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  1. sdrnet

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    I have always liked your design that is always clean and well cared for! This moc could easily be a building in my Italy. Congratulations on your work.
  2. It was the year 1979 when LEGO launched one of the sets that became among the most iconic in the AFOL world: the 497 set or better known as 928. The set was proposed with two different codes: 497 with the title of "Galaxy Explorer" and 928 with the title of "Space Cruiser and Moonbase". The Classic Space theme was launched just a year earlier in 1978 and this set became a legend because it represented the most beautiful and largest spaceship in the entire fleet. It is incredible to think of the success that this set of only 338 pieces has had if we compare it to those on sale today, but in those days we were children who dreamed of having this box and our best memories are linked to it. In '79 I was just 5 years old and I have never been able to have this box, too expensive for my parents, but I have always dreamed of it looking at it in the catalogs. Finally as an adult I looked for it and managed to buy it! All this premise was used to introduce my new work: the Galaxy Explorer SDR-926! This year I am 10 years old as AFOL and I thought about making mocs that have a special meaning for me. The first of these was the desire to make a spaceship of some importance! SDR-926 wants to be a tribute to the 928 but with very different characteristics and numbers. Number 926 represents the birth of my daughter. The spaceship measures 85 x 75 x 21 cm and is made up of almost 4600 pieces! It took me 5 intense months to make it because it contains several features and functionalities in a single work. Main features and functions: 1) exploration ship removable from above with revolving lever 2) control room 3) removable panel to observe the central hall of the spaceship 4) three landing gears 5) foldable and removable wings 6) revolving laser cannons with levers 7) engines and hatch that can be opened 8 ) access ramp that can be opened with a lever 9) ground exploration vehicle with revolving radar 10) Excellent rigidity thanks to a basic structure composed of technic elements 11) disassembly of the spaceship in blocks 12) support for display with identification plate Main informations: Name: Galaxy Explorer SDR-926 Dimensions: 85 x 75 x 21 cm Parts number: 4200 pieces Number of parts with stand: 4580 pieces Minifigs: 8 Classic Space minifigs Main colors: Blue, Light Bluish Gray, Transparent Yellow Weight (spaceship only): 4370 gr Weight with stand: 4740 gr The spaceship is quite impressive if you compare it with the old LL 928, but it draws the same colors and a lot of playability, but with many more features. It is a spaceship built with care and attention to detail without forgetting an excellent sturdiness of the whole structure (made with technic blocks). For the first time I have also decided to try my hand at making the instructions that will be available in the future, as soon as I can complete the job! Visit my photo gallery on Flickr:
  3. My Winter Chalet project that did not go into production during the LEGO Ideas phase now has another chance having entered the shortlist of projects on the new Brickink Designer Program! From June 1st on the BrickLink website the Crowdfunding phase will open where anyone who wants to buy the box of my work can do it! At the moment all the works are in the testing and revision phase. All the rules and details can be found on the BrickLink website here: If you want to visit the updates of my project go to the relevant page: Thank you!
  4. sdrnet

    [MOC] Pizzeria Modular (free instructions)

    Modular very well done and the theme of the pizzeria (especially for an Italian) is always welcome! Congratulations! The free instructions were excellent initiative.
  5. sdrnet

    Christmas living room

    Thank you! Thank you very much! Thanks! I also go back to being a child when I think of my Christmas living room :-) Thank you! It's fun to work on the details. In fact I thought about it too .... luckily the candles are only made of plastic! :-) Thank you Andrea! A hug to your wonderful family too.
  6. sdrnet

    [MOC] Santa's Cabin

    Great work my friend! Merry Christmas!
  7. sdrnet

    Christmas living room

    The modulex are a little gem in addition to the moc. I wanted to show that in this house there is someone who plays with LEGO and has left them on the floor. The cookies and carrot are for Santa and his reindeer, but maybe he was already full and left them on the table!
  8. sdrnet

    Christmas living room

    Thanks Thorsten for your nice message. As you said, it will be a different Christmas from the others unfortunately but we hope that the magic of Christmas will come back between us and our families. With this little moc I wanted to bring that touch of Christmas tradition back into our homes. It's a normal 2x2 printed LEGO tile ... it's pretty common. I really wish LEGO would make a greater variety of printed paintings!
  9. sdrnet

    Christmas living room

    Here is a Christmas-style living room, with the crackling fireplace, the Christmas tree, the decorated coffee table and the gifts under the tree. Santa looks out of the window ... I think he forgot his bag on the sofa! The cat has woken up and is looking at him from the window. Merry Christmas everyone! Flickr Gallery:
  10. sdrnet

    Winter Chalet UCS Fan Edition

    Many thanks for all your comments! Yes, in the last 4 years I have also dedicated myself to making other mocs that did not concern the winter village. wanted to experiment with new types of constructions and settings. Thanks again.
  11. sdrnet

    Winter Chalet UCS Fan Edition

    This kind of exercise, for those who know my history, has already been done in the past with a work of 5 consecutive years. You can see the result of my work that I have done with the latest complete version of my Winter Village that I brought to display in Madrid: Thank you! Thank's my friend! I wanted once again to highlight this work which meant a lot to me. But now I'm already working on new things ... (not winter village).
  12. sdrnet

    Winter Chalet UCS Fan Edition

    Hello everyone! At the beginning of the year my Chalet entered the third 2019 LEGO Ideas review after reaching 10,000 votes. We also know that the set unfortunately did not pass in the live vote on 23 June 2020. Regardless of the result that I would have obtained, I wanted to somehow thank all the people who wrote to me and all those who liked the Chalet. So I decided to create a Christmas landscape that "welcomes" the Chalet in a dignified way, that was a more "UCS" style model! The Winter Village theme is definitely not new to me (!) But for the first time in a moc I ventured into an entire moving scenario. There are 17 moving parts powered by a single LEGO XL motor or directly by hand with a lever on the back! The two bases transmit movement to each other through an axle technic that connects the two areas. Being raised I also carried out a project (in the pipeline for some time) that is to make the cellar of the Chalet accessible from the right front door. In the side part of the diorama I have also obtained a small cave of ice crystals that can be illuminated thanks to an adjacent compartment where I have also stored a small battery pack with a string of LED lights. The lights flow in the cave but also in the cellar of the chalet and I can also make them reach the interior rooms of the chalet to illuminate them at night. You can see all the moving parts by yourself in the small video I made (I apologize for the poor quality): The most complex part was not only to be able to "reach" the movement in the various areas of the diorama, but also to differentiate the speeds according to what had to be moved. It was a great challenge, but as always I had a lot of fun making it and the important thing is this! Merry Christmas! I dedicate this work to my dear friend Gianluca who is no longer with us. I hope you can admire it from up there. Flickr Gallery here: Comments are welcome Sandro
  13. sdrnet

    [MOC] Neoclassical Theatre

    Bravissimo Giacinto! Un'altra opera meravigliosa
  14. sdrnet

    [MOC] Florence Cathedral

    Bravo Giacinto! I've always been your admirer and friend. I supported your project of the Duomo of Florence from the earliest times and it remains your most striking work. Congratulations also to the changes!
  15. sdrnet

    [MOC] Once upon a book

    very very nice! some very effective techniques