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  1. Guilder regained his composure after a facepalm. "The proposal has been seconded, so let us proceed to a vote. Shall we send a letter to Archduke Oldis -- head of state of Terraversa" (he said as he looked at the MCTC delegation) "-- asking if Terraversa requires Eslandola's assistance in any manner with regard to the rumored attempts against their independence? All in favor say 'AYE'."
  2. Guilder was surprised by the silence that met his proposal. "Is there no appetite for an expedition at this time? The situation on Terraversa sounds like it could escalate quickly, from the sound of the latest KPA." Guilder waved the newspaper in the air. "But we need to take some action. If not an expedition, should we at least send a letter of inquiry and support to Archduke Oldis? What say ye members of the council?"
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  6. May-June 620. Vol 5, Issue 3 Tensions Mount in Kings Port RNTC Under Curfew! Archduke Oldis has reacted to suspected ill-deeds of the RNTC, and subjected all RNTC personnel and all Olean citizens to a curfew prohibiting all public appearance between 20:00 and 07:00. Further, an official issue passport must be carried at all time. Finally, the RNTC and other Olean agents will be prevented from smuggling and other nefarious activities! Neither the Archduke nor the RNTC has been willing to comment on these developments, but there are those who suggest the RNTC should be expelled entirely from our capital. Corries Deny Lotus Prize by Burning HMS Resilience! Our man in Spudkirk sends word of a daring operation carried out by the Corrish navy. Patrolling the northern coast of El Oleonda, a squadron led by the HMS Wentham II encountered a Lotus battle squadron using the captured Corrish first rate HMS Resilience. According to sources inside the admiralty, plans had been presented by Acting Commander Joshua (@Spud The Viking) in case they were ever to encounter the HMS Resilience in Lotus service, and those plans were immediately put into effect. Set on denying the use of Resilience to the Lotii, Priest’s Bounty and HMS Bagg of Bolton, both ships originally captured from foes and pressed into naval service, were used as fire ships and rammed the first rate. The ploy worked to perfection, as Lotii crew were forced to abandon ship before the magazine of HMS Resilience exploded! HMS Wentham II, along with HMS Paladin and HMS El Bellos, then used the conflagration as cover to disengage. While technically a tactical victory for the Lotus, losing only one ship to the Corries’ two, everyone in Spudkirk sees the battle as a strategic victory by denying the Lotii the use of the former Corrrish first rate, and many are singing the praises of Acting Commander Joshua and his plan. Eslandola captures Pirate Zublius Von Wreck From Fuerte Unido we have reports that the new anti-piracy squadron comprised of the brigs Asesino II, Peregrine II, and Victoria II returned to port with two ships in tow: man’o’war Thor’s Anvil and the small clipper Valiant Phoenix, both known to belong to the infamous pirate Zublius Von Wreck. More notably, the pirate was paraded through the docks in shackles! The Greenies apparently surprised the pirate off the northeast coast of Stephanique. With the weather gauge favoring the Eslandians and pinned against a rocky section of the island’s coast, ZvW struck his colors and surrendered without nary a fight! Eslandolan officials are mum on their plans, but for now the Fuerte Unido jail is filled with Von Wreck and his pirate crew. Carno Resupplies Forces on El Oleonda From our Carno contacts we hear reports that a Carno supply fleet headed for Seawatch on El Oleonda fought off a small Lotii patrol and successfully delivered men and supplies for the war effort. Although one Carno man’o’war was sunk and another damaged, two Lotii junks were damaged and the enemy squadron driven off, allowing the Carno cargo ships to reach their destination unharmed. This can only be good news for Halosian forces fighting the Kingdom of the Lotus in the New Haven Seas. Sea Rats’ Tangle with Corries Cut Short by Storm Our reporter in Quinnsville sends word that the crews of the ships in the squadron led by HMS Ironsides are telling tales of a fight with a Sea Rat fleet led by the brigs Atropos, Lachesis, and Clotho. Encountering each other off the southwest coast of Cascadia, winds increased steadily throughout the engagement until both Corrish and Sea Rat commanders were forced to break off the fight. Clotho capsized before her crew could bring her sails under control, and the ship was lost, but no other damage to Sea Rat ships is reported by our Corrish sources. HMS Resolute arrived in port with its rigging in obvious distress and other signs of damage, but the rest of the squadron arrived in Quinnsville unscathed. Weak Storms Divert Ships along Continent and through Central Islands The Halosian coast was disrupted by a storm system that moved up the continental waters from Belson all the way to the horn. Our man in Londa tells us that the Mardierian trader Midnight Sun was forced to abandon its convoy and return to port due to the rough seas. From Belson we have received similar word about the Narmerean trader Nexus, which was forced back to Belson when it started to take on water in the storm. The other major weather system this month saw a storm system move east from Nelissa through the central islands and into the South Prio Sea. From Nova Terreli we hear that the flagship to our national trade fleet, the man’o’war Typhoon, was forced to leave the convoy and take cover in the Eslandian port. Additionally, the Greenies report that one of their convoy flagships, the galleon Thunderer, was forced to break off from its convoy and hole up in Elysabethtown on Berreli. The Greenies also tell us that the snow Reventazon could not reach King’s Port and was diverted to Lavalette. Events at Sea Sea Rat Flag Abused by Corsairs; Free Traders Concerned Reports throughout the Brick Seas tell of a most scandalous behaviour! Corsairs are reported to have attacked Eslandian and Corlander merchant shipping while flying the black, yellow and blue of the Sea Rats. Observers note that this may put the neutrality of independent Sea Rat merchants at stake, as Halosian fleets refuse to accept the risk of a backhanded attack. Sea Rats would be wise to crack down on those abusing their colours for misdeeds, lest they find all their vessels taken up as pirates. OOC: Several Sea Rat vessels *not* flying the black flag have attacked neutral shipping. Remember, the black flag mechanic was made to avoid all Sea Rats having to answer for the crimes of the pirates. Hence, pirates should take care to change the black flag status of their ships before turning pirates, rather than wait until afterwards. Greenies Break Up Sea Rats Andromeda Fleet Eslandian anti-piracy efforts continue across the Brick Seas. From Salida Este we hear that the squadron led by the frigate La Comete III returned to port with the Sea Rat man’o’war Myth Chaser in tow. Word is that the Greenies also sank the galleon Thunder, but lost the man’o’war La Raya Venenosa II as the Sea Rat frigate The Andromeda escaped. The Eslandian admiralty views the encounter as a rousing success for their new policy of dedicated anti-piracy patrols. Jolly Rogers Escapes from Colonial Storm From Fatu Hiva we hear that the crew of the Eslandian man’o’war Colonial Storm are telling tales of an encounter with the black-flagged Jolly Rogers. The Greenies, sailing north out of the New Haven Sea, claim to have been jumped in the vicinity of New Nassau, but got the upper hand on the pirate quickly and forced it to flee. Oleon Navy Remains in Port The sixth rate Scamandre returned to Breshaun after a semi-clandestine mission to El Oleonda in the New Haven Sea, but other than that most Oleonder naval forces remained in their respective ports. Our reporter in Weelond sends word that the dispatch ship Le Phenix called on that Eslandian port, but from our sources in Oleonder ports we hear that the big ships stayed anchored. The HRS Triton and nine other ships are still in Astrapi, the Le Fougueux squadron and HRS Retribution of Breshaun remained in Le Bellan waters, and HRS Terrible and four others remained in Granoleon harbor. Pirate Round-Up Corries Capture More LeColeon Ships, But Pirate Escapes The Corrish naval forces currently operating out of Westface continue to decimate the pirate activity of the infamous LeColeon. HMS Publius was forced to return to port almost immediately because of rough seas, but the rest of the squadron, led by HMS Greyhound, continued on their patrol. When they returned, each ship had a pirate vessel in tow! The large sloop Golden Trident along with the smaller sloops Satyr and Newt, now sit in Westface harbor. The Redcoat crews are telling many happy tales in the taverns, but also note that the pirate LeColeon himself slipped away in his brig Angelfish. Although LeColeon avoided capture again, one of the most powerful pirates in the Brick Seas has now been reduced to an afterthought. And although it is the Redcoats we have to thank for clearing our local waters, one can’t help but wonder how much impact Grand Admiral L’Olius has had behind the scenes. Is he in negotiations with the Corries? If so, what does it mean for Terraversa? No News from Nola Mar, nor of LeColeon's Corlander Bane Still, no word has reached Kings Port from the lockdown-subjected Nola Mar! Has the crackdown on smuggling been successful, or are the authorities still struggling? And what of the new earthworks and defenses reported by this very paper's last issue - For what purposes and by whom have they been erected? Mounting rumours of foreign funding have yet to be addressed. However, the mysteries do not end here. Corlander naval captain, Sir Jno. Cooke, and bane of the dread-pirate LeColeon, is still missing in action, and last reported landing in Nola Mar. Some theorize that Captain Cooke has been taken up on false suspicions of smuggling, and that local authorities are still to realize their obvious mistake! Mardier Surprises Jan Van Sud Mardier appears to have reconfigured their trade fleet in recent months. Before massive losses to piracy last year, Mardier operated two trade squadrons of approximately equal size. Now it appears that one larger squadron is focused primarily on trade, and the other smaller one is hunting pirates. Our man in Londa reports that the crews of the pirate-hunting fleet are telling tales of an encounter west of Prinport with the pirate Jan Van Sud. The sailors say they sank the pirate’s flagship, Syrene, and damaged Turaco before JvS fled aboard Flying Colt. Mardierian flagship Majestic was damaged in the battle, but Midnight Sun and Wyvern were unscathed when they returned to port. The battle must be especially frustrating to the pirate, as Midnight Sun was his before a Mardierian fleet took it from him last year. Pineapple Revenge Grapples with Bloody Bill From Quinnsville we hear that the Corrish war brig Pineapple Revenge attempted to capture the notorious pirate Bloody Bill in the Cocovia Sea, but the tales are not joyous ones in the Q’ville taverns. Surprising the pirate and having the weather gauge, the captain of Pineapple Revenge to use his advantage over the pirate’s sloop and take him alive. Alas, the pirate’s crew lived up to their reputation and their captain’s bloody moniker, and Pineapple Revenge was lucky to ungrapple with the pirate sloop and make for Quinnsville. Bloody Bill may also have felt lucky, as he did not pursue, but several crew members of Pineapple Revenge were wounded or killed in the action. The Dragon Eludes Odin’s Scorn Our sources in Charlatan Bay tell us that Governor Vonbricktin’s bounty on the independent pirate known as The Dragon has yet to be paid. We hear from our covert reporter in Tortuga that a squadron led by the frigate Odin’s Scorn, on assignment from Vonbricktin to find The Dragon and the stolen ship Rahab’s Gambit, only harassed an old WTC gunboat belonging to Bloody Bill. However, other sailors in Tortuga claim to have seen a ship bearing a striking resemblance to Rahab’s Gambit in the South Prio Seas this month. Captain Gore Flees from Athena Captain Gore continues to ply the Sea of Storms in his captured war galley HMS Carnage. The word from Westface is that the Corrish snow-rigged sloop-of-war HMHV Athena encountered the Carnage just west of Prinport, but the pirate was able to retreat to shallow waters and evade the Corrish war ship until she went on her way. Montroy Escapes from ESL Patrol From Fatu Hiva we hear that a small Eslandian patrol happened upon the pirate Montroy in the man’o’war Cardinal’s Shadow. Eslandian crews report damaging Montroy’s ship, while the Greenies’ man’o’war Cannonball was also damaged. Rising winds apparently forced the Greenies to break off the fight, and Montroy was able to escape. Mercantile Report The black market is booming in Prinport this month. Although our sources there can’t identify who brought in the contraband, the ill-gotten goods are selling for 2-3 times normal prices. From Arlinsport we hear that the crew of the Eliza are celebrating a golden voyage. The Seawolf Shipping Company only recently recovered the small cog and put her back into service, and all involved are overjoyed for such a prosperous return. The word from Westface here on Terraversa the word is that HMHV Athena did more than have a run-in with Captain Gore. The Athena crew also delivered a big payday, reportedly bringing in 450 DBs for their cargo. In the aftermath of L'Olius's trade agreement with Corrington, Westface has lately become more of a destination port for merchants. The Greenies appear to be suffering under their own taxes. Several MCTC traders arrived in Nova Terreli, and while they received good prices for their goods, the local taxes took a sizable bite out of the profits. We wonder how Eslandian merchants feel about such restraints on their own trade. Our reporters in Belson and Granoleon report that continentals were paying well for foreign goods this month. The Namerean trader Ninja turned a tidy profit in Granoleon, and the main Mardierian trade fleet visited Belson with good results as well. Commodore Francisco de Pernica guided the Prio trade fleet into Fuerte Unido, led by his new flagship, the terraman Prio’s Fortune. While profits were minimal for the short run from Alexport, Prio sailors were happy to have the fleet back together again and de Pernica returning to command. We hear from Bastion that the FTA fleet sailed into that Sea Rat port. Although every ship in the fleet turned a profit, income was still minimal. Fortune smiled on a small fishing boat in Lavalette. The crew of Dame Fortune brought in a huge haul of tuna, earning nearly 300 DBs and free sandwiches for a month! And from Port Raleigh we hear that residents were again blessed by a visit by one of the island’s native pearl divers. A favorite of Nelissan jewelers, the pearl divers work the oyster beds off the eastern shore and make frequent visits to Port Raleigh and Elysabethtown, with occasional visits to Dragonstone as well. This month we hear that the natives took in more than 150 DBs for their pearls. Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Syrene (Jan Van Sud) Cougar (Carno) HMS Resilience (Lotus) Thunder (Professor Thaum) Clotho (Professor Thaum) La Raya Venenosa II (Eslandola) Priest’s Bounty (Corrington) HMS Bagg of Bolton (Corrington) Ships Captured: MOC’d: Myth Chaser (class 3) taken from Roadmonkeytj by Eslandola Satyr (class 2) taken from LeColeon by Corrington Valiant Phoenix (class 3) taken from Zublius Von Wreck by Eslandola Un-MOC’d: Golden Trident (class 3) taken from LeColeon by Corrington Newt (class 2) taken from LeColeon by Corrington Thor’s Anvil (class 5) taken from Zublius Von Wreck by Eslandola Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Atropos Audacious Black Rat Golden Rat Hotspur Jokers Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Maverick Nightingale Purple Rain Stormbringer II The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Valkyrie Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, Barracuda Bay, or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly...
  7. The lights were on late at the offices of the Kings Port Advertiser last night …
  8. "Commodore Grei, thank you for that letter from the high priestess," said Guilder. "A strong source, but it needs verification. I would like us to get some first-hand information on the situation. In conjunction with Mr. Reyngout's suggestion that we send a formal letter of support to Archduke Oldis, I propose we send a mixed delegation, representing a cross-section of Eslandola, to Nola Mar and see for ourselves what is happening there."
  9. Aaron van der Meede stood from his seat in the Sea of Storms delegation. "As I read the letter from the Corries about the Terraversa situation, I am concerned that we don't have more information. Lady Condora's recent experience there certainly adds fuel to the fire that something is amiss. I think we all agree that Terraversan independence is in Eslandola's best interest, and we certainly don't want to see Mardier regain control of the island. I propose that we send someone to investigate these rumors." Pieter Reyngout stood to assert his agreement. "And it appears that the Corries have developed a working relationship Grand Admiral L'Olius. They seem to have an anti-piracy fleet operating out of Westface! We should make sure that we maintain our close relationship with Archduke Oldis in Kings Port, as the balance of political power in Terraversa is tricky, even under normal circumstances. A formal offer of support to Oldis would seem to be in order. Are we willing to send troops to assist him against Marderian spies if he desires?"
  10. A naval courier entered the hall, strode purposefully to the main desk, slapped a sealed letter down on the desk in front of Willem Guilder, then turned around and purposefully strode out of the hall the way he had arrived. Guilder opened the letter and read it silently. Then he returned his attention to the council members. "Well, then, the Ayes have it on our first item of business," stated Guilder. "I shall write a letter to Consul Montoya and assure him of our continued anti-piracy efforts." Guilder then picked up the courier's letter and waved it in the air. "And with this recent news, it looks like I can brag about some success with our anti-piracy patrols at that. While I cant reveal the contents of this letter yet, it appears we have captured a big fish!" Guilder turned to Commodore Grei, then said, "and it appears we have recovered the Valiant Phoenix in the process." "Our next item is the state of affairs on Terraversa." Guilder then turned to Lady Condora. "M'lady, what can you tell us from your visit there?"
  11. Aaron van der Meede stood from the Sea of Storms delegation. "Aye!" "And an 'Aye!' from me as well," added Pieter Reyngout, as he remained seated.
  12. Guilder nodded to Dr Ayuda. "And so a formal letter it will be." Turning to Commodore Grei, Guilder continued. "But I don't think we need to announce our assignments to all of the Brick Seas, and, in re-reading the original letter for the Corries, I don't think they even require us to coordinate our efforts with them. From the letter:" it shall be my pleasure to arrange return of your vessels at the normal prize fee, if in return your Colonial Assembly can offer suitable, lasting commitments to stand by your Corlander brethren against piracy with a force equivalent to or exceeding the three vessels in question "So I think we need just to assure them in an official manner that we shall continue to send out dedicated anti-piracy patrols. I can do this in a personal letter to Consul Montoya." Guilder paused and looked around the room. "Can we have a quick vote on this matter? All in favor of my writing a letter to Montoya assuring the Corries that we will continue to send anti-piracy patrols into the major sealanes, signify by saying 'Aye'!"
  13. Good MRCA-result story and build. I like the raft and the rocky coast, but I really like that building in the background of the last picture! I'd love to see more of that! Overall good MOC and story!
  14. Capt Wolf

    The "why did they not put this out earlier?"

    But could you spell it correctly on the MRCA form each turn?
  15. "And I concur," replied Guilder. "I think our new course with more squadrons devoted to anti-piracy patrols is one we will continue for some time. We've built our navy to the point where we can send out patrols and still have enough ships to escort the convoys. I think once the ships currently at sea reach port and the KPA sends out its report that our commitment will be clear." Guilder turned to Dr Ayuda. "We can draft a formal letter if you think that is necessary. Or will our public assurance in this council be enough for Corrington?"