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  1. Very good! Bloody Bill looks forward to you raising the black next time you sail!
  2. Enter as many times as you want, in as many categories as you want. However, you can only win one prize per category, unless there aren't enough entries in a category to award all prizes.
  3. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  4. Capt Wolf

    [LOGO] It's a WIP 2.0

    With text, definitely. And the minifigs really add to it! The head choices are great, as are the poses and choice of weaponry. This is really looking good! Suggestions: - Darken the text. Don't be afraid to go black here. The text should really contrast with the background and pop. - On the Sea Rat figure, the red initially made me think he was a Corrie. Maybe use a black pirate captain torso. - Maybe a brown tricorne hat rather than tan on the Oleon fig. The tan hat disappears into the background. Also, if you have a newer blue soldier torso that is blue all around rather than just blue printed on white, that would look better. - Too much black on the ESL fig. Do you have a green torso you could use? Or swap in gold armor for the black armor. If still wearing armor, maybe trade the dark green arms for regular green arms.
  5. Capt Wolf

    [LOGO] It's a WIP 2.0

    I like this approach. I love the sigils and their treatment! I agree with roadmonkeytj that the BoBS text is a little hard to read due to the dark background. I like the lighter map colors on the right, but the colors on the left are too dark; that purple is a bit overpowering. Also, my OCS wants the map and sigils to match up, but that's not a big deal. Would love to see it with minifigs, but I'd go for stereotypes that would easily be identified with their factions. And the key with using minifigs would be to make the map more of a background element so you don't have too many things competing for attention. So great start, anxious to see more!
  6. When I said rounding "error", I should have said rounding "idiosyncrasy" or some such. The IC reason is a fair description of what happened through the game mechanics. OOC, your ships had such a small return that they each got rounded to zero. However, that seems like an extreme result, so each of your two fleets in question (fleets, not ships) will receive 20 DBs each.
  7. Capt Wolf

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Perhaps, but no immediate plans. I do have some ideas for a couple of ways to have it appear in some future builds. I also try to include it marginally in various places: I have a ship name referencing Luna (as mariners favor Luna over Sol), and Guilder sometimes swears "Sol and Luna!" Maybe some missionary work with island natives is in order.
  8. Capt Wolf

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    I have presented the Church of Sol and Luna (aka, the "Church of the Two Coins") in some of my builds (the old stone church, the Merrynight orphanage).
  9. The annual Weelond Oktoberfest mini-challenge is underway!
  10. It's that time of year again: time to pay a visit to the Weelond Oktoberfest! Weelond’s annual Oktoberfest celebration features food and drink, contests of skill, games and amusements, traditional/historical costumes, food and drink (did we mention food and drink?), and more. So regardless of where you’re from, come to Weelond and have some fun! Rules: Your entry should showcase an activity at the Weelond Oktoberfest, and this year's emphasis is on characters and stories. Introduce us to an interesting character at the Oktoberfest or the story of your character taking part in the festivities. Sample activities at this year's Oktoberfest include keg tapping, keg tossing, stein hoisting, pretzel and sausage eating, log sawing, musket shooting, equestrian competition, musical bands, dancing, arts and crafts, pumpkin painting, and costume contests, as well as the usual assortment of butchers and brewers selling their wares. In addition to posting your entry in the forum (ideally with a [W-OKT] tag in the title), please post a link to your build in this thread and in the Weelond settlement thread. Entries must be posted by October 28. Categories: Categories are Characters, Stories, Events, and Structures. Identify what category you're entering when you post your entry. Category definitions are loose; just pick what makes sense for your build. Entries will be judged on presentation, quality of build, story, fit with Weelond's architectural style, and fit with the Oktoberfest/festival theme. The only size requirement is an 8x8 minimum. Prizes: The top three entries in each category will earn 100DBs for 1st place, 50DBs for 2nd, and 25DBs for 3rd. An additional 100/50/25 DBs will be awarded to the overall best three entries. Weelond will also reimburse the builder for licensing costs for any property entry licensed through the EGS. Weelond also offers to purchase (at 3x the license cost) any licensable property a builder does not wish to license.
  11. I believe the Lotus Kingdom is said to be at the southern end of the continent. Reports of their activity in the New Haven Sea have been in the southwestern portions of that area. Shoot for November then. Oktoberfest will be finished, and we're still working on the next main challenge. But some overlap with Oktoberfest is fine with me.
  12. My bad. However, there must be something we can do to make sure it happens before the end of the year, yes?
  13. Results sorted by owner: IC: Mesabi's ships, as well as the Priest's Bounty, beat you to port and flooded the market before you could unload your goods. OOC: Rounding error. I'll get a total for you, but it will be a small take.
  14. Results sorted by nation: Results sorted by destination:
  15. August-September 619. Vol 4, Issue 4 Corrie Settlement Attacked by Lotus Fleet in New Haven Sea! Our source in the Corrish Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery sends word of conflict in the New Haven Sea. The scientifically inclined RSND has done much to explore the terrain, flora, and fauna around the small colony of Spudkirk on the island of Avestia, one of the eastern-most outposts of Halosian Society (along with the rumors of Carnian settlements further south in the New Haven Sea). But true to their nature, with their heads engulfed in scientifics and feeling safe in the far east, the Corries seem to have largely neglected defenses, a mistake that now appears to have cost them dearly! We hear that, under the cover of darkness, a fleet of five Lotii ships closed with the makeshift port, and armed men flowed into the boats and looted stores still waiting on the lower levels of the settlement. Corlander sources report that the Royal Marines put up a brave fight, but, being heavily outnumbered, could only preserve the high ground and watch the southerners make away with their loot. Spudkirk will be fighting to survive after the loss of stores, mainly machined goods, weapons and powder, and preserved foods. One wonders how the Corries will react -- will this mean war? Encounters at Sea National Trade Fleets Return Home Here in Kings Port we welcomed home our national trade fleet. We hear that it was a profitable mission, and the crews are spending plenty of coin in the pubs. They’re also telling the tale of being attacked by the Sea Rat Yellow Skull pirate fleet, known to be led by Captain Katrin deKruger aboard the ship-of-the-line Hand of Fate. The attack occurred in the Sea of Thieves, south of the island of Berelli. Our sloop Trident was damaged, but the fleet commander--aboard our flagship, the man-o-war Typhoon--expertly used the weather gauge to his advantage and maneuvered our fleet to safety. Three hurrahs for the safe and profitable return of our fleet! From the Altonian capital of Ulric we hear that the feared Sea Rat Komodo Dragon fleet, under the command of so-called “Admiral” Sinbad, attacked the Altonian national trade squadron. The attack took place just west of Prinport. Again, the Sea Rats were denied any booty by the expert seamanship of the a trade fleet captain, as the Altonians managed to damage two of the Sea Rat vessels before escaping with only slight damage to two of their own ships. All ships reported a good profit on arriving at their home port, and we offer another Hurrah! for traders eluding the Sea Rat scourge. Meanwhile, our man in Londa reports that the lone remaining Mardier trade fleet has finally returned to home port. The armed brig Marauder had returned alone last month to much dismay and gnashing of teeth in the admiralty. This month the ship-of-the-line Minerva escorted three trade ships into port, although one of them was just a sloop captured months ago from the pirate The Dragon. The trade fleet was able to fight off an attack from pirate Jan Van Sud, sinking the Black Diamond and capturing the brig Midnight Ruby before the pirate made his escape. However, after the battle, Mardier’s man-o-war Meteor, weary from the long trade mission and several battles with pirates, was forced by rough seas to seek repairs in nearby Prinport, so it will be at least another month before the entire Mardier trade fleet is whole. Meanwhile, the shipyards in Londa are busy working on replacements for the SEVEN ships from the mission’s launch that have failed to return. Carno Loses Ship From New Haven Sea From Poorvintia we receive word of troubles for Carno. The crew of the fast sloop Chameleon, returning from a supply mission to the New Haven Sea, report that they were attacked by the Sea Rat ships Myth Chaser and Narwal, both flying the black, southeast of Poorvintia. Chameleon and Cockatoo traded blows with the Sea Rat barque Narwal, sending the pirate to the bottom, but not before Cockatoo succumbed as well. The Chameleon took heavy fire from Myth Chaser, but her crew were able to outmaneuver the larger ship and make their escape. We have no word at this time what spoils of exploration and war the Cockatoo might have had in her hold. ETTC Eludes Sea Rats In Mooreton Bay the crew of the ETTC schooner Golden Filly is partying in the dockside pubs. As they sailed west through the South Prio Sea, they were attacked by the Sea Rat black-flag fleet led by The Andromeda and including ships-of-the-line Thunder and Odin’s Scorn. Although damaged, the crew of Golden Filly managed their escape and also kept their cargo safe, resulting in a whopping 500 DBs haul when they reached port. Greenie Convoys Tangle with Pirates Eslandian officials report successfully fighting off an attack by infamous pirate Zublius Von Wreck in the Cocovia Sea east of Quinnsville. The report says that they damaged ZvW’s flagship Grimwald and sank the brig Ferryman before the pirate made his escape. However, the official report fails to mention that the greenies apparently lost the squadron flagship, La Raya Venenosa, in the fight. We hear all crew were saved before the ship went under. While the traders celebrate that all their ships made it safely to port, we wonder if the greenie accountants are debating if the cost of one of their flag vessels was worth it. Meanwhile, from King’s Harbour, Eslandian trade officials report that they successfully fought off an attack by the pirate Montroy northeast of Charlatan Bay. The Eslandian escorts Migery’s Revenge, Asesino II, and La Salamandra gave fight with the pirate flagship Hades’ Fury and Montroy’s recently acquired Cardinal’s Shadow, with only the loss of the large cog Cotton Lady. Unfortunately, profits were light when the remaining ships reached port. Our reporter in King’s Harbour also tells us that he endeavored to find out if the infamous Captain Nordau was at the helm of Cardinal’s Shadow, as some wonder if he has joined forces with Montroy, but no such word was forthcoming. Corries Nearly Captures Bloody Bill From King’s Harbour we hear that Bloody Bill ran into serious trouble in what may have been an intended raid on the Corrie jewel of the Cocovia Sea. Corrish ships HMS Ironsides and Justicia joined forces with two port gunboats to deliver a serious blow to the pirate. The pirate flagship Scavenger II and most of her crew were sent to Davy Jones’ Locker, and the red coats captured the brig Vulture and the junk Dozy Dragon with only the loss of a single gunboat. While Bloody Bill was able to escape aboard his sloop Little Scavenger, the loss of 3/4ths of his ships and crew has to be a devastating setback, and a major victory for the fight against piracy in the Brick Seas! Pirate Round-Up From Belson we hear from the crew of the HMHV Athena that they were attacked by Captain Gore as they rounded the horn off the northeast coast of Namere. The infamous pirate inflicted heavy damage on HMHV Athena, forcing her down wind, and then captured the swift little yacht Pioneer. Captured crew that did not wish to stay with the pirate were made to walk the plank, but HMHV Athena was able to make its way back to the survivors after Captain Gore made his escape with Pioneer in tow. From Pontelli we hear that the crew of the xebec Satyr have made port in a long boat after their ship was attacked in the Terraversa Sea and captured by the infamous pirate LeColeon. Headed for Elizabethville, their fate appeared sealed when their ship was de-masted. But LeColeon gave them the choice to join his crew or make port in a barely sea-worthy longboat. They chose the latter, and made landfall fairly quickly, but not in time to mount any response to the pirate’s attack. From Fuerto Unido, the crew of the Garveyian trader Gazelle are reporting a harrowing tale of their encounter with the infamous Bluebeard. The pirate surprised them in the Cocovia Sea east of King’s Harbour. The Garveyian fast sloop Golden Apple was sunk, and Bluebeard captured the sloop Gun Runner, but not before the Garveyians sank both the man-o-war Blazer and the cutter Western Wind II. Bluebeard’s fleet, which included his flagship Blue Moon and the Aqua Fina (fresh from competing in the PA Cup) were last seen headed north. Mild Weather Only two storm systems of any consequence moved through the Brick Seas this month. A small system moved along the northern edge of the main sea lanes, originating near the horn and moving east across Holder’s Rock and just north of Terraversa. In the east, a heavier storm made its way through the East Prio Sea, disrupting an Eslandian convoy out of Jameston. The Golden Crescent was forced to return to port almost immediately, the schooner Midas Touch had to abandon the convoy and make port at Lavalette, and another escort was reported to have major storm damage by the time it reached Salida Este. Missing Ships In Prinport, ETTC officials anxiously await word of the arrival of the Alexander, Corland Provider, and Valkyrie en route from Belson. Our man in Arlinsport tells us that the small trade squadron was spotted northwest of Tiberia. With increased pirate activity around Baskers Island, and the rapidly growing black market on Holder’s Rock, piracy is feared. Our man in Prinport tells us the rumor going around the docks is that ships fitting the description of the Alexander and Valkyrie were seen in the company of the AQAR when it sailed into port, but ETTC officials have not been allowed on board and the identity of the two mystery ships has not been confirmed. From our sources on Tortuga we hear that members of Bloody Bill’s extended crew are claiming to have captured the Margaret, a lovely little brigantine known to be a Sea Rat trader, with the gunboat squadron assembled from captured WTC craft. Amethyst Returned The Corrish schooner Amythest, captured by Sea Rat pirates earlier this spring, was discovered this month anchored in a cove near the King's Harbour bay. Our reporter in that city tells us that Corrish officials received an anonymous tip from a messenger boy about the ship. Upon inspection they found recent battle damage and standing seawater in the hold. The entire crew was found tied up but in good health. The ship was void of all cargo and rations. A strange note was reportedly carved on the captain’s desk, but officials would not comment on what the message said. The prevailing rumor circulating the pubs is that the carving was a skull with the words “PLEASURE DOING BUSINESS GENTLEMEN.” -page 2- The Great Blue Enigma Continues Oleon’s fleets continue to defy logic and reason by refusing to sail. While some may be content with idle speculation, our man in Granoleon attempted to contact La Royal with the hope of getting answers to this great enigma. Unfortunately, this has proved easier said than done. Attempts to enter admiralty buildings were rebuffed, and when our reporter questioned officials in the streets and nearby taverns, he was greeted by the joys of an aggressive interview by la Force Publique with charges that he was an intelligence man. While we are certain that the charges will be dropped (as anyone who knows the reporter in question will quickly tell you that he may be a man, but by no means is he connected to any meaning of the word “intelligence”), we continue to wonder what secrets lay concealed behind La Royal’s continued surreptitiousness. But fortunately for our dear readers, our man in Lavalette has had better results. The RNTC was agreeable to an interview, with an official stating that the Company’s ships were held up for a “variety of reasons” ranging from the need to overhaul weathered vessels to delays in filling the massive Terramans’ holds with valuable goods. There is no doubt that this statement was inaccurate -- as the Company’s sailors are more likely to be found in a drunken stupor than in any state of productive activity -- but we are unsure at this time whether the deception was due to ignorance or duplicity. Mercantile Report In addition to the ships and crews mentioned above, we have other reports of successful merchant runs in the Brick Seas. In the west, from Belson we hear that the crews of the Alexander Keith and Filly Winds were buying rounds in several dockside taverns; our man their tells us that the two merchant captains logged nearly 900 DBs in profit between them. Our reporter in Weelond sends word that the crews of the Greenie trade fleet were also getting a head start on the upcoming Oktoberfest, with profits of nearly 300 DBs per trade ship. Despite all the doom and gloom from Londa, Mardier officials report high profits from the Maria and Wyvern. Here in Kings Port, the crew of the Namerean trader Nexus were spending freely in the pubs, although their mates on the Nymph were not happy as all, as their cargo was ruined in the rough seas on the journey from Balmin. Furthermore, the Namerean captains have been heard grumbling about the high port taxes, claiming that the fees have taken all their profits. From Westface we continue to see signs of a thriving black market, with another influx of illicit goods this month. From the near west, word from the town of Elysabethtown on the island of Berreli is that a local native pearl diver received 300 DBs for his efforts this month! Eslandian ladies there are all a twitter trying to get their husbands to buy them pearl jewelry. Meanwhile, our man in Quinnsville tells us that the crew of the WTC Riff Raft were actually seen leaving tips for the staff in several bars. (Just don’t let Agnes find out!) From the East, our man in Jameston reports that, despite the loss of La Raya Venenosa, several Eslandian merchant crews are happy with their results. Crews from the Piece of Eight II, Prince Fernando II, and El Rubi have all been seen celebrating in local bars and … other establishments. Notable Events Weelond Oktoberfest around the Corner We have it on good authority that Weelond’s annual Oktoberfest activities are to be announced shortly. Our reporter on An Holli tells us that among the activities at this year’s Oktoberfest will be keg tossing, musketry contests, and drunken equestrian events, along with the usual games, costumes, and bands, as well as butchers and brewers selling their wares. Watch for official notice any day now! Soccer Cup to Begin Soon? We have not heard yet from our reporter in Mesabi Landing on the status of the third annual Soccer Cup. With the city recovered from the tsunami earlier this year, the Red Rogues should be ready to defend their title. Initial tournaments in Trador and Bastion were a smashing success, and all sport fans around the Brick Seas anxiously await official word so they can book their passages to Mesabi Landing. ------------------------------------------- Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Black Diamond Blazer Cockatoo Corland Provider Cotton Lady Ferryman Golden Apple Gun Sloop No. 1 La Raya Venenosa Narwal Paddly Scavenger II Western Wind II WTC Agnes B5 Ships Captured: MOC’d: Alexander (class 3) taken from SilentWolf by Maxim I? Dozy Dragon (class 2) taken from Bloody Bill by Bregir Margaret (class 3) taken from Fraunces by Bloody Bill Pioneer (class 2) taken from Bregir by Captain Gore Satyr (class 2) taken from Bregir by LeColeon Valkyrie (class 2) taken from CelesAurivern by Maxim I? Un-MOC’d: Gun Runner (class 3) taken from Garvey by Bluebeard Midnight Ruby (class 4) taken from Jan Van Sud by Mardier Vulture (class 4) taken from Bloody Bill by Bregir Inquire by PM for ships stats. Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Andromeda Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Black Rat Cardinal’s Shadow Clearance Golden Rat Hand of Fate Hotspur Jilted Maiden Jokers Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II LaPetunia Myth Chaser Odin's Scorn Red Dragon Stormbringer II Stormbull The Drunken Monkey Thunder Villain’s Boat Viper WTC Judgement Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, or pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly.