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  1. Guilder nodded in thanks toward Lady Cantoni. "The motion has been seconded. We shall now vote on the following proposal: The financial upkeep of our fortifications shall remain the responsibility of the continental account, not to be divided among trade companies or other entities. All members of each delegation shall now announce their vote on this proposal."
  2. Willem Guilder marveled at the change in his surroundings in just a few short days. The council hall had been without any significant business to discuss for months, and now there was lively debate with no clear consensus, not just among the delegations, but in the gallery as well. Guilder could not even remember a time when so many people from all across the Brick Seas crowded into the gallery to not only watch the council at work, but debate the issues among themselves -- and with the council members as well! While there was word of economic hardships throughout the islands of all nations, it seemed as if Eslandola's Colonial Council had become the center of the economic discussion. Perhaps that was appropriate. But at the same time, it wasn't pretty. Legislating is much like sausage-making: better not to see how it is made! Guilder rapped his gavel hard upon his desk. Whack! Whack! Whack! "Order! Quiet, please!" he bellowed. Guilder was not prone to such outbursts, and a hush fell over the council hall. "First, let me welcome all the interested onlookers in the gallery. I see citizens of Corrington, and some Sea Rats, and did I see an Oleonder in here earlier? I'm not sure. Regardless, welcome to all of you. I'm certain the democratic process is alien to many of you. As you have seen, debate can be messy, with many ideas thrown out for consideration. Let me assure our guests that the opinions of any one of us here do not represent the stance of our great nation until acted into law." Never to early to avert an international incident, thought Guilder. "Second, it is clear that there is no proposal here that will fully address the problem at hand that is universally accepted. It is unclear whether any of the positions taken up by members of this council can even muster a majority! So, in an effort to forge ahead, I propose a small first step, and we'll see where it gets us. In addition to my responsibilities as Admius Legistrad, I also serve as a member of the Sea of Storms delegation. In that capacity, I submit for consideration: that the financial upkeep of our fortifications remain the responsibility of the continental account, not to be divided among trade companies or other entities. Does anyone from another delegation second this motion? If so, we can move it to a vote."
  3. That sounds like a challenge for a MOC!
  4. Guilder had the letters read into the council record: one from Sir Yohannes Ethiximus on behalf of MAESTRO's Lord Damaximus, and the other from Grand Ambassador Román Esteban Fontonajo. "We have now heard from the delegations for the independent traders, the Prio Seas, the Sea of Storms, and the MCTC. We have received letters representing MAESTRO and this council's former Admius Legistrad. We have yet to hear from Revon de Crocodil (@Umbra-Manis) or any of his companions from the Sea of Thieves delegation, and I am concerned that the entire delegation has not been seen for some time. We have also yet to hear from the East Trade Wind Company. Does Agent Gilles Guelds (@Garmadon) or any of the members of the ETWC delegation wish to weigh in on the topic before the council?"
  5. You took the words right out of my mouth! Fantastic details all around: the cabinet, the row of gold around the wall, those "wallpaper" bricks (where are those from?)! Those little quarter-round tiles above the windows are great, too. Stunning build!
  6. Capt Wolf

    MRCA Deadline January 8

    Some info has started to trickle into the KPA office, but no word on Quinnsville yet.
  7. S "Thank you for clarifying your proposal, Representative de Troir," replied Guilder. "So, in essence, this has elements of Commodore Grei's proposal in that citizens would fund this shortfall directly, albeit not necessarily voluntarily. And at the same time, this would not preclude us from pursuing Lady Condora's proposal for a construction drive to increase income into the state coffers. And all funds for fort upkeep would flow from the continental account, as they have been. Do I have that correct?"
  8. You are correct! My apologies. That said, I think if any active ESL players want to have a character address the council on this matter, that would be acceptable.
  9. Actually, I think it's "say your piece" but "hold your peace". Seriously! Yes, English is a wonderful mishmash! As I saw somewhere (not that this applies to the piece/peace question): "English doesn't just borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over, and goes through their pockets for loose grammar."
  10. We could do it in a PM, but playing it out IC adds a little fun to it. Not as much as some would like, but it's something. And we have to resolve the matter somehow. Wouldn't a minifig speak (or hold) his/her piece(s)? No, but if he were distraught, he might "go to pieces".
  11. Over at the desks for the Sea of Storms delegation, Aaron van der Meede stood to address the council members. "It might help our discussion," he began, "if we knew some of the specific numbers we're discussing." Van der Meede picked up one of the papers on his desk and read from it. "By my calculations, we have a total financial liability for fort upkeep of 3200 DBs per month. The national account currently has more than 33,000 DBs, so we're in no danger of going bankrupt in the next few months. But where previous national income was believed to be around 2000 DBs per month, after re-evaluating income from royal properties, I'd estimate future income is more likely around..." Aaron shuffled through his papers to find the figure. "... 1200 or 1300 DBs per month. So, if we want to leave all upkeep responsibilities in the hands of the national account, I think what we're looking for is a way to boost national income by around 2000 DBs per month," he concluded.
  12. "A very generous offer from Commodore Hammish Grei," said Guilder as he bowed toward the Commodore, "and I'm sure, if it comes to it, others will be willing to join your generosity, including myself. But I'd like to hear more plans with a longer view." Guilder looked around the meeting hall. "We have heard arguments against establishing a national trade fleet, arguments for and against relegating certain financial responsibilities to the trade companies, and also the idea of a tax on all merchant shipping." Guilder shot Esterhazy a wicked glance. "I think most here know I am not in favor of taxing shipping, but we are here to discuss all possibilities. Do any of our other members have suggestions for addressing the financial situation?" OOC: Just a quick call to alert other members of the council to this discussion: @Garmadon @Maxim I @Umbra-Manis @Faladrin @Legostone
  13. It was totally @Kai NRG's idea. I just had the means to do it quickly.
  14. "Sir? Sir? I have the reports you wanted..." Guilder had nodded off while he waited for the page to return with his papers. As he awoke from the catnap, he could still see the vision of the council from his dream... ... No, it wasn't that bad! Guilder shook off his cobwebs and could see that the Colonial Council was still here, alive and well, despite the long dry spell with no activity. "Ah, here it is," said Guilder, shuffling through a stack of reports and accounting ledgers. "We have finally received the audit from the Continental Council, the audit of the status of our fortifications throughout the colonies. And it is bad news! Despite the Continental Council's assurances that our forts were being well maintained, we now learn that the previous funds were woefully inadequate, and that much work is to be done to keep all our defenses operational. The required cost has approximately doubled on many of our defenses, and the old forts on Bardo, Weelond, and even the royal fortress in Nova Terreli have been neglected by the king entirely. We will have to determine a plan to finance all of this!" Guilder paused to collect himself, then turned to some more reports. "What's more, the accountants back on the continent send word that the royal properties are not generating nearly as much revenue as we were led to believe," he said, waving the papers above his head. "The royal properties are generating only 20% of their expected revenues, so we have that shortfall to deal with. And after all that, they have the gall to tell us that they are appropriating all license fees that previously went to the colonial town banks! So, we are faced with something of a financial and military crisis!" Guilder regained his composure and continued. "At least, in all their supposed wisdom, the auditors do have some suggestions. Their advice is, in settlements owned by trade companies, that we assign responsibilities for the upkeep of those forts to the respective trade companies. Additionally, they suggest the building of a national trade fleet to generate mercantile revenue to fill the revenue shortfall from the under-performing royal properties." Guilder looked around the room. "I suggest we consider these and any other options the members here have to offer on this matter. Shall we commence with discussion?"
  15. Good point! --- And thanks to everyone for the positive responses to my letting off steam. Much appreciated.