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  1. Just a reminder that there are only two-and-a-half days left to get your Oktoberfest entries in. Note that there are still no entries for residences, and only 1 entry each in the commerce, factory, and education categories.
  2. Nice build, and we get an interior! I particularly like the tile work on the front. And that sewing machine is very nice. Would love to see a better picture of just it. Congrats!
  3. Willem Guilder's personal guards are well known in Weelond and easily recognized across the Brick Seas, with their green capes, knee-high boots, wide hats with plumes, and fashionable rapiers. But they are versatile men at arms, equally capable with the musket and on horseback. Many young men in Eslandola aspire to join Guilder's musketeers. And now the director of the MCTC has decided to expand the size of his guard unit. Here they are seen assembling in the warehouse district of Weelond. --- Just a quick build to raise some troops in Weelond. My temporary photography location isn't ideal; the warehouse in this build is actually tan, not yellow! All C&C welcome.
  4. Capt Wolf

    Trade MRCA Deadline October 27

    Thank you. And I think when I post the next deadline thread, I'll make sure to highlight the new settlements for each faction.
  5. Wonderful MOC. I love the colors for the ground, and I've got to try that SNOT technique for building up irregular bases. Nice tents, and good overall posing and presentation! Another example of your fine work! That's all the reason you need. And they look good!
  6. Capt Wolf

    [ESL - Troops] Nova Terreli on alert!

    Thanks! BoBS covers a wide time period, and I often skew my builds early, into the pike and shot era.
  7. Gotta agree with Kai: the lime really looks great! And I love the classic green vest torso for the soldiers. The old watch tower harkens back to the origins of Fuerte Unido, too. Well done.
  8. Capt Wolf

    [SR - minor challenge] Gone with the wind

    A lovely little sloop, and an incredible prize for the contest! Very nice!
  9. Capt Wolf

    [ESL - Troops] Nova Terreli on alert!

    LOL! But I miss having the time or easy access to pieces to build some texture and details into the walls and such. I'm also a bit frustrated with poor photography conditions as well. Yeah, I really like those spears. I think I got them from Brick Warriors. I think we're getting there. Maybe.
  10. With the outbreak of hostilities in the Brick Seas, officials in Salida Este are looking to shore up defenses of the Eslandian jewel of the Azure Sea. Here we see horse-drawn artillery (although the ammunition box appears to be missing from the limber) alongside a line of Ferro Azure's renowned swordsmen, proceeding along a wagon path outside the city. --- Just a small vig to raise two companies of troops in Salida Este. Here's a shot that includes the full height of the tree: I spent a fair amount of time on the terrain, and then the minifigs obscured all my work. (The artillery limber also didn't show well in the pics. ) Here's a pic from above without the figs: All C&C welcome.
  11. With the Oleon invasion of Terraversa, authorities in Nova Terreli are concerned that their island could be next. To assure that the Eslandian port remains a haven for all friendly ships crossing to and from the old world, two companies of pikemen have been formed by the Merchants Colonial Trading Company. The local ladies are worried that the men may be headed to war, but privately officials confide that they do not expect the bluecoats to expand their aggression. But readying troops for active duty is a considered a prudent measure nonetheless. --- Please pardon the simplicity of the build. Most of my bricks are packed away, and RL has been getting in the way of my building time to boot! But I hope I captured the flavor of Nova Terreli. All C&C welcome.
  12. I love the leaf density and the roots going off the edge of the build.
  13. Wonderful build. Love the hops vines! Er, might want to edit that. It's a new settlement. Only the natives have been here for generations. This part, too. Not much history in Punto Sur yet.
  14. Capt Wolf

    Trade MRCA Deadline October 27

    If you click on it, the map will still come up.
  15. Capt Wolf

    Trade MRCA Deadline October 27

    That is being addressed. Account holders are being given the chance to rectify the situation before it impacts performance.