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  1. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Next step :)
  2. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    New background and first crew on board :)
  3. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Legs are ready with LDD instruction - bud PDF I will be doing it at the end after building - it is very time-consuming... If someone will buy the instructions he will get all LDD files with step by step building, few PDF file with instruction and excel with list of parts.
  4. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    New movie, main body is ready!
  5. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Thanks! Without problems :) The front legs are not so loaded yet, everything is strong and stable.
  6. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    New look on my AT-M6!
  7. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Hi! The legs are ready, next step is main body! I have the first stage behind me, the most difficult thing is to attach the front legs ... More on my Flickr or YouTube channel!
  8. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    This is Front Leg of my AT-M6
  9. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Thanks! I already have leg instructions in LDD, step by step, but I must to convert it to PDF :) Tommorow I'm starting to build the main body... It will be a challenge
  10. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    The front leg is ready! It is stronger and more stable than I thought. In a few days I will make a movie, I will show you one new function ...
  11. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Front Leg almost done! :)
  12. [WIP MOD] 75105 Falcon

    My new MOD of Millennium Falcon 75105 :)
  13. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    but AT-M6 have other connections, I tried this piece and looks bad, I prefer my version :)
  14. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    I don't know what you talking about
  15. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    First mini review - back legs are ready!