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  1. sdrnet

    [MOC] Modular Clock Tower Square

    Wonderful work, great colors and details! Your modular buildings are always more beautiful, congratulations! greetings from Sandro :-)
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. I want to sincerely thank all the friends and supporters of this moc. I am very fond of this work and I hope that it will continue to collect new votes because I would like so much to realize the dream of getting to the end of the voting reaching 10,000! If you really like it and want to continue supporting this project, spread the word among the people you know. Thank you all! Vote here:
  4. sdrnet

    Winter Village 2018 Full Diorama

    Thank you so much André! I remember our meeting, it's always nice to entertain people! Happy holidays to you and your family!
  5. sdrnet

    Winter Village 2018 Full Diorama

    Thank you at all! This diorama has meant a lot to me!
  6. sdrnet

    (MOC)-Modular Cinema Empire Updated

    Very nice and detailed! My compliments my friend!
  7. As we are close to Christmas, I wanted to present some photos of my Diorama Winter Village in the full 2018 version, never presented before. This landscape completed in 2016 is the result of 5 years of work. Each building from the smallest to the largest has been built with a continuous search for quality and study in the details of the interior furnishings. The diorama currently consists of 42 bases of 32x32 studs with 300 minifigs and over 62,000 pieces. I was fortunate to have been called to exhibit my complete work at the "Palacio de Gaviria" art museum, Madrid, Spain for a period of 3 months from 10 December 2018 to 24 February 2019. On my Flickr profile you can see some other photos as a whole and in the other Albums you can see the details of each individual building that make up the village. Thank you all for your comments and for the vision of my project! Greetings from Sandro Flickr Gallery:
  8. sdrnet

    [MOC] Post Office & Art School

    Bravissimo Giacinto! another modular very impressive, good colour and techniques!
  9. sdrnet

    MOC - Medieval Windmill

    Thanks to all those who wanted to leave a comment! I had to build this moc quickly but I'm glad I did it and I had a lot of fun. During the Verona fair (MEI 2018 Italy) it was a great success!
  10. sdrnet

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Beautiful Kevin model! It makes me go back many years when I followed the super adventures of the famous A-Team! Top
  11. Hello everyone! After a constructive stop of a couple of months at the beginning of the year I decided to try my hand at building a medieval mill. I like to think of this mill set in the Middle Ages, inhabited by a simple family that lived in an era where today's technology did not exist yet, without cell phones, computers and the Internet. Only a stone and wood house built with the toil of the hands and a life led to produce flour for bread and to grow vegetables and products of the earth. All surrounded by a luxuriant nature without the traffic and the polluted air of today. A life that is certainly very difficult but much simpler and built on basic concepts like family, land and food. The construction of this moc took a couple of months and made up of about 5,200 pieces and it took two months of construction. The blades of the mill are powered by a Medium Lego motor and can be turned over with a button on the back of the house. Moc presented for the first time at the MEI in Verona 2018 (Italy). View the complete gallery on Flickr: Comments very welcome. Good vision! Sandro
  12. sdrnet

    [MOC] Tuscany cottage

    Nothing, no problem. I'm glad you like it!
  13. sdrnet

    [MOC] Tuscany cottage

    I do not know what you know about Tuscany, but in Tuscany the hills are covered with sunflowers. Lavender is certainly more typical of Provence, France. This creation is an almost real reproduction of a piece of Tuscan landscape. Thank you for vision!
  14. sdrnet

    [MOC] Tuscany cottage

    Hi everyone, today I present a MOC that I just realized recently for a specific occasion: the Lego Event in Florence (Brick in Florence Festival 2017). Tuscany landscapes have always been in my heart, in the last 15 years I have traveled several times in spring and summer in a specific area of Tuscany that is the "Crete Senesi". In this geographical area that starts from the south of Siena to the town of Pienza there are landscapes formed by sinuous hills with cottages and cypresses. For years I have been photographing these areas and I could not miss creating a MOC dedicated to this land. As an inspiration I used a picture of mine that you can see here: Between design and construction it took only one month, I think it's one of the MOCs I've made faster in my story than AFOL! I had little time but the ideas clear enough of what I wanted to accomplish. With just 4 Bricklink orders made all the same day, I did nothing but wait for them to come home and then all the construction took place within a couple of weeks (in time scraps). It is a very simple moc, it is not composed of special techniques. I still had a lot of fun building it because I partly resumed my memories of photographic travels I did in the past. flickr gallery: Hope you like it and if you have questions I am available! Bye, Sandro
  15. sdrnet

    [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    Awesome work. Congratulations for building such a big building but keeping in mind every detail. Let's wait for all the further updates. Congratulations again!