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  1. Kozikyo86

    75257 - 2019 Millennium Falcon MODs and MOCs

    Hi! Today I make first render - this is probably 95% of my modification. Soon I'll start build finale, real model :) All modification will be available on my YouTube to download or Rebrickable - for free :)
  2. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order AT-AT

    Hi! I just made new pictures with comparision with my UCS AT-M6 :) and with Command Shuttle MOC
  3. Kozikyo86

    75257 - 2019 Millennium Falcon MODs and MOCs

    Hi! I am in the process of modifying my Millennium Falcon75105. I will rebuild it to 75257, I will add a lot of improvements and modifications. Soon there will be a movie and LDD file to download on my YouTube - Edge of Bricks :) I put in the frame design, I improved the placement of landing gear, now it will also be compatible with my display stand.
  4. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order AT-AT

    Hi! My MOC is ready! PDF Instructions is available - 409 steps, 147 pages, 2 PDF File (2x 21 MB). Donation is 65 PLN (15,5 EUR or 17,2 USD) - ask me on kozlowski.michal86@gmail.com Full review here:
  5. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order TIE Whisper

    UPGRADE - add cannon under the cabin (also fit to First Order TIE Fighter)
  6. Anyone have Y-Wing 75249 or previous? I've prepared an elegant black display stand, 63 bricks, will be available on rebrickable! The vehicle is attached to the 2nd studs, it holds without problems, and on the shelf it presents much better! Tutorial on my YouTube, link in the comment! https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-32779/EDGE OF BRICKS/display-stand-for-y-wing/#comments
  7. Kozikyo86

    [WIP] [MOC] Darth Maul's Gauntlet Fighter

    Thanks a lot! Many people ask me about PDF Instructions... so I just finished this! 2 days and quick, easy step by step maual is ready :) Sample of instructions:
  8. Hi! Design of my new MOC is ready! This is my first MOC from Clone Wars! Darth Maul's Gauntlet Fighter Main functions: - 735 pieces, - 1 minifigures - Darth Maul from Star Wars Rebels - a lot of details PDF Instructions - read description on my YouTube movie or check on Rebrickable! What do you think? More on my Youtube, link below! Also available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-32053/EDGE OF BRICKS/mauls-gauntlet-fighter/#comments
  9. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Outpost on Starkille Base

    Thanks!! :) Turret is available on Rebrickable, here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-32099/EDGE OF BRICKS/first-order-turret/#comments
  10. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Outpost on Starkille Base

    Hi all! My MOC is ready! 2-3 months of building, probably 2000-2500 bricks :) Full review here:
  11. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order TIE Whisper

    Hi! PDF Instructions is ready! Check description on my YouTube movie or Rebrickable! 58 pages, 138 steps of building!
  12. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order AT-AT

    Thanks! ;) Left - AT-M6, check my other topic with this walker.
  13. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order AT-AT

    Hi! Has anyone of you ever seen MOC from First Order AT-AT? With every detail, correct proportion etc.? Then I invite you to the presentation of my next walker! Currently, only a virtual project, finished at 99%, can change a few more details. The design has 2034 bricks, it fits perfectly with scale to my AT-M6! :) The construction process lasted very quickly, about 3-4 weeks, now I'm starting to make a list of parts and prepare for construction. The PDF instructions will be available in 2020! :) more on my YouTube!
  14. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Outpost on Starkille Base

    New WEEK 2 is ready! :) Still need more snow! See you soon :)
  15. Kozikyo86

    75257 - 2019 Millennium Falcon MODs and MOCs

    I'm going to remake the front of my 75105 like this new one. I wonder if my stand will match the new one?