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  1. [META] Trade Route Visaulization

    A lot of effort, game balancing, and compromise went into the zone design. It's not meant to be a perfect simulation. Think of the reason that nobody simply sailed beyond Terraversa before as being because nobody knew what was there; it was sailing into the unknown. Discovery of other islands makes sailing across empty stretches of sea much more feasible.
  2. [COR] HMS Windblown - Class 2

    Nice little ship with a perfect name! Great job on the rigging and sails, especially that Corrish naval jack! Well done.
  3. [MTF] Noise Stoppers

    Fun story! Nice job with the small size.
  4. [COR] The Green Dragon, Quinnsville

    Nice build, but it's the leaves used in the dragon head that really caught my eye. Very clever!
  5. [OL-FB] Small House in Fatu Hiva

    Charming house! The angled framing and the second floor extension over the door give it some character. The dark blue roof looks sharp, too. And I love the faces and poses of the rabble and the mother!
  6. Woo-hoo! We can only hope!
  7. Island #1 on the map Thanks!
  8. "That still sounds odd ... Commander" Janszen thought to himself. But he had been pondering the question for some time before it was asked, and he had already arrived at his answer. "For now I want to keep the fleet together. We are entering the unknown, so let's be at our strongest while we get our sense of this new sea." Calvo nodded in agreement, but Janszen continued before Calvo could speak up. "The first island on the charts should be a point north of east from our current position," he said as he motioned with his arm the direction he described. "Once we have found it, we shall circumnavigate it as Guilder instructed, and we will search for a good landing spot to send you and some men ashore for a closer look." "Very good, commander," replied Calvo. He too thought it was wise to keep the fleet together, at least for now, and looked forward to setting foot on the island. After a few days of anxious boredom, the lookout from the Hidalga cried out "Land, ho!" and the news was quickly signaled to the other ships of the fleet. Janszen sprang to his feet when the news reached La Contessa de Victoria. Consulting his charts, he instructed the helmsman to proceed north and then around the island to the east. Lookouts on each of the four ships scanned the island's coast through their looking glasses, as did Janszen and Calvo themselves, for any clues the island might reveal about itself. The circumnavigation of the island proceeded nicely, and confirmed the accuracy of their map. After conferring about where to anchor, a suitable location was decided upon. Calvo and some men transferred to the Esmerelda, and while La Contessa and the Blood Diamond stayed away from shore, Hidalga and Esmerelda, with their shallower drafts, anchored closer to the island in a suitable bay. The longboat lowered, Calvo and his men then rowed to shore. Calvo's task was straight-forward: look for signs of inhabitants, and for any animal or plant life or minerals that were significant, either profitable or hazardous! Every island was different, Calvo had learned over the years. What would he encounter on this one?
  9. [META] Trade Route Visaulization

    Keep in mind that the thickness of lines represents numbers of ships. Perhaps larger but fewer ships are being used in the west. Or maybe not. I know we've been working on getting the old world TVs raised, and I think we've made some progress recently. If people are paying attention, we should see increased activity in the old world ports.
  10. [META] Trade Route Visaulization

    It's an interesting map. It's unfortunate that the specific zones for many routes have to be guesses, but it still enables us to see generally on which ports the different factions are calling. Thanks for doing this! Similar to this, @Maxim I once did a map that showed the location of all the ships (just small ship silhouettes on the map; it didn't identify them other than by faction). That would be neat to see again.
  11. Wow! Congrats! I had no idea it was that close. I was still planning my warehouse build to help out.
  12. [TSotEP] 4 - Hiring the Crew

    Wonderful builds and story! And the minion caught my eye as well. Hmmm...
  13. New Islands Information Part II: Prio Seas.

    I'm guessing Ska wrote the description, so he'd be the best source to explain things. @SkaForHire, can you help us out here?
  14. Don't forget you can find the basic map of the island (with scale) in the hidden contents here: Edit: Doh! I see you're well ahead of me on that. Just call me Capt Obvious today,
  15. [COR - Cruisers of Terra Nova] HMS Paladin

    I'm not sure how I missed this when it was originally posted, but it's a lovely brig! Great lines, brick-build masts and spars, and neatly rigged, topped off with a nice wake effect. Well done! And congrats on Lt. Joshua's posting!