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Found 14 results

  1. The journey of Parzival Chapter II, part III The Goat-farmer Previous Chapter - Chapter II, Part II - The Dream hapter They walked on north in the desert to get to the Akbri River. The walked away from trails and such so they could keep hidden. Crow had noticed spies on the trails in the area. Some of them with the "eye of maruu" sign. So they had to lay low and avoid people. Z walked closer to Pointy to have a talk. -" I'm glad we all made it out from that alive" Z said -" Me too! Was it all luck? Because it felt like all of us had some kind of combat training or such. It feels so strange with this fuzzy feeling in my head. It's like the head is full of cotton. I can sometimes get pictures in my head that are reminiscent of memory pictures. But they are so fragmentary that it's hard to tell if it's fantasy or not. -" I really know the feeling. But the strange thing was that I had a fairly convincing dream right before the attack. It was like a memory from my youth. I was hunting with some others, and they called me lord. And just as I was going to shoot my bow there was a bright and colourful bird right in front of me. It warned me about the attack. And when I woke up Crow was talking to me. So strange.`` "- So was Crow interrupting the dream?" "- Well… it kind of felt like that" Z said as he shrugged. The surroundings were a lush forest, and it felt like home. Maybe Tabib was right. My home is to the north in Avalonia. It feels right somehow. "- When you say it like that, I feel the same. This warm and bare landscape does not feel like home at all. I feel kind of naked under the sun. A forest with big trees feels more at home. (A MOC done by Andreas Lenander (Adde51) with my figs) A bit from the main road was a small white house with green domes on top. A few goats were grazing around the house of the meager vegetation. -" We should stop here and ask for directions." Hooves said. -" That's a great idea. But everyone must be alert as we do not know if the residents of the house are friendly." Pointy said. Hammer walked to the house and knocked at the wall beside the entrance. A man with black clothes and a brusque appearance came out of the house with a pitchfork in his hands. He seemed ready for anything. -" What do you want?" He asked. -" I'm sorry if we disturb you in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest. We want nothing more than a little advice on which path to take. We are on our way to the Akbri river. But we do not know the best path there." Z said as gently as he could -" I'm sorry about my rough approach. But there have been so many strange people and creatures around lately. You don't know what you'll find at your door. I'll help you with some advice. But I'm sorry that I can't help with water or supply. It is the dry season so I barely have enough for myself and my goats. Akbri river is quite close actually. Only a half day's walk to the north. There is a small village by the river there. If you keep walking you'll be there before dark. They have water there. -" We are really thankful for your help. We don't have anything to give you for your help. -" It's alright. But be sure to get there before the sun goes down. There are many bands of thieves and evil forces that thrive in the dark around here. Take care!" The man said and walked into his house again. -" Thanks for the help." Z said. The crew started to walk to the north, eager to get to the river before dark.
  2. Here is Thor's Chariot inspired from both mythology and comics. The chariot is pulled by his two magical goats, Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher. While Thor normally uses Mjolnir to fly he can summon his chariot particularly when he needs to transport his companions or traverse long distances between the realms. TCs 4 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 7 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 8 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 3 by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  3. Brick Charlie

    The Farmer's Van

    Please let me introduce you my latest creation, the farmer's van. This car and the minifigure tools will be the part of a larger countryside layout. Despite that, I think the van, the chicken coop and the large variety of minifigure utensils make a whole separately. So I decided to start a LEGO Ideas project. You can check it here: If you like the idea, please support it. If you share it, please use #bringbacktheLEGOgoat hashtag. Provide fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and eggs to the citizens of your LEGO city with this ultimate farmer starter pack! Ensure that everyone can get healthy organic food from you – a trustworthy local producer. This idea includes: The farmer’s car with opening doors and with enough space for two minifigures. A large food supply: carrot, asparagus, apple, cherry, egg and milk in bottle. Two chickens with their house. The farmer and his daughter. Last but not least, a free-range goat, an original LEGO goat. Yes, we really should #bringbacktheLEGOgoat ! Behind the ide: Do we know what we eat day by day? Eating quality food and knowing its source are getting difficult nowadays. As a conscious consumer, I want to highlight the importance of locally produced organic food and promote it with a nice LEGO set. Furthermore, as a LEGO fan, I wanted to create a set idea that contains a lot of food minifigure utensils and the legendarily hard-to-find LEGO goat. The goat in the pictures was lent by my friend – I don’t have one either! :) Thank you for your feedback and support. You can check the pictures in large resolution on my flickr gallery:
  4. RoxYourBlox

    Billy Goat's Steamboat

    I designed and built my latest Lego vehicle, “Billy Goat’s Steamboat,” for Eurobricks’ bonus collaboration, “The Great GOAT Boat Race,” displayed at Brickworld Chicago 2019. The steamboat is my first boat MOC since childhood. There were no rules for this collab except that it had to be a boat featuring a goat. The hull was modified from an earlier MOC, Joker’s Blimp (lower right), but in place of cross axle supports inside, I used 11x11 quarter gears (upper right), anchored apart by a couple layers of plates to hold the shape. Underneath there are wheels to easily move the boat, however the total weight kept Billy Goat’s boat from gathering enough steam to move from the pair of independently rotating PF-enabled paddle wheels. Oh well, such is the the typical pitfall of designing entirely in LDD prior to testing with real bricks. Billy Goat’s Steamboat was nominated for Best Sea Vessel at Brickworld Chicago 2019.
  5. Starting from their house in Jameston, Juan Alfonso Fontonajo and his expedition had travelled into the inlands of Celestia. Their journey through the verdant and often humid jungles, up the mountains, had come with a lot of struggle. Fortunately, their company had been saved from harm of any sort, except some minor scratches from vines, or some bites from mosquitos. The trees had become smaller and smaller, and the jungles less dense and less wet, the higher they had come. That was somewhat relieving, and also gave great sight onto the lands around them and all the secrets they might be able to unveil. Yesterday they had followed some strange sounds, only to find that those were coming from two goats, running up and down the steepest rocks as if they were the most even grassland. Luca do Fignio raise from his daydreams and kept writing his report to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. "... must be the most astounding animals I have met in my entire life. I would tend to call them mountain goats but am afraid that simple name will not do their skills justice. A slope full of lose rocks may descent almost vertically, yet still those small runners will be able to just run it down, without ever doubting or without ever stumbling in the slightest. I do not see how a tiger, a jaguar or any other of the wild cats that are rumoured to wander the jungles of both Cascadia and Celestia - and rumoured I say because I will yet have to see one myself - might ever be able to catch pray on one of the mountain goats." "The small yellow frogs still leave me confused. I assume the first one I have seen must have been at a height of what I approximate to be roughly 2000 ft. above both Jameston and the sea level, not calculating the impacts circularity of Terra, which, for a rough estimation as mine, would not account for much anyway. The frequency in which we saw those frogs increased with increasing height, however we have never seen more than one in the same spot. Some of my companions have joked that it is the same frog following our ascent, but I highly doubt this. Neither does this frog make loud noises, nor did it show any other signs of special skills or treats, that would differentiate it from normal frogs. On my journey back I intend to catch one to continue my studies in further depths - whether those frogs carry poison, or excrete any fluids, and most specially why we have only seen them over a specific height - because I do not yet see any reason for this to be, except the fact that it is what we have witnessed. For now - with no further observations - I will continue and call this unknown species the Yellow Highland Frog, until I come up with a better name for its unique abilities, which I am most determined to unveil." And while Luca do Fignio kept writing his essays, Juan Alfonso Fontonajo was already planning the next steps of their voyage in his head.
  6. One of the signature sights of the Weelond coast are the windmills taking full advantage of the stiff breeze blowing in from the Sea of Storms. Last month I presented "Grist Mill #1"; this month I present the mill cleverly designated in the city ledgers as "Grist Mill #2". It is a post mill like the other one, but instead of the trestle supports being open to view, a roundhouse is built around the supports to serve as a storage area for grain to be milled or flour ready to be delivered. I originally planned on presenting the two windmills as part of one large scene, but I didn't have enough green plates to handle the terrain. But to show that I didn't reuse any of the first windmill, here they are together. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  7. One of the signature sights of the Weelond coast are the windmills built on a low grassy ridge, taking full advantage of the stiff breeze blowing in from the Sea of Storms. Here is one of those windmills, cleverly designated "Grist Mill #1" in the city ledgers.. Specifically, it is a post mill with an open trestle design. The grist mill grinds wheat into flour. It looks like several bags of flour are ready for delivery to the city market. The wagon driver takes time to give his horse a treat. His assistant doesn't look too pleased to be loading all the bags of flour into the wagon himself. Sheep commonly graze in the area, when they aren't grazing beneath the bastions of nearby Fort Weelond. The goat appears to prefer the wildflowers. Some more pics: --- I finally found the time to do some building! I wanted to try out the siding style Ayrlego used on one of his builds not too far back. There is a small gap at the top of the siding, and I had trouble with the hinges keeping the wall straight, but I'm happy with the result. I also wanted to represent the open trestle work realistically, and after a lot of experimentation, found something I'm very happy with. The sails turn, and the mill turns on the post as well. As for the terrain, I wanted to get more of a slope effect. It's not quite how I pictured it when I started, but I believe I used 99% of all the green plates I own! The sheep roaming free is common for the time period; fences were used to keep the animals OUT of yards, not in. That was something I wanted to portray in a build, and this was a perfect opportunity. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  8. Agent Kallus

    [MDC]-The Wizards Tower

    This was the idea that turned into my witches tower ideas project (which won't make the 100 mark but I can learn from my failure so its still good) I thought I would polish it and share it. I decided to make the witches tower and submit that to lego ideas instead( here ) as this one is a bit on the big side and I wanted to focus more on the landscaping. As with the witch's tower is is open on the back to show the interior which is out fitted with a lounge/dining room, sleeping chamber, lab and cell ,there is also a swamp out front. Thanks for looking. Can a mod change Wizards to Wizard's? please?
  9. Agent Kallus

    Witch's Tower!

    Today I present to you the Witch's Tower It is home to a witch as one would guess.It is a model of 917 bricks ( but most of those are quite small ones) ans has a footprint of around 16 studs by 24 but the majority of that is the landscaped surrounds with the tower it self having a footprint of around 12 studs by 10 studs and the whole model reaches a height of 22 and a third bricks tall (a height of near 25 studs tall) This model is on Lego ideas (ha you probably saw that coming from a mile off) and could become a unique new castle set with your support. Whilst it is gear more to display over play it does still offer both and features a selection of removable furnishings to allow the tower to be used as you see fit. I feel that the project fills a need of medium sized castle sets (and goats) that the Lego company are currently lacking.Whilst my focus was on the exterior I was adamant to give the set a decent interior which is absent in most Lego sets in the medium range. This is my first Lego ideas project thanks for viewing. :) please share and support the project if you'd like to see it as an official Lego set. More images are available on flickr and the lego ideas page. Have a great day~AgentKallus of Hydra Sorry for most of the text turning into flickr links that was not my intent any way here is the link to the project.
  10. bobton

    [moc] in honor of 'Paradisa'

    Trunk, hood, doors all open. Under the hood is a fictive v6 engine. 2 minifigs fit in. House on the wheels has appropriate interior too. LXF here
  11. Hello everybody. My little MOC. A Farmer after a long-long day of working. Thanks for watching!
  12. Kristel

    Winter Village: The Barn House

    Here's my entry to the Expand the Winter Village Contest V: The Barn House. This is where the sick animals (mostly fawns) are kept and looked after when they are not well. The 'set' includes the main barn house, and outdoor yard with shelter and five minifigures. The minifigures from left to right are: Elf - Santa's liaison Jo - looks after the animals Kids x2 - because where there are small animals there are always small kids Lachy - cleans up after the animals Front of the barn house: You can see the chicken on the left hand side, snooping around the feed store for the animals. The interior of the barn house has a small stable, for the animals that need lots of attention, a pot belly stove to warm up the barn and a loft so that Jo can stay close to the animals 24/7. The outside yard is for those animals that need a little less attention. It includes a small stable to shelter from the weather: Someone left the gate open! More images in the Flickr album. Thanks for looking! C&C welcome.


    It's a big demon warrior in the form of an anthropomorphic goat with sharp teeth for some reason? I imagine he's either a guard of some sort, or maybe a high ranking minion of some demon warlord, Chernobog maybe? Heh. Sorry for the lack of additional pics, I kind of got into the bad habit of only taking one picture of my creations. I'll provide a back pic as soon as I have access to my Lego collection again, if anyone's interested. You're not missing out on much, it's just another gunmetal torso plate and the tail :v Anyway, thanks for taking a look!
  14. This was built by my 11 year old brother and continues the Kendrick series. Kendrick and Basil (Kendrick's pet goat) have returned to their house to prepare for a journey: He would appreciate any C&C