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  1. Regenerate builder

    [MOC] The Fortress of Falkenholt

    Exquisite! A feast for the eyes.
  2. Regenerate builder

    MOC Medieval Haven

    Thank you! Thanks to all others for the encouraging feedback also.
  3. Regenerate builder

    MOC Medieval Haven

    This is my rendition of a medieval castle and village in springtime. It features a church, blacksmith, windmill, and watermill. I hope you enjoy the colors and textures as much as I do! Here is my Flickr and a video of it on YouTube if you would like to see more. I wanted to add more pictures here but I am having trouble doing so.
  4. Regenerate builder

    [MOC] Cozy Cottage

    Beautiful build. Very fun and inspiring to look at. Keep it up!
  5. Regenerate builder

    CCC XIV - Secret Cottage in Farnor Forest

    This is superb. Excellent job on the landscaping and foliage especially. Hope to see more from you.
  6. Regenerate builder

    Cabin and Dragon-Trunk-Tree

    Dude, I love this. I know I really like a MOC when I wish I was a minifigure and could visit. Great job on the house, tree, and landscape. Very good photography as well.
  7. Regenerate builder

    Čerge (Gypsy Caravan)

    I really like this. Great job building the carriage. The hanging capes are a nice touch.
  8. Regenerate builder

    [MOC ]Giant Attack!

    Well done! The giant looks awesome!
  9. Regenerate builder

    [MOC] Henry Residence (our dream house)

    Thank you everyone for the compliments! Thanks! Yes, the stonework is reminiscent of medieval builds for sure, and the amount of foliage in general. Thank you. There is no interior. I may build an interior in something someday but have never had the patience for it yet.
  10. Regenerate builder

    [MOC] Henry Residence (our dream house)

    Greetings! This is my first time posting in the city forum as I usually build and post medieval MOCs in the historic forum. I finally got my wife into Lego! So we decided to build a modern house together - our "dream house". Its not exactly what we would choose in real life but it is a good general idea. Questions and comments are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  11. Regenerate builder

    A Classical Greek Polis

    Very nice! This is one of those MOCS that makes me wish I was a minifigure so I could go visit it.
  12. Regenerate builder

    [MOC] Edoras

    Great job. It certainly has the vibe from the movies.
  13. Regenerate builder

    Deserted Inn

    Thanks again for the compliments, they always make it more fun to build. I made the round roof mostly with several of these pieces. The other roofs were a mess. I learned a lot while trying to build them but they were almost disastrous and very unstable.
  14. Regenerate builder

    [MOC] WIP ~20,000 piece Battle at Helm's Deep

    Great job! Looks authentic. Stelario, have you even read or seen Lord of the Rings? The Uruk-hai army was 10,000. 400 is definitely not "way overkill".
  15. Regenerate builder

    Deserted Inn

    Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it! The blue pieces on the roof are to add some color and spice to the main earthy colors. They can represent anything the viewer imagines.