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  1. My new Star Wars MOC: Pasaana Everything is ready, units arranged, photos taken I built one universal baseplate, on which I present 3 scenes from The Rise of Skywalker! The width of the base is less than 70cm, so this is the largest model I have built so far. I have a supply of tan bricks for long time I used about 1000 bricks to build the base, it is even difficult to count it, there were many orders on Bricklink. I used my other projects in the scenes: First Order Transporter, TIE Whisper, Pasaana Loader Skimmer with First Order Treadspeeder. Full review and one additional bonus scene on my YouTube! Edge of Bricks More photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPhVB1a
  2. Kozikyo86

    [WIP] [MOC] First Order AT-ST

    The second version of my AT-ST - I redesing the head, this time I tried to make my version as it wasn't yet, and in the case of AT-ST it is very difficult. The biggest change concerns the side head cover and still leave the First Order details. Here again LDD shows its definite superiority over other programs where you can set the angle of inclination e.g. to 8.42 degrees (in studio or 8 or 9). This is the 99% version, I hope it will be stable, if not I have an idea how to change it. I'm glad that I was able to mount the opening hatch on the top of the vehicle. Now the internal structure is built on 5 studs, thanks to which drivers have perfectly separated seats.
  3. Kozikyo86

    [WIP] [MOC] First Order AT-ST

    @anothergol As I wrote, I modeled on your, more precisely on the head - side cover (an idea from the front angle) and how to mount it, and fixing the leg under the knee. The middle body, the rest of the legs, the top and back cover, are completely different constructions. There are so many projects that it is very difficult not to be similar to others, since you are building the same vehicle. Of course, I will try to change this (head) in the final design
  4. Kozikyo86

    [WIP] [MOC] First Order AT-ST

    Thanks! I hope it will be durable and stable
  5. Kozikyo86

    [WIP] [MOC] First Order AT-ST

    FIRST ORDER AT-ST WALKER Two years after the modification of the 75153 set, I decided to make a much better version of this vehicle. New design has 863 parts! There are a lot of AT-ST projects, a few were my inspiration (mainly Gol design and ldd_modelmaker), but I was constantly looking for my own solutions and improvements. PDF Instructions will be available when I'll finish real one! Stay tuned The vehicle appeared in The Last Jedi movie, without head... The next step is to make a list of parts. Then destroy the old AT-ST version and count the bricks. More on my YouTube preview movie!
  6. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Pasaana Loader Skimmer with TUTORIAL

    @2maxwell Thanks! Yes, it would be very intresting set! @Gremer2 Thanks a lot! Add here some photo after building! @Krisproductions Thanks! I also have First Order Treadspeeder MOC from this scene here, I use all this speeder in my next diorama MOC, also I'll make scene with TIE Whisper and FO Transporter
  7. New project is ready: Pasaana Loader Skimmer The vehicle appeared in The Rise of Skywalker movie, on Pasaana planet. Project have 218 bricks. Minifig Scale! I wanted the new Skimmer to match that of the 75250 set I'll use this project in my next diorama - Pasaana! :D FREE MOVIE TUTORIAL!!!! PDF INSTRUCTIONS is also available if you want - https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-45951/EDGE OF BRICKS/pasaana-loader-skimmer/?inventory=1#commentsPDF - In steps 12,13 and 23 instead of 1x1 plate, use 1x1 bracket :)
  8. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Rey's Speeder with TUTORIAL

    Thanks! :) Thank you! Yes, I wanted to add some cargo net, but it was difficult and it spoiled the shape of the vehicle. I gave it up
  9. Hi! New MOC is ready, Rey's Speeder The project has 129 bricks, so construction was very fast. I have prepared a tutorial for this project for, you will be able to build this vehicle yourself. The vehicle appeared in The Force Awakens movie, Rey use this speeder on Jakku to collect scrap metal etc. MOC is also available on Rebrickable with list of parts: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-45555/EDGE OF BRICKS/reys-speeder/?inventory=1#comments FREE MOVIE TUTORIAL PDF Instructions is also available to purchase (2,5 EUR) - ask me on kozlowski.michal86@gmail.com
  10. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order Treadspeeder with TUTORIAL

    Thanks! I was designed this in few days with list of parts and build from real bricks.
  11. Hi! New MOC is ready, First Order Treadspeeder The project has only 80 bricks, so construction was very fast. I have prepared a tutorial for this project for you, you will be able to build this vehicle yourself. There were three reasons why I built this vehicle: - I bought the 75250 set and I didn't like the speeder from the set, I wanted something better, - I need this vehicle for my new diorama - Pasaana, - that I haven't seen many projects of this speeder, so I decided to do it my own way. The Vehicle appeared in The Rise of Skywalker movie, on the Pasaana planet. MOC is available on Rebrickable with list of parts: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-44062/EDGE OF BRICKS/first-order-treadspeeder/?inventory=1#comments
  12. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order UA-TT

    Hi! PDF Instructions is ready! Review here: Also available on Rebrickable here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-42896/EDGE OF BRICKS/first-order-ua-tt/?inventory=1#comments
  13. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order UA-TT

    Thanks a lot @DrMuttonchops :) I know, UA-TT is specific, not everyone likes it. In hip also ball-joints. Front arm can move. Maybe I should use standard lightsaber part on guns, like in AT-ST... Maybe I'll make this change ;)
  14. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order UA-TT

    Hi! UA-TT is ready! Final design contains 898 parts :) I use only common parts and easy available on Bricklink :) Now I need maybe 2 weeks to finish PDF Instructions - will be available to purchase. Soon review on my YouTube - Edge of Bricks :)
  15. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Imperial Troop Transport

    Thanks a lot!!! :)