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Found 20 results

  1. My new Star Wars MOC: Pasaana Everything is ready, units arranged, photos taken I built one universal baseplate, on which I present 3 scenes from The Rise of Skywalker! The width of the base is less than 70cm, so this is the largest model I have built so far. I have a supply of tan bricks for long time I used about 1000 bricks to build the base, it is even difficult to count it, there were many orders on Bricklink. I used my other projects in the scenes: First Order Transporter, TIE Whisper, Pasaana Loader Skimmer with First Order Treadspeeder. Full review and one additional bonus scene on my YouTube! Edge of Bricks More photos here:
  2. Hi! New MOC is ready, First Order Treadspeeder The project has only 80 bricks, so construction was very fast. I have prepared a tutorial for this project for you, you will be able to build this vehicle yourself. There were three reasons why I built this vehicle: - I bought the 75250 set and I didn't like the speeder from the set, I wanted something better, - I need this vehicle for my new diorama - Pasaana, - that I haven't seen many projects of this speeder, so I decided to do it my own way. The Vehicle appeared in The Rise of Skywalker movie, on the Pasaana planet. MOC is available on Rebrickable with list of parts: OF BRICKS/first-order-treadspeeder/?inventory=1#comments
  3. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order UA-TT

    Hi! New MOC is ready, First Order Urban Assault Triped Transport Now only in LDD, soon I'll start build real one. 903 pieces The walker appeared in E9, as described is based on the old AT-AP, dimensions similar to AT-ST, but this one is better armed. During the attack, he uses the front arm to stabilize. Used by First Order in urban areas. I was already planning this project in January, but I gave up due to the difficult shape. I came back to it now, because I was inspired by another model designed by @julio.mocsw instagram, check his profile! I decided to go back to this project. Head modeling is a real nightmare, but somehow I did it, and there is a space for First Order Driver. How do you like it? More on my YouTube channel - Edge of Bricks
  4. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order Transporter

    Hi! Design of my new MOC is ready! First Order AAL-1971/9.1 Troop Transport or just First Order Transporter Main functions: - 1575 pieces, - Minifig scale, - space to carry 12 stormtroopers, 1 First order pilot, 1-2 crew member (Shooter, Mechanic or Engineer), - full interior with 2 section, - raised hatch for the shooter, - dropped ramp, - folding landing gears, - a lot of details PDF Instruction will be available soon! Soon I'll start build real model, after that I'll make pdf book instruction. Maybe today I'll add some preview on my YouTube channel - Edge of Bricks Comparison with Lego set 75103
  5. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order AT-AT

    Hi! Has anyone of you ever seen MOC from First Order AT-AT? With every detail, correct proportion etc.? Then I invite you to the presentation of my next walker! Currently, only a virtual project, finished at 99%, can change a few more details. The design has 2034 bricks, it fits perfectly with scale to my AT-M6! :) The construction process lasted very quickly, about 3-4 weeks, now I'm starting to make a list of parts and prepare for construction. The PDF instructions will be available in 2020! :) more on my YouTube!
  6. Heyho folks! Last weekend I started to built this litte version of a First Order Siege Dreadnought for the "IdS-MiMi 2018 - Minimize Me" contest. Not that huge and heavy like my other MOCs but still fun and engaging ;D In this album you can find more pictures and a breakdown of this tiny ship! Greetings Kommander
  7. Hi! This is my first moc from The Rise of Skywalker, Episode 9 - First Order TIE Interceptor! Now is only in LDD design, I'm still thinking if I should build this or wait to official premiere of this vehicle. 904 pieces, a lot of details, I based only on movie trailer What do you think? More on my YouTube:
  8. UPDATE: Instruction avaiable - at BrickVault UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr Size: 109cm x 52cm x 25cm Parts: 7855 LEGO STAR WARS UCS FO Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Render by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr And some instruction pages. Instruction by Kommander, auf Flickr You can find more pictures HERE Original post: Hey Eurobricks I wanna share with you my new project - a First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer in UCS-scale. To avoid another long time MOC in WIP Nirvana I started this time with little help from LDD. Dimensions, main frame, angles... took me about a year to set these parts. Because of the LDD file I generated instructions and and part lists for me. On the picture you can see an early version of the ship and one of the latest with much more details. For the moment only one digital render of the ship. There will be some adjustments/tweaks in the "real" version but most of it works fine for me. I already finished the main frame with the instructions... and its good! More pictures will be on flickr Greetings Kommander
  9. Hi! My new project is ready! First Order Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle Based on 75104 set, you can say that is only modification but I made a lot of changes :) - 1326 parts! - movable wings! - changed interior! - PlusSize wings - wider about 2 studs - better proportions - more details ________________________________________________________________ FREE LDD FILES TO DOWNLOAD (check my YouTube movie and description!!!) ________________________________________________________________ REBRICKABLE: More on FLICKR - https:// Instagram - @edge_of_bricks
  10. Hi! I want to show you my new project - First Order Xi-Class Light Shuttle from Last Jedi movie! Minifigures scale, now 1070 parts, 50% complete. now, LDD project, but after designing, I'll make real model and instruction. How do you like it? Any sugestions?
  11. Hi! I want to show you my new project! First Order Elite TIE Interceptor! Design is based on concept arts and contains 1066 bricks! The main part donor is FO TIE Fighter 75101, soon I'll prepare list of parts. I will build this after doing the instructions for my AT-M6 ... :) More on my YouTube!
  12. I know I normally post stuff on the forums about Lego Technic, but I also enjoy building Lego MineCraft sets as well and connecting them together. Today, I looked at my The First Night set and noticed something very odd. I got the set on Christmas Eve 2015, and I never noticed this problem the entire time I had it. This is Lego's official picture for the set. Focus on the green 2x2 plate with knob above the brown 2x2 brick with the rose on the right of the pig. When you build the set, the instructions show that there is no green plate below the rose. I don't think there is even a spare piece for it. I checked the internet and I believe nobody ever noticed this before. I'm perfectly fine with it though, since everyone occasionally makes mistakes. What do you think? Has anyone here saw this mistake before?
  13. Hi guys, I couldn't find any pictures for a long time, but finally found one. It is only one picture, blurry, but shows it well. This was with about 1600 unsorted pieces. Btw, those are 42000 wheels.
  14. This is my first brickfilm. (Sorry about the shaking camera) I hope you like it!
  15. Hello Eurobrick forum. In this forum there are so many wonderfull creations so I decided to lower the level a little bit turning myself from a viewer into a builder. This is my first ever MOC and it's called "stealthy theft". I know many of the pices I used are very old and yellowed but they are the only I have. I tried to mimic the wall style of this great project http://www.eurobrick...owtopic=101508. Please let me know if you have suggestions.
  16. I've been building all kinds of Lego (and Lego-compatible) brick sets this year, the space shuttle, some architecture sets, a number of creator and town planes, monuments (by other brands), the BTTF Car and Ecto 1, and some big Technic sets. I have never done any of the Creator Modular sets- wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best one to start with? To be clear, I'm asking what is the best Modular Building available on the market to start with- this isn't for a MOC.
  17. I've been building all kinds of Lego (and Lego-compatible) brick sets this year, the space shuttle, some architecture sets, a number of creator and town planes, monuments (by other brands), the BTTF Car and Ecto 1, and some big Technic sets. I have never done any of the Creator Modular sets- wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best one to start with?
  18. Actaeon

    [MOC]- Spaceship Corridor

    So this is my first MOC to be posted on Eurobricks. It is almost a year old, but yet still one of my favorites. It is just a basic spaceship corridor with some random pieces of junk throughout. Thoughts? CC welcome!
  19. Hi there everybody ! My name is Arran (a.k.a dephone, dtriangle and numo), I'm an Artist and I live in Berlin, also a DJ and Lego builder. I love building with Lego bricks and figured it was about time to get involved in some more wonderful Lego communities. I've been a flickr member since 2007 and most of my latest creations are documented there: My personal webpage is here (there is not so much Lego there but you can see the other interesting things that I get up to). I am aswell an active member of Bricklink and Brickset but of course. I am currently building some interesting things to be exhibited at the SteineWAHN exhibition in Berlin at the end of Mai, hope to see some of you there !
  20. No, I'm not posing as an alien from outer-space, I just had to come up with a title that didn't make use of the word "Hello." Anyway, I've been a long time lurker, (Two years or so) and finally decided to join this wonderful community. So, first of all I'm a devout Christian, and beyond that, I'm a hopelessly addicted FOL, an avid brickfilmer, an obsessed LOTR/Hobbit fan, a fairly dedicated Doctor Who fan, and a general fan of most superheroes. I also live in the USA. I've been into Lego all of my life, but have just recently begun to hoard​ heavily invest in Lego. My favorite themes would be LOTR/Hobbit, followed by Superheroes, and then Sci-Fi. But I've got a soft-spot toward any licensed theme with good looking mini-figures, and really, I'll buy just about anything if the price is right. Contrary to the impression that my username gives off, while I like Steampunk MOCs, and am curently working on a Steampunk brickfilm, I really only picked that 'cuz it sounds cool. (To me at least) My hobbies don't extend too far outside of Brickfilming/Lego stuff and keeping up with all the latest DW and LOTR news. I don't really play any video games, with, again, the exception of anything by Lego. Probably won't be posting too much, or entering any contests, (The former because I'm trying not to spend all day posting about Lego and instead actually getting around to MOCing, and the latter because I know I'll get smoked every single time.) But I am planning on sharing an upcoming series of MOCs with you guys. As a disclaimer, while I have lurked here a while, I don't have everything quite figured out, so don't hesitate to point out my mistakes. I also tend (On other forums) to post quite lengthy posts, so be prepared for a lot of reading. I'll try to get an avatar and sig uploaded as soon as I can, and do my best to abide by all the rules and regulations on the site. Thanks to all the guys responsible for providing this site for all of us FOLs! SteampunkDoc P.S. I also have a tendency to add thoughts to a post and/or revise the text after it has been made public. It's generally because I think of the good stuff to say only after I've hit "Post", but I'm trying to break that habit. Sorry if it causes confusion.