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Found 32 results

  1. Settlement Name: Fuerte Unido Ownership: Crown Location: Isla de Victoria (Island 11) / Skaford Heights Mayor: Jerome Monezterell ( @Legostone ) Trade Value: 0 Who can own property in Fuerte Unido: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Fuerte Unido: Anyone. Fortifications: Large fort. Troops: As of Oct. 10, 617, there are 60 troops stationed here (two locally raised companies). Please post any free-builds that take place in Fuerte Unido in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Fuerte Unido, you must be someone (in some faction)! Post in this thread and fill out the web form. Location of Fuerte Unido: List of licensed properties in Fuerte Unido: Timeline of KMA (Kick Mardiers... eh Assets)/List of builds in the settlement: Receiving Orders | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola Landing in Enemy Territory | @Legostone | Eslandola Starting Camp | @Legostone | Eslandola | Medium Residence Farmer's Fortitude | @Elostirion| Eslandola | Medium Plantation Lumberjack | @Faladrin | Eslandola | Small Plantation Native Fishermen | @Faladrin| Eslandola | Small Commerce Prospecting build | @Kai NRG| Eslandola | Prospecting build Driving Mardier Back! | @TitusV | Eslandola Eslandolan PreFab Houses | @Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola | Small Residence Barracks | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | Small Residence He's a lumberjack and he's okay |@Legostone | Eslandola | Small Art and Culture Butcher | @Faladrin | Eslandola | Small Commerce Barbershop | @Maxim I | Eslandola | Small Artisan Residence of Zwardbaard | @Maxim I | Eslandola | Small Residence Fuerte Unido | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | Large Fort Deer Hunting | @Elostirion| Eslandola | Small Plantation Protests against the King |@Legostone | Eslandola | Small Education Battle of the Five Fleets and the fate of Captain Merker | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | Small Artisan Bluecoats visiting Fuerte Unido | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola Prospecting Scene | @Elostirion | Eslandola Stone Quarry | @Elostirion | Eslandola | Stone Mine Looking for new Adventures | @Bregir | Corrington Leaving War behind | @Bregir | Corrington | Medium Commerce March of the Grenadiers | @Ayrlego | Corrington Fell of the Marderian Fort | @Garmadon | Eslandola Soup Kitchen | @Sir Stig | Eslandola | Medium Artisan Silver Mine | @Kai NRG | Eslandola | Silver Mine The Fate of Captain Merker | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | small artisan
  2. Eslandolan Mercenaries at the Sea are marching towards the coast near Fuerte Unido on Isla de la Victoria in the Brick Seas. Those veteran mercenaries will soon set sail for Terraversa - neither for glory, nor for their families, nor for freedom. All they are in for is their decent pay. They are professionals through and through, veterans of many battles. Those troops will be licensed by MCTC. I tried to stick with the Fuerte Unido style as closely as possible. Posting Greencoats inbetween vegetation is actually not too easy. I hope the uise of olive green and lime green works out so that the greencoats are still clearly visible... The torsos are custom printed, and have both front and back. If anyone is interested I might share the files.
  3. Puerto Desafio, on Isla de Victoria, is growing quickly. Fuerte Unido may be the island's original Eslandolan settlement, but with the tireless efforts of Marquis Alkurda, the town of Puerto Desafio is quickly becoming the cosmopolitan center of the island. New residences are going up quickly. Evidence of this can be seen here, as a wealthy merchant and his socialite wife move into their new townhouse. . Another view: ----- This was my fourth build of the Thanksgiving holiday. It's basically a scaled down version of my Weelond Investment and Financial Exchange with less ornamentation and without the prefab roof. Just a quick build while I had some time and modest inspiration. Thanks for looking, and all C&C welcome.
  4. Name: Puerto Desafio Ownership: Eslandola Location: Isla de Victoria, Prio Sea Map: Geographical Features: Mostly jungle on the inside, this larger island boasts an excellent natural bay on its south side at the Island's thinnest point. The north-east coast, however is very shallow, and rife with sandbars. The south-west coasts are rocky, but host naturally occurring groves of citrus fruit. In the center of the island towers a tall volcano that occasionally shakes the Island.Rumors: The Natives of this Island fear the deeper waters to the south. While they are more than happy to sail their catamarans in the northern shallow water, they refuse to do so on the southern coast. Mayor: To be determined. Trade Value: 105 (?) Town Bank: 0 Who can own property at Puerto Desafio: As in most Eslandolan settlements, people of all cultures are welcome to live in Puerto Desafio. Who can freebuild in Puerto Desafio: Anyone Description: The burnt out remains Mardier left behind have put this settlement in a crisis situation. A lot of effort are put in to take care of those that have been left behind, all their lives effort reduced to ash. The damage Mardier did against their own as they fled, left the first troops speechless, and the construction of a royal fortress was first priority when they arrived. At first it would serve as housing to the desperate, as they awaited the heavy bombardment guns. The fortress would serve as a base for the restorative works. The style of which the rebuilding will take are yet to be determined, but Eslandolan architects are hard at work on it. Others such as Mr Henderson, had already thought ahead and established a rum distillery, which came in handy to help motivate the exhausted troops to find that last piece of (cask) strength. Builds in Puerto Desafio: Please help us out by posting your a link to your Puerte Desafio builds in this thread. To easy the bureaucracy, it is nice if you mention which size it is. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 27/31 Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town' Required for Level 4 'Large Town': 4 of anything. Residences: 4 small residences (4 points) Factories: 1 large (3 points), 1 small (1 point) Artisans: 2 medium (4 points) Commerce: 1 Large warehouses (3 points), 1 small (1 point) Art and Culture: 1 small (1 point) Educational: 1 small (1 point) Plantations: 1 medium Citrus (2 points), 1 small Kiwi (1 point) Mines: Forts: 1 Royal Fort (5 points) (1 out of 1 available) Troops: One battalion (90 men) of faction troops. Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds: Trade Value and settlement points may be inaccurate. I have counted as if they are licenced.
  5. Really not much to say here. My small contribution to the Brickwall Memorial Park. Sorry for the delay of the post, I misinterpreted my fellow Eslandolans posting process and thought we wouldn't hvae separate threads. Pic has been up on flickr for quite a few days. :-)
  6. The evacuation has begun and the people of Malto has gathered at the docks to be shipped out. Most of the populace is anxious to leave and is eagerly pushing and showing to board the boats that are to take bring them aboard the awaiting vessels. Corlander troops are struggling to maintain order, unaccustomed to such temperamental people. Despite Eslandian promises, many Maltoans are still worried that staying will mean risking prosecution and plunder, which has raised their Mardierian tempers somewhat. However, all in all, they are grateful to the Corlanders and willing to listen, so sofar, no serious incidents have arisen. One of the waiting vessels is the Red Friar, an ancient cog of Balondian origin, and the first of the transit boats is just reaching her now, with the captain and don Isaac Montoya ready to welcome the refugees aboard. The Red Friars are an order of sea-borne monks from Balondia, formerly of great importance to the Balondian navy. However, their warlike nature has long since been forgotten (or so it is said) and now they sail the seas as merchants, raising money for charitable purposes. Their ship, aptly named "The Red Friar", was one of the last Balondian warships built before cannons made their debut as the primary offensive weapon of naval combat. This becomes evident in the fore and aft platforms well suited for archers or crossbowmen, with shields mounted for cover. The monks has kept her as good as new by continual care, and she is one of the last of her kind to still sail the seas. While old fashioned and slow, she is a very stable sailor, even in rough seas, and will ensure a safe and comfortable journey to Alicentia for the refugees. As always, C&C is welcome. It was fun to build a ship of a different era.
  7. Capt Wolf

    Food for refugees

    The aftermath of war is ugly, and the latest war between Mardier and Eslandola was no exception. In spite of the honorable ceasefire and Mardier's negotiated retreat off the island, Mardier employed a scorched earth policy as a final gesture against Eslandola. Sadly, the only real effect this had was to impoverish the citizens left behind. Their own country had betrayed them, and a rogue captain who apparently wasn't done fighting the war hid their plight from the Eslandolans in a political power play. But his subterfuge was now revealed. Eslandola had been busy taking care of refugees from all over the island as they flocked to Puerto Desafio, but now Eslandola was sending foodstuffs and other needed items to the former Mardierian settlement of Malto, the remaining symbol of Mardierian cruelty. Here we see one of the Eslandolan relief volunteers delivering goods to a needy refugee family, whose house has been destroyed by Mardier's scorched earth retreat. They are happy to see the Eslandolans, as it is obvious they have nothing to fear.
  8. Gov. Guilder made his way along the dock to greet his fellow Eslandians. "Secretary Bowditch! Captain Whiffo! I hope you had fair seas for your trip. Welcome to Puerto Desafio, and thank you for getting to Isla de Victoria so quickly." "Yes, yes, we had favorable winds," replied Eslandola's Secretary of State. "So, what is the current state of affairs up north?" "Montoya has sent us the Corrie demands, and I have replied with our positions on the matter. I have a carriage waiting to take us up the road to Malto. We have agreed to meet in no-man's-land." "Give me five minutes with that Montoya fellow and he'll see the light!" bellowed Capt. Whiffo. "Perhaps we should keep the good captain in reserve, so to speak," Guilder suggested softly. "Yes, I see your point," replied Bowditch. "He's sort of a human powder keg, isn't he?" "Far in reserve..." added Guilder. Bowditch chuckled. "Yes, let's keep the match away from the powder." Bowditch turned to Whiffo. "Captain, would you be so good as to liaison with Mayor Alkurda and see how he's doing with the building programs here in Puerto Desafio?" "Certainly! I'll whip things into shape here in a jiffy!" replied Capt Whiffo loudly. "There, that's a win right off the bat," declared Bowditch. "Yes, quite so," replied Guilder with a grin. As they walked to the carriage, Guilder paused momentarily to rub his leg. "Pardon me. I'm still getting used to the pegleg." "Quite alright, Willem. You've acquired quite a memento from the war." "Yes, and I don't plan on getting another one." They resumed walking to the carriage, and Guilder continued. "There has been a recent development in Malto." "Do tell." "We may have been wrong about that Lorenzini fellow. My man Calvo has been up there snooping around, and it doesn't appear he had anything to do with the destruction of the Corrie ship." "Interesting..." Bowditch trailed off in thought. "Back home, Lord Damaximus is singing Lorenzini's praises. He thinks he is the key to our negotiation." "I wouldn't disagree. We need to find out more about him. I have Calvo on it. If Lorenzini is on the up and up, as Montoya claims, this might not be too hard to settle." "Let's hope so," replied Bowditch. "Here, let me help you into the carriage." And the journey over rough roads to Malto began...
  9. Another property for Puerto Desafio: a post mill to grind grain into flour. This will be licensed as a small factory. When we first starting discussing the microbuild prizes from Challenge V, Captain Braunsfeld asked "you mean, like, no more than 8 pieces?" or something like that. So for this microbuild I decided to see if I could in fact make it with only 8 pieces. Alas, with the technic pin that holds on the sails, it uses 9 pieces. So close! All C&C welcome!
  10. After the war, Eslandola had taken full control over "Isla de Victoria", which now had started to deserve its name. Román Fontonajo had ordered his men to take one of the now deserted old warehouses, renovate it, and start the one thing that actually is Eslandola: Trading! Small Commerce, activated as challenge-reward via microbuild.
  11. In order to alleviate the lack of ceremonies after becoming a constitutional monarchy, Marquis Alkurda used the opportunity to present a gift to Captain Whiffo, as a token of gratitude that he stopped by. Alkurda knew the power of rituals, and even though he was very fond of his grandfathers sword, he did not have anything else of value close at hand. Despite his many years walking this earth, he had still not learned foresight. It was the hardest skill to learn of them all. Captain Whiffo was slightly put of by this gest. "Why would anyone give away something for nothing?", he though to himself. "Oh, well, it's free" he thought, almost letting go of the steam that had built up these last couple of days. "It says "Made in the Molokei Empires" on the hilt", Captain Whiffo said aloud as he noticed it. "You know as well as me, that we have been traders for longer than most can remember, so it is no wonder that we have connections all over the known world. This particular sword was made before they got a bad reputation for producing things cheap for us. Their craftmanship is remarkable, but the wages are far less for the same job. If we could only get the same wages for sailors, we could rule the world.Our sources say that lifes are not as much worth there as in our civilized part of the world. We have many many opportunities there. I know have many connections there, and know a lot of people. In fact, I know all of them." Presenting the sword After Alkurda had presented the sword, it was time for the entertainment. The fool played his role well. His inspiration had set the foundation for that (by instruction of the Marquis). Fool walks in with angry words and false flags Captain Whiffo seemed to be enjoying himself. So the fool tried to play a trick on them. He presented a newly crafted deck of cards, and said "Pick 5 cards, any card at all. Do not look at them until I say so.", the fool beckoned them. Pick a card, any card Then he shuffled the remaining cards behind his bak and drew 5 card himself, apparently at random. "Look at that, my four of a kind beats your house." the fool said. The Cheating Fools last trick "Ehm... I have a few objections to that", Marquis Alkurda objected. "First of all I drew my cards from a new deck. If you look at my hand I have two aces. Hearts and Spades. How come you have a ace of hearts and a ace of spades on your hand? Reason tells me you are playing this hand using dirty tricks and subterfuge in order to put me in a bad position. It would seem like that at first glance, but you are cheating. So this will unfortunately be your last trick as a fool against Eslandola." Captain Whiffo picked up on the que, and shot in "You entertained us well, but your tricks and showmanship can not alter the rules of the game, I will never see this fool perform on Elsandolan soil, ever again.". "It seems we are of same mind, Captain", Alkurda responded. " I shall see to it that he never tries to fool any other Eslandolans, or we have to contact the actors guild and inform them of the new taxes we are thinking of implementing. I am sure they would appreciate the information". The fool went away, with his tail between his legs. World is watching A messenger from the WGO-ESL veteran company, entered the room and informed the party that their troops had been denied entry to Nova Malto, but the medics were allowed inside, and that peace talks were ongoing. "What, peace talks? What for? We already have peace." Captain Whiffo exclaimed. "The human condition is a hard one to understand. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way. Sacrifices must be made. But in this particular matter, we are not the ones that have to give in. We have done all we can. It is all up to the Corries if they want to get out alive or not." the Marquis assured him. One way or the other What he did not tell anyone, was the struggle he had with his own conscience. One side of him said " Let it go, let Corrington dictate the rules. Let it go, Let it go. Why can't we be friends?" while the other side beckoned him to act on his impulses: "Make them pay. They did this to us for no reason. Give them their own medicine. Let there be bloooooooooooooooooooooooood!" Paaarty Of course we didn't kill the fool. We just withdrew his license to perform in Eslandola. What do you think we are? Savages? Even savages behave when they are only visitors on another countrys land. We fought for our right to party, and reserve the right to excempt anyone that is not in a party mood, Luckily, for the fool, he turned in time, and found out that the Beer Weelond had sent had the desired effect of strengthening morale and honesty became easier the more he drank. Before he knew it he had regained common sense, and saw the error of his ways.
  12. Previous part: another belated party Wether the Royal Engineers were inside or outside Malto, those rumours can not be confirmed nor denied. Time will tell... Anyway, the Royal Engineers helped where they were really needed. The officers turned an old estate just outside Malto to their new headquarters to co-ordinate the aid. The name "Palacio De Desarollo Regional" literally means "Palace of Regional Development". A quick build, C&C is welcome :)
  13. The war between Mardier and Eslandola had devastated the Mardierian city of La Puebloto. Much of the fighting happened in and around the city. As such, civilians fled to other settlements on the island, mainly the former Terra Fin Tin, long ago. Now the city is in ruins, and there is no one here. However, lest anyone think Eslandola has overlooked any needy refugees, Eslandolan troops have rebuilt a small Mardiedrian watchtower on an abnormally rocky (for this bay) piece of the coast. It probably served more as a warning to sailors to stay clear of the hazard than anything else, but Eslandolan troops now man the tower and make sure no refugees are overlooked in La Puebloto. Eventually they hope to rebuild the city. --- A quick build to address the current situation on Isla de Victoria. It will be licensed as a small fort. The tower began life as a Kingdoms set, but has been greatly modified. All C&C welcome.
  14. As soon as the Battle hardened White Glove Order veterans heard about the disaster in Malto, they set pace towards Malto. Attention! Forward! March! They had been hold up because of Mardiers scorched earth tactic. It was a horrible sight throughout the island. Whatever damage Mardier had done to Eslandola, they had done worse against their poorest. And now to hear that someone have sabotaged humanitarian aid. They arrived at Malto at dawn, to assist and relieve the humanitarian effort, and appreciate the help in these dire times.
  15. Major Oupsey-Daysington smells something fishy Major Oupsey-Daisington had taken a place in the sun, obviously a warrior tribe chair. He was enjoying his afternoon cocktail when he suddenly smelled something fishy. A group of natives fishers came walking in line towards his chair. They were part of the Mehuãtajir tribe. in Eslandola they were known for their fishing and trading skills. Major Oupsey-Daysington It seemed a girl was trying to explain that they offered him fish in subservience. But that was not the case. She was trying to explain that he sat upon the sacred ceremonial master fishers chair. The chair that was only to be sat in by the best fisher in the village. Natives trying to explain their culture to the Corlanders Major Oupsey-Daysington didn't understand a thing and conferred with his lieutenant, who tried to explain the situation, "She seems to be annoyed by our presence, we must go back and get reinforcements stat. Mind you, she is wearing a crown. The only kind of authority we respect, remember". Counting the score While the Mehuãtajir tribe determined who had gotten the biggest fish the Corlanders left silently. As you can see the Mehuãtajir tribe uses a wide array of fishing tools, and know all the different fish types are around the island. Major Oupsey-Daysington could swear something still smelled funny after they left to regroup. And his hat was soaked after laying on the wet beach. Feliz Natividad And lastly, a Mehuãtajir family painting, with the cather of the biggest fish on her rightful throne. Small culture build.
  16. Malto was the smallest of the three Mardierian settlements on Isla de Medio and the one least visited by the upper classes. The negligence and arrogance of the Mardierian elite early on resulted in enmity and some degree of silent unrest from the main populace. During the recent war with Eslandola, Malto has suffered heavy shelling from both field artillery, mortars, and warships, as well as some Garveyan bomb vessels, which has left many of the buildings scarred and damaged. Additionally, as the Mardierian army evacuated, many buildings and stores were set ablaze to avoid anything of value falling into the hands of the enemy. This scorched earth policy served to sow further discontent from the populace, main parts of which were both unable and unwilling to flee to other Mardierian colonies. While the smallest and most plebeian of the cities, its strategic location has made it the main harbour of the Mardierian colony. Fearing reprisals from their new Eslandolan overlords, and the natives who the Mardierian forces are said to have savagely repressed, former Maltoan citizens and refugees from the other settlements have gathered in the ruins of Malto on the north of the Island. Their homes and crops burned, they are left with no where else to go. Former Mardierian Captain Giovanni Lorenzini, foreseeing the plight of his fellow countrymen before the Mardieran withdrawal, has deserted the Mardierian army and now attempts to safeguard his people. Feeling abandoned by Mardier, and fearful of Eslandola, he has turned to the Empire of Corrington for help. Much concerned about the civil rights and safety of the refugees, the crown of Corrington has set in motion Operation Pax Corlandia. This operation aims to establish an independent neutral zone on Isla de Medio in which those disowned by their former masters can seek safety from political prosecution, starvation, looting, and the elements, and establish a peaceful existence. Established on the ruins of Malto, it will be known as Nova Malto. To secure the status of the settlement, significant forces have been committed, both naval and army, most notably a full regiment of the Queen's Mardierian Legion, who has been selected as suitable to protect a populace mainly consisting of former Mardierian citizens. Marching in by Christian West Passing two damaged buildings a section of Corlander troops is being celebrated by the locals and refugees as liberators on their way towards the main square, where the following statement will be read out: "People of Malto, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Anetta of Corrington, hereby declares the settlement of Nova Malto and the surrounding territories neutral ground and extends the full protection of her armed forces, navy and army, to its continuing existence. However, putting aside narrow gains, Nova Malto shall remain independent of the Crown and under its own governance, by the office of a locally elected governor, answering only to the citizens. The governor will be required to act within the stipulations set down in this statement and its accompanying treaties to secure continued neutrality and perpetual attendance to the civil rights of the populace. Nova Malto will remain open for any refugee or settler of any nation, unless explicitly deemed a threat to the neutrality and safety of the settlement. Refugees will be offered the same security and convenience as existing citizens. Until elections can be held, Captain Giovanni Lorenzini will hold the office of governor, his most important task being organising the relief efforts in cooperation with Corlander forces, and consequentially to hold proper and fair elections to either affirm his mandate or find a successor. Her Majesty will be watching developments carefully to ensure all obligations are fulfilled to her satisfaction. To ascertain it so neutrality, Nova Malto shall refrain from raising any military forces, including, but not limited to, militia, irregular forces, or naval assets. A reasonable constabulary force is excepted from these rules. Security will be ensured by the continued presence of a permanent Corlander garrison, currently commanded by Major William Bradley, as well as the additional naval and army assets necessary at any point in time. As a neutral protectorate of Corrington, the port of Nova Malto will be perpetually open to vessels of all nations. Visiting warships will be moored under the guns of Nova Malto to safeguard against any hostility, and shore leave will be strictly regulated to ensure a minimum of trouble. The Governor, the commandant, and the Crown of Corrington each reserves the right to, at any given time and without explanation, to deny any vessel or person access to the port, or any communications with shore, should it be deemed necessary to uphold the neutrality and safety of the territory and its citizens, and to take any measures consistent with its charter to ensure its continued existence. Her Royal Majesty grants her best wishes for the safety and well-being of the citizens of Nova Malto and trusts that you will hold the ideal and principles on which it has been established in the highest regard, serving as an example for others to follow. To relieve you of your immediate troubles, vessels are, as we speak, unloading provisions and medical supplies, offered directly from her Majesty's Royal stores. Long live Nova Malto. Long live the Queen." However, words are not sufficient to alleviate the hardships of war. Elsewhere in Nova Malto, Corlander troops are already hard at work. The Mardierian army left almost nothing intact when they withdrew the Isla de Medio, burning settlements and crops, destroying all critical infrastructure and taking anything of value they could carry. One of the most immediate tasks for the Corlander troops deployed on Operation Pax Corlandia is the provision of basic necessities to the remaining population. They have started on two of the most pressing priorities for the fledgling refugee camp at Nova Malto; access to clean drinking water and food security. Repairing the Well by Ayrlego Drinking water for the settlement of Malto had been serviced by a series of wells that draw uncontaminated water from deep aquifers underground. Mardierian troops had smashed these wells and attempted to foul them by dumping debris in them. Here a section of Royal Marines clears and repairs one of the larger wells. Ploughing the Fields by Ayrlego Re-establishing crops will take longer, but work has already began on ploughing and planting fields that had been allowed to go fallow due to the conflict. Here Royal Marines are assisting a farmer and his young son plough and plant a field with corn. BurnedOut3 by SilentWolf Legos In addition to water and food, shelter was another necessity for those left behind. The destruction by fire had been severe in some parts of the town and countryside. BurnedOut1 by SilentWolf Legos However, some of the building had not suffered structural damage. Boarding up a few windows and roofs would enable some of the scorched houses to be used as temporary residences even if a bit smoky. BurnedOut2 by SilentWolf Legos The troops are busy getting houses prepared for temporary residences as well as aiding in bringing the belongings of the refugees to their new abodes. More buildings will need to be constructed soon...
  17. Near the Harlin's river mouth, The Doctor invested some doubloons to save a little but productive kiwi plantation and a small tumbledown cottage. C&C welcome Thanks to Eslandola for the small property.
  18. While exploring the area around Puerte Citrus Plantation. We had already been wondering why the Marderians that lived here before rarely ate anything else - now we had our answer. Seeing the usefulness of these fruit, we quickly sent out a crew of workers to keep the plantation running. We'll probably put them to use on our ships, not go on a diet based purely on them though... Medium Plantation, activated as a Challenge Reward via microbuild
  19. Settlement Name: La Puebloto Ownership: Eslandola Crown Location: Isla de Victoria Mayor: TBD Trade Value: 0 Who can own property in La Puebloto: Anyone. Who can freebuild in La Puebloto: Anyone. Fortifications: One small fort. Please post any free-builds that take place in La Puebloto in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in La Puebloto, post in this thread and fill out the web form. Location of La Puebloto:
  20. Capt Wolf

    Fort Brickwall

    With the war against Mardier concluded, Eslandola quickly fortified its new settlement of Puerto Desafio (at the site of the former Terra Fin Tin) with the construction of Fort Brickwall. Named for the many great war heroes from the Brickwall family, the protection radius of this royal fortress covers the entire island, as well as Trador and Otoño . It was fun building a microbuild royal fortress. I didn't have enough 1x1 gray tiles to finish it off the way I wanted, but I'm still happy with how it came out. All C&C welcome!
  21. Montoya's last location: Nova Terreli, Nellisa During his visit to Terreli, a disconcerting letter arrived from Lady Elysabeth on Isla de Victoria. My dear Lord Montoya, Ever since that duel, I have regarded you as a friend of my house. Though the relations between our two nations have coolled down, which has made our contacts less fequent, I still regard you as an ally of mine. Undoubtly, you have heard of the recent military actions taken by my nation. I myself am fighting in the frontlines, and I can say you: the fighting is heavy. We still encounter more Mardierans every day, and recently our scouts have heard rumours of not one, but three Mardieran settlements. These are heavily protected, and the casualties at both sides are high. Tough I know that your nation view us as the agressors, and have taken steps in the blue direction, this is about human lives. Since I know from first hand experience the wonders your medical knowledge can achieve, I hereby ask you, no beg you, to come help me. Yours sincerely, Elysabeth Therefore, Montoya has lead a group of medical and surgical gentlemen of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy on a mercy mission to bring Corlander medical knowledge to the battlefield. Principally against getting involved in politics, the mercy mission is treating all casualties, regardless of nationality, without prejudice. Only the nature of your injury will decide your treatment. Montoya is leading the mission, and has been joined by several surgeons and physicians, as well as his research assistant, young Mr. Baker. While mainly a mission of compassion and mercy, the chance to further the medical sciences through hands-on experimentation and the ability to test the newest treatments might also have helped motivation. After all, why not take this chance to improve the world for generations to come? C&C is, as always, welcome! :)
  22. "Mr. Gardener!" Montoya exclaimed, delighted to see his old shipmate. "Doctor! How pleasant to see you well!" the young man replied, his voice carrying over the crack of sails and rigging. "In fact, it is lieutenant now. And, should you wish to oblige me immmensely, you could call me captain, being in command of this here fine vessel!" "Captain Gardener it is, then - And what a prodigiously fine little ship she is!" "Indeed she is, although some may call her a yacht, rather than a ship, not being ship-rigged... But a wonderful sailer, nonetheless." Gardener said with a smile. "Bah, you sailors and your jargon!" he said, shaking his head. "How is the wind for Celestia?" "As sure as your hand during surgery, Doctor! Hop on board just this moment and we will be right off. Been lying to here for long enough now!" Montoya had long since had enough of the fighting on Isla de Medio, or Isla de Victoria, as the Eslandians seemed to call it, and as the field hospital was established and would function without his participation, he had written to Cooke to have transport arranged. And while it had taken some time, Cooke had arranged for the Pioneer, under the command of his former midshipman, now Lieutenant, Gardener, to pick up Montoya on its way to Celestia. As it happened, the Pioneer was despatched to bring supplies and mail to Major Allcocks expedition on Celestia, whereafter it be at Allcocks command to support the expedition in any way he may wish. Montoya was happy to leave. Eslandian and Marderian wounded alike all seemed confident on victory, and the battle would be bloody. He was tired of war, and rumours of both Marderian and Garveyan (on the side of Eslandola) reinforcements suggested an escalation of the conflict. Soon, it would be full blown war. The diplomatic grapevine was buzzing with tension. The Pioneer is a yacht, a swift and manoeuvrable fore-and-aft rigged vessel type recently developed in Altonia. Adept at sailing close to the wind, low draught, and easy to handle even by a small crew makes it perfectly suited for running communications both inshore and on the open seas. Several of the type has been commissioned by the Crown for the National Surveyor, the service in charge of charting the territorial waters of Corrington. Apart from small-arms, it is unarmed, not intended for warfare. On board, in the cabin, young Gardener asked Montoya a curious question. "Who was that fellow?" "Who?!" "Did you not notice the man behind the bushes? A native, it seemed..." Montoya was leaving from a small pier just outside the Fuerte Unido city wall. He wouldn't be sad to see the island disappear below the horizon, once more devoting himself to the natural sciences. ___________________________________________________________________________ A fun build, and one of my favourite landscape builds ever. Rigging the yacht did obscure most of the build, though, which is why you get a "ship-free" picture. The yacht is a class 2 F, under the current nomenclature, and may or may not be licensed. If the greenies want the property licensed, let me know. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  23. Each morning, Don Isaac Montoya wanders to the shore of Isla de Medio to look out for ships carrying the Corlander standard, before returning to the field hospital to care for the wounded of the Eslandola-Mardier conflict. He is longing to leave the conflict behind, and with the hospital now up and running, he is ready to move on towards new horizons. Having received word from his friend and fellow of the Royal Society, Dirk Allcock, of a planned expedition to explore Cascadia and Celestia in the Prio Seas rumoured to be a treasure trove of scientific discovery, Montoya is looking to leave the tragedy and tedium behind and again engulf in the pursuit of science.
  24. Sour Prospects have indeed turned sour and revealed nothing but some solid stones for construction works. Fontonajo's men have set up a stone quarry and are now supplying Fuerte Unido on Isla de Victori. My very first attempt at LDD...
  25. The first phase of Operation KMA was coming to an end, and it had been a complete success. Eslandolan forces had established a strong presence on Isla de Victoria, preventing Mardier from occupying the island first. The settlement of Fuerte Unido had settlers from all three trade companies and was already a sizable town. And now Capitan Alonzo could relax, if just for a moment, and recognize the job of his troops in finishing so quickly the construction of the actual fort that gives Fuerte Unido its name. They had started with the barracks, but were able to quickly build a fully enclosed compound, with a sizable blockhouse at one end and two small round bastions at the corners flanking the entrance to the fort. Yes, the fort was triangular, the three sides representing Eslandola's three trade companies. The men were already falling into the routine of life in the fort. Wall sentries watched intently for any Mardier incursion. Alonzo and Felipe, his second in command, reviewed one of the platoons. With the fort functional and the town protected, Operation KMA could now move on to its next phase. * * * Additional pics: As always, all C & C welcome!