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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everybody! Allow me to introduce my new series of MOC. To begin - Russian frigates pr.1135 (NATO designation - "Krivak"). Built in LDD. Scale 1: 350. Frigates pr.1135 - a unique series of warships, held at the Navy of the USSR and then Russia, Ukraine and India since the early 1970's to the present. In total 49 ships were built, and the construction of a serious improvement is still ongoing. "Krivak I" ASW-frigate "Krivak III" coast guard patrol ship more photos and information
  2. CommanderJonny1

    [MOC] Rebel Scorpius Mk II

    "The Mark I was a stopgap; the Mark II is a workhorse." -Rebel Alliance Officer I'm back with the Scorpius line of Multi-Role Vehicles, this time with the Mk II. I am working on a Mk III, though I don't know if I'll finish it or not; and even if I did, there probably won't be a Mk IV as there's only so much I can do with one overarching deign. Another point is that this is the largest version I was reasonably able to make with the bracket construction. As a result, there is a weakness in the 'tracks' area, as the main connection points between the sides and the bottom/chassis is at the front and the back. The versions with seats and/or equipment crossing the middle also help with the problem; this means that the Mk IIC is the weakest structurally (this makes a little sense in context). As opposed to the original Scorpius, which put everything on what was essentially the same hull/chassis, the Mk II's four different variants have noticeably different makeups, while still adhering to the same general design style. Sidenote- each variant (mainly the pictures) will be put into a spoiler section to try and minimize the size of the post. The first (and base) version of the Mk II is the Mk IIA, which functions as a standard (medium) armored vehicle. This version is the most versatile, being able to carry troops or cargo while still functioning in its main role as a front line combatant. The modularity of the Scorpius line is expanded in the Mk II, with the 'A' model having twice as many attachments as the Mk I, as well as multiple different configurations for its secondary armament. While some of these attachments are the same (or otherwise larger/upgraded versions of the previous ones), there are some new ones; a few of the attachments were thought of for the Mk I, but were deemed to be too big and therefore implemented on the Mk II. Another advantage of the Mk II is the fact that all of the attachments can be taken off and put in fixed positions (or turret emplacements) if need be, such as in the case of needing to quickly create fortifications. The second variant, the Mk IIB, is a 'Command & Communications Vehicle' that can be used to either coordinate Rebel forces (whether other Scorpii or not) or function in the Electronic Warfare role. The secondary armament is lighter to compensate for the increased weight of the sensor equipment and other additions. Powerful sensors were installed, and while both of the rear positions had their specialization, they could operate in the other's role in a secondary capacity during emergencies (with some modifications). Due to its sensitive nature and lack of heavy armament, the design focuses on survivability, with increased armor protection as well as canister launchers that can create smoke clouds to facilitate escape. The third variant, the Mk IIC, is a troop/cargo carrier; the gunner's position is removed and the main armament is replaced with manned turrets. Although these turrets are a bit exposed, the turrets can also be remotely activated by the driver. There are two versions of the Mk IIC, a lighter and heavier version, though both function in the same role. The two turrets that the 'C' model is equipped with is one with a Heavy Repeating Blaster, and one with a pair of twin missile launchers (as well as a communication array). The final variant, the Mk IID, is a Self-Propelled Gun/Artillery; the gunner's position is enhanced, and a Sensor Operator position is added right behind. As with the CCV, the Mk IID has a lighter secondary armament (and canister launchers), in this case to compensate for the larger main armament. This variant has a crew of four- a driver, a gunner, a Sensors Operator, and a spotter; the commander of the vehicle can either be the spotter or the Sensors Operator. Some 'D' models operate without the fourth crew member, and instead carry one or two 2x2 boxes. This is a decently sized vehicle, and as such it would fit the main spot in a battle line; the Mk I would be more of a scout or escort, while the Mk III (if ever finished) would be more of a support/assault/breakthrough vehicle. If you'd like to see a Mk III or not, say so (design suggestions would be welcomed as well). If you want to build these for yourselves, here's the instructions: Scorpius Mk IIA - Scorpius Mk IIB, C, & D - As always, any feedback would be much appreciated!
  3. Hello everybody! Allow me to introduce my new MOC - french aircraft carrier "Clemenceau". Built in LDD. Scale 1: 350. Comments and suggestions are welcome. More pictures.
  4. Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" with escort ships. Scale 1: 350, LDD. For aircraft carrier group, I used the newly built model aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" and the latest version of my ships project 956, 1135m, 1155 and 11551 built on the scale of 1: 350. More pictures you can see on my page Model aircraft carriers built using a set of documents from the Sluban M38-B0388. Since Sluban uses a large number of original parts, practically the whole ship had to be rebuilt. At the same time, I made a number of improvements to the weapons and design.
  5. Mods please note, this is a space model using Star Wars sets and ideas... please do not move it to the Star Wars section! This is an Imperial Navy Special News Bulletin : In a press release today, naval officials have confirmed the existence of two new ships to add on to the already constructed Star Cruiser. They are named in the post below: This is the Imperial Home Fleet with the support craft and fighters excluded from view. From right to left, we have the Combat Frigate "Huckleberry", then the Star Cruiser "Sawyer", and finally the Assault Carrier "Thatcher". These three ships form the backbone of the Imperial Home Fleet, and have been used as a threesome on many war-time missions and peaceful encounters. SAWYER - star cruiser (set 9515 MOD) Name: Sawyer Owner: Lego Empire Model: TOM Class Star Cruiser Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 16 Twin Ion Engines (TIE) Max Speed: 2,850 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 62% speed of light The ship has 16 regular engines, specifically Twin Ion Engines. The command bridge of the ship features Admiral Oswald Lyons seat (on the right) with Lt. Commander Eliza Burnside (top seat) and Doctor Andrew Sinister (bottom seat) Right: Admiral Oswald Lyons Middle: Dr. Andrew Sinister Left: Lt Commander Eliza Burnside HUCKLEBERRY - combat frigate (set 75158 MOD) Name: Huckleberry Owner: Lego Empire Model: FNN Class Combat Frigate Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 9 Twin Ion Engines (TIE) Max Speed: 2,670 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 57% speed of light The rear of the ship features two movable arms to increase the amount of engines from five to nine, bringing the vessel up to it's full speed and maneuverability parameters. THATCHER - assault carrier (set 75106 MOD) Name: Thatcher Owner: Lego Empire Model: BKY Class Assault Carrier Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 3 Boosted Output Twin Ion Engines (BO-TIE) Max Speed: 2,770 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 63% speed of light The rear of the ship features three supercharge BO-TIE engines (Boosted Output Twin Ion Engines) that are cutting edge when it comes to light speed percentage. However, they are temperamental and have never been tested to their full power of 63% of the speed of light... usually they cap it at about 56% to keep the fleet moving at the same speed as it's slowest member. Thank you, that is all! (This message brought to you by OCTAN's new Octa-Milk - it's 8 new flavors of fun!* *Fun not included, any fun you may receive from Octa-Milk is wholly the liability of the drinker of said product and is not the responsibility of the OCTAN Corporation. All Octa-Milk contains 20% crushed hopes, 31% destroyed dreams, 15% unicorn tears, 12% squandered time, 20% abandoned sadness and 2% Cow milk.) NOTES on the fleet In reality, these ships were originally Lego sets remade in LDD on Eurobricks that I modified either a lot (set 9515 The Malevolence) a little (75106 Assault Carrier), or somewhere in between. (75158 Combat Frigate) They were originally recreated by these Eurobricks users: ADHO15, (for the Malevolence in the middle) ArmstrongYong (for the assault carrier on the right), and TheNerdyOne (Combat Frigate on left) before being modified by me. No LDD file will be made available for now, but the real life pictures (and the file) will be put up as soon as I build them, around the start of November. That's all for now, and if you have any thoughts, complaints or questions, feel free to ask!
  6. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    MOC: Anti Satellite Laser Carrier

    Hello, Eurobricks. I'm finally posting my first MOC, so sorry if it has minor issues. But hope you enjoy! In the future of 2075, on distant colonized planets, satellite warfare has increased greatly. This means that in order to be victorious in most major battles, vehicle such as the Anti Satellite Laser Carrier must be used take out even the toughest enemy satellites from the ground. These 6 wheel drive trucks carry cannons to different satellite attack zones and launch their huge lasers. Here you can see inside the cab.
  7. legofrik

    WWII MOC M3 Half-track

    The M3 Half-track, known officially as the Carrier, Personnel Half-track M3, was an American armored personnel carrier widely used by the Allies during World War II. Since this is a personnel carrier, there's room for more minifigs. Next to the driver, there's seating for the soldiers in the back. Three soldiers in the back have more than enough room. Considering the monochrome structure of the Carrier, the backpacks and the soldiers' uniforms provide some colour distraction. The soldiers mount the Carrier through the back door, which can be opened and closed in this LEGO model.
  8. Hi guys, So this is my Moc of a imperial carrier. (my apology for the bad quality of the picture and my english...) This is a support ship in the army of the empire. he can deploy more drop ship, soldier , tie figher and more than a star destroyer and can support infantry on ground with is orbital cannon... front view hangar view (and orbital cannon) side view engine view I take the exemple of this ship to do it.
  9. I always feel for the rebel ground troops in the Battle of Hoth. Hopelessly outgunned and vehicle-less, being served as cannon fodder for the AT-ATs. So I wanted to give them somewhat of a fighting chance. Hence, my MOC of Hoth Rebel Combat Speeder/Universal Carrier. This is the same vehicle featured in 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack. The vehicle is dubbed "Rebel Combat Speeder" by TLG. But this model, which I once thought to be one of TLG's imaginary vehicles, actually existed as described in Star Wars Wikia as "laser ice-cutter". Source: A 1980 ESB making documentary features the following. It has been suggested the vehicle was edited out becaue it rode too much like a 'snow mobile' rathe than a 'speeder'. A photo of the set shows the followng. Now, the vehicle can actually be seen in SW Ep.V as follows. Upon frame by frame analysis, I've found the following. IMO, the description that this vehicle's primary purpose is as an "ice-cutter" for the excavation of Echo Base is not correct. It is obviously a combat vehicle much like the Universal Carrier/Bren Gun Carrier or M16 Multiple Gun Carriage or FLAK halftrack. Hence, my design of that mystery rebel vehicle. .
  10. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    U.S.S Lexington ICVN 16

    Hey all, here's my first Sci-Fi post on EB, the USS Lexington ICVN 16, which also happens to be my SHIPtember entry from this year's contest. USS Lexington ICVN 16 by Joshua, on Flickr USS Lexington ICVN 16 SHIPtember shot by Joshua, on Flickr USS Lexington stern view by Joshua, on Flickr USIN Fleet register: The USS Lexington is the 4th ship in the Legacy Class of Super Battlecarriers, and the 16th interstellar carrier built for the United States Interstellar Navy. Constructed at the Death Valley Heavy Starship Yards by JBIronWorks Inc., the Lexington and her sister ships Enterprise (ICVN 13), Yorktown (ICVN 14), and Saratoga (ICVN 15), are the largest warships ever built by mankind. A solid THREE times the length of the Gerald R. Ford class, the Legacies, as they are commonly called, have the hanger capacity for up to 200 starcraft of various types, up to and including orbital bombers the size of B-2s. Unlike previous classes of carriers, the Legacies do not rely on their starcraft as their sole weapon, making them unique among their peers. Each Legacy is armed with 2 massive forward-firing 30-inch railguns, 4 turret-mounted 24-inch plasma guns, 9 turret-mounted 20-inch plasma guns, 6 tactical nuke missile ports, and multiple smaller plasma guns and CIWS’ scattered around the hull. All Legacies are thus able to hold their own, and be able to stand in a line-of-battle as well, making the Legacies the first successful Battlecarriers ever. Fitted with all the aforementioned weapon systems, as well as the latest and most advanced radar and comms systems in existence, the Legacies are considered the ultimate symbol of American military power, and the pinnacle of starship engineering. Two more Legacies are in the works, Wasp (ICVN 17), and Hornet (ICVN 18), with the possibility of more being discussed by Congress. —————————————————————————————————— Final length: 146 studs long Width: about 50 studs You can't see it here unfortunately, but the main engines, the bridge, and the interior hanger deck all light up. 100% Lego with the exception of those flags, which are standing in for engraved panels that I don't have yet. There is a special reason these ships are called the Legacy class, and why I chose to name this one the Lexington. As is obvious from the description, they are all named after famous American carriers. There is another meaning for why the names Legacy and Lexington are used in this build however. My great-grandfather on my mom's side served on both Lexingtons during WW2, and was the Chief of the Flight Deck on CV-16. Thus, the class of ships being named the Legacy class, as well as this MOC being named the Lexington, is a double tribute to him and the original Lexingtons. The backgrounds are not mine, they're free online wallpapers. Hope you all like it! Cheers, Joshua
  11. In the last couple of weeks I have, amongst other projects, been working on the rerelease of Trailer Tr1. Here it is this latest project: Model "Trailer Tr1 MkII type T1" is build with LEGO® in scale 1:17,5 and motorized using LEGO® Power Functions. It is not build after a specific brand or type of trailer. This build represents a two axle reefer (refrigerated) trailer with tandem axle slider. The trailer features: solid axle suspension on all axles, three sets of lights, a kingpin, remotely controlled landing gear and parking break, remotely controlled tandem axle slider, and many details. Scale: 1:17,5 Length: 826 mm Weight: 2,78 kg Parts: 1730 It’s color scheme matches that of „Truck T1 MkII” extremely well and so does its aerodynamic looks. The trailer’s weight is reduced by a light weight constructions of both the walls and roof and also by reducing it’s frame. The „container” is strong enough by itself so the frame is only used to attach necessities. These include the tandem axle slider, Power Functions and landing gear. Within a couple of weeks two more editions of this very same trailer will be available. First will be type T2 that fits the color scheme of „Truck T2 MkII” just perfect. The third edition, type Tx will have standard "factory" colors to fit any other truck model available or is to be combined with your own truck design. What is particularly new to this model is the avoidance of the hard to get Black Technic Steering Arm Small (BrickLink ID 6571). The newly designed rear axle now uses another part instead which will be available for many years! To adjust the weight on different axle groups the trailer’s tandem axle group can slide along the trailer. The tandem axle group can be moved forwards and backwards to put the axles where the weight is best distributed. With this the distance between the kingpin and the axle group can be altered. This is referred to as the trailer wheelbase. The longer the trailer wheelbase, the less maneuverable the truck-trailer combination. This model is another custom design that comes with building instructions and inventory/parts list! Early in the building process you will see what it is that you are building. You will be very excited from the moment you start the build of "Trailer Tr1 MkII" till you finish it with about 230 different parts totaling 1730 pieces. Cheers, Ingmar Spijkhoven
  12. Well, as I have many Duplos at home (I got a 2 yo kid which is a Lego enthusiast), when I want to "physically" build something, I use those, instead of LDD. Of course, the size and colors of the bricks tend to limit the results, but Duplo can also be useful to build something nice. These are starships I made for my little kid, and he enjoyed playing with them at least as much as I enjoyed building them (and it was much!). Frigate Cruiser Carrier/Battleship Does anyone else build something with Duplos for their toddlers?
  13. Hey there An old one, but still in our inventory. Wochenender builds that troop transporter for our Grimmhavn project in 2011. We never made well photo´s, but a few days ago i finally got the time. It´s a sailing ship bolt for transporting of troops over seas. There is room for up to 20 soldiers and cannonry on bug and astern. Let´s have a look: Find out more on: THE BRICK TIME and on our FlickR gallery. Bye BoB
  14. niteangel

    MOC - Orca Rescue Plane & Carrier

    While some people build their brick cities with more and more cars and planes, I always want mine to be more than that. It should evolve with new technology. I bought the set 7686 for some parts, but what was left was for something more intriguing. I always have the idea to make a more futuristic plane. C'mon, with Tony Stark in my city, I guess the city can benefit from his technology! Haha, so I recreated the "chopper", and embrace the future with a new design! I did some sketches first, all based on the plane Orca in C&C computer game. So the team reassembled! The orange rescue and repair team now includes the standard flatbed truck 60017, and on the right it is my another MOC Wheel-lift Wrecker, and this time we are to see the middle truck, the Orca Carrier and its plane! I imagine that this technology is just new, and in later years when the world war breaks out again in the C&C era (like 2050-21XX I guess), the Orca is transformed to an attack fighter. Anyway, that means this little plane is a precedent to the Orca fighter! The truck, while carrying the plane and transporting it, also provides tools and supply for maintaining the plane. Hey man, time for a little flight test! Two full throttle engines make this plane fly better than a chopper, probably! Overview of the plane... The can also see the engines now move to horizontal position, which is a flying mode. There is a landing gear at the tail that can be folded up. The two floodlights are perfect for search and rescue work! The truck also has an outdoor-use radar and computer system, that helps the pilot to locate himself on the plane during rescue missions. Did you see the little + hole in the middle of the plane? That is where the "tool clips" are installed for different missions. I will show you more later here how that works!