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  1. sdrnet

    [MOC] Coffee Drinker

    Incredible! really compliments. The scale you used is fantastic, it must have been very difficult to use the right proportions.
  2. sdrnet

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    how can you tell? guess or certainty?
  3. sdrnet

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was sincerely hoping for something different this year. LEGO had the opportunity to do something bigger and more interesting, also due to the fact that the 90th anniversary fell. I don't want to judge anything until the official images come out (hopefully soon!). But the general idea of the set, as far as we know now, doesn't drive me crazy. The tram will hardly be applicable in a winter village (usually located in the mountains), and there were many other possibilities to do buildings or other things (like a village park). Another toy store sounds strange to me but maybe it's a conceptually different thing from the Toy Shop. In any case we will see what comes out.
  4. sdrnet

    [MOC] APE Speed Transporter

    In space there is a need for a small vehicle capable of transporting loads of top-secret liquids and minerals at high speed. After loading the precious merchandise into its compartment, it sets off at great speed to deliver it to the Space Control Center. The vehicle is based on the famous Italian "APE", transformed for the occasion into a very fast spedeer thanks to its powerful engines. The nostalgia of the 80s and the love for Classic Space make me travel in the imagination and everything can be transformed into something spatial !! This little MOC participates in the third contest for 90 years of LEGO on the LEGO Ideas platform at this link: Comments are welcome!
  5. I uploaded the presentation video of the Castle which also shows all the moving parts. Good vision!
  6. Thanks for the compliments and for your visit on my Flickr profile!
  7. Thank's my friend. The staircase was actually very difficult to make and I had to be inspired only by the images from the film. Thank you for your comments!
  8. Thank you all for the comments and for your compliments! It is a work that marked my childhood and I believed a lot in building it. It was really challenging. As soon as I can with time I will also insert the demonstration video of the movements.
  9. MOC freely inspired by the feature film "Lupin III and the Castle of Cagliostro", a masterpiece and first feature film by the well-known director Hayao Miyazaki. In Japan the film was not initially successful, the romantic version of the gentleman thief was not liked even by its creator Monkey Punch. As for the TV series, however, over time, "Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro", will be recognized as the first masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki, becoming a cult for entire generations, so much so that it is constantly republished for the home video market. This film will definitely launch Miyazaki's career bringing him ever closer to realizing his goal: the founding of Studio Ghibli. Film released in 1979 in Japan and only in 1984 in Italy, marked my childhood, in fact I was 10 years old, I loved the Lupin III cartoons but this film left me fascinated by that aura of mystery, adventure scenes and fantastic scenary. Today, more than 40 years after his birth, I decided to pay tribute to him by creating a very complex and demanding MOC in various respects. Making the Castle in minifigure scale was practically impossible, but even the micro-scale would have been a risky undertaking but ... once again I decided to test myself and above all ... have fun! The moc rests on two 48x48 stud baseplates, everything is done in microscale based on the images of the film. The Castle reports some fairly faithful sections while others have been invented such as the east side of the castle which is never seen in the entire duration of the film. I wanted to bring back the basics as seen in this image: I have reproduced the most important things for a complete scenario: the castle in its entirety, the section of the village on the back, the iconic aqueduct and the clock tower with the walls of the ancient castle. Studying this whole setting was as difficult as it was rewarding. But I wasn't happy like that ... I also wanted to make moving parts! And that's why I invented a mechanism that moves the following things: 1) the windmill on the front 2) the motorized aircraft that the Count uses to enter the Castle or Lupin to escape 3) an intermittent light that turns on in the rear entrance of the castle 4) the tilting corridor that connects the castle to the prison tower 5) the hands of the clock tower All these functions are connected to each other and therefore with a single lever they are operated simultaneously! In the next few days I will make a video presentation of the moving parts. The castle can be divided into several blocks and the base can also be divided in two, for easy transport. The realization of this work took me more than 5 months of work and has about 8700 pieces. On the base alone, there are almost 1500 tiles 1x2 trans light-blue! I believed it a lot, I hope you like it! Sandro Flickr Gallery: Comments are welcome!
  11. Hello everyone! We are at the showdown... finally the date has been announced on the official website: Tuesday 17th May 2022 at 7 pm (CET) !! Write down the date and for all those interested in my Chalet get ready because it will be a real race against time. The link to purchase the Chalet is below: Thanks to everyone for supporting me so far!
  12. sdrnet

    [MOC] Christmas Bonsai

    This was the year of the first LEGO Bonsai # 10281 and the start of the "Botanical Collection" line. Since its release, the network has been filled with magnificent bonsai works from hundreds of builders. I also wanted to make my own version and one day I came up with the right idea for me: to make a Christmas-style Bonsai! Initially I wanted to cover it with snow-covered white leaves but then I thought that bonsai are generally kept inside a house and then I made a classic bonsai with green leaves which I then covered with the typical Christmas decorations as if it were a Christmas pine. I think it is quite unusual and curious! This will be my last 2021 moc. Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas! Flickr Gallery:
  13. sdrnet

    [MOC] Watchtower and medieval bridge

    Thanks for the comments! For the bridge: I have done a lot of tests before using this type of bows. I wanted everything to have the right proportion and height. The 1x8 round (so to speak) did not give me the right aesthetic. For the roof: the roofs had to be necessarily different for the type of buildings themselves .. more rustic for the mill, more massive for the tower. The roof of the tower will then be more consistent with other constructions that I intend to do in the future and perhaps everything will make even more sense. Thanks for the comments, they are always very happy!
  14. sdrnet

    [MOC] Watchtower and medieval bridge

    Thank you for your compliments. The moc was born not only as a work in itself but as part of a larger project over time that I have been doing in a non-continuous way over the years. I hope that the emerging village will take shape over time. Thank you!
  15. I present to you this new 2021 moc with a medieval theme. The moc rests on two 32x32 bases and was designed to be placed side by side with the moc of the medieval windmill that I made in 2018. I made a medieval bridge and a watchtower. The bridge rests diagonally to the bases using a somewhat complex but effective technique. The watchtower is developed on three floors and is made with the walls that can be opened at the rear to be able to observe the interior. Inside the entrance door is a secret hatch that can be operated with a lever to drop a minifig into the underground tunnel that leads to one of the bridge's water streams. Through this function a skit was born to give a story to this moc: "High on the Watchtower, the lookout soldier, unaware of his future fate, watched the chariot coming to the Tower with the King's trusted knight. His job was to collect a chest full of gold for the King to deliver to the castle. A shrewd thief, however, had discovered how to steal the chest through a secret trap door that led to the tower and which also allowed him an escape route from the conduit beyond the bridge by passing through the cold waters of the river. Will the thief be able to escape? " Watchtower and Medieval Windmill together: Complete Flickr Gallery: Comments welcome. Thank you all!