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Found 29 results

  1. With the outbreak of hostilities in the Brick Seas, officials in Salida Este are looking to shore up defenses of the Eslandian jewel of the Azure Sea. Here we see horse-drawn artillery (although the ammunition box appears to be missing from the limber) alongside a line of Ferro Azure's renowned swordsmen, proceeding along a wagon path outside the city. --- Just a small vig to raise two companies of troops in Salida Este. Here's a shot that includes the full height of the tree: I spent a fair amount of time on the terrain, and then the minifigs obscured all my work. (The artillery limber also didn't show well in the pics. ) Here's a pic from above without the figs: All C&C welcome.
  2. After La Reya Venenosa II was sunk in an intense battle at sea against those nasty pirates, only two ships returned to port. However as the Eslandian efforts to fight for free trade across all the Brick Seas had once more come to fruition, the local authorities at Salida Este, on behalf of the Colonial Council, decided to immediately build a sistership of the sunk man'o'war, Lay Reya Venenosa III. Lumberjacks went into the woods a bit landinwards and did their best to find strong trees, while ropemakers and sewers were already doing their best in town. The Eslandolan fleet would soon be able to welcome La Reya Venenosa III, and continue to fight for freedom. La Reya Venenosa III will be licensed by Eslandola. I did some experimentation with tree design, to create volume. While I am really happy with the treetops and the scene overall, I am not so happy with the treetrunks... But well, those will be better next time.
  3. "What are you waiting for?! Get up, you lazy fool. The cart is here." "Oh come on, give a man a minute to rest." "Those guards aren't resting either, are they?" "Alright then... let's get those bottles." "No, we need to open the cart first." "Ah right. The log-look-alikes. Great idea, that was..." "Indeed... no guard will ever check a cart with firewood for rum." "Careful. Those bottles shall not break." "They are big bottles. With good rum." "Indeed." "So... how exactly does the boss make money with this?" "Dunno, man, dunno." "Guess that's why she is the boss, and we are carrying the bottles." "She's paying us well, isn't she?" Oh wow, this MOC has been ready for a looooong time, but I never actually posted it. So here you go. I took the style from my Salida Este City Gate. @Capt Wolf: Feel free to license this in the name of MCTC (medium or large commerce, I assume?).
  4. I've been promising my fellow MCTCers a fort for a long, long time. But at last, here she be! I hurry to say that the brick separator roof was @Garmadon's idea. Credit where credit is due and I'd hate for Captain Nordau to feel like I'd robbed his designs. But on the other hand, I don't recall him crediting me for those lamp posts he totally ripped right off my desk... As you can see, this fort is totally ready for a prolonged siege by any number of Class 10 pirate ships. No false front here. And it was nice to have this one wall going straight up. Fortunately the soldiers here are able to get their hands on a newspaper or two once or twice a year. So the angled stuff was actually pretty complex, but I'm very happy with the end result. And always happy to show off my light aqua... ...and my light yellow... I tried to go detailed in keeping with my previous Salida Este MOCs. Would have been nice to use some vibrant coral somewhere but I stuck with the pastel colors. Anyway, now we in Salida Este can finally rest secure. Maybe... C&C welcome! Edit: Forgot to mention that there's a build log on my blog.
  5. As Salida Este continues to grow, the Eslandolan colonists recognize that the success of this settlement is due in large part to the combined efforts of the Halosians and the native islanders. The MCTC has strived to make sure they work with the natives to benefit all. As the MCTC has developed the island’s resources, using the island’s indigo plants to create dyes used in manufacturing textiles, native customs have been respected and the islanders, who were quick to pick up the mercantile ways of the newcomers, have acclimated themselves to Eslandian society and find themselves in roles throughout the booming economy. To show their respect for the native inhabitants of Ferro Azure, the MCTC has commissioned a statue of Sallah, a revered native leader from a century ago, and placed it atop a fountain. The fountain is located at something of a crossroads, a plaza shaded by trees, and people from all walks of life in Salida Este walk by it every day, whether for business or pleasure. Watching the people who pass by, one can see people from all parts of society in Salida Este. Here a couple of merchants—one native, one Eslandian—discuss a potential deal. An Eslandolan soldier in typical local attire slowly passes by atop his horse. An older native couple, both involved in management of the local textile factory, are out for a walk… …while a young native girl and Eslandolan boy share a special moment. A local artisan uses the fountain to explain to his son how a water pump works… …while his cat eyes a possible feast. Here’s another look at the full build: To be licensed as an art & culture property in Salida Este. I got the idea for this fountain a couple of months ago when I stumbled across the blue animal horns on bricklink, and I knew exactly how I wanted to use them. Sallah was originally going to be a merrynight figure, but I didn't get the build done in time for that storyline. All C&C welcome.
  6. Naval cadets get more than classroom training. The boat house shelters several small craft that the cadets use for training purposes. Here a couple of cadets bring one of the boats out into the harbor. Teams of cadets compete against each other as they learn to maneuver their craft. The instructors fear they have much to teach the cadets. Once the cadets have mastered the small boats, they can graduate to slightly larger craft that require more skill. Some more views of the build: For the rest of Eslandola's Royal Naval Academy, Part I: Main Campus is here and Part II: Wading Pool is here. All C&C welcome.
  7. In light of the recent news of Eslandola’s disastrous encounter with the Sea Rats (see the latest issue of the KPA ), the timing couldn’t be better for Eslandola’s Continental Council to announce the opening of a Royal Naval Academy on Salida Este. The building shown here contains both administrative offices and classrooms. High-ranking officials are on hand to tour the campus. Eslandola’s colors fly from the mast in the center of the quad. In addition to classroom studies, new cadets engage in physical training. Rear admiral Guzman inspects one of the cannons on display, longing for the smell of gunpowder mixed with sea air... A view from above: Part II: Wading pool Part III: Boat house All C&C welcome.
  8. The messenger, having delivered the orders from the Eslandolan Admiralty to Captain Florissone, headed back to the Salida Este harbor when he came upon a couple of sailors outside a small bungalow. Apparently local sailors used it as a flophouse to stay at when they were between voyages at sea. “Hey, kid!” called out one of them, “any news you can share with us?” “Captain Florissone just got assigned to the new warship.” “That does us no good,” muttered the sailor. “We’re not interested in a navy ship…” “…and they’re probably not interested in a couple of slackers like us, either!” added the other sailor. “What we need is to find us a good merchant ship that can make some coin.” “Well,” said the kid “they’re also bringing the Lady’s Revenge II out of drydock. I heard them saying somethin’ about needing to replace the Lady of Madrice.” “Now there ya go! They’ll be hiring crew for sure. Come on, it’s down to the docks for us!” --- A sistershipping build. Thanks to @Maxim I for the story lead-in. All C&C welcome.
  9. It was a beautifull morning in the vibrant (large) town of Salida Este. Alessio Florissone, a MAESTRO aspirant captain enjoyed his coffee, freshly made with WTC coffee beans. Luckily the beans weren't explosive like the other WTC activities, but still strong enough to make a man come through the day. Stepping outside, Alessio enjoyed the street his house was part of. A mix of influences from all over the (known) world. Lotus architecture next to Mokolei influences next to Oleon masonry. He admits leaving Trador to follow his wife was a pain in the heart, but Salida Este surely has its own charm. "Senor Florissone?" Out of nowhere, a MAESTRO Post-boy was standing next to Alessio. Alessio nodded to the kid and received a letter, marked by Eslandolan Admirality. ------ Dear Mr. Florissone, We, the Admirality of Eslandola, have the honour to give you the command over the "Deuxieme Comete", an escort vessel in our glorious navy. We ask you to take your stuff as soon as possible and expect you tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock at our office in the harbour. May the seas give you safe travells and may the wealth follow your journey. Admirality of Eslandola, 29th of Oktober - 619 AE ------ Alessio re-read the letter. After many journeys sailing with MAESTRO, he would finally be captain. But first, an appropriate goodbye-evening with his wife Thanks for watching C&C as always welcome :)
  10. The people of northern Halos are accustomed to seeing windmills of various types across the continent and in their island colonies. But many have not seen the type built by the natives of Ferro Azure. Instead of the familiar blades spinning on a horizontal axis, which use gears to transfer the rotational power to a vertical shaft, the windmills built by these island people use paddles to catch the wind attached directly to the vertical shaft. Walls around the paddles help channel the wind so that it only hits on one side of the axis. Otherwise, they would work against themselves and would not spin. The mill seen here, near Eslandola's colonial settlement of Salida Este, shows wear from years of use. The bright yellow paint is worn away in places, and some of the indigo plants that grow naturally on the island can be seen around the paths. Here the miller's wife greets one of her friends, whose son carries a basket of grain on his head. The miller will grind flour for many families, and store the final product in barrels and sacks under the steps on the side of the mill. Here one his helpers is storing a new barrel. A customer has come to pick up his sack of flour. He looks upset, but it is only because his son did not come to help him retrieve it. Some more pics of the build: To be licensed as a medium factory. --- I had been looking for a different kind of windmill to build and discovered this design. My build would have been better if the paddles were more delicate, made of reeds or such instead of planks, but I'm still happy with how it came out. All C&C welcome.
  11. Some of the natives of Ferro Azure have developed a very entrepreneurial spirit, in keeping with their Eslandolan friends. Here in the New Town sector of Salida Este is a boardinghouse owned and operated by a native family. Hasan is the family patriarch. He spends much of his day sitting on his bench, greeting passersby and providing a low-key pitch for his boardinghouse. His daughter Natalena makes sure everything is in order in the boardinghouse, including cleaning of common areas and cooking meals. Here she has taken a break from her chores to say hello to a passing town guardsman. We also see one of the boarders heading out for the day. Hasan’s son, Budi, is helping his sister with the garden, and is picking vegetables for dinner. Hasan hopes his son will find a paying job with the Eslandolans to provide more income for the family. Here’s another look at the boardinghouse. To be licensed as a medium artisan. All C&C welcome.
  12. Wild Creek is a small river a little outside Salida Este. Its rather turbulent waters and at some parts rather flat and wide banks make for a fertile land around it. Most of that land is not used by large agricultural enterprises, like for example Fontonajo's Cotton Island, but by small individual farmers who plant maize here, carrots over there, oats on the left side and cabbage on the right side. Most of this farmland originates from the early settlement phase, where pioneers were attracted to the island, built a small hut, and while the men were trying to change the world, the women planted the fields. However while Salida Este has become a vivid town and center of commerce, the farmland was all that lasted from the pioneers' work. I played around a bit with editing and like the result. Here is a picture of the MOC in its full 32x32 fooprint without rain and clouds. I will license it as a small plantation in Salida Este. Thanks a lot to @Capt Wolf and @Kai NRG for your feedback regarding my WIPs - which helped a lot to fix all the small issues the early versions had. It is a pleasure to collaborate with you!
  13. The architecture of Salida Este's New Town turned out to be quite different from the rest of the Eslandolan Colonies. In general, the people on Ferro Azure preferred to deviate. And deviation may either make you seem weird, or will make you set trends. The innovative headwear, especially turbans, will most likely soon make its way to the other islands. At least that is what the hatmakers of Salida Este hope for. The dreamy and picturesque appearance of the town has attracted some artists as well. Like Maejo Degunado and his wife, who have spent their fortune on their small house, where the dome roof does not only serve as decoration, but also as their bedroom.
  14. Not all the development in Salida Este is happening in "New Town" -- the increased activity is having an effect all over town. Outside the new city gate, Suharto, a native craftsman, has set up shop. Soldiers stationed on Ferro Azure for the past couple of years have discovered the skills of some of the locals smiths. Suharto has had a steady flow of Eslandolan soldiers to his smithy seeking his sword-making skills. Now Suharto has set up shop near the new city gate to be closer to his customers. Here we see another happy customer admiring his new sword. Suharto's pet, Tiger, also appears to be admiring his handiwork (or maybe he's just dreaming of what he'd do if he were a "big" cat ). --- A small artisan for Salida Este. All C&C welcome.
  15. In Salida Este New Town, MCTC has established a Colonial Headquarter - a center of commercial activities, political influence and also just for the mere administrative aspects of being the one of the richest Trading Companies in the New World. The scene shows two native women of Ferro Azure carrying some of their goods in barrels, three members of the dragonguard of Salida Este, a rich gentleman going to enter the MCTC building, and one of the scribes taking a break on the balcony.
  16. The flourishing "New Town" of Salida Este on Ferro Azure has become a frequented place. Merchants from far away meet local tradesmen and the island's natives. A central place for the exchange of goods is the City Gate. The dome towers can be seen from far away, shining bright in sunlight. And while the City Wall would surely not be able to fend off siegeweapons, it is more than sufficient to keep those lousy pirates or wild animals out of town. At the small well locals meet to exchange the latest news. Mostly about trading opportunities, but also just random rumours about the chieftains daughter or the harbourmaster's gout. The "Gate Guards", recognisable by their yellow capes and the fancydecorative feathers, collect the entrance tolls. The capeless "Trade Sherrifs" with their simplistic red plumelets, paid by MCTC, ensure safe and lawful trade in Salida Este. The natives often bring their harvest to exchange it for other goods in town - and while their ox-drawn carts do not live up to modern standards, they do what they are supposed to do. And being Eslandolans, it is no surprise to see the first merchants sell their acquired goods right there at the gate. Welcome to Salida Este, one of the most flourishing Eslandolan Towns in the New World.
  17. The MCTC settlement of Salida Este on the island of Ferro Azure had grown at a leisurely pace over its first couple of years. Now the time had come for the Merchants Colonial Trading Company to develop their underutilized gem of the Azure Sea. The "old town" of Salida Este was a hodge-podge of rustic, individualistic properties, but the MCTC wanted to build a focal point for the settlement, a "new town" sector that could serve as a hub for growth into the future, both on the island and beyond to the islands to the east. The first step was to build a colonial headquarters. Amazingly, in spite of the growth of other MCTC settlements in the islands such as Bardo and especially Weelond, the MCTC's only HQ was still in the Old World. The next step was to take advantage of what development had already occurred on Ferro Azure. There was already a large cotton plantation, and a large dye factory had been built to process the indigo that grows naturally on the island. These resources were perfect for one of the economic strengths of the MCTC: textiles. And so this led to the construction of a large textile factory in Salida Este's "new town" sector. As you can see, Eslandians and indigenous people work together in various roles in the factory. Here are workers unloading cotton bales as a floor manager looks on: Other supplies are unloaded as well, but the shift foreman appears to be upset about something again! The factory machinery is powered by a waterwheel: The "undershot" style does not produce as much power as an overshot wheel (where the water pours over the top of the wheel), but it still produces enough power for the factory. The cotton is spun into spools of thread: After the thread is dyed, the looms weave it into cloth: Here a young local woman waits for her boyfriend's shift to end. A few more pics: Thanks for looking. All C&C welcome.
  18. A little to the northwest of Salida Este on Ferro Azure lies a small island. Geographically it belongs to Ferro Azure, and the island is not really worth mentioning. Below that island lies an even smaller island, which they call the “Cotton Island”. That tiny island is owned by no other than the Fontonajo family, who made the once jungle-covered island arable and are growing and selling their cotton, solidifying the MCTC monopoly on that resource. Some patches of jungle still show what the island once looked like. In the middle of the island a small creek springs. The spring supplies the whole island through an irrigation system that Fontonajo’s men have developed. Cotton is a thirsty plant. Many workers irrigate and harvest the cotton, storing it in big boxes at the wooden warehouse on the beach. Some workers are currently removing the last parts of jungle on the eastern coast of the island, to enlarge the arable land, so even more cotton can be planted. When Don Isaac Montoya heard of the plans to destroy even more of the beautiful and original vegetation of the island, he feared for the further existence of plants and animals that might else be unknown to the world. Fontonajo granted permission to members of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy to come to the island and preserve the wildlife. James Firming from Corrington, a well-known butterfly-catcher in the colonies, is currently hunting some of the beautiful butterflies on the “Cotton Island”. Marko big behind is the Custodian of the island, though he prefers to call himself Harbourmaster. Right now he is greeting Alvaro Bastici, owner of a textile factory in Salida Este, a regular visitor to the “Cotton Island”. Bastici usually visits the island on his small sloop to manually select the best cotton for his factory. On the northwestern shore, which the workers call the “Long Coconut Beach”, some coconut palms still stand, and sure profit can be made from harvesting and selling those as well. Marcho, a tanned guy with curly hair, who surely has some ancestors from more southern lands than Eslandola, is a trained palmtree-climber. On the northern edge stands a small watchtower to guard the island from intruders. Or at least spot them. Sure, if a real raid from Mardier was to come, the one guard most likely would not stand a chance, but if some lousy buccaneers were to come by, the people on the island know how to defend their cotton. Will license this as a "Royal Plantation". Studcount: 158x118 = 18.664 > 16.384 = 128x128. Some more pictures can be found in this flickr album. If you want to see a close-up of something else, just let me know.
  19. On the outskirts of Salida Este, on the island of Ferro Azure, a family goes about their daily chores on their farm. The farmer's wife has just finished sweeping. The farmer chopped and stacked the firewood earlier, and now he is just coming back from feeding the animals. Their son is playing in the yard, chasing the chickens. Or is he trying to catch dinner? Such is life out in the island colonies. ---------- This was my third build over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was inspired by a painting I saw of an 18th century farmhouse, and was an excuse to experiment with a roof technique. I didn't have enough cheese slopes to do a roof for a larger build, so there's no interior. But I'm happy with how the two roof sections meet up. As always, all C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.
  20. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad It seemed as if all inhabitants of Salida Este on Ferro Azure were on their feet, when Román Fontonajo's ship, the Colonia, arrived at port. The governor of Nellisa disembarked, and the news quickly spread, and a crowd followed him, already shouting his name. He arrived at the town square, more than hundred people already following him. More and more were coming. Perfect. He climbed a podium, that had quickly been set up by some of the Colonia's sailors. He gave Clarissa a hand and helped her up. Fontonajo gave the crowd a while to fully gather and calm down again, before he started. "Hello Salida Este, glorious Eslandolan beauty - here on Ferro Azure!" Jubilation. "And how great you all look today!" Cheering, again. "And I am glad I still look healthy as well. - As some of you may have heard already a Mardierian assassian tried to kill me while I was visiting Elysabethtown yesterday!" Of course none of them could know yet, and the crowd was shocked. Always use your harm to your advantage. "Only due to the alertness and great presence of mind of my loyal guard Betito Carpato we could bring the assassin down. Betito, my dear friend - I know you don't like the attention, but please, do me the favour and come up here. The great people of Salida Este want to give you your well-deserved applause!" Betito climbed the stage, feeling absolutely out of place when the crowd cheered for him. Don Fontonajo had been right, Betito thought. He had indeed never liked attention. But Román meant it, he really wanted to do Betito a favour. And in fact, he did. As the crowdapplauded noone but him, the man in the shadows, for saving the life of one of Eslandola's most famous men... positive shivers went down his spine, and he did enjoy it. "Let me tell you", Román continued, "I am glad to be here. Yet the failed assassination attempt on my very person has also opened my eyes. We need to think even further beyond! How can we protect our children from such harm?!" Betito was still on the stage. He really seemed to start enjoying it. Good. Sure he deserved the honour for all his service. But Román also had further plans with him. He needed people around him whose loyalty went beyond money. Betito was one of few. The guard had to get used to it. But time to continue convincing Ferro Azure. ... And for more than half an hour Román talked to the people of Salida Este, picturing his plans and visions for future Eslandola. ... And then it was time for the final blow. "Eslandola, I say! Beyond today, beyond tomorrow, beyond us! Standing here in front of you, the most wonderful pioneers of our magnificent new world, the people of Salida Este, I have realized that even I need to do more. Representing our beloved Sea of Thieves region cannot be enough to shape the future of Eslandola the way we all imagine it!" A brief pause, no more. "I hereby announce my candidacy for Admius Legistrad, first among equals in the Colonial Council, representative of all Eslandolans! Support me, and I will lead us all to the most glorious future, even brighter than you can imagine it now! FOR ESLANDOLA!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And thus the final part of Román Esteban Fontonajo's campaign for Admius Legistrad has been finished. It was a great journey and some huge fun. I hope you enjoyed the storyline and the small MOCs coming with it. Shots of the market booths:
  21. Sailda Este, Ferro Azure The latest expansion for Salida Este is the addition of a ship registry office for all incoming ships and their captains. Unless said Captain is Marderian, than the Jail registry will suffice. In case you missed it, the entire building is upside down! (I was bored) Registered as a Small Commerce.
  22. Salida Este Salida Este has been growing recently, and as such the time has come for a formal schoolhouse. The roof is fully removable, for a better interior view. C&C welcome!
  23. Location: Salida Este Now that Salida Este is a town, the defenses are growing. You never know when pirates will come. These soldiers are a bit strange. They despise shirts, so they dyed their torsos green in order to fit regulations, and while the officer wears a shirt, it's best to avoid the topic with him. Something went wacky with the plant pieces during import. To be licensed as a small fort. C&C welcome!
  24. Location: Salida Este The Children of the Salida Este School were putting on a play about a great hero of Eslandola's fight to rid the Island of Ferro Azure of pirates once and for all. It may have been slightly fictitious, since no Pirates have ever been reported on the Island, regardless everyone was having a great time. And Thunder-Rod had come to town to sell fish today, so he was narrating. "The Young Captain Wyndzon forced the dread pirate No-Beard up the steep hill. There would be no escape for the Slippery fox this time." The story in this build is about the esteemed uncle of our leader Guy K Wyndzon. As far as we know he has never actually been to Salida Este. C&C Welcome! To be licensed as a small Arts and Culture.
  25. After setting up a mine on Ferro Azure the geologists of the Fontonajo family quickly realised that they had found what they were looking for: Iron!. Román Esteban Fontonajo then decided to immediately send Patrica da Mierda. Patrica was born as the third daughter of a nobleman in Namere, but decided at the age of 15 that her fortune should be in the new world. She got into the mining industry quite quickly, and due to her origin she was a talented leader. When Román got to know her he knew that she was the best person to help him get his mining ventures running. In Ferro Azure she took command of the first Fontonajo Iron Mine on the island, and leads with rigid regiment. She also hired some MCTC mercenaries to guard the mines and protect the workers. The mine is located in the hinterland of Salida Este! I liked the idea of just expanding my prospecting scene, so that's what I did. I really like the result, and think I will go that way for some of my prospecting and mining MOCs in the future as well.