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Found 5 results

  1. This thread encompasses all builds within Elizabethville and on the Corrington claimed island of Lacryma. Name: Elizabethville Ownership: Crown Location: Lacryma Mayor: Tom Mercer (SilentWolf) Trade Value: See account sheet Who can own property in Elizabethville: Anyone Who can freebuild in Elizabethville: Anyone Map: To be released someday About the settlement of Elizabethville: Elizabethville is founded on the island of Lacryma which was discovered by Micah and the other members of the WETEC while searching for new islands to the East. They found there a friendly local tribe, and were informed that the island had many other tribes as well. The partners founded a horse ranch in the area near there discovery of a cave. This was the beginning of the settlement that is growing as new settlers arrive from all parts of Corrington and the brickworld. The geography of Lacryma is mostly pedestrian looking plains with plenty of trees scattered about along with a few small forests. There is no great harbor on the island, but several places to anchor a ship safely. Builds in Elizabethville, a Large Town: Properties to reach City Residences: 0 Factories: 4 Artisans: 0 Commerce: 0 Education: 0 Art & Culture: 0 Royal Properties 0 Other Licensed Builds: 0 Licensed properties (91): 1. Residence (28) Chief's Longhouse S-Licensed Captain's Residence S-Licensed On the Frontier S-Licensed Cole Family Residence S-Licensed Mayor Tom Mercer's Residence S-Licensed A First Meeting with the Onondaga S - Licensed An Odorific Homecoming M - Licensed Natural Growth Residence - 20? 2. Factory (4) From all over they have come M-Licensed Micro Mill M-Licensed 3. Plantation (9+3?) Horse Ranch (Includes these two builds: Defending Horses against Pirates and Unexpected Attack) M-Licensed Ahoy, Fishermen! S-Licensed To Make Ends Meet S-Licensed On Lacryma M-Licensed Horse Farm, Elizabethville L - Licensed 4. Mine (2) Mercury Mine (Hi, ho, quicksilver, away!) - Licensed 5. Artisan (12) Preservation of Food S-Licensed The Bittersweet Mug M-Licensed Tomahawk Makers Longhouse S-Licensed Small Inn S-Licensed Stables L-Licensed Merrymas punch stall in Elizabethville S - Licensed Horse logging, Elizabethville L - Licensed 6. Commerce (10+1?) Trading with the Whole Village L-Licensed Founding a Colony M-Licensed Primitive Accommodations, Elizabethville M - Licensed Horse Breeding, Elizabethville L - Licensed 7. Education (6) The Present Will Be History L-Licensed Elizabethville Observatory L - Licensed 8. Art and Culture(14) The Art of Horses and War M-Licensed A Fountain S-Licensed Thanksgiving in Elizabethville S-Licensed Hippodrome Elizabethville R - Licensed 9. Forts (2) Fort di Legno M-Licensed Other Mocs (15) Where Only the Strange Men Go... The First Election We have found gold! Letters to be written Arrival At Elizabethville A Seventeen Point Plan An Afternoon Shipwreck A Day Trip to the Interior Same Stars, Different Names First Snow in Elizabethville Training the Elizabethville Militia Mysterious Bones A Farewell In Elizabethville Hawarden Regiment Encampment Queen's Birthday Parade (Please help me out by posting a link to your Elizabethville builds in this thread as well as what category they are licensed as.) Last Edited 4/19/2023
  2. Micah and Elizabeth have arrived safely on Lacryma thanks to Hannah and her work. There is much to be seen by them since Elizabethville (named of course after Micah's one love) has grown a lot while Micah was away. 2nd Lieutenant Anthony Bolton and Mayor Tom Mercer have worked hard at keeping the settlement orderly and growing. The new settlers arriving from other parts of the Brick Seas have quickly settled in to make their own way in this land. The relationships with the natives have proven to be very amicable and trade with Chief Otetiani and the Onondaga people has continued. There are rumors that some of the other tribes are upset over the Onondaga's success but as of today those rumors do not seem founded. On this mid-morning, Ensign David and Hanska were leading Micah and Elizabeth to an Onondaga village for a meal and trade discussions. They are accompanied by one of the light cavalry and Hanska's bride of less than two months (moons). Micah always suspected the two of them would get together. As they rode along, the party passed a windmill which Ensign David told them had been constructed by the Ruysch brothers. They had settled on the island from Varcoast. Hubert had brought along his wife and daughter and the four of them ran the only grist mill on the island. It was a very busy business but lucrative. Here are some close ups and different angles of the build. Builder's Note: I have found that a baby crawling around has hindered my time available to build with my bricks. Thus the several projects I was working on in bricks have stalled out. I decided to instead do some LDD builds as I had the time for that and I didn't have to worry about the baby eating a brick or two. This is the result of my attempt at the first factory in Elizabethville. The outer dimensions of the build are 91x94. The windmill sits on 16x16 with some overhang of the blades and guide. The warehouse is about 20x40. I am licensing it as a medium factory since the footprint of the buildings take up 1056 studs. C&C welcome. P.S. The windmill is modeled after this one, even though it is not a grist mill. I am sure in BoBS it doesn't matter.
  3. Shipping could be lucrative business for those who escape the Kraken and brought their goods to market. Jonas Bordington, second son of a Corlander merchant and now captain of the Sphinx after al'Sayeed had been tasked with managing the Montoya Estate and its related businesses, had completed several such runs. With his share of the profits, he and his wife had built a house on the new settlement Elizabethville on the lush green island Lacryma, where his wife would have every chance to enjoy her hobby of horseback riding on the vast grassy plains. It wasn't a flashy house, but very comfortable and roomy for the little family. In fact so roomy that the missus were already talking about adding to the family. _____ Another freebuild, this time a small residence. C&C welcome.
  4. Backstory During the three months that Sergeant Anthony Bolton and his platoon of militia have been on the island they have been working on preparing the land for a new settlement. The WETEC partners had chosen a good location to found the new settlement and promised to send some settlers and more supplies to the area. Sergeant Bolton and his men were responsible for building some residences in the area as well as a dock for small boats. Since there are no great harbors on the island, all the ships have to anchor out and tender supplies and people in. Thus the dock needed was suitable for small vessels and rowboats. Today, May 20, 616, the Alexander has pulled into harbor with the first true settlers to the island straight from Wolfhaven. The Flying Colt was believed to be only a few days behind with more settlers from Belson. Among the ones arriving today was the family of Oliver Sudworth who is a widower. He formerly raised cattle on land he was renting in Wolfhaven. He has come to this new settlement so that he might have his own land for his own cattle. He is accompanied by his children. The eldest, Craig, is married to a redhead named Bridget. The second born is his daughter, Laurel. The youngest son is named Gabriel. Along with the settlers and supplies, the Alexander also brings word that Her Majesty has given an official charter to WETEC to found a settlement on this island that shall henceforth be called Lacryma. The WETEC has written up a charter for the settlement including rules of government and naming it, Elizabethville. (The company had settled on this name since two of the partners had the name among there heritage, and Micah of course finds it the best name for everything.)
  5. Read previous entries here. Sergeant Bolton has been busy negotiating with the Onondaga people for long term trade relationships. Chief Otetiani has responded the most favorably to Bolton's trade discussions and friendship though the overall perception among the natives has been favorable. One of the things Bolton has been learning is what the Onondaga people have to offer in trade. In the present, they have the ability to provide housing to the early settlers. They also have great knowledge of the agriculture that grows and the animals on the island. In the future, they wished to trade furs, bead jewelry, and meat with the Corlanders. The younger generation learning how to string beads. Some haven't quite gotten it. The Onondaga admire the horses. Preparing hides Local garden Cooking for the tribe Hunting party leaving while younger boys wave and girls play with cornhusk dolls. Second Overview Edit: Total brick count of 8256. It kept crashing once I got about half of the fences up so I had to delete one of the longhouses in order to help out. Though in the end I just had to work a few at a time and resave. The large renders took on average 24 hours each in POV Ray, but the smaller scenes I used Bluerender on and they would take 20 minutes tops.