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Found 11 results

  1. bricksboy

    [MOC] #87 VW T1 Camper Van

    MOC#87 VW T1 Camper Van. It is my latest MOC. I also spent four months creating the stop motion animation for this MOC. Welcome to take a look: More MOC on my homepage:
  2. 10220 is my favorite Lego model of all time (yes - it wins with every Technic set ;) ) - but it definitely needs some love to be something more than just a beautiful sculpture. I would like to add suspension and steering - but I do not have any bulletproof solution for such a small space (picture of bare "base" - - thanks to The Car Blog) Has anyone ever made a Lego car in similar space with working suspension? I need some inspiration :)
  3. New LEGO/ Lego MOC, VW T1 BUS (VW Camper Van) Is still 10 grain width, the new version is not based on the past version of the upgrade, I refer to a large number of original drawings and objects, re design details, body length, internal structure, and customized manual spraying (silver effect) parts. The new version of the T1 will be a series of my design, I will be based on this chassis for a variety of T1 modified car design (such as: pickups, SUVs, racing cars, trailers and so on, of course, will also consider the static model). T1 is a classic, multi-purpose models, it is worth pondering, I hope there will be more based on the design of the personal style of the modified car appears, I will always maintain this series of drawings sharing. The current version is 1.1, the design will be updated at any time, with the design of the trailer will be released, welcome to communicate with me through MocPages, Sina (Weibo) and other social platforms.
  4. Ron Dayes

    [moc] Hippie Bus

    After the T3, i had to go further back in the models origin - to the more popular "T1", also known as "hippie bus" or "Bulli" (called in germany) Enjoy, feel the vibes and peace! The front HIPPEEEY BUS! by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr the back end - in this case the one of the T3, but its practically the same, just that i put round headlights on the T1 where as in here there are the cheese slopes. VW T3 update by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  5. Put a tiger in your tank!* - Part 1 This VW Type 2 T1 “canvas” pick-up is the LEGO replica of a real T1 registered in 1956 in The Netherlands. It was used by the M.v. Noord, a little company based in Amstelveen (close to Amsterdam) that sold and delivered petroleum for domestic heating. Pieter Grabijn, son in law of the son of the first owner, found it in a barn few years ago. It was totally rusty. Peter restored the red pick entirely and now the machine looks really appealing. Below the T1 pictured at the circuit of Zandvoort (NL). This LEGO T1 is based on my previous Road Service T1 but with a different livery. Canvas stitching technique is the same I've used before but this T1 has both the right side and the back side of the canvas rolled up. The tarpaulin is also a little bit lower. Ready to be delivered petroleum jerry cans are located on the load compartment. The license plate is an old Dutch one: PV 88 17. The writing on the load compartment sides means "Esso petroleum for your domestic heating" (It's written in Dutch). Few days ago I posted the T1 on my Facebook page and when the owner saw the post he couldn't believe, he was incredibly happy for this LEGO replica. He showed the T1 to his father in law (the son of the first owner) who cried for the happiness and for the good old memories the T1 reminded him. He still lives in the same address you can see on the doors and even the phone number is the same...This is really incredible! *If you were born in the seventies, then you remember the famous slogan of the Tiger...
  6. Hello folks! Few weeks ago I presented my version of the VW T1: the canvas covered pick-up for Volkswagen Service. Now I show you my last MOC, an Oldtimer workshop for Volkswagen "Bulli family". The right place for my T1 (and not only...). Here some pictures: In order to build the internal of the workshop I watched my real garage where I used to spend a lot of time restoring and repairing old motorcycles and bicycles. There are many tools and details in the workshop. [ Last winter I spent many nights to build this workshop and I'm very satisfied with this MOC. Soon probably others Transporter will be recovered in this garage… For more pictures, details and informations: flickr MOCpages
  7. Hello mates, today I show you probably the last VW transporter of my series, at least for a while... It's a sandblasted T2 bodywork ready to be painted. Below, the bodywork in the workshop... Side by side with my VW T2 pick-up The back... ItLUG (Italian LEGO Users Group) has recently published the complete story of my VWs and of my VW garage. Here you can read the complete story: Volks…heaven: tutti i Bulli di Norton74 Complete gallery: Norton @ flickr All the best!
  8. Some days ago some pictures was showed in this forum, and now it time to show the complete MOC. This van officially called "Type 2", is one of the most famous van in the world. Very popular in the 60's and known as the "hippies car" There are many versions of the Type 2, this one is of the BUS version, known as "11 windows", it is very easy know why ;) The real one: It is made in scale 1:7.8. The total size is: 66 studs of length, only 27 wide and 30 of high (53x22x25 cm) A complete bodywork with openable front doors, right side double door, and rear trunk and bonnet. Also the doors have lock, you need turn the door handle to open it. Working steering wheel and brake pedal. Like the Beetle both mechanisms auto-connect when you place the bodywork on the chassis. And now the best part: Like the real Type 2, this MOC uses the same Type 1 platform of my previous Beetle (more info here) MANUAL chassis on the left, and RC chassis on the right. The Manual chassis is like you can imagine, 4+R speeds manual gearbox. To use the chassis in the Beetle or in the T1 you only need to change the shift lever Short fotr the Beetle and long for the T1. The RC chassis is the same as my Beetle, 4+N+R sequential gearbox, also has motors for drive, steering and brakes If yoy want to the RC chassis in action the best way is see the complete Beetle video Like the manual chassis you only need to change the speed indicator to use it in the Beetle or in the T1 Some pictures of the platform-brothers Finnaly as always a little video For more info visit my website.
  9. Hello folks, I'm a "fresh" member and I hope this is the right place to present my last MOC. It's a custom version of the VW T1: a "road service" canvas pick-up. In 2011 I bought the set # 10220, I think it’s a well detailed and shaped set. Furthermore I like vintage vehicles and especially the Bulli (even called Samba or Kombi). I haven't bought original LEGO sets for many years and It has been a pleasure to have a new LEGO box in my hands. Personally I prefer “working vehicles” and I wasn’t satisfied with the camper version. I waited to build it until I had the idea to build a canvas pick-up for “road service”. So last winter I built my own version of the T1 and last week I took some pictures. Maybe someone of you has already seen it on my flickr stream or Mocpages (and on The Lego Car Blog). My T1 has two side doors below the load compartment; two shovels for road emergencies are mounted on the doors. Two spare wheels, a fuel tank and a wooden box with various tools are positioned on the rack. The plate is an italian one and the numbers are the original ones of a real T1 (I like the old Italian plate style). Two HELLA supplemental lights are fitted on the front bumper. A sticker with the VW Bobble Head mascot is positioned on the canvas, I love it! Without the canvas, the T1 is a funny pick-up to carry "oversize" load. The floor is made of "wooden" plates. For more pictures, details and informations: flickr MOCpages
  10. Legopard

    [MOC] Volkswagen T1 and Beetle

    Hello The two classics from Volkswagen: Camper and Beetle All Details on MOCpages Which one would you choose? Jonas.