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  1. wallyjarek

    Brick Obama

    Thanks, many people doesn't like Brickheadz but bricks are fun for me and I'm making a lot of different creations last few years.
  2. wallyjarek

    Brick Obama

    I made this MOC because my friends and myself we organise an exhibition in Barack Obama Plaza in Ireland. Place is named after US president Barack Obama, whose 3rd great grandfather lived nearby. That's why we names our event "Brick Obama" I was working since February to make Barack Obama Brickheadz and Owal Room. It wasn't easy to do same like on the picture which helped me but I'm satisfied enough. Model https://www.flickr.com/photos/108376497@N06/
  3. wallyjarek

    Lego Brick Art

  4. wallyjarek

    Lego Brick Art

    Thanks guys. It should be something strange and different so I imagine a lot of people will see strange things :)
  5. wallyjarek

    Lego Brick Art

    Thanks for the feedback. I left interpretation to each of you to see what people think about it and what people see. :)
  6. wallyjarek

    Lego Brick Art

  7. wallyjarek

    Lego Brick Art

    Something what I had many months in my head. Brick Art by jarekwally, on Flickr Brick Art by jarekwally, on Flickr Brick Art by jarekwally, on Flickr
  8. wallyjarek

    Black Pick Up

    I'm not good enough with the scale so you can have right or maybe it's a picture. Here is another from exhibition. Thank you.
  9. wallyjarek

    Black Pick Up

    After my Peterbilt, another car what I wanted to build was Pick Up. it was easy to choose a color, because many black bricks left. First I wanted do black and green with a lot green chrome bricks, but then decided change the colour for red. I used wheels from The Boss 41999, I like those white lines and they perfectly fit with the car.
  10. wallyjarek

    Baby Brickheadz

    I made one more Baby Brickheadz to the set.