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  1. Hi! I'm back with my 5th project from the Minecraft world! This time it will be: The Frozen Ocean one of the more difficult biomes, large space and icebergs. sounds boring, but it's not! I added a lot of interesting things in my project :) The construction process is available in my video, link below. How do you like my Frozen Ocean?
  2. Hi! After a long time, I'm back with my 4th project from the Minecraft world! The Mangrove Swamp I've been planning to build this biome for a long time, but I've been busy with Castle lately. I prepared the terrain design in the game and it was waiting for its time for several months, which has now come! :) This is my first Minecraft project this year, and there will be many more. I'm slowly building the next one, it will be something completely new The construction process is available in my video, link below. How do you like my Mangrove Swamp?
  3. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Shin Hati's RP82 Fiend Fighter

    @Max_Lego Thanks! from current plans only T6. I see that there is very little interest in SW lately.
  4. New project is ready! This time something from Ahsoka series: Shin Hati's RP82 Fiend Fighter The build took about 3 weeks, and it was great fun There are 561 pieces here, and one stickers sheet from set 75364 Instructions is available on Rebrickable! https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-168389/EDGE OF BRICKS/shin-hatis-rp82-fiend-fighter/#details more about this MOC on my YouTube channel - Edge of Bricks How do you like it?
  5. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter

    @MasterYoshi 141 parts common with set 75301, check out here: https://rebrickable.com/sets/compare/slow/?1-set=MOC-167080&1-inv=201502&1-user_list=&2-set=75301-1&2-inv=80073&2-user_list=
  6. Thank you to everyone commenting and following this project! My MOC appeared at two exhibitions in Poland (in Poznań and Warsaw). Today I'm starting to disassemble everything, the parts will be used to build further projects. Thanks!
  7. After a year's break from Star Wars, I decided to improve one thing in my collection. I already had one MOC/MOD for X-Wing, strongly based on the 75218 set, but for some time there were a few things that bothered me about it. It turned out that the rubber bands had lost their properties and the mechanism was malfunctioning. Plus I wanted something much better and here it is my new Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter The build took about 3 weeks, I had most of the parts so I only needed one order on Bricklink. There are 985 pieces here, quite a lot. The mechanism works on the same principle as in the 75301 set My X-Wing has retractable landing gears and a new type of display stand. Instructions is available on Rebrickable! more about this MOC on my YouTube channel - Edge of Bricks
  8. Where did you see it? :) some photos? What exhibition and where?
  9. Hi! Today is a special day, after 6 months of building I finished my biggest project! :) Winter in the Raven's Wharf I invite you to my winter city, winter is finally coming Some details: - I used about 25k parts here, - I made 25 orders on Bricklink, - the power is divided into several smaller parts, it is easier to transport, - there are 39 figures here, - including 13 Raven's Knights, - I have a tutorial for crane and boats, - the instructions for the ship are available on rebrickable, - I show all construction techniques on my YouTube channel Check out my final film, premiering today:
  10. Hi! New update is ready - episode 8 I finished third house and boat builders workshop! Check out all building techniques on my viedo
  11. I showed all techniques on my Youtube, episode 4 in this case :) Tan tiles on dark tan plates and whole element on modified bricks.
  12. Thanks everyone for your comment! @Yperio_Bricks I'll paste the last part here: There are still two buildings and final details left to build. I'm currently finishing building a house and starting a workshop for shipwrights. The next update will be soon and I'm nearing the end :)
  13. New update of building my moc! Third and the finale baseplate is ready, and I know dimensions of my project 58x136 studs! Episode 7 ready on my channel
  14. New update - Episode 6 ready! Raven Knights main tower is ready
  15. New update of my MOC: second baseplate is ready, new warer baseplate and pier is ready! I also marked a place for Raven Knights main tower