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Found 12 results

  1. Rebuild your 42111 Dom's Dodge Charger into this Vintage Custom Pickup with adjustable suspension. This is an alternate build of 42111, all required parts are in this set. If you own the Charger, you can completely build this alternate model. Keep in mind that spare parts of the set are used. Follow this link to the instruction Features: HoG-Steering openable doors straight 4-piston engine openable hood with lock openable tailgate in the back adjustable suspension in the front and back 40cm x 17,4cm x 14,5cm The model is packed with many details for an enjoyable building experience, playing and displaying. It comes with adjustable suspension. With a lever in the cabin you can push the mode of front-suspension to Highrider or Lowrider. The same goes for the suspension in the back. Instruction The instruction comes in high quality rendered images with steps that are easy to follow. Here are some example pages of the instruction: Have fun with this 42111 alternate build. Let me know in the comments what you think. Visit the showroom of my page for more pictures and content here.
  2. [Edit, 10 October 2018] Note: This thread is discontinued. If you're interested in more cars of this kind please join me on Flickr. [/Edit] Hi all, this is the second batch of the vintage cars series (more vehicles to follow). I have moved the last one (not yet indexed) to this thread. So the first thread (see http://www.eurobrick...opic=73182&st=0) contains 9 vehicles now. #10: Vintage Truck (Gangster Version) A simplified version of the more colourful Vintage Truck you can find here (#9). The presentation is strongly influenced by the amazing work of LegoManiac over on Flickr. Here you can see the vehicle in action. Don't ask me what's all this stuff, I don't ask them either. More pice here. #11: Vintage Fire Truck No openable doors, no detachable roof, no suspension, no steering - but a nice steering wheel and column ;-) This started as a mod of the fire engine from Fire Brigade 10197 but ended quite differently, although I have kept some details (e.g. the ladder). I really love the original truck but it didn't fit within the other vintage cars. I am not too fond of this kind of fenders, I must say - but since it's a truck the height is okay, I think. Couldn't think of a different solution here. Credits to Lego Fire Museum (http://www.mocpages....lder.php/106210), some inspirations) and BigBoy (http://www.1000stein...myimages/bigboy, use of the gray tires). More pics here. Thanks for looking, c&c welcome as usual!
  3. thomassio

    Cool Oldtimers on Lego Ideas So I started a Lego Ideas Project. I have no idea if this is gonna make it. I thought of all my Mocs the oldtimers would be the most suitable for Ideas. Special thanks to Mahjqa for helping with photographing and photo-shopping. - Link Removed - Please support, vote and share if you like. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hey Everyone, Let me introduce you my latest MOC: An oldtimer car transporter! This transporter has the same, classic design that you can see on my earlier classic roadsters and cars. The vehicle you see on the truck is also one of these (my MOC). The driver has to jump out of the cabin, remove the two ramps that slides out smoothly (normally hidden inside the truck), then he can reverse and ready to go with the roadster! Enjoy!:) Lego tow truck by szász, on Flickr Lego tow truck by szász, on Flickr Lego tow truck by szász, on Flickr Lego tow truck by szász, on Flickr Lego tow truck by szász, on Flickr Lego tow truck by szász, on Flickr Lego tow truck by szász, on Flickr Lego tow truck by szász, on Flickr DSC08814 by szász, on Flickr If you are interested in more: a link to my previous MOC oltimer post:
  5. Hey everyone! I am glad to introduce my all-new entry: Another nice example to my existing vintage vehicle fleet! This time I have designed and built a pre-War lorry, in a vintage blue color, with some cool details. This car is built to fit to the modular Lego town as well as the Winter Village. Check out the happy driver:) There is a huge space inside to fill with loads of goods! See how it looks next to the other member of my vintage garage: After finishing with the build, I started to think about a custom decal to the blue sides of the truck. Please reply with your ideas which I would really appreciate!:) Check out my Flickr gallery for more high-res images: And here is my previous topic with all the vintage cars from my garage: http://www.eurobrick...topic=91343&hl= Enjoy and have fun!:) UPDATE: check out my latest creation, the Milk Van! Built to fit my oldtimer vehicle collection, this is a car we could see quite often on the strets of Lego Town. Enjoy!:) Check out my Flickr gallery for more high-res images:
  6. Vaionaut

    [MOC] Cuban Classic Car

    Who wants to take a look back in the history of cars should go to Cuba. Everywhere you look there are American cars from the 1950s, still used as Cuba's everyday vehicles. The car in my vignette here doesn't represent a special model or brand, but has some influences from a Plymouth Belvedere and a Chevrolet Bel Air. Hope you like it ;) Welcome to Cuba by Vaionaut, on Flickr Best, Johannes
  7. Hello All! Check my latest MOCs below: Different types of old-timer vehicles. I have built these for the Lego modular buildings, trying to fit to the age and style. Your comments are welcome!:) More images of this car in my Flickr set: More images of the yellow bus in my Flickr set: And finally another special car: Enjoy! Update (22.02.2014.): New arrivals in my old-timer garage! Hey guys! Check out the all-new vehicles to be driven in the streets of Lego Town! This blue car is a real chauffeur-driven exclusive car, which is built to fit the age of the classic lego Town. The passenger (a CEO) is a bit angry because the streets are quite congested and he is late. So finally, he jumps out and takes the luggage out of the car by himself. This guy in green is a lucky owner of the black convertible, with which he gathers a lot of attraction. He does not have to stop by the lady in red (since this is just a one seater) so he just drivers by her. What a day:) Enjoy!
  8. Hello Guys :) I looked through my old lego pictures and saw a MOC which i haven´t posted yet. It was one of my first MOC´s and is already disassembled... PF Parts: 1x Servo 1x XL 1x Led´s 1x Standard BB My inspiration: The Model:
  9. Hello fellow Eurobrickers, I'd like to introduce my Lego Ideas project to you: Meet The Fiat Bartoletti Race transporter from the fifties. This is definitely a car i would like to see in an official Legoset Your support is more than welcome ;-) Best Regards from Holland Startbrickingtoday (Michel)
  10. Hello folks! Few weeks ago I presented my version of the VW T1: the canvas covered pick-up for Volkswagen Service. Now I show you my last MOC, an Oldtimer workshop for Volkswagen "Bulli family". The right place for my T1 (and not only...). Here some pictures: In order to build the internal of the workshop I watched my real garage where I used to spend a lot of time restoring and repairing old motorcycles and bicycles. There are many tools and details in the workshop. [ Last winter I spent many nights to build this workshop and I'm very satisfied with this MOC. Soon probably others Transporter will be recovered in this garage… For more pictures, details and informations: flickr MOCpages
  11. For my new project, I wanted to try to reproduce an oldtimer. Maybe this could be a serie. I have choosen the Mercedes 540K Special Roadster for this first try. The challenge was to render the rounded shapes over the wheels, and I´m quiet satisfied of the end result. This set comprises the oldtimer itself, a stand and a minifig. The Mercedes 540K Sp. Roadster has been made in red, black or silver. Hence, each of this three colors are possible. I have chosen red for my model, since I found black a little bit too dark. The seats are in tan-color. The stand is thought to present the model, and comprises a panel on which one can put a sticker with the model´s name and description. If you like it, you can support it on Lego Ideas : Mercedes 540K Special Roadster
  12. Hello Everyone! Let me introduce you my latest creation to be added to the old-timer vehicle set: The Van. This van was designed and built to carry live animals, such as goats, dogs or a bull. The ramp on the back can be used to load the van. As always, your comments are welcome!:) If you are interested in more: a link to my previous MOC oltimer post: