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  1. As long as we get a soccer cup in 622, I don't think anyone will object.
  2. Yep, this. It will always be a minimum of 3 weeks to allow for MRCA result builds, sistershipping, etc. Generally 4-5 weeks is a good estimate.
  3. Results sorted by owner: (part 1) (part 2)
  4. Results sorted by destination: (part 1) (part 2)
  5. October 621 – January 622. Vol 7, Issue 1 The Lotus Empire Strikes Back! From El Oleonda we hear news of a new wave of conflict sweeping the isle! Rumors of a huge new Lotii army have been abound for months since the capture of a Lotus spy near Brickford Landing. Now our sources in Carno report the settlement of Seawatch is under siege! Little information has escaped the settlement, as the Lotii have ringed the coastal town with siege works and trenches and a Lotii fleet blockades the seaward approaches. The few small Carnite ships that have escaped tell of a vast Lotii army, equipped with modern weapons and conducting daily bombardment from both land and sea causing much carnage. The small Carnite settlement is not expected to be able to hold out for much longer without relief, and it is unknown what other forces Carno has in the New Haven area available to conduct such an operation. Our sources in Brickford Landing report that Corrish authorities reached out to Carno with an offer of an alliance against the Lotii a couple of months ago, but we do not know what came of that diplomatic foray. What will the fate of the Carnite settlers be at the hands of the Lotii barbarians? Surely only the Gods can save them now! This military campaign has been paired with increased naval patrols, two of which clashed with the Corlander navy. Our man in Brickford Landing reports that a Corlander squadron led by the HMS Badger gave chase to an armed Lotus supply convoy led by the Lemur. The Lotus war junks where outmatched, and took flight, which led to a prolonged stern chase, with chase guns dueling to cripple the enemy. The Corlander brig Cannonball, a former Eslandian and Sea Rat vessel, pulled ahead of the line and looked to be catching up with its quarry, when a lucky shot took down its foremast. The fuming Corlander captain of the HMS Badger reported that the fallen mast and crippled brig blocked his squadron and allowed the enemy to escape. Corlander bad luck did not end here, though, as the Lotus turned their weapons upon their former masters. The word from Spudkirk is that the HMS Dominance, captured by the Lotus in a former engagement and now part of a squadron led by the war junk Lion, intercepted a Corlander troop transport fleet and damaged the xebec Sternidae. The Corlander flagship, the HMS Legion, at once signaled the warships to take up positions between the transports and enemy fleet. The Corlanders were outnumbered and outgunned, and had it not been for the gallant sacrifice of the commander of the brig HMS Ymir, the whole Corlander fleet would likely have been lost. However, at a critical moment, the HMS Ymir rammed directly into the Longspur in the middle of the Lotus fleet, firing both broadsides. In the collision, both the war junk and the brig lost masts and spars, getting entangled in each other's rigging and blocking the progress of the Lotus fleet. While Corlander officials lament the loss of the fine brig, all of Corrington celebrates its valiant commander, who may just have saved Spudkirk, by ensuring the arrival of reinforcements. Troops on the Move From Silithona we hear that, after much discussion with Oleon officials at the Pine Island Monastery, Oleon has consented to redcoat troops on the New Haven island of El Oleonda to fight the growing Lotus threat. We have reliable information that Corrington has sent the 26th Foot under the command of Captain Brickleton from Terraversa, and our sources in Westface tell us that Corrington’s 95th regiment, aka the “Queen’s Rifles,” has been dispatched to El Oleonda as well. Our Oleon sources tell us that Oleon's 1st Grenadier Guards, recently departed from Terraversa, have landed in Fatu Hiva to resupply as they proceed to the New Haven Sea. Given the threat from the Lotii, and the movement of redcoat troops to El Oleonda, we can’t imagine that Oleon won’t reinforce Fort Arltrees with more troops in the near future. In addition to the Corrish and Oleonder troops headed for El Oleonda, our Eslandian sources tell us that a large contingent of MAESTRO ships set sail from Punto Sur full of troops, reportedly set to support an expedition exploring The Lowers archipelago in the southern reaches of the New Haven Sea. However, rumors abound that these troops could actually be intended to combat the Lotus as well. We have no word from MAESTRO officials at this time. Meanwhile, our man in Weelond reports that there was much jubilation at the safe return of that city’s namesake regiment after they were deployed to Terraversa, and there is no indication that they will be headed to the New Haven Sea any time soon. Around the Brick Seas Sea Rats Pose as Merchants, Ambush Eslandolan Traders We hear from New Nassau that some Eslandian traders were treated rather rudely by their Sea Rat hosts. As the Greenies tell it, a large Sea Rat fleet flying normal Sea Rat colors – rather than the black flag – attacked the small trade squadron sailing up from Ceniza Bajo in the Luther Islands. The captain of the schooner Valiant Phoenix reports that five large ships, led by the galleon Habana, sank the xebec Consort’s Duty and damaged Valiant Phoenix before he and Island Rose could escape. While the danger of piracy is recognized throughout the Brick Seas, the subterfuge of the pirates posing as a trade fleet have Eslandolan officials in a tizzy. Corlander Gunboats Attack Neutral Merchant Our man in Quinnsville sends word of a scandalous event. Whether due to incompetence or criminal intent, the Quinnsville gunboats set upon a neutral trader, the Sea Rat Vengeance of the Desert, and took her prize. While trying to board the merchant vessel, the two gunboats fell afoul of each other, resulting in No. 3 sinking, and No. 2 taking heavy damage. No doubt the commander thought the prize his atonement for the lost gunboat, and we can only imagine his consternation when realizing he had put his name to piracy! Corrish authorities offered no official comment at this time, simply muttering about the blatant breach of the Corlander Articles of War. We at the KPA emphasize with the poor lieutenant in charge of the Quinnsville Gunboats, and whoever has to inform Rear Admiral Fletcher in Kings Harbour. Pirate Round-Up Eslandian Fleet Bites Bloody Bill From Port Raleigh we hear that an Eslandian anti-piracy patrol led by the brig Asesino II pursued Bloody Bill all the way from Tortuga before the pirate was finally able to escape into a storm bank in the Cocovia Sea. The Greenies report that they damaged the brig Rusty Claw and sloop Little Scavenger, but the Bloody One got away in his flagship, the man-o-war Crimson Revenge. Carno Captures Sloop from Francois the Elder The Lotus siege of Seawatch isn’t the only problem the Carnites are having, but they lost no time swatting away an attempt at pirating one of their supply fleets. From Fatu Hiva we hear that a Carno squadron towed in the sloop Greedy Guppy and had several of pirate Francois the Elder’s crewmembers in shackles. Francois escaped at the helm of the brig Rabid Ranger, but the Carno fleet suffered no damage and was even able to get needed supplies in port intended for the relief of Seawatch. Montroy Whiffs in Attack on Eslandola Trader Our man in Nova Terreli reports that the crew of Eslandian terraman Whiffo’s Riposte are telling tales about outmaneuvering the pirate Montroy just north of Isla de Victoria and escaping the pirate’s attack. Montroy has had success against Eslandian shipping in the past, as he uses the former Greenie frigate Cardinal’s Shadow as his flagship. But, despite being outnumbered 3-to-1, Captain Whiffo was able to use his knowledge of the local shallows to plot a course the pirates could not follow without exposing themselves to a raking counterattack. And not only did Whiffo escape, but his cargo was undamaged, and he was rewarded with a good profit in Nova Terreli. Rogue MAESTRO Captain Attacks Eslandian Ship Our man in Pontelli reports that the Eslandian sloop Fog Breaker was attacked by the black-flagged ship-o-the-line AQAR in the waters around Berelli. Captain Myles, formerly First Mate of the aforementioned Captain Whiffo, says he was able to duck into a fog bank to escape. Meanwhile, the 50-gun AQAR and the cutter Alexander, both under the command of rogue MAESTRO Captain Hernando Grey, has apparently sailed into the Eslandian port and MAESTRO company stronghold of Elysabethtown. We have received no word yet on whether Eslandian or MAESTRO officials have taken the renegade captain or his ships into custody. Gentleman Privateer Strikes Again From Port Raleigh we hear that the crew of the Eslandian snow Jon El Flurry rowed into port in a lifeboat rather than their ship. The captain reports that the ship was sunk by the Gentleman Privateer. However, living up to his moniker, rather than leave his victims to Davy Jones' Locker, the Gentleman Privateer set out a boat for the waterlogged crew before departing empty-handed. Weather on the Brick Seas The Sea of Storms lived up to its name this season. From Eltina we hear that the Garveyian trader Golden Shekel sprung a leak in a storm and was forced to make landfall at the LeBellan port rather than continue to Prinport with its squadron mates. And from Belson we receive word that the Namerean brig Nexus also took on water in the rough seas and diverted to the Corrish capital rather than continue to Arlinsport. Locally, a pop-up squall in the Terraversa Sea caused problems for the Corrish trader Filly Winds, which sprung a leak and was forced to make port in Westface In the Cocovia Sea, high winds were a problem these past months. The Eslandian schooner Piece of Eight II was separated from its convoy and forced to divert to Salida Este. The Sea Rat trader FTA Dusk was also separated from its convoy by high winds and forced to make landfall in Alexport. And the Eslandian escort Clearance took on water in the rough seas east of Ferro Azure and cut its journey short by heading into Poorvintia. Finally, a fast-moving storm system made its way through the New Haven Sea, causing much mayhem. Our man in Spudkirk reports that the Carnite sloop Civit was separated from its convoy and diverted to Neustadt. We also hear from Spudkirk that a WTC convoy lost one of its ships, the WTC Dog Days, when it was separated in a storm near the unsettled Isla de Plata (aka Island #3). (OOC: The WTC Dog Days is beached on island #3; a MRCA-result MOC is required before the ship can sail again. See spoiler below for island info.) From Punto Sur we hear that Captain Matt Lenoir was forced to return to port with the xebec Purple Reign rather than continue with the other MAESTRO ships heading south. And word from our Sea Rat sources is that the Arkham Chaser is long overdue at Hellion, and she is feared lost at sea. (OOC: The Arkham Chaser is beached on one of the islands of “The Lowers” archipelago; a MRCA-result MOC is required before the ship can sail again. See spoiler below for info.) Mercantile Report National Trade Fleets National trade fleets experienced the highs and lows of plying the sea lanes these last few months. From Londa we hear that Mardierian officials are pleased with the profits from their returning convoy, and from Belson we hear there was great demand for Namerean goods. But we hear that Garveyian trade officials were unhappy with the latest haul of their eastern trade squadron after paltry profits on its return to Freeport. Here in Terraversa, our trade ministers are attempting to normalize relations with Oleon after the recent hostilities. However, after our trade fleet set sail for Astrapi, they quickly found themselves hunted by the Sea Rats’ infamous Hand of Fate fleet. The terraman Tamarin and brig Tiger were both sunk by the Rats northwest of Nova Terreli. Apparently the Sea Rats do not care that the war is over! Our captain reports that all other ships in the trade fleet reached Astrapi safely, but profits earned there will not even out the loss in ships and lives. Meanwhile, an entire Altonian trade convoy has gone missing! The schooner Archer and sloops Aardvark and Abalone were expected in Terreli last month but have not been heard from since they left Ulric. As weather was fair around the horn these past months, piracy is suspected. There are unsubstantiated reports that pirate Jan Van Sud was sailing in the area, but we cannot confirm that at this time. Private and Company Traders Several traders turned a tidy profit these past few months. From Jamestown we hear that the Alexander Keith had a golden voyage, earning more than 700 DBs for their run, and Octan Tanker 1 scored with a timely delivery of whale oil. From Mesabi Landing we hear that the trade fleet led by HMS Indomitable scored big, raising concerns that the WTC’s Agnes might be up to something big enough that she’s willing to pay top dollar for cargoes. Our man in Mooreton Bay reports that the Dozy Dragon was paid handsomely for desperately needed supplies. From Quinville we hear that the captain of Turaco II was buying drinks for the house after a big payday. Meanwhile, from Port Raleigh we hear grumbling after several Eslandian traders failed to make much at all; the most grumbling came from the investors in La Contessa de Victoria, and there was open speculation that the captain’s job was in jeopardy. What little Oleonese shipping there is apparently did quite well. From Weelond we hear that Eslandian merchants were happy to pay top dollar for goods brought by the traders Cornucopia and Hemera. And our man in Breshaun reports that HRS Helios and HRS Phoebe were showered with gold for their cargoes. But they weren’t the only ones. The Eslandian cutter Finch made a tidy profit by quickly delivering perishables from one side of the island of LeBellan to the other, and the crew of the cutter Lark were partying with the ladies of Breshaun after scoring over 600 DBs for goods from the continent. And who says Sea Rats can’t make an honest living? From Charlatan Bay we hear that the terraman Octopus II and brigantine Margaret pulled down more than 500 DBs for their totally legitimate cargo. Meanwhile, we hear the black market in Kieg has heated up again, and the Corrish trader HMS Alice may have just been in the right place at the right time … or were they up to something shady? While we don’t know that for sure, we do hear that the pirate LeColeon definitely unloaded some goods at an undisclosed Sea Rat port. - back page - Oktoberfest Wrap-Up: Sea Rats Party! Eslandian officials deemed the most recent Oktoberfest a big success, and the Sea Rats certainly provided much of the excitement. First, there were the tales being told by the crew of The Andromeda. They reported escaping from a huge class 9 or class 10 “ghost ship” south of New Nassau. Severe fog limited visibility, but the strange ship could be seen opening its gun ports in an attempt to hit The Andromeda with a broadside. However, the maneuverability of the Sea Rat frigate enabled them to alter course and escape. Next up was the local home show, the feature of this year’s festival. Westward Square (@omnihash_cz) took top honors, with the Montegro residence (@evancelt) and a Carnite immigrant farmstead (@CapOnBOBS) also winning recognition. Other properties that were honored included Don Alejandro Martinez de Recalde Saez de Vasocavala y de Sancha de Larrinaga’s large townhall (@NOD), and Oggy’s beachside eatery (@Professor Thaum). Finally, there were the exploits of Captain Bluebeard, who was so determined to enjoy the festivities that he docked his black-flagged fleet in Punto Sur’s harbor. After allowing him to get drunk as a skunk, local militia arrested the pirate and put his ships Golden Rat, Joker’s Folly, and Lachesis under guard. They also confiscated several barrels of beer, which rumor has it were used during the festival, although Eslandian officials deny this. Regardless, it looks like this may be the end for Captain Bluebeard! (OOC: black flag ships are subject to automatic capture if sailing into unfriendly ports. If you're flying the black, make sure you know where you're going! ) Soccer Cup in 622? Due to the hostilities on Terraversa, no Soccer Cup has been played since late 619. The champion Eltina squad is scheduled to host the next iteration. We have tasked our reporter in Eltina to find out when a new Soccer Cup might be scheduled. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker Consort’s Duty (gedren_y / ESL) Hydra (Bregir / COR) Jon El Flurry (MCTC / ESL) QV Gunboat No. 3 (Quinnsville / COR) Tamarin (Terraversa) Tiger (Terraversa) Turaco (Jan Van Sud / NPC) Ships Captured MOC’d: HMS Otter (class 3) taken from Bregir by Professor Thaum HMS Ymir (class 4) taken from Corrington by Lotus Vengenace of the Desert (class 2) taken from omnihas_cz by Quinnsville Un-MOC’d Greedy Guppy (class 3) taken from Francois the Elder by Carno Archer (class 3) taken from Altonia by Jan Van Sud Aardvark (class 3) taken from Altonia by Jan Van Sud Abalone (class 3) taken from Altonia by Jan Van Sud Known Black Flag Ships Still at Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Audacious Dreamchaser II Esperanza Estrella Golden Rat Habana Hand of Fate II Hotspur Joker’s Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Marvel II Maverick Nightingale Paraiso Prince Alex Puck’s Jest II Purple Rain Stormbringer II The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Trinidad Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyan ports, and Barracuda Bay or Dragon Lair or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to follow shortly. Results sorted by faction and flagship: (part 1) (part 2)
  6. Capt Wolf

    [COR-FB] Land Ho!

    I replied for ESL. We're open to suggestions but have no specific plans at this time. We are likely to shift some ships into the New Haven Sea to combat the Lotii on the water, but troops are unlikely (unless @Maxim I redirects his troops that have gone to The Lowers).
  7. Capt Wolf

    Count Lewisham

    Yes, somebody steps up for the council! And he appears to promise everything any minifig could want. The build itself is also very well done. Lots of SNOT work, and the swirly pieces are fantastic in the fountain. Combined with the vines, the build has a lot of elements that get away from the blocks. Very nice! And the expressions on the minifigs are excellent, as is always the case with your builds!
  8. Capt Wolf

    [OL - FB] Homestead - Fort Arltrees

    Lovely build! As others have noted, the roofs are excellent. I particularly like the stable roof. And the multi-stem piece in tan works extremely well as a handful of hay!
  9. Ooh, that really offers some possibilities. Thanks for pointing it out!
  10. Ah, but how are you going to license the ship for only 7 DBs? Hopefully somebody will loan you some. But then you'll be in debt!
  11. Attention all Eslandola citizens! The Colonial Council requires members to run for election/re-election each year. This simply requires a "campaigning" MOC sometime between now and January 31. The only council seats that don't need to build an MOC are the three seats appointed by the three trade companies (one each for ETWC, MCTC, and MAESTRO). The elected seats are for representatives of the Sea of Storms, the Sea of Thieves, the Prio Seas, and a seat for independent traders (i.e., not affiliated with the TCs). Also, it has been proposed that we add a seat for the New Haven Seas. Any of these seats that do not have a campaign vig built by the end of January will be vacant. The only requirement for running for a seat is that you have a property in the named region (or, if you don't participate in the EGS, then a build located in the named region). Furthermore, the leader of the council, the Admius Legistrad, is also an elected position. Willem Guilder will not be running for re-election. FYI. Looking forward to seeing some fun campaign MOCs!
  12. Kudos to you. Dad of the year! Actually, couriers have been spotted taking messages to the KPA offices this week ...
  13. Merry Christmas to all of BoBS. I hope the jolly red minifig brings you all the bricks you wished for!
  14. Capt Wolf

    [COR-FB] Increased Patrols, Wullham

    Keep it up. I'm enjoying them. eventually I'll steal er, borrow some ideas and do my own.
  15. I love this build! Well staged, and the rounded ends look great for this subject. And using the dream as a way to present the subject is well done! And I had not heard about the legs pieces? Where can I get me some of those?