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Found 14 results

  1. Damaborg Sawmill Damaborg 622 AE The hamlet of Damaborg was in huge need of wood. More than a regiment of MAESTRO soldiers are stationed here and the exploration operations needed resources to fuel their success. Food, clothes, medicines, weapons, drinks, pleasure, apples, ... . Ofcourse that meant that bigger buildings were needed to store and trade them. In combination with the first defensive structures, a huge wooden wall. One of the main ingredients of this bustling place would be wood. Also for the expiditions itself, timber would be very usefull for chariots and smaller sloops for exploring. Luckily there are trees enough in this area. But cutting them and sawing them by hand takes a lot of time. And time is precious. So construction began of a sawmill. Based on the ideas of Cornelis Corneliszoon, a windmill was constructed, connected to the saw by gear. Through the neverending powersupply of wind, the proces of sawing wood into planks became so much quicker. Soon the speed of the development of Damaborg would be unseen! Will be licenced as a large factory in Damaborg (The Lowers). Thanks for watching! C&C much appreciated :) (ooc) While looking for examples, I discoverd the first sawmill powered by windenergy was developped and octroied by the Dutch farmer Cornelis Corneliszoon in 1593. It took some research to discover how it works and I hope I managed to bring it into LEGO. The proces isn't that clear here and probably not 100% accurate (it was a vertical saw, here I used round sawblades as I had no clue how to make it work otherwise). I always wanted to build an historic windmill and this was the perfect opportunity to build it with a saw factory.
  2. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] NS1202

    The NS1200 series entered service back in 1952 as part of the reconstruction of the country after the 2nd World War. Bought as part of the Marshall plan, these were designed by Baldwin/Westinghouse in co-operation with Heemaf. Of the 25 engines build 2 are still in active service today, and a third one being used as an engine by the National Rail Museum in Utrecht. The real engines are enormous compared to most other Dutch Engines. For this model I've chosen the colours used back in the 50s untill the 60s. The NS1202 is the roadnumber of the one at the Railway Museum with the same colours. NS1202 [Main] by Ervvin, on Flickr And the real deal, my model is 1:45 scale model. The engine is powered by a custom build Li-Ion battery, controlled through a PFx Brick. The train has working signals at the front and the back. The drivetrain consists of 2 PF XL-motors driving BBB M-wheels with a 1:1.667 ratio. NS1202 [3] by Ervvin, on Flickr I want to thank Pieter Post for helping with the photo's and some stickers, as well as Raised, Tijn__ and loads of others for helping me with some details and feedback. There are more pictures, inlcuding a whole lot of WIP pics in my Flickr album here: A video of the engine running can be found here:
  3. Presenting a Dutch version of my DSB Litra MK - thanks to UrbanErwin for giving me this idea NedTrain Vossloh G 400 B My model: Scale: 1:45 Length: 27 studs Width: 8 studs Bricks: 640 Locomotion: 1 x M-motor (PF) Gear ratio: 1:1 Power: 1 x 9v battery with 1 x PF custom adapter Control: SBrick Designed: 2020 (Slightly) updated: 2023 Very high setting render from with custom decals done in the PartDesigner tool. Left: Central coupling arm on without any wagons. Right: Central coupling arm replaced with a coupling magnet when pulling or pusing wagons. Interior with placement of the SBrick, M-motor and 9v battery: On a tableau at exhibitions: The railing can only be made in Dark Green using BlueBrixx parts for now. Change all Dark Green to Dark Turquoise and the railing can be made using genuine LEGO parts.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Arthur, but my friends generally call me Thur. I'm a 38 year Dutch guy, married and father of 2 (boy and girl). Since my son reached the age of 4 a few months ago, his interest switched from Duplo to Lego and specifically City. He might me a bit stimulated by his dad ?. This re-ignited a long lost love for Lego within me, something many of you will recognise. In daily life I'm a purchasing manager for a wholesale group in beverages. I love to practice speed cycling to empty my head and keep my body in shape. I've become member of this forum to fuel the fire in me and learn more on to makee nice Lego buildings and cities. I'd love to make a nice city in the near future and hope to instill the love for Lego in my son and daughter ? I haven't got much experience in building MOC's, as a kid I was a real instructions builder. So I've got a long way to go to create buildings similar to the ones I see around. I'd love to go on that journey with some of you! Greets from the Netherlands! Thur
  5. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] Mat '64 plan V

    Mat '64 plan V by Ervvin, on Flickr The Materiaal 64 Plan V is an old EMU from the Dutch railways. The trains were introduced in 1966 and ran until 2014. In total 246 were built. The model is often reffered as apekop, monkeyhead in English because of it's resemblance to a monkey's head. My model is about 194 studs long 8 studs wide and built to 1:45 (0 scale) It features a Powered Up motor and lightsensor to allow automated stopping at stations. Stickers are currently still missing, but those will follow as well with more photo's at LegoWorld Utrecht (NL).
  6. Imagine: you're busy building on a new project, and you're almost finished.... then someone with the same idea goes all over the internet with his building. That's not funny! (sh*t happens ) It didn't hold me back of completing my version of: The Chanel Boutique in Amsterdam! It's located in the P.C. Hooftstraat: the well known street of only expensive shops. My version is very accurate: the size of the windows, the amount of windows and the height are all precise. The most extraordinary thing about this building is that it is made completely out of glass: the bricks, the doors, window sills, window frames and even the doorhandles... erverything is crystal clear glass! That explains the official name of this building: The Crystal Houses designed by Dutch architect office MVRDV. The glass bricks gradually go over in the famous Dutch bricks you see everywhere used in Amsterdam's canal houses. The glass bricks are an invention of the Technical University of Delft. I started building this last december... and no: I didn't count the trans-clear plates! Check: Flickr > BrickShelf > Creating the Crystal Houses (in Dutch)
  7. The Archer is a fictional ship loosely based on 17th century VOC. I got inspired after watching the Admiral movie and really got into Michiel de Ruyter's story. Battling the Pirates Thanks for looking, David
  8. Yargh! Err... I mean hi all! In this topic I will show and tell about my new ship model, a 1:45 scale model of the VOC ship ''Halve Maen'' which was build in 1606 (approximately, nobody knows exact). The ship is only 25,7 meters long and 5,3 meters wide. I choose this ship since it is quite doable in minifig scale. The model is based on the replica ship that docks in Hoorn, Holland. She can be visited, here is the website. History Originally she was launched as a yacht, but in 1609 she was commissioned by the VOC for a new endeavour. The VOC asked English explorer Henry Hudson to find a new shipping route to the east Indies. This was quite a daring voyage with such a smal ship and a crew of just 16 men. Well instead of finding the Indies, he actually found New York and the rest is history. After this famous voyage she was put into battle in the Indies, she actually fought several battles. and was eventually shot on fire and sunk in 1618 on the coast of Jakarta Indonesia. If you'd like to read more about the history you can do so here and here. The replica today The existing replica was build in 1988, after the first replica burned down in 1934. She was build in Albany, New York. Research was far better for this second replica and she shows great difference from the first replica. I believe the second replica to be more accurate, so I took her as example. However not much is known about the 1606 original, there are no plans, except for some old drawings. I took the colour scheme they first used, she is different today. I did not make the red/white stripes, they don't seem very realistic to me. And a cut through whis gives a good view of how small this ship actually was: Well without further ado, I give you my model: And at a slightly different angle: A bit closer with the gunports closed: A detail shot of the hull construction: I took the lion design of my Prins Willim, just had to downsize it a bit. I also really like the construction of the galleon, the understructure and railings are exactly how they should be, with an open frame underneath: Another detail of the galleon, also showing the 2 access doors: Next is the stern, showing the weapon of Amsterdam, a moon and stars and a cabin window: A straight shot on the stern, showing the crazy curvature and the lanter which (I think) is Captain Braunsfeld's design: Next up a birds eye showing the detail of the masts, rigging and sails. Some of you have seen this model at the Eurobricks event, when she was about 95% complete. I told you I wanted to make printed flags, but a most of you liked the wavy flagpieces I had quickly put on better. This made me decide to make brick build flags. From bow to stern they are: Dutch flag, Flag of countship Holland, Flag of the Dutch republic, Flag of Amsterdam, Flag of the VOC. The Flag of the countship of Holland was the most difficult, it is a yellow flag with a red lion. If anybody can come up with a nicer design please tell me. A detail of the crow's nest: And a bit closer showing all the activity on deck: A view on the back of the ship. You can see the capstan and ship's bell. Underneath the bell was the ''steering cabin'' and you can se the first mate looking out over the ship: And here you can see the first mate in the cabin with the whipstick: Since everything is so small, I also had to design a very small dinghy: And small cannons: The hatches and part of the deck can be removed to show what is going on below deck, note the cannon ''tools'' on the wall: The anchors can actually be dropped, this is a new anchor design which is quite sturdy: In the first pictures you see the sails as they would be hoisted quickly, not in a neat manner. This makes the model look lively without distracting too much from the details. However, what is a ship without functional sails: And finally a shot which ook me way too much time to make, but I couldn't help myself but putting her in the water: That concludes it. I hope you like the model and my presentation. Thank you for reading, I look forward to your C&C!
  9. Hi, I wanted to introduce you to the LEGO Collectors Club België& Nederland. We are a Dutch speaking community that supports collectors and MOC builders. Come have a look at our website and join our facebook group! Se you there! Gaetan
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Joost and my most used nickname online is JHS_NL, a combination of my initials and the country where i'm from (The Netherlands). I have been a fan of Lego for a while now and have been building on-and-off for some time. I work as an R&D technician for a coating company and am 33 years old. Main love is Lego City train and airplane themed MOC's sets. Ehm dunno what to tell more. Will post some pictures asap of one of my MOC's based on a station set. Greetz, Joost
  11. I fell in love with canal houses since the first day of my Amsterdam trip this may, and started designing it next morning after return. I did my best to keep all the distinctive features of a canal house. First off all, you can notice that the canal houses are narrow and deep. They were designed so to minimize taxes, which, at that time, depended on the width of facade. Amsterdam is situated on a swamp land, therefore facades were built of light bricks with large windows to reduce the weight. Another interesting feature with windows is that they become shorter from ground floor to the top. This makes an illusion that building is higher than it actually is. Also note some kind of a plaque just above the door. Three hundred years ago, only small percent of people could read, and plaques helped to identify name or profession of the owner. Because canal houses were built narrow, staircases were also narrow, making it a big problem to take furniture and goods up. To solve the problem hooks were placed on the top of the house, allowing to lift what you need and pass it through the window. Red bike. Thanks to many factors, like flat terrain, narrow streets and desire to decrease car-accident deaths Amsterdam became one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Nowadays there are more than 400 km of bike paths and 1 200 000 bicycles (even more than citizens). About 100 000 of them are stolen each year, and therefore our bike is securely locked. Pls support this canal house on Lego Ideas: (You could also find there story behind the building and more pics, in higher quality)
  12. Bennemans

    MOC - Bakery

    Hi all! JUST WANTED TO QUICKLY SHOW YOU ALL… oh geez, caps lock… ahem…. Just wanted to quickly show you all my bakery, THE place to get your cookies, cakes, jams and breads in my town. I've just rebuild it seeing as I wasn't completely happy with the previous one. In advance I apologize for the quality of the photos, I don't have a good camera. So here we go! The (to me) most important part is the bakery shop of course. I'm gonna order new (non-scratched) transparent curved panels to replace the ones in this window. Lots of shades of browns in here! Stuck a pretzel to the sign with a piece of tape, but just temporarily; I hope to find a nice sticker to take its place soon. I love how the table of homemade jams turned out! The top of the building has a heavy, almost gothic feel to it, with dark colors and lots of ornaments. The roof is based on Dutch stepped gables. Inside the bakery we have lots of baked goods on display, and a semi-open kitchen with a large oven and everything the baker needs to create his delicious plastic goodies. There is a restroom under the stairs. Upstairs is the apartment. First we have the kitchen and lounge. Second is a kids room and bathroom. Top floor is the main bedroom, with a balcony. Some more overviews: Thanks for having a look!
  13. Swan Dutchman

    De Ruyter (WIP)

    Hello everyone, Right after finishing my Christmas Entry (November 2012) I started designing, thinking and building on a ship right out of the pirate era / Golden age. I searched the internet and this website and found many beautifull ships and techniques that inspired me a lot. I wanted to make a ship that could suit well with the Dutch VOC ships of that time. I call the ship 'De Ruyter', one of the greatest admirals of the Dutch navy of all time and decided to use the colour scheme of the USS constitution (I can't help it: I really like black, white and dark red together). In the next posts I will place some pictures and a little story about the ship's progress. I want to thank Perfectionist, Admiral Croissant, Captain Green Hair, Dread Pirate Wesley and Mr. Townsend for inspiring me with their beautifull ships and very clever techniques! Greetz, Swan Dutchman Last update:
  14. here is my newest pair of coaches, I'm planning to do two more in dutch style but I can't find the brick/money. Description from Wikipedia ICK: ("InterCity Korte termijn") These are former German cars that were bought to relieve the shortage of material NSR suffered from. NSR has currently stopped all operations of the ICK, due to the new extra bought VIRM´ (although there is, certainly during rush hours, still an alarming material shortage). The ICK is currently placed aside near Amsterdam Central Station (Amsterdam CS) on a placement called Dijksgracht and are for sale. ICK coaches in Dutch and German Livery by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr ICK coaches in Dutch and German Livery by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr ICK coaches in Dutch and German Livery by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr Edit: could a member with some magical powers add MOC: to the title?