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  1. [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    Love it! I much prefer this to the official Silent Mary. Of course, I'm a sucker for a galleon. I really like how you gave it a weathered, patched and faded appearance. Well done!
  2. Ah, I didn't realize we had any of the challenge V build prizes still pending. Very good, then!
  3. It is a nice microbuild. I like the trees and the surf at the beach. Typically, however, microbuilds need pre-approval for licensing. They usually occur as a prize from a challenge. However, there have been exceptions. @Bregir, do you want to weigh in on this? It does have the required footprint for a "small" factory license.
  4. The BotBS Plants Index

    Name: Cotton (Gossypium Malvaceae) IC background: Cotton is cultivated all over the Brickseas, with some of the biggest plantations to be found on An Toli, An Holli, Nellisa, and Ferro Azure. Eslandola is known to grow cotton all over its colonies, supporting a thriving textile industry. OOC background: The earliest evidence of cotton use was in the Indian subcontinent, encountered by Greeks and Arabs through the wars of Alexander the Great, and further introduced to Europe through the Muslim conquest of Iberia and Sicily in the 12th century. Mexico and Peru also had a long history of cotton cultivation, and were wearing clothing made of it when the Spanish encountered them in the 16th century. For more from Wikipedia, see here. Builds in BotBS: Royal Plantation on An Toli (MCTC) On An Holli near Weelond (Capt Wolf) Another near Weelond (Kai NRG) On Nellisa (Elostirion) Cotton Island off the coast of Ferro Azure (Elostirion) And the royal textile factory in Weelond (Elostirion/MCTC)
  5. Pontelli Platoon

    Love those torsos! Great addition to Pontelli's defenses.
  6. [OCT] [SR] Beach Ball

    Not what I was expecting from the title. I like it! BoBS' first bowling alley! Definitely a drinking sport.
  7. BoBS CMF - Series 8

    I really like your series, especially that you've used several of your characters from your stories. I used several of my characters, but changed slightly or treated generically; I think I prefer your approach. Ah, but you haven't! The deadline for the Weelond Octoberfest is still 2 weeks away. I really hope to see an entry from you. Last year's was a classic!
  8. Great fig design for the Sepoys (including the leader's sword -- nice touch)! Fine build, with your classic look. But it is the tree that steals the scene. Even if it is not of your design, great execution!
  9. You're off to a great start for your vision of Jameston. The yellow works great on this building, and combined with the medium flesh bricks (or whatever that color is called) creates a very attractive building color-wise. Architecturally interesting, too, with the "L" shape plan and microfig ornaments. Really a wonderful building, and one that I will likely copy in large part somewhere down the road. And on top of that you give us two new characters! Woodruff looks a lot like my Eslandolan banker, which probably fits his job for you. Campbell sounds like someone not to underestimate indeed! And I like that stern look on her face. The turbans on the soldiers look a bit out of place for what I understand of Jameston. Is there a backstory for them as well?
  10. BoBS CMF – Series 3

    Thanks! Figbarfing is always fun! Thank you! The explorer and swordsmen are two of my favorites as well. As for the socialite, I think you might have a thing for redheads! I'll agree the fisherman is one of my (if not the) weakest in the set. And the militiaman / minuteman analogy is a good one.
  11. [COR - FB] The Ant

    Great build-out of that prefab rowboat. Very clever. Nicely done!
  12. BoBS CMF - Serie 7

    Great job, Faladrin! There are some really interesting figs in your set. Right off the bat, I like the Juniper War veteran: good choice of head for that one! In fact, I like all the Oleon figs, as well as the naturalist, navigator, scholar, all the pirates, and the Alexport negotiant and Mardierian soldier. Really well done!
  13. Phred, this build is genius. I love it. Great job on the microships (and I've been looking for examples to steal copy, so thanks!), and making the whole thing a carousel of the four scenes is marvelous!
  14. Excellent! These guys are getting into the spirit of things! Very cool nighttime effect in that first image. I planned on paying the 25 DBs after all entries were in, but if you're going to license it right away, I'll advance the 25DBs now. Let me know.
  15. BoBS CMF - Series 6

    That would be great! Thanks in advance. I totally understand about the ethereal nature of our creations!