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Found 38 results

  1. Doldrums may have becalmed the seas of late, but as the soccer tournament begins in Bastion, what better way to celebrate than to pay a visit to the Weelond Oktoberfest! Weelond’s annual Oktoberfest celebration features food and drink, contests of skill, games and amusements, traditional/historical costumes, food and drink (did we mention food and drink?), and more. So regardless of where you’re from, come to Weelond and have some fun! Rules: Your entry should be at least 16x16 and showcase an activity at the Weelond Oktoberfest. This can be a pub scene, a brewer or vendor at work or hosting visitors, stage performances, contests of skill, festivities on the market green, or whatever you can imagine, as long as the build illustrates festival activity at the Weelond Oktoberfest. In addition to posting your entry in the forum (ideally with a [W-OKT] tag in the title), please post a link to your build in this thread and in the Weelond settlement thread. Entries must be posted by October 31. Prizes: Each entry will receive 10DBs, and you can enter as many times as you want. Entries will be judged on presentation, quality of build, story, fit with Weelond's architectural style, and fit with the Oktoberfest/festival theme. The overall top three entries will earn 150DBs for 1st place, 100DBs for 2nd, and 50DBs for 3rd. An additional 50DBs will be awarded to the best licensable build in each of the following property categories: artrisan, commerce, factory, and residence. Also, 50DBs will be awarded to the best shipboard entry -- because fishermen and sailors party on the water as well as the land! Weelond will reimburse the builder for licensing costs for any property entry licensed through the EGS. Weelond also offers to purchase (at 3x the license cost) any property a builder does not wish to license.
  2. Settlement Name: Weelond Ownership: MCTC Location: An Holli Mayor: [new mayor coming soon!] - @Capt Wolf Size: Large City Who can own property in Weelond: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Weelond: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: Two large forts. Troops: As of Feb. 22, 618, there are 90 men stationed here (20 free local militia, 60 locally raised troops, 10 Governor's Guard). More information about Weelond can be found in this post (soon). Check out the Weelond Index. Please post a link to any free-builds that take place in Weelond in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Weelond, post in this thread and fill out the web form.
  3. Oktoberfest confessional booth by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Padré Verroc, Temple of Zeus Mission, Breshaun Brother Verroc, I know you and I have had our differences - you've always been more of a carrot man, I prefer the stick - but I have a request, and I believe you're the only man who can help me. It's this damn "Oktoberfest" that's causing me concern. Drinking, debauchery, gambling, carousing, cavorting; this whole event is exactly the kind of behaviour that we came to Terra Nova to stamp out! Sure, we might expect this sort of thing from Sea Rats and Eslandolans, but I have it on good information that our own countrymen will be attending this festival. We must do what we can to reestablish the preeminence of the Faith in their hearts. I believe that a confessional booth in the town square might be an appropriate response. Let them know that the gods are always listening. I'm asking you to attend in my place since I have unfinished business here on the Île Zeus. I pray this missive finds you well. Padré François PS. Our betters require you to keep a detailed record of every confession you take, with names, transgressions and details recorded. If you pass them on to me, I will ensure they reach the right people.
  4. Cast iron is a valuable commodity in the islands. It's very expensive to ship iron from the mainland, so an iron foundry is an important part of a growing settlement. Here is the iron foundry in Weelond: The iron ore and charcoal needed for the blast furnace are kept in a storage house, near the furnace, but accessible from the street for easy delivery of the raw materials: The furnace is kept going for days on end without cooling down and reaches temperatures of nearly 2000 degrees (note the worker's protective facewear): When ready, a worker breaks the hole to allow the liquid iron to flow out: The molten iron flows into channels, where it cools... ... and is cast into ingots ("pigs") that can be used by blacksmiths to be formed into various items. Here piles of iron ingots can be seen in the background while a customer discusses delivery arrangements. A view from the street: Additional views: With the addition of this iron foundry, which will be licensed as a medium factory, Weelond is now a Large City! ---------- This was built and photographed by @Drunknok as my prize from his Merrynight challenge. I think he did an excellent job!
  5. The Church of Sol and Luna is a duotheistic religion that worships gods represented by the sun and the moon. Sometimes it is referred to as the Church of Two Coins, as Sol or the sun is represented by a gold coin and Luna or the moon is represented by a silver coin. Sol is highly regarded by farmers who depend on the sun for their crops to grow. Mariners tend to favor Luna, who controls the tides and provides the stars for navigation. While the assignment of a gold coin for Sol and a silver coin for Luna would appear to slight Luna, the two gods are of equal importance; the occasional eclipse is Luna’s way of reminding worshippers of that. Those from outside Eslandola might be shocked to learn that a principle teaching of the church is charity, as one should give thanks for each gold piece Sol provides by giving away a silver piece to honor Luna. While increased giving frequently occurs after an eclipse, the main holiday of giving occurs at the first full moon after the winter solstice. It is considered one of the holiest nights of the year in the church, honoring Luna and the charity she inspires. In the days between the solstice and the full moon, followers donate to local charities. On the night of the full moon -- Merrynight -- followers give presents to the needy and help feed the hungry. As a church member, Governor Guilder faithfully gives to the needy. With the full moon of Merrynight rising in the sky, Guilder, decked out in a green holiday suit, is busy at the Weelond orphanage. He has already delivered a large roasting bird and other food for a big holiday meal, and now he has a wagon full of more food supplies -- and other surprises for the orphans. Guilder directs his helpers to unload the wagon while, because he doesn’t want to flaunt his charity work publicly, he puts on a cap and fake beard to hide his identity from the kids. Inside, while some of the kids are still eating, the disguised Guilder hands out presents! The head mistress of the orphanage can’t recall seeing the children so happy, and is grateful the governor believes in the charity of Luna this Merrynight. --- The full build: Some additional pictures:
  6. Location: Weelond Type: Medium Educational The shouts echoed through the streets as a large crowd walked towards the library where the independent political movement was making campaign materials. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr Some were armed. Some were not. All were angry at the prospect of losing a seat that represented them. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr "We have to go now! They're at the door!" Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr The lead protester tried to kick the door in. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr A campaign staffer paused briefly to look at the door as they banged on the doors. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr They dropped their things and bolted out the back. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr With a cry of, "You idiot, the doors open the other way!" the protesters rushed in. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr One grabbed a candlestick and brought it down on the printing press. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr Outside, the city guard arrived, but were blocked by the protesters. Clearly, it would be a violent campaign season... FIN Thanks for viewing my build for Weelond. C&C appreciated!
  7. One of the signature sights of the Weelond coast are the windmills taking full advantage of the stiff breeze blowing in from the Sea of Storms. Last month I presented "Grist Mill #1"; this month I present the mill cleverly designated in the city ledgers as "Grist Mill #2". It is a post mill like the other one, but instead of the trestle supports being open to view, a roundhouse is built around the supports to serve as a storage area for grain to be milled or flour ready to be delivered. I originally planned on presenting the two windmills as part of one large scene, but I didn't have enough green plates to handle the terrain. But to show that I didn't reuse any of the first windmill, here they are together. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  8. Last year at this time tensions were running high in the Brick Seas, but this year there is much to celebrate. There is peace across the seas, and trade and adventure are resuming in earnest. There has even been the crowning of a soccer champion. What better way to celebrate than to pay a visit to the Weelond Octoberfest! Weelond’s annual Octoberfest celebration features food and drink, games and amusements, traditional/historical costumes, food and drink (did we mention food and drink?), and more. So regardless of where you’re from, come to Weelond and have some fun! Rules: Your entry should be at least 16x16 and showcase an activity at the Weelond Octoberfest. This can be a pub scene, a brewer or vendor at work or hosting visitors, stage performances, contests of skill, festivities on the market green, or whatever you can imagine, as long as the build is licensable as a property and pertains to the Weelond Octoberfest. You do not have to license your property, but the city of Weelond encourages you to do so. If you don’t participate in the EGS, you can also donate the property for the settlement to license if you wish. In addition to posting your entry in the forum (ideally with an [OCT] tag in the title), please post a link to your build in this thread and in the Weelond settlement thread. Entries must be posted by October 29. EDIT: Deadline extended to October 31. Prizes: Each entry will receive 25DBs, and you can enter as many times as you want. Entries will be judged in two categories: best story or character, and best build. Winners in each category will receive 300DBs, second place 200DBs, and third place 100DBs. An additional 50DBs will be awarded to the build that best exemplifies the architectural style of Weelond. Prizes will be awarded in November.
  9. One of the signature sights of the Weelond coast are the windmills built on a low grassy ridge, taking full advantage of the stiff breeze blowing in from the Sea of Storms. Here is one of those windmills, cleverly designated "Grist Mill #1" in the city ledgers.. Specifically, it is a post mill with an open trestle design. The grist mill grinds wheat into flour. It looks like several bags of flour are ready for delivery to the city market. The wagon driver takes time to give his horse a treat. His assistant doesn't look too pleased to be loading all the bags of flour into the wagon himself. Sheep commonly graze in the area, when they aren't grazing beneath the bastions of nearby Fort Weelond. The goat appears to prefer the wildflowers. Some more pics: --- I finally found the time to do some building! I wanted to try out the siding style Ayrlego used on one of his builds not too far back. There is a small gap at the top of the siding, and I had trouble with the hinges keeping the wall straight, but I'm happy with the result. I also wanted to represent the open trestle work realistically, and after a lot of experimentation, found something I'm very happy with. The sails turn, and the mill turns on the post as well. As for the terrain, I wanted to get more of a slope effect. It's not quite how I pictured it when I started, but I believe I used 99% of all the green plates I own! The sheep roaming free is common for the time period; fences were used to keep the animals OUT of yards, not in. That was something I wanted to portray in a build, and this was a perfect opportunity. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  10. The Surgeon had finally gotten his new clinic in Weelond, and the Octoberfest crowd had given him a running start. It was amazing what alcohol could bring out in people. Or rather amplified. Courage, heartache, foolhardiness. Sometimes all at the same time. The clinic had it's own garden where plants were grown for medicinal purposes. For a reduced fee, patients gets to try the latest experimental treatments. The octoberfest unfolded all over Weelond, a few had even found their way onto the Clinics property, much to the doctors dismay. Victor Servadac had provided the drawings for the clinic. Here is a detail shot of the top floor exterior. The inside was open and let in a lot of light. Using a lot of small glass panes was effective. And more importantly, cheaper than a few big windows. The war had pushed the innovation for medical tools, and even if some of them looks cruel, procedure time had become significantly shorter. Reconvalescence and observation of patients during, and after treatment is an important aspect of finding consistent procedures that works on a wide array of people. Some of what the clinic provides is hot water tank treatment for matters of the mind, eye patch treatment to get that pirate look, and hooks to replace misplaced hands. This is my 2017 Octoberfest minichallenge entry. I plan to license this as a medium education, given the nature of treaments provided.
  11. Well it is that time of the year again - the festivities in Weelond are in full swing!!! Schoolmaster Elliot from the 'Red School' takes some of his current pupils out into the streets to witness some of the festivities (and warn against excessive drinking....) There are many sights to see, staff from the nearby tavern deliver beverages to the revellers. A street performer from a far away land charms a deady cobra with his flute playing, a baker sells loafs of fresh bread and some Eslandolan musketeers keep order in the streets. -------- Able to be licensed as a medium property - could be either commercial or artisan... @Capt Wolf let me know which you prefer for Weelond's development!
  12. When the barrel runs dry during Octoberfest those folks from Weelond can turn to desperate measures - moonshine! In the cover of the night and in an abandoned warehouse, two pals set about brewing the liquid with a hired guard at the door. The fireplace heats the container full of squashed potatoes with the vapour travelling down the pipe and cooled. The process is repeated into the large barrel where the fake whisky is poured into other containers for consumption (or not, I've never made moonshine. Don't try this at home kids). The older man stokes the fireplace. "Keep on walking, pal" __________ A small build for the Annual Octoberfest mini-challenge. Now where's my 25 DBs? I'll probably license it as a small factory in Weelond
  13. Location: Weelond Type: Small Artisan Weelond stopover by North White, on Flickr The Crew of the WTC wandered the streets of the festive Weelond, home of the Oktoberfest. Brought about by some ancient tradition, minifigs from around the world traveled to Weelond to eat Pretzels, and get hopelessly drunk. Street venders sold all sorts of goods, But several members of the WTC found refuge on the roof of the bar their beloved leader was visiting. Weelond stopover by North White, on Flickr "Look, I know you're holding back. You were there, you can tell me what happened. So tell me what happened, Fatsidro." Said the Count Angrily. "I've alheady told you evyhing I know." Said Isidro, visibly annoyed. "I met you hih as a couhtisy." Said Isidro "What else do you know about the group? Even a Pawn knows somewhat of what's going on." Asked the Count Weelond stopover by North White, on Flickr "Not much I just was hihed to hihe a guy who hihed Thaum. I know not even theh name. But it is they who dehstoyed the Wolf's Blood." "And?" "If you come afta them, they will dehstoy you as well." He checked the scene nervously. "And they have eyes and eahs evhywhehe." Weelond stopover by North White, on Flickr "Well, if they can hear me, then I say bring it!" Said the Count FIN Thanks for viewing my oktoberfest entry. I don't think I emanated the Dutch style well enough but whatever. It used all my colourful bricks. C&C Appreciated
  14. In the street of Weelond, the Oktober Fest is going full swing A fire breather is doing the show ! reverse view : C&C welcome, it's only a LDD built for I have not very much time with many builts and many homeworks (plumbing, painting) that are in progress. Could be licenced as a small street tavern
  15. From the Weelond Herald, May 617... As reported in the King’s Port Advertiser, elements of the Mardier “Grey” fleet, after being driven from their blockade of Elysabethtown by our Garvian allies, assaulted Weelond for two days earlier this month. As all residents of Weelond know, the Mardierian fleet was no match for our city’s fortifications, which gave back a barrage as good as they got. What our good readers may not know is the role our governor and leader of the MCTC, Willem Guilder, played in the defense. Gov. Guilder was at Fort Weelond when the Mardier fleet sailed into the bay, and he was quick to organize defensive measures and order returning fire. The defenses were holding well when, alas, a lucky shot from one of the Mardier ships struck near the governor’s position. Initially there were fears that the governor may be mortally wounded. But have no fear, readers. An excellent surgeon from neighboring Bardo was on hand, and he tended to the governor immediately. Word we have received directly from City Councilman Aaron van der Meede, Governor Guilder’s right-hand man, is that other than the loss of a leg, the governor will be fine. The editors of the Weelond Herald wish Gov. Guilder a speedy recovery and hope to see him up and about soon. ----------- Guilder directing the defense of the fort: The lucky shot hits: The governor gives final orders before being taken to surgery: Aaron van der Meede receives an update from the doctor:
  16. Matthijs Honig had been carrying around this idea for a long time, but had been in need of financing. He had seen businessmen bankrupted by bad luck, while others had been blessed by unbelievable luck, and he believed there had to be a fairer way of distributing risk and reward. Recently, he had met a man called Ibn al'Sayeed, who had offered to finance his idea. And so, with 1.000 dbs backing from the Montoya estate, he had purchased an office in Weelond and set up shop. The first few captains were already approaching, and he was sure business would be brisk. The Weelond Insurance company will insure all trading vessels at 100 % of their license value in return for 1/3 of any trading proceeds. Warships are insured for 1/3 of licensing costs. Shipowners can sign up their ships until the publication of the MRCA results. The company will have its own accounts, but the Montoya Estate offers 1.000 dbs as security, should the business not be able to sustain itself. Please contact the insurance company for special deals on multiple vessels! So go ahead and sign up your ships in this thread. (Also, the build will be licensed as a small commerce.)
  17. Building ships, licensing properties, raising troops, and financing expeditions to find new islands are not cheap endeavors. And when you bring back all that gold from your latest expedition, where are you going to store it? In all of these cases, the Weelond Investment and Financial Exchange is here to serve you. The Weelond Investment and Financial Exchange is willing to help you with financing expensive endeavors, for a fee or a percentage of course. And the secure vault is a safe place for you to store your gold and other precious metals and gems. You could even make a small percentage of profit if you allow the Exchange to use your gold in its transactions, while your total deposit value is guaranteed. You can post banking inquiries here or PM Capt Wolf if you want to discuss things privately. The Exchange is located on a prominent street corner in Weelond. Today we see a wealthy adventurer concluding a deal with the banker. A ne’er-do-well hiding around the corner will be disappointed to discover that all of the adventurer’s gold is safely in the vault. About the build: This MOC started out as an experiment to see what I could do with a couple of those big roof pieces from a Harry Potter set. I’m happy with how I was able to extend the length of the roof, but the depth of the building is still very limited, so I added the rear extension for the vault. Turning it into an actual operating bank was a spur of the moment idea as I was working on the write-up. We’ll have to wait to see if I make a fortune or go broke! More pictures without the figures: Thanks for looking. All C&C (and banking inquiries) welcome!
  18. Events were moving quickly in Eslandola these days. The king had signed the magna carta, a colonial council was to be formed, and elections to that new governmental body were just around the corner. But where would the new Colonial Council meet? Gov. Guilder thought he had just the place. Weelond's lecture hall was not heavily used, and it was large enough to host large meetings. Although the meeting location of the new council was likely to rotate throughout the colonies, as Eslandola's oldest colony, Guilder thought Weelond was an appropriate location for the first council session. But where the council would meet was not Guilder's decision to make, so after he had the main hall prepared for the council. he invited several of Eslandola's prominent citizens to an unveiling of the renovated lecture hall. Hopefully they would approve of the Weelond lecture hall as a suitable first location for the new Colonial Council. Let's go in... The lecture dias was perfect for the Admius Legistrad, the council leader. Banners were hung on the back wall, flanking the crossed anchors relief behind the dias. MAESTRO representatives discussed matters... The large windows along the side walls let in plenty of light. Members of trade companies and independent traders engaged in lively conversation. The initial council would have seven delegations of three members each, although an eighth delegation was likely in the future. Desks for each council member were covered with green cloth, and provided an ink well and quill. No need for the unused desks to have an ink well, but one of the desks that is supposed to have one is missing it. Perhaps this fellow knows something about that. Here are a couple of pictures without the crowd: And a picture with the entry door attached: *********************** The hall was largely inspired by Independence Hall in Philadelphia. (I've been looking for an excuse to build it in Lego for several years.) The design for the top of the door frames was stolen from Bregir [edit: apparently I stole it from Oleander architects instead]; the design of the fireplaces was largely stolen from Garmadon. I hope my use of several Eslandolan sigfigs was acceptable to those involved. And since it's hard to classify just what property category "government" falls under, and given the backstory for the build as a lecture hall, I'm licensing the build as a large educational property. Besides, self-governance will certainly be a learning experience! Thanks for looking. All C&C welcome!
  19. To outsiders it might look like a tense time in Eslandola, what with the attack on the treasure fleet and the war with Mardier, but we also like to party. And that’s why Weelond’s annual Octoberfest celebration goes on as scheduled, featuring drink, food, games and amusements, traditional Eslandolan costumes (?!), drinking (did we mention drinking?), and more. So regardless of where you’re from, come to Weelond and have some fun! Rules: Your entry must showcase an activity at the Weelond Octoberfest. Your entry must be located in Weelond (post in the Weelond settlement thread). You must provide a link to your entry below. You must submit your entry by the 23rd of October, 12:00 PM, your time zone. Your entry must measure no more than 12 studs in width and length. There is no height restriction. Your entry may only have a minimal (2 stud) overhang. Only one prize maximum will be awarded per entrant. Prizes will be paid in November, not October. You may only submit a maximum of two entries. You must be a BoBS member to participate, but you can belong to any faction. Prizes: A panel of judges, including the leader of MCTC and the mayor of Weelond, will judge all entries and choose a select number of favorites to be exhibited on the front of this year’s Octoberfest poster. Two winning entries with be awarded 30 DBs each (one for Eslandola entries, and one for non-Eslandola entries). Every entry chosen for the Octoberfest poster will be awarded 10 DBs.
  20. Elostirion

    [ESL] Turtle Race

    The turtle race at the annual Weelond Octoberfest always was a lot of fun. Bella Cardena was the lady in charge of the event... Bets could be place, food could be bought and of course a lot of wine and beer was consumed as well. All for he fun of the people. And some money, of course. Those turtles had to eat, after all. Within a day Bella Cardena made more than many labourers made in a month. That was during Octoberfest, which lasted quite a few days. And the best thing was... Turtle Races in Weelond did not only take place in October. They actually did every Sunday and had made Bella quite a rich businesswoman. But someone else profited as well. Bella had a long-term contract with Román Fontonajo, who had helped her in her early days, when there were no turtle enthusiasts in Weelond. Román delivered food, wine, beer - and of course new turtles whenever they were needed.
  21. A juggler has been busy entertaining the attendees at Octoberfest in Weelond. The attendees come dressed in all sorts of historical outfits, though some of the folks are less inclined to participate in history and just come in their normal clothes. After refreshments, the juggler increased the danger of his act.
  22. The wild festivities of the Weelond Octoberfest also feature a Wet Corset Contest The contest was staged by "Shabby Boris" whose job it was to provide the required ballistic quantities of water. His friends were enjoying the show... ... and while the ladies, Penny and Amy were willing to join the frivolous activity ... ... Sergeant Filipe (member of the City Watch) was less amused. C&C welcome.
  23. Octoberfest is a great opportunity to undust skills and sports that have faded with time. Sword and shield fighting is not a skill used anymore in war, but there are those who still have it mastered. Octoberfest allows them the opportunity to compete once again.
  24. "Ach! What has he done?!" Governor Guilder was in shock when he read the dispatch from the King. "Withdraw all troops from the colonies? ... Prepare for an assault on Granoleon? Fernando has lost his mind! He'll sink us!" Governor Guilder had worked too hard to build up Eslandola's strength in New Terra. He had built Weelond into a large town, and he had been instrumental in planning Operation KMA. The king had done nothing about Mardier's continued assaults at sea, and now he wants to abandon everything, for what? A madman's dream? The trade companies would be ruined. Eslandola would be ruined. Governor Guilder thought about the dispatch from the king. Guilder did not want to disobey a direct order. But he would not abandon the colonies. After a few minutes, he called to his secretary. "Send word to muster the 1st company of the town militia. I want them ready for travel in one hour. I will inspect them prior to departure on the parade grounds." "Governor, what is happening?" "The king has gone mad. That's what's happening. Also send word for my personal guard to prepare for sea as well. And send word to the captain of the Sleeping Siren. She is to be our transport." And before his secretary could ask anything else, Guilder was out the door. The Governor made a beeline for the office of Aaron van der Meede. Now that Weelond was a large town, van der Meede was the logical choice for civil servant, and it was time for his civil service career to start; he would be acting mayor while Guilder was gone. Then Guilder went to the MCTC offices to look for Guy Wyndzon or Guy's uncle, but they were nowhere to be found. Guilder left word for Guy to meet him at the parade grounds. Guilder wondered if Guy hadn't heard the news yet. If he was out, he may not have seen the dispatch. Soon the hour had passed, and the militia company was formed up for review in front of Fort Weelond. "Captain." "Governor, what is happening? The street is abuzz with rumors of war ... with Oleon!" "I will fill you in once we're at sea, but I can tell you we are headed for Terelli, for a most dangerous mission." "The men will do whatever you command, sir." "I know, captain. That's why I requested the 1st militia company. This mission will need absolute loyalty. We must confront King Fernando before he ruins us all." Just then the Governor's personal guard unit arrived: The Governor's Musketeers, a platoon of the finest riders and marksmen on the island. Guilder thought about what lay ahead as his musketeers paraded by. King Fernando wanted troops recalled to Terelli, and so the Governor would abide. But he was not headed to Terelli to join an assault on Granoleon; Guilder was headed to Terelli to talk some sense into the king, by whatever means necessary. Guilder was loyal to the crown, but only as it served Eslandola. The king action's had broken the unwritten natural laws that make him a king. If Fernando could not see this, Eslandola would be lost, not on the battlefield, but in the hearts and minds of all her loyal citizens.
  25. Capitan Alonzo had been summoned to the Governor’s mansion. After his assignment on Ferro Azure, Alonzo was now in Weelond inspecting MCTC troops. When word came that Governor Guilder wanted to see him urgently, Alonzo reported immediately. “Capitan Alonzo, please come in. I have a most urgent assignment for you.” “What is it, sir?” “I believe you know Thaddeus Calvo, here, yes? He’s a rather well-known adventurer in certain social circles, especially after almost finding the fountain of youth. But I digress. Calvo has been working his Mardier contacts of late, gathering any intelligence he can in our war efforts. To this point all we’ve had are some unimpressive small encounters at sea--but even those have been few and far between of late--and there was the aborted land campaign in the Grand Duchy of Prio. But Calvo has found out that Mardier is claiming rights to the largest island in our new archipelago in the South Prio Sea! This is, of course, outrageous. Mardier cannot be permitted to establish a presence in the archipelago! Eslandola already has plans for a major trading post on the eastern island, and the trade companies are interested in the resources we believe are present on the western island. But the largest, central island, the Skaford Heights, could control the entire archipelago and the South Prio Sea if Mardier were to use it as a base of operations.” “I am at your service, Governor Guilder. Has Mardier started to fortify the island yet?” “No, Capitan Alonzo, Calvo assures me they have not. In fact, we don’t think they have any physical presence yet on the island, but we’re not taking any chances. The trade companies have united on this issue! Your work fortifying Salida Este was excellent, and we are confident of your ability in this new assignment.” “Thank you, Governor!” “Per the plan outlined in Operation KMA, you are to leave today with a company of troops to sail for the Nova Eslandola archipelago in the South Prio Sea. Captain Merker is preparing one of our fastest ships as we speak. Once there, you are to establish a fortified position on the natural bay on the south side of the main island, and await reinforcements. The other trade companies are sending men and resources as well, but if Mardier forces arrive before our other men, you are authorized to act as you see fit, including attacking any Mardier presence.” Alonzo rubbed his hands together in anticipation. He looked forward to seeing real action again. “Along with the reinforcements, Jerome Monezterell will also be arriving on the island soon to serve as mayor of the new settlement. When he arrives, you will report to him, but you will retain military command of the fort and our MCTC troops.” “Yes, sir,” said Alonzo. “Any questions, Capitan?” “Just one, sir. What does KMA stand for in the operation name?” “It really doesn’t mean anything officially,” said Gov. Guilder. “But I like to think it stands for “Kick Mardier’s … er … Assets!” And with that, Operation KMA had commenced. More to come…