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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, for my first EB MOC post, I would like to share my most recent Real Life Bricks creation. This is Engine 135, stationed in the South District of my city. Engine 135 is a 2020 E-One Typhoon Engine. The specifications are that of a real life truck(the color scheme and design are my own however), and the specs are as follows: 2020 E-One Typhoon Cummins 500 HP Diesel Federal Signal EQ2B siren FedSig lighting 2000 GPM pump 1000 gal water Thanks for stopping by, if you would like to see more real life builds or some of my digital stuff, (I have about 30 digital creations that have not been built IRL) let me know!
  2. This question is for folks that set-up GBC modules at events. Do you have an emergency/breakdown/set-up kit that you take to events? If so what do you have in your kit? I did my first event this past weekend and would like to make sure that I am better equipped for the next event which will be in October. Thanks, Daniel
  3. de-marco

    [MOC] Emergency Services Truck

    Emergency Services Truck building instructions Parts list
  4. This is the general shape of the Hospital building. I hope to have time this summer to make the interior, the stairs, the ramps and of course the yard. I have a strong feeling that the yard will be finished first :) LEGO hospital 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO hospital 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO hospital 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO hospital 5 by Severus A, on Flickr
  5. Farnheim

    MOC - Rescue Helicopter

    Hello community, after the refurbishments of the swap body trucks I could finish another project. It was one of these projects, you start very ambitious and stop immediately due to the lack of parts and/or solutions for building problems and such. The helicopter should have a modern and compact appearance, a color scheme that fits to my other rescue vehicle and some functional details. Now after being more a construction site than a MOC on my desk for months I gave it a second chance. And here it is... Hope y'all like it. C & C welcome as usual. Thanks for watching!
  6. Hi all, i want to introduce you a few new MOCs I did the last couple of weeks. First I gave the swap body trucks a make over. The old containers were (more classical) eight studs long, but some newer ones took the length of ten studs for more space. So the primers movers do for a better proportioned silhouette imho. Let's start with the pictures. The Farnheim fire department put two new heavy rigs for their emergency management (e.g. storms, dam failures, floodings etc.) into service. One of the twins is equipped with a crane. The other one has an explosion-proofed cab and it's able to pick up hazardous liquids and goods. This truck loaded up with a tank container by default. Another new truck is a little smaller, but it can be expand with a trailer. So the fire fighters are able to carry two required containers at once to the scene. And finally some pics of some rebuilt containers. Container tank for serious fires Container with two tanks full of foam Container with its whole equipment against hazardous scenarios on waterways. The red strips shell be oil barriers Hope you like them. Critics & comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching.
  7. Good day! I'm here today to present my new MOC - a tow truck! Functions: Tippable tow bed Retractable wheels support Adjustable seats Openable doors Lockable winch This creation is pending approval on Rebrickable, here the LDD Thanks for reading!
  8. I am introducing my TECHTRONERS EMT TEAM characters that I will probably post in one bigger set render a few days what do you say (any thoughts and constructive critique is welcomed)?
  9. Hello folks, I'm a "fresh" member and I hope this is the right place to present my last MOC. It's a custom version of the VW T1: a "road service" canvas pick-up. In 2011 I bought the set # 10220, I think it’s a well detailed and shaped set. Furthermore I like vintage vehicles and especially the Bulli (even called Samba or Kombi). I haven't bought original LEGO sets for many years and It has been a pleasure to have a new LEGO box in my hands. Personally I prefer “working vehicles” and I wasn’t satisfied with the camper version. I waited to build it until I had the idea to build a canvas pick-up for “road service”. So last winter I built my own version of the T1 and last week I took some pictures. Maybe someone of you has already seen it on my flickr stream or Mocpages (and on The Lego Car Blog). My T1 has two side doors below the load compartment; two shovels for road emergencies are mounted on the doors. Two spare wheels, a fuel tank and a wooden box with various tools are positioned on the rack. The plate is an italian one and the numbers are the original ones of a real T1 (I like the old Italian plate style). Two HELLA supplemental lights are fitted on the front bumper. A sticker with the VW Bobble Head mascot is positioned on the canvas, I love it! Without the canvas, the T1 is a funny pick-up to carry "oversize" load. The floor is made of "wooden" plates. For more pictures, details and informations: flickr MOCpages
  10. BrickmanJ

    Modular Fire Station

    I am going to plan and probably make a MOC modular 2 bay fire station. It will be bigger and better than the Fire Brigade set, and it will have 2 units, probably from my volunteer fire department. Do you guys think that would be cool? Edit: I have decided on 1 of the two units, a Seagrave Maruader II Pumper. I just need an idea for the second unit. I'm thinking maybe a squad. Any suggestions? UPDATE: The two units will be this: A Seagrave Marauder II Pumper and a Pierce Arrow XT 85' Platfrom Aerial. I am not going to have plans out for this soon, as I am very busy with other things like my new business, my regular LEGO fire department, and a replica rig as a present. I am still thinking about this and working on it bit by bit, though. You will see the units first. UPDATE 2: The LDD rendering of the pumper is done, so I will have that here soon. I am working on the aerial rendering now. Pretty soon I will have LDD Manager. I switched back to LDD because of time and ease. MLcad doesn't work for me and LEOcad takes forever. I didn't get SR 3D. UPDATE 3: I got LDD Manager, so now I have a parts list for the engine. I am working on the aerial.
  11. Hi everyone! Well, it's time to share a new MOC with you. The Monorail Emergency Train. The idea of such kind of equipment resulted from a derailing incidient on Brixe's monorail diorama during the last Fanwelt in Cologne, where the Farnheim Fire Department was called for technical assistance. So I started to create a special Monorail-based emergency and rescue vehicle. With that train the Farnheim Fire Department should now be well equipped for such future incidents. The train features an emergency module where evacuated injured passengers get first medical aid. The second supply module is equipped with lots of stuff for technical assistances and a huge watertank with a separated smaller foam tank. On the roof a big water cannon and a high reach extendable Turret (HRET) for structure fires nearby the railroad system are also installed. The electric drive has the advantage to evacuate passengers in heavily smoked tunnel systems. The train is sited in a special building near downtown Farnheim. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching. Critics and comments are very welcome as usual. Best regards, Farnheim