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  1. Wat Tambor

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Bettet late than never.
  2. My ideal Christmas tree could be found outdoors in a snowy winter wonderland. Thanks for hosting this nice contest again, this year ;)
  3. Wat Tambor

    [Brains] Cat. C - Mr. Dixon's bike

    Thanks for hosting this awesome contest! It's been a while since I entered my last zombie contest. I decided to build a motorcycle for category C, and what bike would be more iconic than Daryl Dixon's bike from The Walking Dead? The zombie's torso are from Citizen Brick, I hope this counts as "third-party custom parts" and not as a clone brand. Daryl Dixon's bike by Jonas Obermaier, auf Flickr If you like my build, please consider a short comment ;) Good luck to all the other contestants! Cheers! Jonas
  4. Wat Tambor

    [Collab] Welcome to Rockville

    Hello, fellow Eurobricks members I want to show you our Rockville collaboration build that sanellukovic, rrealrobert(hellboy), Balbo and myself built for a LEGO exhibition last December. Rockville offers anything a car enthusiast is looking for: loud cars, shiny chrome and the smell of gasoline in the air. And if you aren't interested in fancy cars how about a visit to the Diner or the Irish Pub next door. You can find more pictures in each on each of our flickr streams, which are linked above. The lighting at the event location was not the best so we are sorry for the blurry detail pics. Cheers! Jonas
  5. Wat Tambor

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Buddhist Shrine by Jonas Obermaier, auf Flickr My entry for this year's Raffle.
  6. Wat Tambor

    LEGO Architecture Local Landmark Contest - Voting

    Entry B - 2 points Entry A - 1 point
  7. Hello Star Wars community, I am proud to present you my entry for the first round of this years Star Wars MOC Olympics on ImperiumDerSteine. It is the first time that I take part in the contest, because normally I am not so much into Star Wars but this year I try to progress as far as possible for a mainly Castle-builder. We will see how it turns out. Our task was to build a Micro-Fighter of our choice, so I decided to recreate the First Order Transporter, also known as Atmospheric Assault Lander, or like rolli says a giant vacuum cleaner. I tried to include all the little details that are important for a Micro-Fighter, it should be stable enough that children can play with it and some play features should also be included. Atmospheric Assault Lander - Micro-Fighter by Jonas Obermaier, auf Flickr And the video that shows the play features, please click on the picture below to start it. Micro-Fighter Play Feature by Jonas Obermaier, auf Flickr C&C welcome! Cheers Jonas
  8. Wat Tambor

    A sense of Spring

    Spring and especially Easter is just around the corner. Go out for a walk, enjoy the nice weather and watch the flowers blooming. (At least if you life in country where it is spring now ) Can you sense the coming of spring?, on Flickr I hope you like it! C&C welcome! Cheers, Jonas
  9. Wat Tambor

    Vote for your favourite Category Mega B entries

    16) Series 8 - Cheerleader Entry (Build by Leopold) - 1 Point 40) Series 11 - Scarecrow Entry (Build by JacloS_UA) - 1 Point 41) Series 12 - Fairytale Princess Entry (Build by soccerkid6) - 1 Point
  10. Wat Tambor

    Vote for your favourite Category Mega A entries

    12) Kendo Fighter Entry (Build by Leopold) - 1 Point 18) Farmer Entry (Build by JacloS_UA) - 1 Point 48) Ballerina Entry (Build by Pakita) - 1 Point
  11. For the series 6 Butcher. Porky gets to avenge his fallen brothers: Porky's Revenge, on Flickr
  12. My vignette for the Clumsy Guy: An apple a day..., on Flickr
  13. Wat Tambor

    Fancy Custom Sportscar

    They aren't attached to the car, only to the tires. The bicycle wheels are only used as a wheel cover, the wheel are attached with a round dish 2x2 inverted and a bar.
  14. Wat Tambor

    Fancy Custom Sportscar

    I am proud to present you my very first LEGO car that I have built and I am quite pleased with the outcome and had a lot of fun building this fancy cabriolet. If you want to see more pictures, including the details in the cockpit, they can be found on my ImperiumDerSteine album. Fancy Custom Sportscar by Jonas Obermaier, on Flickr Feedback is really appreciated, since I am a begginer in building LEGO cars! Jonas