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Found 27 results

  1. sdrnet

    [MOC] APE Speed Transporter

    In space there is a need for a small vehicle capable of transporting loads of top-secret liquids and minerals at high speed. After loading the precious merchandise into its compartment, it sets off at great speed to deliver it to the Space Control Center. The vehicle is based on the famous Italian "APE", transformed for the occasion into a very fast spedeer thanks to its powerful engines. The nostalgia of the 80s and the love for Classic Space make me travel in the imagination and everything can be transformed into something spatial !! This little MOC participates in the third contest for 90 years of LEGO on the LEGO Ideas platform at this link: Comments are welcome!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm back with my latest MOC: the car transporter! It's a model I have been wanting to build for a really long time, and have actually attempted but failed once already. The MOC has 2 power functions and 3 pneumatic functions: Lowering upper platform (power) Lowering ramp (power) Raising platform on top of cab (pneumatic) Raising platform on deck (pneumatic) Tilting upper platform (pneumatic) There are also a lot of manual functions, like classics such as HoG steering, fake engine, suspension, and specific to this one unfolding the ramp. I also tried to add in as many details as possible, such as mirrors, lights, etc (and this is my first ever cab design). Video: That's it, thanks for reading/watching! I have something big coming up next :) BbBT
  3. A utilitarian space / Arctic freight train for my ice-bound Nexus Force base... it may not look very spacey, though. (I tried, it's more difficult than it looks!) This MOC features: - ALCO RS-11-like four axle diesel loco - boxcar with removable top and opening doors. - Nuclear waste flask car. Try not look at the glass sections for very long! - two couple of sectioned gondolas loaded with comet / meteorite samples.... and maybe a few frozen aliens inside! - bay window caboose for nuclear flask guards and train crew This model was originally a ALCO MRS-1 (which you can see in his instructions store here) built by @SavaTheAggie, but has been so severely modified that it no longer looks like the prototype loco. So I went searching and found another ALCO locomotive, a RS-11 that looks (kind of) like my new loco. Both my MOC and the new prototype have the four wheels, and the same basic hood and cab design as the MRS-1 that preceded it. I changed out the original grille bricks at the rear for grille tiles SNOTed-in sideways for a more consistent look when compared to the roof vents. I added back in Sava's maintenance cabinets from the MRS-1, yet attached them differently using newer parts. I also shortened the frame by six studs to fix the spacing problem created by the missing two wheels. The long hood of the loco has been designated the rear. The printed Nexus Force logo (from CITY Arctic 2014) goes on the curved 2 x 2 x 2/3 slopes on the front and rear hood ends, underneath the lights. This boxcar was heavily inspired by Time Gould boxcar design from the dying days of the 9v-era, otherwise known as 2008. (You can see it and his entire vintage train it came from, here on Rebrickable for free.) The roof comes off this car type and the loading doors open up. This nuclear waste flask car is loaded and ready for delivery to a waste storage facility at an undisclosed location. These open air gondolas are loaded with icy meteorite fragments, which may or may not contain hostile alien life frozen inside! No interior on this part of the train, as it's too crowded inside due to needed SNOT-work for the bay windows. This car was originally puzzled-out from this MOC's pictures. I'm already parting out the diesel engine, but the train will have to wait. You can see more details on the arctic / space base shown above in this thread in the Sci-Fi forum. Be warned, it needs to be updated with some newer stuff I designed! Thoughts? EDITED 9/6/21: added nuclear car photo and updated the main picture.
  4. My new Star Wars MOC: Pasaana Everything is ready, units arranged, photos taken I built one universal baseplate, on which I present 3 scenes from The Rise of Skywalker! The width of the base is less than 70cm, so this is the largest model I have built so far. I have a supply of tan bricks for long time I used about 1000 bricks to build the base, it is even difficult to count it, there were many orders on Bricklink. I used my other projects in the scenes: First Order Transporter, TIE Whisper, Pasaana Loader Skimmer with First Order Treadspeeder. Full review and one additional bonus scene on my YouTube! Edge of Bricks More photos here:
  5. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order Transporter

    Hi! Design of my new MOC is ready! First Order AAL-1971/9.1 Troop Transport or just First Order Transporter Main functions: - 1575 pieces, - Minifig scale, - space to carry 12 stormtroopers, 1 First order pilot, 1-2 crew member (Shooter, Mechanic or Engineer), - full interior with 2 section, - raised hatch for the shooter, - dropped ramp, - folding landing gears, - a lot of details PDF Instruction will be available soon! Soon I'll start build real model, after that I'll make pdf book instruction. Maybe today I'll add some preview on my YouTube channel - Edge of Bricks Comparison with Lego set 75103
  6. mandaci-customs

    Army Cargo Truck

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my LEGO Army Cargo Truck:
  7. mandaci-customs

    [MOC] Police Tank

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my LEGO Police Tank:
  8. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Army Rocket Launcher Truck Transporter. This Instruction Tutorial shows, how you can build the Truck with LEGO. I used Tan & White Bricks for the Truck, to show the winter - snow digital camoflage
  9. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Army Rocket Launcher Truck Transporter. This Instruction Tutorial shows, how you can build the Truck with LEGO. I used Tan & White Bricks for the Truck, to show the winter - snow digital camoflage
  10. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Army Tank Transporter Truck. This Instruction Tutorial shows, how you can build the Truck with LEGO.
  11. Since first time I saw brick no. 27255 (Plate, Modified 6 x 6 Hexagonal with Pin Hole) I knew I need to build something sci-fi with it. Nexogon (part named after Nexo Knighs theme where it appears and heaxgon shape) was used here to make pilot's cockpit, massive engines and some greebling on the top of the spaceship. Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] SpaceTransporter TRN-C0N Follow my new MOCs and articles at: LEGO Blog | Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  12. Put a tiger in your tank!* - Part 2 Few days ago I presented the Volkswagen T1 Esso Service that was the first part of my latest MOC. Today I'm happy and proud to show you the second part: a classic Esso gas Station designed in 1953 by Dutch modernist architect Willem Marinus Dudok. My LEGO Dudok Esso gas station has the same features of the real one: an elegant design, a v-shaped roof on both sides, two gas pumps on a dark grey platform, different advertising signs and other stuff. The shop is on the front of the station; a detailed service garage is located at the back. There are a lot of details both outside and inside the building, let's take a look. In the shop you can find a big desk with a vintage phone, a cash register and a architect lamp. A big clock is positioned on the wall close to the shelves where you can see the oil cans and an old radio. Two neon lights and a fan are hung on the ceiling support. The garage at the back features a lot of utensils, advertising signs and other stuff. My VW Type 2 T1 decked up in Esso livery fits perfectly in this scene. Take a look at the Michelin Man (Bibendum)...I love it! The design of Dudok was simple and brilliant simultaneously. According to the mission he received from ESSO Netherlands, the station had to be functional and inexpensive to produce. It was just after World War II and raw materials were scarce. At the same time the road network grew and pumping stations had to be placed anywhere. 112 Dudok Esso stations were placed along the Dutch highways. Below an overview. Below you can see the real Esso station photographed at the National Automobile Museum Collection Louwman (The Netherlands) where was placed in 2004. I built this brand new MOC last winter and I’m particularly fond of it. More pics and info on my flickr photostream. *Put a tiger in your tank! was the Esso slogan during the sixties and seventies. All the best and happy building! Andrea - Norton74
  13. My next 42043 C Model! This is gonna be a big one! I will have 3 power functions and 4 pneumatic functions. Power functions will be for the truck, pneumatics for the trailer. Here's what I have so far: In case you're wondering, that's the immediate front of the truck. It is built for the 42043 cab, which I will be using. Seen above is the frontmost car lift. Here's the master gearbox. Some mechanics for the frontmost lift. That's a video of the mechanism for the front lift. Like the other lifts will, this uses variable axes to control the movements. (NOTE: CLICK ON THE VIDEO TO PLAY IT) P.S: This is based on the Eddie Stobart (video of it below): More pictures should be coming soon. Hope you enjoyed, and leave some comments so I can implement them in this MOC. Thanks for your time! BrickbyBrickTechnic
  14. TheGeneralMoe

    [MOC] [MOD] First Order Transporter

    Hello Everyone! I have finally finished building my First Order Transporter, all from pieces from my collection. Took some time to find the fight parts, but I'm happy with the results! The body has been modified to be longer and hold more troops, around 8-10 depending on how cramped it is, or on what troops/weapons are used. Features all the same features of the actual set, but modified be be more movie accurate, such as the turret at the top. Also a good opportunity to show off my Megablaster for the heavy artillery trooper. Been waiting for the Rogue One Rebel Battlepack to come out so i can get that new gun piece to build this.
  15. I have built one model of this coolest APC ever back in 2008 and wanted to improve on it ever since. So finally, 9 years later (gee, I'm old): As usual, photos and some reading:
  16. Hello All, Today I am presenting my WIP Pneumatic Car Transporter. I hope to build a truck like this one: I hope to include: HOG steering a working V6 engine opening doors many pneumatically raised and lowered (platforms?) Here is what I have in LDD so far, and IRL the body is almost complete. Please tell me what you think of it so far. Thank you!
  17. Hello fellow Eurobrickers, I'd like to introduce my Lego Ideas project to you: Meet The Fiat Bartoletti Race transporter from the fifties. This is definitely a car i would like to see in an official Legoset Your support is more than welcome ;-) Best Regards from Holland Startbrickingtoday (Michel)
  18. Ron Dayes

    [moc] VW T3 "Westfalia"

    Hello fellow City friends, I've just finished a Volkswagen T3 camping edition "Westfalia", "Caravelle CL" and a standard. The scale used is 1/42 and regarded by myself as minifig/city scale, for it uses 1,70m for a minifig being 5 vertical studs high (including head pin). It frankly wont fit any minifigs properly, since its 5,6 studs wide (1,80m) and i needed a lot of interiour structure for the roof and windows to stay in place In some renders i used non-transparts windows to give better contrast (bluerender aint good with trans! ). Critique and feedback always welcome, feel free to enjoy the pics Cheers, Ron. New lands.... by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr T3 Westfalia side view by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr T3 Westfalia back view by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr T3 Standard by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr T3 Caravelle Cl by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  19. Hello Star Wars community, I am proud to present you my entry for the first round of this years Star Wars MOC Olympics on ImperiumDerSteine. It is the first time that I take part in the contest, because normally I am not so much into Star Wars but this year I try to progress as far as possible for a mainly Castle-builder. We will see how it turns out. Our task was to build a Micro-Fighter of our choice, so I decided to recreate the First Order Transporter, also known as Atmospheric Assault Lander, or like rolli says a giant vacuum cleaner. I tried to include all the little details that are important for a Micro-Fighter, it should be stable enough that children can play with it and some play features should also be included. Atmospheric Assault Lander - Micro-Fighter by Jonas Obermaier, auf Flickr And the video that shows the play features, please click on the picture below to start it. Micro-Fighter Play Feature by Jonas Obermaier, auf Flickr C&C welcome! Cheers Jonas
  20. Hello folks! Few weeks ago I presented my version of the VW T1: the canvas covered pick-up for Volkswagen Service. Now I show you my last MOC, an Oldtimer workshop for Volkswagen "Bulli family". The right place for my T1 (and not only...). Here some pictures: In order to build the internal of the workshop I watched my real garage where I used to spend a lot of time restoring and repairing old motorcycles and bicycles. There are many tools and details in the workshop. [ Last winter I spent many nights to build this workshop and I'm very satisfied with this MOC. Soon probably others Transporter will be recovered in this garage… For more pictures, details and informations: flickr MOCpages
  21. Here is my modified version of the 75103 Lego First Order Transporter. First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr This transport barge is 6 studs longer than the original set. And there is more. First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr I tried to bring a pure studless look to the transporter and this increases the sense of robustness of the barge. First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr I also added a few extra details here and there to break the monotonous aspect of the barge hull: extra grids or bars for example. The side propulsors have been "massified" with some extra details and element that render like extra armor. First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr The apparent technic beams at the rear have been hidden. First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr I removed the spring shooters and replaced the dual stud shooters by a good old E-web for the Empire' sake. The E-web can rotate left, right and up. First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr The rear hull section has become a small platform that can hold some equipment or people when landed. First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr Regarding passenger capacity, it has been increased from 9 to easily 14, including the weapons of the 14 troopers. It can also accommodate a speeder and its crew. First Order Transporter by Veynom, on Flickr The playability has been respected and this is why some studs are still apparent, mainly inside or on the opening front door. I hope you enjoy it! Now I merely need to add a sea, a beach, a bunker and some dying rebel scum! :)
  22. Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, at this point i can't hold myself back and present to you my new project. This is a VW T3 Flatbed. The features i've implemented so far are 4 wheel drive with full suspension on all wheels. The whole thing is driven at this moment by two XL-motors. It has already mounted a 4 cylinder Boxer engine just like the real one, which isn't connected to the drivetrain at this point in construction though. For the headlights i've used the orininal Lego PF LEDs but the taillights are soldered 5mm LEDs because i haven't got more of the original ones and they are a bit to expensive for me. Steering is realized via one Servomotor. Hope you enjoy it and if there is a good idea just say it. Rolf
  23. Hey there An old one, but still in our inventory. Wochenender builds that troop transporter for our Grimmhavn project in 2011. We never made well photo´s, but a few days ago i finally got the time. It´s a sailing ship bolt for transporting of troops over seas. There is room for up to 20 soldiers and cannonry on bug and astern. Let´s have a look: Find out more on: THE BRICK TIME and on our FlickR gallery. Bye BoB
  24. Hello folks, I'm a "fresh" member and I hope this is the right place to present my last MOC. It's a custom version of the VW T1: a "road service" canvas pick-up. In 2011 I bought the set # 10220, I think it’s a well detailed and shaped set. Furthermore I like vintage vehicles and especially the Bulli (even called Samba or Kombi). I haven't bought original LEGO sets for many years and It has been a pleasure to have a new LEGO box in my hands. Personally I prefer “working vehicles” and I wasn’t satisfied with the camper version. I waited to build it until I had the idea to build a canvas pick-up for “road service”. So last winter I built my own version of the T1 and last week I took some pictures. Maybe someone of you has already seen it on my flickr stream or Mocpages (and on The Lego Car Blog). My T1 has two side doors below the load compartment; two shovels for road emergencies are mounted on the doors. Two spare wheels, a fuel tank and a wooden box with various tools are positioned on the rack. The plate is an italian one and the numbers are the original ones of a real T1 (I like the old Italian plate style). Two HELLA supplemental lights are fitted on the front bumper. A sticker with the VW Bobble Head mascot is positioned on the canvas, I love it! Without the canvas, the T1 is a funny pick-up to carry "oversize" load. The floor is made of "wooden" plates. For more pictures, details and informations: flickr MOCpages
  25. emilstorm

    VW Transporter Ambulance

    This one has been sitting in my basement too for a couple of years, and though it is not yet completed, i thought it was time to post it. It is a VW Transporter, standard ambulance of the Copenhagen Fire Department. It needs an interior and some stickers, then it will be done.