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  1. An reduced 12V programme in UK sounds interesting. On @LEGO Historian CD is a table of 12V sets with the countries they were sold, this should be updatet (Hallo Gary!) At least there exists a japanese catalogue of the blue 12V programme: Haven't seen any Asian and Australian catalogues of the gray 12V programme so far, does something like this exist? Quoting Gary: "So far 12V blue track era trains WERE sold in Continental Europe... but were NOT sold in Japan, Britain, Australia, USA and Canada." So in UK the 12V programme started with a reduced gray 12V programme. What about Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Ireland? Greetings ThomaS
  2. The yellow 3943a and 3943b stocks could have been merged bevore packaging, new produced elements were often just dumped over the old stuff. This could explain that 3943a elements still appear in sets, even when yellow 3943b elements were produced. > The train 7750 was never sold in UK Interesting! Are there more such differences between the Italy/France/German/UK programme?
  3. Sounds comprehensable, I described the impression I had 10 years ago What do you think is the actual percentage of axle-cone 7730 sets?
  4. Yip. I'll not lock out the possibility of a new production run of yellow axle-cones in 82 for new 7730s. Everything was possible regarding alternative bricks Another 12V question: Did someone already proved in which countries the gray 12V stuff was (not) sold and promoted?
  5. ?? The type 27c01 has glass, 27a has no glass. My original 7730 from my childhood came with the windows type 27c01 with glass. I completed my huge 12V collection nearly 10 years ago, in these days in my very subjective observation there were no original 7730 trains with the axle-variant 3943b on the market. Nearly all 7730 offers in Ebay Germany (the main ressource of used LEGO 12V sets in these years) came mainly from private sellers without LEGO knowledge: They all had the 3943a cone. The offered sets with 3943b variants seemed to be offered from resellers which completed old LEGO sets. I saw a lot of broken 3943a cones, so often they were replaced with common 3943b.
  6. tsi

    MOC, Modular Building: Cozy Pub

    I am really impressed! Clever use of parts: e.g. the tiling of the pub, the sidewalk, the printed dutch tiles on the fireplace, ... I would love to add such a modular in my collection
  7. Hi, interesting analysis! At first I'll add data of my red 12V motors, the black ones will follow later: red type I: 22 0, 26 0, 27 0, 31 0, 32 0, 33 0, 25 2 red type III: 27 4 Greetings ThomaS
  8. tsi

    Chemist's - MODULAR

    Congrats to your wonderful design ... yes, indeed!
  9. Hi, I thinks it's this one, a small catalogue, actually I only made a photo of the cover: I don't know, if there is a complete scan online. If not, let me know. Greetings ThomaS
  10. tsi

    Building 7777

    Hi, great stuff in this thread, this brings back memories my favourite so far: ... and remarkable, that even the computer in the background seems to associate optical with the 12V models Thanks for showing! Did someone tried to rebuild the scenes of the classic 12V poster? Greetings ThomaS
  11. tsi

    [MOC] Modular Florentine Steakhouse & Butchery

    Wow, great Design! My favorite is the fantastic design of the butchery, but there are a lot of other great details like the cracks in the wall on the backside of the building Greetings ThomaS
  12. Hi, unfortunately I haven't any information about the design team too, but some other nice pictures: This modul was used in british toy-shops to promote the new 12V trains: The picture is from a "Bricks and Pieces", a UK LEGO Club magazine. ... the great TV-commercials for the 12V stuff, like this one: Greetings ThomaS
  13. Hi, the link for the new train poster project: https://trainposterv2.wordpress.com/ Greetings ThomaS
  14. Hi, here some recolour stuff from my 12V collection: ... 7725, normally in red ... ... 7755, normally in red ... ... 7760, normally in blue ... ... and the 7820 waggon, normally in red ... Greetings ThomaS