side of Le Bellan, the Eslandian cutter Finch scored a tidy profit on goods from Weelond. Are Oleon ports ripe for traders after the dearth of Oleon shipping of late? From Nova Terreli we hear that the crew of La Contessa de Victoria was partying in the pubs after a huge haul. Eslandian ports were also kind to the Corrsih trader HMS Alice when it reached port in Terreli. Meanwhile, Corrish traders did well elsewhere. Octan Tanker 1 brought a profitable cargo of whale oil to Belson, and the crews of Albatros and Satyr were seen with money to spend in Arlinsport. ETTC officials report that the Tuna King unloaded a huge haul of fish in Mooreton Bay. And the captain of the Sternidae was happy in Jameston. Black Market Booming in Aftermath of War Our sources in Prinport, Londa, and Kieg all report a heavy demand for luxury items, and the black markets are booming across the western Brick Seas. Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker HMS Bull Shark (Professor Thaum) Atropos (Professor Thaum) Enyo (Professor Thaum) Long Beard II (MAESTRO) Liger (Lotus) WTC Agnes Y4 (Bloody Bill) Sparrow (Capt Wolf) Oscuridad III (Eslandola) HMS Windblown (Flavius Gratian) HMHV Athena (Bregir) HMS Publius (Corrington) Pineapple Revenge (Corrington) Ships Captured MOC’d: Alexander Keith (class 6) taken from Ayrlego by Montroy Cannonball (class 5) taken from Professor Thaum by Elsandola HMS Dominance (class 10) taken from LM71Blackbird by Lotus Pearl Diving Canoe (class 0) taken from Elysabethtown by Bregir (and then returned) Valkyrie (class 2) taken from Maxim I by Corrington Un-MOC’d Atlantis (class 4) taken from LeColeon by Corrington Grand Venture (class 5) taken from TomSkippy by Eslandola HMS Pegasus (class 5) taken from Roadmonkeytj by Eslandola Scorpion (class 1) taken from Capt Wolf by Lotus Serpent’s Scream (class 5) taken from Francois the Elder by Quinnsville Known Black Flag Ships Still at Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Audacious Dreamchaser II Golden Rat Hand of Fate II Hotspur Joker’s Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Marvel II Maverick Nightingale Puck’s Jest II Purple Rain Stormbringer II The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyan ports, and Barracuda Bay or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to follow shortly.
  10. Hmmm. I agree I thought I got only one upgrade, but I thought i got it for being number 1 in my faction for Cat A. If the upgrade also applies to the participation award, shouldn't I get both? (Not trying to be troublesome, but the way we wrote the prize rules on this challenge are confusing!)
  11. It certainly does. Are you looking for a settlement that is more established, just starting out, or something in between? EDIT: All that said, Punto Sur, on the island of Maldria, is Eslandola's boom town in the New Haven Sea, so that might be the best spot.
  12. OK, I knew that was somewhere but couldn't find it. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks! That said, I won 2 small licenses and am eligible for upgrading. Does that mean that I can upgrade both, or just one of them?
  13. Certainly! What type of property is it? That could influence where best to place it.
  14. Wonderful micro! The wagon wheel as the water wheel is great. Could you please post (either edited into the original post of the Challenge thread, or in it's own pinned post) a list of who has won what prizes and when they must claim them by. I see no deadline posted, and it's not as simple as it looks to calculate what prizes have been won. (And could these include the part 2 participation prizes?) Thanks.
  15. Capt Wolf

    Lost at Sea, One Angry Captain

    That is an ingenious build! One of the best above/below water MOCs I've seen. And the figure (and fish/shark) posing brings the scene to life. Excellent!