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  1. I've raised the question in the leadership court. We'll get back to you asap.
  2. Last year @Elostirion sponsored a Nellisan Merrynight mini-challenge, but that's the only in-game Christmas event that I know of. Nobody is running a minichallenge of that sort this year.
  3. Yes. I fixed that in CG's spreadsheet.
  4. Not sure how I failed to comment on this one earlier. Great jail cell build, and good story text to go with it. Looking forward to how this plays out! And your use of the Silent Mary fig torso has given me some ideas. I'll see if I can acquire some for some experiments.
  5. [SR - FB1 Dec] The Trial of Sinbad

    Ah, the spectacle of a public trial. Wonderful! I like the sound of this already. Great start to the story; I love the background on Hamilton. And I like the courtroom build, especially the jury box and how you have hinged the build for theater-like viewing.
  6. Building a gunboat

    Thanks for sharing the construction process. I love seeing how these smaller brick-built boats are put together.
  7. Restoring Order, Mesabi Landing

    I really like this build and story. You've done a great job of combining your building styles, although your style shines through readily. I like the shape of the inn, wide instead of tall, with those long rows of windows on both levels. I'm also a fan of that tree style, and there's just the right amount of unkemptness in the street. And the story is an excellent settlement-centered approach that has me considering stealing doing the same for an ESL settlement in the near future.
  8. Gunboat No. 1

    I like the shape you've got with the custom hull. It looks like it rides a bit high, though. Still, nicely done. It will definitely get the job done, and I wouldn't want to face off with that gun! A custom cannon would be an excellent variation for future versions.
  9. Rimbaud Canal

    I love it! I think this is the first water lock we've seen in BoBS, and you've done a wonderful job. I love the details of the lock, and the buildings are well detailed inside and out. And as Dukesc mentions, you've got the appropriate slope from one end of the lock to the other. Good minifig posing too. all around!
  10. But of course! I would expect nothing less!
  11. [SR - FB 1 Dec 17] Il maestro

    Wondeful MOC! The floor tiles at an angle is a nice effect. But the detail that steals the scene is the lighted oven. That early pic with the glass in the oven is perfect.
  12. Sailor Leon's Letter...

    Great MOC! Much to like here! The first thing to catch my eye was the folliage and the nice SNOT rockwork. The building itself has several wonderful small details, such as the daggers for door hinges. And minifig posing is excellent.
  13. [Esl-FB] Ship - The Messenger

    Wonderful little ship, with lots of details: capstan, cannons, great figurehead. Nicely rigged, too. Great job all around!
  14. The KPA plans on running with this stellar endorsement next month!
  15. Just to make sure everyone is aware, the above chart is from the October MRCA, not the most recent one.