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  1. And here it is, my ready castle: More on my Youtube channel here, premiere for 2 hours:
  2. I finished the construction, I will throw a few shots for details today :) Tomorrow at 19 [Central European Time] there will be a premiere of the film on my Yotutube, Edge o Bricks channel
  3. New update of my Castle is ready! Check out the new tower and the secret trap for enemies :)
  4. Hi! Time for the 4th update of my project. After a little vacation, I started building, a few intense days and built a lot of new things. Finished the terrain, both baseplates are now ready and connected. The rocks are ready, the plants are here too. I'll build a few more trees. I've already built the basement, basement, dungeons and Ghost chamber are ready. Importantly, I also installed lighting! The nearest plans are to finish the construction of the main courtyard and the second gate - I will make a small trap there :)
  5. Hi! The containers are from this side - https://chowaj.com/ I do not know if they send them to other countries, but write them an e-mail, maybe? The containers are great, many of my friends have them, I definitely recommend them :)
  6. new update of my MOC :) I started building a second baseplate. The basement and dungeons are almost ready. I built a new siege machine, ballista :) Tutorial available on my YouTube, link below. Only 45 parts, the project is now on rebrickable https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-118489/EDGE OF BRICKS/the-medieval-ballista/#details
  7. New update of my MOC :) First part of the castle is almost ready, soon I'll start with second one. Tutorial for small birch tree is ready on my youtube!
  8. Hi! I just finished birch tree design, will be part of my new moc Soon I show much more, tutorial probably will be available on my Youtube :)
  9. Hi! Today I'm starting my new Castle project it's called... THE SIEGE OF BRICKS: CONQUEST Maybe some of you remember my project from 2 years ago, I built a working trebuchet and a winter terrain. It was a collab with my friend Cube Brick. Today we are starting the second edition - Conquest Once again our armies will face a great battle. This time I will build a great castle :) The planned size is 52x84 studs, the height is not known yet, but there will be two towers. The castle will belong to Black Falcon. I plan to build: - a gate with a working harrow, - defensive walls, - small towers, - a large tower with a roof, - the main building with the throne room, - courtyard, - some monument or fountain, - a dungeon with prisoners, - treasury Much more about this project here:
  10. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    @Kage Goomba @cycbuild @Hold0511 Thanks a lot! :)
  11. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    Hi everyone! today I want to show you my new, little MOC :) TIE Interceptor 853 parts with display stand This is another TIE in my collection, I built it in a few days. I was based on my previous Outland TIE Fighter. I really like the Interceptor, I really like its aggressive and dynamic appearance PDF Instructions is ready if you are intrested ask me on kozlowski.michal86@gmail.com Project is also available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-113652/EDGE OF BRICKS/tie-interceptor/#details More on my youtube here:
  12. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] The Tricky Ambush

    My MOC is ready!
  13. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] The Tricky Ambush

    Hi little progress in building my project. The road and the terrain is ready. There is still a watchtower to build :)
  14. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] The Tricky Ambush

    Hi! Second Episode is available on my Youtube, also I made PDF instructions for tree!