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  1. A small Imperial patrol providing peace and order on a remote planet of our favorite far far away galaxy. Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr This vehicle is based on the old famous Kenner' Star Wars toys from the 80's, and particularly the mini-rigs serie. Not much to say, but it still has a few play features. You can drive it while making some "vroom vroom" noise. The wheels arms can rotate into various position to accomodate the terrain. Hoewer these do not come back automatically in their original position, unlike the original toy. The turret can rotate at 360°, yes, yes. You can play with the gun and say "pew pew" as many times as you want. Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr The base is a re-used from a previous MC. I replaced the Shell gas station by a hydrovaporator. Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr I based myself on the original Studio rendering of Maximillian Bricks on Flickr, who himself got inspired from Jere7my on this forum. Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Maximillian Bricks, on Flickr
  2. Simple MOD from the official 75308 set, here is my R2-M5, a color variant from the famous R2-D2 astromech. R2-M5 by Veynom, on Flickr All features are maintained. R2-M5 by Veynom, on Flickr And here is a table indicating some other possibilities: R2-D2 Color variants guide by Veynom, on Flickr So let's see what is easily possible: Very easy: red, blue, dark blueish grey, reddish brown and black: A couple of part swaps may be necessary, but it will not affect the color design, model integrity, or play features. Tan, yellow: very minor change of design. With the release of the Daily Bugle set, the missing yellow part 11458 is now available. Easy (minor loss of color design) Orange: Some simple swaps to replace non-existing parts but the dish at the top of the head will be light blueish grey. Dark red: Part 11458 will need to be replaced by the white version. The dish at the top of the head will be light blueish grey Bright light orange: Part 11458 will need to be replaced by the white version. Somewhat easy: (more visible change of design) Bright Pink: Part 11458 will need to be replaced by the white version. The dish at the top of the head will be light blueish grey AND the front opening dark blue curved slopes will need to be replaced by 3x1 curved slopes assemblies. The head may be less sturdy, particularly during the assembly, due to the lack of corner plates (2x2) Medium Azure: it could be easy, but the lack of 1x1 brick modified with stud on side forces us to find another solution. I need to investigate. Dark green: More difficult, particularly as 2x2 plates do not exist in that color (on top of all the above issues). Next: we should start seeing more color variants using the below: A white head; A DBG or LBG body; Blue or read bodies; A classic space version ? Feel free to make your own version. If someone knows where to find the Studio file for that set, I would gladly grab it to experiment as well.
  3. I also made a Mayhem squadron virtual version. Just for the fun of it. TIE/D Automated fighter - Mayhem Squadron by Veynom, on Flickr
  4. Veynom

    [MOC] Heia Safari!

    My entry for the BrickPirate challenge "Comme dans un livre ouvert". (As in an open book) Heia Safari! by Veynom, on Flickr The goal of the challenge is to select a book, build it (open or closed and then depict a scene from it. Heia Safari! by Veynom, on Flickr I have been highly impressed by the “Rommel Papers” book since I first read it 25 ears ago. This is a book collecting the notes written by the German field marshal Rommel during WW2, edited by the historian Liddell Hart and amended by General Bayerlein and Rommel’ son. For the contest, I decided to depict a possible scene from the North African campaign. We see an English Bren Carrier having been captured by the Afrika Korps and immediately re-used. It has been equipped with a 3.7cm PAK 36 light gun and is now patrolling in the desert. Many Bren Carriers were captured by German forces in France and in North Africa, so it is common to see them re-used, particularly in North Africa where German supplies were sparse. Documentation exists about the PAK 36 variant, but I could not confirm that such variant actually served in North Africa. Heia Safari! by Veynom, on Flickr “Heia Safari” is an old marching song from 1916 and used by the German Afrika Korps during their campaign. Heia Safari! by Veynom, on Flickr Stickers are from Tamya and Verlinden. Some accessories are from BrickMania and BrickArms The Bren is inspired from the BrickMania model. Heia Safari! by Veynom, on Flickr Heia Safari! by Veynom, on Flickr
  5. Veynom

    [MOC] Sdkfz.251 ausf.D

    Brilliant MOC and great to have it motorized. Maybe a small detail to improve: the rear doors should not have that vertical tile splitting the space in 2. When opening the doors, there should be only 1 large free space and not 2. Nice job anyway!
  6. Thank you all for the nice comments. Free instructions are now available in the original post.
  7. Not all ideas are good ideas and even the powerful and experimented Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) engineers can fail utterly. The AT-AC or All Terrain Armored Crawler is a perfect example of one of these false good ideas. While the supremacy of the AT-AT on the field was not to be demonstrated anymore, particularly after the crushing imperial victory on Hoth, the Imperial Army still complained about the AT-AT expensive cost per unit and its highly demanding maintenance. KDY engineered went back to their plans and after a few months, they proposed the AT-AC. The concept was quite simple, starting from the successful AT-AT, they replaced the costly maintenance-intensive articulated legs by continuous track systems. AT-AC by Veynom, on Flickr When presenting the AT-AC to the Imperial Army, KDY was proud to claim that it was significantly less expensive than the original AT-AT, that it required only one third of the AT-AT maintenance time, while still retaining the same firepower and robust protection. Unfortunately, the first field deployments quickly demonstrated all weaknesses of the AT-AC. Because of its great armor and protection, it was heavy and because it was heavy, it was really slow when crawling, its speed approaching ridiculous levels when the landscape was not ideal. The second issue comes from the change of height. While crawling on the ground, the AT-AC was no more inspiring fear but also found itself very limited in its fire coverage ability. AT-AC by Veynom, on Flickr As consequence, the limited number of assembled prototypes have been assigned to 3rd class garrisons on planets with limited local technological civilizations. Surprisingly, the troopers reported only positive feedback about their AT-AC. These were offering comfortable, reliable and well protected transportation and the lack of agility was not a real issue when battling primitive tribes and species. It is even rumored that some COMPNOR officers would have confessed that with AT-AC on Endor instead of AT-ST, the rebellion (not to mention the despised Ewoks) would never had won. AT-AC by Veynom, on Flickr One last remark about the AT-AC. According to several concurring sources, it would have been nicknamed Crawling Armored Transport (C.A.T.) among the troops. COMPNOR supposes that it may related to some kind of resemblance to an animal on one of the remote planets where the AT-AC operates. AT-AC by Veynom, on Flickr Disclaimer: the above is 100% fiction. This MOD is based on set 75288 (the 2020 AT-AT) with the track system design from the Sandcrawler 75220 (from 2018), some detailing here and there, and a bit of color swap. Free instructions are available on Rebrickable. Just click here.
  8. TIE/D automated fighter (Mining Guild) by Veynom, on Flickr TIE/D automated fighter (Elite Squadron) by Veynom, on Flickr I offer also color variants now.
  9. Veynom

    [MOC] Imperial Light Cruiser

    Very nice MOC. You did justice to the ship. I would maybe add a few bits of dark blueish grey here and there to make the details more apparent but your design is really nice already.
  10. Here is my TIE-Droid (or TIE/D automated fighter) MOD, based on set 75300. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr In the Star Wars expanded universe (Legends), the TIE Droid is a cheap automated fighter developed by the Empire in the Dark Empire comics. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr When the 2021 version of the TIE-Fighter was released, I was first a bit disappointed because it was no more matching in size my large collection of TIE variants. But then I considered the TIE-Droid, which I imagine to have a slightly smaller cockpit ball. As I had a few of these 2x6 modified plates with studs on the side, I started building the TIE-Droid variant. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr The resulting model is sturdy, swooshable and playable (as I kept the opening cockpit feature). The wings connections are solid but still easy to assemble and remove. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr A small build but worth sharing as it allows us to complete our collection of TIE variants. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr Free instructions for my TIE-Droid mod are available on rebrickable. Click, download, build, enjoy, and share your completed model back! Comments welcome.
  11. Thank you, glad you like it! Feel very free. I've seen also a color variant where the blue was replaced by dark red, nice as well. For the cape, see below. ;) Well done, the Emperor will be satisfied by your level of expertise. Thank you. I must watch again EP6 of the Mandalorian as I don't remember that design anymore. But yes, it has qualities and a definitive SW feeling.
  12. Today, I am proud to present you my I-XTS (Intersystem eXtended Transport Ship). When I discovered the release of the 75293 Resistance I-TS Transport set, I immediately imagined to make a bigger version. When SHIPtember started (one month to build a ship of at least 100 studs) then I decided to actually build it. So the base concept was easy: increase the length of the standard I-TS set up to at least 100 studs knowing that the original is only 43 studs long. Because of the extended length, the ship name was easy to find. The base design concept In the SW universe, it is common to find extended versions or variants of a base design. Look at Star Destroyers, Calamarian cigars, Corellian corvettes, YT variants, all these nice ships we see in Dark Empire.... But ok, just increasing the length is easy. Still ensuring that the resulting design is attractive is another topic Instead of having a single cargo bay, I decided to go with 2 bays with a small central module to create texturing and shape variation. Globally, it works: With a widened and detailed cockpit, 2 large cargo bays, and an larger engine section, the ship is coherent. Please note as well as the ship backbone is 2 studs wider than the stock model. Technically, there was nothing too challenging in building the backbone based on the I-TS instructions. Just add technic bricks until you reach the desired length, and abuse of technic pins to make everything fitting together. In the end, it is robust. The result I-XTS profiles by Veynom, on Flickr I-XTS details by Veynom, on Flickr I-XTS inside by Veynom, on Flickr Anio pointait le manque d'espace dans la soute cargo .... moi, je peux facilement y loger un Bantha. Some reviewers complained about the tight cargo area ... well, I can put a Bantha in each of my cargo bay. Fine, taking decent picture of this long ship is more difficult than actually building it. If you're interested in the constructions steps, please see below. It took me around 30 hours spread over 10 days. Day 1: After the first hours, the backbone is ready. It measures already 96 studs and has the correct shape. The location of both cargo bay is already defined. The extra width (2 studs) is very noticeable. SHIPtember 2020 - day 1 by Veynom, on Flickr Day 2: The top of the ship is becoming wider to match the original shape. The side supporting structures are in place and the central section start showing how it will look like: a kind of mirrored of the front section (just behind the cockpit). Clones have been supplied as re-enfircement to speed up the construction process. SHIPtember 2020 - day 2 by Veynom, on Flickr Day 3 Time to play with the engines (port side). Size seems fine from the first try ... and the ship officially goes over the 100 studs threshold. Building the engines and the supporting pod was quite easy based on the original instructions. It was even fun. SHIPtember 2020 - day 3 by Veynom, on Flickr Day 4 After the engine, the bow. The cockpit is twice wider than the original I-TS and is the larger section of the ship. Initially, I wanted to put 2 minifigs inside but I failed due to some structure constraints as you will see below. From this day, the length is around 110 studs. SHIPtember 2020 - day 4 by Veynom, on Flickr Day 5 I wanted to detail the cockpit further and that consumed a lot of time. Finally, after too many build-unbuild-rebuild phases, here is the result. Detailed inside, slick outside. In the end, I liked how the modified plate with rail perfectly fits on top of the panel 1x2x1. Sadly, I had to drop my initial idea of putting 2 minifigs in the cockpit. SHIPtember 2020 - day 5 by Veynom, on Flickr Day 6 Now that both the bow and engine designs are complete,d it is time to work on the main body. The core section is taking shape and the same pattern as the original I-TS is mirrored to provide the final design of the transport ship. The large cargy bay doors and panels are being worked on. As of right now, 8 technic bricks are missing but these are on their way to my home. SHIPtember 2002 - day 6 by Veynom, on Flickr Day 7 Almost there. The bow is considered as completed and the design should not change anymore. I also reached a satisfying balance between greebling, texturing, and colors. Again, it required a few build-unbuild-rebuild phases (same player, try again) but ultimately, it is good looking. But it is about time as we are on the 24 of September with only 6 days to go before the deadline. And the cargo is large enough to hold a Bantha! Achievement! SHIPtember 2020 - day 7 by Veynom, on Flickr Day 8 This is copy/paste day. If it works in one location, then I copy it everywhere. As I received the technic bricks, I could complete the cargo bays. Then the 2nd engine pod. 5 days before the deadline and still the rear section is not over, without mentioning the core section. SHIPtember 2020 - day 8 by Veynom, on Flickr Day 10 Job done! Intersystem eXtended Transport Ship by Veynom, on Flickr A simple yet elegant transport ship, if you ask me. And now the question, could you spot where this part is used ? Minifig, cape plastic
  13. Veynom

    L3-37 moc

    I confirm. I've bult it and added custom stickers. L3-37 by Veynom, on Flickr
  14. Veynom

    Unpopular Opinions related to Lego Star Wars

    You know, the dropship can carrry either of the 3 sets: the AT-OT from the box, the AT-TE, and the Juggernaut from the same era. This is not a well advertised feature, but the dropship can do it, without any modification. On the controversy side, I only like minifig-scale SW sets. microfighters are sporadically great for their minifig (but I like their brick-built Bantha & Dewback) micro stuff means spare parts to me, directly, never even built. UCS that are not minifig-scale (or close enough) are just statues. Where's the fun without a pilot. We need a modular serie "SW style" to create nice colored cities for Coruscant, Lothal, Naboo (enough of Tatooine)... or at least sets that can be connected together to create a giant hangar, a rebel base, an Imperial fortress, a street... (and by connection, I mean not only side-by-side like classic modulars but also "on top of")
  15. Very nice build. I really like the modular capability. Shape and color code are spot on.