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Found 23 results

  1. I would like to create in one place current list of best Lego Star Wars MOCs in UCS size with instruction available to purchase and build. For now i came up with such a list: UCS size: 1. Sandcrawler by Cavegod and Marshal Banana 2. Imperial Star Destroyer by Raskolnikov 3. AT-AT by Cavegod and Jhaelego 4. Super Star Destroyer by Onecase 5. Neblun-B by Mortsev and Dranac 6. A-Wing by Anio 7. U-Wing by Starbricks 8. Tie Silencer by Starbricks 9. AT-M6 by Jhaelego 10. Zeta Cargo Shuttle by Renegade Clone 11. Ghost by Brickvault 12. Venator by Anio 13. UCS Rey´s Speeder by Robert Lundmark Non UCS size: A-wing Starfighter by Jerac X-wing Starfighter by Jerac TIE Defender by Jerac TIE Advanced by Jerac TIE Interceptor by Jerac TIE Bomber by Jerac TIE Fighter by Jerac B-wing Starfighter by Inthert N-1 Naboo Starfighter by Inthert Y-Wing by Brickwright Snowspeeder by Flying Waffle U-wing Starfighter by Caleb Ricks CR-90 Corellian Corvette - Blockade Runner (Tantive IV) by Mortsev–-blockade-runner-tantive-iv/ GR-75 by Mortsev AT-AT by Raskolnikov AT-ST by Gol Constrictor II - Playable Interdictor Cruiser by Raskolnikov Hammerhead Corvette by Dmarkng AT-M6 by Edge of Bricks (Kozikyo86) First Order Xi-Class Light Shuttle by Edge of Bricks (Kozikyo86) First Order Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle by Edge of Bricks (Kozikyo86) First Order AT-ST Walker by Edge of Bricks (Kozikyo86) The Empire over Jedha City by Onecase Mos Eisley Cantina by iScreamClone Mos Eisley Additional Buildings by iScreamClone Carbon Freeze Chamber by iScreamClone If You know about anything else worth adding to list please leave the comment i will update the list.
  2. Hello every one. if you were waiting for a long time to have some Nebulon Frigs, the last days and months served you ! Few day ago mortesv presented you his (beautiful) new version of the Redemption and last january I presented you mine ( But during this time I continued working on it with a double objective : - having a better bearing - having a better respect of the general proportions BUT I didn't want any compromises with the stability, modularity and resilience of the MOC, and I wanted to keep the size of it. I wanted a Lego accessible to everyone, and that could be exposed with no fear of destruction : you can move it easily and hustle it without major destruction. So I worked hard, and braved the wrath of my wife to obtain a new version. I entirely recreate the frame and I worked for a very well balanced frame and tough model The old one was a 3662 pieces / 75 cm long. The new one is around 4200 pieces / 85 cm long and... just better. I also worked to obtain a usable LDD instruction. I create a homemade pdf instructions too. So the wanted list + LDD + homemade pdf instructions are available for who want them (10 €). Because everyone will want compare with last beautiful version of mortesv, I only have to remember you that you won't compare the same conception of MOC : one is over 5000 pieces and the other is 20% less pieces. One is around 120cm and the other is 85 cm. It is obvious that the bigger one will be more detailed. Other point to remember : one is 100 % focused towards respect of proportions and details. The other is focused towards a compromise of details and strenght. Enjoy :) The concept of this MOC is to combine detail and not to big realisation. I tried to fine the best compromise between realistic frame with 2 small + discreet bearings and no extra supports (front and / or middle), and respect of original movie ship. The 2 mounts give a very stable MOC, which can be moved with no problems. The major problem with the conception of a such Lego is not to obtain a very detailed MOC, but find a feasible strong frame wich give a Lego able to sustain itself. I think that the picture give a good idea of what this moc is able to. No need to retouch the photo : no support and strong frame :p The Front : More details of the front. The LDD instruction I give are not made with sand green but tan colors because sand green is more expansive. But the tan can be replaced by this so beautiful green... The Back : The other back side. I tried to maximize the details degree. I used trans blue pieces for windows to help the comprehension of the size and give some life to the MOC. The center arch and Falcon : The center tube is cylindrical. The modularity : The moc is 100 % modular. You can disassemble it easily to show it in any convention ! ;) The instructions : The LDD instructions are usable. My homemade instructions will help you if you have doubt with LDD files. Please free to comment ! :)
  3. After another stealing of @brunojj1 McLaren I start thinking "How Instruction designers can protect themselves" from MOC thiefs? What do you think about instruction crowdfunding? Nothing can save us from chinese copycats and stealed MOCs, but such thing as crowdfunding can guarantee a minimal fixed reward for experienced builder, for example, designer can make quality instruction if at least 50 buyers can vote for it an pay real money at CF platfrom. So getting minimal but sensible reward can save from disappointment, when fakers release a set only 1 month after you release instruction. More of that, I sell instruction (of course pay to authour) at my site of one technic AFOL (he know that), and I mark every PDF with buyer's email. This can not save from professional thiefs, but at least customer will be more careful with IP. Share you thoughts
  4. How I can create video building instructions, shown above, without capture screen in real-time ?
  5. mandaci-customs

    [MOC] Construction mini Truck Tutorial

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my LEGO MOC Construction mini Truck. This Tutorial shows, how you can build the Truck with LEGO:
  6. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Instruction Tutorial, which shows, how you can build the Pipe Wrench from PC Game Half - Life Oppsosing Force:
  7. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Tutorial, which shows, how you can build Transformers G1 Optimus Prime in ROBOT MODE:
  8. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Search - Rescue Helikopter. This Instruction Tutorial shows, how you can build the Truck with LEGO:
  9. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Army Rocket Launcher Truck Transporter. This Instruction Tutorial shows, how you can build the Truck with LEGO. I used Tan & White Bricks for the Truck, to show the winter - snow digital camoflage
  10. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Army Rocket Launcher Truck Transporter. This Instruction Tutorial shows, how you can build the Truck with LEGO. I used Tan & White Bricks for the Truck, to show the winter - snow digital camoflage
  11. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Army Tank Transporter Truck. This Instruction Tutorial shows, how you can build the Truck with LEGO.
  12. Hello, I'm new here but not new to rebrickable, where is full of instructions, some free and some not. I wonder if selling moc instructions is legal. For example, if I made a Lego replica of Mercedes S class, and made instructions for it, don't I have to pay Mercedes for their design, and Lego for their parts' design? Thanks.
  13. Year by Year I take many lesson, when developing LICreator. But I go to this software in the end. It is written in Java. So will be platform in-depended, what is in Java technology nature. But I testing and build LDraw Instruction Visualizer only on Microsoft Windows Seven with 64 bit architecture. What this tool can do: %APPDATA% for Windows platform or User Home Directory for others as Storage Can hide | un-hide selected parts Display part description Rotate on selected axis Exports steps as single images and many more ... A use JLDraw as starting point of my journey. It is Simple LDraw models viewer, written and abandoned by Mario Pascucci in 2014 year. I try get new life to this software, and make them better... that software, I currently stop working on... for many reason. At the current level of development, this program can calmly serve as instruction player. Everyone, stay tuned for updates. EDIT 1: This software strongly depend on LDraw file format standard. If model do not have STEP command. You can see, only one step on the list. EDIT 2: LEFT BUTTON for selecting single part RIGHT BUTTON for context menu SHIFT + LEFT BUTTON for select more parts CONTROL + LEFT BUTTON for toggle section ALT + LEFT | RIGHT BUTTON for rotate all parts in currently displayed step MOUSE WHEEL for zoom out | zoom in EDIT 3: Move application source to GitHub repository LDraw-Instruction-Visualizer
  14. Hi! I got some problems with Lpub [Again] at first it loads the instruction just fine with no errors, but when I try to print it into PDF or trying to load more than 1 pages at the time, it is showing this message, and then loading partlist and no steps/image on the page. And if I check the assembly file in LDview, it has no errors... but keep crashing in Lpub.... Anyone got an idea why this is happening? ... Complete assembly file with submodels: https://www.dropbox....z7uo88Wfaa?dl=0 I have no idea what causing this, so I asking you :D ...
  15. I found a new way to use group function that turn LDD LXF file into easy to use digital building instruction. Authors can manual fully control steps and building order. No more confuse, no more long time waiting for big LDD file to auto generate LDD BI. Group & sub-group bricks by building order -> hide all -> hide each group icon then undo(ctrl+Z)to make bricks show up in building order. For simple way. Just select groups icon in order to make LDD highlight each brick step by step. Below is topic link of Realistic Helicopter Rotor Head Swashplate (Cyclic & Collective). There are three Youtube video and many rendering pictures.
  16. Silvavasil

    Jurassic Park Jeep

    Hello everybody! This is my first post on EuroBricks! My Flickr: Silvavasil_Lego Jurassic Park Jeep PF: Light - Servo -Lipo - XL LDD: Jurassic Jeep Instruction Look and like my Jurassic Jeep on Rebrickable please! ;) This is '90s Jeep Wrangler from legendary blockbuster Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" As a child i feel in love with this movie. Now i have put together two of children's hobbies - lego and dinosaur!) This is lego technic rc MOC Powered by Lego LiPo battery, remote control drive and steering (XL & servo motors) all wheel drive, suspension, working headlights, opening doors, hood and tailgate, and a folding windshield. Photo by me too) Adventure 65million years in the making! Good text from the Brothers Brick: Incredible LEGO Jurassic Park jeep looks right at home in the jungle And Lego Car Blog: Jurassic Jeep
  17. Can someone point me to topic or software, that can generate cute PDF when LDD finished generating HTML building guide activated by shortcut CTRL+H.
  18. Instruction V-8 Engine 32-Valve Lego Technic instructions: Implemented: 1. 8 Cylinder, 4 strokes, 32 Valve Engine 2. Valve Working close to the real Engine. 3. Intake and Exhaust Systems 4. Ignition system (spark ignition) 5. Supply system 6. Attachments Equipment 7. Oil Pump 8. Engine Support Cushions 9. The Belt Tensioners, and Other stuff Subscribe to the Shannel
  19. [MOC] INSTRUCTION Motorcycle SportBike NZ Lego Technic Instruction: The first time I did the instructions of such complexity, I'm sorry if you find an error somewhere. sorry for the English. I use a translator) All Foto: Review Engine: Functions: 1. The front and Rear Brakes (Arm and leg) 2. Clutch (pen) 3. Modified Transmission of a set of 42048 Two Transmissions + Neutral 4. Drive Throttle Throttle 5. Steering Damper 6. Tripping 7. 3-Cylinder Engine to Simulate the timing (within two shafts) Subscribe to the Shannel YouTube:
  20. Hi, I am sorry, if this was discussed before, I checked, did not find anything. If this is still duplicity, I would like to ask moderator to merge it with some existing topic. Thanks in advance. I would like to ask if and how I can make this feature for instruction: here is an example from official Lego instructions: Blue 3L technic pins are in different position than in the final model. After you put there turntable unit from previous step, you push the pins in - highlighted by white arrow. That is quite common building technique in Technic. You have subassambly, and after you install it at its place you secure it by e.g. axles, pins that are preinstalled in different position. How can I make this for instructions? Thanks. I create digital files in LDCad.
  21. Hi! I'm working on my instructions for my 42043-C model. but i have some problems with lpub. been making the 3D file in both MLcad and LDcad and it worked fine until I added some pneumatic hoses in LDcad. After adding the pneumatic hoses Lpub is not loading any of my submodels, but only the main file. main file is a [MPD] file, and all the submodels incl the pneumatics are [LDR]files. this is how it looks when opening the complete file in LDcad: Skærmbillede 2016-05-06 21.29.12 by Madsen's Technic Workshop, on Flickr but here's what it looks like when opening the file in Lpub: Skærmbillede 2016-05-04 20.13.45 by Madsen's Technic Workshop, on Flickr only LDcad and LDview is loading the complete file with no errors, MLcad is crashing and Lpub is only loading the half. I simply have no clue why it is doing this, so I asking you guys, anyone knows what I'm doing wrong all files I been using for my build is at this link
  22. Hello everybody After many, many hours of work the Instruction for the FullRC Lamborghini Gallardo (http://www.eurobrick...547&hl=gallardo) of metulskie8 is available. The MOC is an original from Crowkillers and was converted from metulskie8 on FullRC. The instruction includes 170 color pages and is available on my webside for 10 euros, or you transfers the money directly to my paypal account technicbasics(at) replace (at) with @ The partlist is here free available.
  23. Hi everyone! I uploaded the LDD file of my RC STS Crane! You can download it from Mocpages! If you would like to build it, read the text and look at the pictures, too. The LDD doesn't contain some pieces, or doesn't allow to put something into its place, the list of these things is behind the link, too. Happy building! :)