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  1. Very good! This has me looking forward to the final scene!
  2. Capt Wolf

    [GoC] Class 4 Xebec - Dirty Rat

    Wonderful xebec! Great job with the angled masts and the low, sleek lines of the hull. I can never get them to look right. A big for this ship!
  3. Great concept, and a very cool effect!
  4. Capt Wolf

    [OL - FB] Leaving Kingsport

    Unless my character noticed the guard column leaving the temple, etc. My issue is with the statement that nobody would notice. One player does not get to decide the results for other players. There are multiple possibilities. That's why A-MRCAs are reffed by a game master.
  5. Capt Wolf

    [OL - FB] Leaving Kingsport

    I do. Edited...
  6. Capt Wolf

    [OL - FB] Leaving Kingsport

    You have misunderstood the treaty. The quiver was to remain in the OL temple in Kings Port. This is really the kind of things that should have been handled in the peace treaty and in the court.
  7. Capt Wolf

    Terraversa Peace Talk

    It was discussed in the Court.
  8. Capt Wolf

    Terraversa Peace Talk

    Other than needing to present Sillitholina as the separate towns of North Sillitholina (OL) and South Sillitholina (COT), looks good! Also, I would ask that the small island off the coast of Tanari (see earlier map) be presented on this new map. It may be important later.
  9. Capt Wolf

    [BTV2 - OL] The Death of COL Delange

    An appropriate subject, well told and well illustrated. As mentioned earlier, the last two photos are very effective. Cheers for Delange and Beauchamp!
  10. A beautiful little vessel. Good design, decoration, and rigging. What's not to like?!
  11. Capt Wolf


    Easy mistake to make. No worries. But send @Ayrlego a PM about it, as he pretty much handles the troop stuff by hand.
  12. Yea! The return of Bluebeard! Hmmm... an interesting pair of characters to be collaborating... I love the brick-built birds, and the perspective for the photograph. You've done a great job of posing the figs convincingly as they unload in difficult terrain. Oh, just you wait!
  13. Capt Wolf


    Nice build, and an interesting topic for troop raising. I like it! The expression on the instructor is perfect! FYI, according to the account sheet, Charlatan Bay is a City, not a Large City, which means its troop raising limit per turn is 60, not 90.
  14. Captain of The Lady Hawk, Armando Ferrocaril, is hereby promoted to Commodore.
  15. When last we saw Captain Jack Merker and his first mate, Kate, they had been captured by the Lotii. After months in captivity, forced to work in a textile mill in Oryant on El Oleonda, Jack finally found their chance to escape. In the harbor was a strange little vessel. It appeared to originally be a Carnovian cutter or small supply ship of some sort that the Lotii captured during their war. But the Lotii had replaced its spar and square sail with something from one of their junks, and added ornamentations all around, including a ballista on the fo'c'stle and lanterns on the stern. And it must have been repainted by two men working from opposite ends, as when the color schemes met in the middle, they did not match! It was an orphan of a ship tied up to the dock, and no one would miss it or pay it any mind. At least that's what Jack was counting on. For disguises, Kate was able to appropriate some native clothing, and Jack replaced his usual tricorn hat with a hat set aside by a native worker. When the guard was distracted, Jack and Kate slipped away, down to the dock, untied the strange craft, and shoved off. Kate armed the ballista... ... and Jack manned the tiller ... ... as they sailed out of the port. Jack figured they would hug the coast and sail northwest, and then head across the open sea for Spudkirk. Could he and Kate avoid Lotus patrols and convoys? He had his doubts, but the strange little ship (which he and Kate had taken to calling Scorpion due to its figurehead) proved quite nimble. Maybe this would work out. ----- This is what happens on a rainy Saturday afternoon when I'm fiddling with boat pieces. This is a Frankenstein's monster of a boat, an unrealistic cross between the cutter from the Imperial Trading Post and the "Emperor's Ship," an old Adventurers set. But as I was fiddling with the mismatched pieces, I realized I had the vehicle (so to speak ) to get Jack and Kate back into BoBS. So please excuse my brief story and lack of any other substantial builds to flesh out the tale. They'll probably be recaptured in the MRCA, as is Jack's usual luck, but I prefer to resume this tale with a leap of faith rather than a done deed. And hopefully this is just what I need to start in on some MOCs to flesh out their tale going forward. All C&C welcome.