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Found 5 results

  1. CommanderJonny1

    [MOC] Rebel Scorpius Mk II

    "The Mark I was a stopgap; the Mark II is a workhorse." -Rebel Alliance Officer I'm back with the Scorpius line of Multi-Role Vehicles, this time with the Mk II. I am working on a Mk III, though I don't know if I'll finish it or not; and even if I did, there probably won't be a Mk IV as there's only so much I can do with one overarching deign. Another point is that this is the largest version I was reasonably able to make with the bracket construction. As a result, there is a weakness in the 'tracks' area, as the main connection points between the sides and the bottom/chassis is at the front and the back. The versions with seats and/or equipment crossing the middle also help with the problem; this means that the Mk IIC is the weakest structurally (this makes a little sense in context). As opposed to the original Scorpius, which put everything on what was essentially the same hull/chassis, the Mk II's four different variants have noticeably different makeups, while still adhering to the same general design style. Sidenote- each variant (mainly the pictures) will be put into a spoiler section to try and minimize the size of the post. The first (and base) version of the Mk II is the Mk IIA, which functions as a standard (medium) armored vehicle. This version is the most versatile, being able to carry troops or cargo while still functioning in its main role as a front line combatant. The modularity of the Scorpius line is expanded in the Mk II, with the 'A' model having twice as many attachments as the Mk I, as well as multiple different configurations for its secondary armament. While some of these attachments are the same (or otherwise larger/upgraded versions of the previous ones), there are some new ones; a few of the attachments were thought of for the Mk I, but were deemed to be too big and therefore implemented on the Mk II. Another advantage of the Mk II is the fact that all of the attachments can be taken off and put in fixed positions (or turret emplacements) if need be, such as in the case of needing to quickly create fortifications. The second variant, the Mk IIB, is a 'Command & Communications Vehicle' that can be used to either coordinate Rebel forces (whether other Scorpii or not) or function in the Electronic Warfare role. The secondary armament is lighter to compensate for the increased weight of the sensor equipment and other additions. Powerful sensors were installed, and while both of the rear positions had their specialization, they could operate in the other's role in a secondary capacity during emergencies (with some modifications). Due to its sensitive nature and lack of heavy armament, the design focuses on survivability, with increased armor protection as well as canister launchers that can create smoke clouds to facilitate escape. The third variant, the Mk IIC, is a troop/cargo carrier; the gunner's position is removed and the main armament is replaced with manned turrets. Although these turrets are a bit exposed, the turrets can also be remotely activated by the driver. There are two versions of the Mk IIC, a lighter and heavier version, though both function in the same role. The two turrets that the 'C' model is equipped with is one with a Heavy Repeating Blaster, and one with a pair of twin missile launchers (as well as a communication array). The final variant, the Mk IID, is a Self-Propelled Gun/Artillery; the gunner's position is enhanced, and a Sensor Operator position is added right behind. As with the CCV, the Mk IID has a lighter secondary armament (and canister launchers), in this case to compensate for the larger main armament. This variant has a crew of four- a driver, a gunner, a Sensors Operator, and a spotter; the commander of the vehicle can either be the spotter or the Sensors Operator. Some 'D' models operate without the fourth crew member, and instead carry one or two 2x2 boxes. This is a decently sized vehicle, and as such it would fit the main spot in a battle line; the Mk I would be more of a scout or escort, while the Mk III (if ever finished) would be more of a support/assault/breakthrough vehicle. If you'd like to see a Mk III or not, say so (design suggestions would be welcomed as well). If you want to build these for yourselves, here's the instructions: Scorpius Mk IIA - Scorpius Mk IIB, C, & D - As always, any feedback would be much appreciated!
  2. UPDATE : 6th October 2017 The building instructions (PDF + partslist.xls) of my ITT are finally available! The rebrickable link is not valid yet (I'll do an update for that) but you can go to my website ( To help me a little to continue this passion, these instructions are paying (10 euros by paypal). Link to Rebrickable : My final MOC has 1154 pieces and has light f you want. I hope you enjoy! :) Keep on building! ----------------------------------------------- Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my first topic on Eurobricks! :) I show you my third version of my MOC of the ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) seen on the SW Rebels series. This MOC has the dimensions of the mining's scale with 1174 bricks. => Almost 21cm (L) x 10,5 cm (W) x 9cm (H) I'm trying to build a "cool" Interior of the cockpit. I'll continue to work on it. I am not satisfied yet ! I'll show you my advance and if I can, the real one! If you have some ideas or constructive criticisms, share with me please! I want to upgrade my skills! :) Enjoy and have a nice day! P.S. : If you have the time... Check my You Tube Channel! ;) My previous version can be seen in this video.
  3. Hello Eurobricks members and web crawlers alike. Let's review a set that I feel isn't getting near enough love this wave: the Imperial Troop Transport 75078. USD $12.99 CAN $15.99 UK $11.99 GER €16.99 FRA €14.99 Product Description: Track down the rebels on planet Lothal with the armored LEGO Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport battle pack. Issue your Stormtroopers with stud shooters, load them up and get ready to deploy. If they come under attack, jump onto the roof and fire the dual flick missiles from the turret to send the rebels running for cover! Includes 4 Stormtrooper minifigures with assorted weapons. Includes 4 Stormtrooper minifigures with assorted weapons Imperial Troop Transport features a dual flick missile turret and space for 4 Stormtroopers and their weapons Also includes extra ammunition Weapons include 4 stud shooters Load up the troops and track down some rebels Man the turret and fire the flick missiles Store the extra ammunition in the storage box with handles Expand your LEGO® Star Wars collection with this great battle pack As featured in the Star Wars: Rebelsanimated TV series Imperial Troop Transport measures over 3” (8cm) high, 2” (6cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide I wanted to do a review of this set because I think it's an all-around keeper - a well rounded battlepack with some great value. It's also going somewhat unnoticed in a wave with more exciting designs and figures. It's true this kit is only 4 of the same figure, but in my opinion it's a solid figure to have four of. If any moderator wants to add a poll, be my guest. Otherwise, feel free to reply with your impression of the set. Here's the front of the box, standard 2014-2015 wave "Rebels" grey/orange. And the back. Love the four-shot at the top right. The contents: Here are the stars of the show - the Star Wars: Rebels-era Stormtroopers. From what I've read the printing/grill on the front of the trooper mask is a cause of some protest for Lego Star Wars fans - some say it's too grinnish, distorted and unfamiliar. We'll get to that later. All four troopers are identical, except two of them have a different facial expression. Here's the troopers' backs. And with the stud shooters, which although I agree are somewhat not-so-great for minifigs, have had success recently integrating them onto ships and vehicles. Here are some steps throughout the build, which is surprisingly more time consuming than it looks. And that's the whole Imperial Troop Transport. Does it look like the real one? Sorta. With that economy of pieces? Certainly. But... it's small. It's actually around the right height... about as high as a person standing, a bit taller. On the show, there are three placements on both sides for troopers to ride in (or prisoners to be transported in) and this model only has two per side. Big drawback: there's no interior. But I guess the general shape is represented with pretty small pieces and simple slopes. If you can squeeze those 4 studs into the crate, great. Slide the cargo crate in the middle (always nice to have more of those) and the troopers pit more or less easily into their placements. If they are holding guns, particularly stud shooters, it is cumbersome to align them in properly. Very few spare pieces left over, but I do like me some extra x1 white round studs. You can turn them into jogan fruit. :D All together, here's the side view... ... and the front. Neither side is a beauty, these ITT blobs look best at an angle. It's a surprisingly sturdy build though, all together. Here's a look at the underside. This kit comes with enough 1x2 trans clear bricks to make some people happy... about 6 or so in total I think. Here are a couple of my improvements: First of all, give these troopers some proper blasters. Second, that turret on top doesn't look right. Not a fan of the flick fires on something so small. So with two black lightsaber hilts, I switched around the turret a bit in the hopes that it looks a *tiny* bit more screen-accurate. Ratings: Personally, I love this kit because the price is great for the number of troopers you get... and I don't mind the Rebels-era stormtrooper helmet variant. Some people do, though. They don't like the shape of the mouth and I can understand that. I'd also read that some don't like how pronounced the blue grill details are on the sides of the mask. Well here's a bit of a perspective: I have a number of "vintage" stormtroopers from various sets all the way back to 1999 and the printing on stormtroopers then was terrible. Here's a comparison: Yes, there's a huge gap in printing between the "teeth" of about a dozen of my Millennium-era troopers (above, right) and it looks sad. I have all of them assigned to the bowels of the Death Star and on board the ISD so that most people don't see them. Compared to these old dudes... four troopers for fifteen bucks, IMO this kit is a no-brainer. Snap these up on sale! I plan to get at least two more next sale and then I'll store some away for future gifts. I can only hope that the episode 7 kits coming out are this generous in an offering - 4 troopers for $15 is a great deal. You can never have too many troopers. ;) Can you? Parts: 9/10 Decent! These are useful slopes and bricks in grey, a few clear pieces and grey plates. You could probably do a lot with this pile of pieces. Price 10/10 Absolutely stellar. Bring a shopping cart when these are on sale... unless you only can stand pure original trilogy stormtroopers. Build 8/10 It's okay... I built two of these and got lost briefly both times because the pieces looked so similar. Again, the flick fires make me crazy and I had to tweak it right away. Design 7/10 Scale wise: the size of the transport compared with the AT-DP is pretty close to what we have in the show. There is criticism to be leveled here, though. Looking at the wide berth of the transport in the show I think better pieces could have been chosen to create the round front. And I know it needed to be a certain price point but... I dunno. Take out the stud shooters and make it a full stud wider? I would have enjoyed an ITT at a $25 or $30 price point but I'm expecting some clever MOC'ers here to come up with something. Minifigures - 10/10 Awesome. The reason I am doing this review is to give this sweet, misunderstood set for what it is - a battlepack for Imperial Troopers that hasn't been matched since 7667 Imperial Drop Ship back in good old 2007 (OMG it was USD $9.99). I won't ding points for the helmet because it is meant to be a representation of troopers from Star Wars Rebels... and that's how they look. And sometimes It's great to get four-of something in a battlepack instead of two you want... and two you don't. Playability- 9/10 This is a pretty solid set, it looks okay without troopers, great with them loaded and there's a Lothal vibe where they're parked. It's solid and is easy to handle and manipulate. Overall 9/10 My final thought... run and don't walk the next day these babies are on sale. As a Canadian AFL, there aren't that many sets that I feel are of such good value even at regular retail price. If you like the Rebels Troopers, now's your chance to really expand your imperial army. Feel free to add your comments, ratings and why. You can, of course, re-enact some rad battle scenes on top of these transports: "Your master has deceived you into thinking you can become a Jedi..." Rebels Season two can't come soon enough!
  4. Hey there An old one, but still in our inventory. Wochenender builds that troop transporter for our Grimmhavn project in 2011. We never made well photo´s, but a few days ago i finally got the time. It´s a sailing ship bolt for transporting of troops over seas. There is room for up to 20 soldiers and cannonry on bug and astern. Let´s have a look: Find out more on: THE BRICK TIME and on our FlickR gallery. Bye BoB
  5. MrBrick&BoB

    Men of the inquisition!

    Hey there Here are the men of the Inquisition. Just a little troop of few from the entire Inquistion. Men of loyalty. Those who are pious and abstemious. "Ye shall suffer not, a heretic to live!" Check THE BRICK TIME or our FlickR gallery to learn more. Best regards from germany BoB