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Found 9 results

  1. Here we see a typical oil well and "nodding donkey" pumpjack rendered in LEGO form. (link to Wikipedia for more on pumpjacks, in case you don't know what they are.) The extra technic parts are for use with two of this part, which is what the pumpjack and oil well will sit on. The oil well design was heavily modified in design and usage, as it was originally designed as the lower half of a water tower for steam trains! (four of this part are missing from this model on the support legs) The oil pumpjack features a crank as a play feature, which could easily be motorized. ...and yes, the pump jack does go around and round like the actual prototype, though it doesn't actually pump anything. (My video from Flickr is being stupid and won't embed, so here's a link to it instead.) Thoughts?
  2. jtooker

    A Well Mishap

    A young boy visits the well but spills all the water he has pulled up. I created this little MOC for LOLUG’s March meeting challenge, which required a MOC relating to water. I plan to relocate this well onto a larger scene I am creating. C&C welcome! Website | Flickr | YouTube
  3. soccerkid6

    Feeding the Flock

    As usual, this young lad starts his day by feeding the family's flock of chickens. More photos on Brickbuilt, and there's even a timelapse on Youtube. Thanks for looking
  4. LittleJohn

    Nordheim Armory

    The 5th module of my large collab with Isaac, for BrickFair Virginia 2016. See the others: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. The Nordheim Armory supplies the Nordheim Watch with their weapons and armor, in addition to storing to storing many of the weapons for the bustling city, in case of attack. It also houses a small forge area outside, where the weapons are made. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  5. tsi

    Old windmill

    Hi, My latest MOC is an old windmill, a smock mill, with a typical octagonal plan. The fantail (the small windmill mounted at right angles to the sails) at the rear of the windmill turns the cap automatically to bring it into the wind. ... the backside of the mill with a small well. The sails and the cap is fully rotatable. Here you can see the "round" octagonal design. ... the front side of the mill. Thanks for watching! ThomaS
  6. Takkata

    Mountain Village Raid

    Garheim Soldiers use Torch throw! Its super effective! Mountain Village Raid by Takkata1, on Flickr
  7. DisneyinLEGO

    [MOC] Snow White's wishing well

    This is my first creation after aproximately 5 years of not doing anything with my LEGO bricks (I kept buying sets regularly though). I had to clean up a lot of pieces and as you may see, some pieces are still a bit dirty Anyhow, I present to you all the famous wishing well from Snow White. It's pretty simple but I liked how it turned out "Wanna know a secret...? Promise not to tell...? ...We are standing by a wishing well..." And if you're wondering... Snow White's bow is just standing still there on her hair. Visit my flickr page for upcoming Disney MOCs and custom minifigures.
  8. soccerkid6

    Nordheim Village

    Legonardo inspired the roofs of the houses and Eklund inspired the roof on the well. I researched vikings a bit for this build and tried to make the houses historically accurate. There is only one room in each house and the deep benches serve both as seats and beds. Each house has a fire and a hole in the roof to let the smoke out. The children in the build are doing some of things most common for viking children: the boys haul water, learn carpentry, and practice fighting, while the girls help cook and weave wool. The village of Nordheim lies in the Clan Lands of Mitgardia: There are more pictures here: link All comments/criticism appreciated Also I'd like to receive UoP credits for: wall techniques (wooden walls) [architecture], village life [anthropology] = 2 credits

    [MOC] Eva Unit

    Eva, HASHIN! Also, for those not familiar with Neon Genesis Evangelion, this is what an Eva unit looks like: Not based on any of the unit designs from the show in particular. It stands 53 centimeters tall. It was originally going to have the shoulder pylons too but I just couldn't come up with a way to make a good looking solution with parts I have available. I think this is the tallest/biggest thing I've made so far. As always C&C appreciated.