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  1. Hi, unfortunately I haven't any information about the design team too, but some other nice pictures: This modul was used in british toy-shops to promote the new 12V trains: The picture is from a "Bricks and Pieces", a UK LEGO Club magazine. ... the great TV-commercials for the 12V stuff, like this one: Greetings ThomaS
  2. Hi, the link for the new train poster project: https://trainposterv2.wordpress.com/ Greetings ThomaS
  3. Hi, here some recolour stuff from my 12V collection: ... 7725, normally in red ... ... 7755, normally in red ... ... 7760, normally in blue ... ... and the 7820 waggon, normally in red ... Greetings ThomaS
  4. Hi, the sticker is from the idea book 6000. Greetings ThomaS
  5. Old Town Pub [moc]

    fantastic & beautiful
  6. [MOC] LEGO KÖF Hohenweststedt

    Hi, thanks everybody for your positive feedback! The locomotive exists in two versions: The shown right version, and a newer motorized version (left) with PF equipment. Greetings ThomaS
  7. [MOC] LEGO KÖF Hohenweststedt

    Hi, I created an additional small weight depot, which was already shown this summer in Rüsselsheim (D): The model is now prepared for the ShowCase-Box in the LEGO store in Frankfurt, I had to make some smaller compromises. But finally I had now the chance to make some detailed photos: The greenhouse is a DUPLO part. Parts of the half timbered house structure were 1st shown of my BFRM colleague Kai, I adapted and modified his building technique. The brown door in the roof is onyl know as 'right' version, I had to switch a 2nd one with stud downside :D On the house side I added old electricity isolators, which you can still find on old houses in Germany. The buffer is originally build from Dave Stannard. The 2CV basis from Hoexbroe. The wagon shows special load: Who knows? ... an old green molding machine and the famous old wooden LEGO duck in the blue box As usual, I used a lot of old parts: The flag, some Fabuland parts or the old windows. So long, thanks for watching :) ThomaS
  8. Santa Fa Sticker - which font ?

    Thank you very much Jopie!
  9. Hi, I wanna print some further stickers for my Santa-Fe train. Does somebody have a clue which font ist used for the text? Thanks Thomas
  10. 40000XX Series sets

    we can add another set to our collections: 4000022 LEGO Truck Show
  11. 40000XX Series sets

    Here you find instructions and here sticker for the nice machines. Greetings ThomaS
  12. 40000XX Series sets

    Yes, but only the "Inside Tour" sets and I don't have to have the originals. Greetings ThomaS
  13. [MOC] Esso Gas Station 1953

    Wonderful and impressive, including the detailed interior! I too created an 60ies ARAL gas station in minifig scale some months ago. Greetings ThomaS
  14. Hi, we made a small reengineering project for the original Piper set, because there were no public building instructions. As one result we would like to share the LDD-file. More background information and a download Link for the LDD-file you'll find in the German forum of www.doktor-brick.de. Greetings ThomaS
  15. I really love your excellent models, especially the tug boats! My father was captain on such a ship and I would love to build such a model some day.