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  1. wallyjarek

    Poppy Flowers

    Thank you all!
  2. wallyjarek

    Poppy Flowers

  3. wallyjarek

    Poppy Flowers

    This is my new bouquet to my home. Some nice parts here. Hope you like it.
  4. wallyjarek

    Italia Ciabatta made of Lego

  5. Because I'm working in the kitchen decided to do another delicious food. Italia Ciabatta made of Lego. Ingredients:Tan bricks for ciabatta, white delicious parts for cheese, dark tan plates for pesto, hats as a sundried tomatoes, leaves as a rocket and of course Cloth Wing Dragon as a nicely sliced parma ham. Enjoy! :)
  6. wallyjarek

    Too Much Bricks

    :D Thanks!
  7. wallyjarek

    Too Much Bricks

    Thank you so much!
  8. wallyjarek

    Too Much Bricks

    Too Much Bricks — This model was inspired by art “Confetti Death” made by @typoe This is a version made by Lego bricks. Design and build took few weeks to make. Miami-based Typoe created insane titled Confetti Death. Produced from shards of spray paint caps, the confetti of color sees a splash through the mouth of a skull, juxtaposing quite nicely with the white wall it’s placed on. And displayed at the event Oryginał work
  9. wallyjarek


    Thanks :D
  10. wallyjarek


    Easy creations for relax
  11. wallyjarek

    Micro Pac-Man

    Just Pac-Man :D
  12. wallyjarek

    Square Heads Project

    Hi, thanks. The part is tool clutch.test part.
  13. wallyjarek

    Square Heads Project

    I made few more models Abraham Lincoln An Angel This dress please UFO, run if you can