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  1. wallyjarek

    Black Pick Up

    Thank you, Pete is here
  2. wallyjarek

    Black Pick Up

    I'm not good enough with the scale so you can have right or maybe it's a picture. Here is another from exhibition. Thank you.
  3. wallyjarek

    Black Pick Up

    After my Peterbilt, another car what I wanted to build was Pick Up. it was easy to choose a color, because many black bricks left. First I wanted do black and green with a lot green chrome bricks, but then decided change the colour for red. I used wheels from The Boss 41999, I like those white lines and they perfectly fit with the car.
  4. wallyjarek

    Baby Brickheadz

    I made one more Baby Brickheadz to the set.
  5. wallyjarek

    Baby Brickheadz

    Hi guys, This time I made Baby Brickheadz to Lego IDEAS One of the most special times in anybodies life is the birth of a child and the start of a family.My baby Brickheadz are a celebration of this wonderful occasion.It comes with both boys and girls accessories so can be made to suite.A great way to celebrate a joyous occasion, a memorable gift to the parents or even a gift to someone to announce the surprise.Lego has long been the toy of every persons childhood, now it can be a way to celebrate the greatest of all gifts, the gift of a child.I have made these to be playful and fun and I hope people will enjoy my baby Brickheadz. If you like it support please https://ideas.lego.com/projects/cc1dc013-05eb-4b04-90d5-98f6f6161229
  6. wallyjarek

    Jarek Brickheadz in living room

    Hi, Thanks, I really like this armchair :) You're right it's imperial symbol.
  7. This is me. I'm wearing a shirt and a tie in my living room.
  8. wallyjarek


  9. wallyjarek

    Mr Brick head

    For 6o years of Lego brick I made this Brickheadz for some competition.I used just 60 bricks to made it. After this I did other colours!!! Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/108376497@N06/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/WallyJarekLegoCreations/
  10. wallyjarek


    Few days ago I bought few new minifigures series 18.They are really cool and I made this MOC.
  11. wallyjarek

    Black Flower

    Thanks! haha :D Thank you again.
  12. wallyjarek

    Black Flower

    Thanks, I know it is completely different from the previous one but I like it.
  13. wallyjarek

    Black Flower

    It's new flower in my room. This time I used the black parts to create the flower and little bit yellow :) I hope you will like it.
  14. wallyjarek

    Tea Time

    Thanks! :D