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Found 547 results

  1. Nothing beats a day at the race track! Ostrich-racing is one of the most intense, and quite honestly, dangerous sports in all of Kaliphlin. Although, with ostriches being fairly common here, there is no shortage of races being organized throughout the badlands. While most races are run with the jockey simply sitting on top of the ostrich (most likely clinging on for dear life...), the race track in Mophet offers spectators something a little different. The track is fairly narrow, and the races are held with small carriges that are drawn by the animals. This makes overtaking another driver a very challenging task, and only the most fearless dare step foot on the track. On this particular day, a very special event was taking place as drivers from all parts of Historica had been invited to what was to be the greatest race in recent memory. The prize-money had been donated to the council of Mophet by an anonymous donor and brought to the city with the help of an Avalonian convoy. Qualifying races had been held for most of the day and finally only three drivers remained. There was Bar-ie, a resident of Mophet (and a bit of a local hero), Godfi'r from the eastern mountains, and Raki from the southern shores. For most of the race, Godfi'r held the lead and seemed destined to claim the prize along with all its glory. Bar-ie was however just on his tail as the race reached the final lap. Just as the two drivers went in to the second-to last turn, Bari-ie performed a move that would lend him a place among the all-time legends of the sport, as he leaned his body to the left and was able to tilt the carriage and overtake Godfi'r. The crowd went crazy and cheered his name (well, not all of them as quite a few had bet their entire months wage on Godfi'r...) as he crossed the finish line! The track with the surrounding road Bar-ie and his daring move to take the lead The track without the road So this is my entry in category B. Probably not going to get any bonuspoints for originality as one of the suggestions was ostrich racing, haha! I was however pretty inspired by that suggestion and decided to go for it anyway. The race track is a bit narrow but I thought it made for a pretty fun story and fitting for the city of Mophet. The road perhaps does take over a bit, and draws attention away from the track itself, but I sort of wanted to frame the scene a bit (and also get my camels in there, haha!), Anyways, hope you guys like it, cheers!
  2. After the build of the town hall was finished, it became one of the more central places in the city. Roads had been established and more and more travellers came through. Caravans of soldiers, workers and merchants frequently passed through hauling the black oil, and with it came opportunity. It was now common to see people from all walks of life passing beneath the town hall, which stood as a testament to the accomplishments of Tabib D'Odo as well as others who had helped transform Mophet into what it had now become. Trade with other parts of Historica had also begun to take off, as word spread about the city. A caravan carrying the precious black oil passes aoutside the square in front of the town hall Merchants using ostriches, one of the most common animals in this part of Kaliphlin, carry their goods on the way to the marketplace in hopes of making a decent profit. So this is what I had envisioned the town hall would look like when the build was complete and a bit of wear and tear had begun to set in. I redid quite a bit of the walls to give them a more "aged look" and tried to give the whole thing a more finished feel. I realize the original build, showing the building process, did look a bit too simple so it was fun to show it the way looked in my head as the finished article. Thanks again for the feedback I recieved during my first stage of establishing Mophet. Cheers!
  3. I did not lost! Just had a really s#@& years end in my workplace,and also tried to build a couple of entries to the CCC, (if any of you interested) I returned, and I will continue Conrad's strory,but first, the Bread and Circuses Challenge! To understand my C category entry, we must look back to that point, when Conrad ordered three of his most trusty generals, in secret missions. (here is the recap: Scarlet's Scarlet Brothel) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the story of Zan the Black Arrow. Zan was tasked to travell south, to the sandy land of Kaliphlin, with a small company of mercenaries. They traveled in secret across Avalonia. When they crossed the border, they were advised by a merchant, to buy a camel, it will help their journey. - Stuborn animal... Come on! - one of the soldier beging for the camel, while trying to force his will on the animal. - I told you, camelss are different from horses. - the other mercenary tired to caml the other down. - Can you remember the command word? - "Can you remember the command word?" - the mercenary stopped pulling the camels chains and started mimicing the other. - Wanna try it smartass? If Zan didn't arrive, the two soldier surely kill each other. - What are you arguing again morons? We must reach Barqua, as the boss tasked us, and you two thought it woud be a good time, to show which one has a bigger mouth? - he went to the camel, picked up the chains and pulled it. - Hut hut hut! - said the words, and repeated the pulling, and repeated the words again. The camel started to move again, the two soldiers speechless. Zan give the end of the chain to one of them, and continued the journey. He looked back: - When this is over, I will advise Conrad, to teach all of you some command words...
  4. My fifth build for the Kaliphlin at Work collab, and the second part of my “From Field to Goblet” entry for the CCC. It was fun putting our flesh colored plates to use again here, as well as a few of our newly-acquired MDF plates. Wahall owns a prosperous goat farm that provides milk and meat for his family with any surplus easily sold in the markets. The dairy goats have their own stable and are milked daily. A stable boy helps make sure the stable is kept clean and plenty of fresh water and food are always available for the goats. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  5. In Kaliphlin, glass making is a significant industry and throughout Historica Barqan glass is a synonym for glass of the highest quality. The making of raw glass is concentrated to some larger furnaces, several of which exists in Barqa fueled by the intense flames of Black Oil and where tons of raw glass is produced. In small workshops such as this one, at lower temperatures the raw glass is then together with recycled glass used to produce the finished glass products. The ingredients of the Barqan glass are: Former - The major component of glass is silica. The best sand in Historica for this is sand from the Kaliphlin deserts, where the softer components of the sand has been ground down and blown away by the relentless winds over the wasteland only leaving the hard quartz. Flux - To lower the melting point of the silica to form glass, soda is added. The source of this is natron from the shores of the Lick of Salt river and the Salt Lake it feeds. Stabiliser - Glasses formed of silica and soda are naturally soluble, and require the addition of a stabiliser such as lime. While glass makers using beach sand get this for free through the calcareous particles in the beach sand (fragments of shells) mixed in the sand, in the best Barqan glass made from mature desert sand lime made from limestone needs to be added separately. Different crop for closeup. Built for the Kaliphlin at Work collab. Photography notes: Lit by 4 x LifeLites inside the furnace and one in the lantern, plus a LED panel behind the wall.
  6. TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 0: Heading Home CHAPTER 1: Priestess of the Oasis CHAPTER 2 Memories Past The Maebad Alqamar, or the Temple of the Moon, was the largest building in Wahat Alqamar. It's great golden dome marked the center of the village and many came from far away to seek healing from the priestesses who worshipped here. The gift was found only here, in this remote part of the Siccus Badlands, and only among the girls. No boys were ever chosen, and of the girls no pattern was ever discerned as to who would receive it. Once a local girl experienced her first blood cycle, she was brought to the temple where a kahinat waha would oversee her care during the ritual. Once she was bathed and the rites were performed, the girl would be denied water for two days. Then, once her thirst had set in, the kahinat waha would place 20 closed vessels around the girl and she would have to choose the one which contained water. If she failed to sense water and chose an empty vessel, she would be allowed to drink and then she would be sent home, knowing that she was not chosen for the gift. If she correctly chose the vessel containing water, she would be allowed to drink, and the ritual would repeat. If the girl correctly chose the vessel containing water three times, she would be acknowledged as having the gift and become an initiate priestess. Nolana smiled as she remembered when she became an initiate under Ferenice. These were happy memories. She helped maintain the temple and assisted Ferenice in her healing duties. The power to heal flowed through water and each kahinat waha was capable of light healing through simply touching the injured or diseased person, as the body is made up of mostly water. For more serious injuries or illnesses, however, the person seeking healing would be immersed in the temple bath, to amplify the power of the gift. When not in use by the priestesses, the bath was available for the public to use to maintain cleanliness in the village, though many locals would bathe in it due to superstitious beliefs that somehow the temple bath was special and would help heal minor aches and pains. Shortly after Nolana became an acolyte, Ferenice's brother, Daegal, transferred back from the capital city of Petraea to serve as faris almaebad, or temple knight, under the venerable Captain Horace, in order to be close to his sister. The services of the kahinat waha of Wahat Alqamar were highly sought after by those in power in Petraea with priestesses having left the village to serve in the capital, and Petraea made sure to protect the source of the gift with the elite faris almaebad. Nolana smiled again. She and Daegal had immediately taken a liking to each other. There were no rules against the kahinat waha from having relationships, since the gift was never known to have faded from any priestess, even from those who married and had children. In fact, local customs particularly celebrated the descendants of priestesses who themselves became priestesses, believing these girls to be particularly blessed with gift. Even so, the village was a conservative place, and Nolana and Daegal had moved their budding romance slowly, much to Ferenice's impatience. During that time, Nolana was truly happy, serving under Ferenice as an acolyte priestess and being with Daegal every day. In the meantime, Nolana's younger sister, Soniya, the second of the three sisters, had failed to receive the gift. Soon after, however, Esther, the youngest sister received the gift and became an initiate priestess. Unfortunately for Nolana, it was right at that time when her happy life was torn apart. Raiders from Nocturnus had come into Kaliphlin looking for targets of opportunity and had found Wahat Alqamar. Though they were no match for the faris almaebad, Daegal was mortally wounded by a lucky strike. Ferenice and Nolana had tried desperately to save his life. Ferenice's screams, "Hold him still! Hold him still!" still haunted Nolana's nightmares. It was out of shear desperation that Ferenice, right then, did the unthinkable and used a rite she had learned from the Kitab Mamnue. The Forbidden Book. After the rite was complete, there was a pause, and Ferenice uttered the words that Nolana would never forget: "Something's not right." Fear became panic as they realized what was happening. Daegal was becoming...undead. Necromancy was the art of raising the dead as soulless abominations, golems of flesh and bone created to serve their masters every whim. What Ferenice and Nolana did was far worse. They had turned Daegal into an undead without first killing him. They had trapped his soul in an undying soulless body, a prisoner of his own flesh forever. Their panic was now full blown, and all Nolana could do was to help Ferenice carry her brother's body out of the temple. And they had been on the run and hiding ever since. It was night by the time Nolana and Korbin had made their way to the village. Nolana couldn't help but be drawn to the Maebad Alqamar. Captain Horace spotted her and immediately readied his scimitar. "You have a lot of nerve coming back here, heretic!" He shouted, preparing to strike her down. Nolana searched for words, any words, but could only stammer, "I...I...I...." "Stand down, Captain!" came from a voice inside the temple. It was Esther. Nolana felt her heart jump at the sight of her sister. "How dare you raise your scimitar at a kahinat waha!" Esther continued. Horace was silent. "Nolana," Esther said as she turned to her sister. "I need your help."
  7. As Mophet grew, so did the need for arms and other items a blacksmith could provide. Hid'ad had grown up in Mophet and seen the place transform from a sleepy little oasis into a blossoming community, not something seen very often in the badlands...He had gotten more and more busy lately and as he continued to go about his everyday work, his wife had gotten the bright idea to expand the business. After a little persuasion, they ended up being responsible for Mophets first armory. Although that didn't change life much for Hid'ad, as he still spent most of his days in the Kali-heat working the metal into some of the finest swords in the region. Khabaz the baker is also a recurring sight for people visiting Mophet. He might not be the best baker i Kaliphlin (in fact, he's average at best...) but he makes up for it in enthusiasm and an infectious laugh that keeps his business going. Hid'ad working on a sword which is to be delivered to the Mophet guards along with other fresh supplies. So this is another addition to the collab, and to Mophet of course. Had a fun time making the blacksmith-area and fairly pleased with how it turned out. For the armory I tried to get a bit of a different look on the facade, but looking back I'm not too sure about the red patterns...The ground is again a bit sparse, at least in the center-section, but again the idea was that it's mostly just gravel there. Outside of the square is a bit of "pavement" but I'm a little unsure about how well that worked out. If I were to redo it I would probably add roads as an additional border but I must admit I was running out of pieces at this point in the creation of Mophet... Anyways, a fun build and I hope you guys like it. Cheers!
  8. My fourth build for the Kaliphlin at Work collab, as well as the first part of my entry into the “From Field to Goblet” category of the Colossal Castle Contest. I’ve had this waterfall sitting around for a while now, and this build provided a good excuse to finally put it to use. I tried to base the oasis off of some real-life pictures I found, with the medium dark flesh and green, but I’m not sure how well it translated to LEGO. I would love to hear your opinions! Wahall is a goat farmer, and one of his most important tasks is making sure his goats get enough water. He can frequently be found visiting the nearby oasis, both to water the goats and to fill up barrels of water to take back to the farm. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Comments and constructive criticism very welcome!
  9. The marketplace in Mophet is without a doubt one of the busiest places around, a true melting pot with people and creatures from all over Historica. It is located in the center of Mophet, inside one of the old walls that used to protect the settlement before the expansion. The old barracks, which were connected to the wall, had now been renovated by followers of Tabib D'Odo and converted into a small temple. Tabib often stood on top of it, looking down on the market and all the people, and at times held small sermons to offer inspiration and guidance. The most recent addition to the marketplace was a tall observatory, which had been placed on top of the old fountain. The fountain now had guards around it since it was not uncommon for tired travellers and merchants to get into conflict with each other in the Kaliphlin heat. Overview of the whole marketplace. Tabib D'Odo on top of the little temple. Closeup of the fountain beneath the observatory, guarded by some of Mophets peacekeepers. Refreshment stand Potion vendor trying to peddle his goods to a less than convinced nobleman. Hid'ad the blacksmith cheerfully walking by on his way back to work. My seventh (and final) contribution to this collab. Had a blast building all of this and figured I would try to go out with a somewhat bigger build. This was actually the first build I started on when Gideon lured me into this whole GoH-thing. Hope you have enjoyed what I've brought so far and I look forward to trying to expand this place as best I can. I'm in the middle of a move right now so not sure when I'll be able to get building again, but hopefully it won't be that long. If anyone wants a closer look at Mophet I made a little Wiki-page for it Just wanted to say thanks a lot to everyone that have taken the time to comment on my builds here so far. Really appreciate all the feedback I have gotten. Cheers guys!
  10. Inside the simple Temple of Mazadar a Warrior Priest addresses a group of potential converts to the cause. "Mazadar is pure goodness, the creator of all things right and true." Exclaimed the Priest of Mazadar. "Yet Mazadar is not alone in the Cosmos of Creation. At every turn Mazadar is opposed by the evil spirit of chaos and destruction. Seeking to cast down all that is good and replace it with evil, this destructive force seeks to confound Mazadar and goodness at every turn! Existing only to cause suffering and pain. Mazadar and the evil spirit have opposed each other since the dawn of creation and even now wage their battle over the souls of mortals. How can Mazadar ever hope to triumph against the equal and opposite evil spirit?" "Only by enlisting the figure upon the pedastal can Mazadar hope to win the Cosmic struggle and bring about a paradise in all realms and all lives. And that figure, is YOU. Only you can choose good over evil! Only you can make the difficult choices to do right in this life. Only you can help to build a paradise in all realms. Only you can tip the scales of good and evil. Your choices, your actions will make the difference in the Cosmic struggle. Mazadar needs you to choose good. Will you answer the call?" Meanwhile in the temple garden Muakhah fields the questions of two younger Khadirans. "When I get to paradise, will I see my grandma? ...and my cat?" Asked the short quiet girl. "Would it be paradise without them Mirah?" replied Muakhah. "So I will see them again?" The little girl persisted. "When we die Mirah, Mazadar judges our deeds, our intentions, our very soul. We either enter paradise or for want of a better word, hell. But fear not little one. Hell is temporary. There are no sins that could warrant eternal punishment! Every sinner will spend time in hell to account for their sins and recognise the consequences of their actions. It may take them a long time but eventually they will enter paradise, having atoned and understood their wrongs." "Does this mean that I might see someone evil in paradise? Like a Drow?" Asked the taller boy. "Why yes. You may even meet Revolword or Ravaage himself." "I don't want to meet Ravaage in paradise." Said the boy firmly. "Of course," said Muakhah gently. "But understand that the Ravaage you meet in paradise would not be the Ravaage who walked this earth. He would have paid the price for his crimes in hell, but not only that he would have come to understand and repent for them. The Ravaage you meet in paradise will be Ravaage as he could have been. Had he made the choice to do good and walk in the light." "Is this why we have to help the Nocturnans...even though they are evil?" The boy continued. "Look at the plant over by the gardener. See how it is not lush and green like this one to my left." The boy and girl nodded. "Is that plant evil?" "No!" laughed the children in unison. "This plant to my left is lush and green because this corner of the garden has good light, soil and warmth. The plant over there lacks these things and so its growth is more difficult. If both plants are to bloom then one of them needs help. Which one do you think?" "The one over there." said the girl. "And so it is with the Nocturnans. They are not evil. They simply come from a harsh land where it is not easy to do good. Where everything is a struggle. But with help they can walk in the light." "But some are evil?" The boy continued. "Some choose evil. But others do not. And do not forget that Kaliphlinites, Avalonians and Mitgardians may also choose evil. It is often the easier path. Doing the right thing is often the more difficult choice. Were it easy then there would be no evil." Additional Photos! I finished this build a little while ago and held off posting pictures because of the Sandstorm of freebuilds. As there seemed to be a lot of immersive shots I retweaked the posing a little to get immersive shots myself but it doesn't really work well as it wasn't designed for it. I know the story is pretty waffly but hopefully this is the beginning of an organisation that may grow to rival the knights of Aslan (fingers crossed) I feel that there is a curse going around the forum. When I set it up for photos it seemed that I had avoided light shining through cracks. But when the photos are on the comp there they are... Seems to be a common problm these days. I'm hoping that this is enough to count as a Temple for Khadira and also a freebuild for the great Guild of Kaliphlin! And yes...I'm still mixing all colors of minifigs...
  11. Outside of Mophet, as well as all over Kaliphlin, plenty pf people spend their days working in the vast deserts. One of them is Ra'ei the swineherder. The work is hard, and at times very lonely, but the feeling she gets from spending the days in the vast landscapes that make up Kaliphlin is truly priceless (I almost feel like I should be working for the Kaliphlin tourist bureau, haha!). Ra'ei enjoying the Kali sunshine. So this is another one of my contributions to the Kaliphlin collab. Spent a little more time on the ground on this one . Even though it's a pretty basic technique, I'm fairly happy with the look as it (sort of) resembles a dried out old river. Thought that fit rather nicely with the look I was going for. Hope you guys like it, cheers!
  12. Muakhah

    Writing for Peace

    In his office Muakhah prepares to write letters to the many important figures across Kaliphlin. Hoping to ease the tensions between the Desert King and the High Council. A warrior priest of Mazadar, clad in the gold and white robes that mark him out as a warrior of the light, peruses the tomes. “Take one of the books with you on your travels as you spread the word down the Oil Road to Petraea. If you can then continue to Barqa as an emissary of Mazadar. My letters should have preceded you.” “I will, Holy One.” Said the Priest, turning to the wall. “Now to the task of writing.” To my Liege, Ark’Mora Raa, The Desert King, Undying Pharoah and Blessed of Mazadar. Grant us thy wisdom in this troubled time and let us know your plans and instructions for the future. Your realm is not yet settled but much can be achieved through peaceful methods. The people are weary of war and would be swayed by your wisdom and generosity. I would council you to make overtures to Lords Dugal Maclean of Eastgate and Gideon of Barqa. These men are renowned for their virtue. Win them to your side with demonstrations of your noble desire for peace. Similarly Peregrinus to the East of Kaliphlin might be brought into the fold with words rather than swords. Once my liege has demonstrated his quality and strengthened the realm, the enemies of Ark’Mora Raa, peace and Mazadar will be much diminished and to walk in the Light will be that much easier. Your Humble servant Muakhah of Khadira To Erudhalion, Lord of Peregrinus Greetings to the master of the eastern seas. We hope that Berigora thrives in these troubled times. I write to you as a servant of Ark’Mora Raa, to convince you of his generosity and kindness. Now that the wars are all but over the Desert King seeks to rebuild Kaliphlin to her prior greatness. His offer of clemency remains. All shall be forgiven and forgotten that we may rebuild together. Help the Desert King to restore trade, peace and prosperity to the Eastern Seaboard and be known for your wisdom. Your Friend, Muakhah of Khadira To Gideon, Lord of Famed Barqa All of Historica knows of your wisdom and temperance. Your nobility and compassion. The endless struggle to do what is right in an unrelenting world. Whether you acknowledge it or not you walk in the Light of Mazadar when you do good upon this world. Barqa, under your stewardship has become a beacon of all that the Desert King requires. A place where all can live and work in peace and safety. This is what Mazadar desires for the world. Our path to paradise lies in building a paradise in this life. I entreat with you to open communications with the Desert King, that you may see and know and understand his vision. Great days lie ahead of us, should we make them happen. May you continue in the light. May you tip the scales. Most sincerely Muakhah of Khadira To Lord Dugal Maclean of Eastgate Noble Lord Maclean, your courage and deeds in these times are famed throughout the land. You inspire the people and have struggled for peace and justice. I entreat you to struggle no more against the Desert King, who understands your desire to do what is right. Mazadar calls upon us to choose right action, and I believe that in your heart you know that with your help the Desert King can set Kaliphlin upon the right course. The Desert King respects quality and wishes not to crush the High Council like a tyrant but to bring you to his councils and hear your wisdom. Let the conflict pass by so that we may focus upon healing the scars of years of war. Share your thoughts with the Desert King and come to an accord, that we may live our days in peace. Most Humbly Muakhah of Khadira The letters were sent out. But would any listen or take note to the entreaties of an isolated place like Khadira? OOC: So this is where Muakhah works for now. Making the furniture was most fun in this small build. One of the kids I teach brought in this Lego Golden Dragon Master and I immediately thought this would be perfect for the Warrior Priests of Mazadar. I know White and Gold are Varylian colors. But they are so holy! On the wall is the symbol of Mazadar. The White and Gold Dragon of Light. I will try and feature it more in another build or two. Its a very simple build but I wanted to make something to establish the Warrior Priests of Mazadar and to get some story going between people. @SkaForHire @Gideon @Gabe I would love it if you guys made some response letter opening/reply as a kind of back and forth between characters. I think we are all waiting to see what kind of leader the Desert King will be and how other leading figures will react to him. @Maxim I I didn't include a letter to Mypa Stedor as in a post I think you hinted it had been destroyed or there had been some mystery. Of course once the truth is known I can make another build and write another letter! Cheers!
  13. For most of her life, M'Usa Qi'run had worked at the small stable near the marketplace in Mophet. As a child, she used to help her father care for the horses and after he had passed she took it upon herself to carry on running it. Her temper was known throughout the Siccus badlands, an attitude forged by the conditions of her environment. Although she did have a soft spot for the horses under her care, her husband Hi'san was often the recipient of some less than caring words... With Mophet growing, the business had gotten more and more intense. Merchants and travellers often used the stables as they passed through, for a small fee of course. M'usa had even started letting out a bed in the room next to the stable, as accomodations were still a bit hard to find in Mophet (for an additional, not so small, fee...). With the income, the couple had recently taken on a stable boy who was primarily in charge of cleaning up after the horses...a less than glamorous job in the scorching temperatures... Hi'san the horse tamer going about his everyday work. The stable boy swetting in the foreground... Al-aqlu, a stonecutter who moved the Mophet after the war, is transporting materials to one of the many building sites in the area. So this is my second build for the Kaliphlin at Work. Figured (while also reading through HSS, haha!) a stable would be a fun addition to Mophet. Pretty happy with the overall look of it. Wanted it to be "more than just a stable", so I decided to put a small living-area adjacent to the area where the horses are kept. As I wanted to show this as a part of the more central parts of Mophet, rather than on the outskirts , I chose to go with a smaller buildning and make it a little closed off with the somewhat low walls surrounding it. Hope you like it, feel free to comment as always.
  14. So LittleJohn and Kai had a great idea to get a collab going and landed on the idea of showing Kaliphlin at work. As I wanted to expand Mophet to a proper town (or city...) I felt it was a great opportunity to get building. Noticed our guild had been falling behind a bit in the gold-standings but that will hopefully change in the coming month So this is the first in a coming series of builds showing the everyday life in Kaliphlin. Make sure you check out the other builders' MOCs which are coming along during the following weeks :) Starting out with something that every aspiring settlements need, a farm! This particular farm is located in the outskirts of Mophet and is growing Juz-albieta, a very nutritious plant which is able to thrive in the harsh deserts of Kaliphlin. It's sort of a mix between a potatoe and a carrot and is a base-food for many of the inhabitants of Mophet. The MOC shows a couple of farmers going about their everyday life, harvesting the crops. Hope you like the MOC as well as what's coming during this collab. Stay tuned, more is on the way :) As peace had returned to Kaliphlin, and the rebuilding was slowly coming along, life started to return to normal. Farmers were able to go back to their normal lives and do what they knew best, farm. The Arkbri river, which ran approximately 15-20 miles north-west of Mophet, had always been vital in supporting the otherwise dry land with water. A series of canals and aqueducts had been constructed (and recently rebuilt), which made farming in this climate possible. One such farm was run by a couple of brothers, the Hazans'. Like most living in badlands, they were grateful to still be alive given the turmoil that had ensued for the last couple of years, and looked forward to aid the people of Mophet with their crops. Going back generations, the Hazan family had been farming Juz'albieta. And they were mighty proud of that heritage. Their father had always preached the importance of being able to support one self, and the pride one can take in an honest days work, especially if that meant being able the feed the people around you. The younger brother Ma-hi enjoys the work a bit more than his brothers...
  15. CHALLENGE I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa The Order of Aslan has a strong presence in Barqa, with both it’s clerical and military wings having numerous members in the city. The Aslanic faith is therefore one of the most widespread among the inhabitants of Barqa. Particularly in the growing community of migrants from Nocturnus, the faith in the Lion God seems to be spreading quickly. Towering over the New Aden district, located within the outer wall of Barqa, the bell tower of the Aslanic Temple is one of the most recognizeable landmarks of the Barqa skyline and the tones of its bells are a familiar sound calling to prayer daily and sometimes to alert of fire or foes. Aslanic temple in Barqa, next to a busy street in the New Aden district Altar with the idol of Aslan In the parched deserts of Kaliphlin and the fetid swamps of Nocturnus clean and fresh water is a well-known symbol of life, both literally and in a spiritual meaning. Barqa is fed by several aqueducts providing the city with fresh mountain water from the Zumrut Bluffs. The Aslanic Order has made sure to connect the temple the water supply and have built a fountain where the depiction of Aslan is literally providing the inhabitants of Barqa with abundant life flowing from the mouth of the Lion God. Especially the majority of the city’s inhabitants who cannot afford to live in a house connected by its own pipes greatly appreciate this service, regardless of if they chose to put any religious interpretation in the water or not. Contrary to widespread prejudice against “filthy orcs”, most are actually quite cleanly if given the chance. One might wonder if this is one of the explanations for the revival in the orcish population of the city. An orcish child and his mother are fetching water from the temple’s fountain. Bishop Sheyer, the highest spiritual leader of the Order in Barqa is briefing Lord Gideon about the progress of the repair works Aslanic priest explaining to some of the cityfolk how the quite theoretical sermon preached by the bishop should be interpreted A knight and a sergeant of the military wing of the Order Lord Kfir, leader of the military wing of the Aslanic Order in Barqa During the numerous recent conflicts in recent years the Order has not prioritized to maintain the temple. During the time when much of the Barqan City Guard along with almost all of the Order’s forces were in the field against Raavage, the temple has even been subject to theft of the copper roof which now has to be repaired. One by one the domes are now being repaired and one by one the walls are getting new plaster. Workers are repairing the roofs and walls of the temple Metalworker starting to repair the last of the damaged domes Plasterer repairing the temple walls The streets of the newer parts of Barqa are in most places depressed a bit to be able to collect the everyday filth and handle torrents of water from the infrequent but heavy rains, before being passed on to the extensive sewer system of the city ultimately washing everything out into the Arkbri river and the sea. To avoid having pedestrians setting foot in the streets they are equipped at regular intervals with stepping stones, with standardized spacing so that carriage wheels can pass unhindered. Oxcart. Is the driver getting drunk on his own supply? A veteran from some war long ago, somewhere in Historica, now calls Barqa his home. The city also teems with other smaller creatures. Barqa is particularly well known for its numerous black cats, well liked by most people in the city since the cats are at least to some extent limiting the rodent problem. Black cats of Barqa The arborists of the city have been busy aiding the siege workshops for a few years... The Temple Square is centrally located in the district and is always a busy place More inhabitants of the city: More pictures: The ambition with this build was to continue building in the style of my old Streets of Barqa build, while still carefully updating the style with some of the new pieces which has been added to my collection. I also adapted the base to a Moduverse compatible standard to facilitate possible future collabs with my local LUG friends who are joining Kaliphlin too. The road is made up of two 16x32 modules which could serve as a standard for future Barqan road networks on some exhibition in Scandinavia. I also wanted to give proper homage to @Mike S's original lore about Barqa and the Order of Aslan, from what I could find on the GoH wiki and in some old threads. If there are any contradictions in what I’ve written I would of course be more than happy to update it! Many thanks to @adde51, @Wineyard, @Zilmrud, @Peter S and @dalle for all the great feedback during the build process! It's been one of the most fun builds ever thanks to the collaborative process we've had
  16. Rogue Angel

    Historican Settlements - HSS

    HISTORICAN SETTLEMENTS Historica is home to many towns, villages, hamlets, and even a few Cities. The Royal Cartographer's Guild of Albion and the Avalonia's foreign affairs minister wish to officially recognize the many settlements of Historica. As a prerequisite to official recognition and inclusion in the "Royal Registry of Historica's Locations of Note" and "Avalonian Sites and Monuments: a comprehensive guide" each settlement must prove that they contain the minimum facilities to provide for their residents. To establish your settlement, you must post MOCs from the following categories. These MOCs CAN be already completed, but they MUST not already be referenced to a different location. (if you try to alter a description of an existing MOC to fit this challenge, you will not be allowed to enter ANY settlements, so do not edit topics you already posted. you can add a post later on in your topic, but if I see that the topic was already posted before Feb 14th, but edited after Feb 13th, it will not be allowed as part of this challenge.) There are a couple of building types that can be counted for multiple types (a Fishery for example can be counted as a nautical AND agricultural). Here are the categories: REQ - Agriculture - Grains & Produce: Farm*, Mill, Granary, Orchard Agriculture - Livestock: Farm*, Cattle/Horse Ranch, Swineherd, Sheepfold, Fishery Nautical: Harbor, Shipwright, Quay, Fishery*, Ferryman REQ - Military: Keep, Barracks, Gatehouse, Tower, Castle, Fort Religious: Chapel, Monastery, Temple, Shrine Medical: Apothecary, Herbalist, Infirmary, Physician Hospitality: Food & Beverage: Bakery, Butcher, Winery, Brewery, Tavern REQ - Hospitality - Lodging: Inn, Stables, Coach House REQ - Laborers: Lumber Mill, Mine, Stone Cutter, Mason REQ - Craftsmen - General Goods: Cooper, Wainwright, Tannery, Dyer, Glass Blower Craftsmen/Merchant - Arms & Armor: Blacksmith, Bowyer, Fletcher, Armorer Craftsmen/Merchant - Clothing: Cobbler, Seamstress, Furrier, Woolen Mill Craftsmen/Merchant - Specialty: Candle Maker, Wood Carver, Bookbinder, Jeweler, Potter Services: Herald, Cartographer, Money Lender, Scribe, Courier, Shipping House Scholars: Observatory, Alchemist, Philosopher, Astrologer Entertainers: Minstrel, Fortune Teller, Performing Troupe, Theatre Administrative (Town or City only): Town Hall, Chancery, Forum, Courthouse Now, the examples provided are not the only things you can build in a category, they are just options. Also, the build must be substantial - showing an interior of one room, or throwing a bunch of bricks up on a plate will not be acceptable entries. Hamlet - There are 5 categories that are required for a Hamlet (the minimum recognized settlement) - Agricultural (either one), Military, Hospitality (either one), Laborer, and Craftsmen. Village - For a Village, you must meet the Hamlet requirements plus meet a total of 8 of the 16 categories. Town - For a Town, you must meet the Hamlet requirement, plus a minimum of 2 Craftsmen buildings, both Agricultural categories, and both Hospitality categories, plus meet a total of 10 of the 16 categories. City - For a City, you must meet the requirements for a Town, plus one administrative building, plus meet a total of 14 of the 16 categories. Port - For a Port, you must meet the Village requirements, including one Nautical building. For this task, there is no time limit, and again, is open to all Historicans. I will be starting a separate thread for this once I get home tonight where you can post a link to your topics. Each person should have only one reply in this topic, where they will post all of their entries. You can have more than one settlement recognized if you wish. You should only have one post per Settlement Feel free to ask questions, but I will delete them once they have been answered, and compile the answers in the thread below. Do not post for a settlement unless you have a build to post. I will delete any topics that do not contain a link to an existing MOC (no MOCs in progress allowed either) Let me know if you have any questions.
  17. Ha'ri the potter (yeah, I named him that...) spends every day at the big marketplace in Mophet. His stand is right by the large gate so often times he is one of the first to greet the people visiting. Using clay from the reddish soil that is common in Mophet, his pots have become increasingly popular and business has lately been very good. My third contribution to the Kaliphlin collab. Hope you like it (as more is on the way, haha!).
  18. When the wave of Nocturnan refugees crossed the border during the war against Ravaage, they brought with them new styles of clothing, food and entertainment. They also had an influence on the new buildings of Khadira. This business has a repaired stone lower story with a wooden and lacquer upper storey. The Red and Black are typical Nocturnan colors for this kind of construction. This building has become a massage parlor, or so the owners claim. With so many refugees in the city some turn to desperate sources of income. The authorities have turned a blind eye during the wars but now that there is a High Queen upon the throne they may seek to investigate the premises. Masseuses try to attract potential customers from the balcony. A potential customer? Or merely a curious onlooker? This being Kaliphlin, any patch of shade quickly gets snatched up by traders and market stalls. It remains to be seen whether businesses like this will be allowed to function, suffer regulations and inspections or simply be closed down as order reasserts itself across the land. OOC: So you can see why I will never criticise other's photography eh? In a different country with a different half of my collection. Had a look at what could be pulled off and thought that a Nocturnan inspired business would fit in. Thought about the general situation, My pieces and what could be represented with them and thought of this "Scarlet House". I may try photoshop in the future but I mainly want tot build and share. I will look into getting a better background than a dog diaper though... I hope to build a few small pieces and slowly work on Khadira. I guess for HSS this would count as Hospitality - Entertainers?
  19. After the war, vast parts of Kaliphlin had been left in ruin. Not only as a result of the fighting itself, but equally significant were the diminished incomes from trade. Located along the oil road, Mophet had an ideal position between two of the largest cities in the region. Tabib D'Odo, one of the more prominent leaders of Mophet, tried to view the devastation as a chance to better the lives of the people around him. As the fighting had ceased, it was apparent that people still needed to transport goods along the oil road, and thus through Mophet. This in turn meant opportunity! Located about 1 days ride south of the Arkbri river, getting supplies to Mophet was easier compared to a lot of the other settlements along the oil road. And given his fairly good relationships with the tribes that populated the badlands, Tabib D'Odo was able to ensure safe passage for those bringing supplies and material, something which was not to be taken lightly. Something the people of Mophet never shied away from, was hard work. The climate and environment had bred a hard people, but also a stern belief that fortune favours those who are willing to work for it. To make sure the world knew that Mophet was now a place where the future looked brighter than it had in a long time, it was decided that a town hall was to be constructed. It would symbolize the spirit of the people, and act as a beacon of hope for things to come. Masons, carpenters and stonecutters from not only Mophet, but from all over Kaliphlin, all came to lend their services. Work of this nature had been hard to come by during the war, and many were thankful for the opportunity to do an honest days work, without the fear of death hanging over them. Within only a couple of months of the first groundwork being layed, the town hall of Mophet began to near it's completion. Tabib D'Odo stood on the steps of the building, the jade-coloured door to his back, and found himself at peace for the first time since the fighting had began. As one of the domes was carefully being lifted in to place, he looked across the yard - which at this point more resembled the desert than any grand beginning of any sort - and thought to himself "this is the time and the place which will mark the rise of Mophet, this will give us hope!" Ear´aba the wainwright Al-quirsan supervisin the lift Qu'ba putting the finishing touches on the dome Not all jobs are fun in the blistering desert sun... Sah'alia-rider on site So a long story, which I hope at least a few of you found some joy in. This is my entry to Challenge I over on Guilds of Historica (the theme being rebuild). I have a lot of other Mophet MOCs on the way but they are a ways away from being posted at this point. But like in the story, this is only the beginning ;) So stay tuned. Finally I'd like to thank all the other swedish AFOLs including @Gideon @Zilmrud @dalle @Wineyard and Peter S (couldn't find your tag, sorry) for feedback during this build
  20. LittleJohn

    The Island of El Harraz

    This was my contribution to the Guilds of Historica collaboration at Brickworld this year. I built the entire landscape and started on the buildings, before getting Isaac’s help to finish the model in time. The base split into three portions, and all the buildings were easily removable to allow for convenient transport of the build. It had been a while since I’d done a proper Kaliphlin scene, so it was a really fun build and I think turned out quite well. Also, there are quite a few sig-figs throughout the build. Can you find all of them? Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, and as always, C&C are very welcome
  21. Another freebuild that i originally built for the Summer Joust and only recently got around to re-photographing with Kaliphlin personnel. Not all of the Kaliphlin fleet are huge dromons or lanteen rigged ships. On the west coast of Kaliphlin in particular, Avalonian style cogs are popular among patrol ships for their hardiness and troop carrying capacity. Here a Kaliphlin patrol ship plys the waters around the island of al' Esterbroke. I have to say, i quite like this design - i hope you have enjoyed it too! C & c welcome as always.
  22. So this is a little vig I made to introduce my sig-fig in GoH. I went with sort of a cartoon-ish look for the desert (probably inspired by som old super mario that I have been playing with the kids lately, haha!). Trying to get used to the EB-forum as well so I guess this also serves as somewhat of a test to see if I am able to post something correctly (if not, feel free to correct me ). Anyways, this is Tabib D'Odo. A doctor/healer and somewhat of a religious leader in Mophet. His healing abilities and knowledge was most likely passed on to him from his father, a rather absent man who spent his life travelling throughout the world in search of knowledge (even venturing in the darker parts of Nocturnus...). Tabib D'Odo spent his youth and adolescence in the Siccus Badlands, which was a hard as one might imagine. As he got older, he earned a living on the oil road, helping transport the valuable commodity through the terrain he knew all too well. Unlike many of his comrades though, he always had a desire to do more, and he spent many night studying his father's old journals. One day while working on a transport, he and his travellers were ambushed by a band of Lerik'ai and he was injured. The rest of his companions were all killed. Close to his death, dehydrated and injured, he saw a snake wriggling past him. The snake looked at him briefly and seemed to gaze into his very soul. Tabib D'Odo gathered his last efforts and followed the snake (hoping he might be able to kill and eat the snake before his own demise) as it made its way towards some nearby rocks. Behind the rocks, Tabib D'Odo was astonished to discover a small spring in the otherwise dry desert. The water helped him survive and he finally made his way to safety. The incident with the snake made a deep impression on Tabib D'Odo and he began to believe in a higher power, with the snake as the most sacred symbol of this. Settling in Mophet - a small town to the east of Barqa, along the oil road - he was able to help the community grow as both a healer/doctor, as well as a spiritual leader. His desire to help people, of all backgrounds, helped keep Mophet somewhat safe from the otherwise harsh treatment most towns along the oil road experienced. So that's the beginning of my sig-figs story :) Hope you liked it! I got some (a lot of...) builds planned and am looking forward to exploring the world and hopefully making Mophet a more important part of it. Cheers!
  23. Note: This first build for Book 3 was actually in construction before I found out about the launch of Book 3. It was going to be for Summer Joust, then after the announcement I was leaning toward joining Kali... then Varlyrio was confirmed! So this one has been a roller-coaster. Thanks for looking. The Duchy of Delmitra, Kaliphlin (East of Barqa) Small but wealthy due to control of a prosperous githril mine, the Duchy of Delmitra has only recently stabilized under the reign of its child-duchess, the Lady Elatisha Darya (Tisha for short). During the upheavals of the Kaliphlin civil war, her father and eldest brother were killed and Lady Tisha was forced to supply githril arms to first one side and then the other as Barqa's shifting loyalties caused ripple effects in the region. There's usually a lot of comings and goings at Delmitra due to its location along the Oil Road. Today we can see a Goldpike mercenary passing through on her way to some battle. A more peaceful scene transpires close by as a young centaur woman gathers cactus flowers. On the far side of the wall, a massive desert dewback tries to scare off a snake. But which one is the trespasser? On the walls, one archer looks on nervously as he realizes that the dewback is nearly big enough to climb over the wall itself! He hopes no one ever thinks to use the docile herbivores as weapons of war. Meanwhile, his younger companion is delighted by the sight of the dewback-rider coaxing the animal forward using nothing but a bushel of greens. Traffic makes its way into the city as well, greeted by the bright ringing sound of a githril-smith hard at work. Delmitra's audience hall is located near the entrance of the city and is open to all whenever the Lady Tisha is present. Her house guard is primarily Delmitraean Myrmidons, who watch the passersby with keen eyes. All kinds of people come through the castle, including hunters, fruitsellers, and laborers, often refugees, from as far off as Nocturnus. The rooftop of the audience hall is open to the public. All kinds of people spend time up there, and it's even used for storage! Known as the Blue Seat, the great chair of the Duchy stands in the audience hall where visitors can marvel at its githril inlay. Today, the Lady Tisha is entertaining a particular interesting visitor. Her regent, Lord Sasaram, looks on in horror as the Lady considers giving a priceless heirloom to a complete stranger. Meanwhile Tisha's bodyguard, Arrea of Bandari, tries to hide her amusement. "This is what you want? Just this little thing?" "Lady Elatisha! You mustn't think of it!" "Yes, that's the Lion's Eye. I came here hoping to recover it." "That's so strange. It's just a stone. Not even pretty." "But it's been in the Darya family for generations, Lady!" "Oh hush, Regent Sasaram." "Heh." "So Fel --Can I call you Fel?-- why do you want this stone anyway?" "Well, it's part of a pair. This map will take me to the other one. I need them for evidence." "Intriguing! Evidence of what?" "I believe there was once a seafaring empire of catfolk --lionells-- and these stones can help prove it." "Foolishness!" "Hush, I said. Fel, how can this prove your theory?" "There are records of a legend: ages ago, a brother and sister inherited the empire and split it across the sea, each taking a piece of an ancestral stone fashioned to look like an eye. One Lion's Eye was kept in Kaliphlin, the other in Varlyrio. Yours, I think. A gift for some noble a century ago." "So if you get the stones, you can prove the legend is true and there really was once one big empire?" "Exactly!" "Excuse me, but there are catfolk all over. Including some in my own homeland. Are you saying they are all related?" "I don't know, but I want to find out. If we all share a common history, shouldn't everyone know it?" "I think so! I've decided you should have the stone!" "Oh dear... what are they going to think about this in Petraea?" "Those stuffy old scholars can... they can... go eat their own beards!" "Haha. Yeah!" "I love my job." ... ... ...but wait... there's more going on in bustling Delmitra... ... On the rooftops, a meeting is taking place between Goldhorn, called by some the "Minotaur of Means", and a shady desert mummy. "I don't know, this seems like an awful lot of money just to follow some cat-girl around." "Never mind that, Garm. You know from personal experience that my coin spends." "That it does, Mr. Goldhorn. That it does." "Then you'll take the job." "Follow the girl, steal these Eye stones or whatever, and make sure no one finds out. Yeah, seems like my kind of thing." "Quite." ... ... Builder's Notes:
  24. robinnilsson403

    [FB] Leaving Cold Rock

    Old man Meciar returned to the small spring in the cliff again. Without this spring Cold Rocks would be a dead place, but with the help of the water plants could grow. The dirt, on the other hand, had to be carried for miles - but that didn't matter to Meciar - Cold Rocks was a safe from raids. There was only a small opening that led into the hidden ravine that Cold Rocks had been built into many years ago. Meciar filled his bucket and turned around, and there he was, Janduin. He was not in his traditional white robes, but instead was dressed as he was going to do some dirty work. A pair of old pants and a worn shirt with both belt and suspenders. And he had a backpack! Was he going to the villages to trade like that? "Uncle Meciar..:" "What are you wearing! If you are going to trade dressed like that they'll rip you off!" "I finished watering the t'mat, uncle, and just as I agreed with uncle Seirin I'll be leaving now." "Leaving!? What has gotten into your head?! You are safe here. With us." "I am not looking to be safe." "Seirin! Get over here! What have you done to the boy!?" Seirin walks over with his eyes closed. Janduin realized that Seirin hadn't talked to Meciar, opposed to his promise the night before. "Well, Meciar, you see Janduin here wanted to know what happened, and how he came to be here..." "And what?! You told him?" "I don't know much of it, just that his mother..." "Don't talk about it! It is evil I tell you!" "But Meciar, Janduin is of age. He can make his own decisions now, and if he wants to explore his past, so be it." "So," Janduin said "what can you tell me before I go, uncle Meciar?" "Boy... I don't know much more than you already do yourself. Your mother approached from the north. Not a single piece of cloth was without holes, and there was some blood. She had gone thirsty for days, so it must have been a few days since she was at some civilisation, but as you know, that's not hard to do in this area." "We must also tell you about her last word" Seirin interjected. "Juric, Estair, Janduin. We assumed it was three names, and we named you the last of the three. But it could as easily be villages, hills, rivers..." "Or a spell" muttered Meciar. "Anyhow, we haven't heard any of them before or since." "True" said Seirin "and I've kept my ears open every time I've been outside this ravine. I know it's not much to go on. Just north, and ask around. Otherwise you could go towards Petraea and the university. Perhaps someone there has heard those words before." "Thank you, uncles. I promise I will see you again some day." "Now, take good care of yourself Janduin!" Later that day... "Well, well, well, Meciar. I almost thought you didn't want Janduin to go." "I didn't! Who will now serve tea?" I first built this to add to my collection of builds inspired by the book series The wheel of time, and just as I was finishing Gideon told me that Book III was about to start, so I adapted the build to start of my story. For the original plan I needed some more space in front of the cliff, that's why there's some empty space. Some of my other previous builds may also be adapted in the future, where they fit in. It's all built in modules, on two 32x32 moduverse baseplates, and parts of the cliff can be removed to ease transportation. Any criticism, ideas, help, and what not, are most welcome! I know I'm bad at taking photos. I think I lack the patience for it...
  25. The Maestro

    Oasis Retreat

    After being forced out of his home by the Kaliphlin Civil War Badr the Botanist fled the capital, and took refuge by an oasis, the perfect place to continue his work. He lived a lonely life, but he was at peace. That is until a messenger from his former university stumbled upon his simple abode. Finally he builds for Kaliphlin! Fist official build of the year, I built this in early February, but only got round to posting it now because of school (and trying to stretch out my builds to make it look like I post regularly. A new sub-genre for me and I thought it was about time I branched out. Also two things have arrived in the mail (a while back now but till of great importance). a) Kingdom Come: Deliverance, look it up if you haven't heard of it. It has become my number 1 game and if you love anything medieval, you should consider this game. I mean it doesn't only look amazing, but the game play is great as well. b) I finally used up my CBC prize and got some Brickwarriors stuff, which has given me some much needed inspiration. I don't love using custom stuff, but when trying to make stuff realistic, its kinda a must have. C&C needed and hope you enjoy :)