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  1. kofi

    Star Wars - Battle of Crait

    Thank you guys for your comments! on my flickr account I uploaded the building instructions for the walker! Don‘t miss to check it out!
  2. Hey there, here is my newest creation. I built the battle of crait in microscale... Battle of Crait by kofi, auf Flickr
  3. kofi

    Medieval Windmill

    Thanks a lot! there are some detailed pictures on my flickr account, if anyone hasn‘t seen it yet ;)
  4. kofi

    Medieval Windmill

    Thanks a lot for your comments! I am happy you enjoy my creation! And thanks to all who visited my flickr account and added my MOC as a favourite! By the way I missed to answer a few questions! the creation stands 96x96 studs tall! And it took me 100 hours to finish the creation!
  5. kofi

    Medieval Windmill

    The dish is from this set (76080). It is printed! https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?S=76080-1&name=Ayesha's Revenge&category=[Super Heroes][Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2]#T=S&O={"iconly":0} Ah, this color! Yes that is bright yellowish green! I love that color! I used it because I wanted to show the 3 fields economy in my MOC. One is the cornfield (summer grain) in the front left part, in the rear right section there we find the winter grain with preparing the field with the plow. And in the front right section there is the broke field... But nevertheless there are other colors that could fit!
  6. kofi

    Medieval Windmill

    A detailed picture will give you a closer look at this scene! Within the next few days I will upload them!! the reg. tan... you are talking about the cornfield? which other color would you prefer? From my point of view yellow would harm the view to the main object - the windmill. Wouldn't it? More pics are coming! So stay tuned ;)
  7. This is my new creation! I tried to build beside the windmill a 3 fields economy with many operational steps the farmers in the middle age worked on. Hope you enjoy! medieval windmill by kofi, auf Flickr
  8. Thank you for your comments!
  9. Here is my newest creation! I wanted to rebuild the legendary guarded inn, like I did a couple of months ago when I built Eldorado. Guarded Inn by kofi, auf Flickr
  10. kofi

    [MOC] Eldorado

    Thanks guys for your comments!!!! The MOC has been shown to public last weekend an will be displayed this weekend again at an exhibition in Austria.. What I can definitely say so far, I can build all the rocks and plants every time I am going to travell with the MOC .... it is definitely not my best work concerning stability and playability!!
  11. kofi

    [MOC] Eldorado

    Thanks for moving the topic to the correct forum! I am not that often here on Eurobricks, so.... And thanks for adding more pics ;)
  12. kofi

    [MOC] Eldorado

    Hey there! The LEGO Eldorado Set from 1989 was my first set I bought .... back then I was a young guy.... today I wanna show you a new interpretation of this set: Eldorado 2 by kofi, auf Flickr
  13. kofi

    Steampunk - bulb-spider

    Hey! Thanks for your comments!
  14. kofi

    Steampunk - bulb-spider

    Hey there! Here is my newest creation! steampunk accessories - bulb-spider by kofi, auf Flickr
  15. Hey there, here comes Asterix Asterix front by kofi, auf Flickr Hope you enjoy!