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Found 4 results

  1. One of my favorite Eurobricks builds over the past couple of years was the Garbage Truck @steph77 completed in 2017. It's been a while since I have made a Garbage Truck, so after Thirdwigg Jr. Jr. (6) asked if I could make one, I jumped at the opportunity. I asked if he would be willing to test it as I built it. He said yes, so we were off. First, I wanted to make the truck fully manual with the following functions: Three axle, two steering Fake engine Removable garbage container Opening compactor Extractor plate Two stage compaction cycle Bin lift/tip Everything had to work smooth enough for a child to process the smallest of LEGO parts, particularly the 1x1 plate round. Nothing could get stuck in any movement, as this would frustrate a child (and me, frankly). Back in March, I finally figured out a little design that would be the first step of the compaction function. It wasn't perfect, but it was enough to proceed. The arch part at the bottom will be where the trash is dumped into the compactor. Back of the truck is to the right. I decided to model the truck after the Dennis Olympus garbage truck/bin lorry/refuse truck, in the colors represented by this stunning little build by Jonathan Elliot. So after another build session, I created this simple bodywork. I built a draft of the compactor, and put the two parts together and came up with this. Test one with Thirdwigg Jr. Jr. identified some problems with the compaction. Currently the bottom plate does not pull up far enough, so I'll need to turn the gear mechanism around. Here you can see how it processes from one gear on the side. It's not perfect yet, but I think I may be able to get there. See the video here. We'll see where this goes, but I like what I have so far. It's been almost a year since my last large project, the Ionos Sedan, so it's time for something bigger again. Questions, Comments, Laments, and Insults always welcome...
  2. A utilitarian space / Arctic freight train for my ice-bound Nexus Force base... it may not look very spacey, though. (I tried, it's more difficult than it looks!) This MOC features: - ALCO RS-11-like four axle diesel loco - boxcar with removable top and opening doors. - Nuclear waste flask car. Try not look at the glass sections for very long! - two couple of sectioned gondolas loaded with comet / meteorite samples.... and maybe a few frozen aliens inside! - bay window caboose for nuclear flask guards and train crew This model was originally a ALCO MRS-1 (which you can see in his instructions store here) built by @SavaTheAggie, but has been so severely modified that it no longer looks like the prototype loco. So I went searching and found another ALCO locomotive, a RS-11 that looks (kind of) like my new loco. Both my MOC and the new prototype have the four wheels, and the same basic hood and cab design as the MRS-1 that preceded it. I changed out the original grille bricks at the rear for grille tiles SNOTed-in sideways for a more consistent look when compared to the roof vents. I added back in Sava's maintenance cabinets from the MRS-1, yet attached them differently using newer parts. I also shortened the frame by six studs to fix the spacing problem created by the missing two wheels. The long hood of the loco has been designated the rear. The printed Nexus Force logo (from CITY Arctic 2014) goes on the curved 2 x 2 x 2/3 slopes on the front and rear hood ends, underneath the lights. This boxcar was heavily inspired by Time Gould boxcar design from the dying days of the 9v-era, otherwise known as 2008. (You can see it and his entire vintage train it came from, here on Rebrickable for free.) The roof comes off this car type and the loading doors open up. This nuclear waste flask car is loaded and ready for delivery to a waste storage facility at an undisclosed location. These open air gondolas are loaded with icy meteorite fragments, which may or may not contain hostile alien life frozen inside! No interior on this part of the train, as it's too crowded inside due to needed SNOT-work for the bay windows. This car was originally puzzled-out from this MOC's pictures. I'm already parting out the diesel engine, but the train will have to wait. You can see more details on the arctic / space base shown above in this thread in the Sci-Fi forum. Be warned, it needs to be updated with some newer stuff I designed! Thoughts? EDITED 9/6/21: added nuclear car photo and updated the main picture.
  3. Hello everyone! I present to you the first ebouch of work that will occupy this summer: a recycled truck of European type. At the exit of my dark age this was my first subject that I treated in lego technic. The model of the time had a awful design and many (too) features Here is my program for this model: Its scale will be granted to my latest creation. Size medium. No RC on this model The manual functions will be the steering on two axles, already realized and functional, a fake engine V6, already realized and functional, a cabin liftable. At the powerfunction level, I will use a simple medium engine coupled to a reverting gearbox for four functions. These four functions will be: the rear loading of the trash bins, a compactor with two synchronized movement, the lifting of the rear part (compactor) and a scissor ejector. The ultimate goal is to have a model that can be left without worries in the hands of a child. The carrier frame is fitted and already shielded for this purpose. At the level of functions I will use mini actuators and for the compactor a system that I still have to test but based on what is done in GBC. Here are the first photos of the current progress, I will post the update as and when progress. Your comments are welcome. As you see, the build is not symetrical. Fuel tank on one side and fake compressor of the other side. The lighting is already incorporated. Placing it later is one mistake i will never do anymore... To be continued...
  4. xboxtravis7992

    Nuclear Waste Cars

    So right around the time Electrosteam started his Retro-Future Atomic Train topic; I saw a video online showing the operation of a nuclear waste transporting train here in the U.S.: So I decided to get in on the nuclear Lego train fun by recreating one of the DODX (Department of Defense) nuclear waste train cars in Lego form... Or at least kind of recreating them. Re-watching the video now is making me want to redo the cars again to catch some finer details (although I doubt I'll get around to finding a way to get those crazy eight axle bogies under it!). So here they are (apologizes if they don't show up for a while due to Brickshelf's slow moderating system...) And here is the cutaway view revealing the prize inside... Yes I know that real nuclear waste is a dark dullish metallic gray color, but I decided the cartoon like Simpsons style trans-green glowing rods fits the more comical Lego world better than just a bunch of dark bley pieces! Enjoy! If you want to see more nuclear train fun, go back here to see Electrosteam's topic: