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  1. MOC: Weekend at the Sea

    Thank you all!
  2. MOC: Weekend at the Sea

    Here is my new MOC. After doing for 5 years with the winter season I wanted something summer! On the first day of Spring, however, this moc came to my mind. I imagined drinking a good coffee sitting at the coffee table at a seaside bar. So I decided to design this moc very different from my usual themes but just as fun to build. The moc is built on four 32x32 bases. As an inspiration I chose the Riviera Ligure where I occasionally make a turn, but all that was invented without relying on real scenes. The four colorful buildings you see in the background are (starting from the left): a bar, a souvenir shop, a grocery store, a florist. At first I wanted to do only the part of the facade and then I decided to make simple interior embellishments (as always) from the back. The cobblestone part is a classic walk through the seaside villages with benches, lanterns, flower beds ... The beach is still not crowded because I imagined a pre-summer period in which there are still few people around. The entire moc was built in 3 months (in time scraps) employing about 5,500 pieces. Hope you like it. Will be presented live in a few days in Italy - Lecco 2017. Hello everyone! Very welcome comments! Sandro Full gallery on Flickr:
  3. MOC: Modular Space Centre

    On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the LEGO Modular buildings I wanted to honor my first modular with new pictures imprinted with the tenth anniversary of the LEGO Modular Building Series logo to be distributed to the LUGs. I also wanted to support the modular inside a mini-diorama formed by the new Assembly Square 10255 + my favorite 10243 Parisian Restaurant. So I could prove to many of you that despite being a completely crazy modular I do not mind the end result! Surely many of you continue to be skeptical about this choice, but it does nothing ... certainly it was an experiment to make up a maximum of imagination! There are 12 new photos on Flickr ... enjoy!
  4. MOC: Modular Space Centre

    Thank you very much at all! I was not sure that this experiment was appreciated. I though I had fun building it! Thank you for Frontpage!
  5. MOC: Modular Space Centre

    I have not had time, but I hope soon to do even the photographs with this modular close to others! Surely it is very strange to see him next to the classic modular but it is just as fun!
  6. MOC: Modular Space Centre

    Hello everyone! Today I have the great pleasure to introduce this new MOC. It marks my final transition to new themes beyond the Winter Village that kept me engaged for 5 years. For some time I thought of building a modular building but at the same time about a year ago are back thoughts about my past, from my first time playing with LEGO, and were rekindled in me the memories of the Classic Space 80s. The idea came by itself... build something that united the two themes: a modular classic space! The modular is divided into 3 levels, but is arranged to be possibly raised "potentially" of other planes. The ground floor consists of a garage space of ground transportation and a sort of workshop space where they can build models of spaceships and repair vehicles and robots. The first floor is composed in part of a laboratory, beds for the rest of the crew and a special bed in order to make the analysis and hibernations subjects. In the central part of the hall there is a table for meeting space and also the panels with some bodies of hibernating aliens. The top floor consists of the space control center with computers, radar and a rocket for space exploration. It 's also an airstrip with a ship in the neo classic space style. The modular is very playable, first of all because it has three means and then have various other movements operated with levers technic. It has an elevator that goes from floor to floor with a system already seen in various moc (with gears) by operating a hand lever. There is also the possibility of including a PF motor with battery compartment, but by the time I liked to leave everything manually. Also in the ground floor two red levers allow you to open the main door (opening side-scrolling) and the two gates (simultaneous opening front / rear tilting) of the space garage. Aloft a third lever allows you to run the big radar. A further radar satellite can be manually rotated with the minifigs on board. I think that would really like children and not only! The modular is composed of about 3200 pieces and 10 minifigs (9 classic space and one child). I hope that this new moc you like it, I enjoyed it a lot to build it and I hope you will also appreciate my effort to begin the production of moc of new themes! Complete Flickr Gallery Greetings to all! Sandro
  7. MOC Winter Castle and Medieval District

    Thanks for all your comments, I appreciate very much your notes and all the time you have devoted to observe the photographs! I was hoping to do even better picture of the whole castle but the moc is really great and it was difficult to reach by a good result.
  8. MOC Winter Castle and Medieval District

    If you are interested to read a detailed article with the features of this MOC you can visit this link: The page is in Italian but you can translate it with Google!
  9. MOC Winter Castle and Medieval District

    Thanks again so much! Certainly: the castle is built in my village next to the church in the Official diorama. This year due to lack of time (I was born a new child in December 2015) was not able to conclude all the diorama but for 2017 I could complete forever the diorama Winter Village! In August I will insert the picture of how the castle is inside the village. Thanks again to everyone!
  10. MOC Winter Castle and Medieval District

    There are no prizes for the fair but I'm very happy that this moc you like it and I hope there will be many visitors to meet you see! Thank you very much
  11. MOC Winter Castle and Medieval District

    By 2017 I would definitely conclude the Winter Village project for which I have worked for 5 years. I would in the future devote to new projects, one of which is already "in progress". So large buildings for the village will make him no more (this was the last). I will try only to complete the landscape. Thank you
  12. MOC Winter Castle and Medieval District

    Thank you all, I believed in this project and I'm glad you like it!
  13. MOC Winter Castle and Medieval District

    Thank you all! In fact there are many Easter Eggs in this moc! The cave with Bilbo and two other dwarfs, other small swivel cave with Gandalf + Gollum, the door that hides the dragon Smaug, the King's room with the throne of swords (see Games of Thrones), the lightsaber into the hall of trophies, a scene from Star Wars VII on the TV in the living room of the first house, the cemetery remembers the cover of "Live After Death" Iron Maiden ... and much more !!!
  14. After a long absence, that I am presenting today it is the single largest MOC and challenging I have ever done so far. This MOC represent a medieval winter district with 4 houses, a cemetery (on the back) and a rock mountain with a castle used today for tourism visits. Around the block it consists of 6 Baseplates 32x32 and will be part again of my famous Winter Village. This project took me nine months of work and the use of 16,000 pieces. All the houses and the whole castle (and the basement of the castle) are embellished with furnishings with many scenes and details. The entire moc consists of 45 Minifigs and there are various curiosities scattered to embellish the work. I put on Flickr over 100 photographs to observe every detail of this moc. You can ask me all the curiosity and I will try to fill all your questions. This MOC will be presented for the first time in Lecco (Italy) during the two days of the exhibition at the end of July 2016. Flickr Complete Gallery: Greetings to all! Sandro ....The Winter Has Come!!!